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I honestly can’t believe that we got 1,000 followers . 1,000 of you guys clicked that follow button to have our writings and our posts on your timeline . 1,000 of you support us unconditionally and like the content that we put out with literally no complaints. Being a writer on tumblr and being a writer on general is difficult especially when there’s people that may try to bring you down and when there’s people who may not like the stuff you put out and have something to say about it constantly . But me and Megan are honestly so blessed because we have not had one complaint about how we run our blog, all we get is your unconditional support . People my unfollow us silently and we respect that not everyone is going to like how we do things, but those who stayed… thank you so so so much I don’t think you realise how much this means to me.

When I agreed to join this blog with Megan I had so many pointless doubts since this was Megan’s blog first I kept thinking that no one would like my writings and people would ask me to leave and honestly hearing nothing like that i just feel so amazed and happy that we have followers like you guys .

There are people who have helped me and inspired me to write and continue to inspire me every single day and who gave me the idea to start my own blogs like,

@yikes-anotherkpopblog I check her page every single day she makes the best headcanons and reactions and is my main supplier for memes she may not know who I am but she has helped me a lot you guys should check her out.

@xhixtape is another big blog who has inspired me her fics are amazing and the fact that she can write so much makes me wanna push myself to write just as much for you guys

@smolsejun is one of the blogs that got me into wanna one her series’s are amazing and so are her scenarios .

@mochijamz @gyeommine @jihoonslattee @kpopchangedme @seoulscapes @heonseoks @ricepot-jisung @londontoseoul @multifandom-hoes @tayegi are just a few of the 300+ writing blogs that I follow that ahve influenced me in some way to start writing and without them I probably wouldn’t be an admin of this blog.

There are also people who have helped me out and have been good friends what I have gained from all of this

@joyfulgem @ryanthedork @themochiguy @btsbitchh @jihoonslattee @jjaemeobseo @creative-anime

Some people here I’ve only had one conversation with and some people here I talk to every other day or quite often but either way they’re good people and I know there are so many good people out there on this site as well , it’s just another plus to being an active blog , gaining friends.

Okay so after all of this I hope you guys realise (all 1,000 of you) how much me and Megan are thankful to you guys and how you continue to shock us every day I wouldn’t never dreamed of being in this position and so for that.

Thank you ❤️

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When I was 10 or 11 (can't remember). I would play house with my younger sister who was 6 years younger than me. We would be mommy and daddy. So I would grind on her in missionary sometimes, and she liked it because she'd grind back. One day driving back home with our grandma she asked if we can play house and sex. I was so shocked and nervous of what grandma thought after she heard her say that. But luckily I guess I played it off like I didn't know what she was talking about well enough lol.

Thank you for sharing 💋

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I just wanted to let you know that Chalo and Priya and Teddy and you all actually help my depression and anxiety. I have a legitimate prescription from my therapist to look at your blog more. I always get really excited when I see something you've posted.

I wasn’t prepared for this, and it’s touching my heart more than I know how to say.

tonight, i got the tattoo i’ve been day dreaming about for the past decade and it came out better than i ever could’ve imagined it

“i’m hopelessly hopeful you’re just hopeless enough, but we never had it at all”

love you forever, fall out boy / thanks for saving my life a thousand times


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The reader has a panic attack in school and Archie, being Archie, runs to help.

The first time you had a panic attack, you could tell something was coming even days before it happened.

You were having trouble sleeping at night – in fact, you weren’t sleeping at all. Your eighteenth birthday was coming closer, and along with it responsibility.

You had no idea what to do with your life after high school, and the thought gave you crippling anxiety.

One day, during bio class your teacher started talking about colleges and scientific majors.

“So, do you all have ideas for college? You know, deadlines are getting closer and closer, and if you want to get into a decent college you have to hurry up…” That’s pretty much when all the noise became a buzz in your ears.

Your chest felt heavy, as if a giant boar was sitting on it and refused to move. You were having trouble getting enough air into your lungs, which made your head spin terribly and your hands shake.

“Hey, Y/N, you okay?” Archie, your closest friend, asked. He was sitting next to you and gently put his hand on your shoulder to grab your attention.

You got up to your feet, surprised your legs could hold you up even though they were shaking like dead leaves in the wind, and ran out of the class without even grabbing your stuff.

