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Sick Day

Reader x Bucky

Word Count: 721

“I didn’t know that super soldiers could get sick.”

“Go away, Y/N.” Bucky rasps. “I feel like crap, and you’re not helping.”

You furrow your brow. “Sorry. Can I get you something? More tissues? Some ibuprofen for the headache?”

“Ibuprofen, please.” He groans.

“Ok. I’ll be back in just a minute.”

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Why were some even surprised at this point that the Northern Lords chose Jon as King over Sansa?

Even if we don’t take in to consideration what’s inevitable in the books (Jon becoming King one way or another becuase of Rob’s Will and Sansa is still pretending to be a bastard girl in the Vale) into consideration and just go by what we know from the show. The Northern Lords are not obligated to make any Stark child true born or otherwise ‘King’ or ‘Queen’ in the North and declare themselves an independent Nation and there by an enemy of the Southern crown.
Why else were all the Northern Lords debating in the ‘King in the North’ scene at winterfell, whether to swear allegiance to House Stark again and declare independence and fight in the wars to come. (season 6 ep 10)

All the Lords in that scene were (bar the Mormonts) nodding their heads in agreement when Lord Kerwin said the ‘war is over’ and they should all ‘ride home and wait out the storms’. Had it not been for Jon’s speech reminding them all that the “WAR IS NOT over”, (thereby alluding to the WW threat) and of course Lady Mormont’s epic speech ( who only decided to support House Stark because JON was her Uncle’s steward and knows of the WW threat), all those high NORTHERN lords would have gone home!

Also Sansa is entitled to Winterfell by birthright, NOT the Northern throne. The Northern throne is determined by Northern Lords and their desire for independence and who they believe in to LEAD them.

Why would the Northern Lords crown Sansa Queen, when she not only spent most of her formidable teen years in the South and married two Northern enimies (Boltons and Laninsters) albeit unwittingly (although the northern Lords can never be sure of that). But Sansa also disrespected Northern Lords (Lord Glover) with her arrogance, demanding allegiance without inspiring it, while also disregarding all the sacrifices the North made by following Rob into wars the last time.

More importantly during the ‘King in the north’ scene when all the high Lords were debating whether to align with HOUSE STARK again, Sansa NOT once utterd a word and spoke up to inspire any kind of allegiance. Why would the Lords give her power when she just sits there like a lemon throughout that scene??

Also why would the Lords pick Sansa when the big threat to the North IS WHITE WALKERS?? What the hell is her expertise in writing letters last minute and ‘game playing’ that’s she’s supposedly mastered in the South in recent years, gonna do in light of an extatensional threat from ICE ZOMBIES??

Sansa’s only redeeming quality this season as far as the North IS concerned is that she wrote a letter to ask for the Vale. That’s not enough to inspire independence and faith in the Wars to come.
AND btw, without WUN WUN the giant Sansa and Jon would not have been able to take back winterfell either. The Vale didn’t have the equipment or the men for a siege Especially in Winter!
Ramsey’s own words “we have Winterfell, they don’t have enough men for a siege, all we have to do is wait”… Ned also once famously said 500 men can hold Winterfell from armies of THOUSANDS in a siege. WINTERFELL is a fortress not just some castle and not easily taken in a siege especially in harsh Northern Winter!

Sansa may have ‘saved’ Jon and his men near the end (although she would’ve saved a whole lot more if she just came clean in the first place, becuase 20k Vale army cannot fall in to traps created by only 5k Bolton men) but the Vale army wasn’t the only Ace card responsible in taking WINTERFELL back. Without WUN WUN the giant they would not have won either, and Wun Wun sacrificed himself becuase he BELIEVED in JON.

I mean really who did people honestly expect the stubborn fiercely Northmen to rally behind in the end? Jon who actually looks like Ned Stark, spent all his LIFE in the NORTH and fights alongside his army in battles. A former Lord Commander who has fought and confronted the WW threat. A warrior who died and was resurrected like some Jesus. A man who risked his life trying to save his trueborn little brother who had a greater claim to the NORTH than both he or Sansa ever did, meaning Jon doesnt seek power for himself.


