we can impact

We focus too much on what is happening around us while forgetting that we can make much more impact if we would try to better ourselves.

Jalaluddin Rumi (rahimullah) says: Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.

Can you believe that people are actually reading your posts and thinking “hey, this is really great content/this is so important/this person is totally right/what a helpful post!”. People are actually liking your blog so much that they want to have all your posts on their dashboard, or are interested enough in you to send you an ask. It’s so hard to imagine for me, but it’s actually such a genuinely beautiful thing. How much impact we can make on others thanks to the Internet…

Failbetter Games on Twitter
“Share some Darkdrop Coffee with us, delicious friends. Revives the spirit to the tune of 10 actions per cup: https://t.co/iyCQ30j6ZU”

failbetter as always are a beacon of kindness in a weary world


I think that I forgot more gifs of Ohmiya holding/touching hands, but with these it’s enough to prove that maybe they are more than friends.

1. When Ohno’s hand rubbed Nino’s hand, Ohno put a strange face and Nino just looked at him.

2. Nino lowered his hand and without looking, touched Ohno’s hand quickly, he didn’t look at Nino as if Nino was calling him or if he wanted to say something to him, he just stayed still and showed no reaction.

3. Well, I only put 1 gif of holding hands but I’ve got a lot. We are used to see them holding hands like if nothing happen and acting normally. Maybe I’m the only but I don’t hold hands with my friends everytime we can :/

4. This impact me a lot. It’s from the making of My Girl. They was recording a scene and Ohno had to stand up and go to a box. We can see how they was holding hands under the table without anyone knowing. The above could have an excuse since they are good friends, but to do so in secret is very strange and mystery, don’t it?

5. Finally, in Time maybe? I don’t remember sorry. When they was saying goodbye and the 5 of them held hands and made a reverence, Nino and Ohno stayed together and their fingers squeezed each other.

Well, you can call me crazy if you want XD
But didn’t it look strange for you? I mean, this game, touch/hold hands, it can be happen ½/3 times like Sakuraiba or even Juntoshi, but Ohno and Nino stay like this a lot of times more than normal. It’s like it means something special for them, maybe they show each other something with these actions. ( ¯•ω•¯ )

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Is there a deadline for Fox to announce if Pitch will be picked up for the Fall lineup?

Nope not really, they can announce at anytime!! 

At the Fox Upfronts in January they said they’d let us know by the May Upfronts. But really they could make a decision and an announcement at any time like they’ve done for other shows since January. 

That’s why we have the campaigns organized this way. We’re trying to make the biggest impact we can over the longest span of time, just in case they really do make us wait until May to find out the fate of the show. (Hopefully they dont though)

Our voices are being heard though! There’s still time to join in on the baseball campaigns if you haven’t yet! & we have plenty planned for April & the beginning of May!

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Colton Haynes from Teen wolf and CW's Arrow is engaged to his partner after coming out last year. He looks so happy :) So wish something like this could happen to the js.. Sigh. Wonder how they'd react to see a fellow cw actor having an out...

Hello, dear anon!

I don’t know Colton Haynes or the situation he was in before coming out, but I’m very happy to hear that him and other TV stars have started to come out. This is definitely what is needed for a cultural change. I really hope we’ll get to see a day when the J’s can be out and proud as well! That would be a day worth celebrating with the highest quality beverages, don’t you think?

In the meanwhile, let’s keep defending people from the LGBTQ+ community and spread the word of tolerance. Even if we can’t make a global change all alone, we can definitely have an impact when we do our best in our own circles.

I hope you have a very lovely day, sweet anon! My warmest regards to Colton and his spouse as well.

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Things on my mind lately:
The energy of spaces and “gut feelings”
How we can impact the energy of spaces with ritual and thought, and how we can misinterpret those gut feelings
Ways to welcome spring in ritually, with meaning and with use of local plants and resources
Bringing magick and ritual into spring cleaning
Spring “tonics” using wild spring plants
Nettle showing its face repeatedly to me as a plant guide and helper
The importance of acting like the person you want to be, more so than imagining or hoping you will become it. Go through the motions here and now in order to actualize
The serendipity of my moon workbook, receiving bags of beef bones, and the recipe for this months full moon using them for a bone broth
The somewhat constant answers of my divination telling me “one year” consistently as an answer to all my drawn-out questions
Noise and absurdity in behavior to shake up the feelings and stagnancy from one season to the next (bang your pots and pans!)
How much I need to create art and how it’s hard to stay consistent, but that I’m least stressed when doing so
The magic of finding old jars, bones, and new spring flowers in the woods every time you enter them
The immense energy and almost, awakening I’ve had this past few months interacting in women-only spaces, and how powerful it’s been for me in ways I’m still just beginning to realize

How I’ve gone from sort of envisioning an idyllic isolated life to starting to try to make myself comfortable with the idea of an active, connected one with women and community members

So much is going on with me, I know I’m still working through the stagnancy of past pains and hurts and making room for the new me, and starting to see who she is. And it’s really overwhelming but in this way that just keeps pushing to keep in motion, keep making and trying and doing, even blindly. Especially blindly.

Like sometimes you think you know yourself and you’ve got it all sorted out, you can see from here until 60. But I was wrong. I’d only turned the first page on myself. There’s so much more.
Watch on tumblr.amnh.org

It took 200,000 years for our human population to reach 1 billion—and only 200 years to reach 7 billion. But growth has begun slowing, as women have fewer babies on average. When will our global population peak? And how can we minimize our impact on Earth’s resources, even as we approach 11 billion? This video explores human population through time. 

