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Roses 🥀

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Request: Imagine Jax finding roses on his ex-wifes counter when he goes to pick up their son.

This is the one I struggled with so much. I had it all planned in my head like a fucking movie but when I tried to write it i forgot all words. lol. I hope you guys like it. 💕


“You look very pretty mommy.”
You smiled down at your son, who was watching you lovingly from his spot on the bed.
“Thank you baby.”
After one final coat of mascara you stepped back and looked at your reflection.
Not bad.
You were just lifting your favourite perfume when you heard a knock on the door.
Abel squealed in excitement and you laughed.
“Why don’t you go let daddy in?” You suggested as you sprayed yourself with the perfume.
He hopped off the bed and ran to the front door while you finished getting ready.


The front door swung open and Jax grinned at the sight of his son, bouncing round excitedly.  
“Daddy!” He squealed.
Jax leant over him and pressed a kiss to Abels forehead. “Hows my boy?”
“Good!” Abel giggled.
He took hold of Jaxs hand and dragged him inside.
Jax pushed the door closed behind him and looked around the house.
“Mommy getting ready?” Jax asked.
“Yeah, she looks pretty daddy.”
Jax smiled and ruffled his sons hair. “She always does.”
Something in the dining room caught his eye and he let Abel run over to his crayons while he stepped into the room.
In the centre of the dining table was two dozen perfect red roses, wrapped delicately in white tissue paper and sitting in a tall vase of water.
The flowers were huge and dramatic, a grand gesture of romance and Jax wondered who was sending his ex wife such gifts.
Jax glanced back in the hallway and when he found it empty he stepped closer to the table.
Next to the roses sat an envelope and he lifted it carefully and slid the card out.
He checked the hallway again before reading the hand written note inside the card.
‘A little something to let you know you’re on my mind, always.
I can’t wait to see you tonight. x’

He frowned as he read over the note and couldn’t help the pang of jealousy that coursed through him.
He read over it once more before sliding the card back into the envelope and placing it back where he had first found it.
Abel ran back into the room, a picture he had drawn in his hands.
Jax inspected the art, an expression of admiration on his face as Abel beamed up at him and he tried to stop the thoughts form running through his mind.
For three months now you had been divorced, and before the papers were finalised you had been separated for the better part of two years. So why was he jealous?
This wasn’t the first guy you had dated since him, surely. But Jax had never seen it. You had always kept your relationships private, not even letting your dates meet Abel.
None of them had been serious, just casual flings to fill the hole in your heart.
And its not like Jax hadn’t been with other woman.
All he had to do was ask and he could have a dozen girls in his bed.
So why was this wave of jealousy washing over him? Why now, after all this time, did he feel sick at the thought of another man being with you. You, the woman he had loved for so long.
The mother of his child and the love of his life.
The decision to divorce had been mutual. You loved each other, of course you did, but somewhere along they way and amongst all the chaos that surrounded him the two of you had lost the spark. There was no real fighting, no bad feelings towards each other. You had wanted him to move on and be happy and Jax had wanted the same for you.
But now the idea of it actually happening scared him. Maybe a part of him still hoped that you would find your way back to him one day.
Abel giggling brought his mind back into focus and he pushed the thoughts out of his mind.


