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SHINee taking you to a movie


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  •  Would walk in to the cinema holding your hand like ‘yeah, she’s my girlfriend, isn’t she beautiful?’
  • Gets a huge box of popcorn and chomps on it more and more as the movie gets climactic 
  • The clumsy man would probably accidentally spill his drink on himself
  • And maybe trip on the way out
  • Has his arm around you for the whole movie and attacks you with cute cheek and nose kisses
  • Won’t shut up about the film for the whole night
  • Makes everyone jealous as he twirls you around and carries you on his shoulders going home
  • “Jagi, I had such a good time with you! I wouldn’t want to go with anyone else! Can we go every weekend baby, please?!” 


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  • Will see whatever you want to see as you’re his princess
  • Most likely to do something naughty in the cinema 
  • Like you’ll most definitely feel his hand running up your thigh
  • We all know he’ll be a crier if he see’s a sad movie
  • Calls you babe/baby in front of everyone
  • He won’t stop playing with his hair
  • Everyone will be like ‘who the hell is laughing like that?’ at the funny parts because everyone knows what Key’s laugh is like
  • He’s the type to stay until the credits end just in case anything else happens
  • He’ll probably miss half of the movie because of him kissing you 
  • “We can see whatever you want babe, anything that makes you happy. You are by Princess after all.”


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  • He’ll hold your hand but blush the whole way through getting your tickets because of it
  • Before the movie starts he’ll gather up the courage to tell you how pretty you look
  • He’ll miss half of the movie by going to the toilet 24/7 
  • Secretly wants to do something naughty in the cinema but is too shy to initiate it
  • He’ll hold your hand and rub yours with his thumb instead 
  • Asks you questions during the movie like you know what’s gonna happen
  • He’ll probably be asked to be quiet by the people behind you cause he’ll be chatty as hell
  • He’s the type to hear ‘enjoy the movie’ and say ‘you too’ to the assistant
  • “So is she going to to choose the bad guy or the good guy then? Oh yeah, you don’t know. Sorry baby, I’ll try to be quiet.”


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  • Carries your bag for you in to the cinema
  • Doesn’t know what food to get so he gets one of everything
  • Will keep pointing out what’s happening in the film to make sure you understand in an accidentally condescending way
  • He’ll find a reason to cry at a film
  • Yet he’ll still feel good enough to kiss your neck and whisper what he wants to do to you afterwards in the darkness
  • He loves it when you rest your head on his shoulder
  • Wants to feed you sweets and crisps like it’s a picnic
  • You’ll catch him gazing at you just to see your reaction the the film
  • He’ll clap at the end of the film if he enjoyed it for some reason 
  • “I hope you know that just because I’m being a good boy here, doesn’t mean I won’t be doing some very bad stuff with you when we get home, baby girl.” 


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  • Minho would beg you to let him watch the sport themed movie
  • But being the softie he is, he’ll watch whatever you decide and at least pretend to be in to it
  • He’s the type to secretly enjoy a chick flick
  • Starts a mini popcorn throwing fight during the film
  • As for skinship, he’d rather take you in to the toilets for a quickie over starting something he can’t finish in public
  • Minho would have all the girls staring at him, even if they were in a relationship too
  • He’ll wait until you’re in bed cuddling to ask you what you thought about the movie and that’ll be your cute bedtime talk before sleeping
  • “Yah, baby, I have to admit it got me a bit teary. I mean when they kissed after all that time! I love spending quality time with you.” 

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Hi I'm sorry could I request another Peter Parker smut headcannon? I'm Spider-Man trash

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  • Peter. Parker. Has. A. Praise. Kink.
  • He loves to be praised.
  • He loves to get his hair pulled because he knows then that he doing good shit.
  • He loves hearing you moan loudly because then he knows he’s doing it right.
  • Boi will find your G-Spot in places you didn’t know you had.
  • He will find the best positions for you.
  • He will use his Spidey-Sense to know when you are feeling the most pleasure.
  • He also has a pet-play kink.
  • He didn’t know how to introduce it so he just bought you cat ears.
  • He also loves to be teased ruthlessly.
  • He also is a switch.
  • Boi can go from “I’m daddy,” to “please let me cum” in a matter of seconds.
  • He also loves blowjobs.
  • He especially loves it when you look up because you look really innocent and it makes him wanna scream.
  • He also loves any position where he can see your face.
  • “Babe can we have sex upside down?”
  • He’s asked that a few times.
  • You’ve tried a few times but he never works.
  • You guys go at it like rabbits to be honest.
  • At the end he always cleans you up nicely and puts on new clothes for you.
  • He treats you like a queen when you guys are done.
  • He even draws you a shower then takes your towel and throws it in the dryer so it comes out warm for you.
  • He’s so sweet oml

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Baby Fever - Harrison Osterfield

Tom and his wife had recently had their baby. Only a couple of hours ago. You had to convince Harrison not to go to the north for many reasons, 1) not his baby, but he would clap back with ‘I’m the godfather’ 2) he would be scared for life. You decided to distract him when Tom sent you a text saying that his wife was in labor. You knew what to do.

“Babe. Can we go see Tom today?” Harrison asked you, as he walked over and placed his hands on your hips and kissed down you shoulder and neck.

“We saw Tom yesterday.” You say as you lean against the basin as you washed the dishes.

“But I didn’t tell him the story about when we went to Paris and I asked you to marry me.”

“I’m pretty sure you told him four times last night.” You giggle spinning around to face him. You placed your wet hands on his cheeks, cupping them. “It’s my favourite story. Why don’t you tell me?” You whispered playing a peck to his lips. Harrison shook his head. You sigh.

“Maybe we should go shopping? Christmas is only just around the corner, and you still need to buy some gifts for your family.” You ask Harrison, trying to distract him.

“Yeah, maybe.” Harrison smirked and winked at you, placing his hands on your lower waist.

“Fine. We can have sex first, and then we’ll go.” You gave up.

“Way ahead of you babe.”


You made your way to Target, hoping to find something decent to give Harrison’s family. You pulled out a trolley and wove it around the store.

“Maybe some perfume for Charlotte?” Harrison suggested looking at the rack of 1000+ perfumes.

“Sounds good.” I smiled as he put a bottle in the trolley. “Hmm, what about a dining setting or something for your parents?” You suggest and he shakes his head.

“Got them one last year.” Harrison shrugged and you some how made your way to the baby section. Harrison sighed and walked straight through it. You both made an agreement that you were both too young too have kids just yet. He’s career was kicking off and going really well. Although his mother consistently asked when she’d be expecting grandchildren. Harrison hated the topic of it.

“Babe, maybe we should get Tom and his wife something. You know, for when they have the baby.” You smile looking at all the baby clothes and toys.

“You can choose something.” Harrison muttered and you sighed.

“I think he would mean something if you chose it for them. Considering you are his best friend.” You told him choosing out two neutral toned clothes.

“I like the one of the left.” He says with out even looking.

“Babe. Please. Just look at me.” You say grabbing his wrist so he would look at you. “What’s wrong?” You ask him pouting.

“It’s nothing.” He mumbles. You raise an eyebrow. You knew him better than that. “I want kids.” He whispers.

“Sorry what was that?” You ask him.

“I want kids. Not now, but some day. You know…” he trailed off. You took your hand off his wrist and into his hand. “My family have been giving me so much pressure, you know, the whole family name thing and it gets annoying. Every time I’m with them, when are you having kids? When can we expect little Osterfields? We can’t wait for you to carry on the name? What if I let them down (Y/N)?”

“Oh baby. You won’t.” You smile at him placing a peck on his lips but he didn’t flinch. “I promise you. One day we will have kids. I don’t know when, or how. I don’t even know I’m fertile.” You told him. “But I can tell you this, you are going to be the best father out there. Your family just have to wait.” You tell him trailing you hands down from his shoulders to his hands, and you held them. “Whether we have one or two, maybe four. Right now, we need to focus on you. Your career is going so well, you landed another major role. A child would just be too much right now.” You told him and he nodded.

“But one day yeah?”


“Does that mean more sex?”

“Only when we start trying? Okay.” You giggle as Harrison smirked. He looked over your shoulder and gazed at the frames and plush dolls.

“How about this?” He asked smiling, changing the topic. He picked up a frame and a clay kit where you make the baby’s hand and feet prints and you can hang them up as decoration.

