we can win games

NHL 2016 Playoff Team Titles

The Anaheim “We can’t win in Game 7” Ducks

The Chicago “Will win the cup next year” Blackhawks

The Dallas “I’ll make the 1A-1B goalie system work” Stars

The Detroit “We should actually trade for players” Red Wings

The Florida “Its not just Tampa anymore” Panthers

The Los Angeles “The Kings lost? Let’s go to the beach” Kings

The Minnesota “At least we still have Dubnyk” Wild

The Nashville “Let’s never lose game 7 again” Predators

The Philadelphia “How did we get here” Flyers

The New York “Good God were slow now” Rangers

The New York “We really hate the Barclays Center” Islanders

The Pittsburgh “We’re back baby” Penguins

The St. Louis “We want all of Canada to love only this team” Blues

The San Jose “All we did is Change the captains last name, and we win” Sharks

The Tampa Bay “We never hated you Drouin” Lightning

The Washington “Activate panic button, or not activate panic button” Capitals

Okay But...

I know everyone’s pushing for Undertale to win, but can we just stop? Especially since people have yet to look at these two important things?

Anyway…   This   is   our   chance.   This   is   our   chance   to   put   an   end   to   the   killing   game.    So that’s why… as long   as  you agree   to   kill   me   and   help   me  win   this   game,  we   can completely ruin  this entire   killing   game…  And   then,   “  the real ringleader  ,  ”   and   whoever   might be   watching   this.. We can make  them   all   taste   true  “ despair  ” If   we   do   that,   it should be   the   perfect   way  to honor the memories   of   everyone   who died   Ahahahahaha  !!    // Ouch, not good.  Hey,   it looks like   I’m   about   to   kick  the   bucket   any   second   here,     so    can   we hurry   up  and   get   started ??   //   Nishishi… Still…    At least…    I   wasn’t   boring,   right  ??

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The funny thing is, that’s what they do with their free time. Play a fun, non-competitive game and then harass people who don’t win the game FOR them. We can be sure these guys are winners in the real world…. ;) xoxo

*hugs* Thanks. Yeah, I know I shouldn’t let it bother me but I am running on very little sleep and everything is upsetting me. I should watch Bob’s Burgers and eat cake :0)


Brandy: P-Please run……. tell my mom……that dad was……bad….

Bart: Brandy please! we can win the hide and seek game please BRANDY!!

Purple Guy: YOU CANT!

Bart: Hey Let me go, I’ll tell my dad !, he works here!!

Purple guy: Calm Down…….


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There are still 33 points at stake, anyone even sevilla (more if leicester eliminates them) has chances of winning the title. For me the only way we say goodbye to the title its if we lose el clasico which wont happen. Our players are specialists in winning clasicos when the league is at risk.

even if we would lose el clasico, there will be plenty of games that they can fuck up and we can win. It is not over. Besides Barca that is being pressured plays the best football

  • Bruins: okay we will continue to skate hard, make good plays, have good defense and support Our goalie and I know we can win these next few games
  • *game starts*
  • Bruins: ....
  • Me: ...???
  • Bruins: New phone who dis?
GOT7 reaction to you being amazing at gaming

Anon said:  Got7 reaction to you being a video game master (I love video games so much!!)

- I love video games too! Oh my GOD -Admin Kookie

Jackson: “Well I will beat you one game…I hope” *gif*

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Mark: “Ha I won again” you said
“Ha I won again” *imitates your voice* *frustrated he can’t win*

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BamBam: “You know what? We shouldn’t play games that much and we should kiss” *laughs*

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Youngjae: *you win again*
“AAHHHHH noooo” *gif*

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Yugyeom: “Okay I get you good at games,but let’s gooo cuddle..Like right now” *starts kissing your cheek*

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JB: “No games anymoreeee..You know what I want?”
“What?” you say
“Kisses” *winks and kisses your lips*

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Jr: *you win at the game again* *throws the controler away*

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All I can do as a leader is to put our guys in a position to try to win every night and compete. I can’t guarantee us winning a championship. I can’t guarantee us winning every game, but I can guarantee that we will be ready for every obstacle that comes upon us. We’re going to play our hearts out and that’s all you can ask for. That’s all I can ask for as a leader. I don’t think every leader in time has won every battle, but the guys that is taking out there, you put them in position to try to succeed, and that’s all you can ask for. And for me, that’s all I can for of my guys. – LeBron James

I have a feeling that the blackhawks hockey god got really drunk and was like “listen, listen, listen, i bet you we can win the cup but only in overtime games”