You could indistinctly hear your teacher call your name and tell you to get back in class, but you couldn’t stop, you needed to get away. It was like your fight or flight instincts had kicked in, and you had picked the latter.

You legs led you the girl’s locker room, which thankfully was empty. You leaned your back against a wall and slid down until you were sitting on the floor.

You couldn’t breathe. It was like, no matter how much your lungs expanded, no oxygen was coming in. It was never enough, and you started breathing frantically.

You knew you were having a panic attack because you’d read so much about them, and it was a vicious circle, because the things you were feeling were freaking you out even more and sending you in an even deeper panic.

You heard the door slam open, but you were too focused on your troubled breathing to turn your head and see who’d walked in.

A second later, Archie was knelt next to you.

“Hey, hey, you’re okay” he cooed, rubbing your arm. “I’m here.”

“No, no, don’t touch me.” You didn’t know you were crying until you heard the sound of your own voice.

“Okay. I’m not gonna touch you.” Archie nodded and took his hand off your arm. “Y/N, you need to breathe.”

You could clearly see Archie was worried about you and he desperately wanted to help, that’s just who Archie was, and you were sorry you were making him feel helpless.

“I’m trying!” you wheezed out. “It hurts.”

“What hurts?”

“My chest” you sobbed. “I just want it to stop. I need more time, I can’t do it!”

“What are you talking about?”

“College and everything. It’s killing me. I don’t know what to do with myself, and everyone seems to have their shit figured out except for me! What am I supposed to do?”

Archie gave you a soft smile. “I’ll help you, I promise. We can get a college guidebook and go through it together. They say it’s like a menu for your future” he chuckled. “Please, just calm down. We’ll figure it out, I promise.”

“I can't” you shook your head. For a moment you felt brave enough and intertwined your fingers with Archie’s, squeezing his hand in a silent thank you. He brought your hand up to his lips and kissed each one of your knuckles.

“Yes, you can. Just take slow deep breaths. Follow my lead, okay?” he said, and started taking deep slow breaths. You tried to follow, but your sobs were racking your torso and breathing steadily was a struggle.

He could read the terror in your eyes.

In a moment of despair, Archie pressed his lips softly to yours. For a moment you felt like you were inside of a bubble and all the bad things around you were stuck outside of it. The bubble was protecting you, and inside of it you were safe and you could breathe.

You were so focused on kissing Archie back that you forgot about college and your bio teacher, and the redheaded boy was the only thing that mattered.

When you broke the kiss apart, you noticed the buzz in your ears was subsiding, and the boar on your chest was finally walking away.

“Feel any better?” Archie breathed. You nodded.

“Thanks, Arch.”

“I think… I think I have feelings for you, and maybe now is not the best time to tell you, but it’s what feels right to say” he blurted out. You were taken aback for a moment: you also had feelings for Archie, but you never would have thought, not in a trillion years, that they would be reciprocated.

You smiled, and brought your lips back together.


can we just talk about ed’s little smile with the following comment “i suppose we’ll see.” and the way he sounded when he delivered those lines. also, oswald mimicking the smile and saying “i suppose we will.” ENOUGH WITH THE FLIRTING AND JUST KISS ALREADY, PLEASE AND THANK YOU

Persona 5 Project Update

Hey everyone! Since we’re here anyway, we thought we’d give you all a quick update on the status of our upcoming work!

I know we vaguely mentioned that more info on a Persona 5-related project would be forthcoming last month, but, well… life kind of happened. A lot. You know how it is. 

We’re hoping to be able to make a more official announcement by the new year, but for now… here are some slightly more concrete details we can share!

  • We do have an outline for the script already! And a really massive one, at that - the combined word count for the main script and the confidant scripts exceeds 25k words in itself. (For comparison, the original outline for P4YA was only a few thousand words, and the final script was around 70k!)
  • We can tell you that the format of this game will be a lot different than P4YA was. While P4YA was more like a visual novel, we’re hoping to recreate the feel of the P5 overworld as much as possible (within reason, as we’re still working with Ren’py). 
  • Not only are we aiming to recreate the day-to-day feel of P5, but we’re absolutely planning on including confidants for the player to work on as well! If all goes according to plan, there will be five of them available in the game: four that have the option to end in romance (or not, if you so choose!), and one that is strictly platonic. As for the characters involved, well, you might just have to use your imagination for now! ;)
  • Even besides the day-to-day activities and the confidants, there is still so much more that we plan on doing with this game. We want it to be far beyond just a vehicle to do… certain things… that couldn’t be done in P5 itself (which I suppose is a massive clue about the contents of the confidants, but that’s all right). We want to tell a story, and we want to make it a really good one - so suffice to say there is going to be a meaty plot to the game as well!

