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Taehyung Scenario: Irreplaceable.

Request: So one of my cats just died and I’m really upset about it. I was wondering if you could write a BTS V scenario where that happens and he cheers you up. I want it super fluffy and cute.

Genre: Fluff / Romance

Taehyung sat in the dorm’s couch with a worried expression, his elbows on his knees, his eyes fixed on his phone.
You were supposed to go on a date this afternoon, but he’d been trying to contact you since the early morning and you weren’t answering, neither texts or phone calls. At first Taehyung was mad, thinking that you were ignoring him for some reason but then, as the day went by and he didn’t get any news from you, worry started to build up in his body. You weren’t like this, you’d usually answer pretty quickly, or if you were in class or busy with something you’d let him know. But today you didn’t answer anything and it was making him feel that something bad had happened.
He checked on his watch again, it was almost six in the afternoon and nothing from you yet. Taehyung decided he couldn’t take this any longer, what if something had happened? He had to go and check that you were fine.
He stood up and went for his coat, Hoseok was in the room playing X-box with Jungkook, they looked up at him, putting pause to the game.

-Is everything ok?- the older boy asked when he gazed at Taehyung’s face.

-I don’t know-

-Y/N isn’t answering yet?- Jungkook questioned and Taehyung could tell his friends were a little worried too.

They realized Taehyung was getting his things to go out so their eyes became inquisitive. -I’m going to her house- he said replying to the question on his friends faces.

-Let us know if we can help with anything-

-Thanks hyung-

He called a taxi and waited, the anxiety reflexed in all of his body. Taehyung called you one more time, but he meet again with the answering machine. That only increased his worried feeling, he was so unease, the ride to your place felt kilometric and when your house was finally in front of his view he rushed towards your front step, ringing the bell in an anxious despair.

He rang it three times, walking in little circles while waiting; being such an active boy could be hard in these kind of times when he didn’t know how to keep his body calm.
There was a little noise behind the closed door and Taehyung finally stood still, waiting until the door was opened and revealed you.

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Baby Sister - part 2 (stiles x reader) (Scott's sister)

So this is part 2 of Baby Sister… I would highly recommend reading part 1 first because this imagine will not make much since without it. Here is part 1: http://teen-wolf-boyss.tumblr.com/post/146743375231/baby-sister-stiles-stilinski-x-reader-scotts

-also we have so lacrosse in this imagine and I am no genius when it comes to this sport so I may have some things wrong… But I tried my best so I hope it’s alright…


Even through the warmth of your sweater and the cute scarf you were wearing you could still feel the cool evening breeze against your cheeks as you sat down on the bench next to your best friend Allison. The lights shined down perfectly on your two boyfriends as they began to warm up for their upcoming lacrosse game.

You and Allison agreed that they looked so cute in their uniform, but you had both reached the level of cuteness your self. Allison in one of her cute outfits that consisted of her leather jacket and combat boots as usual. Allison decided to help you with your outfit so you ended up wearing dark skinny jeans, a grey sweater, maroon scarf, and some grey boots of hers.

The game was about to begin and you were so excited because Stiles would be playing on first line this evening.

The first half of the game had just ended and the score was in Beacon Hills favor and the crowd was going crazy. Stiles had scored 3 times and Scott about 5. Everyone was doing great but no one had expected Stiles to be doing that well.

You were so focused on the game you nearly jumped out of your seat when you felt someone touch your shoulder. You had turned your head quickly to see that it was just your mother, Melissa.

“Darling, it’s only me. I left work a little early so I could come. How’s the game going?” She asked.

“It’s great. Scott has been great, and believe it or not Stiles too.” You answered smiling.

Melissa’s eyes widened as she looked at the scoreboard. “Wow… That’s great!”

You and Allison both nodded.

The game proceeded to go on. A few more points were scored by our team and we could tell the other team, Devenford Prep; a commonly good team that we usually have to work hard to get our win, was beginning to get exasperated. The crowd became more tense rather than cheerful as we noticed that the other team was beginning to play rough.

The ball was tossed to Scott who was blocked in all directions. He quickly thought and found Stiles open and threw it over to him. Stiles caught it and began to run however an opposing team member was running towards him. The man tackled him to the ground. Your hands clasped over your mouth and Allison out her hands in your lap because she knew about the two of you but your mother knew nothing yet so she just looked at you concerned.

