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Why have a burger when you can have a burger that saves the world?🌿💧 animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change, deforestation, pollution of our oceans + species extinction. The amount of damage and destruction we are causing to our planet leaves me speechless. This is our home and there is no planet B.
The good news? We CAN make a difference. By living more consciously and making choices that are kinder to the planet, we can have a positive impact and play our part in protecting Mother Earth and all those who call this planet home💫
And that starts with what we put on our plates. Adopting a plant-based diet is the single most effective thing you can do to make a difference. Even just by making a few swaps to eat more plants. The best thing is you’ll be doing a your body a big favour too! Let’s make Earth Day every day💛✨🌏 #earthday

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Can you believe that people are actually reading your posts and thinking “hey, this is really great content/this is so important/this person is totally right/what a helpful post!”. People are actually liking your blog so much that they want to have all your posts on their dashboard, or are interested enough in you to send you an ask. It’s so hard to imagine for me, but it’s actually such a genuinely beautiful thing. How much impact we can make on others thanks to the Internet…

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Thoughts on the whole concrete gem?

When I first saw the image of the gem, I saw it paired with captions expressing the impact it had on black folks so I immediately saw the connection they were making it to being an example of stereotypical racist imagery (e.g. black face, g*lliw*g, m*mmy etc.) - the description (“can’t read :(”) next to the original image shared certainly didn’t make it any better.

I haven’t been able to keep track of everything that’s been said, and I haven’t been able to finish this video by two black SU fans (SwaggyThunder and SliceOfOtaku) who I watch on occasion, but the first post I saw about it was enough to make me listen (and learn from it). 

Honestly, I’m bewildered by how many people are trying to defend and/or dismiss the drawing - or rather, why’d you want to defend it. (mind you… internalised racism and the constant learnt dismissal of it is probably ‘how’ and ‘why’)

In my opinion, and this doesn’t just apply to this issue that’s risen, it doesn’t matter what the intention behind it was, the impact is enough and even if I’m, a white person, am not personally impacted by it, that doesn’t mean others aren’t. It’s our place, as white people/people who aren’t black, to listen to those deeply negatively impacted and to empathise/listen!

I would say ‘spread the word’ as well, but I feel that would be hypocritical of me as regrettably I didn’t share posts discussing the issue (I am very sorry for that) but fortunately, the crewniverse (specifically Lamar Abrams) and Rebecca Sugar have recently spoken up, apologised on their twitter/tumblr profiles and taken immediate action (after their apology was made) in making sure the drawing is removed from future printings of the Arts & origin book it was featured in - people’s genuine concerns were listened to, and I’ve seen folks like SliceOfOtaku expressed he was glad for a compassionate response and I am also glad the crewniverse did so and changes are happening because of it!

I know the SU Critical side of the fandom has gotten to the nerves of a lot of people (I must admit I can be agitated by it too) but when it comes to racism or anything discriminatory/prejudice like that, it’s important to listen, to empathise, to have compassion, to try and make a change for the better - in order to benefit everybody.

It will continue to confuse me how, a show that reinforces all those lessons, can have such a toxic fandom that continues to go against those lessons (and even intersectionality).

Even if I disagree with some points made by SU critical on other matters, I still believe it’s okay to call out/criticise the shows/films/people/etc. you like. It can result in better things, again, that can benefit everybody.

I think that’s all I’ve got to say on the matter. I probably won’t discuss this further as I don’t want my voice to be heard over those who are directly impacted by such issues.

if i said anything insensitive or rude please let me know/correct me ahh

i don’t like posting my own opinion on these topics but i’ll do it for y’all. i hope it comforts you and gives you something positive to hold onto. 

a lot of people are freaking out about gd, seungri, taeyang and daesung touring without t.o.p at the end of the year. understandable. really, i understand, i love t.o.p S O much i can’t put it into words, it’s natural that people react like this. but please keep a few things in mind. 