“It’s cute.” You smile as he wraps a arm around your shoulder and admires the gift.

“We should also get it a pacifier.” He paused. “And some bottles.” He picked one up. “And a blanket.” His demeaned changed and he was so much happier. “And a plush toy. This one makes noises.” He told you excitedly picking up the small plush bear.

“I’m sure they’re going to love it.” You tell him smiling.

“Of course. Because I chose it.” Harrison chuckled putting everything in the trolley. Your phone began to buzz and it was Tom.

“Hey Tom. How’s everything?” You smile and Harrison turns to you.

“Great. Yeah. He was born like ten minutes ago.”

“That’s great. Is he all well and healthy?”

“He? He! Tom had a boy!”

“Yeah yeah he’s good.” Tom laughed as he heard Harrison in the background. You decide to put your phone on speaker.

“Mate! Congratulations.” Harrison said proudly.

“Thanks mate. Yeah. He’s names Max. You can come meet him if you want.”

“Come on (Y/N). We need to go now!”

“Sorry about him Tom.”

“Hey. I’m sorry for you. You’re marrying him.” Tom laughed as did you.

“Thanks.” You roll your eyes. “Were just going to buy a couple of things. Is there anything you guys need? Food? Magazines or something to read? I’ll try and keep him distracted-okay Harrison, I’m coming.” You say as Harrison takes the trolley from you.

“Yeah, maybe some food would be good.” Tom laughed. “Try and since a beer or two if you could.”

“Will do.” You say. “See you soon.” You tell him.

“Yeah see ya.” He hangs up. After paying for your goods, picking up some candy bars at the check out and a couple of magazines for Tom and his wife to read incase they get bored, you make your way to a Mexican take away place in the shopping centre food court. Harrison brought heaps of tacos and nachos to eat in the car and to share with Tom.

You eventually made it to the hospital, hoping the food wasn’t cold yet. You could tell Harrison was happy. He had a skip and a jump in his step. You followed him to the room you knew Tom’s wife was staying in. Harrison didn’t even knock on the door he just walked straight in.



“Congratulations man. Can we see him? Hold him? We brought gifts! And food.” Harrison said over excitedly hugging his best friend. You greet Tom’s wife and sit down on the chair in the corner of the room as Harrison looked around.

“Where is he? My nephew? My godson.”

“Chill Harrison mate. He’s just getting checked on.” Tom chuckled as the nurse walked in carrying the little baby.

“I’ll take him.” Harrison practically shouted. The nurse looked at Tom’s wife. She nodded as consent. The nurse gave Harrison the baby and he told him carefully.

“Look (Y/N). Look at his eyes. He has blue eyes.”

“I can see Harrison.” You giggle walking over to him. You cup the babies cheek and caress it’s face.

“Aww you’re so cute.” You smile as he smiles back. “Well done guys.” You giggle to Tom.

“Hey (Y/N). We’ve been meaning to ask.” Tom’s wife begins to speak.

“Considering Harrison is Max’s godfather, there’s no one else we trust more than Harrison if anything was to happen to Max, so would you like to become his godmother?” Tom asked you smiling nervously.

“Of course. I would be honoured.” You smile looking down at the baby.

“See Harrison, that’s a sort of response we expected.”

“What?” You ask, looking up from the baby to Tom looking confused.

“When we asked Harrison to be Max’s godfather, he practically jumped and kiss Tom.” Tom’s wife laughed as Tom sat at the end of her bed.

“Well that’s Harrison for you.” You giggle.

“Alright mate. Let (Y/N) hold her before he gets grumpy and he needs a feed.” Tom tom Harrison and he pouted and carefully handed you the child to hold. You smiled at the little boy. In the moment, everything went silent. Now you knew how Harrison felt whilst holding the baby. Now you knew how Garrison feels when he gets asked about children in the future. He wants the attention. He wants this moment. With you. Just you, him and your future baby. You smile down at the little boy as he didn’t make a noise. You sigh. God you wanted a baby just as much as Harrison. Maybe even more.

“You’re so gorgeous.” You whisper to the baby as he smiles shutting his eyes. Your heart just melted then and there. Harrison noticed.

“You alright? Tom asked you a question and you didn’t answer.”

“Sorry. I was just distracted.”

“Yeah. We could tell.” Tom chuckled as he looked at you, then to Harrison and his wife. You were definitely sending signals to Harrison, hoping he got them. And believe me, he did.

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late evening

“Tony!! Tonyyyy!!”

“Wha– what is happening?!”

“I just got a call!! Our twins are on their way!!”

“What?! But they weren’t due till next week!”

“You can tell them that when you see them! Our babies are being born! Get your perky ass in the car! I am driving!”

“Okay, okay! You will be a terrible parent with that kind of attitude! Did you get the bag with baby stuff?”

*yells from the car* “… Tony, don’t forget the bag with baby stuff!”

“You would forget your head if it wasn’t on your shoulders.”

*again from the car* “Baaaabeeee, we need car keys!!”

“Okay, no, first you were adorable, now you are annoying. Get out of the car, cool down, get the baby bag and I will order a taxi for us, you can’t drive like this.”

“But but but—”

“Calm down and take a deep breath. Our babies are on their way and they can’t see you being such mess. Okay? Better? We can go now.”

“Thanks, babe, don’t know what I would do without you… And I didn’t expect you to be the calm one.”

“Well, I am more mature and stuff. So, now you move your butt and we are on our way.”


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The best reputation lyrics for your instagram caption

@ Your Crush

  1. -Touch me and You’ll never be alone.
  2. -In the middle of the night in my Dreams, you should see the things we do baby.
  3. - I don’t wanna touch you, I don’t wanna be Just another ex-love you don’t wanna see
  4. - We can’t make any promises now, can we, babe? But you can make me a drink…
  5. - Do the girls back home touch you like I do?
  6. - Sometimes I wonder when you sleep are you ever dreaming of me?
  7. -Sometimes when I look into your eyes I pretend you’re mine, all the damn time
  8. -I’m so chill, but you make me jealous
  9. - You should think about the consequence Of your magnetic field being a little too strong
  10. - You’ve ruined my life, by not being mine
  11. -You’re so gorgeous Ican’t say anything to your face ‘Cause look at your face
  12. - And you should think about the consequence of you touching my hand in the darkened room
  13. - There’s nothing I hate more than what I can’t have You are so gorgeous it makes me so mad
  14. - I don’t want you like a best friend Only bought this dress so you could take it off

For when you’re feeling yourself

  1. -Stealing hearts and running off and never saying sorry
  2. -I’ve been breakin’ hearts a long time and toyin’ with them older guys
  3. - I’m perfectly fine, I live on my own I made up my mind, I’m better off bein’ alone

For your insta With bae

  1. -Every lover known in comparison is a failure
  2. - Lord, save me, my drug is my baby I’ll be usin’ for the rest of my life
  3. - My name is whatever you decide And I’m just gonna call you mine
  4. - I’m insane, but I’m your baby
  5. - You know I’m not a bad girl, but I Do bad things with you
  6. -You did a number on me But, honestly, baby, who’s counting?
  7. -And all at once, you are the one I have been waiting for
  8. - The taste of your lips is my idea of luxury
  9. - My broken bones are mending With all these nights we’re spending
  10. -Drinking beer out of plastic cups Say you fancy me, not fancy stuff
  11. - And darling, you had turned my bed into a sacred oasis
  12. - They’ve got no idea about me and you
  13. - You kiss my face and we’re both drunk Everyone thinks that they know us But they know nothing about
  14. -You don’t need to save me But would you run away with me?
  15. - You and me from the night before
  16. - Hold on to the memories, they will hold on to you

Throwing Shade

  1. - This is why we can’t have nice things, darling Because you break them I had to take them away
  2. - I swear I don’t love the drama, it loves me
  3. - They say I did something bad but why’s it feel so good?
  4. - But then you stabbed my back while shaking my hand
  5. - But I’m not the only friend you’ve lost lately If only you weren’t So shady
  6. - Here’s a toast to my real friend They don’t care about that he said, she said
  7. - And here’s to you 'Cause forgiveness is a nice thing to do…… Haha, I can’t even say it with a straight face
  8. - All the liars are calling me one
  9. - I don’t like your perfect crime How you laugh when you lie
  10. -Honey, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time
  11. -I’ve got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined
  12. - The world moves on, another day, another drama, drama, but not for me, not for me all I think about is karma
  13. - I don’t trust nobody and nobody trusts me I’ll be the actress starring in your bad dreams

For THAT ex

  1. - If a man talks shit, then I owe him nothing
  2. -You were drivin’ the getaway car We were flyin’, but we’d never get far
  3. - But you weren’t thinkin’ And I was just drinkin’
  4. - But with three of us, honey, it’s a side show and a circus ain’t a love story
Mama Y/N - Peter Parker x Reader

/gif not mine. sorry this is shitty i’m typing it up on my phone.

