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Ok, so real talk right here.

So last night at the Nashville concert while Michael came out on his own to do his solo thing for jet black heart, everyone began to cheer for him, and i mean really cheered for him. At first, he just stood there for a good minute or two and admired everyone cheering for him. After a while, he cleared his throat to get our attention so we would quite down and let him sing, but we just kept cheering and this most beautiful smile came a crossed his face. I’m not even lying when i say that whole arena just cheered for 6 minutes straight, and it was all for Michael. I could’ve swore I saw him tear up. Literally, moments like these make me so so happy to be a part of this family. Michael deserved that moment so much. I love him, and I love the 5sos fam.  

Inked up... Part 3

Inked up… Part 3

I push sammy off of me scrambling up and pulling down my shirt, just to hear sammy chuckle grabbing my bare leg. I frown down at him as he rubs his thumb back and forth against my calve. That’s when Stassie walks in, seeing sammy leaning up against my legs and me frowning down at him, but he gives me this his goofy smile and I can’t help but roll my eyes and start running my hand through his hair. Petting him like he’s a dog.

“Sammy come on, get off the floor it’s dirty lord knows you don’t clean very much” Stassie says.

“Actually since y/n’s been here it’s been really clean” he says smiling at me.

I smile back still running my hands through his hair and he leans further into my hand, we’re in our own little world, when she clears her throat. We both look at her, still again not moving.

“Come on sammy, you said you’d buy me doughnuts because I was craving them” Stassie says smirking.

As if I’d have a problem with it.

“Oh yeah, hey y/n you want to come with?” Sammy asks standing up, his hand lingers on my waist before he looks down at me.

“You know what, I’m good you two have fun” I say smiling.

Which honestly seems to surprise Stassie as she looks at me, before ushering sammy back out of the house, and I’m alone again. Sighing I make my way to the kitchen, placing the ingredients I’d taken out in order and started to prep, figuring I’d make pad Thai, as sammy had weird ingredients that I could make it with. I hummed and danced around the kitchen, though not as lively as before, somehow not feeling as happy as I had been. But I ignored it, not wanting to dwell on why I was feeling so sad.

Biting my lip, placed my pad Thai into a medium sized bowl, leaving the rest in a huge pan before making my way to the living room. Turning on the tv and flipping through Netflix before settling on friends. I laugh a bit, eating my yummy noodles, trying to not check up on snapchat or crane my neck to see if I might here sammy coming back home. But I give in, only waiting five minutes before I’m pulling up my snapchat to check on Sammy’s and stassie stories. All i see is them having a good time, plus flirting and being all touchy. I let out a small whimper before throwing my phone to the opposite side of the couch. Curling up in a ball with a blanket and a glass of wine, using the tv as a distraction and background noise, to keep me away from my darkening thoughts.

~ ~ ~

I must have drifted off to sleep because I hear the tv being shut off, and can feel my body starting to be moved. I open up my eyes squinting at the person whose touching me. It’s hard at first as the person is blurry, before you eyes come into focus and I see a little disheveled sammy.

“Sammy” I croak opening up my arms to him.

He smiles.

“Baby girl” he whispers before he’s picking me up.

I cling to him wrapping my arms tightly around his neck, as well as my legs, before burying my face into the side of his neck and inhaling the smell of him.

“Where’s you’re girlfriend,Stassie?” I mumble.

“She’s not my girlfriend, and she’s back at her place.”

“Oh didn’t feel like spending the night tonight hmm?” I mumble again.

He starts rubbing me back as he makes his way to my room.

“Actually I told her not to”


“I’ll tell you some other time princess. Now to get you all tucked into bed” he laughs laying me down on the bed.

Or he would’ve if I’d let go of him, but I didn’t clinging to him like a monkey I tightened my hold. He stood up again sighing as he ran his fingers through my hair.

“Aren’t you going to let me go?”

“I can’t, even though I try” I whisper.

Fighting back the tears that have suddenly
started to build behind me closed eye lids.

“Awuh y/n” he whispers kissing the top of my head.