this was planned all along, because of military service, it’s not something new, they all knew this was coming. remember all those tears? i’m sure they talked about it a million times, “you’re going to realize you don’t need me” and “you’re crazy, we’ll always need you more than anything,” over and over. that’s how it is with family, right? you keep telling them these things. 

this is actually a good thing for t.o.p. what this means is that bigbang will keep going strong. it will keep gaining fans and fame. and it will be ready and waiting for t.o.p when he comes back. don’t get me wrong, all the boys are overworked, and it shows. but i feel that they really WANT to do this, not just to show that they’ll keep fighting to stay together, make music, and tour, but to show support for t.o.p. to show that bigbang isn’t over, its fans aren’t gone, its “scandals” mean nothing, fake “fans” and petty people mean nothing, and people love them more than ever, they’ll have more success than ever. to show that everything is okay. didn’t you see how happy GD was at his last concert? think that had anything to do with this announcement? the video of him talking about those hard times this year, but saying he’s feeling better. don’t you think there could be a connection, that he feels like they’re going to prove something to t.o.p, maybe prove that everything’s going to be okay. that’s what i believe, anyway. 

so please, please show support for these guys, don’t bash them for this. yes, it’s too much work. yes, we want seungri’s work (but as others have pointed out, it’s harder for 3 individuals to shine at once than just 2, and it’s more cash to pay at once lol). and yes, we want seunghyun. we love seunghyun so much. it’s not bigbang without seunghyun. 

but what if this tour is FOR seunghyun? 

aren’t gd, seungri, taeyang, and daesung the real seunghyun protection squad? so shouldn’t we support them, and in turn support seunghyun? isn’t any love we show them also love for seunghyun, who adores them? 

again, as other people have said, these guys can make their own decisions. and even if they were talked into this, they have to make the best of it now. WE have to make the best out of it now. all 5 members deserve support, and this is how we will support them. by showing these 4 positivity and love, and by NEVER shutting up about how much we love and miss t.o.p, and how much we want him back. and they will LOVE hearing that. they’ll tell him all about it. just… don’t bash their tour while you’re saying how much you love seunghyun, because maybe this tour is for him. maybe it’s an act of love, despite how difficult it will be.

and yes, it’s not bigbang if all 5 members aren’t there. but… aren’t they? i know i always refer to solo stuff as “bigbang” without even realizing it. because even when doing solo work, they never really left, did they? they are each bigbang. they are one, through their love for each other. so the way i see it, any tour, regardless of how many members are involved, is a bigbang tour. they never stop carrying each other in their hearts, or trying their hardest to support each other, no matter what it takes. 

this tour is going to be so hard on all 5 of these boys. they’re going to be worried sick about each other. they’re going to miss each other. they’re going to feel left behind and like they aren’t needed. it’s our job to support them, remind them of their bond, remind them of OUR love, and to remind them how important they ALL are, not just to bigbang, but to each other, as human beings. please make that your goal. let’s try to take care of these boys, if we can impact them in any positive way. 

Victor and Grief/Loss as it Applies to his Career

After episodes 10-12 we finally got a really good look into Victor’s thought process and I’d like to talk about a portion of it. Specifically regarding his experience with grief and the loss of his career/the life he’d known up until the start of the show.

Victor’s whole life has been about skating. It’s all he’s ever known. He himself has admitted that it’s not until he gets away from the skating that he’s able to evaluate the bigger picture, what life and love means for him. But just because he’s found new purpose in Yuuri does not mean that he doesn’t grieve the loss of the life he’s known up until now.

After episode 12 you’re probably thinking, “but hey, he goes back to competitive skating in the end. So what was he grieving if he was planning that all along?” What I will attempt to prove with this meta is that Victor actually goes through the entire grieving process before episode 12. Please give me a listen and I’ll show you what I mean! (The rest is under the cut due to length and images.)

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Number 17, The Underground...Aaaaaaand GO!

