we celebrate the fourth

Just a reminder that Americans have to deal with the most goddawful bullshit in this country every day of the year (specifically people in minority groups)

That said, please don’t call Americans who want to celebrate the fourth hypocrites or anything. We’re gonna go back to hating this country the moment the fireworks end. But everyone needs a breather, and the 4th of July is America’s.

Be safe everyone!!

Fourth ~ Auston Matthews imagine

Warnings: alcohol. If you’re not about it, don’t read this.

Sorry this is so short but it’ll be the only 4th of July imagine. I’ll still do Canada Day (even though it already happened) or any other summer holiday for other countries but this is the only Fourth of July Imagine.

It was the Fourth of July and we planned on celebrating big. Auston’s mom was throwing a party at his house and she invited my family. My older sister was coming with my mom.
Auston and I were having a fun time in the kitchen making guac and taking shots of tequila. We took a shot every time the other spilled guac out of the bowl as we mixed together. We were laughing so hard by our fourth shot and his mom came in with a big smile on her face.

“What are you kids laughing at?” She asked us.

Auston and I looked at each other and started laughing again. Auston moved the tequila bottle away from us.

“You guys!” His mom said laughing again.

“How much of that have you drank already?!” She asked us again.

“Un peu.” I replied.

She looked at the bottle.

“It’s two o clock and you both have a quarter of this gone!” She wasn’t laughing anymore.

We straightened out.

“I can give you money for more.” I offered.

She shook her head.

“No more tequila for both of you until seven.” She warned us.

We both nodded. When she walked out of the room, we started laughing again.

“You want a beer?” Auston asked.

He stood with the fridge door wide open.

“Babe, Your Mom said no more until seven.” I reminded him.

“Yeah, that was for tequila.” He pointed out.

I rolled my eyes and laughed.

“I guess we could split one.” I told him.

He smiled and grabbed the beer off the shelf.

okay i get it america is in some deep shit right now but please do not be awful to people for enjoying the 4th anyway


We’re not big Fourth of July celebrators here, but the husband is making steaks, and we’ll watch the neighborhood fireworks from the pool later. I ran a few errands but have spent a large part of the day just enjoying being off and reading. Lots of really enjoyable books on June and July’s reading lists! I’m feeling super confident that I’ll make my 100 books goal this year!!! 😁

Cherry Bomb

Pairing: Finn Balor x original character

Summary: A few people start lighting fireworks, and I make sure I’m sober enough to take someone to the hospital if necessary.

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“Don’t you think it’ll be nice to actually, ya know, get out and have a little bit of fun?” Bayley means well, and she reminds me of this by wrapping a comforting arm around me. “I know that you enjoy keeping to yourself, and I love that about you, but I really think that you’ll enjoy coming out with us. It won’t be anything too crazy, it’ll just be a couple of us celebrating the fourth of July, since we can’t go home this year.”

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It’s midnight in Newfoundland, so get your first look at the Complete Dominion Day Episode now! This will be reblogged again tomorrow morning for everyone else in the eastern half of Canada who went to bed at a reasonable time ;)

After 2-3 years of hard work, we are proud to present our Canada 150 Confederation Drama! Thank you so much to our cast, crew, fan artists, and all of you.

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Assalamu Alaykum, its the fourth year we celebrate Eid as an online family and it has been nothing short of a blessing. I send my deepest and warmest prayers to every single one of you & your families that this Eid is a means of reconciliation, unity and peace. We praise Allah the Most High for allowing us to experience another blessed Ramadan, and pray that He swt grants us the opportunity to see it again next year. May we leave Ramadan purer then it has found us, & I pray that we have utilised this month to create a stronger bond with Allah, His Quran and our beautiful deen Alhamdulillah. May Allah swt grant all of your duas, grant you all happiness health and prosperity, and make us of His righteous servants who don’t stray from His blessed path. Ameen.

EID MUBARAK 🎈💖 From Allahaljalil.tumblr.com


Happy Independence day from Personal Defense Connection.
Have a wonderful and safe celebration. God Bless America.

i honestly feel like “assimilation” stole all of my cultures from me. plucked me right out of the heart of who i should be. i am hawaiian, japanese, mexican.

i grew up with an inkling of what it’s like to be hawaiian, but i can’t speak the language, i am only now learning hawaiian history in depth, and there are still many, many things i don’t know about my own people. i never learned to dance, i was never introduced to my family’s aumakua (i’m struggling to find it by myself), and i still haven’t gotten my tribal. there is a deep spiritual connection which i strive for but lack, and it makes me so livid to see white people casually strolling around with tribal ink when i am fighting tooth and nail to earn that privilege, to connect to my ancestry and my deeply embedded history.

i don’t speak japanese. i only know the watered down holidays and traditions we celebrated in hawaii. just because they are second, third, fourth generation, does that make those traditions any less real? 

i do speak spanish, but again, i have no idea what it means to be mexican. i grew up so far away from mexican culture, speak so little about it, that my dad thinks i’m ashamed of it. i’m not. it’s simply that thanks to the pervasiveness of american culture in my life, i was never exposed to the culture my dad grew up with in any meaningful way.

colonialism took who i am away from me. colonialism took that away from countless numbers of us. and it keeps on taking, and taking, and taking. 

i call myself hawaiian, i call myself mexican, i call myself japanese, but because i am so “assimilated” into western culture, i constantly question if i really am any of those things. 

i question if i have a right to speak for hawaii, to stand up for it as i want to do. i question if what i have to say is unnecessary and unwanted. 

i am studying international law primarily because i want to be of service to kanaka in whatever way i can, but am i unwelcome, in the end? i just don’t know. sometimes the doubt is really crippling, but i keep going along the path i’m going, seeking knowledge of my people, because i don’t know what else to do. 

Man tries to use fireworks to take out bees' nest, burns garage down instead

Man tries to use fireworks to take out bees’ nest, burns garage down instead -

GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP, MI – A Grand Blanc-area garage was reduced to a pile of ashes this evening after a homeowner attempted to use fireworks to remove a bees’ nest from the building, fire officials said.

Fireworks shot into the sky from the burning garage on Monday, July 3, as crews from Grand Blanc, Burton and Mundy Township arrived at the scene on the 6000 block of Grove Avenue in Grand Blanc Township. 

“The homeowner was doing something with a smoke bomb trying to get a bees nest out of the garage,” said Grand Blanc Fire Chief, Bob Burdette.

No one was injured and the fire was contained to the garage and a neighboring fence, sparing the home on the property, officials at the scene said. 

The homeowner, Mike Tingley, said that while he was saddened by the damage to his garage, he was glad it wasn’t worse. 

“We really weren’t going to celebrate the Fourth of July so much as we just have fun in our backyard, we like to have barbecues, we had a patio back there,” said Tingley, who was home with his wife and daughter at the time of the fire. “It is depressing losing a place where we had a lot of fun, but everyone is safe and that’s the main thing."