Whistles were blowing like crazy, couch was yelling like mad man as usual, and Scott was sprinting from across the field to Stiles’ aid. Stiles was lying in the ground holding his knee and writhing in pain. You didn’t blink, your eyes were locked in him, you wronged your hands, and felt like you couldn’t breathe. You couldn’t hear a word of what was going on. Allison was next to you trying to calm you down and tell you it was going to be ok. You were lucky when your mother, being a doctor, ran over to help Stiles. You were trying your absolute hardest not to let out any tears.

After a few brief moments they were able to get Stiles up. He had one arm around Scott and another around Isaac, who had also ran to help him.

Scott held up his free hand and got your attention. He moved his hand signaling for you to come with them. You got up quickly and ran over to them. You followed them into the locker room where they set Stiles down on one of the benches.

“Mom said that he has sprained his ankle and needs to stay off of it. It’s not bad but it’s not good either, definitely better than what else could have happened.” You nodded.

Stiles moaned in pain.

“Coach said that he didn’t want him out there in risk of getting any more hurt so to just being him in here for the remainder of the game. Coach also wants us back on the field so we thought it would be best for you to stay with him.” Said Isaac. “Sorry we have to go back out there but I will do my best to talk down that son of a bitch!”

You all laughed a little.

Stiles then said,“ Thanks man, but don’t go all wolfy on them out there, ok? Everyone laughed some more.

Then you heard coaches angry voice. "MCCALL! LAHEY!! ENOUGH ABOUT STILINSKI! ASSES ON THE FIELD!”

“Thank you Scott…. and you too Isaac. Thank you both so much.” You said hugging them both.

They then left the room and went back to play the game.

You sat down next to Stiles. “How are you doing?”

“I’m alright… I’ll be fine soon… Your mom was a huge help…” Stiles said in a low voice.

“Yeah… She’s pretty great. If you got hurt any worse I would have needed her too, you scared me half to death.”

“I’m sorry princess… I’m glad to see that you care so much tho… I would have done that same thing had it been you.”

“It’s ok… I’m just so happy your ok, baby”

He leaned up to give you a kiss. Even though he was hurt he was still an amazing kisser. Your kiss grew, it quickly began to get more passionate. His soft lips pressed against your still sent chills all through your body. He moved one hand to your cheek, bringing you closer and deepening the kiss.

“Oh god… Ok… Wow…” You heard your mothers voice from the doorway of the locker room.

You and Stiles jumped apart from each other.

“Hey mom…”
“Hey Mrs. McCall…” You and stiles said at the same time.

“Ok… I don’t know what that was, I was just coming to see how Stiles was doing. And… Stiles, why did you just call me ‘Mrs. McCall’? You never call me that… Are you two….?”

You and Stiles nodded and your mother gasped. “I just thought you were really close friends! Does Scott know?”

“Yes… He does know and he’s ok with it… We’ve been together for about 3 months under the radar and openly about 2 weeks.” You answered.

“Wow… How did Scott find out?” She questioned.

You and Stiles both panicked and answered at the same time.

“We just told him about it” Stiles said.
“Allison told him…” You said.

Melissa raised an eyebrow… Stiles just sat biting his lip and was a nervous wreck as usual.

“Well Allison had mentioned it to Scott, so he asked us and we told him.”

“Ahh… I see… Well I’m gonna go back out here now…”

“Ok we were just leaving, we are gonna go back to the house so he can rest.”

“Alright, sounds good. I will see you later.” Melissa said before going back out to the game.

You grabbed some spare crutches out of coaches office and gave them to Stiles. You helped him up and then you walked out to his car.

You got the door for him and helped him in. You took the crutches and put them in the back.

You walked around and got in.

“Just one more thing… Please don’t hurt my car…” Said stiles.

“Oh stop worrying, Stilinski.” You begin to pull out easily and then you hit the breaks making Stiles jump.

You laughed hysterically,“ Just kidding… Calm down baby… I can drive you know.”

“That was not cool, (y/n)!” He said.

You giggled and began to drive off.

A few minutes later Stiles said,“Wow… Holding the door for me and everything… I feel like the girl in the relationship…”

“Well, your very cute if that’s any consolation.”

“Your pretty amazing, you know?”

“Well thanks but I’ve got a lot more up my sleeve for when we get back home.”

“Hmm… Ok then… I can’t wait.”

You pulled in your driveway and got out of Stiles’ jeep. You helped him out and he got inside with his crutches. You sat him down on the couch in your living room. You reclined it for him and grabbed one of the throw pillows off the couch she could elevate his foot. You grabbed an ice pack from your fridge and wrapped it in a towel before gently placing it on his ankle. Stiles winced in pain.