Sansa who looks and acts more like a Tully. Spent most of her teenage impressionable years in the South with the North’s enimies. Married two Northern and Stark enimies (Boltons and Laninsters). A woman who doesn’t inspire any kind of loyalty and talks down to Northern Lords (Lord Glover example) when asking for their allegiance. A woman who doesn’t even speak up to inspire any kind of support during a meeting with all the high Northern Lords present at Winterfell. Instead she just sits there glaring while her half brother is addressing the room and inspiring them to join house Stark to combat the WW threat.?? Even a ten year old girl has done more inspiring (Lyanna Mormont) than Sansa.

I mean it’s a no brainer if you’re a NORTHERNER in the GOT world. Patriarchy played a part but NOT as big as a part as Sansa’s character arc itself!

OK just my two cents with regards to this scene :)

MADS. So. Phil and I made our Tristan and Galahad cosplays just for this man, for this con. XD We wanted to do something different because we thought he might see a lot of Will and Hannibals so we chose the other thing that he and Hugh Dancy were in together - King Arthur (2004). We were kind of worried that he wouldn’t know who we were but as soon as he saw us he proclaimed “Tristan! And Galahad!” He shook Phil’s hand and then took hold of mine for a moment (cue my brain going !!!!) and then we posed for our photo where he then said “It’s Tristan, Galahad and Hannibal!” (Yes, he referred to himself as Hannibal in real life, with no reference as to why… u ok Mads???) and then we took the picture. He told us that we had done a great job. :3 We were sooo glad.

Sadly we didn’t find the Fannibals that had wanted to see us but they found us on the Sunday and told us that they had actually been behind us in the photoshoot queue and saw everything. XD So we all squee’d over that for a long time. Thank you so much, @supastag and @staticraining!


7 Days of Frary  Day 1: Favorite episode or moment or quote

Apparently Alternate Episode Titles are the New Thing
  • Chiro’s Girl: gIRL. PRETTY GIRL. girL.
  • Depths of Fear: IT WASN’T ME
  • Planetoid Q: shut up hypercast
  • Magnetic Menace: TICK TOCK
  • The Sun Riders: Chiro is a weaboo
  • Secret of the Sixth Monkey: ALL the Star Wars jokes
  • Pit of Doom: well this episode is totally unimportant
  • Thingy: seriously hypercast shut up
  • Flytor: "ow, my head"
  • A Man Called Krinkle: OH NO HE'S US
  • Ape New World: *fetal position* FUUUTUUUUUREEEE.
  • Circus of Ooze: YOU KNOW. FOR KIDS.
  • Hidden Fortress: leg day bruh.
  • Skeleton King: wait this was the START of season 2???
  • World of Giants: ROCK BOOBS.
  • The Lords of Soturix 7: FIVE. FIVE SUNS.
  • Shadow Over Shuggazoom: ZOMBIES.
  • The Sun Riders Return: Chiro is a Weaboo 2 - Electric Boogaloo
  • Hunt for the Citadel of Bone: Sprx you hypocrite.
  • Snowbound: *points to Mandarin* GUYS LOOK
  • Wonder Fun Meat World: this is what we chose to reference in TMNT 2012. this episode. this one.
  • The Skeleton King Threat: BALD. BALD. BALD. BALD.
  • Antauri's Masters: yooooo
  • The Savage Lands - Part 1: oTTOVA????
  • The Savage Lands - Part 2: welp somebody is getting a new toy
  • Season of the Skull: 2spoopy
  • A Ghost in the Machinder: dang look at all this rad plot reveal stuf-SPOVASPOVASPOVASPOVASPOVA
  • The Stranded Seven: KITTEH CATS
  • Girl Trouble: chiro no
  • Brothers in Arms: okay but what are the other frog's names
  • Monster Battle Club Now!: when did nova even have time for this
  • Meet the Wigglenog: wHAT.
  • Prototype: the timeline continues to be confusing
  • Wormhole: thanks to this i passed high school chemistry
  • Belly of the Beast: ...."friend"
  • Galactic Smash Space Attack: ONE. ETERNITY. LATER.
  • Galactic Smash Game Over: OTTO.
  • Incident on Ranger 7: MAN HANDS.
  • Ghosts of Shuggazoom: STILL FOR KIDS.
  • Invasion of the Vreen: gibson plz
  • Evil Ages: who even storyboarded this
  • Night of Fear: ANTAURI. YOUR FACE.
  • The Hills Have Five: that's a WOMAN?
  • Demon of the Deep: gee i wonder what this is referencing-GIBSON IN AN OVERSIZED SAILOR UNIFORM
  • Secret Society: TRUST NO ONE.
  • Golden Age: dang the monkeys are old
  • Object of Hate: THE SPOVA. SOMEBODY HOLD ME.
  • Soul of Evil: wait where's the next episode.