“Won’t you sleep with me tonight?” I ask moving back so that I can look up at him with half opened eyes.

He smiles softly kissing my forehead and mumbling the answer yes. He goes setting me down, this time I let go, allowing him to wrap me up in my blankets though I’m expecting him to get in with me. When he doesn’t I start to whimper and pout.

“Shhh baby I’ll be right back, I’m just going to put somethings away and get some pajama pants.”

I frown at him, opening up my arms to him, he smiles though doesn’t come to me, giving me the just-a-moment signal before disappearing. I actually start to cry lightly, though I’m certain it’s the alcohol that’s in my system, having drank a whole entire bottle and a half, by myself. As I was thinking this, Sammy has come back into my borrowed room, without a shirt on, just low hanging sweats. I swallow thickly staring openly at his body my eyes lingering on his v-lines before I look back to his eyes.

“See something you like y/n?”

“Of course” I smile as he winks, I open my arms again, this time he climbs into bed with me, before doing some weird clap pattern causing the lights to go out.

Sammy has already gotten comfortable, his face is now snuggled into the crook of my neck, his chest resting half on me and half along my side, his legs are tangled with mine, and I rest my cheek against his forehead. Kissing his hairline and running my hands through it like I had earlier this evening.

“Goodnight y/n baby” he whispers before kissing my neck slowly.

“Goodnight Sammy” I squeak.

My hands fidget a bit as I tense up at hearing his sleepy voice saying my name and calling me baby. I pray he doesn’t hear my heart rate increase nor feel my body tense up.

~ ~

“Baby girl it’s time to wake up!” I here Sammy sing in my ear while I try to roll away, before realizing that I’m trapped beneath Sammy’s body.

Opening my eyes I see those big blue eyes of his and his huge smile as he looks down at me. I smile back before closing my eyes and trying to snuggle into his arm. He snorts starting to move away when I open my mouth holding his wrist between my teeth. I don’t bite down, but the threat is there. He laughs moving so he’s spooning me and I kiss the soft part of his wrist before wiggling a little.

“Okay y/n let’s make a deal” Sammy says, his voice still a little raspy from just waking up.

“And what’s that Sammy?” I ask yawning a little.

“I’ll let you sleep in for however long you want, IF, you show me the tattoo that you didn’t when we were at the private tattoo parlor”

“Sammy what even are you tal-” I slowly trial off realizing what he means.

“Pssh I don’t know what you mean.”

“Yes you do, you’re blushing y/n!” He laughs poking at my cheek.

“Sammy stopppp” i cry pouting my lips and frowning at him.

“I will if you show me the tattoo under your shirt” he says wiggling his eyebrows.

I stick out my tongue before considering it. I mean he’s not going to stop until i either show him or get out of bed. And his ideas for waking me up always ended up in me getting liquid dumped on me. And not feeling particularly to keen on having to take a shower to get eggs out of my hair I sigh before nodding my head to comply.

He smiles hugely at the fact that he’s won this argument. This’ll probably be the last one. Before shimming his chest.

“What are you even doing?” I ask arching an eyebrow.

“I don’t know this is my happy dance now come on y/n show me” he says giggling.

Tired and not at all feeling like teasing, I pushing down the covers, and pull up my shirt, showing off my under boob tattoo. My eyes had been closed for this whole part, but when I open them I watch as Sammy’s eyes go from shocked, to appreciative to possessive as he pulls his bottom lip between his teeth staring down at my body.

I can feel his burning gaze as he stares at it and then one of his hands glides up my tummy, causing me to shiver as he delicately traces the black design along my skin.

“You’re so beautiful” I blush looking down, surprised to see my bare legs and the lacy Black thong I’d been wearing.

“Oh shit” I say tugging down my big t having forgotten that’s all I’d worn to bed.

But Sammy was having none of it, tugging my shirt back up, so he could stare at my tattoo some more. I moved to pull it down again but he held tight frowning at me.