“Make sure you lock all the doors correctly” your mother repeated for like the fiftieth time that day. You just sighed and nodded. “Yes, mother, if someone tries to break in you’ll hear it all the way to London.” You reassured, helping your mother with her bags as she walked towards the door. Just as she walked out the door and sprinted to catch a cab, she yelled at you. “Oh, and Leah is bringing the twins later so you can babysit them!” “What?” You answered, knowing your plans with your boyfriend for later were already ruined. Frustrated, you waved goodbye to your mother and got back in the house.

Picking up your phone, you quickly dialed your boyfriends number. “Hello? This is Peter” Was heard on the other side of the line. “Yeah, I think our date just crashed…” you announced rather upset, to which he quickly responded, “What? Why?” “My mom’s friend is bringing her children for me to babysit later.” You explained. “I see…” he sounded disappointed yet thoughtful. “It’s alright, we can see each other tomorrow, babe.” He declared, before you both said your goobyes and I love yous and ended the call. Though his voice sounded suspicious at the very end, you brushed it off and prepared everything for the twins’ arrival.

Around half an hour later, Leah, your mother’s friend rang your doorbell. She was wearing a beautiful, fancy dress and you immediately knew why she wanted you to babysit. She told the twins to behave themselves, and the four-year-old boys looked at each other and smirked. You took the boys inside after their mom left and before you could make it past the living room, someone knocked at your door. Oh no. The only person that knocked instead of using the doorbell was no other than your boyfriend, Peter Parker. You told the boys to wait for you in the living room -which of course, they didn’t- while you went to the door.

“Hey beautiful.” your boyfriend greeted, offering you a single rose. “Hey stubborn.” You replied gesturing him to come inside, to which he shrugged and walked in. The twins were already playing with some expensive object they would probably break soon. “Why are you here?” You asked while you rushed towards them to take your mother’s favorite vase from their power. “Well, I couldn’t wait to see you so I thought I could come and help you out…” he explained himself, staring at you and the twins, the three of you looking back at him. “Well, this is James and this is Jake,” his eyes widened as he finally paid close attention to their faces, which were practically identical. “I really hope they like you.”

“How can you tell them apart?” He asked confused, trying to find something that could be his answer. But the fact that they were wearing the exact same clothes didn’t help a lot, either. “I’ve been babysitting them since they were born,” you explained, “I’ve learned each one of their differences.” He wished he could do that right now. Suddenly James hit Jake and they both started running around the coffee table that sat in the middle of the living room. “James!” You scolded, looking at one boy. “Jake!” Looking at the other boy. And poor Peter just stared at you, completely confused and admiring you.

“Let’s go to the playing room!” You announced and they both cheered and ran out. “Can you keep an eye on them and play a movie while I get snacks?” You half asked half begged, to which he agreed, but looked quite terrorized. You quickly took a pack of chocolate chip cookies out of the pantry and poured them on a plate, took two plastic cups out of the cabinet and poured milk on them. Gracefully, you took the snacks to the playing room where Peter and the twins laid on the couch already, watching the movie, cuddling against one another. It was quite a scene to watch. “Moana…” you said, calling the attention of the three boys, and as soon as the twins saw you, they started running around. “Cookies! Mama Y/N brought cookies!” They both cheered in unison. Peter looked at you with a funny look.

“They started shooting questions as soon as you left” he said, looking at the boys. “My name, age, job, one of them even asked for my intentions with you!” You laughed, placing the plate and cups on the little table in front of them. “And… Mama Y/N?” He asked after the boys sat and started eating the cookies. You just chuckled. “As I said, they’ve known me since forever. I’m like their second mother…” you stopped talking when he smiled and looked at the ground. “What?” You asked, kind of offended. “Nothing.” He answered, shaking his head in denial. “Actually, this.” He said, quickly pressing his lips to yours. You were about to kiss him back, but a pair of ‘eww’s were heard from behind you. You both blushed and laughed it off.

The four of you spent the afternoon playing around and watching Disney movies. Peter didn’t learn how to tell the twins apart, though, he just called their names randomly. Later, when Leah came to pick the boys up, Peter opened the door and invited Leah in while you finished helping them tie their laces. As soon as they saw their mom they started yelling “Mama Y/N has a boyfriend! Mama Y/N has a boyfriend!” Peter blushed and you laughed, “shhh… you’re too young.” They both laughed as they left, making kissing noises until they got to the car.

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me: i’m okay. this is all going to hell but i’m okay
crazy ex girlfriend: the instrumental to ‘what’ll it be’ plays in the background while greg doubts rebeccas feelings for him 
me: …. no no no no
crazy ex girlfriend: greg self-sabotages and pushes rebecca away before he can get pushed away because he doesn’t think he’s enough 

Romantic Relationship with Rung

● Rung is the most thoughtful caring boy ™

● Rung will always 100% have time for his partner. Oh, he’s with a patient? Well, then his partner might have to wait a little while. He does still have a job to do, after all… Unless it’s something very very serious. In which case, his patients understand. ‘You go man. Go take care of your babe we can reschedule for two o'clock Monday see you then.’

● He always knows when his partner is feeling down. Always. No matter how hard said partner tries to hide it. He will not rest until they feel better. Hugs and kisses will help? He’s all over that. They just need some space? Alright. They’ll definitely find cute little love notes and sweets set out for them in their room, though.

● Rung will pull his partner into his lap to give soft kisses and loving words. He’ll rest his head in the crook of their neck, his arms around their waist, and there is definitely a chance he’ll fall asleep like this. Let him rest. It’s been a long day and you would not believe the things he has had to put up with on this ship.

● Alternatively, if his partner is bigger than him, Rung will stand on their lap and smooch their entire face. There is no escape. He will also definitely sleep in their lap.

● Pick this boy up and smother him with kisses. His flustered expression is completely worth it and his giggling is the greatest reward. If in public, his cooling fans will immediately kick on and he will stutter. Help this flustered boy.

To Keep You Safe// Part - 1/2

Pairing: Peter x reader

Summary: being a superhero may be fun, stuff of every nerd’s dreams but it had its cons. Peter knew everything couldn’t always be good for him, he knew he had to sacrifice his happiness for the sake of your safety.

Request: @loser-with-a-lap-top​: Could you do prompt #14 with Peter Parker where Peter breaks up with the reader in attempts to keep her safe, but she still doesn’t know he’s spiderman yet so she’s really confused on why he’s breaking up with her, and then she finds out and is even more upset that he was lying. Feel free to change what ever you want. THANK YOU😊

A/N: hey, baby boos. so get ready for an angsty fic this is gonna be rollercoaster of teen emotions. sorry but not sorry. It will have a fluffly end but this part is pure angst. stay tuned for second part because it will have some action. and steam, so wait for it. i had to write it on tumblr so I couldn’t edit it, but it so please look over any mistakes. hope you like it!

Warning(s): swearing, crying, break up. and teengers talking about ya know what. (yes that’s a warning. love me some shameless peter)

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Peter sat on the edge of the building, thinking. he liked to do that after doing his daily secret superhero work.he liked to just breathe while he looked over the city while he thought about literally everything. but lately that everything had become gloomy, it wasn’t sweet, crazy teenager things mixed with being a hero it was… the ugly face of life kept well hidden under that.

everything was so good, but it wasn’t supposed to be like that right? he was Spiderman, he had an amazing girlfriend, i.e, you, school had gone good and Ned, his best friend who knew about his secret identity had actually helped him rather than running away. things were great; and he knew they shouldn’t be.

he lied down and rested his head in his arms. he exhaled deeply and closed his eyes, remembering that exact memory.

