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“Moana“ sentence starters

contains SPOILERS; more under the cut because of length
( change pronouns as necessary )  

  • ❝ Her heart held the greatest power ever known.❞
  • ❝ There is no darkness. There are no monsters. ❞
  • [PLACE] is paradise. Who would want to go anywhere else? ❞
  • ❝ What are you doing? You scared me. ❞
  • ❝ Consider the coconut! ❞
  • ❝ You must find happiness right where you are. ❞
  • ❝ You are your father’s daughter. Stubbornness and pride. ❞
  • ❝ I am curious about that chicken eating the rock. ❞
  • ❝ Sometimes our strengths lie beneath the surface.  ❞
  • ❝ Whatever just happened… blame it on the pig. ❞
  • ❝ I’m his mom. I don’t have to tell him anything! ❞
  • ❝ Why aren’t you trying talking me out of it? ❞
  • ❝ I am the village crazy lady. That is my job. ❞
  • ❝ If there’s something you want to tell me, just tell me. …Is there something you want to tell me? ❞
  • ❝ Is there something you want to hear? ❞

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Love at First Sight with SHINee

Request: Can u plz do a reaction of Shinee seeing u at a fan meet and they instantly fall in love?


Onew: He’s been eyeing you whenever he had the chance and when you’re finally in front of him, he can’t stop himself from smiling widely. “Y/N, that’s a beautiful name.” He says after you tell him your name. “Please come back to see us.” He holds your hand a little longer than necessary and lets you leave, a little saddened by your departure. 

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Key: “Damn girl..you’re prettier than me.” You blush as he signs your album and you go so the next person can come, You look back to see him staring at you and pointing to the album. You look down and it reads: Call me so we can make pretty babies together. xxx-xxx-xxxx -Key

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Jonghyun: “Hi.” Is all you have to say to have him smiling widely. He becomes a nervous wreck as he autographs your CD with hearts all over it. “Thank you for your support, please come back to see me soon. I mean us…” He smiles as you leave and spends the rest of the day thinking of you.

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Minho: When he first sees you, he notices how beautiful your eyes are and he can’t stop staring. When he gets nudged by Key, he realizes he didn’t sing your album yet. “Sorry…your beauty distracted me.” Your cheeks heat up when he hands you your album, “Thank you. See you next time.” You say before leaving.

“I’m sure fate will allow us to see each other sooner than you think.” 

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Taemin: At first he avoids eye contact with you but gains confidence when he sees how shy you are. “You look so pretty!” He exclaims happily, “We appreciate your support.” You smile brightly and he blushes, “I think I just fell in love.” 

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We Value Family

Our time in Pangasinan was lovely. There’s a small resort near our home so we went there to enjoy the water under the sun. It was early in the morning, the heat was good, and we loved every moment spent there. These happy faces melted my heart and I can’t thank God enough to capture it and keep it.

My nephew, baby Umber is the cutest! His smiles are wonderful!

He loves it when…

  • Papa, his Lolo, holds him
  • We smile and talk to him
  • He’s not laying on bed
  • We sing upbeat songs to him
  • He’s outside the house

The loveliest gift can be found in the littlest of things.

I have the jolliest Mother and Sister! They enjoyed the photo shoots I had with them and it was funny. I somehow enjoy being the photographer in the family, it’s about being able to capture the simple things that made life beautiful and the happy times that God has given to us. 

And being with this man in this precious time is included in my list of happy things. 


Easter Sunday At Church

Today we went to church for Easter. Kahim and Rahim are singing today with the choir. They sang Marvin Sapp’s “Never Would’ve Made It”. I of coursed cry because that is one of my favorite gospel songs. They did such a beautiful job and the pastor complimented them. Johnathan and I are so proud of them. Good job babies. Mommy and Daddy will always pray for you. We love you both deeply.

*Kahim (short hair) and Rahim (long hair) starts singing*

Never would have made it
Never could have made it, without you
I would have lost it all
But now I see how you were there for me

Kahim: And I can say

Rahim: Never would have made it

Both: Never could have made it without you

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82. “mommy ate the baby?” - with luke !!

here you go! I hope you like it, I’m still new to writing requests so sorry if its rough! 

“The baby is where?!” Your little girl exclaimed. She had her hands placed on your ever growing stomach. She was squinting at your baby bump, looking at it with such determination and focus as if she looked hard enough she would actually be able to see the baby growing in there. 

“Well, your baby sister is growing in Mommy’s tummy. Just like you did, my little Dill Pickle,” Luke said grabbing Dylan and swinging her above his head, eliciting excited screams and loud giggles from the four year old. You rolled your eyes with a laugh at the nick name your husband had assigned to your daughter. He placed her back on your shared bed, snuggled nicely between the two of you on this early Saturday morning. When her giggles subsided her smile was replaced with a quizzical look. You knew she was really thinking about something because she got that adorable little pout, sticking out her bottom lip. 

“Wait a minute..” She said putting one of her little hands on Luke’s flannel clad leg and one on yours that was covered by the blanket just to make sure you both were listening. “MOMMY ATE THE BABY!?

You and Luke erupted into laughter. That was not what you had expected to come out of her little mouth. She was looking at you both with a desperate look waiting for someone to explain why her mommy had eaten her little sister. 

“No, no, Dylan. Mommy, did not eat the baby, I promise,” You explained trying to fight off laughter. You grabbed her little hands and pulled her into your side, wrapping your arm around her while she leaned her head on your shoulder. “Your little sister isn’t big enough to be out in the world yet so Mommy is just holding her until she is ready.”

