we can have fun with out alcohol sometimes

Louis imagine: you break up but you’re pregnant

I was a month and 2 weeks pregnant and only my mother and best friend knew. I’m going to tell Louis in a couple days, after I get the first ultrasound pictures. I figured since I found out I was pregnant later than usual, this would be a good way to tell him.
Today Louis and I are going over to Niall’s house to celebrate them announcing their movie concert thing, Where We Are. It was just the boys and their girlfriends so it was a casual thing. I wore black skinny jeans, Vans, and an oversized white sweater. I was still able to fit into my normal clothes fairly easily which was nice.
Louis grabbed my hand and we made our way to the car. He had been back for 3 days. They had a week off from tour, before they went back for 2 months. That was the hard thing about tour. They came back for such a short amount of time, but were gone for so long. It was hard for both of us, but Louis tried to make it easier by calling, texting, and face timing often!
We hopped into the car and took off to Niall’s, talking the whole way. Louis was excited about the movie, it was a good way to let the fans who couldn’t afford going to the concert to see it! But he didn’t like the fact that it was only in theaters for 2 days! He told me how he had seen tweets saying people weren’t gonna be able to see it for various reasons and since it was in theaters for such a short amount of time!
By then, we had pulled up to Niall’s. We got out of the car and he took my hand and led me in. Everyone was there except for Zayn and Perrie. Niall offered both of us a beer, Louis excepted, but I declined for obvious reasons!
“Why don’t you want a beer?” Louis asked, knowing I drank every now and then.
“Not in the mood tonight!” I said. There were actually two reasons I wasn’t drinking, one because if the baby of course, and the other was because I knew Louis was going to be wasted, so I declared myself the driver.
We all had a great time Zayn and Perrie showed up 10 minutes later and we all talked, ate, and had a great night! It was nice when all the boys and girlfriends could get together, just quality time to enjoy life I guess. It was a rare thing for us because of how busy the boys always are.
We talked all about how tour was going and some of the craziest things to happen so far, a girl snuck backstage into Harry’s dressing room, Paul getting mobbed by fans, Niall getting hit in the knee, Harry losing his voice, it was all talked about. It was interesting to hear their perspective on it. Being in the crowd is a whole different experience than being onstage.
At about 12:30 in the morning, everyone decided it was time to go. We had all kinda crashed so it was better to just go home. I drove both Louis and Harry because harry had had a little too much to drink and didn’t have another ride home.
I dropped Harry off and made sure he made it into the house without passing out on the lawn and drove back to our house. Louis had his hand on my knee the ride back and it was slowly but surely creeping up my leg.
When we pulled into the driveway, Louis leaned across and started kissing me, it was not his normal behavior so it had to be the alcohol making him do this.
“Louis stop.” I said while pushing him off me. I got out of the car and went to the door to get inside. Louis stumbled along behind me.
“What’s wrong babe? I just wanna have a little fun.” He said slurring his words together.
“Ok, well I don’t wanna have a ‘little fun’ ” I say. When we are both inside the house, I lock the door, and he slams me against the door frame. The smell of alcohol is floating off him, making me want to throw up. I read that when you’re pregnant, sometimes your sense of smell is heightened and I can obviously tell now. It smells like he bathed in whiskey!
“No, Louis I’m not doing this.” I say, ducking underneath his arm and escaping from his hold on me.
“WHAT THE HELL Y/N?” He yells at me.
“I SAID NO. YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY DRUNK AND IM NOT GONNA DO THIS.” I scream back. Louis looks mad. He is red in the face and is breathing hard.
“You’re a bitch, Y/N. You know that? You never do what I want!” He says. Those words hit me hard. He has never said anything like that to me before. I feel the tears escaping my eyes. I run up to the bedroom, lock the door and start packing my bag. I few clothes, shoes, everything I’ll need for a few nights to let Louis think about what he’s done.
I open the door again, run past Louis and run out the door. He yells my name a few times, but I’m backing out of the driveway before he comes out of the house. He looks guilty. Good, just how he should feel. I stop looking at him and drive down the road on my way to Harry’s house.

Hahaha, that’s the end of part 1!!! Part 2 may be up tomorrow? Maybe.

A/N: I hop this one didn’t seem to fast if that makes sense. I am working on slowing down the story and adding more details I guess. Right now I feel like it it just one thing after another. So hopefully this ones a little better… Maybe? AND HAPPY 4 YEAD ANNIVERSARY ONE DIRECTION!!! IVE BEEN HERE FOR YEARS AND YEARS AND IM PROUD TO SAY THAT THEY WERE SOME OF THE BEST AND KEAST PRODUCTIVE YEARS OF MY LIFE. it’s true though, like what have I done this summer that has been productive? Nothing. Literally nothing. Ok, I think that’s all… Have a great day!!