Short opinion: My hat is off to K.A. Applegate for being maybe the only author on the planet capable of taking a story about teenage superheroes fighting aliens with the power of oatmeal… and making it into a surprisingly serious debate about the morality of chemical warfare.

Long opinion:

As I’ve mentioned before, a lot of what I love about this book is the fact that it refuses to be simple comedy even though it has a nearly-perfect comedy setup.  The idea of super-powerful aliens being taken down by otherwise harmless Earth substances is oftentimes played for laughs in other works of sci fi, and the fact that these are teenagers debating about oatmeal adds a whole other layer of ridiculousness to it… But although Applegate acknowledges the humor of the premise in several moments (Jake bemoaning the fact that this battle was destined to end in silliness, Rachel repeating “it’s oatmeal!” six or seven times in a row, etc.) the implications of the premise are distinctly not funny for large parts of this book.

Because this is one of those moments where the Animorphs have a crystal-clear decision between two choices, one of which is probably the right thing to do and the other of which is definitely the easy thing to do.  The easy decision would be simply to dump oatmeal in their town’s water main or otherwise ensure that most of the humans would end up eating it, and then pick the partially-freed controllers from the people who just had some weird-tasting water and start getting information from them.  Easy would be starting out by poisoning Tom with the oatmeal (since Jake has access to his food supply) and then using whatever advice he can give them to figure out how to poison as many other controllers as possible.  Probably the right thing but honestly we’re not sure is spending A FREAKING WEEK tunneling slowly down to the yeerk pool in order to try and poison the yeerks directly, and even then only doing it as a last resort.  Probably the right thing is doing everything in the Animorphs’ power to avoid harming the hosts, even when doing so nearly gets them killed.  Probably the right thing means continuing to fight back with a minimal possible number of casualties.

Part of what’s so great about the way that the Animorphs reach the decision to go through the huge pain in the butt (and screaming terror, for that matter) of delivering the oatmeal to the yeerk pool in person is the understanding that, no matter how many times Rachel repeats “It’s just oatmeal,” it’s not just oatmeal (#17).  According to Marco, “We have green kryptonite here… They’re yeerks. They’re the enemy.” and therefore the oatmeal is destined to be their super-weapon.  The way Tobias sees it, “A drug is in the eye of the beholder… If you get addicted to the oatmeal and it messes you up…” and they’d be taking away the autonomy of the yeerks through fighting dirty with chemical warfare.  Ax, meanwhile, asks my favorite question: “What about the hosts?”

This debate has a very existential kind of cynicism to it, asking multiple times: if we take oatmeal out of its original context, what does it actually mean?  If we choose to interpret it as a chemical weapon (the way Marco and Ax clearly do) then does that make our decision to use it immoral by default?  If we choose to see it as a drug (the way Tobias does) then what does that make us if we force people to become addicted?  If it is just oatmeal, the way Rachel wants to see it, then does that make using it automatically okay?

Largely unrelated aside: it also fascinates me how much Jake and Cassie aren’t involved in this book.  They both largely abstain from the debate about how and whether to use the oatmeal, which Rachel notes is uncharacteristic for them both, and although everyone respects Jake’s right to make the final call on Tom, the issue of whether to use the oatmeal at all gets made largely without his input.  We also know why they both seem to be largely along for the ride in this book, because #17 repeatedly harkens back to the events of #16.  When they’re all running around as roaches nearly getting squashed after they break out of their banana crate, Jake freaks out more than anyone else and also brings up having been squashed as a fly and mostly-killed in #16.  During the earlier debate about how to get into the mental hospital, they discuss the fact that this should be a piece of cake compared to the disastrophe at Joe Bob Finestre’s house (#16), and they only see poor George Edelman try to kill himself because everyone convinces Jake that after last mission they really really need a vacation.  Cassie pretty much explicitly says that the reason she’s abstaining from the oatmeal-morality discussion is that she’s really not sure what’s right or wrong anymore, given that she not only tried to commit murder in (relatively) cold blood last book, but also tried to use Jake as her means of doing so.  We can see the impact that this war is having on the kids, because both Jake and Cassie have this attitude of not even knowing who they are anymore, much less being able to trust themselves.