“Will she be ready soon?” 

“Yes, munchkin she will. A few more months now and she will be here,” You replied casting a glance to your husband, he was sporting one of those big toothy grins that you loved so much. The love in his eyes couldn’t be missed, he was thrilled to be having another girl. In fact, he had informed you just the night before that if you could just pop out two more you could field a bad ass all girl pop punk band. As crazy and ridiculous as he was you couldn’t be more thankful to have someone in your life who loved you with their entire heart. You really couldn’t ask for anything more. 

“Mommy?” Dylan asked quietly.

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“Can..Can the baby hear us?” 

“Yes, she can. You can talk to her if you want,” You said with a big smile. Dylan was going to be such a great big sister and you couldn’t wait for the two of them to grow up together. When Dylan heard your answer she scrambled her small body back down to your tummy, lightly placing her hands on the surface and leaning her head towards it.  She gave you and Luke a nervous look before she began to whisper to your stomach.

“Hi, baby. I am vewy happy you are gonna be my little sister. I pwomise to be the best big sissy. I will let you play with my toys and evewything. We can even share my room. I have a nightlight so you don’t have to be afwaid of the dark okay?” She paused looking up to Luke. 

“Daddy, can we sing for her?” 

“Of course we can Dyl, what do you want to sing? Twinkle, twinkle?” He replied with a big smile, scooting next to her down by your stomach. She nodded vigorously at the mention of her favorite song. Nothing in the world could ever compare to the feeling you got watching your husband and your little girl sing to your baby bump. You could not wait for this baby to come and for your beautiful family to continue to grow. 

Use this list of Themes and Tropes tags to find your perfect Doctor/Rose Multichapter. Click on the theme/trope that you fancy reading about in your next Doctor/Rose fanfiction and enjoy the ride!!

By DW Trope:
#Evil!Torchwood (Does mean things to the Doctor or Rose)
#Evil!Unit (Does mean things to the Doctor or Rose)
#Time Agency
#Bad Wolf (Rose is changed by Bad Wolf, Bad Wolf change things in the Doctor and Rose’s timeline)
#Chameleon arch (The Doctor becomes human with the chameleon arch)
#Circular Paradox (The main plot is resolved by a touch from another time)
#Time Loop (Caught repeating the same moment in time)

By Domestic Tropes:
#Dancing (The Doctor dances with Rose Tyler -properly speaking-)
#Clubbing (The Doctor and/or Rose Tyler goes clubbing -Club, pub, bar, etc.-)
#Shopping (The Doctor and Rose goes shopping)
#Spa (The Doctor and Rose visit a spa to cool off)
#Dating (The Doctor takes Rose on a date or somewhere beautiful and meaningful to show her how she’s important)
#Drawing (The Doctor makes a drawing of Rose or Rose makes a drawing of the Doctor)
#Rose Sings (Fics where Rose sings -karaoke, as a singer, or by herself and the Doctor hears her)
#Pets (Fics where the Doctor and/or Rose have a pet)
#Period (Fics where Rose gets her periods)
#Baby Talk (The Doctor and Rose have the baby talk. Do we want a baby? Can we have one? Contraception?)
#Gifts (The Doctor and Rose exchange gifts. The Doctor gives something important to Rose.)
#Tattoo (The Doctor or/and Rose gets a tattoo)
#Paparazzi (Rose and/or the Doctor, have to deal with the tabloids)
#Farming (Rose and/or the Doctor buy a farmhouse and becomes farmers)

By Time of the Year:
#Valentine’s Day
#New Year’s Eve

By Relationship Status:
#Husband!Wife (The Doctor and Rose calls themselves Husband and Wife openly)
#Handfasting (Time Lord wedding)
#Forced wedding (The Doctor or Rose are force to marry -together or with someone else-)
#Fake Married (Doctor/Rose fake being married or being a couple)

By Family Trope:
#Pregnant Rose (Rose is pregnant or learns she is pregnant before the end of the fic)
#Forced Pregnancy
#Alien Pregnancy (Something about the pregnancy is different from normal pregnancy)
#Birth scene
#Baby fic (The Doctor and Rose with a baby)
#Family fic (Meet the Doctor and Rose’s children -not babies- kids or grown up)
#Legacy (Meet the Doctor and Rose’s descendants -grown up kids, grandchildren, and future generations)

By Angst Trope:
#Cheating (The Doctor or Rose cheats -weather they meant to or not-)
#Jimmy Talk (We get some explanations on what really happened in between Rose and Jimmy Stone)
#Reinette Talk (We get some explanations on what really happened between the Doctor and Reinette)
#Breakup (The Doctor leaves Rose, Rose leaves the Doctor, Weather they are in a relationship or not)
#Stranded (The Doctor and/or Rose gets stranded without the Tardis)

By Hurt!Comfort Trope:
#Kidnapping (The Doctor, Rose, and/or their children gets kidnapped)
#Mind Invasion (Rose and/or the Doctor get brain washed, telepathically altered, or possessed)

By Whump Trope:
#Gore (Lots of bloodshed, very descriptive injuries)
#Torture (Or scientific experimentation)
#Abuse (beating, rape, physical or psychological torture, manipulative behaviour, on a long scale. For days, months, years -described or mentioned)
#DubCon (Consent is dubious: Is not her/himself or something forces her/him to say yes)
#NonCon (Non-respectful and sexual: thoughts, looks, talk, touch, kiss, penetration, without consent)
#Rape (Sexual penetration without consent  -tag if described or only mentioned)
#Suicide (Thoughts and/or attempt)
#Near Death (An important character in the story almost dies, or dies and comes back to life)
#Character’s Death (DW Character’s death)
#OC’s Death
#Regeneration (The Doctor or Rose regenerates)

