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I love love love when either one of them talk about GAABMH. I feel like what Gwen said tonight with seth fits into your shefani timeline narrative? Thank God B was brave enough to write this song at that early tentative stage of their dating because of how potentially awkward and disastrous it could have turned out 😊

omg I loved hearing her talk about it! It is kind of what I had always imagined but I was surprised hearing her talk about it so candidly. The only real difference is I never imagined them actually discussing a “breakup” and even though she used that term I still don’t really imagine it being that cut and dry. 

I was thinking about Blake’s lyrics (if he wrote the chorus) “you can’t tell me that we’ll still be friends, and maybe someday we can try again.” When Gwen said she sent her part back to him that he was in Mexico, I said this and I kind of feel like she confirmed it a little bit: obviously neither of them wanted to break up, Gwen was obsessed and she was “all Blake cared about”. But I think at the end of knockouts it was scary for them because up to that point their “dates” had been scheduled for them just based on when he was gonna be in town for promos and filming (this is what she said on howard stern). 

But at the end of knockouts, the next time he was gonna be in LA was 7 weeks away, and so if they were going to keep seeing each other they had to actually put in effort and commit to making it work, something that was really scary because before they could act casual about it (even though they didn’t feel casual about it in my opinion). 

So I can imagine Gwen being like wellllll…i guess… let’s stay in touch (we can still be friends) and then we’ll see what happens when you come back to town (we can try again)??? Like not really meaning it but also being so scared that Blake is less invested than her. And Blake going along with it because he thinks it’s what she really wants. 

And then he’s like wait, no. So he writes this song* and sends it to her and she decides since he was so open with his lyrics she’ll do the same with him. And I think on a radio interview she said he ended up coming to visit the next weekend after Mexico & Nashville so they could finish it (and let’s be honest it was for other reasons too.)

*One thing I never really believed and am still on the fence about is that he wrote it right when he sent it. I always thought because of timing it made more sense for him to write it either between Montana and battles or between battles and knockouts. Because his schedule went 8/24-8/26 knockouts and lobster day, 8/27 in north dakota watching gwen sebastian perform, 8/28-8/30 Mexico (and gwen sending her response). So if he sent it after he went away but he didn’t have cell service in Mexico that means he had to have written it and immediately sent it on 8/27, which seems a little bit of a stretch for someone so insecure about his writing skills. But I guess if he was that desperate to make a big romantic gesture for Gwen, then he might’ve been too frantic to stop and think about insecurities. 

Either way I think it’s adorable. Basically, in my mind, after 7ish weeks of talking and casually dating, they basically had a come to Jesus moment where it was like either get serious or let it go completely. And obviously they were both too far gone to want to let it go. 


OKAY so I know everybody pokes fun at this scene because haha Sam has long hair like Thor lol

BUT. According to Marvel (and real Norse) lore, Mjolnir is VERY picky about who can or can not wield it.

There are NO specific rules for who is allowed to wield it. The only description we are given is that Mjolnir is a SENTIENT ENTITY WHO IS CONSCIOUS ABOUT WHO IT WANTS TO BE USED BY.


BRUCE BANNER = All around good guy. Just has a “condition”. Never killed anyone (in human form)

TONY STARK = A bit of a playboy but is still a nice person, gave up his company to keep people safe

JAMES “RHODEY” ROADS = Is really just Tony’s best friend, a good guy who only wants to keep Tony safe. No homo. (maybe a lil’ homo)


Thor = (Obviously) He is not a perfect person. He can be arrogant, think himself above others (not much anymore but still), and has a very clear weakness when Loki is involved

Steve Rogers = There is no “almost worthy”. Steve CAN lift the hammer, he just didn’t want to embarrass Thor about his “I get to rule Asgard now” thing. He HAS killed people in the past. Suffers from PTSD



Well first look at the asshole who bought Mjolnir at that supernatural auction house. We see him cradling Mjolnir as he walks away. I think that the only reason he can hold it is because he’s a demon and is probably using some demon-witchy magic to lift it.







