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Chris Beck Drabble 12

Request: For your prompt list: Super fluff 12 with Chris Beck (my smol baby I love him) Pls and thanks :)

12. “I don’t think this was a good idea.” + “This was your idea.”

A/N: In this it’ll be teen!Chris Beck, I hope ya don’t mind.

The two of you get off the light rail and look at your surroundings, taking them in. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

“Well… nice place you chose to stop at.” you smile, patting your boyfriend on his back.

He rolls his eyes. “C’mon, let’s just get back on the-” he turns around, ready to step back onto the light rail when it starts leaving. “Great.”

“Good job, Chris.”

“Shush.” he scowls. “We might as well go walking around.”

you sigh, leaning over and lacing your fingers with his. “Lead the way.”

The two of you began walking down the street of the very sketchy downtown area and you held onto Chris. There was some normal people, wanting to get home safely, some other people who were drugged up out of their mind, others were getting drugged up and then there was-

“Hey cutie.”


“How old are ya? Twenty-two?” the woman asked.

Chris gulps as she ran her finger up and down his chest, his face and expression caused you to hold in a laugh.

“Eighteen.” he replied, taking a teeny tiny step back.

“So you’re legal?” a smirk played at her lips. “How about we go down there and have some fun? Blowjobs are twenty and all the way is fifty but since you’re pretty cute I’ll chop it down to thirty-five.” she points to an ally and Chris clears his throat.

“Uh.. no thank you, I have a girlfriend.” he nods his head towards you and the woman looks.

“Girlfriend? No problem. It’ll be five extra for girl on girl action.” she tells him.

You bite the inside of your cheek, wanting to laugh as you waited for Chris to respond.

“I um.. I left my wallet at home, sorry.” he then pulls you with him, walking away from the woman but she doesn’t get to say anything because someone calls out to her.

Chris pulls you fast until you both are under a street light. “I don’t think this was a good idea.”

“This was your idea.” you remind him. “The whole ‘hey it’s Friday let’s do something completely stupid. Oh, I know! Let’s hop on the light rail and get off at a random stop!’ and the whole ‘we might as well walk around’ thing.”

Chris pouts. “Let’s just go back to the station and wait for the train.” and so you do but when you get to the machine to get the cards scanned, Chris realizes he doesn’t have them. “Ah shit, I think they fell out of my back pocket.”

“Chris,” you groan. “They’re long gone by now.”

“I know, I know.” he sighed. “How are we supposed to get home now?”

You look up at him and give him a look. “You know how.”


“I mean we could always stay here and have another prostitute come up to us and ask you to-”

“Okay, okay!” he whipped out his phone and dialed a number. They picked up on the second ring. “Hey mom, me and Y/N are downtown… and not in the good part of downtown and I don’t have the cards to get on the train because they fell out of my back pocket and-”

“Christopher Beck! Who in their right mind would ever-”

It was a good thirty minute phone call.

Not a Ransom Note

From our HERO 6e campaign:

“We have the girl, priest. Her name is Sarah, and the birds are holding her at her apartment. If you continue to vandalize the building and drive away Saint Olloyaf’s followers, well…. It would be a shame if something happened to her.
Leave an offering of chocolate truffles from the confectioner’s shop on Gimbal Street on the church steps as a sign of your compliance. Saint Olloyaf hasn’t had any chocolate since you murdered Angela, and he has had quite the hankering. If you fail to comply, well, Olloyaf likes sacrifices as much as he enjoys chocolate, and we could always use another bird.”

The note that the mind-controlled Russian had hopelessly left out for the rest of the party to buy more time to recoup.  He didn’t think it would work, but it did cause the party to argue over whether the girl was important to them, whether or not to bring the chocolate anyway, whether to poison the chocolate, and so forth.  Needless to say, it worked, and at the end of the day, they brought the chocolate along to the fight with the mind-controlled Russian, just in case.

Magic (Kara Danvers Imagine)

(A/N) The reader has magical powers, kind of like Zatannas, so all she has to do is say something backwards and it happens. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Feel free to let me know what you think of it and send in a request!

“Stop hogging all the blankets!” You playfully shout at Kara, who is snuggled up at the side of the bed, blankets wrapped around her.