Speaking of the impact of war on identity, one of the more fascinating motifs in this story is just how much time Rachel spends interrogating her own roles.  She’s not really one for self-reflection, at least not compared to Tobias or Jake, and so it’s striking that she does stop and take a moment to reflect on her place within her team and within her family at several points in this book.  Just before they’re about to go into the yeerk pool, she thinks “Everyone in a group has a role to play. At least that’s how it always works out. My role was to say, ‘Let’s do it. Let’s go. That’s what we came here for.’  But I was tired. And I’d had a really, really bad few days digging down to this stupid cave…  So I said, «Let’s do it. That’s what we came here for.»”  Rachel understands that in many ways the team needs her to be brave and gung-ho, because she’s the force dragging them forward, toward danger and also toward victory.  When none of them want to be the first to tunnel down as moles, she volunteers without (outward) hesitation.  When they reach the cave filled with bats and end up forced to demorph down there, she emphasizes that this is a good thing.  When everyone is exhausted and cornered in the yeerk pool, she becomes the one to get them off their butts and toward an exit plan.  When everyone else is too wiped out and traumatized from the battle to worry about tying up loose ends, she becomes the one to go make sure George Edelman’s still going to be okay.  

Because it’s what she does.  Because she’s Xena.  Because she has to be, even though this book opens up with her looking down at Lucy Lawless and realizing that they’re both just acting as Xena, because there’s no such thing as Xena, because when people look at her and see Xena they’re inevitably projecting something that’s not real.  However, as Rachel says, “sometimes it’s hard to get out of a role once you’ve started playing the part” (#17).  She’s genuinely not sure who she is, if not Xena.

Although that’s not the only role she plays.  This book also has several moments with Rachel at home, where we see her in a different role entirely.  Rachel is not, perhaps, doing as well as Marco or Jake at playing the role of an ordinary civilian.  It’s not often that we see PTSD come out in the form of hypervigilance or impulsivity in fiction, but we do see it a lot in this particular series with Rachel.  She yells at Jordan for throwing out her rotting leftovers, snaps at her mom for expecting her to be an ordinary teenager, and generally behaves as though she doesn’t have time for her family at all.  We as the reader understand why Rachel’s on such a hair-trigger, given the kind of week (month, year) she’s had at the time, but Naomi still has every right to be worried and Jordan still has every right to be annoyed.  They’re not seeing Rachel’s internal justification for her willingness to blow up at anyone who so much as looks at her wrong; they’re just seeing the explosions.  And Rachel understands on some level that she’s failing in the role of sister-and-daughter.  That she should have priorities outside of the war, but that she’s dropping the ball on most of them.

The series seems to have another mini-motif in this cycle of books, given how much role interrogation the other four do in the surrounding novels.  If the early 30’s are all about the Animorphs alone, the late teens are about role-reflection and the realization that the role of Child Whom Parents Care For is now officially out of reach.  #16, as I mentioned, is all about Jake trying to figure out who a leader is, what a leader does, and how he can play the part of The Great Man From History while also being a good friend; the entire book goes back and forth between that idea and the domestic scenes where his family treats him like the baby (since he is) as he comes to the realization that, not only can they not protect him anymore, but he might not be able to protect them.  Before that, #15 gets into Marco’s conflict between being a good son to his dad and being a good son to his mom, which (thanks to Visser One) are mutually oppositional roles and leave him with the conclusion that if he can only save one it’ll have to be his dad.  #18 once again shows an Animorph fleeing into the arms of home and family, only to realize that those aren’t sources of comfort or safety anymore, only in this case it’s Ax coming to realize that he won’t just be going home and rejoining the andalites anytime soon, so he might as well get used to looking to Jake as his prince.  Although #19 ends up focusing on Cassie alone in the woods with Karen and Aftran, a lot of what drives her out there is the scene where she looks at her parents and does the math that she is older and more hardened than they will ever be, and that she has already infected their innocence and goodness with her darkness.