By UST Trope:
#Prison (The Doctor and/or Rose in prison)
#Caught (The Doctor and Rose gets caught snogging or shagging)
#Skin Hunger (The attraction is physical, compulsory, they have to touch)
#Huddling for Warmth
#Under the influence
#Slave!Doctor (captured to be slave or have to pretend being a slave)
#Slave!Rose (captured to be slave or have to pretend being a slave)
#Small spaces (The Doctor and Rose caught in a small space together)
#Truth or Dare
#Dirty talk
#Shag or die
#Bed sharing (Intense UST or ends up with smut. this exclude sleeping in the same bed as a couple)

By Smut Trope:
#Hand Job (Rose using her magic hands on the Doctor)
#Fingering (The Doctor using his magic fingers on Rose)
#Dry humping
#Oral Sex (The Doctor going down on Rose)
#Blow job (Rose going down on the Doctor)
#Telepathic Sex
#Console sex
#Outdoor sex
#Public sex (Where they can be easily found or when people are watching or could be watching)
#Wall sex
#Water sex (In water, Bath or lake)
#Shower sex
#Rough sex (Real passionate sex: fast and effective, frantic, usually unplanned, on the moment sex)
#Sex toys
#BDSM (Willing sex game where someone is tied up or dominated by the other)
#Alien sex (Something sexually different physically or when telepathy is an obligation, cannot be stopped)
#Virgin (When one of them never had sex or is really inexperienced)
#Underage sex (Rose and/or the Doctor is under 18yo)
#Implicit sexuality (The sex scenes are implied, fade to black, or vaguely skimmed over instead of being really explicit)

To see more of our tags, check out our taglist!

Preference #6 - Putting The Baby Girl To Bed




You heard your baby girl in her room as you folded clothes in your living room.. She wasn’t crying at least, that was something but she certainly took after her father; just over a year old and she couldn’t stop drumming on things. Hardly a silent moment at all. Now she was supposed to be going to sleep, but she was bringing her hands to slap against her kids. You’re supposed to let babies start self-soothing and putting themselves to sleep and stuff so you were letting her do just that. At least she had a good sense of rhythm. But she couldn’t ever go to sleep unless she saw Ashton, it meant a lot of face timing while on tour.

Such a daddy’s girl, but hey, you were too.

“Hey, I’m home.” Ashton said beaming as he came through the door into the room.

“Hey honey….” You said as he leaned down to kiss you hello falling into the couch beside you.

“Sorry I missed dinner… Is she in bed?” He asked rubbing your shoulder before reaching for some clothes to fold.

“She is but she really takes after her father…” You said giggling.


“She is drumming in her crib waiting to say goodnight to you.” You laugh as he gives you a confused look.

“She is not…” He said shaking his head.

“Listen…” You say nudging him. He sits quietly.

“Oh my god, my baby is drumming!” He says jumping up and running up the stairs. You followed laughing as he went into your girl’s bedroom picking her up. He made faces at her while he held her above his head. Your two favorite people in the world…

“She’s now completely awake thanks to you.” You say shaking your head.

“But my baby is drumming! Can’t you say it baby girl? Come on, dad-y come on sweetie!” he says still trying to get her to talk and she just kept giggling and giggling and cooing. She reached for the bandana wrapped around his head as he pulled away.

“Hahaha, she’s not gonna say it yet but I bet she’ll say daddy before she says mommy.” You said giggling as he set her back in the crib.

“Why?” He asked holding you in the doorway watching your baby roll around in a happy mass.

“Daddy’s girl.” You answer solemnly.

“I seem to have a lot of those…” Ashton whispers in your ear pulling you until your back is against his chest.

“She really loves you…” You sigh.

“And I really love both of you.” He says kissing the top of your head.

“I love you, too.”

“So… are you tired today?” He whispers his breath moving across your ear.

“Not really, I’m glad she’s not colicky.” You mumble.

“So how long will she take to sleep?” He asks with his lips brushing your neck.

“Not too long once we leave…” You say turning to look at him. His eyebrows are raised as you feel his hands sliding down your waist.

“So… I think we should have some fun, baby girl…” He says with a smirk nudging against you. You turn his hand sliding into yours leading you toward your room.

“Oh this kind of fun?” You ask raising your eyebrows.

“Yeah, I love our daughter but I’m thinking I want a son, maybe a few more. I really love kids.” He says pulling you toward the bed.

“Another kid?” You ask.

“Making kids is quite fun…” He says giggling dropping down to kiss you.

“Is that what you’re getting at?” You ask and he nods going to kiss you his hand dropping to your shirt. Apparently you two were going there.


“So guess what your father went out and did today?” You say your fingers dancing over your baby girl laying on the couch smiling up at you. She was a great listener, except for the times she was crying and throwing up.

She just made baby noises.

“Uh huh pretty girl, he got your name tattooed on himself.” You said shaking your head before making faces at your girl and rasberrying her stomach.

“You know, I never knew you hated tattoos that much, you didn’t mind too much when I got your name tattooed after we got married.” You heard a voice saying in the corner. You turned to look as your baby cried out reaching for her dad. Cal was now walking into the room holding out his arms for your baby. He swooped her up before falling into the couch leaning up to kiss her nose. He sat her on his leg bobbing his knee before looking at you.