“Why are you trying to cover up so much? I mean I’ve seen you naked before, and I’ve also seen you in a bikini”

At the word naked I start to blush hard and move my head so that I’m looking away from him.

“Naked when have you seen me naked?” I ask quietly.

“When we went skinny dipping about three years ago, you had said we needed to since we lived by the beach and needed to have fun”

I smiled remembering that night, I had been fed up sitting on a couch at a party with Sammy, this was when we’d still been bestfriends inseparable, before I heard Stassie confessing her feelings to Emily about sam. I’d wanted it to just be us, so id grabbed his hand and we drove out in the night to the beach, and I remember I started running and taking off my clothes telling Sam the last one in was a rotten egg. We’d skinny dipped all of ten minutes before it had gotten too cold and he lent me his shirt.

“Sammy that was like three years ago, obviously my body’s changed” I huff trying to pull down my shirt again.

“Nah you’re still beautiful” he says winking.

And then he leans down and kisses my tummy, causing me to stop wiggling and just stare down at him.

“Sammy what are you-”

“Seriously why do I find you guys in the weirdest positions?”

A girly voice says. My eyes widen and shock and I shove Sammy off me as I start up at the intruder…..

Dun dun dun!!!! This was a weak cliffhanger but I hope you enjoyed ❤️ part 4?

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“Dammit that guard wasn’t suppose to be there.” The three of you looked around once more.

“Well it’s just him… I see two options here; one, we go in guns blazing and risk blowing our cover or two, we can improvise.” Dean said clearing his throat getting yours and Sam’s attention. His eyes were on yours while he shifted uncomfortably.

“Are you serious right now?” You asked realizing what he had meant.

He nodded his head half-smiling trying to rid the awkwardness of you glaring at him.

“Well Y/N it would be easier instead of going in full force.” Sam added trying not to laugh.

“And here I thought Sam Winchester was the thoughtful one.”

“Hey I’m thoughtful!”

“Not the point Dean”, you rolled your eyes irritated, “what do I do?”

“Use your uhh–umm- assets to distract him while we slip pass.” Dean managed to get out.

“Well no shit sherlock, but in case neither of you noticed I look like a hunter, he’ll know somethi–”

Dean pulled the rubber band out of your hair and messed it up a bit. He took off your jacket and stood back.

“There. Go get em’ tiger.”

“Practiced this have we?” You asked catching the older brother off guard.


“I-I-I’ll be back you jackasses.” You mocked making your way to the building.

“Dude, she’s gonna kill you.” Sam added laughing.

“She is, isn’t she?”

jemmasimmonsy  asked:

Possible prompt for your fanfic anniversary celebration: Jemma catches Fitz in that wonderful motion capture suit from 3x21! (This is such a good idea for a giveaway btw, your writing is always so on point and a joy to read :D)

aww thank you so much for saying that! <3 aaaand, well, this was *going* to be total crack, but… feelings happened? 
Anniversary Drabble 3/10.
Rated light T. FitzSimmons. 3x21 missing scene, canon-compliant.

After her talk with Daisy in the containment cell, Jemma needed a few minutes to herself before returning to work, so she headed back to her bunk. Her friend had always been so fierce, so ready to rebound from any setback, that to see her now made Jemma ache with sadness. All the fight had been taken from Daisy by that monster, and she knew all too well what that felt like: Although quite different, it held shades of how Jemma had felt when she’d returned from Maveth, having broken the heart of the man she loved most in this or any world, her own spirit feeling so beaten that she wasn’t sure she could ever recover.

Her mind whirling with these and other worrisome thoughts, her walk through the Playground to the residence halls was rather morose. So seeing Fitz’s impeccably shaped, spandex-clad arse as it disappeared into his room cheered Jemma up immensely.

“Fitz,” she called out, rapping her knuckles on his door, “can I come in?”

“Oh, yeah, yeah, c’mon in, Jemma.”

She slid through the smallest opening in the door she could, closing it behind her, and then burst immediately into hysterical laughter. The motion capture suit had been a brilliant idea, but it was also probably the least flattering piece of clothing she’d ever seen.

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