‘you see kid, when you become like us.’ tony pointed at himself. ‘you sign up for a really heavy weight being slammed up on your shoulders. I know you’re strong peter, but you gotta be really careful from now on. you have the weight of the whole world on your shoulders now and especially your loved ones.’ he looked at peter who was listening carefully but couldn’t quite understand what he had meant by the last line. ‘the bad guys, always find your weaknesses.’

the sudden ringing of his phone snapped him back to where he was. he sat right up and saw it was another missed call from you. after further scrolling and searching he saw how many messages you had sent him.

“no one’s home, make it quick and we can cuddle and make out.”

“taking too long, parker. be quick.”

“hmmm, let me see if Ned’s free.” was the latest message. he quickly called you.

‘i’ll be right there, don’t call that horn dog!’ he said urgently. your familiar chuckle answered, he knew you must be shaking your head at him too.

‘i’m way too loyal and in love with you to do that, mon amour.’ you said. he blushed and rubbed the back of his neck. he replied with a shy ‘yeah.’ and you grinned.

‘now, get your cute butt over here so that we can cuddle till we have time. see you, babe. love you.’

‘love you too.’ he smiled looking down.

No bed made covered in silk sheets, pillows filled with the softest feathers, could provide peter the comforts you did when you let him use yourself as a pillow while you massaged his head or ran your fingers through his hair. he nuzzled in your chest and you jerked up. he looked at you questioningly.

‘your hair tickled me nothing else.’ you patted his head. he returned to his position grinning.

‘they’re just, very nice.’ he looked at you grinning slyly before kissing you. ‘do I ever get a chance to..’ he trailed off and gave you that look of his no one lese got to saw. that smug, lusty look you hated but also loved.

‘fuck off, parker.’ you pushed him away laughing. he was quick to get close to you again.

‘I just mean no one’s home, you’re clearly not on your period, it’s a nice evening. everything points in that direction!’ he threw his arms in the air for emphasis. you covered your face to hide your burning face and lied down laughing.

‘oh my god, I hate you!’ you laughed. he got on top of you and pulled your hands away from your face.

‘no, you don’t.’ you both stayed in that position before he smiled deviously at you.

‘peter, no.’ you warned.

‘PETER YES!’ he shouted and started tickling you mercilessly. he couldn’t help but laugh himself as you tried to containing your laughter or push him away.

‘I love you, I don’t wanna hurt you! get off!’ you pushed at his chest as you panted. he stopped, huffed and rolled of you. ‘you’re an asshole.’ you panted.

‘i’m amazing, look I told you i’ll leave you tired and panting if you give me the chance.’ he said and you hit him with a pillow. he chuckled and lied beside you, pulling you in his chest. ‘i’m sorry, you bring out all my crazy.’ he kissed the top of your head. you mumbled something before you closed your eyes. he smiled at you and brushed away the stray hairs from your forehead. he loved you so much, he wished he’d never have to loose you and this moment could freeze here so that you two could stay like this forever.

‘the bad guys, always find your weaknesses.’

the words came back to him. Mr. Stark was right, it was his responsibility to protect you. he couldn’t put you in danger, aunt may had seen him in the costume and he couldn’t risk another person knowing about his identity or becoming a target because of him. He had made enemies on this journey and he had to take all the measures possible. he couldn’t lose more people, it hurts too much. Plus it doesn’t help when you are the reason your loved ones get hurt.

he sighed and looked at your peaceful sleeping face again, he didn’t want to do it. for once, he didnt want to be the self- sacrificing hero. he kissed your forehead one last time, got up and left.

the days passed away slowly and painfully, Peter wouldn’t talk properly to you. it was like something was bothering him, like a sad cloud was following him everywhere. then you finally asked him what was wrong, you really wish you hadn’t. or he hadn’t said what he did.

he looked at you trying to look strong and tough. only heaven knew what was going inside the poor boy’s head.

‘just tell me. please.’ you held his hand to provide him some strength but it only made it worse. he didn’t want to do it, he just wanted to hug you and never let you go but it things rarely happen the way you want them to. you cant have everything in the world.

‘I, I just think that we don't work well together. it’s not you it’s all me. i’m an idiot. i wish it didn’t have to happen and I am very, very sorry.’ he stopped abruptly so that his voice wouldn’t crack. you were taken a back, you throat went dry and you just wanted to cry.

you clenched your jaw in response and looked down. you never thought you would cry about a break but damn, it hurt. you nodded and rubbed your eyes.

‘I-’ he tried to step closer to you but you kept a hand in front.

‘goodbye, peter.’ you said with a voice devoid of any emotions and walked away.

you were hating this all so much, it hurt so much losing the person you thought cared about you. he had become some sort of a comfort blanket for you, you were left so vulnerable after that comfort blanket was ripped off from you.

you were walking away from the craft store to your home. you liked to take walks and occupy your brain with art so that you could feel better, it was like your own little therapy. suddenly, you heard some footsteps behind you. you started walking faster and they followed you, you were starting to think the worst but they were suddenly gone.

you turned around and saw that a man with a knife was webbed to the wall of the building. a relief washed over you, you took a deep breath and eased the grip of the bag in your hands.

‘you’re okay right?’ the red suit wearing superhero asked you.

‘yeah, i’m good.’ you ran a hand through your hair. he jumped down the building and hugged you tightly. ‘thank god.’ he breathed. you found it rather awkward and lightly patted his back. ‘it’s-’ you suddenly stopped. it was all too familiar, the voice, the tight hug….. ‘peter?’ you breathed.

‘ye- what? who peter?’ he sked and backed away. ‘i’m sorry girly, you mistake me for-’

‘peter parker, shut up.’ you shouted and he stopped. he punched the man hard to knock him out on his way to you.

‘(y/n), listen, I-’

‘the hell are you doing, peter?’ tears welled up in your eyes. ‘you leave me, then you follow me, then you turn out to be fucking spiderman, i mean what are you doing?’ your voice cracked. ‘do you know, how much it hurts when someone leaves you like that? it feels like you are the worst person in the world, and you know me, you know how I struggle with some things yet you left me. like everyone else.’ tears started flowing and you tried your best to wipe them all away. peter had never seen you cry, it broke his heart that he was the reason behind your tears. ‘you could’ve ripped my heart out, it wouldn’t hurt this much.’ you rubbed your eyes.

‘I am so sorry, (y/n).’ he kept a hand on your cheek. ‘I am just trying to keep you safe.’ he joined his forehead with yours. ‘I wish I didn’t have to do this.’ after saying this, he put on his mask shoot a web and was gone with a gust of wind.

he collapsed on his knees once he got in his room, it hurt so much. the knife wound on his back wasn’t as painful as much as his chest was aching with a broken heart. he took off his mask and stared it for a few minutes before throwing it  against the wall. he changed quickly and curled up in his bed. but hell it wasn’t as effective as you.  he hurt you and he hated it, he will eventually hurt everyone like this and he hated. it. he couldn’t save everyone.

‘peter? sweetie you, okay?’ aunt may creeked open the door. she knew he hadn’t been doing well lately.

‘no.’ he said, his voice empty. ‘I am not okay, may.’ she walked to him and sat on his bed, rubbing his arm to comfort him.

‘(y/n)?’ she asked.

‘I hurt her really bad.’ he covered his face in the blanket. superheroes don’t cry.

‘it’ll all be okay, don’t worry.’ she ran her hand through his hair and sighed.

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Part 2 coming soon

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I literally haven’t seen my OTP in the flesh together for two y e a r s, seven months, and four days, and counting…..

Chapter 19 (Behind the Walls)

Behind the Walls Masterlist

Pairing: Professor!Bucky X Reader

Words: 1,164

Warnings: Nothing I think!

Summary: You are currently getting your PhD in Art History, your dissertation being about The Power of Nudity in Art. Your advisor recommends you switch from being her TA to another professor because she feels her health is declining and wants you to get the best help/advice from someone new. She recommends Dr. James Barnes and believes he will be of great help to you. Things don’t turn out as you plan.

A/N: I am so sorry guys. I have been caught up with Grad school applications and school and other stuff but thanks for sticking with me! I love you all!! Let me know if you want to be tagged.