“No lets get you out of this uniform…” You said.

You helped him take of his jersey and shoulder pads. You sat them on the floor next to him. You grabbed a blanket from the closet and Stiles’ favorite movie from the Star Wars series. You popped the movie in the DVD player and it began to play. The lights were off and everything was perfect so you sat down next to Stiles cuddling up next to him, you put he blanket over the two of you and your wrapped your arms around his bare torso. He ran his fingers through your hair and kissed the top of your head that you rested on his chest.

“Your amazing you know it…” He said.

“Thanks baby…” You replied.

“I don’t know what I would do without you baby girl… I love you!”

“I love you too…” You smiled and you both continued to watch your movie until you both fell asleep.

You were both asleep so neither of you noticed when around an hour later your mother and Scott walked in. They both looked at you.

“You know honey… I’m really proud of you for being so ok with all this. You know they told me what happened and how you found out…”

“They did! Wow I didn’t figure they would be that open about it… Yikes…”

“Oh yeah… They were totally cool about it, they told me about everything that happened…”

“And you were ok with it!?” Scott asked very confused.

“Well yeah… I mean it happens…” She answered.

“Alright then mom… I’m gonna go take a shower.”

“Alright sweetie… I love you! I’m gonna take a nap and let them have their privacy… Have a goodnight.”

The night had ended… Scott more confused than ever, Stiles feeing much better after his injury, you just happy to be with him, and your mother being ok at least with the stories she had heard about it all…

a letter to the trinity

here are the lines i need for the video i’m going to make most are only short as i never expected this many people would want to participate, if you have changed your mind or are having any difficulties please message me. Could you please record and get them to me at chubbypoppy@gmail.com ALSO could you put your url/number in the email ASAP that would be fab, thanks.  lol at my email address x

1) Dear Grace, Hannah and Mamrie. - 1helbig-with2harts

2) We would like to say - 1-helbig-with-2-harts - received

3) How proud we are of you - prazethetrinity

4) Of 3 grown up women - radxcalscull - received

5) Who most of us have never met… - asunsetparadisee - received

6) Who get drunk on camera - jesshurr94 - received

7) Who make the best puns - harto-helbig-mames - received

8) And who talk alot about queefs. - schbli

9) You 3 started off as strangers - mydamnhartbig

10) But now look at you! - sometimeshunter - received

11) You guys made a movie! - katiethestarkid - received

12) An amazing movie at that -  consiquentlyhazedbynature

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The project; or, there’s a lot of grumping about history around our house on Saturday mornings.

“I read the whole history textbook already, Mom.”

“Oh. Gosh. The whole thing? In the first week of school? Cool.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty good, but we’re going to skip all the really interesting stuff.”

“Like what?”

“Like the Civil Rights Movement!”

“The…wait, what? You’re skipping the Civil Rights Movement. In American History.”


“The Civil Rights Movement isn’t even OVER, we were just out at a protest on Tuesday!”

“I know!”

“How are you supposed to be able to make informed civic decisions if they aren’t covering this stuff in class?”

“I have NO IDEA, Mom.”

“Well, jeez.”

*time passes, coffee is drunk*

“We could totally come up with a supplementary curriculum in American history that wouldn’t, like, leave out all the good stuff. Because you know I have A Lot of Thoughts On This Subject. But how do you bootleg history curriculum to middle schoolers? Wait, that sounds super creepy, I don’t want to be creepy.”

“You could probably make it not creepy, Mom.”

*more time passes, Mom flips through the textbook, posts some grumpy tweets about the whole thing*

“Sweetie, what if we had a Tumblr? Are the kids still using Tumblr?”

“We could totally have a Tumblr.”

“Having a bootleg history curriculum Tumblr with your mom is probably not even a little bit cool.”

“I think it’s cool.”

“Ok. I will go make us a thing. But you have to help.”

“I will totally help.”

Adventure day! The weather may be changing. Getting colder and more than a little rainy but that doesn’t mean we can’t get out and explore!

This is a shot of Ollie Torr (@tompaulrandall new trainer and business partner) running laps on a 7a/b to warm up.

I always find it exciting to set up a rope next to sport routes and start hugging around trying to find angles for photos.

All the time I spend hanging round on ropes always makes me think “i hope this rope doesn’t snap!” Ridiculous I know but that little voice at the back of my mind still makes things a little more exciting.

I was thinking today, if we don’t have a little voice telling us “maybe everything won’t be ok” would we still get excited? Is an adventure being prepared to try even though things could go wrong? If success is guaranteed, does that make it boring?