This book and its surrounding fellows are a lot about settling into the war for the long haul.  And that leads to (and from) the question: What are we really doing in this war?  How are we going to fight it?  What compromises are we willing to make, and what ones are we unwilling to touch?  If it’s not “just oatmeal,” then what are we going to do about it?

theories or something

*crashes through my own window*

So in my recent pattern of being minorly majorly fixated on Darkiplier and Antisepticeye and what little ‘lore’ we have on them, I came across this post. Which, first off, is just funny. But secondly it gave me an idea.

We know that Anti has pretty much told us that it’s our attention that keeps him alive, and we know that he has accused us of just ‘sitting and watching’ him kill Jack. These two pieces of information imply two thing: that simply by virtue of thinking about him we can impact him, and that we are capable of interfering somehow– otherwise, wouldn’t he have mocked us for being helpless, rather than choosing not to act?

If these things are true– then it’s entirely possible that fanon lore built up by enough of the community could carry over and impact Anti. I don’t think we could defeat him that way, since our attention seems to fuel him, but what if we could give him weaknesses? That would be a fascinating development, particularly if our fav demon boys end up going against one another later on– we could set Dark up for victory, or we could set Anti up for victory, depending on where the majority of fanon falls. It would also be interesting if Anti continues to antagonize us but doesn’t go up against Dark– it could, potentially, give us a way to interact more directly with him, and to stop him from doing things we don’t like.

At the same time of course, if the fandom picks this up and tries it, we’ll have to be careful to make sure that exploiting Anti’s weaknesses wouldn’t also hurt Jack– so no dislike/like ratio on videos Anti appears in, or anything. Maybe we could have him vulnerable to a particular phrase, or cursed to obey someone who sets off a particular code or incantation against him. 

Okay, next theory shit: Darkiplier.

As a lot of people picked up on, Dark indicated that “he” (presumably Markiplier) promised to “let him back in” and “didn’t even invite him on this adventure”, that he was tired of giving people– not just Mark?– a choice. It’s also repeatedly stated that he wanted to get to the viewer and to spend time with them, he didn’t care about Mark himself, unlike the dynamic with Anti and Jack. Anti points at us for being too distant and not interfering, while Dark pulls himself closer to us by choice. There is also the EXIT ‘ending’, wherein we see Dark seemingly manipulate time itself, or possibly just the video sequence. He pulls other shit, like warping our perception when he first appears, seemingly teleporting (? time/space manipulation?), indicating that he is consciously aware of what’s going on while not in control of Mark’s body, marking himself as superior to Mark, able to take us places (more teleportation evidence??)… but most crucially:

“There’s nothing you, or he, can do to stop me!”

While Anti told us we let his actions happen, Dark has told us that we don’t have a choice. In essence, Anti has admitted to being stoppable– and Dark has denied it… although if you choose the RIGHT he fails to reclaim control of Mark’s body. The flickering of his influence in that ending, however, may indicate that he isn’t dead– and indeed, even in LEFT Mark may not be dead– but only injured, unable to take control but still there. Following that thought, as I said, LEFT may not lead to Mark’s death, even though Dark clearly has control at the end. It may be that the shot similarly only wounded Mark, leaving him unable to even fight Dark’s control– making it exceptionally easy, even easier than it already was, for Dark to keep Mark’s body (and us). 