All of that being said, we’re painfully aware that this is a much more involved and ambitious project than P4YA was… but even if it takes us a very long time, even if more delays come up (we’re just a small group of people with lives outside of this, after all!), we are absolutely determined to see this through. Both Persona fandom as a whole and all of the supporters of P4YA in particular have been really, really kind to us, and for that reason alone, we are firmly resolved to make this project a(n eventual) reality.

Thank you for reading, and we hope to have more news for you soon! ♥

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Oh my gods why are people getting so salty? You never said they can't practice witchcraft? Just like, don't steal from other cultures. I know as a white person who practices witchcraft I can't say much because I used to do the same shit but why is it such a big deal to them? You honestly don't have to practice from closed religions. That shit is not for us, we have stolen enough for centuries. Thank you for trying to educate people. I wish I had known this when I started practicing.

i think everyone appropriates shit early on if ur not like brought into ur craft or religion as a youngun

like i smudged
i used to say the G-Slur
and best believe i wanted a dream catcher

but i grew up and recognized that shit wasnt mine or appropriate and the magic involved in those appropriated rituals didnt work cuz it was never for me

i listened to romani ppl and native american ppl

i listened to other black witches struggling with finding a craft that satisfies them on a cultural level who still manage to stay in their lanes

so its like idek why that shit was such an issue

nobody is born perfect everyone fucks up
its how u handle being told “no” that matters

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Sorry, I want to ask you about tvxq's yunjae? I have you in kpop for 8 years and know what is real, she said yunjae real but jikook is not real (0% real) and JM and JK are straight boys, brothers. But if jikook real then master (jamjam, snowpeach,...) they know it? How they hide master?

Hello anon~

I’m sorry I think I have trouble understanding this a little bit. So you meant you had a friend who’d been into kpop for 8 years, and she told you that?

I mean… No one knows which ship is real except for the people who are directly involved in the ship and perhaps people personally connect to them. There’s really no way that us fans who just observe them, even for such a long time can know what is real and what is not. In relation to Jikook/Kookmin, I’ve pretty much stated my stance here. In short, even tho I ship them, my ship won’t be real until they themselves confirm that they’re real. I’m pretty much ALWAYS aware of that. So, unfortunately, I CAN’T tell you that Jikook/Kookmin is real and what your friend said was wrong 😶😶 .

Moreover, even tho I’ve been into Kpop for years, I’ve never been a stan of any SM group (no offense), I don’t know much about their personalities or their relationships with each other, so I can say nothing about DBSK. I occasionally watch SHINee’s shows (pretty much the only SM group, others are 2PM, MBLAQ, WINNER) but really, I’m not that deep in any other male groups except for Big Bang and BTS. I can just tell from my exp that I’ve never seen any relationship like the one between Jimin and Jungkook. I don’t wanna drag any other ship that is not related to this, but I can tell you briefly that Nyong/Tory and G/Top To/Dae are imo 3 of the popular ships in Big Bang, but I really don’t see that sparkle (of romance) between them. They’re as cute as any other ship tho. For me that’s what platonic/bromance is about :-).

You can have a look here to see the things that Jimin and Jungkook (mostly Jungkook) do that leave me confused and question their relationship. Again, no one knows if they’re real. But if they’re really brothers like your friend said (I won’t talk about their sexuality), they’re indeed EXTREMELY WEIRD brothers. No need to look to other groups, within the group itself, their interactions and the looks they share are already distinctive.