One in a Hundred

Friend: I just don’t get why some schools can require kids get certain vaccines.
Me: There are many reasons. One of the reasons is herd immunity. To protect kids who can’t get vaccines. Like ones with leukemia.
Friend: But that’s only several kids out of a hundred.
Me: Think of peanut allergies. Maybe it’s just one kid in the class, but we still don’t bring peanuts to class for that reason.
Friend: You know, that’s never really made sense to me either. Why does everyone else have to give up peanuts for one kid?
Me: Is it that big of a sacrifice to not have peanuts during the school day?
Friend: I guess not. But my point is that if something only affects one out of a hundred people, why do we make a change?
Me: Fair thought. Let’s think of it this way. Let’s say you’re walking down a street with one hundred people, okay?
Friend: Okay.
Me: And you see one suddenly topple over, and he’s unable to breath. No pulse.
Friend: Okay.
Me: Do you try to resuscitate him?
Friend: Yeah!
Me: Why? He’s just one in hundred.
Friend: But that- I don’t see how…
Friend: I think I get it.

so no we can’t talk and I know that I know that I know that but my hands still shake when I think of you with her and my heart still aches when I think of you touching her.
so maybe I should block you so I can’t reach out because if I reached out you’d only push me back down because every card I’ve ever fuckin owned was in your hands and you still picked her so
now you’ve got her.
and it can’t be both ways, anyway. we can be civil and
act like we never talked way too extensively about fucking but
it’s not like we’re gonna be friends, you know?
it’s not like we can talk like we talked and maybe next time I’m drunk I’ll give you a call and I can talk and you can listen and act like you’re mad but maybe just this once you won’t be because
you miss how it was but then you’ll whisper that you have to go and when you hang up you’ll roll over and put your arm around her and
i’ll probably throw up on the side of the road again and
try to forget all about you when I sober up in a bed that never had you in it but still felt empty when you left.
—  if you’re reading this let me know– lily rain

♡(人⸝⸝⸝ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ◡ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀⸝⸝⸝)♡ heartthrob song minho ♡(⸝⸝⸝ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ◡ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀⸝⸝⸝人)

You know, I can’t look at the past. I’ve got to go forward. I can’t keep trying to find something that I lost a long time ago. I guess one of my problems is I sort of never really appreciate the present until it’s past… What I really had to learn how to do was live in the now and not keep worrying about the past or worrying about the future… it’s like, I still have my friends who I’ve always had for years. And that is a scene within itself. It’s like the other night I had my friends over in my back yard and we just sat around and like roasted marshmallows over a fire. And that is like the best times people can have. Having an illegal fire in your back yard is great. That’s a scene within itself. And it was really good for me. Living life like that is really good for me. Maybe it’s not going to be at Gilman Street anymore, but it’s always going to be somewhere. Let the other kids take over that place now.
—  Billie Joe Armstrong
MTV’s Season 2 Character Descriptions for Shadowhunters


This season, Clary finds herself at crossroads between her mundane life and her new Shadowhunter life. “In a way this season is about finding where your true home is,” Swimmer told MTV News.


The Institute is on lockdown when Shadowhunters returns — but Clary isn’t going to sit around and do nothing while her friend, and maybe brother, Jace is still under the merciless Valentine’s thumb. Things aren’t looking for great for this Shadowhunter. 


Poor Simon. Someone so pure shouldn’t have to endure this much pain, but it wouldn’t be Shadowhunters if Simon wasn’t suffering somehow. “There’s something that breaks your heart about Simon,” Slavkin said. “We have this great moment where he tries to go home again, but he can’t … It’s hard for him to let go of that because it’s his mom, and he loves his mom, and he loves his sister. It’s devastating.”


Watching Clary and Izzy develop a friendship in Season 1 was one of the show’s strengths. This season, however, something happens midway through the first 10 episodes that causes some serious friction between the two Shadowhunters.


Expect Alec to struggle with the fact that The Clave, the institution he’s built his entire life around, might not actually be the good guys.


At the end of the first season, Magnus and Alec shared their first kiss, and Season 2 picks up right where they left off. Meanwhile, the High Warlock of Brooklyn will also take Simon under his wing and show him what life in the Shadow World is all about, and we’ll learn more about his colorful history with Simon’s sire, Raphael.


