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Norwegians: “Hey, check it out, I met Tarjei on the street today!”

 “Look, Henrik made my coffee!” 

“David’s so nice! Great meeting him!”

“Omg, Ulrikke is just as pretty in perseon!”

Literally anyone who watches Skam but does not live in Norway: 


Kana has much to learn and Nina will later have consequences to face

context is somewhere in here

BY THE PRIMES IT’S THE NEW YEAR. Exciting, is it not?? Come on, ya know it is. Because if it wasn’t obvious 2016 was an awful year and let’s face it, we all know it’s Barry’s fault because he screwed with the timeline and 2016 was the result. Okay, but in all seriousness I met some really awesome people on this site this year, and got to know people more that I had previously known!!! You guys made this year wonderful so thank you!! Let’s leave 2016 behind and welcome 2017 with open arms!! (Unless it too is an awful year than just PUT THAT THING BACK WHERE IT CAME FROM OR SO HELP ME.)

Below is a list of people who made my 2016 wonderful!! Sorry if I forgot anyone!!! This was last minute-ish. Stay lit guys!!!

The special people:
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The ones who know how to keep it LIT:
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I hit 3k+ a few days ago. I’ve been waiting and hoping it will come to Christmas. And here we go! Thank you so much for following me. It means a lot. You always inspire me to make, to create something. You all are amazing.
Also i want to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and I hope you have the best holiday season!
Here are my ‘christmas’ deancas art and the 1st ‘follow forever’ (i’ve never done this list before, maybe i tagged you right):


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Haise and Juuzou + Cake!


I am currently in the process of moving! I’m sorry I haven’t been as active, but it’s been really busy and stressful getting everything together.
Thank you for putting up with my junk though! Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to regular posts by Monday.
In other news…

THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYBODY!!!! You are all so awesome and I can’t express how much I appreciate every one of you and your support for my dumb blog! I never thought it would come this far, and yet here we are!
I love you all so much, and once I’m back from my mini hiatus I plan on doing something to celebrate!
In the meantime, feel free to send in asks or submit dumb stuff - I’ll try to get to all of it once I’m back and with my tablet.


anonymous asked:

Hi! Would you consider making a master list of all your video reviews and analyses maybe? I love reading them and it would make it so easy to access them. Only if you want to though! Thanks for taking the time to come on here everyday we appreciate you so much ❤️

they’re all tagged by category!!! almost all of my video reviews are in the tag #video review, live show reviews are in #live show review, and general analysis of anything dnp-related is in #phan thoughts. there are some posts that are just specific to d/p individually though in #dan thoughts and #phil thoughts respectively :) there are also a couple in #shipping thoughts and #phandom thoughts that are more meta about the concept of shipping and thoughts on this fandom in general, but like,,, very few. sorry they’re not all in one tag but this system helps me to go back to specific posts without having to literally sift through everything i’ve ever written hahah!

Kakayama Week day 3: AU ridiculousness feat Yam in glasses

Long story short: Because of our ky lord and savior yamkash I played the Evil Within a few months ago and then jokingly suggested to make it an AU for a ky fanart. And somehow it became a thing. 

I still can’t figure out why on Earth did I decide to go for some crazy ass perspective though. I must have been feeling particularly adventurous while sketching xD


                                      B E C O M E       L E G E N D

          we were given a second chance, brought out of the darkness,
                     to serve the light, to never flee, but to always fight.

Hello all my fellow dailies and badly/poorlydrawn jojo blogs! Johnny and I love this community so so much, and we’ve grown a lot in a short period of time, so amidst all our silliness I decided to take a recurring joke on our blog and turn it into a gift/shoutout to all of our favorite jojo blogs and people who were kind enough to follow us. It’s basically turned into a where’s waldo at this point. So thanks to you all, and I look forward to many more good times ahead.

Welcome…to the Steel Ball Band!

-Mod Gyro

(Roll call! @poorly-drawn-dinopants, @badlydrawnfunnyvalentine, @daily-emporio, @dailyhermescostello, @badlydrawnhot-pants, @badlydrawnalternatediego, @daily-gappy, @yasuhodaily, @dailyjjlkira, @dailyanasui, @badlydrawnyuyafungami, @dailyholhanwagon, @badlydrawnjotarocean, @dailydiadop, @dailykakyoin, @dailyharvestt, @dailydoctorferdinand, @badly-drawn-tonio, @dailyyoungjolyne, @dailyrobertspeedwagon, @badlydrawn-joutakujo, @daily-johnny, @badlydrawnmousedanny, @daily4taro, @dailyalessi-sethan, @dailyavdol, @badlydrawnstraizo, @badly-drawn-josuyasu, @badlydrawnbrokuyasu, @marinebiologistjotaro, @daily-jouta, @dailyjojoba, and to all the anons who are kind enough to give us questions!)

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Don't worry about not updating! :O Your well-being is way more important to me! I don't want you to feel obligated to write something when you're in a bad spot and it would only increase your worries/stress! :( Take as much time as you need, I promise I'll still be here when you come back! :) We're here for you! :3

Thank you so much dear, this means so much to me. You have no idea. ;0;