we cant rewind

When their idol crush mentions them as their ideal type during an interview


Jin would be watching a cooking show when the timer he set for your interview would go off. Jin knew what questions would be asked during this interview and highly anticipated your answer to the question he wanted to hear the most. After 30 minutes of the show go buy, the MC finally asks the question “Y/N, we’ve recieved this question from a lot of fans, what celebrity would you describe as your “ideal type?”” As soon as his name left your mouth he would squeal out of happiness and probably drop his ramen.



After a long day of work Namjoon would be returning home and get ready to go to sleep seeing as he still had a busy day ahead of him tomorrow. As he is getting ready to tuck himself into bed he gets a VLIVE alert saying “Y/N’s Q&A  ❤ ❤ “ seeing as you were his crush, he couldn’t resist the urge to watch your live. 20 minutes pass and you’ve answered 10 questions so far, you then read “Y/N, which celebrity is your ideal type? I love you!!” Hearing that question made Namjoons heart race and when you said his name he couldn’t help but spring out of bed and do a little happy dance

“Awh yeah, awh yeah, awh yeah awh yeah awh yeaaaahh”


Yoongi would be preparing to head back to the studio after he dropped home to collect some stuff he forgot. On his way out he realises he forgot to switch off the TV and heads to the living room to switch it off. When he reaches for the remote he hears his name being called on the TV, and when he looks up a bunch of pictures are being displayed of him with basic korean variety show hearts and text saying “sarang” in pink. Shortly after it returns to the scene where the MC’s of the show are teasing you about it. Suga rewinds the show to watch it from the beginning and when he realises why you said his name he tries not to react but can’t help but feel happy inside



BTS finally got a day off and Hoseok decided to spend it at home watching dance videos and snacking on his favourite food. While roaming the recommended page of YouTube, Hoseok stumbles across a video of you and seeing as he’s watched all the vine compilations and funny moments videos with you in them, he wasn’t surprised. What most caught his attention though, was the title of the video: “Y/N of GROUP/N mentions her ideal type on Radio Star”. Hoseok was hesitant to click the video as he was afraid he wouldn’t meet your expectations. Around the middle of the video, after explaining what you would like in a man, the MC asks: “is there a certain celebrity who you would date?” Hoseok freezes in anticipation but when you say his name he feels relieved and stress free, then he feels a wave of happiness and can’t help but smile like an idiot

“Y/N-ah, what are you doing to me?”


Jimin was working out as he wanted to tone up his body for BTS’s upcoming comeback because he’d been stuffing his face with marshmallows for the past week. Jimin arrives at the gym and as he takes his spot on the treadmill, he realises he forgot his headphones at home so he has no choice but to look at the TV so he won’t die of boredom. 3 minutes into running, an interview of you and your group appears on screen. The MC asks each of the members who their ideal type is. When it’s your turn, Jimin thinks to himself “there’s no way I’m her ideal type” but as soon as you say his name Jimin cant help but fly off the treadmill and fall on the carpetted floor. He quickly gets up to make sure he heard everything correctly

“Dude rewind the show” “I’m sorry but we cant re-” “I SAID REWIND THE SHOW FOR THE SAKE OF MOCHI LOVE”


Taehyung was shopping online for some new clothes when he saw a picture from the photoshoot you did with Gucci. Taehyung couldn’t help but click on the photo and it took him to a new page with the headline “Interviewing World Famous Kpop Star Y/N YL/N”. He couldn’t resist the urge to read through the interview as you were his crush and he wanted to know as much as possible about you. 6 questions into the interview and he arrives at the question “Y/N, could you tell us something about your ideal type? I’m sure your fans would like to know” you responded “Well a lot of fans have been shipping Kim Taehyung from BTS with me and it gets me flustered because he suits my ideal type. It’s a bit embarassing for me to say it haha”. After that Taehyung absolutely lost it and started smiling like crazy while singing.

“Y/N-ah likes me back, Taehyung and Y/N sitting on a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g”


Jungkook was strolling around the streets of Seoul when he decided to stop at an electronics store to pick up some new speakers. After looking around for a little bit, Jungkook finally found the speakers he needed and was on the way to pay for them when he passed by the TV section. On the screen was you, sitting opposite the MC of a popular Korean TV show and Jungkook couldn’t help but stand and watch. It was quite entertaining to him that there were like 20 you’s on different TV’s all over that he didnt even notice when the MC asked “Y/N, now that we are on the topic of relationships, do you mind telling our audience who your ideal type is? And maybe give us a little hint of who fits this description?” Jungkook instantly perked up and focused all his attention on the TV. Once you said his name, he instantly went into jungshook mode

“I-I, wha-? Did I hear that right?”