“But it’s cozy!” Kara moans, to which you giggle. She was so child-like and innocent, yet one of the strongest people you knew. It’s one of the many reasons you loved her.

“Well…” You begin, wrapping your arms around her from behind, whispering into her ear, “it would be nice of you to share.”

“Since you asked so nicely.” Kara replied, allowing you to wrap yourself in the blankets beside her, the two of you now snuggling. Your faces only inches from each other, you leaned your head in towards her, able to smell her strawberry perfume, her light blue eyes –

Beep, Beep, Be –

Kara rolled her eyes before rolling out from under you. Kara quickly scans over the text she had received while you lay patiently on the bed, watching her.

“It’s Alex. There’s been a breakout at the D.E.O. I’m sorry Y/N, I gotta go.” Kara leaned down to press a gently kiss to your forehead, before quickly grabbing her suit from its hangar and flying out the window.

“So do I.” You mutter to yourself, before getting out of bed. You snap your fingers, muttering ‘emutsoc eraeppa’, as you feel the weight of your own costume magically appear. The all-black slimline covered you from head to toe, it wasn’t the most intricate design, but it was easy to move in. And the most important thing, speak in, while muffling your voice just enough to not be recognisable.

‘Kcart nialliv’ you mutter as a map of National City appears before you, in a glimmering mist. One building in the outskirts of the city lights up a light blue colour, setting it aside from the other grey areas on the map. It looked to be an abandoned warehouse.

“Ok, it’s now or never.” You say to yourself, trying to pump yourself up. You loved Kara for all she was, especially the Supergirl side, but she was too much of an idealist, always trying to see the best in people. When her aunt invaded, she had tried getting through to her, instead of doing what was necessary. That’s why you’d started this whole crusade, to serve justice the right way, not Kara’s empathetic version. Criminals don’t deserve that.

‘Tropelet em’ you say, before you are covered in a swirling grey mist. Your vision gets blurry for a second, and by the time it clears again so has the mist. You now stood in the middle of the warehouse, a breezy draft can be felt through the thing fabric of your suit.

“You will never put me back in that prison!” You heard the scream come from outside the warehouse, a deep thundering noise.

“Oh yeah? Watch me.” And there she was, Kara. She was always so much more commanding when she put on the suit, it had always made you wonder if that’s what she would have been like had she stayed on Krypton, if it had not blown up.

You rush to the open door of the warehouse as you hear a loud crash. The walls of the warehouse shook as you assume one of them smashed the other into the outer wall. As the walls continue to shake, one of the support beams holding up the roof comes loose, crashing down towards you.

‘Hsup yawa’ you quickly say, holding out your arms to guide your magic, pushing the beam to the side and away from you. Letting out a breath, you continue towards the door as the battle between Kara and the alien escapee carries on.

As you get to the door, you can now clearly see the fight. The alien is giant, both in height and width. Blue scaly skin sprawls over the behemoths body, with fangs the size of your forearm jutting from its mouth. You would be a lot more scared if the alien wasn’t daggling from Kara’s grip, holding the giant by a leg. She had her back turned to you, but you see her pressing her free hand to her ear, probably calling in to the D.E.O that she had won. But that wouldn’t help, they would just lock that thing up again, as it waits for the next chance to break out. Now was the only time you had.

‘Erif maeb’ you shout, pointing your arms at the beasts head as swirling tendrils of magic spray from your hands, hitting the monster directly, hard enough to push it out of Kara’s grasp.

“You again? Really?” Kara rhetorically asked, before flying towards you, her arms outstretched into fists.

‘Tsug fo dniw’ you shout, sweeping your arms to the side as a strong gust of wind goes in the same direction, knocking Kara off balance. She hits the ground, rolling for a couple seconds before she gets back up. Luckily she doesn’t look hurt at all, but unlucky for you, it seems to have just made her mad.

Kara blows her freeze breath towards you, and you begin to feel your body freeze over, unable to move.

‘Erutarepmet esir’ you quickly let out, as heat fills your body once again, allowing you to move.

“Who are you? Why are you killing all these people?” Kara asked, at this point frustrated. She had never come across someone like you before, someone with magic powers, and it frustrated her that she couldn’t beat you.

