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Klaus’s Daughter

Request: I guess this counts as a request, I noticed some people wanted a story to go with the imagine I did so here is a one shot of the imagine I did below. Hope you guys enjoy.


It had gotten dark a lot faster than I anticipated, the only sound of the calm night being the wildlife that seems to come alive only when the sun goes down. I breath a sigh as I rush to get home. Father is going to be furious that I’m out so late, but how was I supposed to know my ride would bail on me and I’d have to walk home. I huff and walk a bit faster wanting to be home already. As I round the corner to the Michelson property I smile and slow down just a bit. As I get to the front door my steps falter as I see the door has been kicked in. I slowly creep forward thinking perhaps father just got angry at one of his subordinates again. My heart is pounding in my ears as I carefully shuffle through the doorway avoiding the splintered pieces of wood.

“Hello? Anyone home?” I yell out.

I hear faint whispering as I cautiously walk towards the den.

“Now really Nicklaus keeping a human pet is just beneath you.” I hear a deep male voice say to my father. 

A feminine scoff is the next sound in the room before a woman starts talking. “Never mind his pet I’ll take care of her just make sure he doesn’t leave.”

I jump, startled by fathers booming voice before my brain registers what he said.
“Aunt Rebekah?” I whisper to myself before I feel a rush of wind, my hair gently swaying to the side before I feel a delicate hand grasp my neck and pull me backwards. I feel my breath leave me as I hit the floor.
“Well I’ll give you this Klaus, she is a pretty little thing. I wonder how lovely she screams.”

Fear courses through my veins as I hear father yelling and pleading. I’m lifted from my spot lying on the floor, I look up into the eyes of my attacker and I can’t help the brief thought that crosses my mind that Rebekah looks exactly the way father described her in his stories, beautiful to any mortal, but eyes that could very well strike fear into any being, much like the fear I feel now. Rebekah releases me but only for a moment before gripping my hair and dragging me into the room that father and who could only be my uncle Elijah are in. I let out a shout of pain as she tugs my hair harshly. i whimper and struggle to get out of her hold. Rebekah sighs and lets go of my hair but then grasps my throat, her hand tightens and restricts my airflow.
“Please Rebekah no! Let her go! You’ll regret what you are doing please!”
Fathers plead to Rebekah sounds distant as black fills the corner of my vision. The hard floor is the next thing I feel as i’m dropped to the ground.
“Please don’t do this!” My voice is hoarse as I plead looking up at my aunt. I shiver in fear at the look of disinterest and slight disgust on her face.

~Klaus’s POV~
From where I’m held down I can only watch as Rebekah backhands Y/N into the wall, the dull thud of her body making me look to Elijah.
“Please brother you don’t understand who she is! Stop this i’m begging you!”
Elijah stares at me impassively and I can feel fire fill my very being, I roar in anger and push Elijah off me and into a wall before grabbing his head and twisting it till I hear it snap. I grab his arm and tear it from his body and proceed to tear into his chest crushing his heart, hoping it’ll keep him distracted long enough to get to Y/N. Desperation clouds my judgement as I turn to Rebekah, but I’m grabbed from behind by Elijah before I can get a foot towards her. I look up in time to see Rebekah twist one of Y/N’ s arms till there is a loud snap. The scream that tears out of my daughter’s throat has me falling to my knees
“Please stop this, no more” my voice is quiet and weak as I hear her cries of pain.
“Dad please help” Y/N whispers to me before losing consciousness. The second those words leave her mouth I feel the arms holding me slack and I tear away from Elijah.
I run to my daughter shoving a shocked Rebekah out of my way. I sink to my knees and gently lift Y/N into my arms and push her hair away from her face.
“No! Nononono please! Y/N! Come on sweety open your eyes, please baby open your eyes. Please! I can’t lose you!”
I choke on a sob as I gently rock her back and forth in my arms pleading for her to wake up. I hear her faint heart beat getting weaker. I stand with her in my arms shaking from repressed sobs and pure anger at my siblings. I look up at the two of them and note their shocked faces.
“You two better be gone when I get back. If I ever see the two of you again I’ll dagger you and bury you so deep in the ground no one will ever find you. And if you come anywhere near my daughter I’ll find a way to kill you both permanently!” With that said I tighten my hold on Y/N and run out of my own home as fast as I can to the nearest hospital.
“Hold on Angel you’ll be okay” I whisper to her, though it does nothing to calm my frayed nerves as her heart beat slows to a dull thump that my own ears can barely pick up.

~Elijah’s POV~
Nicklaus’ words keep echoing in my head as I try to wrap my mind around the fact he said daughter.
“Elijah she can’t be his daughter can she?”
Rebekah asks me.
I turn to her and the look in her eyes makes me wince, if somehow Klaus was able to have a child Rebekah would have just attacked her own niece while I held Klaus back and just watched.
“There’s no way he could conceive a child” I state indifferently though in my mind I can feel slight panic and a sense of dread begin to overwhelm me. If we really did just basically invade our brothers house and attack his daughter we are no better than our own father hunting Klaus down.
I start walking to the door when a black bag catches my eye from the corner of the room, I glance down and notice it’s the bag the young girl, Klaus’s daughter had with her. Curiously I see an old book, gently pulling it out and opening the cover I see the name Y/N Michelson etched into it. Flipping to the first page I read aloud, 

“My name is Y/N Michelson, from the very beginning I was called many things, special, a monster, an abomination, a miracle, the devils spawn. What I was never called was a daughter or loved. From what I’ve heard and remember of my mother she was a witch, a powerful one at that. Though I don’t remember her as she died when I was born, I do know my father Nicklaus, he found me and after finding out I was his daughter he raised me even though at the start he believed me to be only mortal, that one day I would die. We searched for answers of how my birth was possible but only came up with my eventual death. We found that I will be able to age until I inherit my magic, from there on I won’t age but I will still be mortal I could still die by human standards. Father has become very protective of me, he treats me like a China doll, easily broken and lost. Most days father and I will sit together in the day room and he regales stories of his life to me, of his brothers and his sister, my aunt and uncle’s, I hope to one day meet them, from fathers stories they sound wonderful and seem to value family above all else, I hope to one day meet them as their niece. Perhaps father will let us meet one day, I hope they like me I would very much enjoy to have more family.”

As I finish reading I turn to Rebekah who is softly crying.

“She’s family Elijah and we almost killed her!” she chokes out before breaking down into sobs. Listening to her cries I can’t help but feel despair and guilt wash over me. “What have we done.” 

Chanting Hare Krishna and the original problem.
Sacinandana Swami: As practitioners that chant the holy name we all know how difficult it is to connect the mind with the holy name because by definition, the mind is only able to grasp material things. The mind can think of holidays at the beach or any other material subject. It is especially attracted to think about how to increase one’s wealth and how to engage in sexual activities. These are things we can easily think about because the mind is shaped like this. It wraps itself around money and the opposite sex very easily; it’s made like this, it’s a perfect material match. but the mind has great difficulty to stay with Krishna. Since we have come to the world, this is our problem: we have turned our back to Kåñëa, and this bahir-mukha, being outwardly faced, especially manifests when we try to chant the holy names. In other words, our basic envy of god, our feeling ill at ease with the lord manifests to a very obvious degree when we chant the holy name.
As long as you turn away from Krishna, you cannot chant his holy name. You can try to concentrate, but after some time you can’t stay with it any longer. The mind will go back to the material subjects it is made for. Chanting the holy name is therefore only possible if you turn back to Krishna, in other words, if you chant with a sense of a relationship. Therefore we say during kirtana, when you chant – call out for Krishna! Without overcoming this tendency to turn away from Krishna there is no way that you will learn to chant Hare Krishna There is no way if you remain a bahir-mukha, an outward looking person. You can make kirtana which has a nice melody or rhythm or which is sung by a nice voice, but after some time you will give it up. You will switch it off like you switch off music that you have heard for too long. Only if you learn to get away from these external distractions, only if you learn to chant with your heart for Krishna, you will chant throughout the evening and the night. It’s that serious. You have to become a god-lover in order to love the holy name, or you have to love the holy name in order to love Krishna When we talk of the holy name, we talk of a love affair with god. Just as a lover will always think of the beloved, the devotee who engages with the holy name will always think of Krishna and therefore he will repeat the names of the Lord again and again. It will not be mindless repetition; it will be a loving journey. So this one offence, turning away from Krishna, is the root cause of all other obstacles. It is the primeval disease. Haridasa Thakura says about this, “Even if one successfully overcomes all the other offences in chanting and even if one chants the name continuously, prema or love may still not appear. The reason for this is that if one commits the offence known as pramada or inattention the progress to prema will be blocked.” (Hari-nama-cintamani, ch. 12) You may respect the devotees, you may respect lord Vishnu, you may respect your guru, you may respect the sastra, you may do all the other things, but as long as you have still turned your back to Krishna and are not thinking of Krishna while you do all the other things, you are still in the material world. Therefore, you must turn to Krishna, you must correct this one primeval, original problem of turning away from Krishna

The Warmth of the Moon

Ignis x Raine
Word Count: 1339

Just something small to commemorate Iggy’s lil nipple, free at last. This takes place sometime during We Intertwined, after Ignis finds out that he and Raine are soulmates, but she still doesn’t know. Hope you enjoy! I missed you guys so much. I’m still not back 100% but I really wanted to give you guys something in the meantime.

