we cant stop now

Its been a year now since you left and i guess I’m doing fine. I have days where i cant get you off my mind and i check up on you all day, then i have days where you only cross my mind once or twice. There are days where i feel everything and just wish you would come back, then there are days where i feel nothing for you and don’t think about you at all. It sucks cause deep down i know i really just want you to come back, but checking up on you, i know you’re happy alone and i probably don’t even cross your mind anymore. We text here and there but its only because i have stuff to give back to you. But now I have nothing left to give back, and we stopped talking completely .a year now and i still cant forget about you. A year now and you’re still all i think about, all i dream about, it sucks. I wish i can just erase everything, forget all the memories because they make me more sad than happy. I’m slowly forgetting about you, losing feelings, letting go… just a few more months and hopefully ill be ready to let you go and move on..

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Im so happy because my little sister is 14 years/old and is trans since a few months so she connects so hard with marco and when we watched heinous together she was so happy and now she cant stop saying : ITS YA GIRL MARCO!! I really hope there's some way to thank nefcy somewhere. Even if its never 100% confirm, what she did is already amazing, thanks her and bless her soul!! i've been scrolling through your blog and showed the best stuff to my sis, she loved it all!!


Honestly I’m so happy to hear this oh my god Marco is so important

// one day i will update again…one day

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1) Pairing: KaiShin 2) AU: "listen, i know its 3am and we're both incredibly tired, but i dragged you to Dennys to eat all of the eggs with me. we cant stop now" (or something along those lines lol)

For:  Pairing + AU = Three-Sentence Very Short Fic

“Kaito,” Shinichi mumbled, eyes mostly closed, “Kaito, why are we here?  Your heist just finished, so can’t we go home?”

Kaito tutted as if he were disappointed.  “Now, my dear detective, if we went home, we would miss out on these delicious omelettes.  You wouldn’t want to miss out on all these eggs, would you?”

Shinichi’s brow furrowed cutely.  “I’d rather miss out on eggs than sleep, Kaito.  I have work tomorrow.”

“I called out for you,” Kaito said, rolling his eyes.  “No one expects you to come in after a late heist, detective.  Now, eat!  We’re celebrating!”

Shinichi obviously didn’t agree, but he resigned himself to eating the omelette anyway.  Kaito sighed, leaning on his hand.  Nothing beat late night breakfast with his favorite detective.  

Imagine Theta discovering that he can lie and giggling and saying things like “Im green” to North for an hour until he’s told “we cant let the Director know you should probably stop for now.”

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Hello, can you do a headcanon on MC and their RFA s/o play mario kart and one of them blue shelled the other person who is in first place last lap?

im on it


  • Yoosung is actually like a mario kart champ
  • that boy has spent hours and hours playing Seven in mario kart so yea, he’s pretty good
  • also: Yoosung always plays as Toad
  • so, of course, Yoosung had been smoking MC at mario kart for like the past three hours
  • finally they come to rainbow road
  • Yoosungs favorite track
  • only the most talented mario kart players will persevere 
  • MC had been keeping up better than usual
  • but he was going to win
  • last lap, he was in the lead
  • MC suddenly starts to yell, breaking his laser focus concentration
  • Yoosung watches in horror as a blue shell blows up his kart, destroying his first place lead
  • MC whizzes past him, claiming first place on rainbow road
  • “no!!! no!! NOOOOO!!!!”
  • Yoosung throws his controller onto the ground and buries his head between his knees
  • MC stands up and does a victory dance while they mock him
  • “my name is Yoosung and im a mario kart expert, but i cant even win rainbow road against novice MC!”
  • why do they have to torture me like this, he thinks


  • at first Zen really doesn’t get mario kart
  • he chooses mario
  • “doesnt this one get the princess at the end?”
  • “holy shit, did you just drift? how did you do that?”
  • “i keep falling off the edge”
  • “MC, how do you get first place every time?”
  • “wait, i think i’m going the wrong way”
  • after a few hours MC wants to call it quits but Zen still wants to play
  • “we cant stop now! i’m finally getting the hang of it!”
  • MC was in first place again like they always were
  • when Zen blue shells them
  • MC stands up in disbelief
  • “Zen?!”
  • all they can do is sit and watch as mario passes them, claiming first place
  • Zen stands up and kisses MC on the cheek as they stand, frozen
  • “that was so much fun, babe! thanks for playing with me”
  • did Zen just…hustle them?