This season, Luke is finally part of the action. His history in Idris will be explored through a series of flashbacks, and bits and pieces of his life before he was a werewolf are revealed.


I am made from the saddest kind of poetry, the words flowing through my veins are more bridges we should burn because a love like this shouldn’t exist inside of my souls that still long when I no longer remember what it is exactly that I wish for– maybe it’s the best friend feeling, the I can share anything with you feeling, the I could tell you that you’re my heart without fear of rejection, the I’ll kiss you goodnight but these tears need to happen less often, the we’ll argue but in the end, I’ll always try to make things work, the I’m sorry after telling you that I’d leave because I’m a shitty lover, the I’m not perfect but you’re not either, we can be imperfect together, the I’m not the one for you right now type of guy, the last words you said inked into my mind, the I need to get over this really quickly or I’ll be going insane feeling, the stress that blows over as smoke, you’re in my lungs and I’m still suffering– I don’t remember much, hell, I don’t feel much, shit, I don’t know much. Writing is an outlet that I no longer understand. It’s just more words trying to pull meaning from pointless things. Poetry is honest, so I’ll be honest. I don’t know what love feels like anymore. Not family love. We’re not talking about that. Not tough love, we’ve got enough scars. I’m not even sure if it’s even romantic love anymore, you’re a movie waiting to end and I’m just the credits that’ll never roll over and play dead. I am made from the saddest kind of words– I can only be heard at 4 am and if you’re really listening, I’m just talking about the bad things after the good. I don’t write about the good anymore, damn, I don’t think I’ve ever tried. Would you like a small detail to it? You’d like that wouldn’t you? Darling, you’re not getting anything from me. Those memories belong to our past– it’s just one big loop. I’ve been jumping and it’s never back into your arms, it’s just who you used to be. Some nights, I dream about who I used to be. You know something? I really did love us at one point, but now? I just write about feelings that’ll make sense one day. A confusion without the question. An answer that’s not scared of the truth. The lie that’s beautiful, inside and out. The words… the poetry… I’m just another heart waiting to bleed. More words designed to make people feel. The writer’s curse. A heart bursting into stomach butterflies that has waited a thousand years to escape. A painting waiting to be a masterpiece. A prick from thorns waiting for the rose to die. A star still explaining itself to veins that bleeds gold. A poet without feelings, darling, I still feel everything and I hate it.
—  Poetry and drugs

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What is you top 5 fics

I gave my top 10 11 bc I couldn’t narrow it down (still had a hard time narrowing it down).  In no specific order;

I have a lot of fav fanfics that I enjoyed as much as these fics, these are just the ones I’ve reread the most so now that I barely have new fics to read, I’ll be rereading other fics as well.

What’s your #1 fic

Don’t have one.


Pairing: Reader x Jaehyun
Genre: Angst
Request: “ could you write an angsty Jaehyun scenario? Something like the girl likes Jaehyun but he thinks he doesn’t feel the same way and when she moves on (maybe w Ten) he realizes he actually liked her? Please and thank you!!”

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“I..I like you, Jaehyun,” you said, shyly, blushing as you look down.

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Prompts Time!

Oh wow, it’s been AGES since I’ve done this. *taps mic* Is this still on? 

So these prompts come from @iobeyfandoms​, and the link is here. I’m just posting my favorite ones. I’ll put the pairings that some of them make me think of in the tags, but y’all can prompt me anything!