Dedicated to my soulmate AU friends who I miss so dearly, @cupnoodle-queen @blindbae @themissimmortal

Ignis tugged at the fabric draped over his torso, hastily trying to cover more of his bare skin by spreading the cloth underneath the fastened leather belts across his abdomen. Compared to the fine silks he was used to wearing, the costume he’d been given felt itchy and restrictive. The wind briefly picked up, a gust of sea breeze that blew across his exposed ribs and made the hairs on his arms stand on end.

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Trauma and Healing: Meeting the Outlaws [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: Part 2 my dears! Hope you love it <3

Warning: Mental Illness (hearing voices)

Ch. 1 - Ch. 3 - Ch. 4 - Ch. 5 - Ch. 6 - Ch. 7 - Ch. 8 - Ch. 9 - Alternate Ending


Ch. 2 Meeting the Outlaws

Waking up felt… strange. It’s warm and soft, comfortable even. There was a soft light trying to penetrate through your eyelids. Was this a dream? You haven’t felt like this in years, not since you were taken. Having forgotten this feeling, before it was just something you imagined and tried to remember, but now it’s real.

You move your hands around where you were laying. Feeling sheets and a comforter, the pillow under your head. Taking a deep breath, noticing the smell of cigarettes, gunpowder, and green apple? A surprisingly nice concoction. Opening your eyes, greeted by the warm light streaming in from the windows.

Sitting up slowly, wincing when feeling pain pulse through your temple. Bringing your hand up to massage the side of your head. Looking around, first noticing the red blanket wrapped around you. Then seeing a few guns on a dresser, also seeing a desk with a laptop and manilia files. A rather large collection of novels scattered on a bookshelf. There was a copy of ‘The Outsiders’ marked and on the night stand.

“Where?” Mumbling while still surveying the room. Hearing the door click, eyes shooting in the direction.

A woman peered in, she had green eyes with orange skin and hair. “You are awake” she smiled. Turning to what seemed like gesture someone to come.

Seeing a man with red hair come in, wearing sunglasses. Then the man who saved you the night prior, remembering the red helmet. “Who are you? Where am I?” staring at the three. The three exchanged looks, “I’m Arsenal, then there’s Red Hood and Starfire” the red haired man introduced them all.

You simply continued to stare, “You’re in our safe house, can you tell us your name and what happened to you?” Red Hood asked next.

“I, uh, I’m [F/n] [L/n]” you paused. “And I’d rather not talk about it” grip on the blanket tightening.

“We don’t mean about the trafficking. About your powers is what we mean.” Arsenal clarified whilst taking a hesitant step forward. You had to stand up, “I-I don’t know what you mean. W-What p-powers?” stuttering as, mind trying to wrap around the accusation.

The two looked at Red Hood who came and stood in front of you. A familiar smell of cigarettes and gunpowder wafting toward you. “When I took King down, you looked as if you were hearing things. You were yelling for something to ‘shut up’ before an energy pulse came from you.” He explained calmly, you stared at his mask before turning away and running a hand through your hair.

“I-I hear whispers sometimes. But it’s just from being held for so long.” You shook your head, trying to convince yourself. The three looked back at each other, “Were you in Central City the night of the particle accelerator explosion?” You heard Arsenal’s voice from behind you.

Thinking you walked and looked out the window, seeing the skyline. Remembering back through all of the times you were ever sent to Central City. Rubbing your face when remembering the night in question. You had been.

Crossing your arms across your chest and rubbing your upper arms. Looking over your shoulder nodding but keeping your gaze on the floor.

After that night the whispers started.

“We should let you get cleaned up, please use our bathroom and shower. I could let you borrow some clothes of mine.” Starfire offered.

“Thank you, I’d appreciate that” Looking down at your old, dirty clothes.

The three exited the room, leaving you to stare out the window. Taking a deep breath you went into the bathroom that seemed to adjoin the room. Seeing a towel laid out already. Closing the door behind you before turning on the shower. Not able to remember the last time you had taken a shower.

The warm water washed away all of the dirt and grime from your captivity. Observing the bottles of soaps. Eyes landing on the shampoo called ‘Harvest Apples,’ smiling upon remembering the scent that came off the sheets earlier. So, Red Hood was the one to offer you his bed.

The three outlaws stayed in the common room. Jason was leaning against the back of the couch, of which Roy was sitting, and Kori was sitting on the floor cross legged.

They didn’t speak until they heard the shower start. Kori broke the silence first, “Do you think she is a metahuman?” watching the two men in front of you.

“It’s possible, from what I saw it seems that way.” Jason looked between the two. “Maybe we should call Ollie and Bruce? They will know how to figure out what she can do.” Roy suggested, fiddling with one of his arrows.

“That may not be a bad idea” Kori affirmed, they both looked at Jason.

He may be on good terms with Bruce again after forming the Outlaws but he still preferred to keep Outlaw matters separate from the League. Though he knew they were right, they had a Tamaranean, an archer, and a marksman. They didn’t exactly know too much about metas.

Sighing, “Fine, but just them. The League doesn’t get involved.” Jason stated as they both nodded. Roy went to call Oliver while Jason headed on to the fire escape to call Bruce. Kori headed into her room to find some clothes for you.

Finding a pair of jeans and a sweater. Walking back to Jason’s room, where he offered to let you rest. She laid the clothes on the bed, noticing your discarded clothes on the floor and the bathroom door closed. She lifted up the dark green button up shirt you once wore, taking note of the holes and tears. It was dingy and tattered.

She heard the shower turn off and headed back to the common room, finding the two back and done with their phone calls. “Well?” questioning upon stopping in front of them.

“They’ll be here early tomorrow morning.” Roy began, crossing his arms. “Bats promised to keep it out of League matters.” Jason continued on relaying the messages they received. Kori nodded, “I put some clothes in there for her, I think I’ll let her keep them. The other clothes are littered with holes.”

“When I was in there the shower turned off, I’d get your helmet and glasses if you wish to keep your identities secret” Kori observed as the two men nodded and searched for the items. Though you never came out.

“Should we check on her? It’s been 45min.” Roy stared at the still closed door. “She will come out when she is ready” Kori commented, flipping through a magazine. Jason nodded reading the book he swept off the nightstand before leaving the room earlier.

After 15 more minutes Roy’s curiosity was getting the better of him. “I want to see what she’s doing” he stood and walked to the door. Quietly cracking the door open. He peered in the room the others coming behind him. You were sitting on the floor head in your hands, hands covering your ears. They could hear you faintly mumbling something. Listening closer, hearing “Just be quiet. Stop.. Stop!” in a faint whisper.

Though your voice grew, hands beginning to pound on the side of your head. “Stop! Stop! Just shut up!” yelling. Jason ran into the room, the others right behind him.

He grabbed your hands and kept you from hitting yourself, “Stop! [F/n] Stop!” yelling to get through to you. When you looked at him your eyes had changed color from [e/c] to fiery gold, a magic of the same color swirled around your hands. He let you go and stepped back as you stopped resisting.

Your eyes widened at the sight, taking deep breaths. The magic faded and your head dropped in your hands again. Rubbing your eyes before looking at the three, “I’m sorry.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for” Kori kneeled beside you.

Jason and Roy looked at each other, Jason looked back at you. His hands went to his helmet, he pulled it off. Roy followed suit with his glasses.

“[F/n]” he sat in front of you. You were shocked to see the two without their mask and glasses on. “You’re welcome to stay with us, my real names Jason Todd. That’s Roy Harper and she’s Koriand’r or Kori. We want to help you with your powers.” He watched as your eyes returned to their initial shade as you relaxed.

“I-I couldn’t burden you like that.” You looked between the three.

“No burden at all, we’d be honored to help you.” Kori smiled, placing a hand on your shoulder. “You already almost punched Jay, you’re an Outlaw already” Roy laughed, receiving a glare from the marksman.

“I don’t know what to say” looking back at Jason. “That you’ll let us help you” he instructed. You were stunned at first before allowing a smile and nodding. Kori smiled and hugged you. It had been so long since you felt a friendly touch. Usually you’d recoil from such an embrace but no this time you accepted it. Though Roy was soon to tackle the both of you. Jason only laughed, you smiled up at him.

This caused what felt like butterflies to form in his stomach. What’s that about?

You were happy to have help from them, but you couldn’t help but think. ‘There’s still so much they don’t know’

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Hey love! Can we get some hc's for Clyde suffering from PTSD due to a thunder storm and reader comforting this big muscle nugget with all the love?? - empress-ren💖

Aaaaah I was so excited to do this bc I’ve been meaning to for a while! Thank you @empress-ren!