Also interesting, and something I didn’t really pay attention to my first run-through: While deciding to shoot RIGHT or LEFT, the one on the LEFT (Mark) says you “have to trust [him]”, while the one on the RIGHT (Dark) says “he needs to die”, among other things, like “He’s Dark, he’s a bad influence”, “he’ll [indecipherable] everything you ever loved”, and ”he’s a bad man, he does bad things to good people”. Mark, meanwhile, is much vaguer and less accusatory– “he’s got the weird eyes and all that stuff”. It’s very interesting to me that it is Dark himself who calls himself ‘bad’ and warns that he does bad things to good people. It may provide an interesting insight into how Dark views himself, and how he knows the world views him– and may be a powerful warning, not to underestimate him just because he hasn’t hurt us, not to underestimate him just because he was mocked.

Absolutely none of that last paragraph helps me dismiss the irrational urge to hug Dark and tell him that we, the fans, we do want him. It seems to be a desire I share with a… rather large portion of the fandom. For all that Mark is clearly being imprisoned while Dark takes control, Dark’s desires to spend time with us, his gentle reassurances in LEFT, his promises and offers… are all very, very human, and very relatable. He seems lonely, and combined with the well-tailored suit and power play aesthetic, it makes us sympathize with him and accept him, even though by all rights we should be majorly concerned that he’s taking Mark’s body from Mark. Whether accepting him and trying to rehabilitate or make a compromise with him would ever possibly be wise, whether his relatability is a calculated move in its entirety on Dark’s part… is hard to say. His desperation to see us and his repetition of wanting to get to know us certainly seem genuine.


I think that I forgot more gifs of Ohmiya holding/touching hands, but with these it’s enough to prove that maybe they are more than friends.

1. When Ohno’s hand rubbed Nino’s hand, Ohno put a strange face and Nino just looked at him.

2. Nino lowered his hand and without looking, touched Ohno’s hand quickly, he didn’t look at Nino as if Nino was calling him or if he wanted to say something to him, he just stayed still and showed no reaction.

3. Well, I only put 1 gif of holding hands but I’ve got a lot. We are used to see them holding hands like if nothing happen and acting normally. Maybe I’m the only but I don’t hold hands with my friends everytime we can :/

4. This impact me a lot. It’s from the making of My Girl. They was recording a scene and Ohno had to stand up and go to a box. We can see how they was holding hands under the table without anyone knowing. The above could have an excuse since they are good friends, but to do so in secret is very strange and mystery, don’t it?

5. Finally, in Time maybe? I don’t remember sorry. When they was saying goodbye and the 5 of them held hands and made a reverence, Nino and Ohno stayed together and their fingers squeezed each other.

Well, you can call me crazy if you want XD
But didn’t it look strange for you? I mean, this game, touch/hold hands, it can be happen ½/3 times like Sakuraiba or even Juntoshi, but Ohno and Nino stay like this a lot of times more than normal. It’s like it means something special for them, maybe they show each other something with these actions. ( ¯•ω•¯ )



A lot of that record, I wrote when I was having a really bad time mentally. I don’t like calling it depression but it seemed like that and I couldn’t pinpoint what my issues were, or what was wrong with me but I knew there was something wrong. My problems weren’t tangible things, they weren’t thing I could see or explain to people so in a way it was like they were ghosts or spirits that were haunting me. I think a lot of people are afraid to put it out there and talk about it but we weren’t.

I think that might be a big reason people have connected to it and got behind it. I feel like for anyone who’s sharing feelings of topics like that, it’s a little bit scary but I feel its more therapeutic and cathartic to write about that stuff, to talk about that stuff and put it out there. You feel better about it. To know that other people can connect to that makes you feel even better. As scary as it at first, it eventually just pays off and turns out to be good in the end.

I hope we can impact people, inspire people and motivate people.  — Lynn Gunn

A loving reminder to anyone reading this and especially my Portland people or people in similarly hot cities:

Today is 101 degrees. People are once again going to start dying of exposure, this time of heat exposure, sun stroke, dehydration, and a host of other completely avoidable complications.

Please hold compassion in your heart for those in our human family who are not fortunate enough to have safe cool spaces with clean water or hygiene facilities to retreat to. I 100% promise you that their goal is to survive, they are not trying to hurt you, as scary as you may find them and as foreign as their lives may be to you.