Tagging: @clairefxkingtemple@confidentrose@vashanatasha@your-puddin@shamvictoria11@gatorgal94@dreeams-unwind@sandycoelho@bellejeunefillesansmerci@thetruthin@mizzzpink@kashicanhaz@alswonderland@fantasticimpaladoctor@gashps@nbbuck@maece-rette@harleyscheekheart @pentaholicemmi417 @sorryidontspeakgrounder-world @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x @buckyshattergirl @lostinspace33 @iyanahhhhhh @angel–radio

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sam and tom would get a dog first bc they would want it to be a trial for kids they would think "if we can handle a dog we can handle a baby how different are they really" and once you conquer a dog you guys have a baby and the dog l o v e s the baby and they're like "see babe we can handle a dog AND a baby we're basically superheroes"


Puppies and Donghyuck

Puppy Shelter w Donghyuck!
•omg im soft already
•soft for Donghyuck
•soft for puppies
•double soft
•so taeyong says screw it and gives everyone the day off (*cough* because he needs a break *cough*)
•so hyuck calls you up all excited
•you know you’re concerned at first
•"…did… did you guys kill Taeyong?“
•"what? Oh- no, he just wants to sleep! Babe I’m coming over! Can I come over? I wanna come over!”
•realistically he’s the real puppy
•"of course you can come over Hyuck!“
•and you can hEAR the smile in his voice "omg okay I’ll be there soon!” *in the distance* “taEYONG CAN YOU TAKE ME TO Y/N HOUSE”
•what a frickin nerd (cutie)
•you can hear the exasperation in Taeyong’s voice he just wants rest
•but of course Taeyong says yes and Donghyuck is on the way!
•so naturally it’s been a few days since you’ve seen each other bc of work and school
•so you open the door and Hyuck just tackles you in a huge bear hug and a string of “OhMyGodBabeIMissedYouSoMuchILoveYouImNeverEverLeavingEverAgainILoveYou-”
•this kid iMsoFT
•gotta shut him up with a kiss right
•and he’s never gone silent quicker a day in his life
•and even after his eyes are still lit up
•"babe I have a suggestion"
•oh no last time you listened to his suggestion you ended up with ice cream all over the dorm floor and a very angry Taeyong
•"you don’t even know what it was!”
•"does it involve getting yelled at by a stressed out taeyong"
•"absolutely not.“
•uh oh why he gotta smirk
•”,,,ok then what is it"
•"hyuck what”
•and then he gets going
•"there’s this really cute puppy shelter down the street and they just got a bunch of new puppies and they’re really cute but not like as cute as you wow I love you okay anyWAY I wanna go see the puppies babe can we please go see the puppies"
•he only stops because he runs out of oxygen
•can you imagine how fond you’re looking at him
•"sure babe we can go see the puppies"
•the only time he has ever looked happier is when you said yes to being his girlfriend
•he actually screeches with happiness
•fast forward to the pups
•he opens the door to one of the rooms and walks in right
•and there’s like fifteen puppies
•huskies and shiba’s
•he barely makes it in the door before he is on the ground with the pups
•and the pups are like !!!!!!!!people!!!!!!!
•and start sprinting on their little legs towards you guys
•and suddenly there’s six puppies on Donghyuck and you can’t see the top half of your boyfriend
•so you plop down next to ya man
•and now there’s puppies tackling you!!!
•so you’re covered in fuzzballs and you look over at donghyuck and he’s just staring at you
•"..hyuck whatcha doing?“
•and he just smiles so fondly
•"I’m just so entirely in love with you…”
•{pause I gotta scrEAM}
•and you get all shy and blushy bc come on who wouldn’t
•"aw hyuck I love you too!“
•and he’s so happy right now like he has puppies and his girl what else does he need
•so you spend the rest of the day at the shelter visiting all the puppy rooms and all you hear is "please can we get this one!!!”
•and in the end
•bc who can say no to hyuck
•you leave the puppy shelter with a tiny husky
•and you keep trying to put it in the puppy carrier you just bought
•but hyuck refuses to put it down
•lol ok Hyuckie
•walking back to your house
•and the kid has a pup in one arm and he’s holding your hand and humming something because that’s how happy he is
•so you get the puppy home and pup and Hyuck are hyper as can be
•so after about two hours of watching Hyuck desperately trying to teach the dog to play tag
•Hyuck curls up on the couch with a very tired pupper
•and you walk back in the room from making dinner to see him asleep on the couch with a puppy cuddling into him
•so naturally you gotta join
•and luckily you turned the oven off
•bc you end up napping with Hyuck and pup
•and even asleep hyuck manages to hug you
•and not let you g

(anything I ever write for Donghyuck is indirectly for @pcypaige ❤️)

Secret - Jason DiLaurentis

Requested by anonymous

“I don’t know, but I don’t trust him,” Emily said as Jason left The Brew.

“Oh come on, how do we know he’s A?” you asked your best friends.

“Y/N,” Spencer started. “I know you’ve had a crush on him for a while but we need to keep our options open. Regardless of our personal relationships.”

“Personal relationship?” you questioned. “Jason has never even given me the time of day,” you lied. “I just don’t see how he could be an A suspect, regardless of the “evidence” we may have on him.”

“Y/N,” Spencer began to argue.

“He’s your brother, Spencer! Do you really think he’s capable of hurting you, or Ali, or any of us? You saw him on the Halloween train, there’s no way he knew about Ali’s body.”

“Uhh, I don’t know, but all of this thinking is giving me a headache,” Hanna said, effectively ending the argument between you and Spencer. The girls began to talk about meaningless things, like their bed buddies or school, but you couldn’t let it go.

“Maybe the reason Jason seems so suspicious to us all is because we constantly stalk him. He’s probably noticed us staring, and feels uncomfortable.”

“Staring?” Aria asked with a slight smirk. “You’re the only one here who stares at him,” she joked. You huffed and grabbed your coffee. 

“I’ve gotta go,” you said as you made your way to the door.

“Y/N, I was joking,” Aria called after you. 

“Let her go,” Spencer said. “She needs time to cope with this. She’s still so incredibly in love with him.” You felt like arguing with them, clarifying that you don’t love him, but you knew if they saw your face, they would know you were lying. 

You began to walk towards your house, but instead decided to call Jason.

“Hello?” he answered.

“Hey, it’s me,” you said.

“Hey, babe, what’s up?” your boyfriend of five months asked.

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing, I was just gonna head up to Philly to drop something off to my friend. Weren’t you just with the girls at the Brew?”

“Yeah, we kind of got in a fight about, uh-”

“Me being A,” Jason finished. 

“Yep,” you said tiredly. You had this conversation with the girls almost everyday, but they never seemed to agree with you.

“Do you wanna come with me?” Jason asked, knowing you needed to get out of town.

“Can I?”

“I’ll meet you at our usual spot in fifteen minutes? Bring some clothes, we can make a weekend of it.”

“Thanks, babe. I love you. See you soon.”

“Love you, too. Bye, Y/N,” he said, hanging up. You began walking back to your house. Jason really could of picked you up at your house, but you couldn’t risk the girls seeing his car in your driveway. You had set up a secret location to meet at that the girls didn’t knew nothing about. You packed your bag and drove to the antique store about a mile out of town.

“Hey,” Jason said when you climbed into his car. 

“Hey,” you said as you kissed his soft lips. He placed a hand on your knee and looked at you concerned.


“Yup.” There was nothing you hated doing with Jason. Even the things you hated doing normally were enjoyable with Jason. He comforted you the entire drive up to Philly, making you forget about the fight you had with the girls. 

“I’ll just be a second,” he said as he got out of the car to drop off the package to his friend. You nodded and checked your phone for the first time since you left Rosewood. There were a few texts from the girls asking if you were okay. You were about to text them back when you got another one. 

If you don’t tell them, I will. -A

Attached was a picture of the girls in a restaurant. One that was in Philly.


“What?” Jason asked as he entered the car again.

“Oh it’s nothing,” you said as you placed your phone back in your purse.

“Y/N? I know when you’re lying to me.”

“It’s nothing, Jase,” you said as you ran a hand through his hair. “I just forgot to tell my mom where I was going so she was pissed.” Jason looked at you like he didn’t believe you, but didn’t argue. 

“Do you wanna get something to eat before we get to my apartment?”

“Uh, no, I’m good,” you said distractedly. 