  • Your relationship with Clyde was faintly new, actually your marriage was. Being that the two of you had been friends already for years, you knew him well enough so when it came to actually being in a relationship with him, it wasn’t like he had anything to surprise you with about himself.
  • One thing Clyde will never understand but will always appreciate from you is how supportive you are. Ever since you first met him, you never, not once treated his disability as something out of the ordinary. You never stared at it, poke fun at or babied him. Although, at times when he couldn’t do things, you did help; in which, he was very much thankful for.
  • Other times, you were very gentle about his prosthetic hand, constantly kissing it, helping him put it on when he was too aggravated or even having to take it off when he forgot to.
  • You knew what could come with dating Clyde, he had ‘warned’ you plenty of times but you said it was no bother to you, you loved him anyway. Especially when it came to his PTSD, you knew what to do when it came to it.
  • Like one night, you were sat beside Clyde, watching a movie. You were tired from the day you had and you decided to relax, and by relax you’d watched a movie curled up next to him and fell asleep.

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The Will Roland master class, pt. 2

Part 1 is here!: [x]

A bunch of people asked me for more info, so here’s the extended cut of my post-Will Roland freak-out :D I’m so glad you guys found my post interesting–thank you so much for all the Asks!!! I thought it’d just be one of those rambly personal posts that sits there gathering virtual dust with a grand total of three notes, haha.

Y’all asked to hear about the more nitty-gritty details, so here’s stuff I pulled from the notes I took during the class and from the initial draft of the first post. These are mostly technical things and stuff about how he approaches song interpretation, and as someone on the other end of it (I’m trying to learn songwriting), I find it absolutely FASCINATING. I learned a lot from that one class, and I hope you guys enjoy it, too!

~~Will Roland freak-out, extended cut:~~

  • How Will describes his career: The founder/director of the program went to NYU Steinhardt with Will. She was talking about how he graduated seven years ago and how amazing it is that now, he’s on Broadway. His reply:
    • “This was my Broadway debut, so it’s all going downhill from here!” –Will Roland

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Telling His Parents You're Pregnant (Grayson) - Requested

There in your hand were the four sticks that changed your future forever. You were astounded by the fact that this could ever happen, but you learned to deal with the fact that it was true; you were pregnant with Grayson Dolan’s child. You were on the pill just incase there ever was a mishap with the condom, but somehow mistakes can still happen.

 Grayson was in the shower prepping himself before you two go downstairs to tell his parents. You took another test right before you went down, so you could prove to his parents that it was real in case they wanted to blow it off like a prank because let’s face it you knew that Grayson would do something like that.

 You heard the alarm on his phone go off and the click of the lock. The knob turned and out came Grayson twirling the little white stick between his fingers. He let out a long sigh as he sat down on the bed next to you.

 “I’m sorry,” you whispered looking down at the word ‘pregnant’.

 Grayson’s arms immediately wrapped around your waist cradling you.

“No, babe, this is not your fault at all. There’s no one to blame for this happening. We are both equally responsible about this. Now I think we better head downstairs instead of keeping my parents waiting,” he said before placing a chaste kiss on your forehead and rubbing your arms.

 You lightly nodded your head and brought yourself to your feet heading over to the door with Grayson. He grabbed your hand and you tightly squeezed it as you made your way downstairs and into the family room where you saw his parents sitting on one of the couches. Grayson sat down and you followed sitting as close to him as possible.

 “Mom, Dad, understand that we weren’t expecting this but we are taking all responsibility of whatever will happen to us and that we hope you can support us as much as you can,” Grayson started already causing a sense of panic and worry to surge through his parents. You knew that they could probably figure out what was going on.

 “Well, sweetie, just tell us what’s wrong and we’ll try to help you to the beset of our abilities,” Mrs. Dolan sweetly consoled.

 Grayson wrapped both of his hands around yours like a present before looking into your eyes and then back to his parents and saying, “(Y/N)’s pregnant.”

 Disbelief flooded his parents’ minds. Their eyebrows furrowed in confusion. A deafening silence filled the room. You were struggling in your seat trying to figure out what to do feeling bad that Grayson has done the talking.

 “I don’t get it, Gray. I talked to you about this and the different forms of birth control. You knew that you had to wear a condom no matter what,” his father retorted.

 “I know, Da-,” Grayson started until you cut him off.

“Mr. Dolan, we always made sure to use protection even though I’m already on the pill. We knew how to be safe and took every precaution, and we’re just as confused as you are as to how this happened,” you softly explained earning reassuring circles being made on your lower back by Grayson.

“Well, (Y/N), did you go to the doctor yet to make sure that this wasn’t a false test?” his mother asked you kindly not wanting to upset the possible mother of her grandchild.

“Yes, I made sure to go before I even told Grayson and with the various tests I’ve taken, it wouldn’t even be necessary to go to a doctor for reassurance,” you said trying to stay as calm as possible.

“Well, I don’t even know what to say to you two anymore,” Mr. Dolan started. He slowly rose from his seat before continuing saying, “Grayson, you can forget about getting any sort of scholarship for college because you won’t be able to play any sports now that you had to throw a baby into the equation.”

Grayson’s fists tightened as his knuckles turned white. He knew to hold back from fighting because of the major news that was just thrown at his parents. You felt so guilty knowing that this was partially your fault. His future was robbed from him by you, and he wasn’t even carrying the child. 

“(Y/N), you can just forget about scholarships, a social life, and any true future because from now on you’ll be known as the little slut who got herself pregnant,” he snickered.

Out of the corner of your eyes you saw Grayson’s mother’s jaw drop astounded that her husband would ever say that to one of his grandchildren’s parents.  His last comment was too much for Grayson and pushed him over the edge. Grayson sprang out of his seat and punched his father square in the jaw.


“Where are we going?” you questioned as Grayson led you to the side door and out to the red Jeep in the driveway. He pulled out his keys and unlocked the doors making sure you safely got in there. Grayson got in the other side and just started driving. You didn’t bother to ask him anything because you knew he needed to cool down a bit.

After driving for 20 minutes, Grayson finally pulled over on the side of the road. He pushed his hands through his hair releasing an exasperated sigh. Then he looked over at you and down at your belly. He reached over the center console and placed both of them on your belly.

“I know that you won’t have the easiest life growing up and may not have the most supportive people around you at all times but understand that your mommy and I will do everything we can to give you the life you deserve,” he whispered while rubbing small circles on your stomach.

You saw his eyes watering and gently cupped his face in your hands.

 “Grayson, our baby will have nothing to worry about with you as a father. You don’t need to worry about anyone else’s opinion at all because we have each other, and in nine months, there will be three of us. We will fight for ourselves and do absolutely everything we can. I promise you that you will not lose anything, and you can do everything just as you’d be able to without a baby. Okay?” you asked him making sure he knew that you were going to support him just as much as he was going to support you.

 He simply nodded his head before bringing you in for a long passionate kiss that would be remembered forever.


Pulse - One Year Later

Here we are, one year later. I want to post something uplifting, something hopeful, but today has just been surreal, for lack of a better term.

Time passes and people forget. Guests forget. I remember for a week after that the uneasy quiet there was when Guests approached Cast. The sad smiles, the apologies, the questions. I remember the day we found out that every single call in was reason to panic, even more so if the person was a no call no show. Eventually everyone was found

Except one

After that, we had to band together and still put on a show, trying our best to not break down on stage. Some of us succeeded, others did not. But Guests didn’t stop coming, so we couldn’t stop either. So many hallow performances, I almost pity the Guests who came that week as they certainly didn’t get the best out of our Cast. 

But time passes and we eased back into the routine. Guests stopped being cautious, so we had to stop being sensitive. But everyday was a reminder, especially for those in the LGBT+ community, and doubly for those who knew or lost someone. 

Every time a Guest got pissed off about the security you can see somebody flinch, or maybe its just me. You try to wrap your mind around the fact that terror wasn’t the reality for these people. So you go from not talking about it, to causally mentioning it when dealing with these kinds of Guests. And the responses progressively get more infuriating. Going from “Oh, right sorry.” to “Oh, yea.” to “Oh, that thing that happened.” to “So?”. Because it wasn’t their reality, it was just the sad story of the week to them, and they forgot.

Even the Cast changed. College Program kids came and went twice, thoroughly diminishing the people who were actually here for it. So today was nothing more than a historical remembrance, and I cannot blame them. For we all see it everyday. Whether it be specific days like 9/11 or general like Memorial day, most people either just briefly acknowledge it or ignore it completely unless they had someone personally tied to the events. 

And you realize just how blissfully ignorant you were, because you know you will carry this scar, this experience, for the rest of your life. And you know that you don’t even have it as bad as the people who experienced it first hand, or lost someone who they were close too.

But you play different scenarios over and over in your head because it could have been you. You had been there before. You had close friends who go. It’s your community, a safe place to go and have fun. 