If you can afford to carry extra water bottles with you, wipes, sanitiser, or treat someone to a cool treat or access to a rest room, what you are doing is HUGE. If you can offer them access to trash to help them keep the few spaces they have cleaner, that is HUGE.

People are going to die this summer but we can minimise the impact of the heat and the city’s indifference if we remember that we are family. your life is as precious to me as mine is.

We are all we have.

Goodbye SourceFed

And here we are. I have no idea how to go about this. I don’t know how to begin. Maybe that was the proper intro. I don’t know.

SourceFed comes to an end tomorrow. I’ve delayed writing this because I’m having trouble processing everything that comes with the news we all got on Monday. 

In 2013, I found a channel as an 18 year old who just finished freshman year of college. I was on the edge of giving up my pursuit of an entertainment career since I wasn’t feeling it anymore. Then on May 12, 2013 - I found them. I found a Truth or Dare, then a Comm Comm, then a news piece, then a Table Talk and it spiraled into googling every host until 6am the next day. I found the channel when I found Steve and Lee through a YouTuber’s React and swear to god thought they were a comedy band (idk, they had the look). I went “Oh, SourceFed. That’s an interesting name for a band”.

They are what kickstarted my interest in YouTube. I had casually watched it since 2006 but I turned hardcore and obsessing over many YouTube creators since finding them. Their chemistry is unlike anything I had ever seen on YouTube and I have never seen anything like it since then. They reminded of my friends and that was something that resonated with me. 

I owe a lot to SourceFed. They propelled me into my YouTube and comedy career. They’re the main reason I ended up at Groundlings which turned into everything else I do now. I’m still in the program at Groundlings as well as taking classes with iO West and Second City. I did two years of sketch comedy with my college and I have been making videos consecutively since last August.

They’ve given me the most amazing friends (Hi Lee, Andre, Sophie, Kara, Ming, Ryan, Carol, Katie and many many more). I have a lot of memories. Getting picked for TableTalk 5 times as well as CommComm and Truth or Dare. Watching BFTT, Santa Steve, Truth or Dare, and the SourceFed Christmas Special. The OG comment commentary couch. Jonathan Gay. I hate wasp. DeFranco Does LA. The SF booth at VidCon 2015. Going to VidCon 2015 (and 2016 and eventually 2017). Competing against DeFranco in Super Smash Bros at VidCon. Matt Lieberman was even my mentor last year at VidCon’s mentorship program! Meeting any of them in person always made me feel so special seeing how personable and genuine and encouraging they were even while working in an industry that can leave a person so jaded. 

And then fan interaction went to a whole other level. Lee is now my friend and mentor at Groundlings and meeting her was one of the best things that happened to me. We’ve now known each other for a few years and she is like the sister I wish I had. That was something I NEVER expected to happen.

I went to their channel first when a friend passed away suddenly a few years ago. It was my go-to for laughing again after a hard day of school or work. Finding them changed the trajectory of my life forever. It ended up in my life at the right place at the right time. Watching the hosts grow into incredible pros in the industry and really wonderful people was a joy and I’m going to continue to watch what they do next because they will conquer the world. YouTube was blessed with 5 years of a channel that dared to experiment and I will respect them for that. It’s the end of an era. But I know I speak for many people who say that SourceFed is what prompted them to pursue a career in new media and through that we can carry on the impact of those 5 years. 

I want to thank the team for pouring so much into their work to inspire and educate everyone who was lucky enough to find their videos. Thank you for inspiring me, pushing me, and encouraging me. Thank you for being so kind to my baby brother at last year’s VidCon (his picture is at the very end. It’s blurry AF but you get the picture). He got the best group hug he’s ever gotten in his life. I write this now as a 22 year old with an office job in programming but spends most of her free time during the day at her desk writing, reading scripts, editing scripts, planning camera shots, you name it. I’m gonna make sure to eat shrimp scampi at some point soon to commemorate. And then I will make you proud one day. 