You chewed on the side of your lip and looked at your reflection in the full length mirror once more.
It had been a long time since you had been on a date and after inspecting your outfit you finally felt more confidant.
You wore a black off-the-shoulder dress that hugged you in all the right places and ended a couple of inches above your knees. Your hair hung loosely down your back, with a few strands framing your face. After watching several make-up tutorials on youtube you had achieved the look you were going for.You had perfectly groomed your eyebrows and perfected a smokey eye with a sharp wing of eyeliner. Tonight you had gone for a fairly simple pair of false lashes, long and sleek rather than dramatic. A thin layer of foundation and a light blush and you were done, leaving your lips fairly natural to draw all attention to your eyes.
You took a deep breath and smoothed down your dress.
Not bad. You thought to yourself with a final glance at your reflection. You quickly slid into your heels and left the bedroom, feeling slightly guilty to have left Jax waiting.
You walked elegantly across the hallway and joined them in the living room.
“Wow momma!”
Jax looked up at Abels words and saw you smiling at your son. He gulped, his previous feelings only becoming stronger as he took in your appearance.
“You look amazing.” Jax said, his voice soft and sincere.
A blush came to your cheeks and you rolled your eyes. “I always do.”
Jax chuckled and nodded in agreement. “You do.”
You smiled and ruffled Abels hair before moving to the sofa and reaching for your handbag.
Jax couldn’t help but watch as you leant over the sofa to lift your bag and his breath caught in his throat as the dress rode up your thighs slightly.
You swung your bag on your shoulder and checked the contents, making sure you had everything you would need before turning back towards Jax.
“Thank you for taking him.”
“Anytime.” Jax smiled. “Big date tonight, huh?”
He hoped his question sounded casual and by your response he knew he hadn’t been caught prying for information.
“Something like that.” You said with a shrug.
“He picking you up?”
You shook your head. “Said i’d meet him there. Its still early days.”
Jax nodded, knowing that you wouldn’t have wanted Abel to meet him just yet. “You wanna ride?”
You looked at him and laughed. “My ex husband and our son dropping me off for a date? I think I’ll pass.”
Jax chuckled and stood and placed his hand down on Abels shoulder.
“Well better not keep the guy waiting.”
You knelt down and pulled Abel into a hug before kissing his cheek softly.
“Be good for Daddy. I love you.”
“I love you too Mommy.”
You straightened and smiled at Jax as he gently moved Abel towards the door.
“Have a good night, darlin.” He placed his hand on your waist and leant in,pressing a kiss to your cheek.
“Thank you Jax.” You smiled at him and he nodded before walking out of the house, Abel in front of him and his backpack in his hand.
You watched them leave with a smile before grabbing your keys and heading for you car.


“Afternoon, lass.”
You smiled at Chibs and kissed his cheek before Abel wrapped his arms around his legs.
“‘Ello little man.” Chibs chuckled and ruffled his soft blond hair.
“Jax around? He asked me to meet him here” You asked, scanning your eyes across the Teller-Morrow lot.
“Aye, he’s inside.” Chibs nodded towards the clubhouse. “I can watch Abel for ye.”
“Thank you.”
You smiled and waved at Tig and Juice who were leaning against the office smoking.
This morning you had received a text from Jax, asking you to meet him at the clubhouse this afternoon.
You hadn’t thought much of it, assuming he wanted to let you know he was heading out of town for a few days and wouldn’t be around. It was a Sunday afternoon and the sun was shining down warmly as you walked across the lot. It was so warm in fact that you wore your denim cut off shorts and a white tank top, your hair piled on top of your head in a messy bun and converse on your feet.
Jax was sitting at the bar when you entered and he didn’t see you you come in.
He had a cigarette pressed between his fingers and a beer in front of him as he hunched over a notebook.
“Hey,” You called across the room.
Jax looked up and smiled once his eyes found you. You walked up to him and he opened his arms.
You stepped into them and pressed a friendly kiss to his cheek before sliding onto a barstool next to him.
“Thank you for coming, darlin.” He slid off his seat and stepped behind the bar. He reached into the refrigerator and pulled out a beer and handed it to you.
“What did you wanna talk about?” You asked as you accepted the beer.
Jax took a deep breath and walked back to his stool, trying to find the words to start.
“I keep thinking about the other night.”
You frowned and tilted your head to the side, your eyebrows furrowing together. “At my house?”
Jax nodded and ran his hand through his hair before looking at you.
“You’ve been seeing this guy a lot.”
“Yeah, thats usually what happens when you date someone.” You said.
Jax smirked before his face turned serious. “Is it serious?”
“Jax, what is this about?”
He sighed and ran his hand over his face. “I saw the roses on your table.”
You watched him as he spoke and when he didn’t continue you frowned. “And?”
“And it made me jealous. I know you’ve been  with other guys but I didn’t know you were going to get serious with anyone.”
“Jax we’re divorced. I can-“
“Let me finish.”
You paused but nodded, allowing him to speak.
“I spent the last few days thinking about you. When I signed those papers I never really thought about you being with someone else. Really being with someone else. It was selfish of me but I always thought we would end up together and seeing those roses and how.. happy you looked made me realise that that was never going to happen.”
He paused to check how you were taking this and when he saw your calm expression he continued.
“I didn’t know how to be a dad and a husband without sacrificing the club. I know now that what we had.. It cant happen again. I love you so much (y/n), I do. But I know that me wanting you to wait until Ive figured out how to do this is selfish. I know that now.”
You watched him closely as he spoke, watched the raw emotions in his eyes.
He had been your everything once and you fought back tears, determined not to cry as he opened up to you.
“Im sorry that I didn’t appreciate you when I had you, (Y/n). You were a good old lady, a good wife. You’re a good mother. You deserve to be happy and Im not going to stand in the way of that.”
You smiled, unable to stop a tear from escaping and rolling down your cheek.
You stood and wrapped your arms around him, burying yourself in his neck.
He held you close and stroked your back as you gathered yourself.
“I love you, Jackson.” You whispered.
He smiled and nodded as you pulled away. “I know.”
You wiped your cheeks and sat back on the stool, taking a much needed swig of your beer.
“But if this guy hurts you, I swear to god I will kill him. I already know where he lives.”
You groaned, but your eyes were playful and a smirk appeared on your lips.
“Why you gotta ruin a moment like that?!”