You wonder what would have happened if you had gone that night, or if your close friends had. And it is just so much more real because you can clearly picture the place and the people. And literally overnight the place, hell the name, that had been traditionally be associated with fun and freedom is now whispered because it is now associated with pain, fear, and death. 

But the world moved on so you can’t be sensitive about it. 

I admire those who have come back with strength because all I can remember is the fear. I smile around my community here that is so strong, but there is always a little pain behind it. 

So I’m stuck somewhere between hopeful and terrified. 

But who knows? Maybe one day time and circumstance will allow me to smile without pain again. 

Cover Up (RWBY Snippet)

Ruby peered at Weiss.

Weiss scowled. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

The leader of Team RWBY sighed. “I’m afraid that your outfit simply isn’t acceptable for our mission, Weiss.”

“What?” Weiss growled. “What do you mean my outfit isn’t acceptable? I’ll have you know that it’s perfectly acceptable! There is absolutely nothing wrong with it whatsoever.”

Ruby shook her head. “Weiss… you’re wearing pants, and that just won’t do. What am I supposed to look at on our mission if you’re wearing pants?”

Weiss’s mouth opened and closed several times before she was finally able to formulate a reply. “I beg your pardon. What exactly did you just say?”

“Well, to be perfectly honest, this mission is going to be very easy and thus very boring.” Ruby nodded sagely and then pointed at the pants Weiss was wearing. “Although those pants are eminently practical, they do far too good a job of covering up your legs, and I happen to enjoy looking at your legs.”

“On missions?” Weiss squawked. “You spend our missions looking at my legs?”

“In my defence, you have lovely legs. I might even go so far as to call them perfect. As for looking at them on missions, I only look when it’s safe. Since this mission is just going to be us picking off a few of the stragglers from Blake and Yang’s Grimm extermination mission, we’re not likely to encounter anything more troublesome than a Beowolf, and we can both handle a Beowolf in our sleep. Hence, I’ll need something else to keep me occupied.”

“Like my legs?” Weiss was still trying to wrap her mind around the fact that Ruby had apparently been ogling her legs for who knew how long when they were on missions.

“Exactly. I’m glad you understand.” Ruby’s eyes narrowed. “Why are you wearing pants, anyway?”

“Well, I thought I might give them a try. Pants are quite practical in many different situations.”

“Could you possibly give them a try later?”

“Ruby, I’m going to wear the pants.”

“As your team leader, I’m going to have to ask you to reconsider.”

“That is a horrible abuse of your authority, Ruby.”

“Yes, I’m a regular tyrant.” Ruby gave Weiss her most charming smile. “So… we still have an hour before we have to leave… that’s plenty of time for you to change into your usual outfit.”

“Not a chance.”

X     X     X

“You know,” Ruby drawled. “I think I like your pants.” She paused. “Especially now that they’re in pieces.”

Weiss did her best to kill Ruby with her eyes. Alas, actually glaring people to death was not one of her powers. “Ruby…”

“I mean who could have known that one of the Grimm would manage to hook its claws into your pants and shred them.” Ruby sighed dramatically. “How unfortunate.”

“Yes, you’re practically in tears.” Weiss bit back a curse as Ruby almost walked into a tree due to staring at her legs, only to evade the tree at the last moment. Damn those reflexes of hers. “It’s cold out here, Ruby, so do you think we can get a move on? I can barely feel my legs.”

Ruby zipped over to Weiss’s side and lifted her up bridal style. “Don’t worry, Weiss. I’ll get us back to civilisation in a jiffy.” She grinned and stroked Weiss’s legs. “And don’t worry if you can’t feel your legs… I can feel them for you.”


“Idiot.” Weiss grumbled. “Just get us back to town.”

How to love an INFJ

1. Your INFJ adores you more than they can express with words. Even if they don’t tell you verbally, they will show you how they feel through their patience, kindness, and willingness to please you.

2. Thank your INFJ with sincere hugs and kisses, and tell us you appreciate the things that we do for you. Just knowing that you’re aware of it is reward enough to keep us overjoyed (and enthusiastically continuing to do all the things you love that we do for you).

3. If an INFJ is in a romantic relationship with you, they consider you their number one priority in life. Your happiness and well being are the most important things in their lives.

4. Your INFJ can sense your emotions even more acutely than if you were telling us with words. We can feel what you are feeling. Don’t be alarmed by this as we will never use it against you. However, this means you can never lie to us. If you try, we will know, it will hurt our feelings badly that you did.

5. We love it when you just walk up to us and hold us. No words. Nothing complicated. Just gently wrap your arms around us and focus on how you feel about us. We can feel it like it is pouring out of you and into us. Don’t be alarmed if we cry when you do this.

6. We love to listen. Don’t be afraid to tell us what is on your mind, even if we didn’t ask. We love you and respect your privacy, and don’t like to pry.

7. We also love it when you listen to us. Please ask us questions to show us that you care, and let us talk when you do. The more intently you are interested in how we feel and what we have to say, the more we will love you.

8. Sometimes we need to recharge our minds, and will sit and stare blankly into space. This is perfectly normal, as your INFJ is rebooting their amazing mind. Systems will be online again shortly.

9. We thrive in an environment with just you, and a few of our closest loved ones. The more opportunities you help us create for these kinds of environments, the happier we will be.

10. We don’t do well in crowds for extended periods. We will join you in them if that’s where you want to go, but please be mindful of the duration of contact. INFJs may become unresponsive and even irritable when exposed to crowds for too long.

11. While we are extremely affectionate with you, we’re generally not interested in being affectionate with anyone else, and physical contact with strangers may unsettle your INFJ. It is best to keep strangers from attempting to pet your INFJ.

12. Your INFJ accepts you for everything you are. However, INFJs can be especially eccentric. If you accept your INFJ’s eccentricities and peculiar interests, this will greatly increase your INFJ’s happiness.

13. INFJs are otherwise very self sufficient low maintenance pets, and can be left to their own little worlds for extended periods. However, infrequent moments of affection are always appreciated.

14. Always kiss your INFJ goodnight and tell them that you love them, even if you’re not going to sleep when they do.

15. Always cuddle with your INFJ when they wake up and greet their day with love.

16. Your INFJ will have a reflex to help others. Do not be alarmed by this, as it does not in any way reflect on how your INFJ feels about you, or your relationship. It is simply our nature to help others – sometimes to a degree that makes the ones we love assume they are less of a priority. Nothing could be further from the truth.

17. Your INFJ is a planner. Sometimes spontaneity leaves us in a position that we cannot plan how to best make you happy, and we find this upsetting. Please understand that we are never upset with you, only the situation.

18. Your INFJ is very idealistic and principled. If you need us to go against our ideals or principles to make you happy, this can cause us a great deal of internal turmoil and tension. Please be mindful of our ideals and principles and avoid asking us to go against them.

19. When an INFJ’s ideals or principles are offended, we will pull away quickly. This may look very similar to our normal modes of being lost in our heads to the untrained eye, as we do not like to cause tension or disharmony. To best care for your INFJ, learn to spot this reaction and quickly make right whatever was wrong, even if it is simply an opinion. This will bring us back to the harmony we need to be our healthiest.

20. No one will ever love you as much as your INFJ.

When i was in grade school, i was taught
that The Moon is bright and beautiful, but also that it has dark spots and is imperfect.
In high school, i learned that the best kind of naked is when
someone watches you undress, not to see the skin underneath,
but to see the soul.
That type of naked doesn’t care ‘what most girls like.’
It doesn’t matter when theres only one.
Right now The Moon is undressing for me
and when his shirt falls to the side of my bed,
it sends goosebumps to the densest parts of my body.
His moonlight radiates into every crack and crevice in my room,
and i am ambivalent towards all the people who won’t ever get to experience him like this.
God himself bragged to the angels when he gave you that freckle between his fingers, and the light in your eyes.
I want your beauty to be taught in textbooks
so that 9 year olds can learn that God gave us a Moon with protruding hipbones and a jawbone that won’t sit still.
Some nights, we embrace so violently that both the waves and the thunder are jealous of how loud our heartbeats sound.
And maybe, Home isn’t where you spend your nights or where you sleep, but its two arms wrapped around you
when you’re at your worst.
Even on my worst days, your name is the only thing i can say
without gritting my teeth and clenching my fists.
When my mind is a thick black haze,
you are my Moonlight, illuminating the way back to you.
We try and kiss so hard that we swallow our tongues and cut open our lips, but i don’t mind because eventually,
all we can do is stop and listen to each other breathe.
Fuck the air, ill breathe you in instead.
As the moon got dressed, and escaped through the window to return to the sky, i thought about how lucky i am
to have something that makes saying goodbye so unpleasant.
Ive been waiting my whole life to write my first happy poem and
i think this might be it.
—  You Are The Moon by Amanda Jay
Brett- You Can Date Him

Request-  Can you do a Brett Talbot Imagine? I was thinking maybe something like you’re Stiles younger sister and he doesn’t want you and Brett to be together but when he sees how nice and sweet Brett is to you he changes his mind, basically lots of fluff!