“Tattoos are so permanent.” You commented.

“So? You have one too and it’s about me.” He said with a smirk.

“It’s just one of your song lyrics…” You said reaching to rub your inner wrist, where the ink was.

“And you should remember it.”

“’Wherever You Are’” You said the words on your skin.

“And I’ll settle for my name not being tattooed on your skin because you have my ring on your finger.” He said holding your baby in one hand while reaching for yours. He lifted it up kissing the ring before kissing your inner wrist.

“So let me see the new tattoo.” You said and he reached to roll up his sleeves. Your name was tattooed on his inner bicep on his right arm but he was going for his left arm. He rolled up it up and your baby’s name was scrawled there, still a little red.

“Like it?” He asked flexing.

“Sure… You keep getting tattoos.”

“But you drool when you see them.” He teased.

“I do not.” You defended.

“You do, too.” He said laughing.

“Then maybe we should skip the whole deal and go to the bedroom.” You comment.

“Sounds fantastic!” He said getting up with his baby girl. “Sweetie, it’s time for mommy and daddy to have play time. Make sure to fall asleep soon!” He said carrying her to her room.

“You are impossible.” You comment watching him put her to bed.

“Oh come on, you want me…” He says dancing in the room.

“Why did I marry you?”

“Because you love me.”


“Cause I am very good in bed!” He says wiggling his eyebrows.

“I don’t know, you’ve been vanilla recently.” You said stepping backwards toward your room.

“We have a baby!” He said defensively.

“But what if I want more? Having just sex isn’t gonna get me pregnant.”

“Oh baby, you want it bad.” He says laughing shutting the door to her room.

“Do I?”

“Tell me what you want what you really want.” He sings. You can’t help but laugh.

“Way to kill any mood.” You say through laughs.

“Oh I’m sure I can get it back.” He says taking your hand.


“Your father thinks we need to dye your hair…” You say bouncing your girl on your knee.

She reached for your necklace cooing.

“I tried to tell him we should save your beautiful blonde hair… He just said blonde hair is easy to dye.”

“I suggested light pink, since we had a girl and you won’t dye your hair…” Michael said coming up. He sat behind you wrapping his arm around your waist resting his head on your shoulder.

“I happen to like my hair color.” You said sticking out your tongue. He just tried to bite it.

“I suppose it’s pretty.” He commented petting it.

“You suppose? Stingy with compliments much?” You say.

“It’s soft…” He mumbles his hands joining yours holding your girl. His fingers gently mold her cheeks. “Her cheeks are squishy.”

“As squishy as Calum’s?” You ask.

“Squishier.” He says chuckling. “But maybe I like how squishy your ass cheeks are best.” He says dropping his hand down to squeeze it.

“You are a pervert.” You comment shaking your head.

“Hmm, but she likes it.” Michael whispers as she laughs. You sigh.

“You two will gang up on me, won’t you?”

“I plan on corrupting her.” He said laughing kissing your cheeks. “Just like I did you.”

“How am I corrupted?” You ask.

“You fell for the bad boy.” He says with a smirk.

“I fell for a kitten with an eyebrow piercing.”

“But I’m punk rock!”


“I am!”


“Calum says I am!”

“Calum will say anything to get you to get up.”

“Luke says I’m punk rock!”

“Luke is your bitch.”

“Ashton says I’m punk rock.”

“Ashton was being nice.”

“You’re not being nice.”

“I’m not the nicest girl.”

“I know.”

“But I do actually love you.”

“Then say I’m punk rock.”



“But I’ll kiss you.”

“Fair enough.” And you laughed as you kissed his full lips.

“Ah shit! She’s grabbing my piercing!” He cried trying to get her fingers off the piercing in his eyebrow.

“Alright sweetie, let’s just put you to bed.” You said getting up.

“Can we go to bed too?” Michael asks following you.

“Perhaps.” You tease, knowing you’ll give in.


That’s it, you were beaten by a baby, and it was your own baby. Why did she just keep crying? Couldn’t she just stop crying? You’d tried everything.

“Please baby… just stop. You’re fed, you’re burped, I need you to go to bed. Luke’ll be home soon and I need to clean up the mess and attempt to shower.” You said begging the screaming baby in your hands. You weren’t kidding. The kitchen had cheerios and baby food thrown about. You had throw up down your back and you were pretty sure you had baby food in your hair, too. It was the best way to greet your husband when he came home, totally beaten by a six month old.

And she was still crying.

To put it short, she couldn’t sleep without Luke putting her to bed or at least being with Luke for a bit. Nope. She would put up a hell of a fight. After trying to get to her to sleep yourself for the last few weeks your will was wearing thin. You knew he was going on tour and you weren’t joining so Luke wouldn’t be home to make her sleep. You had to figure out how to do it yourself. Plus you wanted to prove that you could be a good mom, you figured Luke was comparing you to Liz and so far, you were not passing, not by a long shot.

And as she just kept crying, crying and crying, you started crying too. You were defeated by a baby, and you were done. You almost didn’t want to face Luke, knowing you’d failed again at being a passable mom.

“Hey baby, I’m home!” You heard Luke coming in. At least the baby was clean, unlike you. You sniffed and wiped the tears so beyond caring about how it’d be completely obvious that you’d essentially broken down because of a six month old. You stood holding her and going to greet Luke. You heard him mumbling about the mess in the kitchen, probably disappointed that you couldn’t keep a house clean when you were home for the whole day.