Seeing her like that, seeing her mad, frustrated, angry, all because of you, it broke your heart, but it had to be done.

“One day you’ll understand.” You mutter to yourself, although you know she’ll be able to hear it. You turn your body towards the blue alien, still lying unconscious on the ground. Raising your arms, you begin to say a spell, until –

Whack. Your world goes dark.


You wake up weary, tied to a chair. You try to speak, to say a spell, but that’s when you notice the duct tape tied across your mouth, forcing you to stay quiet. And that’s when you notice your mask had been taken off.

You look around the room, desperately trying to find Kara, to just explain to her.

“I trusted you.” Her voice comes from behind you, filled with anger and sadness, like she was moments away from crying. “I loved you.”

You try to reply, but all that comes out are incoherent mumbles.

“She’s trying to talk.” Alex. She’s sitting in front of you. That’s when you put the pieces together. Alex must have come up from behind you during the fight and knocked you out. Then they brought you to the D.E.O and that’s when they had muted you and unmasked you. You know you should be worrying about if they had shown anyone else who you truly were, or if you would be sentenced to prison, but all you could think of was the heartbreak in Kara’s voice.

“So am I.” Kara says, in that commanding tone once again. She walks into your view, now towering over you from where you’re seated. You’re scared to look up, to look into her eyes, but you force yourself to do it. You wish you hadn’t.

The first thing you noticed were her eyes, red and watery, as if she had spent her time up until now crying.  Then you noticed the rest of her face, and the anger emitting from it.

You try to speak again as you feel your own tears begin to come to your eyes, but Kara cuts you off.

“It’s my turn to speak. Y/N, I have spent the last six months caring for you, trusting you, loving you, and now I find out you’re a murderer? I told you who I really was after a week of being with you, and I have to find out about you like this? Why? Why would you want to be this person, this monster? I have dedicated my life to saving innocent lives, to putting the bad guys away, and yet, you, one of the people I have loved the most since I got to this planet, are going against everything I’ve worked for. I just don’t understand why you would do this.”

The tears were now falling freely from your eyes, and you no longer had any control over them. You felt truly broken inside, knowing that you had caused such pain in the woman you had loved the most.

“If I take this off your mouth, I’m trusting you to stay here, to not break free, because that’s who I am, and who I always will be. And you betraying me will never change that.” And with that, Kara rips the tape over your mouth, and you take in a big gulp of air. You notice Alex behind Kara, preparing to defend against any slight move you might make.

“Kara….I….I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for you to get hurt. I just wanted to help the world, like you.

“Like me? You kill people, Y/N! That’s something I would never do.”

“Because the world doesn’t need those people in it anymore!” Kara looks at you in confused sadness, “Putting them in prison isn’t enough, people like that, people with powers, they break free, and then they kill again. It’s an endless cycle and it only ends in one way. Death.”

“Y/N, please tell me this isn’t you. I need this to not be you.” Kara pleads, kneeling down beside you.

“It is, Kara. This is me.”

“Why? Why do you do this?”

“Livewire killed my parents.” You say, the first time you’d ever talked about your parents to Kara. Kara looks taken aback, but she still has that same confused look in her eyes. “It was after she escaped the first time. I know you tried your best, you thought putting her in prison was the right thing, but she escaped, and she killed. That’s why I do this. Because you’re too good to do what’s necessary.”

“No, no, that’s not necessary. I am sorry, Y/N, for what happened to your parents, but that does not justify killing anyone, regardless if they’re a villain or not.” Kara is now holding your hands in hers, as she wipes a tear from your cheek.

“I screwed up, didn’t I?” You say, breaking down, gasping for breath in between sobs. Kara, now crying herself, hugs you, squeezing you tightly.

“It’s ok, it’s ok. We can sort this out.” Kara whispers into your ear.

“There is one way I can think of.” Alex speaks for the first time in what feels like hours, standing up from her chair. “You help us, join the D.E.O, we could always use another person with powers. But this time, you do it our way, the right way. Think of it like community service.”

You break away from Kara slightly, looking up at Alex. You begin to nod your excessively.

“Anything. I’ll do anything.”