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(ah~~~ you don’t know how weak my heart is everytime I see Jungkook’s heart eyes directing towards Jimin… 🐰🐥💞)

To sum up, I can’t say and I don’t know if Jikook/Kookmin is real, but no one can convince me that they’re just simply friends or brothers, sth like that? xD

Concerning the masters of fansites, well, again, I don’t know much about fansite stuff, since I don’t speak Korean. However, throughout the years, I’ve heard quite a few stories that some masters know things other fans don’t, and there have been circumstances that they also hide things from spreading out outside of their group (I can’t go any further than this, but these are related to other groups, not BTS, I’ve never really heard any about BTS fansites in general since I’m not connected with other ARMYs). If you’re interested in rumor too, then I also hear that there’re certain group chats talking about things like this (dating stuff), but I CAN’T confirm that it’s real. All of these are just rumors.

Imo, no one can verify if Jikook/Kookmin is real, even the masters of fansites, unless they do sth exclusive like kissing in public. Otherwise, if everything is kept within their dormitory, no one knows (unless stalkers install cameras in there, which I pray there’s nothing of that sort. It’s creepy as hell). Perhaps sometimes they do sth out of ordinary and the fansite masters happen to see it, but if it’s not as strong and obvious as a kiss or further, most people will just take it as platonic, what brothers/close friends do (like butt slap, backhug, etc. we usually see). Please note I said most people, including non-shipper ARMYs, but not some of us and me xD. That’s why sometimes I see some shippers worry about their ships being exposed by journalists because of their analyses, I wouldn’t be concerned that much. Since no journalist in their sane mind can write stuff from collected ‘proofs’ by fans if they don’t wanna be cursed at by the general public or even lose their job, UNLESS they do have a picture of the two (guys) kissing for real (for relationships between males and females, it’s easier since they just need to take pictures of them hanging out together on a few (special) occasions, but what can they make out of 2 males hanging out together without doing anything too intimate?). But that, by no mean, denies the moments we’ve had between Jimin and Jungkook. I’m really bad at expressing myself, I really do hope you get what I mean tho.

Same goes for the fansite masters, if they haven’t seen anything exclusive, then they can suspect, just like we do, but they can’t confirm it. But let’s just say even if they know, they can hide it (I’d do the same if it were me). If they love the boys, they will wanna protect them, and no one can blame the masters for that. There have been occasions where some fansite masters in general (not directing to any BTS fansites) close their fansites because their idols are dating, but if they stay, they deserve to be appreciated, because they love the boys for who they are, not for their relationship status. In conclusion, what I’m trying to say is that I don’t know if the fansite masters know, but I won’t be surprised if they actually know something.

Also, it’s not like the boys have to try their best to hide every single thing from everyone. Personally, I think there are certain things that should remain unknown, but otherwise, if we look close enough, we still see plenty of things, which the boys themselves let us know.

I hope I don’t misunderstand anything in your question, and you can vaguely have an idea what I was trying to say. I’m sorry that I can’t answer all of this clearly. Thank you for asking anyhow and hope you have a nice day 😊🌺

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I was listening to Seventeen and thinking of lesbian JD and I started BAWLING. it means so much more to me now. my girlfriend and i are both 17, and i can't express how many times I've wished that we didn't have to be nervous about kissing in public or that i could talk about her to people without worrying whether they're homophobic or that we could just be regular teens in love without having to worry about what the world says. so thank you so much, this is everything i needed.

ugh this rlly gets me dude. i have felt ALL of these feelings and it sucks. it’s all that internalized homophobia bullshit that makes you doubt whether your relationship is ‘normal’ or 'appropriate’ enough for something like public affection. know that it takes YEARS to fully reject the heteronormative crap that we are fed from birth; power to you for starting that process. im sure you and your girlfriend are beautiful and i wish you all the love and joy in the world!!!!!!! 💕

reader appreciation post

I just want to thank every single reader of fanfics right now. As authors, we wouldn’t be where we are without you. Special thanks to everyone who comments and leaves kudos (even though I don’t crave validation, I crave validation)

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I'M THE ANON THAT SAID THAT JACK SCREWED UP THE THUMBNAIL IN THE ESCAPIST VIDEO! I WAS RIGHT HAHAHA!!! Anyway, I really want to say something. THANK YOU so much, for this blog. This was such a great time and, since I don't have any irl friends that know about Jack, this is the place where I go to freak out xp. But, really, I can't thank you enough. I'm kinda sad that now we have to wait some months for more Anti, but it's fine! We will freak out and make theories together! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


and awwwwww this warms my heart. thank you dude. community members like you are what makes ASG great - your participation and involvement brings us all together :’)

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Lazy, we found each other yesterday but I can't thank you enough for all your support you brought to me. I was so happy. I know now why people say you are lovely cinnamon roll. It's because you are indeed adorable. Your work is freaking amazing. Stay determined ! People love you !