  • Jaehee used to play mario kart when she was a kid
  • apparently she’s always played with DK, even as a kid
  • “no one can beat Donkey Kong”
  • so it takes her awhile to remember the controls
  • before she starts getting real competitive
  • she never got visibly upset when MC won repeatedly, she just kept saying
  • “one more round”
  • “one more round”
  • “lets go one more round”
  • her eyes were locked on the screen
  • Jaehee played with such intense concentration that round
  • she almost beat MC
  • but when they were on the last lap, MC was in first place
  • until Jaehee’s blue shell hit
  • MC’s jaw drops as Jaehee whizzes past them
  • for the first time since they started playing, Jaehee shows emotion
  • her face lights up and she tackles MC in a hug, still sitting on the couch
  • “MC, did you see that?? i won! DK totally just got first place!”
  • MC started to giggle at how happy Jaehee got after finally winning
  • “wanna go again, Jaehee? we’ll see if DK can tackle rainbow road”
  • Jaehee grabs her controller, eyes filled with determination
  • “lets go”


  • mario kart was Jumin’s first video game ever
  • he chooses luigi
  • “he looks like a sensible man”
  • so it took him a looooong time to learn how to play
  • like if you think Jumin is bad at real people driving
  • you should see that poor boy try to play mario kart
  • “Jumin, you have to go fast to win the game”
  • “MC, why did you just bump into my characters car? that’s very dangerous”
  • “Jumin, that’s how you win the game”
  • “really?”
  • after awhile, Jumin started to get real good
  • he was actually some tough competition for MC
  • Jumin was in the lead for a portion of the round
  • when MC finally pulled ahead in the last lap
  • right before passing the finish line and winning against Jumin
  • the blue shell hits
  • MC smacks their forehead with their palm as luigi drives across the finish line
  • “MC? whats wrong? why did your car just explode?”
  • “Jumin, you blue shelled me”
  • MC crosses their arms
  • “i did?”
  • “yes, Jumin! you cost me first place!”
  • with a concerned look on his face, Jumin puts his controller down and wraps an arm around MC
  • “im sorry, darling. we can stop playing if you-”
  • “no”
  • MC takes their controller
  • “we’re playing again and im gonna kick your ass, Jumin”
  • “not if i toss another blue turtle shell at your car”
  • sick burn, Jumin


  • Seven plays as princess peach every single time
  • he even shouted “I CALL PRINCESS PEACH” as soon as the words “mario kart” left MC’s mouth
  • MC thought they were gonna have their work cut out for them playing against Mr. LOLOL extraordinaire 
  • but Seven like, sucks at mario kart
  • he spazzes out a lot, like at every turn he over compensates and drives into the grass every time
  • MC would tease him as they pass by princess peach struggling in the grass
  • “hey Seven, the road is over here”
  • “i know where the road is, babe”
  • he puts MC into a headlock in an attempt to screw up their game
  • “nice try, Seven, but i’m still light years ahead of you”
  • “as if this mario kart track is 5,878,000,000,000 miles long”
  • *cough SORE LOSER cough*
  • Seven pouts, taking his arm off of MC and picking his controller back up
  • during one of the rounds
  • by some miracle of god
  • Seven had managed to pull into first place on the last lap
  • he was standing
  • he had been standing since the second lap, when he pulled out of last place
  • “things are really heating up now, MC”
  • when he passed MC he jumped and shouted “see you in hell!”
  • MC kept quiet
  • they had a secret up their sleeve
  • they blue shell Seven seconds before he crosses the finish line
  • “AVE MARIA!”
  • the falls to his knees, hands covering his face
  • he then shifts to fetal position
  • “why is God punishing me…”
  • MC laughs and lays down to face Seven
  • “God’s not punishing you, baby!”
  • MC kisses his nose lightly
  • “i am”


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Sebastian Stan on Anthony Mackie: “I really got to know Anthony, actually, was in the press tour last year cause we didn’t really have many scenes together in the second film. And then I realized, “Oh my god, like…I have to be with him all the time.(x)