“Hey,” You say sniffing again. She was no longer crying at full volume, she’d stopped when Luke had come in, now she was whimpering reaching for him and you handed her over. Luke took her silently kissing her head before turning to look at you.

“Whoa…” He said looking at your appearance. You didn’t even want to think about how you looked.

“Can you put her to bed? I’m gonna shower.” You say rubbing your face. He nods as your baby rests against his shoulder, content. It was almost like she hated you. She didn’t most of the time, usually she was affectionate, until you tried to put her to bed and thus awoke demon spawn.

“Are you ok?” He asks looking you over. You feel more tears in your eyes.

“I’m just gonna shower.” You say walking to the bathroom. You take forever in there, partly because you let yourself breakdown in there and partly because you were so defeated, you needed the time. When you got out you just pulled on comfy clothes and stepped out. You checked on your girl, already sleeping soundly. Then you went to your bedroom since all the other lights were out.

“So what happened?” Luke asked quietly when you came in. You let out a sigh.

“I’m just a bad mom… I can’t do this right.” You sigh just crawling into the bed.

“I’m pretty sure there’s no right way to be a mom.” He says in a reassuring voice.

“No, I’m pretty sure I’m doing it wrong.”
“What have you failed at then?”

“Getting her to go to sleep, cleaning, not breaking down, being a good mom, I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m sorry I’m a failure.” You say putting your face into your pillow.

“Why are you apologizing to me?” He asks his hand dropping to your back.

“Because you’ve got to be disappointed. I’m defeated by a baby.” You mumble feeling him rub your back. Then you hear him chuckle. “Luke, it’s not funny!” You cry peeking out and seeing his face right in front of yours smiling kindly.

“A baby has defeated you.” He chuckles.

“It’s not fucking funny!”

“And you think I see you as a failure?”


“I don’t.”

“Then you have got some big ass blinders on, bud.”

“Do you notice what you do do?”

“I break down because of my baby.”

“But you also spend the whole day feeding her and changing her and the house is usually clean and you keep her entertained.”

“But she won’t go to sleep when I do it.” You say getting teary.

“Want to know my secret?”

“You have a secret?”

“I have a secret. I sing to her rocking her to sleep.”

“You sing?”


“And she goes to sleep?”

“Out like a light.”

“And all you do is sing?”


“Are you kidding me?!”


“All I had to do was sing?”

“I guess.”

“You’re a pain.”

“Do you feel better?”

“Uh huh…”

“Well good, you just rest. I’ll get up if she cries.” Luke says kissing your forehead.

was watching wolf by exo and decided to make this because wow this song saved kpop and mankind itself:

first, we start off with this iconic ass tree built by the members themselves

Then we have PCY clawing on the damn floor to get us into the wolf aesthetic

AND then, we’re finally introduced to this cute hot, derp, deep voiced, 6 foot tall Chanyeol (and he has a bandana on, if Chanyeol didn’t shake your bias list, something is wrong with you, figure it out rn) + he hits you with the iconic line “CHOGIWA”



right after Jongin we have FREAKING GOOD LOOKING rainbow hair OH cursed-with-one-line SEHUN COME OUT AND RAP A LITTLE FOR US, WATCH THIS MAKNAE SPIT SOME FIRE better than keith ape

if you’re more of a vocalists type of girl, cool for you because smol baby BYUN COMES OUT RIGHT AFTER sehun AND LOOK AT THOSE FLUFFY CURLS


Next, out comes precious, HANDSOME, never aging LUHAN with his line “I’m a wolf and you’re a beauty” BUT DON’T WORRY HE HAS ANOTHER SET OF LINES A FEW SECS AFTER (tbh who was his stylist and why did they put pom poms at the ends of his sleeves)

then we have baby byun’s semi high note, prepping us for the beat change and the welcoming of the other members




Next up we have KIM-amy-lee-MINSEOK (aka XIUMIN But who actually calls him that???) and HE’S THE OLDEST, BUT HOW CAN THIS CUTE TALENTED MARSHMALLOW (<–this is a reference) BE THE OLDEST?? (he helps lead the jazz hands that everyone does by the way)



ugly witch voice “SARANGHAEYO”

then suddenly intense change of music with piano in background, we have jongin intensely whispering/rapping “I can’t quit you, I’m in big trouble”

If one tree wasn’t iconic enough for kpop, exo made two of them for you


don’t worry, Kris joins in on thebuild up with his own share of intense whispering/ rapping like Jongin did and repeats the same line

A BONUS, Baekhyun joins the build up with his slightly high note oh “yeahhhh yeahhhh yeaah  YEAHHHHHH”

next we have joonmyun banging on air (refrence to overdose I see), saying his line to fuel this i c o n i c build up

Chanyeol raps a line real fast in his deep voice, and Kyungsoo jumps in to sing real quick THEN EXO BLESSES UP WITH JONGDAE’S BEAUTIFUL VOCALS AND IT’S SO EFFORTLESS HOW TALENTED HE IS? HE’S WALKING TALENT









jamiemac26  asked:

Imagine your friends setting you up on a date with MGG and he decides for your first date that he will take you to Disneyland (it is the happiest place on earth.) At first you think that it's kind of a silly, cheesy place for a date but his infectious joy and love for all things Disney soon change your mind and you end up falling for the adorable dork. Or something along those lines. :)

I can most certainly do this one-shot!  Thank you so much for being so patient with me.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

Staring at the tennis shoes, you sigh heavily as your shoulders slump.