;w; I’m so happy that you think that about me… I’m so glad to follow you and know you! This kind of words help me a lot to continue day-to-day… Sometimes I doubt about my work but… then I found these asks and I continue and… I start to love my own work thanks to people like you… And I love them… ;w;

Thank you so much for all, Thane… Thank you so much!! >w<….

(I couldn’t color it a lot for a wip… Sorry, cutie :’3)

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I love ur drawings and those funny faces I draw haha anD I love u for drowning ushioi cause there's nt enough of this ship we need more ushioi I do for sure cause too much of iwaoi is bad for my health *kisses*

Aaaww~ Thank you so much dear~ What can I say? I’m rarepair trash. And since you brought up iwaoi anyways, let me just say… consider this: ushioiiwa

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Yesterday, when hanging out, a friend suggested we play ''Categories''. Basically, one says a category of something (it can be flowers, food, anything, and they can give specifics, like, starting with a certain letter). If one can't reply fast enough, or says something that has been told, they're out and the next one gives another category, until there's one person left. One of them gave the ''Porn'' category, and I blurted out fisting. I ended up winning and it's all thanks to this blog.

you may have won the game, but at what cost, anon?  at what cost??

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I just wanted to say that your arm warmers are incredible. I have severe eczema and they help keep all the cream and other nonsense I have to put on my arms where they should be, and hide it from other people. I can't thank you guys enough! And I was wondering if you'll be getting anymore long ones (16 inches) in?

We’re so glad our sleeves are working out so well for you! We’re going to answer this publicly for other folks who may also benefit from your experience. 

For a while there we were just swimming in options for long arm warmers, but currently there’s nothing we’re planning on bringing in. But we do have quite the selection if you include some of the leg warmers which work just fine on your arms. 

We also have a great DIY from a few years ago where we show you how simple it is to make your own sleeves or thumb-hole arm warmers from a pair of long socks! 

Socks by Sock Dreams Free shipping in the USA
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Zootopia Sentence Starters (Part Seventeen):
  • "Oh, I tried. And I made life so much worse"
  • "That's really cool, you guys."
  • "I'd just like to say, I'm sorry for the way I behaved in my youth. I had a lot of self-doubt and it manifested itself in the form of unchecked rage and aggression. I was a major jerk."
  • "It's in their biology."
  • "This is fox repellent."
  • "Okay, the deterrent and the repellent, that's all she needs."
  • "I can't thank you enough."
  • "Can I pay you back?"
  • "My treat."
  • "Start talking!"
  • "I don't know where he is, I only saw where he went."
  • "Great! Let's go!"
  • "That is exactly what we're gonna do."
  • "If you'll excuse us, we have a very big lead to follow, and a case to crack. Good day."
  • "Never let 'em see that they get to you."
  • "We don't just blindly assign blame."
  • "We don't know why these attacks keep happening, but it is irresponsible to label all predators as savages."
  • "You've always been a trier."
  • "Really, it's a—it's kind of a proud-scared combo."
  • "I've been working for this my whole life."
  • "We know, and we're just a little excited for you, but terrified."
  • "To be fair—you did stop a master criminal from stealing two-dozen moldy onions."
  • "Mmm, hate to disagree with you."
  • "Your job is putting tickets on parked cars!"
  • "Buddy, it's nice to see ya."
  • "I'm pretty sure I saw a shifty lowlife climbing the fence."
  • "I'm not leaving."
  • "Where to?"
  • "Well, this is so exciting, actually. I mean, you know, I never get to do anything this important."
  • "I'm more of a glorified secretary."
  • "Love you, too."
  • "He bared his teeth first!"
  • "I gotta tell you, you are even cuter than I thought you'd be!"
  • "What? Why?"
  • "Now I'm going to open this door."
  • "Here you go. One missing otter."

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destiel & johnlock deserved to be canon more than hannigram, your fandom didn't even get a kiss is not official

So other ships don’t deserve to be canon because they are not part of the “biggest fandoms”?Do we have to wait until destiel and johnlock are canon to finally let other fandoms have their moments?