  • I can’t tell whether this is a date because you asked to see a movie but I’m still not sure you’re queer, and I’m toeing the line because maybe you’re just trying to make friends
  • I decided to flip a coin about every decision in my life for a week and that’s how we ended up on a date 
  • We’re both meant to be going on blind dates with other people but we sat down at the wrong table and got our hopes up
  • We had one really bad date and never spoke again and now our friends have set us up on a blind date 
  • We’re going on a blind date - but wait a moment, aren’t you that went down on me in a back alley behind a club year ago? … what do you mean “which one”?
  • You’re my waiter and I’m on a really crappy date with an asshole 
  • we’re both ‘team leaders’ at a summer camp for little people and you may be hot but goddammit my collection of twelve-year-olds are going to beat yours into the dust
  • I used to be the best baker in the neighbourhood but then you showed up at Mrs Appleby’s 80th birthday with a stack of brownies which almost gave me an orgasm my honour is at stake and I’m going all out for the next event
  • a mutual friend invited us to their laser tag party and we’re the last two alive on opposite teams and goddammit if I’m going down you’re going down with me 
  • I fell in love with you three lifetimes ago and I’ve been looking for you ever since but I’ve been starting to give up and my friend’s new crush has your eyes and oh god I’m not going to steal someone’s date just because I’m hoping you’re the person I met in a past life
  • “We’re both baristas and sometimes I have trouble reaching for things and I show up to work one day to find a personalized stool with hearts and my name on it i hATE YOU but also thanks” 
  • “You are very tall and I am very short so you run into me all the time and honestly this is getting ridiculous” 
  • “I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately.” 
  • “I left my phone number on the bathroom stall wall and you text me about your day and your frustrations for a month & it’s really nice and cute but I still don’t know who you are” 
  •  “Someone wrote I’m cute in the bathroom stall and your notes match the handwriting” 
  • a scary-looking person who unintentionally makes kids cry and a daycare volunteer meet at a children-filled park
  • rebellious teenager who’s failing all their classes is assigned a studious tutor
  • “your country’s trying to take over/annex my country and you’re making it difficult to hate you because you’re so nice and attractive stop it”
  • “we’ve been engaged to be married since we were three but this is the first time we’ve met and your portraits really don’t do you justice” 
  • Trapped in a bank during a robbery
  • Somehow, we always end up sitting next to each other during the weekly gatherings to watch [Game of Thrones, SVU, Rupaul’s Drag Race, pick a show] in our dorm’s really good TV room 
  • I took a bunch of free condoms from health services just because i could and they all fell out of my bag at once and now you’re staring at me weirdly 

And that’s a wrap! Feel free to prompt me any time! You don’t need to restrict yourself to these pairings or these prompts if you don’t want to, there’s still soulmate aus, song fics, etc. Enjoy!

  • alexander: welcome my friends whom i love, i gathered you here today so you can tell me your opinion on this thing, please speak freely without fear!! i'm open to everything and anyone :) please just say
  • literally any general: well i mean maybe we should j
  • alexander: what the fuck???? excuse me what the fuck??? are you stupid or you just don't understand anything relating to war at all??? how dare you speak to me i don't deserve this i hate all of you
BTS reaction to you being open about casual skinship

anonymous asked:  Could I request a bts reaction to you (s/o or crush or friend w/E) being very open about casual skinship (like friendly cuddles, hair ruffles, cheek kisses, hugs, back hugs, etc?)
Jin- *Be affectionate back to you*

Originally posted by sunshine-hobi

Suga- “Come here, let me hug you”

Originally posted by minpuffs

Jimin- “even though you messed up my hair, you’re still cute”

Originally posted by bwipsul

Jungkook- “Maybe we can do more than just hugging and kissing”

Originally posted by donewithjeon

Jhope- “Come give me a hug! I deserve it after a long concert!”

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Rap Monster- “I love it when you hug me even if you scared the shit out of me”

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V- “I didn’t get my daily hug and kisses”

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Amami’s FTE #2 (Kaede)


Rantarou Amami: Akamatsu-san… You said earlier, “Let’s become friends once we get out of here.”

Rantarou Amami: Was that really serious?

Kaede Akamatsu: Yeah, of course!

Kaede Akamatsu: Even if it was during this kind of situation, I’m still glad that I met everyone… I think this meeting should be treasured.

Rantarou Amami: …I see.

Kaede Akamatsu: W-what? Could it be that Amami-kun isn’t very interested?

Rantarou Amami: No, that’s not it.

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i’m quite a nerd when it comes to planning trips. my friends call me “missis google.” my friends still call me up and, like, tell me “oh, we kinda wanna go to this part of the world, and maybe for this budget.” and they kind of mention it, because they know that i’m like “oh, really? okay!” if the roles doesn’t come in in a few years, maybe i can start a travel agency.

Searching for mutals!

I’m new to tumblr and I’m still quiet lonely on here so please reblog this post if you post about:

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Maybe we can be friends :)