A/N- Next up is Stiles imagine.

“Why do you and your brother always have to be in the way?” Theo wondered as he dragged you through the woods.
“Maybe we just don’t like it when assholes like you try to kill our friends,” you fired weakly.
You desperately tried to keep your hand wrapped around Lydia’s, but Theo wouldn’t slow down as he marched the two of you through the preserve. You could barely keep up to begin with, mostly due to the large, bleeding gashes across your stomach, but Lydia was a lot worse. Theo had done something to her when he had tried to take her memories and driven her into some kind of catatonic stupor.
Since you had been in the library with Scott and tried to stop Liam from killing him, you had nearly gotten slashed to pieces in the process. As if it wasn’t traumatizing enough to be sliced up by one of your friends, you had watched Scott being murdered merely seconds after Theo arrived. Liam had disappeared, Mason had been knocked unconscious and Scott was gone.
Theo had grabbed you by the hair, made some remark about how he wasn’t sure if all Stilinskis were this annoying or if it was just you and your brother Stiles, and then shoved you into his truck. He had driven out to the tunnels and brought you down into the lab where he had plunged his claws into Lydia’s neck, effectively turning her into a zombie.
Despite the shape she was in, Theo seemed to think it was a good idea to drag you both a mile into the woods to god knows where. So there you were, crunching through the leaves as you tried to keep a tight grip on Lydia while Theo complained beside you.
“I just wanted a pack,” he informed you as his fingers dug into the fabric of your shirt.
“Well you might wanna change up your methods,” you spat. “Because killing our friends isn’t gonna win you much suppo-”
You nearly choked on your words as Theo’s hand on your shoulder shoved you to the ground, sending you tumbling into the leaves. Your hand was pulled away from Lydia’s and you hit the dirt with a thump. You gritted your teeth against the pain and pushed yourself up onto your palms with a glare.
“Come on, Y/n,” Theo said with a laugh. “It’s not like your pack was together anyway. Scott was weak, Kira was losing control, Liam tried to kill his alpha over a girl, Malia’s a liar-”
“Your point?” you demanded.
Theo leaned closer, smirking in your face. “Well, you and Stiles could barely stop fighting. It was about that guy, wasn’t it? What was his name? Brett?”
“How do you know that?” you asked in surprise.
“You and Stiles aren’t exactly quiet when you fight,” he informed you. “It’s a shame he doesn’t trust you more. But like Scott said, he doesn’t trust anyone, not even his little sister.”
You frowned at Theo and wanted to deny what he was saying, but you knew that it was true. You had met Brett during the whole mess with the deadpool, when you had knocked his younger sister out of the way of an assassin’s bullet. He had seen the whole thing, but been unable to do anything and he was completely shocked that you would risk your life for a complete stranger.
You had brushed him off and told him it was fine, but Brett kept insisting he owed you for saving his sister. From then on, every time he saw you, whether it was with Liam and Mason or by yourself, he made a point to talk to you. You had seen him a lot more since the Dread Doctors had come to Beacon Hills, and when you stepped between Lucas and Mason at Sinema, Brett had finally been able to return your favor.
He had saved you from being stung by whatever the hell Lucas was, and after he had told you he was simply paying you back for what you had done for his sister.
“Brett,” you told him softly as you leaned against the wall. “You didn’t have to repay me. It was nothing. And you don’t have to keep thanking me. Trust me I’m not that important. Scott’s the one you should be thanking.”
Brett had sighed and run a hand through his hair, and in seconds he was leaning forward and pressing his lips against yours. Being the insanely awkward person you were, you had blinked for a few seconds before actually realizing that you should be kissing him back. After that, you didn’t hesitate to wrap your arms around his neck and lean closer as strobe lights flashed around you.
“It wasn’t nothing,” Brett had whispered as you pulled apart. “And you are important. You’re important to me.”
From then on, Brett was always around. You really liked him and you were pretty sure you might even love him, but Stiles wasn’t so thrilled. That much was evident from the way he had acted whenever Brett was around. He had flat out told you to stop seeing him, to which Brett had reluctantly agreed.
“He trusts me,” you insisted to Theo bitterly. “A lot more than you.”
“Which isn’t saying much,” Theo offered with a one-shoulder shrug. “But as much as I’d love to stay and argue with you, I’ve got something to take care of.”
He rose from where he knelt next to you and walked a few feet away. That was when you noticed the giant tree stump stationed just yards away from you, one that was littered with the bodies of failed chimeras. Maybe someone with a stronger stomach might not have been affected, but you felt like you wanted to puke. Those were bodies of kids, ones just like you who had had their whole lives ahead of them.
You shoved yourself shakily to your feet, but black spots were starting to bloom in your eyes. You reached down and felt the blood seeping through your shirt, quickly realizing it wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. You stumbled over to Lydia as Theo took the needle he had been carrying and plunged it into the necks of four chimeras.
You swallowed thickly as the previously dead kids rose from the ground, and out of all the things you had seen you figured this had to be one of the worst. You grabbed Lydia’s arm and tried to pull her up from where she had fallen when Theo shoved you before. You knew if he wanted something from you, now was your chance to get away.
“Lydia,” you whispered breathlessly. “Please get up.”
You heard several sets of footsteps crunching toward you, and you anxiously looked up to see Theo walking your way with Hayden, Corey, Tracy and Josh in tow. He laughed as he saw you trying to pull Lydia up, knowing there was no way to get her walking again.
“I’m sorry about Lydia,” Theo told you. “I could have used her. But I’m not sorry about you, Y/n. You and your brother have done nothing but get in my way. Hell, I probably should have shoved Stiles in front of Liam too. But I think the pain of realizing you and Scott are both dead would be a lot worse than killing him.”
“You’re not gonna win,” you spat as you stood your ground on shakey legs.
Theo smirked and walked forward, and before you could even move a muscle, he slammed his shoulder into yours. You fell back onto the ground, getting the wind knocked out of you in the process.
“I wouldn’t be so sure,” Theo said as he marched past you with his chimeras.
He left you there on your back, trying to catch your breath as you stared up at the bright moon in the sky. You managed to role over and reach out for Lydia, but she was too far away now. You tried to get up again, but you were too weak to pull yourself off the ground. You were fading too quickly and as your fingers twitched toward you friend, you passed out from the blood loss.

“Do you smell that?” Satomi asked quietly as Brett followed her through the woods.
Brett paused and inhaled, trying to pinpoint the out of place scent. Satomi always took the pack out into the woods during the full moon, just to make sure nothing was happening. Beacon Hills was no stranger to bizarre and violent events, and as one of the local alphas, Satomi wanted to keep those to a minimum.
“Death,” Brett breathed.
He swallowed thickly and he and Satomi shared a look before following the scent. After walking for no more than three minutes, they arrived at the huge tree stump with a ring of bodies around it. He was obviously shocked and horrified, but he had never realized that there was another smell wafting through the clearing.
The smell of the bodies had covered it at first, but as he got closer he realized it was fresh blood, and as he looked across the clearing he realized it was yours.
“No,” he whispered as his eyes landed on your limp form. “No!”
He ran over, skidding to his knees in the leaves next to you. “Y/n? Y/n?!”
He looked down and saw your shirt, torn and soaked through with blood seeping from scratches on your stomach. He leaned in and listened for your heartbeat, sighing in relief when he finally found it. It was slow, but steady and he was just glad you were alive.
Satomi knelt between you and Lydia, and as she looked over at Brett he knew his relief was about to be short lived.
“Something terrible happened here,” Satomi told him. “You take her to the car and get her to the hospital. I’ll help Lydia and call the others.”
Brett nodded as Satomi tossed him her keys, and he quickly scooped you into his arms. You winced in your sleep and let out a cry of pain, and Brett cringed. He couldn’t help but think about the last time he had seen you face to face, when Stiles had practically threatened to kill him. You had looked so hurt and angry, and so sorry too.
Brett knew it was hurting you to fight with your brother, so he had agreed not to see you. You had looked devastated, but if you had to choose between him and Stiles, Brett wasn’t going to force you to make that decision.

