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Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Sammi Doll and Trisha Kay … This was the very first video that sparked my interest in Cinematography and Editing. Luckily, youtube wasn’t around back then… but someone else uploaded it for me when Youtube became a thing… this video is almost 15 years old and I’m sharing it although it’s absolutely humiliating, we all come from somewhere… and this was where I began… 

I’m just sat here tagging my posts with things like #RobronWedding and #Husbands and it hit me, this actually happened, Robert Jacob Sugden and Aaron Dingle got MARRIED!! For intense and purpose they are husbands. Look how far we’ve come, from a secluded layby by the side of the road to kissing in front of the whole pub while dancing! Dancing!! It’s still sinking in, but the tears have finally dried and I just wanted to say thank you to each and everyone of you, if you’ve liked a post I’ve made about the boys, if you’ve reblogged something, if you’ve read one of my fics, if I talk to you, if I don’t, all of you, I love all of my Robronites and none of it would have been possible with those two idiots, who have gone from lovers, boyfriends, fiances, and now husbands! 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

me: so india


me: …so india and pakistan have a bit of a feud…

And you white neopagans really need to quit comparing the push back you’ve encountered for your religion to the real historical and current violent oppression of non-white people. Quit telling us you “understand” our pain when you happily use slurs, stop claiming to “know where we’re coming from” when you continue to appropriate sacred/closed religions and cultures, and definitely knock it off with trying to act like you know more than us 

Y'all are really no different from other white people you claim to be better than, you’re still entitled and refuse to listen to us 

magnus bane and alec lightwood will be the most iconic couple on tv in 2017

not only are we getting a proper respresentation of an interracial couple, not only are we getting a queer couple… but we are also gonna see them actually fall in love, depend on each other, trust each other, fight for each other

AND at the same time we are going to see two badass and independent characters who have their own stories and are so much more than just a couple

after the law that the romanian government passed 3 days ago (which as i said in my last post, would effectively make corruption legal (if under 45k euros, good joke) and would pardon everyone who previously got arrested for it) , thousands upon thousands of people went out in the streets to protest, making this the largest protest romania’s had since the 1989 revolution

it hasnt even been 30 years, i really hope we can stop it here and now

Okay you know what I know we were all so worried about biphobia or slut shaming or what have you but honestly I thought they handled that incredibly well? It makes perfect sense for them to be a little bit anxious about that disparity, and especially for Alec I can imagine there’s a lot of insecurity there and I think if they hadn’t touched on that it would have been almost unrealistic? And Alec didn’t have a bad reaction, he got scared. And Magnus also was surprised by Alec’s lack of experience, you know? Which I feel like puts them both in an equally wrong footed position and made that awkwardness totally understandable. And they resolved it right away and agreed to put in the effort necessary to understand and be with each other like bless this show for giving us the malec we deserve

“You can feel in the streets that everyone is worried. We come from a very small town. The engine of our entire economy is a candy factory, and people are getting laid off. I don’t like my job. I package the candies and I have to stay indoors all day. When I was younger, I would think about quitting. My bags were always packed. But everything changes when you feel a small hand gripping your finger. Now I’m terrified of losing my job. Every morning we have a routine. Whenever I don’t feel like going to work, he says ‘come here,’ and he gives me a hug, and that changes me. He’s my battery charger.”

(Cordoba, Argentina)

I really do believe that at least part of the problem of people distrusting science has to do with how we as scientists portray ourselves.

We have actively created a system where we derive authority from being seen as better/smarter/more competent than everyone else and then when people ask why they should trust us we respond with a very condescending version of ‘because SCIENCE IS FACT’ or something along those lines.

Like, consider how that would feel from the outside? Here are a small group of people who you have never met/interacted with who sequester themselves in impenetrable ~elite institutions that you can’t access and don’t feel party to who then tell you that what they say is fact because they’re smarter and better educated than you. And if you ever try to question them (no matter how reasonable your objections may be/seem to you) they condescendingly pat you on the head and say something like ‘don’t worry we know better. you can’t possibly understand what we do.’

Why the hell would you trust them? 

No one likes being told that they’re not smart enough to understand something, and no one likes feeling excluded from something they’ve essentially been asked to accept sight unseen. 

I don’t really have a solution to this, except some vague notion about working harder to portray scientists as people working a job, rather than geniuses who are above it all. 

And like trying harder to understand where people are coming from when they question science. And remembering that being better educated than most doesn’t make us smarter than most. It just makes us better trained in certain types of thinking.

I just think we need to keep in mind what we are asking of people. Which is to put a whole hell of a lot of faith in us.

“Everyone thinks we’re dating.” Simon randomly announced in the middle of of his and Jace’s second weekly movie nights.

Jace hit the pause button on the remote and gave Simon a quizzical look. “And?”

“That doesn’t bother you?”


Simon stared at Jace. “It doesn’t?”

“Why would it?” Jace asked, raising an eyebrow. “I mean… aren’t we?”


“Aren’t we dating?” Jace repeated. “I mean, this is a date, right?”

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365 days of ryan ross; day 39 (oh my god look at jon)

I like to imagine that Scorpius will continue to mock Albus about the ‘new smokey eyed potions professor’ until the end of time (possibly even once he and Albus are dating). Every time Albus gets a good mark in a potions test, or wins some points from her for Slytherin, Scorpius leans across and grins and nudges him in the ribs.

‘You’re winning her round, Albus.’ ‘Did you see that smile?’ ‘True love is blossoming before my very eyes.’ 

One time he even hums a bit of ‘love is in the air’ in Albus’s ear, and Albus elbows him so hard he falls off his stool. 

Then, one day in sixth year, when the boys have been together for a few months, the following exchange happens:

‘Albus, she smiled at you. Did you see? I think she’s falling in lurve with you, Albus. Every ‘O’ you get is a step closer to marital bliss.' 

Albus slaps his ladle onto the table and turns to face Scorpius. 'I’m dating you, you idiot. I’m literally dating you. We’re going to Hogsmeade together tomorrow, and you’re still trying to set me up with her. What’s wrong with you?’

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I was feeling terrible because I forgot to commemorate my cat’s eighth adoption anniversary, but I just learned that tumblr will make gifs from videos! So here are some pics of my imperious kitty while he’s trying to go to sleep despite my interferences.