we cannot forget the cost of war

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What are your thoughts/headcanons of Peter Pettigrew/Wormtail? I don't want to excuse his behavior but if people can make Snape seem like this magical war hero I now you can change Peter's ways.

Peter, the honorary Marauder, is so important to me, you have no idea. 

  • Let’s talk about the irrevocable and very canon fact that at age of fifteen, Peter became an animagus in order to help his werewolf friend. No matter how you think about it, it shows something about Peter. He was not, you know, obligated to do so. It was a difficult task and he accepted it along with James and Sirius.
  • Peter was there for them the whole time. Since first year until the middle of the war, he was there. We have no clue what happened to him, no clue which weapons Voldermort used against him. We just don’t know. Maybe he threatened to kill the rest of the Marauders if Peter didn’t sold Lily and James? (not excusing him at all, just saying that we cannot affirm shit about what truly happened tbh)
  • Say what you want, but to me he regretted it at some point. He saved Harry’s life and it costed his. Voldemort calling him ‘Wormtail’ is probably a cruel way to constantly manipulate Peter, to not let him forget about what he did. Voldemort is an incredible Legilimens, this kind of blackmail wouldn’t be necessary if he was 100% certain that Peter was a Death Eater by conviction and not by fear. 
  • James and Sirius were smart and arrogant arseholes. They probably had a strong reason to let Peter join the Marauders. They saw something on that boy and it was something good because they remained friends for almost a decade.
  • James trusted his life to Peter. Not just his life but Lily and Harry’s as well. Again, James was a clever wizard and he wouldn’t have trusted his entire family to someone who he didn’t believe was a good person.
  • Do you see what I’m trying to say? Peter Pettigrew wasn’t entirely a bad person, any character of Harry Potter hardly is entirely a bad or a good person. Peter was coward and there’s no forgiveness for what he did but we know so little about him. I’m a firm believer that he regretted everything, otherwise he woundn’t have saved Harry in first place.
  • There’s no excuse for his behavior, but as you’ve said, there isn’t for Snivellus’ was well and still people somehow transformed him into a disturbing hero.

He was a man who made all the wrong choices, but looking through his past you can’t tell that at some point he wasn’t brave and loyal enough to be a Marauder. What happened to break him like this we’ll probably never know. But he was a Marauder and the entire fandom loves to forget this detail.