You had no idea what to buy, or what to wear, or even what to do.

Your friends had a genius idea of setting you up on a blind date.  Ok.  Fine.  You could get through that.

But once you found out that your date had decided to take you to Disneyland of all places, you didn’t only become skeptical of his personality, but you became skeptical of your footwear.

All of your Googling came down to two things: 1) have comfortable clothes and 2) have lots of money.


So as you scanned your shoes that morning, trying to prep for your early morning journey to Disneyland the next day, you realize that your shoe selection was a variation of flats and flip flops.

So off you went to the store to look at tennis shoes for walking.

Finally settling on a pair after the “shoe professional” had attempted to talk you in to the most expensive pair, you head across the street to the clothing store where you find a pair of outlandishly colored legging and a lightweight tunic top.

After all, if he was going to get the best impression of you, you might as well just be yourself.

Walking back to your car with your bags in hand, you feel your phone vibrate as you throw your bags in the trunk, shuffling for your phone in your pocket.

Swiping your finger across the screen as an unknown number pops up, you click it open to read the text message.

Hey!  Just wanted to make sure we were still on for tomorrow.  I’ll pick you up around 7.  You like coffee?

Did you like coffee?

You bathed in coffee.

Typing back your response, you smile as you press send, a flush emanating across your cheeks as you climb in to your car and crank the engine.


Sitting on your couch with your back taut, you mindlessly stare at the clock as the minutes count down.


Alright, you can do this.  It’s just a date.  Nothing more.


Don’t puke.  Don’t puke.  Don’t puke.


Oh god, I’m gonna puke.

Sighing as you spring up from the couch, your stomach dropping to your toes as you smooth your shirt out against your stomach, you hear your doorbell ring from across the apartment.

Ding dong.

Leaping out of your room as you catch yourself, you take in a deep breath before slowly walking over to your door, your hand trembling as you slowly inch it open to reveal a tall, lanky, scruffy-haired man-child holding two cups of coffee with a Mickey sweater on.

“Hi!” he says cheerfully, shoving you a cup of coffee, “Peppermint Mocha with an extra shot, right?”

Nodding as you smile, you bring the beautiful-smelling drink to your lips as you take a sip, your eyes fluttering closed as you take in its beautiful aroma.

Hearing him chuckle lightly, your eyes fly open wide, a grin streaked across his cheeks as he holds his coffee at his chest.

“I guess you do like coffee,” he offers.

“Mmmm, yes,” you say as you swallow, “Very much.”

Surveying your date one more time, you shake your head as you giggle as his sweater.

“Oh, man,” you mutter.

“Oh, don’t judge just yet,” he says as he holds out his hand, “The fun is just beginning.”

And as you take his hand, slowly walking out of your apartment as he grabs behind you to shut your door, he leads you down the steps of your apartment and out to his still-running car, opening your door for you as you climb in to his rustic station-wagon.

What have you gotten yourself in to?


You quickly realized why your date, who you had found out was named Matthew, was wearing a sweater.

Shivering as the wind whipped through the 60 degree weather, you rub your hands up and down your arms to try and quell your puckering skin.

Watching as Matthew hustles out of his sweater, you hold your hand up as he holds it out for you.

“You are going to get sick,” you say, eyeing him kindly as you refuse to take his sweater.

“Please take it,” he says, his eyes heavy with guilt, “I promise I’m not cold.”

“You’re not cold because of the sweater,” you say, pushing it back towards him as he looks around quickly.

“Fine.  If you don’t want my sweater, I’ll just have to buy you one of your own.”

Watching him dash off before you can lift your finger in protest, he comes back 10 minutes later with an over-sized Minnie sweater.

“I’m sorry,” he says as you slip it on, “They only had it in an extra large.”

Cuddling in to is as your body starts to warm up, a smile crosses your face as you hold your arms out.

“This thing is so comfortable!” you squeal, holding it close to your face as you take a big sniff.

“I’m glad you like it,” he smiles as he shuffles from foot to foot.

Looking around as you take in the scenery around you, the sun illuminating the bright colors around you, you feel Matthew slowly slip his arm around your waist as you turn back to him, his kind smile warming your face as you feel your cheeks begin to flush.

“So, where you do want to start?” he asks.

“Well, I’m afraid you might be out of luck on the roller coasters,” you say, eyeing one warily in the distance, “The truth is, I’ve never been here, and I get motion sickness easily and didn’t bring anything with me to help.”

“Well, there are smoother rides if you want to still ride them,” he offers up, “And there are 3D movie theaters that show various things, and there are rides that are walk-through, and we can walk stores or just take in the sights as we stuff our stomachs with lots of expensive food that you can find at any simple diner!”

Chuckling at his enthusiasm, you smile back up at him as the two of you walk along the cobbled street, a barbershop quartet coming within earshot as you whip your head around and begin to watch.

“Oh, I love quartets!” you muse, grabbing his hand and running across the street with him.

As the group starts to sing “You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby,” you feel Matthew twirl you around, your hand landing softly in his as he starts to stumble, guiding you haphazardly along the sidewalk as he awkwardly sways to the music.

Throwing your head back and laughing as you continue to move with him, his body bobbing and weaving as the quartet continues to sing out, he dips you down low, your hair fluttering backwards, as he slowly brings you up, your bodies shifting close as you catch his gaze.