“So where are we going?” you asked Brett with a smile as you leaned against your porch.
“It’s a surprise,” Brett told you with a grin.
“Oh, yeah?” you asked. “Do I get a hi-”
“What the hell is he doing here?” a voice demanded as your front door was yanked open.
“Stiles,” you complained incredulously. “I’m 17 years old.”
“Exactly,” Stiles told you as he clutched his bat tightly in his hand. “And I’m 18. You’re my little sister and I told you he’s not good for you.”
“Stiles, he saved my life,” you protested.
“Oh yeah?” he demanded. “So he could do what? Y/n, I told mom I would protect you and I’m not about to let some roided-up jock-”
“Don’t you dare bring mom into this!” you spat. “Stiles, I care about Brett. I can date who I want.”
“Stiles,” Brett cut in. “I’d never let anything happen to your sister. She saved Lori’s life. She helped save mine.”
“I don’t care,” Stiles had practically snarled as he stepped off the porch. “You’re not going to see her again. You’re not going to talk to her again and if you do, I’m gonna send Scott to kick your little werewolf ass!”
“Scott would never do that,” you told him.
“Then I will!” Stiles told you as he glared at Brett. “Now stay the hell away from my sister!”
He stepped forward, brandishing his bat and causing Brett to step backward. He wasn’t actually afraid of Stiles, but he didn’t want to cause anymore trouble. Brett backed away and held his hands up.
“Alright,” Brett said regretfully. “I won’t talk to her again.”
“Brett-” you protested.
He looked over at you, his blue eyes sad and defeated. “I’m sorry.”

Bright light hit your eyes as you woke from your dream, and you realized you were lying on your back. It was just like how you had passed out in the woods, except now you were lying in a soft bed, with what felt like ten pillows propping you up. You looked around groggily at the sun shining through the hospital windows, realizing where you were.
You slowly shifted in bed, trying to get a better look around the room. At first it appeared to be empty, but as your eye fell on the space next to your bed, you realized that Brett was slumped against the side of it. He was snoring softly, and you almost laughed out loud.
“Brett,” you whispered. “Brett!”
He shot up from where he was sitting, looking around wildly. His eyes finally landed on you, now awake, and he jumped to his feet.
“Hey,” he breathed. “How do you feel?”
“Tired,” you stated with a small laugh.
“You lost a lot of blood,” he informed you with a sigh. “And you scared the hell out of me.”
“What happened?” you asked softly. “All I remember is being in the woods with…oh my god, where’s Lydia?!”
“She’s fine,” Brett assured. “Well sort of. Whatever Theo did to her…they don’t know how to fix it.”
You sighed. “I couldn’t stop him.”
Brett reached out and grabbed your hand. “You couldn’t have done anything. Scott told me Theo was ruthless.”
“Scott?” you asked quietly. “Scott’s dead, Brett.”
“No he’s not,” Brett informed you with a frown. “I just talked to him five minutes ago.”
“But…but I watched him die,” you whispered as you brought a hand up to push your hair from your face.
Brett shrugged. “Well maybe he wasn’t as dead as you thought.”
You let out a breath, one you felt like you had been holding for days. “That’s great.”
Brett nodded and flashed you a small smile. “Scott said he’d tell Stiles where you were. He said he was trying to find him, but he wouldn’t answer his phone.”
“Is he okay?” you asked anxiously.
“I don’t know,” Brett admitted as he squeezed your hand “But I can go ch-”
Suddenly the door  to your room opened, and Stiles ran in, looking the worst you had ever seen him. He had dark circles under his eyes, and his clothes were rumpled and had specks of blood on them. His eyes were tired but wild and all he wanted to do was talk to you.
“Y/n!” he cried as he strode toward you, causing Brett to politely move aside.
“Are you okay?” you asked as you looked down at his shirt.
“Me?” Stiles demanded with a short laugh. “You’re the one lying in a hospital bed.”
“Well yeah,” you agreed. “But there’s blood on your shirt.”
“Oh,” Stiles said as he looked down at his hoodie. “That’s not mine. It’s Theo’s.”
“Oh,” you said quietly.
Stiles took a deep breath and leaned in to hug you, squeezing you tightly. You let out a small sound of pain and Stiles quickly pulled away.
“Shit, shit, I’m sorry!” he cried.
“It’s okay,” you told him honestly. “It was a lot worse last night.”
“Last night,” Stiles repeated.
Your brother pursed his lips as he looked down at the floor for a second, and then he looked over at Brett. You opened your mouth to protest, assuming he was going to flip out on him for being in your room, but Stiles wasn’t doing that at all.
He reached out and brought Brett into a tight hug, clapping him on the back. Your eyes went wide and so did Brett’s, but he hugged him back nonetheless. Neither of you had expected that.
“You saved my sister,” Stiles stated as he pulled away. “Scott told me.”
Brett nodded. “Well, uh, she saved mine.”
“Thank you,” Stiles breathed, feeling tears prick his eyes. “My mom, uh, she died when were kids and I promised her I wouldn’t let anything happen to Y/n. Thanks to you I can keep that promise.”
“Like I said before,” Brett told him. “I’d never let anything happen to her.”
Stiles nodded at him and turned back to you, but you raised your eyebrows at him. “Don’t you have something to say?”
“Y/n,” Stiles complained.
“Do it,” you ordered, leaning back and crossing your arms over your chest.
Stiles turned back to Brett with a sigh. “I’m sorry for being a dick to you. And for threatening you with my bat.”
“I get it,” Brett told him. “I have a sister too.”
“Right,” Stiles said with a frown. He had actually never thought about it like that.
“So, can I date him without you throwing a hissy fit?” you asked your brother.
Stiles sighed. “Maybe. Provided he treats you right. If not, I’ve still got my bat. And dad’s the sheriff. I bet he’d even help me hide his body.”
“Stiles,” you complained.
“Fine,” Stiles grumbled. “You can date him.”
“Thank you,” you breathed. “I would have done it anyway though.”
Stiles sighed and reached over to ruffle your hair. “I know…oh!”
He reached into his pocket and pulled out an object, and you quickly realized it was your phone. “Where did you find that?”
“Scott said you dropped it in the school,” Stiles told you. “He grabbed it for you.”
“Huh,” you said. “Thanks.”
“Oh and uh, I kinda didn’t know where you were and left you some angry messages,” he admitted, scratching the back of his neck. “Just ignore the death threats.”
You rolled your eyes. “I’ll make a note.”
Stiles smiled at you. “I guess I’ll leave you two alone for a few minutes. A few.”
He eyed you and Brett suspiciously and backed out of the room, leaving you to turn back to your boyfriend.
“I’m sor-”
You never got to finish what you were saying, because your words were being absorbed by a kiss. You blinked for a second, just like that night in the club, but this time you kissed back much sooner. You wrapped your arms around his neck, bringing him closer to you so you didn’t have to lean up so far. Brett leaned down, and your back hit the pillows of the hospital bed.
He gently wrapped an arm around your waist, supporting you as he pulled away.
“You don’t have to apologize,” he told you.
“Maybe,” you told him. “But I do have to thank you for saving me.”
Brett smiled at you, looking down at your face with bright blue eyes. “I think that was a pretty good thank you.”
You smiled and leaned back against the pillows, patting the spot next to you so Brett would sit there. You knew things were far from perfect, but if everything else had gone wrong, at least there were a few things that had worked out. Scott was alive, Stiles was fine, and you hadn’t bled out on the forest floor. You had also gotten your boyfriend back and Brett had won Stiles’ approval in the process. In your eyes, things weren’t half bad.

Trouble Maker

Trouble Maker


Summary: He sure keeps you on your toes, for you never know what to expect next. Damn angels.

Words: 962 

Pairings:   Lucifer x Reader

Warnings: Nope

Request:  Asked by @lucifer-in-leather – How about a Lucifer x reader where she tries to take him on a typical human date… like bowling or something? XD

A/N:   Okay, I am so sorry, I feel like Luci is very much OOC, but had fun none the least.

<3 Love ya lots!

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"No one was my master - but I might be master of everything, if I wished. If I dared."


okay so let’s get this straight: In one simple line SJM has slayed all of our existences. Don’t even try to deny it. With this overwhelmingly beautiful line SJM once again enhanced Feyre’s hesitant, (yet, if she wants to) strong-willed and powerful nature.

 Let’s start predicting *cracks knuckles*

I had already wrapped my mind around the fact that our huntress Feyre will most likely possess all the powers of the High Lords, as she has been ‘blessed’ by all of them in order to become High Fae. With the help of this line we can almost certainly predict that this will be the case.

“No one was my master”  

this could be a hint to Feyre’s sway in allegiance. Not in a romantic way which btw I am totally supporting  but in the matter of courts. Now that Feyre has become High Fae but has not been born in a particular court + now kind of possesses a piece of every High Lord with her + changing courts every month due to the bargain she struck with Rhysand, it is most likely that she will not be a typical High Fae living under the rule of a High Lord but rather be her own master.

“but I might be master of everything, If I wished. If I dared.”

Now here is where it gets tricky. A theory of mine is that Feyre will wield every power a High Lord/Lady could have (much like Dorian’s raw magic). My guess is that Feyre will try to suppress her powers as she is and will still be burdened by her actions Under the Mountain. Getting back to the synopsis: “a greater evil looms - and she might be key to stopping it” and combining it with our knowledge about the king of Hybern “who can strip her [Amarantha’s] powers away - without speels and potions” I have come around yet another theory: I am positive that SJM would’ve not just put that line in the scene with the attor and the other so far unknown creature if it wasn’t of any significance.