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Surprise  (4/?)

Summary :  You die while being on a mission with the team. At least , that’s what you thought. What happens when you suddenly wake up alive ? What do you do now? & how will the team handle the news after thinking you’ve been dead for months?

Warnings : swearing, angst, violence , fluff( tiny, tiny bit for now).

Pairing, (so far) : Avengers x reader, Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader( No permanent pairing yet!)
* Bold is readers thoughts,  &  italics are memories. *

Surprise MasterList

Marvel MasterList

“ What were you thinking Tony?”

“ Is now really the time Steve?  Cant you scold me later?”

  Do they ever stop fucking arguing? Ugh.  Your eyes flutter open as they continue bickering.

“ Can you two shut the hell up .” your raspy voice startles the two , they both immediately appear at your side.

  " What happened?“ you groan as you look around and realize your in the med bay .

” Your blood pressure and stress levels were  extremely high , causing you to faint. “ Tony explains as he looks to your monitor to check your vitals.

” Everything looks good now though . “ he shrugs .

” I don’t want an enhancement Tony. Figure out a way to turn it back . “ your request catches both of the men off guard.

” Wh- what? Why? You  don’t even know what it is yet! You could shoot fire, or read minds! YOU COULD BE A SHAPE SHIF-“

” I don’t care ! You know what I want to be?  A lab Tech Tony. A regular lab tech . “ you snap

” If I even could find a way to reverse it, it run the risk of furthering the enhancement, or counter acting TAHITI. It’s too large of a risk Y/n. I’m sorry . “

You stay silent, processing what Tony tells you  .  So he knew there was a chance I wouldn’t want this. I cant believe he knew this entire time I was alive. Fucking Stark. 

 While you are lost in your thoughts Tony dismisses himself, leaving only you and Steve.

He sighs, watching as you hop off the bed ,taking out the IV and removing the vital receivers . He steps in front of you before you can reach the door.

” No. We are talking about this . You aren’t running.“  he says sternly. You roll your eyes, waiting for him to continue.

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” I- the things I said-“ he groans, rubbing at the back of his neck  as he continues ” What I said the other night came out wrong . I am grateful you saved me, but I’m not going to thank you for getting yourself killed. You are a part of this team, I was wrong to say you weren’t. You weren’t enhanced though Y/n; you didn’t have a serum, you aren’t a trained assassin . What did you expect the bullets to do ? Did you think you’d heal as quickly as I would? “ His tone wasn’t harsh , it was almost pleading.

” I didn’t think anything Steve, all I knew was that I needed to save you . I don’t know wh-“

” Was it because you love me?“ 

The room goes dead silent, his words still hanging in the air. You awkwardly laugh , Steve crosses his arms while leaning in the doorway.

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” You do remember saying that right ? “ he questions, he sees panic flash over your face.

” Steve- I- you- I was dieing. “ you run your hand down your face .

” I’m aware.“ he says playfully. You’re amazed at how his mood shifts .