If you’ve been on my blog long enough to send this ask you surely read that they totally filmed a Hannigram kiss, like even if that’s not the final scene that went on air, we still get a kiss filmed by the official cast and crew. Is not the actors kissing in an interview or a gag reel, it’s the characters…but even without a kiss their hug means so much if you’ve been watching the show and seeing their relationship grow during these 3 years, Will Graham initiating a hug after finally accepting Hannibal and what they did is proof enough that they are in love

Destiel and Johnlock are ships based on queerbaiting, the fans are constantly denied and mocked by the showrunners for thinking those relationships could be more than friendships (seriously i was in those fandoms for a little bit and I couldn’t handle how terribly moffat and the guys from SPN treated their fans)

Fannibals have been blessed with an amazing cast and crew and if they ended the show with Hannigram being canon is because from the beginning we were watching a love story. Bryan Fuller always encouraged us to interpret their relationship the way we wanted, shippy or not, but i can’t thank the guy enough for giving us such a rare gif that is to finally get confirmation after confirmation that what we saw as love was real.

But seriously why would you come and say this?because you’re jealous? please that’s just childish, be happy with us, if not proceed with your life and keep shipping what you want but don’t shit on other ships geez, if johnlock and destiel become canon i’ll be happy for you

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Thank you for being a reasonable adult and in spite of legitimate concerns over Hillary, recognizing the greater threat that is Trump. I'm so scared that the Bernie or Bust types are going to enable Trump to get elected by protest voting. I'm only 31 but I do remember Florida 2000 and what Nader did and I'm petrified it's going to happen again. Trump is the greatest threat I can imagine and how some can't see that scares me. So thank you for saying what you're saying lately.

At the moment, the Bernie or Bust folks are pissed, and hurt, and frustrated, and feel disempowered. That’s all totally okay and completely understandable. Give them time to work through the stages of grief, and hopefully enough of them will agree that Trump and the movement he leads and represents is a clear and serious threat to our entire country, but especially to the people that Bernie Sanders and all of us who support him. 

Listen, folks: we did what we could, and we got a lot done. We moved Clinton to the left in meaningful ways that she can’t abandon. We have the most progressive party platform in history. We can’t just take our ball and go home, now. If we do that, and we let Trump and Pence and the nationalists he leads into the White House, we will be fucked for a generation.

I hear people who are my age and a little older say, “yeah, they’ve been telling us that forever. It’s always about the lesser of two evils and we’re just perpetuating that.”

Okay, I hear that. This is sort of like the DARE program: they lie to you about everything, and they tell you that pot and heroin are the same thing. So you try pot and it isn’t that bad, and now they’ve lost all credibility. But the problem with that? They were telling you the truth about heroin.

Donald Trump is heroin.

In the past, maybe we were essentially choosing between two sides of a shitty coin. Okay, I can see that. I do not see how anyone who is honestly paying attention to this election can suggest with any credibility that Clinton and Trump are two sides of the same coin.

This is a serious thing. This isn’t like “my team is out of the playoffs so I’m not going to pay attention.” This isn’t a game. This is about something bigger than all of us.

I thought Hillary Clinton gave a terrific speech at the convention. She said just about everything I wanted to hear. She loudly and unambiguously took positions that are important to me, and she made me feel that, even though there are some things I don’t agree with, she’s going to be a responsible and competent president.

We still need to work hard to elect the most progressive Congress we can, which is something we’d have to do even if Bernie was our candidate and president. We still have to work hard! This is not the time we give up and pout and glare at the wall.

So be upset now. Yes. It sucks that we all worked so hard, and the DNC is shitty, and we did everything we could and it wasn’t enough, but that’s what happens sometimes. 

If you’ve followed me for the last year, you know how passionate I am about Bernie Sanders and progressive politics, so I hope you understand and believe me when I do not say this lightly: Give Hillary Clinton a chance to make her case to you, and also listen to Donald Trump and Mike Pence when they make their case to you. Remember the passion and excitement we had for Bernie Sanders, and listen to both campaigns, and I believe that you’ll agree with me that our choice is clear and isn’t difficult: Hillary Clinton should be our next president.