See, now I think that ACOMAF will consist of Feyre having no other choice but to “harness her harrowing gifts” in order to save Prythian because the infamous King will start weakening the High Lords of Prythian by stripping away their powers once again so that he can finally invade their lands which he knows a great deal about because of the other commanders that have been sent to gather information in Prythian before Amarantha became the Deceiver. 

However, maybe the kings power is not strong enough to strip Feyre of her powers, as well, due to her affiliation to every court. And thus making her the only High Fae that could possibly save all their pretty Faerie asses once again. *relieved sigh*

Oh and of course I also totally see her having some bad ass training session with darling Rhys who I believe will help Feyre embrace her powers and him whereas Tamlin will just try to make everything comfortable for her rather then actively help her master her powers.

 That’s it for today kids I am going back to my corner to wait for more news, quotes and the book itself. Feel free to add your thoughts, opinions and theories with me.

First post~!

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supernatural!5sos for quiffedluke & 5sos-writing-things!!!

michael had always been the guy you saw everywhere after you moved into town. you had noticed how his bright green eyes were almost transparent and his hair was dyed crazy colors, but a different color almost every time that you saw him. he quickly became your best friend, seeing as you couldn’t escape him. but there were a few weird things that you quickly noticed about him. like sometimes you caught him staring off into space, he never ate, disappearing suddenly or for him to come back and act like nothing had happened. he’d never touch you and sometimes, it even seemed like he could read your mind.

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I'm Just A Little Unwell (Luke Hemmings)

you’re on tour with your best friends and you get sick; all the other boys go out to a party while luke stays back with you in your hotel room. (i think i’m getting worse at these summaries)

(requested) (have a request?)

Charlie really hoped that she didn’t look anywhere near as bad as she felt because she felt like she’d been hit by a freight train and dead was not a fashion statement that she could pull off.

She might not care as much if not for the fact that she was on tour with her four best friends and she was supposed to be having a great time while also getting paid to be their guitar tech. Being sick was bad enough but having to be surrounded by a live band while she worked was doing nothing to help alleviate her head ache.

“Charlie, babe, you look rough.” Michael told her while handing over his guitar as the four boys ran off stage.

If Charlie hadn’t downed half a bottle of cough medicine earlier on she might have noticed the glare Luke sent in the direction of the green haired boy at the mention of the pet name. In reality she was having a little trouble focusing on anything much for a long time without it all getting a bit fuzzy.

She tried to glare at him herself but it was a pretty piss poor effort and it just made her head hurt even more.

“I’m sick you asshole.” She responded, setting the guitar down with the others that she’d already put away that night. “Don’t be mean to me.”

“Yeah, don’t be mean to our wittle Charlie.” Ashton cooed as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders. All the boys laughed as she scrunched up her nose and stepped away from the sweaty boy.

“Guess we’re not going to that party then.” Calum put in after taking a long pull from his water bottle.

“I think I’m just going to head back to the hotel, try and sleep it off you know.” She paused looking around at their somewhat concerned faces. “You guys should go though; I know how much you were looking forward to it.”

“We can stay, really we don’t mind.” Luke piped up.

“No, I’m not going to be much fun anyway. I’ll probably just sleep most of the time.” She waved them off but they continued to send her worried glances.

With a roll of her eyes she leaned forward and gave Luke and Michael a small shove before raising her eyebrows at all of them.

“Seriously, I’ll be fine.” She shook her head at them and immediately regretted it. “Now hurry up and shower or none of you are going to be getting laid tonight.”

The boys walked off with waves and promises to see her later. Luke was the last one to leave and he pulled her into a short hug before heading off in the direction of the dressing room, a small smile on his face.

Charlie quickly finished packing up the equipment she was in charge of before making her way back to the hotel that everyone was staying in for the next few dates of the tour. The only thing that was good about her getting sick was that it while they were in the same city for a few days so at least she wouldn’t have to be cramped onto a bus.

She couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief as she let herself into the hotel room she was sharing with Calum and Ashton. As much as she’d wanted her own room the budget hadn’t allowed for it; she was alternating between Calum and Ashton and Luke and Michael’s rooms just so she didn’t have to share with one of the other crew members that she didn’t know as well.

Just as she’d got settled in bed, now dressed in her pyjamas and almost ready to start watching whatever Disney movie she could find, Charlie heard a light knock at the door. For a few seconds she considered just ignoring it and pretending that she didn’t hear whoever it was, but in the end her curiosity and good manners won and she dragged herself from the bed and over to the door.

Without even bothering to look through the peep hole to check who it was she yanked it open. She’d considered most of the possibilities on the way over to the door, but she was still shocked to see Luke standing on the other side of the threshold with a wide smile and a tub of ice cream.

“Luke, what are you doing here?” She asked, eyebrows furrowed and confusion lacing her tone. “Why didn’t you go with the boys?”

Luke flinched slightly at her words and it was then that she realised that she had probably made it sound like she wished he wasn’t there.

“I can go if you wanted?” He offered, the statement sounding more like a question than he’d intended.

“No.” Her eyes went wide as she frantically gestured for him to come into the room. “It’s just I thought you were going to the party and I wasn’t expecting company.”

“I can tell.” He told her as he walked past her into the room. “Cute pyjamas.”

He sent a playful wink in her direction which caused Charlie to blush. She quickly shut the door as a way to distract herself before she turned around to see Luke rummaging through one of the cabinets. A few moments later he emerged with two spoons and a triumphant smile.

“To answer your question about why I didn’t go with the boys,” He sat down and made himself comfortable on Charlie’s bed and after a few seconds she went and joined him. “I know you hate being alone when you’re sick. Besides, what are best friends for if not to comfort you when you feel like crap? Which is why I’ve come bearing ice cream and my cuddling services.”

A wide smile made its way onto Charlie’s face because Luke actually was the best friend anyone could ask for. The thought of cuddling with him sent her stomach into a frenzy that had nothing to do with her illness; it wasn’t like they hadn’t done it before, but Charlie’s slight crush on the blonde boy made her think that it meant more to her than it did to him.

“You definitely know the way to a girl’s heart Luke Hemmings.” She joked, taking the ice cream from him and opening it.

“Yours is the only girl’s heart I’d ever want to be in.” He told her with a cheesy grin before they both started laughing at how inappropriate that could have sounded if it was taken the wrong way.

It took less than ten minutes for the two of them to finish off the whole tub of ice cream (and honestly it was amazing that it took that long because if Charlie hadn’t been sick it probably would’ve been gone in just under five minutes). When they were finished Luke tried to throw the empty container in the bin that was across the room and failed miserably. With a groan he got off the bed to go and actually put it in the bin and while he was up Charlie took the chance to crawl under the covers again.

“You look so adorable right now.” Luke told her with a chuckle when he turned back around before he pulled his phone out of his pocket.

She heard the shutter of the camera and a few seconds later a notification flashed up on the screen of her phone. Unlocking the device she opened Twitter to see that Luke had tweeted the photo with the caption ‘spending my night with this cutie’ followed by her username and a ridiculous amount of emoji’s. She rolled her eyes and threw her phone back on the bedside table as Luke climbed onto the bed and pulled the covers over himself.

“I’m probably going to fall asleep really soon.” She told him with a yawn, the medicine obviously taking effect and making her feel drowsy.

He nodded and opened his arms to allow her to cuddle into his side, her head resting on his chest. The two of them sat in silence and the steady rise and fall of Luke’s chest and the rhythmic way he was running his fingers through her hair was slowly lulling Charlie to sleep.

“Hey, you still awake?” He asked quietly as he moved his hand out of her hair and started to run it up and down her arm gently.

She was barely keeping her eyes open so instead of speaking she just nodded her head and nuzzled further into his chest. He pulled her closer to him and gave her a sort of awkward one armed hug. She could feel his heart beat start to pick up and it made her want to lift her head and look at him but she just couldn’t muster the strength.

“You know that I really care about you, right?” She nodded again. “I think I like you more than a best friend should.” He admitted with a sigh, his heart beating impossibly fast.

Charlie wondered if he could hear the way her heart was pounding in her chest because of his confession, surely at the least he’d be able to feel it. She wanted to be able to answer him but talking just seemed to be way too difficult. Hesitantly she reached out her hand and tangled her fingers with his, hoping that he’d understand what she was trying to say without her actually having to say it.

“I really want to kiss you right now.” His voice was barely audible and she might not have heard him at all if they weren’t so close.

“I’m sick Luke, that’s gross.” She managed to get out which caused him to laugh softly. “Besides then you’d get sick and you’re such a baby when you’re sick.”

“Does this mean you like me back?” He asked raising their entwined hands. Yet again Charlie nodded and Luke thought that his heart was about to burst because he was so happy. “You sure? Because if you change your mind in the morning I’m going to tell you that you dreamed this whole thing.”

“Yes I’m sure Luke.” She mumbled and squeezed his hand lightly. “And I give you permission to kiss me when I get better.”

Luke leant down and pressed a soft kiss to her forehead. “You should get some sleep.” He muttered. “I’ll be here when you wake up and hopefully you’ll feel a bit better.” 