"  Don’t look too much into It.” 

“ So you’re denying it?” he playful smile drops a bit.

“ What do you want me to say Steve! You were my bestfriend! Of course I loved you!”

“ You know that’s not what I mean Y/n.”

You don’t reply, so Steve keeps speaking,

“ Because I love you .”

 Your eyes go wide, your mouth opens then closes when you realize  you don’t know what to even say .  Did he just-  did he mean it like that?  You’ve waited for what seems like a lifetime to hear him say these words to you .Now that the moments here, your speechless.

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  Luck seems to be on your side at this moment, FRIDAY interrupts the  two of you .

“ Captain Rogers, there seems to be a physical conflict between Sergeant Barnes and Mr.Wilson, your presence is needed on the communal floor. ”

 Saved by the AI, thank you FRIDAY.

 You hear Steve curse under his breath ,

“ You should probably go before one of them ends up dead Steve. " 

” We aren’t finished with this conversation.“ he warns as he leaves.

 You wait a minute  before you bolt from the med room to the elevators.  You rapidly hit the button for Pietro and Wandas floor  . As soon as the doors open you sprint out,

” Pietro ! “ you yell , in  an instant he is infront of you .

” are you feeling better Draga?“ he asks as he pulls you into a hug.

” Steve- I - what - UGH .“  you groan as your shove your face into his chest.

” You’re going to have to form a proper sentence for me to understand Y/n.“ he chuckles.

” She doesn’t want to be enhanced, Steve told her he loves her , and she doesn’t know what to do and plans on avoiding him for the rest of time.“ Wanda announces from behind you .

” What she said. “ you say as you lean back.

” You didn’t tell him how you felt ? “ Pietro questions.

” He completely blind sided me! I didn’t think hed say that ! I stood there staring at him  like he was a frreakin alien!“ 

 The twins laugh at your frustration ,

” Its not funny! what am I suppose to do !“

” Tell him you love him ! “ Wanda excitedly suggests

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” I - no .  I’m not doing that  . “

” What ? why? You know he feels the same! “ Pietro tells you .

” I just got him back, I just got everyone back ! and now apparently I’m enhanced?  I just - I don’t know what kind of enhancement I have, or even when itll appear. What if its dangerous? What if I hurt him ?  I don’t think I need a relationship right now on top of re adjusting to everything. Ya know?  “

 They agree with you after you explain yourself. Pietro suggest watching a movie to take your mind off things .  Wanda declines, saying she has training with Natasha . Once she leaves, you and Pietro settle on the couch to scroll through Netflix. You both settle on starting Parks & Rec from the beginning . Halfway into the second episode you find yourself leaning against Pietro , both of you getting sleepier by the second.

 When you wake up, you snuggled up to Pietro on the couch . Soft snores are slipping from him . You smile as you try to hold in a laugh when you notice the drool pooling in the corner of his mouth .

 ” PIETRO!“  you shout

He jumps up from the couch , which results in you landing on the floor with a grunt.

” What! Whats wrong!?“

You start hysterically giggling at his disheveled state.  He sends you a bitchface when he realizes what you did .

” You are in trouble now Printessa.“ he threatens as he stalks towards you . You try to stand but hes on top of you in a flash . His fingers are tickling your sides making you shriek .

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” Pietro Stooooppp! Please! “  you beg . He pauses his attack,

” Apologize. “

” I’m sorry you drool in your sleep. “ you sass.  You cry out when his fingers begin brutally tickling you again . 

Someone clears their throat, stopping Pietro’s fingers at the sound.

” I see you’re busy , I didn’t meant to interrupt.“ Steve says , anger lacing through his voice. Oh Shit.  You know how this must look, especially to someone who just admitted their feelings to you .

You knock Pietro off you so you can go after Steve. Right as you approach the elevators the doors begin closing . You see Steves face, his eyebrows are scrunched, a mixture of hurt and anger displayed over his features.  He watches you as the doors close, not moving to stop them .

Son of a bitch.

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Dating Remus and Spending Halloween with him Would Include...

-ok ok ok I am so in the Halloween mood right now

-pumpkin carving together

-He’d actually be pretty skilled with a knife

-You’d carve a classic scary face

-And he’d carve both your names inside a heart

-Spending Sunday afternoons decorating the house

-And baking pumpkin spice something so the warm sugary smell filled the house

-ready for your costume?