It saddens me that you chose Francis – a weak, patricidal king – over the future we might have shared.

It also saddens me that the writers didn’t take advantage of what would otherwise be a great set-up for Lola to play both Francis and Narcisse in this struggle for power. I had such a vision for how Lola and Narcisse would eventually work as a power couple, and somehow the confrontation scene I played out in my head was 2000% better than what the writers did. I just wanted the ladies to come out on top for once, not wading in the shadows and at someone else’s mercy for once. I genuinely wanted Lola to be the one to get Francis out of the mess, even though he less than deserves it, and ultimately proving that she is still a useful ally to Mary’s cause. And to be honest, I’m very tempted to draft out my own AU fic stemming from The Prince of Blood. 

Thoughts on Targaryen Names

I’ve been wondering what, if anything, we can learn from the names of Aerys II and Rhaella’s children.  What did their names mean to their parents and the Seven Kingdoms, and what do their names mean to GRRM?  In this series, where names and identity mean so much, I figured this would be an interesting topic to look into.  So let’s get right to it.  We’ll start with…

Rhaegar: Rhae-  is a common beginning for many Targaryen names, especially female ones.  Obviously, there’s Rhaegar’s mother Rhaella, her aunt Rhaelle, the conquering Rhaenys as well as Princess Rhaenys the Queen Who Never Was, and then there’s Rhaenyra, Aegon V’s sister Rhae, and Rhaena, who was one of the three Maidens in the Tower.

The only male Targaryen I can find who has a Rhae-name is Prince Rhaegel, who was Aegon V’s uncle and therefore kind of distantly related to baby Rhaegar.  Also, as he was known for being “meek, mad and sickly” it seems unlikely Rhaegar would have been named for him.

The –ar ending can be found in some Targaryen names, though it’s not as common as –on or –ys as an ending.  We see it in King Maekar’s name (Rhaegar’s great-great-grandfather), and there’s Prince Valarr. 

The only –gar ending I see in Targaryen name history is actually that of Visenya’s dragon Vhagar, who by the time of the Dance of the Dragons was the oldest and most ferocious living dragon in Westeros, almost as large as the infamous Balerion.  I mean that’s pretty cool, but I don’t see any other cases of Targaryens being named after their dragons.

So the best I can come up with for Rhaegar’s name is that it just seems to be a combination of Targaryen name beginnings and endings.  He doesn’t seem to be named after anyone, at least not in the way that his siblings clearly are.  What does this tell us?  Perhaps after the tragedy of Summerhall, Rhaegar’s birth represented new life and new hope for the Targaryen line, so the forging of his name went along with that.  Instead of being named after someone else, as were his mother and father and grandfather and great-grandfather & many others before him, Rhaegar represents an entirely new Targaryen trajectory.  Or so his parents thought…It is possible that GRRM chose this name for similar reasons.