Shipper on Board (Ashton Irwin)

[A/N]: The idea came to me and it refused to leave. Also it’s quite image heavy.

I reblogged another song, carefully keeping an eye on my post limit. Now I knew why our fans were so addicted to this site.

“Are you still on that?” asked my younger sister Lauren.

I nod. I had spent the past three days holed up in my room exploring the world that is tumblr. I would like to think I spent enough time in the wilderness to justify never leaving the house again.

Lauren rolled her eyes. “I swear you have no life. Did you at least find any cool blogs to follow?”

“Just a couple photography blogs, some humour blogs, and I reblogged some posts about marriage equality.”

Lauren gave a nod of approval at my choice. “Did you follow [Y/N]’s blog?”

I nearly fell off my bed. “Wait I didn’t know [Y/N] was on tumblr.” She never talks about it.

“I didn’t either but she forgot to log out of her account the last time she borrowed my laptop.” Lauren takes my laptop off my lap and quickly types in [Y/N]’s URL.

“Woah” I say as I watch the content of [Y/N]’s blog load.

“Have fun.” Lauren says, leaving me alone. I was so distracted I forgot to ask her where she was going. It was probably her plan all along.

I remember when I was younger the guys in my class would plan to crash the sleepovers the girls were having to find out what they talked about when we weren’t around. This was like ten times better. This was [Y/N] the sweetest, funniest, coolest girl I knew. And her blog was exactly like being in her mind.

I spent the next hour going through reading the text posts providing anecdotes about her life, the audio posts with all her favorite songs as well as her reblogs. She mostly reblogged funny GIFs from her favorite shows but occasionally my band would slip in. There were masterposts of Luke and his ‘broad shoulders’, old photos of Calum he probably wished he burned when he got the chance, a Vine of Mikey licking his lips,  and a GIF set of me distributing jellybeans to fans. She also spoke quite frequently to her followers, answering asks about boys, insecurities, and school.

I found her ask page, my heart racing with every character I typed and before I hit 'send’ I made sure to triple check that I selected the anon box.

I browsed her 'face’ page as I anxiously waited for her to reply. In the tag there were a ton of photos I had never seen before. There were photos of her getting ready for a night out with her girl friends and a ton of selfies and outfit of the day pictures. I guess she was more comfortable on here than on Instagram. Especially considering how cruel some of our fans had been to her on Instagram when they saw her hanging out with the band. Of course looking on her tumblr, you would have no idea that she knew us in real life. Maybe that worked to her advantage.

I clicked on her blog title and refreshed her blog. I smiled when I saw her reply to my question at the top of the page.

I quickly sent her another ask.

I frowned at her response. She can’t possibly like us all the same. I’m pretty sure even my mom has a favorite, and it’s Luke. I just needed to dig a little.

I guess, [Y/N] was an arm girl. I could work with that. Besides, it’s not like I’m going to spend half an hour trying to straighten my hair again. I wanted to send her another ask but a window popped up telling me I hit my ask limit for the day.

Guess I shouldn’t have sent so many asks to those photography bloggers asking for camera recommendations. I should sleep now. Or whatever it was that i did during my spare time before tumblr.

The Next Day

Michael was throwing a barbecue to celebrate completing his man cave. Not really sure how we were celebrating a man cave if we were going to be outside most of the time.

“I’m telling you, Michael. This discovery could change everything.” I tell him, helping him carry chairs into his parents’ backyard. “On tumblr, they actually tell you what you want instead of playing all those mind games.”

Calum chimes in from his cushy spot on a lawn chair. “[Y/N] and all the other girls on that site are only telling you that because they don’t know you’re you.”

“Don’t you feel bad about lying to [Y/N]?” Luke asks. I don’t know why the two of them even decided to come early if they weren’t going to help out.

I actually thought tumblr could help the guys out but apparently that’s not how they see it. “It’s not like I’m Catfishing her.”

Michael cracks open a beer. “Does [Y/N] write any fan fiction? Smut?”

“Seriously Mi-” I stop talking when I hear the Cliffords’ fence open and [Y/N] walk into the yard.

“Hey boys.” She greets us giving everyone hugs and handing Michael something he can display in his man cave.

“Hi [Y/N]” I run my fingers through my hair, subtly flexing my left arm. I wore my best muscle tee to add to the effect.

It looks like it’s working because [Y/N] blushes and shyly looks at the ground. “Hey.” [Y/N] looks like she has more to add but someone calls for her from the other side of the lawn.

I get out my phone and send another message to [Y/N]. I watch as she excuses herself from a conversation to check her phone. After her eyes scan the message she glances up at me and blushes when she sees me looking back.

I pursed my lips, took another sip of my beer, and sent her another ask.

I was about to tell her that yeah she had her flaws but if I thought she was a terrible person we wouldn’t be hanging out together like we do.

“Hey Ash!” Luke giggled when he saw me drop my phone.

“Oh my fucking god Luke. What the hell?” My anger only seemed to amuse. He picks up my phone still giggling but he is full on laughing when he sees what is my phone’s screen. [Y/N]’s blog has been refreshed with two new anonymous messages at the top.

Fuck my life.

Luke can barely speak because he’s laughing so hard. “If it makes you feel better her followers don’t ship her with me either. Let’s show Cal and Mikey.”

“Um, let’s not” I snatch it the phone out of Luke’s hand. The blog refreshes again a cryptic message appears on the page.

Maybe you guys see something I don’t

I look around for [Y/N] but she’s nowhere to be seen. “So Ashton…” I look behind me and there’s [Y/N], her phone safely in her pocket. “A little birdy told me you joined tumblr.”

“I’m going to kill the three of them.” I mutter under my breath. "Yeah, yeah I am.“

She smiles. "You know I have a blog on there.”

“I know” I tell her biting my lip.

[Y/N] furrows her brow. “How do you-”

“I-I’m the one who told you I ship the two of us.” I admit feeling my cheeks heat up.

[Y/N] looks taken aback. I guess the guys didn’t tell her anything after all. Anything important anyway. “Oh, well I think we should test your theory.”

Despite my shock that this is actually happening, I manage to string together a reply.“We definitely should.”

[Y/N] stands on the tips of her toes and I put my hands on her waist to pull her closer towards me. Our lips touch and our movements starts off softly before getting more intense. Soon our hands start to wander. [Y/N]’s hands wrap around my neck and gently tug on the hair at the base of my neck. My hands are slowly rubbing all over the sides of [Y/N]’s torso, from the top of her ribcage to her hipbones. [Y/N] pulls away reluctantly before things can get anymore heated.

We stare at eachother for a while and trying to catch our breath. [Y/N] speaks first. “You know what Ashton? I kind of ship us too.”

“Get a room!” Michael shouts at us from across the room.

[Y/N] giggles, used to the guitarist’s outspokenness. “Mind if we use yours?!” She shouts back.

Fic: Diplomatic Relations and Intelligence Failures, pt 4

((the previous parts of this can now be found in one piece on AO3, or linked here: http://scifigrl47.tumblr.com/fic  ))

The interoffice mail envelope was marked private and confidential, but that wasn’t exactly uncommon around SHIELD headquarters. The words “This means you!” printed in a broad tip marker, that was a little more unusual.

Maria weighed the bulky envelope in one hand, and, eyes flicking towards the ceiling, she broke the seal. A book with a cheerful cartoon sort of cover hit her desk with a thump, its pages bulging with post-it note flags poking out in all directions. Maria considered it. “What do you know,” she said out loud. “The damn book actually is titled ‘What Do You Say to a Naked Elf?’ I really thought she made that up.”

There was a note in the envelope, and for a second, she considered sweeping the whole mess into the trash can and pretending that it had never arrived. Instead, she fished the page out. Anna’s writing was surprisingly legible, considering her occupation.

“Just in case you decide to join us,” the note said, “you’ll need a copy of this month’s gem. It’s a fast read, and pretty funny. I’ve marked the hot n’ sexy parts with post-it flags, so you can skip ahead if you get bored.”

Maria looked at the book. There were so many bits of florescent colored paper sticking out of the damn that that it looked like it had exploded. “That’s a lot of hot and sexy bits,” she said, her mouth pursed. “And I honestly don’t know if that makes the concept better, or so much worse.” She went back to the note.

“Your hot n’ sexy mileage may vary, according to personal tastes and orientation, but tell you what, if you suck it up and get through this, I’ll nominate you to choose our next 'happy sexy funtimes’ book. We do it by picking the most excellent titles we can find off the internet after having a bit too much to drink, then we throw all the names in a hat and choose one at random. This one won out over a book about having sex with a dragon.”

Maria’s head tipped to the side. Then went back the other way. She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to wrap her mind around that. She was actually happy that she couldn’t. Life had gotten weird over the last few years, but her brain still balked at 'sex with a dragon.’

As she was one of the few inhabitants of earth with actual access to, well, dragons, that was probably a good thing.

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