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Finally completed the DJing skill! There can’t be many more that Poppy needs to complete!

So far we have maxed: charisma, cooking, comedy, fitness, gardening, gourmet cooking, guitar, handiness, logic, mischief, painting, piano, programming, rocket science, video gaming, violin, djing, dancing, photography, and baking!

Good grief, that’s a lot of skills, and only a few more to go!



“It’s very tribal. Blake has a sister, she comes with her kids. We cook and get muddy and dirty. There are ATVs. Being a mother of three boys, it’s kind of the perfect place. Everything is real now, whereas before, things didn’t seem so real.”



Detective Lopez: Take a look at the picture, Do you recognize this gold bracelet?

Jamie: I- I don’t know…

Detective Lopez: We found this bracelet in your bedroom Mr. Archibald, If i remember correctly, you said your girlfriend had been wearing it the night she disappeared.

Will: Detective, with all due respect, it could belong to anyone-

Lopez: We found Ms. Atwood’s DNA and Mr. Archibald’s fingerprints on it. Want to know what we uncovered in your kitchen? Ms. Atwood’s blood, on the floor as well her DNA on a knife.

Jamie: I can explain that! We were cooking once and she cut her hand!

Lopez: Do you have anything to prove that!? Documentation of any kind? Did she go to the hospital or see a doctor? Were there any other witnesses?

Jamie: No, it was just us… She didn’t want to go to the hospital, i just used the first aid kit!

Detective Lopez: She cut her hand open and you didn’t seek medical attention?!

Jamie: She didn’t cut it open, all she needed was a little bandaging, the cut wasn’t that deep! Her dad’s strict, she was scared of his reaction and didn’t want him to find out!

anonymous asked:

Ally I'm going to NZ in Feb! Any recommendations on where to travel and vegan places to eat? x

Ah so exciting! That’s when I did a road trip of the South Island and it was the perfect time of year.


Basically all of the places we listed in the description, but most of all I’d say Queenstown and Mt Cook were my favourites!

We cooked most meals ourselves other than one very rainy day where we sought refuge in a cafe and managed to get vegan soup, but there was one cafe in Queenstown called Bespoke Kitchen which we LOVED and went to two days in a row. Also 10/10 recommend getting pizza and sitting in front of the water as the sun sets. V beautiful.

I was the ONLY cook , we had one delivery driver and I had to put off so many deliveries for literally hours at a time it was so bad my feet hurt my eyes hurt my head hurts, I have grease from the fryers all over my arms, I just know I’m gonna break out because of how much pizza sauce I accidentally rubbed on my face . Fuck piss Hut

Straight Couples can do one (1) un-stereotypical thing in terms of labor distribution (a man did his daughter’s hair??? awwww!! a woman is a housewife but actively chose to be a housewife because she enjoys it? right on sister!!) and be considered radical pioneers of gender equality, but Gay Couples have to impossibly perfectly balance our presentation and behavior at all times or we’re just mimicking straight people and replicating archaic misogynistic ideals 

So culture is fluid and changing, so why can’t we see humans adapting to alien culture? We already emmulate others, if not blend it to our traditions, so there should be a mix of alien/human traditions. Humans dress in the style of alien dress because it looks good. Humans adopting alien slang or creative new slang based on alien words. Or learning alien games and try to teach it to other humans. Or learning about alien food, then blend it with human cooking styles (Lomo saltado is Peruvian food cooked Chinese style so it happens) or just really studying alien culture and teaching it to people at home. Not for any academic reason, but because they are super interested. Like when you want to travel to your dream place you study every little bit about, or those culture clubs in schools. Aliens could be flattered, or confused, because Humans who can adapt to any place chose to adapt to their planet.

modern witches: 

  • we somehow found our love for the occult and decided we wanted to dive in head first, and then didn’t realize where to start
  • “is this a good one?” we say as we skim through the tiny metaphysical section at our local bookstore, and walk out with a mishmash of titles from various authors, all with conflicting opinions 
  • we jot down notes in old school notebooks because that leather grimoire we found online was too expensive
  • we ditched the books we read over and over again and turned to the internet, hungry for hidden knowledge
  • we all stumbled upon spellsofmagic.com and tried to do the unthinkable before realizing that it wasn’t working and got discouraged
  • we realized that *gasp* you can write your own spells, but how? 
  • we spent hours compiling correspondences for every herb and spice in our kitchen pantry, and dug through boxes to find our old crystal or seashell collection from when we were kids thinking “i could probably use these for… something
  • we spent too much money on candles and incense before realizing we could get them cheaper online
  • we practiced drawing sigils and symbols to make them perfect before crumpling up the paper and starting all over
  • we learned to go outside and look at the moon to see what phase it was in and how we could possibly use that to our advantage 
  • “what cardinal direction was for fire again? south?” we went back to the drawing board, digging through our notes to find the section in which we wrote down the information before giving up and doing a quick google search instead
  • we set up wiccan altars because we didn’t know that there was anything else out there at first
  • we learned about intent, and made sure that we were careful to stir our tea or coffee in one direction or the other to set the mood for the day
  • we would squint at bottles of body wash in the shower to find the ingredients and quickly figure out how to use them for magick: “jasmine and lavender? i think that’s good for peace or something”
  • we say little incantations when we cook dinner, or pour food for our pets - “bunny, you are happy and healthy. enjoy!”

every witch has gone through their own version of uncertainty and unknowing when they first started practicing. everyone’s path is different, and the situations leading up to our current state, made us the witches we are today. your path is yours, and yours alone. don’t let anyone take that from you.

“yuuri you ruined the diet i assigned you;;;”

a few days ago, @coffee496 came over and we made katsudon *Q* the first plate tasted delicious but the second plate was nasty because sOMEBODY kept telling me to add more soy sauce

I need a cooking show where the contestants are tasked with recreating fictional dishes


“Make this dish that showed up in that anime one time - it looks like this and it’s slightly spicy. This is all we know” *shows big picture on a screen*


“Your task today is to make a health potion. It should be able to stay preserved for a week in room temperature, at least. But it’s not like we can really check that on a 1 hour show. Still, keep it in mind”

and then the old man who lives alone with two dogs and a cat wins, and the gamer and the anime nerd look at him in horror whispering “how…” to themselves

or something

but yeah I need this


I had resigned myself to everyone being dead by the end but somehow I wasn’t prepared for them to lose her.