“Good. I’ll let Hank know we have a new recruit.” And with that, Alex leaves the room, leaving you alone with Kara.

“You’re going to be ok.” Kara whispers to you once again, pulling you in for another hug, before placing her lips on yours, finishing the kiss that had been interrupted from earlier.

“I’m going to be ok.” You say to yourself, almost in a daze, suddenly feeling tired, like the weight of the world had just been put on to your shoulders.

Denial (Pricefield #3)

Another entry for my Pricefield trash bin series. I originally wanted this to be posted by last Wednesday, but things didn’t work out as planned. Curse you writer’s block!!

I noticed that my last two stories had been largely from Chloe’s perspective. So I wanted to try writing from Max’s for a change. Hopefully this came out okay.

I thought Nightmares would be garbage, but it has done SOOOO much better than I ever thought it would. (BTW THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE LIKES, REBLOGS, AND SUPPORT!!! You’re what’s keeping me going!! XDDD) So hopefully how I feel about this one turns out to just be me being self-conscious again!

Enough introductions! I hope you enjoy :D

(And sorry in advance for any OOC!)

((Warning: Minor Dark Room spoilers))

Life is Strange

Genre: Fluff/Friendship/Romance

Rating: T for language

Pairing: Pricefield (Chloe /\ Max)

Summary: Max wonders why everyone seems to think she was in love with her best friend.

Words: 4,427 (Is it me, or are my stories getting longer? Sorry!! ><;;)

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Brett Imagine: Bring him home to the parents

Brett Imagine: Bring him home to the parents

So this was requested, an imagine where you bring Brett home to meet your parents who are actually hunters. I wrote this fairly quick so it might not be that great, but I wanted to post it anyways! I hope you guys enjoy! It seems to be more focused on Brett, but that’s just how I wrote it and I’m sorry. Please let me know if you like and what not!

Brett parks his car on the side of the road near a black mail box with the name (y/l/n) painted across it. He pulls the keys out and checks his reflection in the rear few mirror. His face was looking red and blotchy with a sweat was forming above his left brow. Checking his hair he notices the irises of his eyes turn yellow. With a deep breath he squeezes them shut. 

“Just chill.” Brett says to himself and exits the car. 

He jogs to the front door and waits a second before pressing the door bell. He fiddles with the mass of hair styled upward over his forehead contemplating whether it was too much for the family. His eyes drift to his shoes, a pair black docs with black jeans tucked in, another choice he should have switched with a pair of brown boots and plain blue jeans. His eyes stopped at the black henley and leather jacket. He would have to lose the leather jacket once inside, but the henley would have to be buttoned up a couple of buttons. He knew how much you loved henleys on him and how he would always leave the top buttons undone.

“They are going to think I’m some punk ass kid!” He whispers to himself moving his head left and right, popping his neck to try to release some nerves. He wipes the sweat from his face and hi claws graze his temple. With quiet yelp he flings his eyes down at his hands. 

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anonymous asked:

Could u do a fluff fanfiction on soryu

Sure! Hope you like it!
Totally made this up… LOL

Its been two weeks. Two weeks since you seen your Mobster Fiancée. “Baby I promise I will be back soon, wait for me I love you” were his words kissing you at the airport when leaving.
You weren’t sure when he would be home and truth be told you just wanted it to be soon, you miss his arms around you. But you did something crazy why he was gone, and the mobsters who were staying at the house kept it a secret, but you felt lonely and knew Jasmine was when you were working and she didn’t have Soryu or Inui and Samejima playing with her, so you bought her a playmate and to be honest she loves having a little brother. You named him Dragon, you thought it would fit perfect. At first you weren’t going to keep him, but he was lonely in the alley with no collar or anything. Someone probably dumped him on the side of the street and it broke you heart into pieces seeing him all dirty and his fur dirty, so you took him home with you after work that day. You gave him a bath once you got home, and Jasmine started playing with him soon as you were drying him off. He was so hungry also, he ate two bowls full of dog food. As you lay in bed with Jasmine and Dragon who are playing at the end of the bed chewing on toys, you start to doze off from being so tired. As you fell asleep, you didn’t realize a surprise coming back to you early.