The world is crying. The tragedy has no end. When does it end?

Love intensely. Love as much as you can. Dark times are ahead of us. The best we can do is cling on to the ones we love and enjoy the time we have. The tragedy can never be made better with simple words, but let’s love for all the members of the community who can no longer do it. No fear now, just love

This is a sad sad day

Let’s all please take a moment to realize that it was the memory of Lenalee that dragged Allen away from the edge of accepting the fate that Cross had mentioned to him of just disappearing in the memories of Nea.

In essence, it was Lenalee who was the reason why Allen didn’t disappear.

Could we all please take a moment to appreciate the impact she leaves?
Even when not present, is enough to make a man keep fighting.

Truth or dare?…
And be honest with me.
Am I the marrying type? Why yes or no. I dare you to tell me the truth?….
You see it is a strange position to be someone’s love and someone’s lover as well. I do not know what this society values anymore when it comes to a wife. Is a wife antiquated? Is she valued? Does she have a price tag?
Are we looking for June Cleaver or Mrs. Robinson?
Is the lover relevant yet? Can we acknowledge their impact in our lives now?
Does a lover get a place in someone’s life?
Or are they just a side chick. Equivalent to a side dish I presume.
Can this girl be the same chick?
Or does she have to continue to compartmentalize?
I mean I am admittedly a sexually liberated woman and I come with my own set of complexity. But is it worth it. Am I worth it? Or am I just a good time? Am I just an escape? Or is there a middle ground I am somehow missing? I have been asking this question to men for quite some time now. I am always curious as to the water temperature of the room. I am also curious as to where the social conscience is currently flowing at. 😏🤓
I get really interesting responses back when I talk about these things with men.
And so I have heard that you all don’t talk much on here, so if you want to take that as just some research I have done on my journey and draw your own conclusions from it, well done. And if you want to comment and contribute a bit more to my overall insight and knowledge by answering the question of whether or not a girl like me is the marrying type and why?….
Well. Even better 😉


congratulations on your first solo award ♡

Our profound thanks to Giles Duley for bringing the stories of Aya, Khouloud, Reem & Khawla to attention… and to all of Random Acts’GISHWHES’ supporters for your incredible generosity. Though ‪#‎GISHWHES‬ is over, you can still donate to help make a difference in the lives of these four families. Please help if you can by clicking here, and then share their stories with everyone you know so we can make the biggest impact possible.

And Giles? Keep telling us stories. We’re listening. Thank you.

The most important impact we can have as pro-fat people is not to push the message that fat is beautiful- it’s to advance the idea that you don’t have to be beautiful to be a person.

Give people access to currencies other than physical beauty, especially women.

The beauty hierarchy benefits some people while harming others. 

It’s ok to talk about it. 

It’s ok to be fat.

'Suicide Squad' 3rd Weekend Drop Is 2nd-Lowest For Genre This Year
Suicide Squad fell 52.1% on its third weekend of release, taking $20.8 million and raising its domestic cume to $262.4 million. Worldwide, the film topped $575 million this weekend after 17 days of release. Meaning it is certain to top $600 million next weekend, likely ending the weekend at around $615-620 million, depending on [...]
By Mark Hughes

“Let’s be very clear and push aside all of the spin and rhetoric now, the film is going to do at least $650+ million at the box office, including $295-300 million domestic. There is no rational argument that those numbers don’t constitute a big success for Suicide Squad. We can debate the impact of critical reviews and audience scores, how much it all adds up to a danger or not for the DCU going forward, and whatever other “yeah but” arguments anyone wants to offer to try to insist the DCU is in some sort of trouble, but none of that changes the financial success of this film.

Likewise, it’s also true that if Suicide Squad performed this well despite critical panning, receiving only a B+ Cinemascore (leading to an undeniably big second-weekend plummet), and without getting a China release date, then we have to wonder what sort of box office we’d be looking at if the film had gotten an A Cinemacore and perhaps a 60-70% Rotten Tomatoes score, not to mention if the press had not resorted to a stampede of one-upping “it’s the worst thing that ever happened on Earth” histrionics.”

Mark Hughes shutting down all the nonsense about Suicide Squad being a failure and the DCU being in trouble.


Dear Jason Rothenberg,

Intent does not equal impact. Life lesson 101. Learn it. Feel it. Live it.

I know you are heartbroken by the criticism coming your way, I would be too, but maybe it’s not about you or your vision right now. Take your pride off that top shelf and replace it with compassion instead. Putting emphasis on impact rather than intent can be a difficult transition for people; we want to believe nothing we do is wrong or hurtful. I know it’s not easy.

I believe you never intentionally wanted to hurt anyone. BUT you did. So what is the difference?

I believe you think all of your actions were part of the game, that every show does similar stuff to promote itself and stay afloat. However, you took it way too far. You used us. No matter if you intended it or not.

You are correct in thinking the relationship between Clarke and Lexa was a positive step towards inclusion. So why end it with something that has already been done in the already lacking pool of queer representation?

Yes we want happy storylines, but if Lexa had to die, for whatever reason, we at least deserved a different, more original, ending.

I want to believe anyone can learn from their mistakes and grow. Even you. It is one of the ways this world will become a better place. However, your late and contradicting apology leaves me worried. You did bury, bait, and hurt people. If that is not who you really are then just apologize. Stop trying to rationalize your decisions, learn from your mistakes, and remember that intent does not always equal impact.

If you forget, we will remind you.

And if you are lying, I wish you good luck sir.

We are a force to be reckoned with.

We will never back down.