-Copied from a SU facebook group- 

(Thought I might share it since the TTG schedule thing is getting ridiculous)
As you know, Steven universe was supposed to get a couple new episodes in this month. But why didn’t that happen?? TTG is getting aired all week, with the exception of a few Ok Ko episodes. NO RERUNS OF ANYTHING!

Steven Universe, along with our other beloved shows are getting shoved away because Teen Titans GO! Makes them the most money. Why? Because it’s cheap and fills up 59% of the time slots.

I have an idea…

Everyone needs to NOT watch Cartoon Network this week. We can impact the ratings. We need to work together to get rid of their extreme TTG episode slot occupancy. 

Beaver Reintroduction a Success

In 2011, a family of beavers mysteriously turned up in the Devon area of England, after hunters had bought them to extinction hundreds of years earlier. A legal battle ensued between farmers and Friends of The Earth in 2014, when the farmers mounted pressure on the government claiming that they would do damage to their lands and the beavers should be captured or culled. Eventually, the government agency Natural England decided to award the Devon Wildlife Trust a five-year licence to manage the animals, on a trial basis.

Four years later, we can see the profound impact beavers have had over the local ecosystem. Their dam cleans water which is polluted by the local farms, and helps fight the soil erosion perpetuated by intensive farming in the area. The wetland habitat created by the beavers have reinforced other populations too, whose numbers have been in decline. In 2011 when the beavers were reintroduced, there were 11 clumps of frogspawn in the wood; this year there are 681. These frogs in turn provide a food source for herons and snakes, who haven’t been seen in these numbers in the region in 200 years.

Successful reintroduction of species is frequently opposed by farming communities, but this story demonstrates how a return of the animals displaced by hunting and clear-cutting can be instrumental in solving some of the many problems which intensive farming creates. 

Impact: it goes both ways

The student nurse you just rolled your eyes at is on her last warning: she’s “failed” a clinical before, she’s “failed” a lecture class. She is having a difficult time remembering what Cardizem is for, not because she isn’t intelligent, but because she’s at the point of giving up, and what’s one more person who doesn’t believe in her.

The baby nurse you just called stupid (in your head), and aloud in your sucking of your teeth was at the top of her class. She was favorite of her clinical instructors - the “one to watch,” she was the first to help her fellow students with their homework, yet she’s struggling in her first job. She feels stupid, and she can feel the energy that others think she’s stupid.

The nurse you just complained about who always calls out is just trying to hold it all together, she’s trying to be brave, she’s trying to keep her private life private. She’s trying to find the will to come to work, the will to live. One more complaint and she maybe won’t be so brave.

The resident you just yelled at on the phone is quiet, not because you’ve got a right to yell at her since she didn’t answer her page… 5 times, she’s quiet since she was in the OR, and she just nicked an artery in the surgery she was assisting on. She nicked an artery in front of the scariest surgeon in the hospital. She nicked an artery that would cost a patient blood transfusions, possibly more surgeries, and certainly more pain post operatively. She’s quiet since you didn’t give her a chance to tell you why she didn’t answer. She’s quiet, as she feels like such a failure and if she speaks she will break down right about now, despite how strong everyone thinks she is.

If a person is experiencing a rough moment, or rough day, it doesn’t mean “they’re too sensitive.” It doesn’t mean they aren’t exceptional in their own way…ways you haven’t seen.

If a person is quiet, it doesn’t mean their thoughts aren’t valid or if they even agree.

Struggling doesn’t mean failure.
Struggling doesn’t mean failure.
Struggling doesn’t mean failure.

Maybe it isn’t up to us to know the whys behind the mask; but we sometimes have the choice to impact people, why let it be doubt when we can impact with consideration?

We focus too much on what is happening around us while forgetting that we can make much more impact if we would try to better ourselves.

Jalaluddin Rumi (rahimullah) says: Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.