-He’d dress up as a wolf and you would be Little Red Riding Hood!

-You’d go trick or treating together (YOU’RE NEVER TOO OLD. I’m 14 and I’m still going this year free candy am I right. Tell me if you’re going too!

-Walking across the streets hand in hand

-And once your enormous bag of candy would start to get heavy, he’d offer to carry it for you

-Cause he’s the gentleman

-And at first you’d refuse, but as the night carried on the candy weight increased and you finally gave in

-Everybody answering the door would find you so cute

-“OMG couple GOALS” Muggle girls would scream

-“What’s omg?” Remus would ask you, confused

-“Stands for Oh My God” you’d chuckle

-Getting on a sugar high with him

-Running down the streets howling with laughter (hehe howling see what I did there)

-Him being intrigued by all the weird types of Muggle candy

-He’d get disappointed though, seeing that none of them made your hair change color or burned a hole in your tongue

-You getting frightened by stuff popping up

-But he’d be holding your hand, and wrapping his arms around your waist once you walk on the doorstep

-So you made it a habit that before ringing the doorbell, he stands behind you with his hands on your waist

-And you’d both yell out “Trick or treat!” in perfect unison, because you know couple telepathy

-Once you both got tired, you’d walk back home

-And cuddle up on the couch with a warm fuzzy blanket, snacking on all the sweets you got

-Halloween movie marathon time

-He’d suggest watching a horror movie, which you refused flatly

-“Come on Y/N love, you know it’s just a movie, it’s not real!”

-Him giving you a puppy face, so you’d reluctantly give in

-7 minutes in the movie however, you had squealed hundreds of time out of fright and you were glued against Remus’ body

-“K Remus I can’t, I can’t please can we stop it?”

-“Sure darling.”

-“Ugh why’d you make me watch that anyway?” you ask him shakily

-“To be completely honest, I just liked the feeling of you coming to me whenever you got scared. It was nice knowing you felt safe in my arms.”

-“Remus you know already I feel extra safe in your arms, you didn’t need to get it proven by making me watch undead dolls!”

-He’d chuckle, nuzzling your nose before kissing you

-“You smell like chocolate” you’d giggle

-“Don’t you love chocolate?”

-“I do.” And you continue kissing his lips.

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QOTD: Whats your costume and are you going trick-or-treating?

AOTD: A unicorn and 120% yes free candyyyyy

Bump - Cal Hood

Can you a Calum imagine where he gets you pregnant but leaves you and no one knows but you bump into his mum and sister at the shops or something and they see your bump and they ask if you cheated on him but you tell them it’s his and they tell him about how you’re doing then he wants you back

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

request here

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

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♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