“Y/N, what’s going on? Is it A?” Jason asked concerned. 

“No! I’m just tired,” you grumbled, turning away from him. 

“Fine,” Jason said as he pulled up to his apartment. You brought your stuff up in silence, and rested on the couch. “I’m gonna go grab something to eat. Are you sure you don’t want anything?” 

“Jason, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t of snapped at you. I’m still upset about the fight with the girls. It was wrong of me to take it out on you,” you said as you placed your hands on his broad chest. He smiled and put his hands over yours. 

“I understand, Y/N. But maybe we should tell them.” You sighed. “Oh come on, Y/N. At least just think about it.”

“I don’t wanna think about it. All I can think about is you, and how we have this whole apartment to ourselves,” you said seductively as you wrapped your arms around his neck. He leaned in and kissed you passionately, placing a hand on the back of your head, opening your mouth to let his tongue explore your mouth.

“You having sex with me is not gonna stop us from having this conversation,” he said breathlessly. You bit your lip and laughed.

“True, but it will push it off for a little while. And I really want to,” you said as Jason laid you down on his bed.


“I love you,” you said breathlessly afterwards, placing your head on Jason’s exposed chest. Jason chuckled as he kissed your forehead.

“I love you, too.” The doorbell to the apartment rang and you sat up. 

“It’s probably the Chinese food we ordered,” you said as you got up and covered your body in a robe. 

“The money’s on the counter,” Jason hollered after you.

“Thanks,” you said as you grabbed the cash and made your way to the door. You had left your phone on the bedside table so you didn’t see the text from A.

I warned you. -A

“Y/N-” Jason began to yell as you opened the door.

“Jason, I’m sorry but- Y/N?!”

“Spencer?!” You stared at the four confused faces looking back at you.

“What are you doing here?” Aria asked.

“Uhm,” you began as Jason walked forward.

“What are you all doing here?” he asked angrily.

“We got a text from A, and we thought we had proof that it was you. So we came all the way to Philly to catch you,” Spencer said as she tried to process what was happening in front of her. 

“What’s going on here?” Emily asked you.

“It’s obvious isn’t it?” Hanna said. 

“Hanna,” you stopped her. “Jason and I have been dating for about five months now. I haven’t told you because you all think he’s an A suspect. I was afraid of what you would all say.”

“I understand,” Aria said first. “I have been in the same position as you, I know why you would hide your relationship.”

“Thanks, Aria.” You looked at the others.

“Me too,” Emily said.

“Yeah, me too,” Hanna added in.

“You should of told us, Y/N. We would of believed you,” Spencer stated lastly.

“Thanks, guys. Uhm, now could you leave? We are kind of in the middle of a romantic weekend, and it’s not really romantic with the four of you.” They laughed and said goodbye. You shut the door on them and leaned up against it, letting out a sigh. 

“That wasn’t so hard was it?” Jason asked as he placed his hands on the door behind you. You laughed and kissed him.

“No it wasn’t. Now where were we?” you asked as you pulled him close.

“We were just about to get in the shower,” he said before dragging you towards the bathroom with him. He lifted you up and wrapped your legs around his waist.

“I love you, Jason,” you said.

“I love you, too, Y/N. And no one will ever get between us,” he said as he kissed you again.

Smutember: Voyeurism

Masquerade on AO3

15: Voyeurism

It’s all over the internet.

“MARINETTE!” Alya screams from across the quad, waving her mobile maniacally in the air. Marinette, having already read all fifty-two of her unintelligible texts when she woke up this morning, knew exactly what she was getting into when she stiffly waved back.

“HAVE YOU SEEN IT?” Alya shrieks, skidding across the grass to where Marinette is standing in the shade beneath a tree; it’s not even 07:45 and the temperature has already surpassed 30°C.

“No,” Marinette replies cautiously and begins walking towards the doors, “I haven’t checked the LadyBlog.”

“It’s insane!” Alya sings, tapping eagerly at her phone, “Look! Twitter is blowing up right now and, oh my god, have you seen the top ten?”

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XXL // stiles stilinski

request: Can you do a stiles imagine where he drops the XXL condom in class and beforehand he asked you to hang out after school and he was acting weird with Scott all day and looking at you/flirting. And when he drops it everyone stares at you in class??? 

word count: 1240

  Stiles’ warm, eager brown eyes scanned the hallway for a glimpse of the all too familiar and exceptionally perfect body of Y/N Y/L/N. To Stiles, Y/N was the embodiment of everything wonderful in the world, she was sunshine in human form. And Stiles himself had the pleasure of calling her his, just as he was completely and utterly hers. He found her at her locker, like she always was at this point in the school day, and almost knocked over three students as he rushed toward her. He stopped in front of her locker, his hand on the small of her back as he came to a halt. 

  “Afternoon, gorgeous,” he smiled at Y/N, grin widening when he saw her smile back at him. “So, guess what?” 

  “Coach is finally letting you play in an actual game?” 

  “No, I-” 

   “You’re getting butt implants? ‘Cause let’s face it that thing is looking a bit like a really flat pancake…” 

   “Y/N! No, I-” 

   “You’ve finally gotten over that super embarrassing fear of scary movies so you’re going to take me to see Lights Out and you’re not gonna get scared and accidentally throw popcorn all over the people in back of us and get us kicked out of the theater during the coming attractions like last time?” 

   “Oh my god, Y/N, this is not the time for jokes. We both know I’m never going to see another movie again- that’s not even the point! Shush for a second, will ya, babe?” He asked, running his hands through his sloppily gelled hair, as he always did when he was becoming flustered. Y/N nodded at him, suppressing giggles behind her tight-lipped grin. Stiles took a deep breath, cracking another smile at her. “Anyways, my dad is staying very late at the station today. I’m talking seven o'clock late. Which means that you should come over. For alone time.” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, and she could no longer hold back her laughter. 

   “How can I resist that extremely sexy, albeit slightly odd, eyebrow thing you got going on?” Y/N replied, shutting her locker and smirking at Stiles. “I’m assuming hijinks are going to ensue, am I correct in this assumption?” 

   “Extremely correct, baby girl, ‘cause I’m already quite prepared.” He matched her smirk, taking her hand and gently moving her to the other side of the hallway in a corner where they were sure to have at least a minute of privacy. He fumbled with his shirt pocket, producing a shiny, blue square package from inside of it. “See, prepared. Think you can wait until after school this time?” He teased, placing the condom in the back pocket of his jeans and recalling a time when she had been so frustrated during class that she had practically shoved him out the door when the bell rang, dragging him to the nearest janitor’s closet. 

   “Shut up,” she mumbled, folding her arms and looking down at her sneakers, her face warm. “Stop bringing that up, geez.” 

   “I thought it was adorable, angel,” he said, tilting her chin up. “And very, very hot. You’re the hottest, most beautiful girl ever, you know that?” He leaned down to press a kiss to her soft lips, pulling away with a disappointed groan when the bell above their heads rang. “Aw, shit. I don’t wanna leave you,” he pouted playfully, giving her hand a soft squeeze. 

   “You’ll see me in an hour, babe, we can part for an hour. Look, there’s your boyfriend now. Bye, cutie,” Y/N gave him a quick, chaste peck on the cheek before walking quickly down the hallway, disappearing into the English classroom. Stiles sighed, turning to face Scott. 

  “You’re so in love with her, it’s adorable,” Scott cooed, clapping Stiles on the back as they made their way out into the courtyard, slamming their backpacks on the closet lunch table. “What are you doing after school?” 

  Stiles froze, eyes widening in fear. He fumbled around in his brain for an excuse, Scott watching with his eyebrows raised. “I- um, you know, gotta study and be a good student and do homework and definitely not let hijinks ensue while my dad isn’t home. Why you ask? What are you trying to say? Are you saying I can’t be a good student, because Lydia isn’t allowed to be the only one with good grades, okay, Scott? Get off my case, man!” 

  Scott blinked three times, confused. Stiles’ heart was pounding a million miles a minute, for reasons Scott didn’t understand. His question hadn’t been that hard to answer, had it? “Wait, what? I just wanted to know if we could hang out, but clearly there’s something else going on. Are you going to tell me or do I have to force it out of you later?” 