As the two of you continue to stare at each other, the guys cueing up another song in the background, you clear your throat as your eyes start to dart, taking a step back from him as you smile broadly.

“Do you like tree-houses?” he asks you, shuffling on his feet as you raise your eyes to his.

“Huh?” you ask.

“Well, there’s an attraction here where there’s a life-size Chip ‘N Dale treehouse.  You can climb up in it and it has interactive games and videos to watch.  Do you wanna…you know…check it out?”

Watching as his hand slowly extends out towards you, you grin as you slip your hand in his, his arm pulling you close as the wind starts to pick up a bit.

“Sounds like fun,” you say, your voice soft as you curl in to his body, his arm wrapping around you in an attempt to shield you from the gust of wind as the two of you take off down the cobbled road towards the ground trolley.


Giggling as the two of you walk up your steps to your apartment, you round the banister and stand by your door, trying to catch your breath as you recant the events of the day.

“I still can’t believe that you twerked with Mickey!” you exclaim, your stomach hurting from laughter as Matthew tries to catch his breath.

“Oh my god,” he breathes, wiping at a tear from the corner of his eye as the two of you attempt to catch your breath, your heaves settling in to light pants as the laughter begins to die down.

As you look at your keys, fiddling with them as you stay turned towards him, you hear him clear his throat as your gaze whips up to his.

“So, I really had a good time today,” he says, his voice low and soft.

“Me, too,” you smile, your cheeks flushing deep as you hear him giggle.

“But this morning, you probably thought I was an over-grown man-child.”

Feeling your eyes widen as you whip your gaze back up to him, he starts to laugh once more as he cups your cheek, his thumb swiping gracefully over your skin.

“It’s alright.  I’m wearing a Mickey sweater.  It’s a logical assumption,” he smiles.

Letting out the breath you were holding, your body starts to relax as you nod with relief.

“I’m glad you didn’t hold that against me,” you say, your shaking hands dropping your keys on to the floor.

“Here let me-”

Dipping down to pick them up just as he crouches, you both reach for your keys as your fingers brush up against one another’s, the skin on your hand tingling from the sensation as you slowly look up at him, your eyes meeting as he smiles broadly.

“Let me get that,” he muses, barely above a whisper, as the two of you slowly raise up, his hand outstretched to hand you your keys.

“I-…I’m such a clutz,” you snicker, shaking your head as you fumble for your apartment key once more.

Watching as Matthew’s hand slowly encompasses yours, stilling your shaking appendages as you slowly raise your gaze, you find his face slowly descending on to yours as he moves a little to the left, his lips planting a light, sweet, warm kiss on your cold cheek.

Sighing in to it as you press your face in to the warmth, he begins to pepper your cheek with feather-like kisses, his hand coming up to cup the back of your neck as his lips slowly find yours, encapsulating them as his tongue peeks out from between his beautiful lips, ever so lightly swiping over yours before pulling back and laying his forehead on to yours.

“Do you eat breakfast?” he murmurs lowly.

“Not…not usually,” you breathe, your breath shaky as your jaw quivers.

“Would you make an exception for tomorrow, say…around 9?” he asks, his breath hot on your face.

“Y-yeah,” you stammer, swallowing harder than you thought you would as your eyes flutter up to his.

“It’s a date, then,” he smiles, placing a light kiss on your forehead before pulling away.

“It’s a date,” you repeat, smiling at him as you finally turn and stick your apartment key into its lock, swinging your door open and stepping through.

“9 o’clock,” he says, slowly backing away from your door as he thrusts his hands in to his pockets.

“9 o’clock,” you repeat as you watch him slowly back out of view, a smile adorning his face as you slowly start to close your door.

And as you hear the door tick in to place, you lean your back against it, a goofy smile spreading across your cheeks as you bring your fingers to your lips, your eyes closing as you remember the warmth and safety of his lips.

Baby fever

Ashton: “He’s so cute and fat, (Y/N), look at him!” He held up your newborn son, cooing at him. You smiled, “I know. He’s a baby.” Ashton was obsessed with babies, always speaking in his “baby voice”. “Aren’t you just the cutest thing ever? You’re cuter than your mommy.” You frowned, “Do you want me to wear diapers and have a bunch of baby fat? Is that what you want?” Ashton grinned, “Yeah, kinky. Can you see it though? Us having another kid, and being a pack of Irwins?” You giggled, nodding, “It’s a nice thought.” He pulled you into his side, kissing your temple, “I want to have at least 15 more kids.” You kissed his cheek, “Sure, but they’ll be coming out of you because I don’t wanna push any more out of me.” He shrugged, kissing your son’s nose, “I’m okay with that.”

Luke: The two of you were walking around through a store when Luke pulled you into the baby aisle. He pulled out a little onesie, “Can we buy this?” You grinned, “You’re a little too big, don’t you think?” He smiled, “I meant for our baby.” “You mean the non-existent one?” He nodded, “Yeah.” Ever since Ashton had a child, Luke has been begging you to have one too. He wrapped his arms around your torso, placing his head on top of yours, “We can have a little princess. I want to name her Summer, after the band. The boys and I can sing her to sleep every night.” “She’ll go mental with 4 large boys practically screaming at her every night.” Luke chuckled, “Our little girl will love us. She’ll be really smart and funny and beautiful. So basically she’ll take after me.”