As Soryu opens the front door to the mobster headquarters/his home, he wanted to surprise you coming home early, but didn’t expect to get a surprise himself, as Jasmine runs to the front door greeting him and a few other mobsters so did that new little golden addition “oh and who is this?” Soryu asks confused picking up the little puppy wagging his tail and licked his face, Soryu chuckled and saw the dog tag hanging on his collar and smiles reading the name “Dragon huh?”, “Woof!” at least the dog knows his name Soryu thought to himself smiling. “Sir did princess get another dog?” Inui asks and Samejima sighs “Was it okay for her to do that?” they ask looking up at Soryu who nods “I’m sure she can explain herself” he says carrying the 4 legged puppy in his arms, walking upstairs to the bedroom. Opening the bedroom door, he sees you breathing even breaths and cant help but smile at your peaceful sleeping face, God he missed you so much. Putting the puppy on the bed he goes over and licks your face, which causes you to moan and move around and Soryu chuckles “Baby you got some explaining to do” as he pushes the hair out your face he kisses your forehead softly. You were so tired and out of it, you didn’t catch on at first “nooooo tomorrow” as you roll over Soryu laughs, laying down next to you he grabs you from behind “Id love to let you sleep but I missed you” he whispers softly and deeply and you finally woke up feeling arms around you. After finally feeling someone hands around you, you shoot up and look next to you seeing your smiling Mobster laying there smiling “SORYU!” you jump on him hugging him tight and he laughs hugging you back “Hi I missed you” you pull back looking at him smiling “I missed you so much to!” he puts a hand on your cheek and pulls you in for a kiss, you guys share a few kisses for a few minutes and as you pull away smiling at him, he sits up holding you in his lap. Hearing all the excitement and talking, the two dogs come in wagging there tails and Soryu smiles “so dragon huh?” he looks over at you and you look away smiling, “Hope your not mad” Soryu chuckles kissing your cheek “I just didn’t think you would get that lonely without me” you quickly shake your head “No I did miss you so much, but I actually found him alone in a alley, hungry in a corner, when I was walking home from work the other night..I couldn’t just leave him” you look at the puppy on the floor playing with your older dog and smile “I took him to the vet and they said he was in poor condition and they gave me pills to help bring back up his immune system, Baba and Ota helped and bought him a whole bunch of toys” you point to where Jasmine toys were and seen how there are now two dog toy boxes filled and Soryu smile wrapping his arms around you “I don’t mind at all, you saved him.. Just like you have saved me, Your perfect, you gave him a second chance in life and his name is just right” you turn around to face him in his lap and you smile back tears in your eyes “Really?” his words were so touching, “Yea we could always use another guard dog” he smiles wiping your tears “THANK YOUUU!” and you hug him with force and he chuckles falling backwards on the bed, where his back hits the sheets and you ontop of him, you giggle as he laughs pulling away to look in his eyes, and he runs a hand through your hair. “I really did miss you though baby” as he whispers you nod “I missed you to.. So much” he pulls you down kissing your lips fully, and you both played with your two dogs for a bit.

That night, after taking showers, you both laid in bed facing each other, as you yawned he grabbed your hand, kissing your fingers, than kissed the ring he has given you. “Wont be long until you become Mrs.Oh” he meets your smiling gaze kissing your hand again and you blush “I cant wait” He pulls you into his arms, kissing your lips and smiles “we already have a little family with two dogs, but I cant wait to have children with you” you smile kissing him again “Same here, I love you Soryu”, he hugs you tight and you lay your head on his chest as he runs his fingers through your hair “I love you to”.
That night you both stayed cuddling close feeling each others warmth you both missed so much with the two puppies cuddling on the end of the bed. You have the perfect cute little family, but couldn’t help smiling why falling asleep about thinking for the future and your future children.

Equal Playing Field, Alex/Astra, G

[In which Alex gets struck by lightning while holding a lump of Kryptonite and gets a temporary present. Also on AO3]

“Agent Danvers, please stop bench pressing your sister.”

Alex looks up sheepishly from where she’s lying down, a giggling Kara held above her. “Sir?”

“I told you to take it easy,” Hank sighs. “The effects of the Kryptonite will wear off after a few days, but until then you shouldn’t overexert yourself.”

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