“I’m pregnant” I whisper , closing my eyes .
Everything went silent for a moment , but that moment felt like forver until he finally spoke .
“What?” He asks , completely stunned .
“I’m three months pregnant Calum” I say again , opening my eyes to look at him .
He had shock written all over his face as he tried to process everything .
“That doesn’t make sense? I’ve been touring for four months” He says , not accusingly but just confused .
Remember when i visited? We didn’t use a condom" I explain , and i watch as he remembers.
“Fuck” He curses , standing up .
“I-i know this is a bad time ” I started , but he cut me off.
“Damn right this is a bad time!” He shouts , making me jump.
“How could you be so stupid? How could we be so stupid?” He says , pacing the floors .
“C-cal” I start but he continues to speak .
“I’m touring the world right now , living my dream! I cant be a father ! I’m too young ! I can’t do this” Calum says , grabbing his jacket .
“Wait , Calum where are you going?” I panick , praying he wasn;t about to walk out on me .
“I’m sorry Y/N . I love you but i can’t be a father , I can’t have this baby” He says , before walking out of my apartment .
I stand there in shock , totally not expecting this to happen.
I mean i knew he’d be scared but i thought we would talk about this . I thought he loved me and he would comfort me and tell me i’m not alone in this .
I let out a sob as everything sunk in , before falling to the floor on my knees .
I cupped  my mouth as i wept , hoping that this was a joke . Hoping that he was just angry and that he would come back to me and we would talk about this .
But he didn’t
I grabbed some baby bottles and threw them in my cart , continuing to push it as i walked down the isle .
I had a terrible craving for pickles and pinapple juice and icecream and licorice , so i’m making a quick run to the store.
I smile sadly as i scan all the baby stuff, things like formula and bibs that i wish i could shop for with Calum , but i quickly shake the thought away .
I leave the baby section and move to the register , putting my things on the table and watching as she scanned everything .
“Oh my god Y/N?” A familiar voice says and i turn around , my blood running cold .
“Mrs. Hood! Mali! How are you guys?” I ask , trying to keep my voice from shaking too much .
I didn’t want them to know about my baby , i didn’t want anybody linked to him finding out .
“We’re good we’re good! Calums back in town so we’re just getting his favorite snacks” She says softly , and i feel my chest tighten .
“Oh thats nice” I say , trying my best to be polite .
As an instinct i place my hand on my belly , but i quickly pull it away as Mali and mrs. hood notice my bump .
“Oh my god are you pregnant?” Mali asks , and i bite my lip .
“Yeah , 5 months now” I say , watching as Mali looks at her mum.
“Oh dear , is that why Calum broke up with you?” Mrs hood asks and i look away , before nodding slowly.
“Oh honey” She says and i close my eyes , geez this is embarresing.
“Its okay to feel bad , i’m sure you didn’t mean to cheat on him?” She says , and my head snaps up.
“What? I didn’t cheat on him, this is his child!” I exclaim , grabbing the bags from the table and storming out the store.
I huff as i get into the car. Beforre breaking down and crying .
I jump as someone knocks on my window , and when i look up I sigh .
“What do you guys want?” I croak , wiping my eyes.
“Y/N , im sorry. I shouldn’t have assumed you cheated . I mean Calum never told us why” Calums mum apologizes and i nod slowly .
“Please , i- i would love to be in my grandaughter or son’s life , if theres anything i can do” She continues , and my heart warms .
“I have an appointment tomorrow , i’m finding out the sex of the baby if you would like to tag along” I say gently .
Even though Calum is an asshole , i shouldn’t take it out on his family.
“Yes! We would love that!” She beams , and i nod in agreement .
“Just please dont tell Calum . Im not ready to see him yet” I plead , and she nods .
“Congragulations Y/N , you’re having a baby boy …and girl!” My doctor says , and i gasp . Twins?
“Oh my god” I say happily , looking over at Mrs Hood and watching as she cried .
“Im going to be a grandmum” She says , and i smile.
After taking pictures of the babies and signing some more paperwork we both file out , and i stop in my tracks as i spot him .
“Hi” He breathes .
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HERE IT IS! 5 years of sprinkle of glitter, i hope you love it <3 It took a while but its worth it, thank you everyone who reblogged the posts and sent in videos i love you all lots ^-^

And thank you Louise for being the shinning star that you are, you mean the world to me and i would be lost without you. Me ,and all the other sprinklerinos are so proud of what you have achieved and we cant wait to watch how you continue to grow  for the years to come.From the bottom of my heart thank you, i love you very very much ^-^ <3

Tinychat for VIXX Comeback MV Release!

Hello all! So as you are all probably well aware, our boys are having a comeback after a long six months! How have we lasted this long without them? First of all, I’d like to greet all the new Starlights! Hello and welcome to our hectic fandom.

As for all the older Starlights, I’m sure some of you are aware of our tradition of holding a tinychat party whenver VIXX has a comeback. Well guess what? We’re continuing that tradition again today! :’D

So here’s a basic run down of the plan. Once information has been released on the date and time of the MV’s release, I will post another notice post with more details on how the day will go. Typically, I open up a TC (tinychat) early the day of the release and people will just come and go while we wait for the release. Once it’s released, we will stream the video for all of us to watch and scream and flail about. 

I cant wait to hang out with you all! Hopefully I’ll get to see some old faces there, and hopefully some new ones as well! Please help spread the word. We’ve got time to let the news spread around before the release! Assuming that Jellyfish doesn’t pull a fast one on us. As always, if you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask me. 

- jung-piggie (Shell)