we can rebuild it

Vimes knelt down by Dorfl. The broken clay skull looked as empty as yesterday’s breakfast egg. But there was still a pinpoint of light in each eye socket.
“Usssss,” hissed Dorfl, so faintly that Vimes wasn’t sure he’d heard it.
A finger scratched on the floor.
“Is it trying to write something?” said Angua.
Vimes pulled out his notebook, eased it under Dorfl’s hand, and gently pushed a pencil into the golem’s fingers. They watched the hand as it wrote – a little jerkily but still with the mechanical precision of a golem – eight words.
Then it stopped. The pencil rolled away. The lights in Dorfl’s eyes dwindled and went out.
“Good grief,” breathed Angua. “They don’t need words in their heads…”
“We can rebuild him,” said Carrot hoarsely. “We have the pottery.”
Vimes stared at the words, and then at what remained of Dorfl.
“Mister Vimes?” said Carrot.
“Do it,” said Vimes.
Carrot blinked.
“Right now,” Vimes said. He looked back at the scrawl in his book.


“And when you rebuild him,” he said, “when you rebuild him… give him a voice.”

– Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay

This tweet touched me the most.

I’ve shed tears for this election. I’ll continue to shed more. But it’s not over. I have to keep telling myself this. It’s not over. We can rebuild. We can learn from this. We can survive. For now, we must mourn this great loss. Use those emotions to fuel a fire to keep moving forward. Use your anger, your fear, and your sadness. Fight and rebuild.


What? Found this in a local Wilkos. It’s a half bionicle/half fake Lego sentient bike with machine guns. We can rebuild him, but better.

*edit* I’ve named him NO-Hatu. He was a regular matoran until one day he suffered a fatal crash on his motorbike. Seeing no other option. The Matoran worked with the toa to rebuild him. Unfortunately. The violent crash left his parts mixed in with the bike. In an attempt to rebuild him they had no other option but to combine his parts. Also they attached Machine Guns. He is bigger, stronger, and faster now.

A planet of utmost destruction
In the sign of structure

But with destruction
We can rebuild ourselves

This isn’t over.

Uranus conjunct Neptune generation: we are mystics, we are fighters. We can do better, be better.

i dont care i literally dont give a shit about the riots i dont give a fuck

buildings– literal Things– can be rebuild replaced cleaned up

but we can’t replace people that will die from healthcare being pulled out from under us, peoples lives will be ruined if a muslim registry is followed thru with, we cann’t bring back LGBT+ who are forced to go thru legitimately dangerous converstion (and shock) therapy– many other things where actual People will be hurt and possibly killed bc now bigots and nazis feel safe enough to verbally and physically attack minorities in public


i dont give a shit about buildings i only care about it because people are now using it(riots) to overlook what the fuck Trump/Pence want to do against minorities