we can't rewind

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Do you remember when we first met? I sure do, it was some time in early September. You were lazy about it, you made me wait around. I was so crazy about you, I didn't mind...

I’m seeing him in June I’m so excited it’s going to be so amazing I can’t wait <3

Ugh I miss the days when Mark and Jack were okay with making jokes about Septiplier, the fandom didn’t take it too seriously, and everyone was just having fun. Now the boys are always either saying “It’s dead” (which it pretty much is, to be fair) or shaming people who ever shipped it. And the fans… Well, I’ve seen 3 responses to that shaming:

1. Some people willingly dropped it, not wanting to go against their wishes. Unfortunately, most of those people disappeared from the fandoms entirely and aren’t even around to talk about videos with or anything anymore.
2. Some people feel sick and guilty for enjoying something that Mark and Jack themselves created, even if they never took it seriously and haven’t really shipped it in a long time.
3. Some people have created a total backlash, saying that the boys are wrong, that it’s real, sometimes threatening them or their girlfriends, and basically just pushing it harder than ever.

Basically, all three of the options suck and it makes me sad. I loved when they could joke about it and we could all just play around and regular hang-outs were a thing. Now the whole fandom is fractured, and I miss all the people who just disappeared into thin air, hate the people who are just enormous bitches to each other, to Mark and Jack, or to their girlfriends, and feel like a horrible fucking person for ever enjoying Septiplier. And the more they dig in the point that they don’t approve of it anymore, the shittier I feel, and I know plenty of other people who feel the same way. And the more they repeat that point, the more some people dig their heels in and push back harder. I just really hate it.

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WHAT ARE YOU going to do now?” Nagisa questioned. If he was scared, the careful TWIST of lurking fear of his voice was well-concealed. 

The DAUNTING BLUE of his eyes stared up at the other- he didn’t RECOGNIZE him, so the gaze was SHARPENED ice. 

This was it.

They were CAUGHT. They tried to run, they tried to HIDE, they tried to avoid it all, but Nagisa had always known that the crimes they had committed would come back and bite them, nail them down to their COFFINS.

The other three were gone at the moment, leaving Nagisa in SOLITITUDE, but the stance of the other betrayed nothing. He stood like he had an ARMY at his back- chin tilted up, eyes glaring, mouth pressed into a hard line. 


feeder - we can’t rewind - one of my fave feeder songs, makes a lot of sense to me, enjoy today, don’t live in the past