we can work it out okay i think it's possible

Commission tip for the clients: artists won’t know your vision of the picture unless you tell them. Be honest and don’t hide your expectations. 

The key thing is the more stuff I know the more I will be able to meet your demands. And we will save a lot of time!

If from the very beginning you want your picture in warm colour scheme - tell me. If you need the pic to be vertical, mention it. If you are not really sure whether something is possible - tell me about your worries and we will work it out!

This also includes size of the picture and its purpose. If you want the picture to be a wallpaper then tell me it is supposed to be a wallpaper so I can at least create it in the right dimensions! If you want it to be cover for your fic tell me so I can think of vertical concepts! If you want it transparent! Tell me!

It’s totally okay not to know these things, obviously. What I’m trying to say is, if you have certain expectations tell me about them. I am here to meet your demands and you’ll make it easier for both of us if you just tell me these things.

You can’t jump out of nowhere during the 5fth day of my work with “ehhhh about the colours,,,, acutally,, I kinda thought you’d make them more—-,,, could you change that“. What do you mean “you kinda thought”. why didn’t you tell me earlier my dude. why.