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I sent support an email about all the pørn blogs reblogging posts, deleting the content below titles/selfies, and adding their own links beneath them. Got a return message saying that they “work tirelessly to find and remove spam blogs, but we could always use another set of eyes, so please report spam as you see it” so if you see that your post or someone else’s post has a “webcam” link thrown on a reblog, click “report” and “report as spam” instead of going through and trying to report as “misappropriation of your work” or something. They’re all spam bots, so report them as such. And if you notice a lot of them, copy down their urls and send the list to support so they can take care of things quicker.

Not a Ransom Note

From our HERO 6e campaign:

“We have the girl, priest. Her name is Sarah, and the birds are holding her at her apartment. If you continue to vandalize the building and drive away Saint Olloyaf’s followers, well…. It would be a shame if something happened to her.
Leave an offering of chocolate truffles from the confectioner’s shop on Gimbal Street on the church steps as a sign of your compliance. Saint Olloyaf hasn’t had any chocolate since you murdered Angela, and he has had quite the hankering. If you fail to comply, well, Olloyaf likes sacrifices as much as he enjoys chocolate, and we could always use another bird.”

The note that the mind-controlled Russian had hopelessly left out for the rest of the party to buy more time to recoup.  He didn’t think it would work, but it did cause the party to argue over whether the girl was important to them, whether or not to bring the chocolate anyway, whether to poison the chocolate, and so forth.  Needless to say, it worked, and at the end of the day, they brought the chocolate along to the fight with the mind-controlled Russian, just in case.

Equal Playing Field, Alex/Astra, G

[In which Alex gets struck by lightning while holding a lump of Kryptonite and gets a temporary present. Also on AO3]

“Agent Danvers, please stop bench pressing your sister.”

Alex looks up sheepishly from where she’s lying down, a giggling Kara held above her. “Sir?”

“I told you to take it easy,” Hank sighs. “The effects of the Kryptonite will wear off after a few days, but until then you shouldn’t overexert yourself.”

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