  Forced laughter, nervous and panicky, tumbled from Stiles’ lips. “Something else? You’re funny, Scott. Haha, hilarious. Oh, look at the time. I’m late for my appointment. Gotta blast,” he said, pretending to check his watch before grabbing his bag and darting off in the other direction, leaving a thoroughly confused and slightly scared Scott in the dust. His best friend sighed, shaking his head as he plopped open his textbook. 

   “The period just started, and he wasn’t even wearing a watch,” Scott mumbled to himself, rolling his eyes. 

   An hour later, Y/N was seated behind Stiles in Coach’s class, Scott next to him and casting him strange looks every few minutes, which Stiles blatantly ignored as the lesson droned on. Coach looked around the class, asking loudly, “Does anybody have a quarter? A quarter?” Stiles nodded to himself, happy that the could prove useful to Coach once and for all. 

  “Yep,” he said, reaching into his back pocket. Before he realized what he was doing, the condom packet flew out of his shaking hands, his mouth dropping open as the packet seemed to fall to the tiled floor in slow motion. He blinked at it, as if it would disappear if he closed his eyes hard enough. It landed quietly, and the entire class leaned over in their chairs to see what had fallen.  

   Every single student in the room turned to stare at Y/N, who was sinking lower and lower in her seat with each stare that came her way. Coach bent down, picking it up. “Stilinski… I think you, uh, you dropped this.” Coach glanced over at Y/N as well, causing her face to burn as she buried her head in her sweater. Stiles, mouth still agape, stuttered out a quiet and embarrassed apology, to which Coach paid no mind. Scott stared at Stiles with a grin on his face, even more amused than Coach. The silence of the class was broken by laughter, and it didn’t help that the entire class now knew what size condom Stiles Stilinski had to wear in order to have sex with Y/N Y/L/N. 


  When the attention was back on Coach’s obscure lesson, Stiles swiveled in his chair to face his girlfriend, who by now looked as if she were on the verge of murdering someone. “Baby, I-” 

   “All you had to do was get out a freaking quarter,” she said, shaking her head at him. “That’s all you had to do, Stilinski.” 

   “Well, at least now everyone knows I wasn’t lying about how big my-” 

   “End that sentence and I end you.” 

   “Duly noted. Are we still on for after school?” 

Rumor has it

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Pairing: Seokjin x Reader

Summary: You’re Jin’s girlfriend and out of nowhere, rumors about him having a girlfriend turn your life upside down. 

 Genre: Angst, Fluff

 Warnings: Attack

 Word Count: 3.1k

  A/N : A kind of little story about Jin having a girlfriend and a series of events that will change Jin and his girlfriend’s life. Actually, I wrote this because when BTS or even other Idols will have girlfriend, I don’t want people to insult them. People have to accept that, so I tried to write something about that. Hope you’ll like it ^-^

Your professional life was blooming. You were working for a fashion model agency as the co-owner of the agency. You created this agency with the help of your best-friend Moon Byulie. You used to be a model, but after a few years of modeling, you wanted to help young girls and boys to become models, so you created your agency. You had to take care of the castings, discuss with the companies, take care of the models’ schedule, prepare their important events, etc. Sometimes, you also did some photo shoots, alone, with your best friend or with other models, depended on your mood. Your company was the best one in modeling and a lot of young people wanted to join it. Times to times, Byulie and you had tight schedules so you let other people tack care of your agency like your vice CEO and other trustworthy people from the management sector.

Your personal life was also doing good. You were dating Kim Seokjin, a singer of Bangtan Sonyeondan. Both of you have been dating for more than ten months now. You were in a serious relationship with him and according to Yoongi and Namjoon, Seokjin was preparing to propose to you. You weren’t supposed to know about it but Namjoon was so loud that you heard him with your headphones, while listening to Fire.

It had been a few weeks since there was a rumour about Jin having a girlfriend. You weren’t surprise when you heard the rumor because you knew that it was what media and some people were looking for. You thought for a moment that Army knew that you were Jin’s girlfriend. Actually, you didn’t want the Armys to know about you dating Jin. Why ? Even thought a good majority of Armys were mature, there still were some of them who couldn’t accept the fact that their bias was dating someone, well… They were not real Armys if they couldn’t accept that. So when people started talking about ‘Jin’s Mysterious Girlfriend’, you started to be careful when you went out with Jin. You were also an active Army on Twitter, so you would read tweets when you had time. You were happy to see that a lot of Armys were happy about that, but you still found some horrible tweets from some people who called themselves ‘Army’.

Bighit Entertainment and Jin wanted to confirm the news but you asked them to stay silent for a few days to see how it would go. You didn’t want to ruin Jin’s image. You even had a fight with Jin because of that, it was the evening after the rumors were spread.

You were tired from your work because today, you had to take care of two models whose managers couldn’t attend to their photo shoot. You went with them and stayed there to watch their shoot. They were very beautiful and did their work seriously. It was so perfect that they finished the photo shoot in less than two hours. After taking care of those two models, you had to fill a report about the activities of this week. You really wanted to finish them tonight, so you won’t have a lot of work tomorrow, so you didn’t stop until all the reports were done. You finished writing and printing the reports around ten thirty in the evening and when you arrived at home, it was almost eleven.

When you entered the living room, you found Jin on the couch, scrolling through his phone. You were surprised that he was at home, he was supposed to stay at the dorm because he had singing and dancing lessons with Jimin. When he saw you, he got up and went to you. He sweetly kissed you before hugging you tightly

“Good evening, babe. How was your day ?” He asked, still keeping you in his arms.

“Good evening, it was good, I think… Jin, is there any problem ?” You asked a little worried.

“No… Just that there is a rumour, about me… well us… An Army saw us. She took a picture and posted it on Twitter, it went viral. But, don’t worry babe, we can’t recognize you. We can just see me, hugging you, your face can’t be seen. Some of your fans might recognize you with your silhouette, but mostly you can’t. When Jungkook saw it, he thought that I was cheating on you, he couldn’t recognize you, so there is no problem. ” He said sensing that you tensed by showing you his phone.

“It happened sooner than what I’ve expected.” You said, sighing and taking his phone before sitting on the couch to read some tweets.

“Most of them are happy. They wish us the best.” He said, preparing two cups of tea in the kitchen.

“But… ?” You asked sensing that something was wrong.

“There are a few mean comments and I tried to report some of them. Those people are not Armys. Armys would always support us, or if we did something wrong, they would try to explain it with wise words.” He said coming back in the living room with two cups of tea.

“So now you’re saying that our relationship is wrong ?” You asked.

“No sweetie, You’re tensed, relax, let me explain it to you.” He said handing me the cup. “It’s just that it may seem wrong to them, but it’s not. How would you react if Jackson had a girlfriend ? Won’t you be mad, since he’s your ‘ultimate bias’ ?” He asked, mocking your voice.

“First, I don’t talk like this. And second, I would be happy ! He has someone he loves and he can feel what I feel when I am with you. Third, stop being jealous of Jackson. He’s one of my favorite rapper, but he’s not as hot as you, or else, I wouldn’t be dating you.” You said with a smile.

“Babe, I am not jealous.” He said. “And I don’t want to justify some people’s actions, but what I am trying to say is that you have to see it with a different point of view. Imagine that you are single and your ‘ultimate bias, baby Jackson’ has a girlfriend, won’t you be jealous ?” He asked, still mocking your voice.

“For God’s sake, why would I be jealous ? I know that he will never date me, so why can’t I just be happy for him, and support him in that way ? I know that I won’t date an idol. Sometimes, even now, dating you seem like a dream to me, I can’t understand what you find lovable in me, okey ? So is it bad to be happy for your bias ? He’s not going to date all his fans, that’s impossible !”

“Well, you are not like them. Most of them dream about dating their idol. So, in a way, we can understand them, they just need time and an official confirmation that we are dating.”

“Wait… You want to release an official statement about us ?” You asked, surprised.

“Y/N, I have always wanted to tell the world about us. We have been dating for more than ten months, almost one year and I can’t bear to not touch you in public, kiss you, hug you… I want us to be a normal couple.” He said, sadly.

“Jin, I understand you, but you have to understand me too. We can’t be a normal couple. I am an active Army, dating you is amazing but sometimes, seeing bad tweets when people are insulting girls who approach you is really hurting. Just because a girl said that Jimin was her ideal type, she got a lot of hate. So imagine what would happen to me ? What if they find me ? What if they stab me ? I just can’t Jin. Understand me, please.”