Viserys: As we know, Viserys styles himself the Third of his Name because there were two others of that name.  Viserys II was one of Rhaenyra’s sons.  He is known as a good Hand but a bad King.  His reign was brief and fraught with accusations that he’d poisoned Baelor I in order to take the throne.  The first Viserys was known as a good ruler, legendary for grooming his daughter Rhaenyra to be his heir.   Again, it’s hard to say why our Viserys III’s his parents chose this name.  Perhaps by the time he was born in AC 275, it had just been too long since there was a Viserys in the family.  It’s interesting to note that while both past Viseryses (how exactly does one make this name plural hahah) were good at what they did, their times in power are associated with scandal (the Dance of the Dragons pitted Viserys I’s children against one another; Viserys II allegedly poisoned the previous king).

 So, perhaps we could say that GRRM chose the name Viserys to emphasize the ambiguity surrounding Viserys Targaryen, Third of his Name.  I know Viserys gets a lot of hate in the fandom, and a lot of his behavior is worthy of condemnation, but there is always the what if? that lingers when discussing Viserys.  What if his life had worked out differently?  After all, being hurriedly smuggled away from your home, being suddenly orphaned at an old enough age (nine) to understand and feel the weight of what is happening, then being smuggled away from that home with a baby and having to live on the run with said baby for most of the rest of your life, hearing nothing from your allies but that the rebellion took away what was yours and killed your father and brother…I don’t know, I think it’s easy to see how all this might affect someone’s ability to think fairly and rationally.  (Remember also despite the fact that we know we need to be critical when thinking about Rhaegar’s actions, and we know exactly what kind of person Aerys II had become, Viserys didn’t know these things.  He was a kid and Rhaegar was his older brother, and Rhaella tried to keep Viserys unaware of the extent of his father’s madness as best she could.  Viserys lost his brother, father and mother in pretty rapid succession.)  It absolutely does not justify Viserys’s abuse of Dany, yet we must understand how his ability to be a good rational thinker and leader would be impaired by his bitterness and exhaustion and homelessness and loneliness.  So maybe being named after these two Viserys Targaryens of the past shows us that just like they are associated with both bad and good, us readers ought to see Viserys as ambiguous as well instead of deciding he’s the villain and never sparing him a second thought.

Daenerys: So it recently occurred to me to wonder: Who named Daenerys?  Though we don’t know and probably never will, I think there’s a good chance that Rhaella named her on her own.  Who else would have?  Since we know so little about Rhaella, I wondered what we can learn about her from her choice to name her only daughter Daenerys, which was probably the last decision she ever made.

The first Daenerys is someone I associate with unification.  It is her marriage to Maron Martell that finally united the Seven Kingdoms, joining Dorne politically to the rest of Westeros.   Since Dany was born amongst the bloodshed of the Rebellion, was Rhaella thinking about an end to war when she held her baby daughter?  We’ll never know, but it is possible.

As far as GRRM’s choice to name her Daenerys goes, our Dany has much in common with Daenerys I.  By all accounts, Daenerys I was beautiful and somewhat generous, letting the children of the servants and guards play with her children in the Water Gardens (clearly a generous gesture by Westerosi standards, and something that’s kept up to this day). 

And of course, there is the theme of unification.  Dany is definitely trying to unite people in Essos, and the narrative is setting her up as a contender to sit the Iron Throne, a position which ideally would unite the Seven Kingdoms once more. 

Comments?  Anything I missed?  Please let me know!

God Save The Foolish Kings
House of Heroes
God Save The Foolish Kings

House of Heroes || God Save The Foolish Kings

We’re outcasts, only because we chose to dream
We’re princes who’d rather dine with thieves

We’re honest, only because the truth it cannot hide
God save us, the foolish kings.

We’re daring, only because we’ve none to lose
We’re lions missing half our teeth

We’re devils, trying to earn our angels wings
God save us, the foolish kings.