“I am trying to, but I can’t… Y/N…” He said, a little angry.

“No, you’re not. Please, why can’t it be secret for a few more weeks ?”

“Why are you being like this ? Are you ashamed that you’re dating me ? Am I not as good as Jimin ? Jungkook ? If it was Jungkook, you would have accepted right ? It’s been a long time since I asked you to formalize our relationship to the world but you always refuse ! But when it comes to eat lamb skewers with Jungkook, you go without any second thoughts ! Am I not good enough for you ?” He yelled, getting up.

“Do you really think that low of me, Seokjin ? Did I even tell you that I wanted to date Jimin or Jungkook ? Why are you involving these poor children in our argument ?” You asked raising your voice. You didn’t let him talk, you continued. “I love you, I really do. For the first time in my life, I really love someone, I even imagine my future with you, Seokjin. I am really proud of you, of all the progress you’ve achieved. Don’t let your insecurities come in our argument, please. And why do I refuse ? Because I don’t want to ruin your career. People know me as the childhood friend and best friend of Jungkook. They know that nothing can happen between us. It won’t ruin his career, but our relationship… I am scared that people might hate you because you’re not single anymore.  I am also scared for my security. You might have your manager and your bodyguards, but I don’t have them, Seokjin. I would love to let people know about us, but I am really scared.” You said, starting to cry.

“Babe… I… Okey, let’s do this like you want. Let’s just forget about it for now. Let’s wait until it calms down.” He said, hugging you and kissing your forehead.

“Thanks, Seokjin.” You said, hugging him back.

A few days later, it didn’t seem to calm down. Since BTS gained an international popularity with the media, mostly American media, it was taken to another level. The media couldn’t stop from spreading stupid rumors about your couple : such as you getting married secretly, you being pregnant, having children and stuff like this. You just started to live together, so how could they think that you were married ? This was why you hated media. They had the ability to come up with stupid ideas. Thankfully, for the moment, they didn’t know that you were Jin’s girlfriend. Well, not yet.

Jin and Bighit Ent were still waiting for you permission to release the news about the two of you.  You were sure that they’ve already written the statement, they were only waiting for you to agree. Jin wanted to do a live on Vapp to tell this to the fans, that way, if they had a few questions he would answer them. But he wasn’t sure, he was scared to say things he shouldn’t be saying. He was so concerned and kind with his fans, it was so cute. You really loved how he loved his fans and did everything to make them happy. He really cared about them.

Today, you had an important diner with a magazine to talk about a photo shoot they wanted to do with some of your models. Then, you had to join Jin because the two of you were going on a trip, to Jeju Island. You were so excited for the trip that you weren’t nervous for the diner.

You were at the restaurant with your best-friend Byulie. You ordered a glass of water and were waiting for the CEO of the magazine, Mr Ahn. When he arrived, he shook your hands and sat next to Byulie.

“It’s nice to meet you, ladies. You’re even more beautiful in person.” He said, flashing a smile, mostly to Byulie.

“Thank you, it’s very nice to meet you too.” You said smiling to him and your best-friend. There was something between these two, and they didn’t try to hide it. “Let’s order our diner, shall we ?” You asked still trying to understand what was happening between Byulie and Mr Ahn.

They agreed and together, you ordered the diner. Everything was perfect. Mr Ahn was very pleased with the models of your company. You didn’t want your models to be really skinny that they starved or things like this, you really wanted them to be healthy which really pleased a lot of local and international magazines.

“Miss Y/N, do you still do photo shoots ?” He asked, before drinking his wine.

“Well, it depends on how I feel it.” You said.

“What about a sexy concept ? You’re a very beautiful lady and you would be perfect for the shoot.”

“Well, I am not single anymore, I have to think about my image and how my boyfriend will feel about it…” You said, feeling heat in your cheeks.

“I understand, you have to keep a good image. But, I didn’t mean to say that it was sexy in a negative way. It’s a kind of sensual concept : like a femme fatale. You will be perfect for it. I already looked for the man who will perfectly suit this photo shoot, and I also told him that I really wanted you to be the female model for the photo shoot. He was very pleased with that. He’s from a boys-band. They are really famous these days. If you want to know, it’s none other than Jackson, from GOT7.”

God, you were now sure that your entire face was red. He proposed you to do a photo shoot, with your UB, a sensual one. A little part of you wanted it to be Jin. You’ve always wanted to do a photo shoot with him, but you couldn’t because of your scariness for sasaeng fans’ reactions. But you were also aware that Jin was possessive. You didn’t want to hurt him, even if you really liked the idea of doing a photo shoot with your UB. You didn’t think about it twice, you’ve already decided.

“That’s really kind of you to propose this project to me. He’s one of my favorite rapper and there was a time when I would have done anything to do a photo shoot with him. But now, I have someone else and I prefer doing this photo shoot with him than anybody else. I can’t accept this project, even if it’s nothing more than professional. I am sorry.” You said.

“I understand, don’t worry. But, if you change your mind, here’s the card of my friend who takes care of this project.” He said, giving you the card.

You accepted it and put it in your bag. The rest of the diner was incredibly perfect. You talked about other things and finished the diner. Mr Ahn insisted to pay the addition. Once he paid, he gave you some documents for the photo shoot and promised to call you next week to set up a meeting to finalize the details of the photo shoot.

As you guessed it, your best-friend decided to go back home with Mr Ahn. She knew that she had a lot of things to tell you when she would meet you, next week in your office, when you will be back from your trip with Jin. You called the cab company and were now waiting for the driver to come near the restaurant. The area wasn’t safe. It was dark and some lamps weren’t working. You just hoped that he will be quick. You tried to call Jin, so you could talk to him while waiting for the cab, but he didn’t answer. He might be finishing the preparations for your trip ?  Then you tried to call Jungkook, he answered immediately.

“Hey Noona, can’t wait for hyung ?” He asked with a chuckle.

“Hi, Kookie, he wasn’t answering his phone, and I am kind of afraid of this area, you know in front of the gym we went one day, that’s why I called you. And stop teasing me, you moron.” You said, amused.

“You’re the moron who have to buy me lamb skewers, remember our bet ? And also Yoongi hyung wants to join us.”

“No problem for me. He can join us whenever he wants to.” You said smiling.

“I’ll tell him. Wait, weren’t you supposed to go back home with Byulie Noona ?” He asked, concerned.

“Well, looks like Mr Ahn and her already know each other, so she went home with him. I don’t mind, I am happy that she finally has someone in her life. I am just a little mad that she didn’t tell me anything. I can’t wait to come back from the trip with Jin, I want to know how she met him and if it’s serious.” You said with a chuckle. “Gosh, why is it taking so much time ? It’s been ten minutes since I called the cab company. The secretary said that a driver will be there in a few minutes.” You said, starting to worry.

“Well, that’s very strange… Did you call the number the right number ?”

“Dummy, why would I wait for him if the secretary told me that he would come ? It was the right number.” You said with a chuckle.

“Ah yeah, you’re right.” He said, laughing, realizing how stupid his question was.

You continued to talk to each other, mostly about their future comeback and hard dancing lessons. Suddenly, you heard a strange noise behind you. You were about to turn around when felt a sharp pain in your back. Someone just stabbed you. You painfully moaned and tried to move but your aggressor didn’t let you do so.

“Noona, What happened ?” You heard Jungkook’s alarmed voice. “Noona ! Answer me ! Noona ?! Hyung, something happened to Noona ! Call the cops and Jin hyung ! Where the fuck is he ?!” Jungkook was yelling to his hyung, you never thought that it would happen in this kind of situation.

That person took out the knife and came in front of you. She pulled your hair and brought you to the ground. She took you by the neck, slapped you and tried to block your breathing before pushed you back in the ground. You cough, trying to catch your breath. She kicked you a few times in your stomach before stopping.  

“Don’t try to go near Seokjin, or next time, I will kill you.” You heard this from the girl who attacked you. You heard her walk away. You tried to look for your phone that you dropped when she attacked you. With difficulty and blurry vision because of tears, you found it and tried to talk to Jungkook.

“Jungkook… Please, help me…”

“Noona, Please, stay awake ! Please, don’t try to move, we are coming !”