Calum: The two of you were babysitting Calum’s nephew, who Calum refused to let go of. “He’s so cute, (Y/N)! He looks so much like Mali.” You smiled, “That means he looks like you.” His smiled widened, “Please let’s make one. I want a Calum Jr. running around.” “We are never naming our kid that.” Calum chuckled, placing his nephew into his bed, pressing a kiss to his forehead, “He’ll look just like me and act just like me and be amazing just like me.” He brought you into your room, gently pushing you against the door, kissing you roughly. “Cal, there’s a baby sleeping right next to our room.” He picked you up, placing you on the bed, and climbing on top of you, “We’re making him a cousin, he won’t mind.”

Michael: “Can we get one, please?” You laughed, “Michael, it’s a baby, not a dog.” He frowned, “I really want to have a little girl, and she’ll be a heartbreaker, I just know it.” You smiled at the thought of it, “How do you know that?” Michael grinned, “Look at me, (Y/N). I’m her dad; obviously she’ll break a bunch of hearts.” You giggled; he was too adorable and obsessed with having a child, and you couldn’t deny it: you wanted a kid just as much as he did. “Can you imagine it? We’d be the best parents: we would dress her in cute little dresses; play tea party; and we could keep her away from the rest of the boys!” You cocked your brow, “Why keep her away from them? They’ll be her uncles.” “‘Cause knowing them, they’d mess her up somehow.”

EXO reaction to seeing you playing guitar and singing one of their songs.

thanks for he request!

Suho: “More, more, more!!”

You: “Really?”

Suho: “I like when you sing my songs jagi.”

Luhan: “Whoa, you even hit my high notes.”

Kai: “Let’s see you try to rap now.”

Lay: “When did you learn this babe? You’re very good!”

Chen: "Dont lie, I bet you’ve been practicing this for weeks.“

You: *blushes* "No what’re you talking about…”

Sehun: *starts fangirling* “YEHET! Again!!”

You: "If you stop freaking out, then I’ll sing.“

Sehun: "Deal.”

Kyungsoo: "I think your cute when you sing my songs. I’m going crazy.“

You: "Are you only saying that cause I’m your girlfriend.”

Kyungsoo: "I love your voice baby. I know talent when I see it.“

Kris: "You always seem to impress me with your abundant talents babe. I’m proud of you.”

You: “Ya! Baekhyun, what’re you doing?”

Baekhyun: “Jagiya your voice is beautiful. I’d love to hear more.” *he says while hugging your waist*

Xiumin: "Wow! I didn’t know you could sing. You have a nice voice babe.“

Chanyeol: "Can we sing together? I’d love to sing with you.”

You: “You think I’m that good Chanyeol?”

Chanyeol: “You’re better than good jagiya.”

Tao: “You have such a pretty voice jagi.”

You: “Tao, don’t lie.”


Okay because Jinki’s voice is basically warm honey and or sex like all the time, here’s him singing in english because lets be honest it always kills us okay here we go. 

First Duets because yes

1. LUNEW MAN- Can I have this dance 

like the way he looks at her and his soft voice like pls stop it jinki           please… he gets down on his knee. Jinki stop it.   

2. and then Beauty and the Beast 

3. Tiffany and Jinki - A whole new world   (plus him and the little girl)

his face, and how hes soooo into the song

plus awkward hand holding like baby pls I know you can hold a hand better than that

4. With Lena Park - Lucky

no words. Him and Jason Mraz go hand and hand man

5. Jonghyun and him so sick
and  Because of you

….. Only thing is I still need my Jongyu subunit sm

And the rest of his torture for us

  1. Forever More
  2. I won’t give up (and passionate goodbye. mr cutie in glasses)
  3. Now and Forever
  4. I’m Yours and Hey Juliet (it’s all of shinee but Jinki sings the most :P)
  5. How Deep is Your love 
  6. Open arms (even though its not just his solo and I want him to cover it again by himself)
Just Say I Do (Calum Hood)

“The day has finally come!” You exclaimed, giddily jumping around the house getting ready. Today Calum was taking you to your favorite bands concert. One Direction. It’s been awhile since you saw the guys, so you were even more excited for that. “I know!” Calum shouted back at you from the bathroom. You almost crashed into him as you ran into the bathroom. “Whoa, babe. You need to calm down.” Cal joked, holding onto you to steady you. You laughed, but noticed a faint smell. “Are you wearing cologne?” You asked, leaning close to him to smell him. “What, I can’t wear cologne now?” Cal said, trying to joke as he walked away to the bedroom. “You can, but you only wear this one when we go to anniversary dinners. What’s up Hood?” You asked, following suit. You guys have been dating for almost three years now, you knew him inside and out, and him wearing this cologne was a little suspicious. “Nothing, just haven’t been out with you in awhile. Haven’t seen the lads in awhile either.” You glanced at Calum who tried avoiding your gaze. “Babe we have to leave in five minutes.” Calum said after he looked at the clock. “Shit!” You yelled as you ran back to the bathroom to finish getting ready. Cal just laughed at your reaction. As you were finishing up the last touches of your make-up, you noticed Calum staring at you through the doorway. “What?” You asked, not really looking at him. “Nothin’ I just love you.” Calum walked up behind you and placed his chin on your shoulder. “I love you too babe.” You leaned over and kissed his nose. “Let’s go!” Calum exclaimed, dragging you out of the bathroom.

Once we finally got to the venue and got to your guy’s seats, taking a few minutes so Cal could take pictures with fans that were sitting by us. “Cal, what do the boys mean there is a giant surprise today at the show?” You asked after seeing the notification they put on Twitter. “What?” Calum asked, glancing down at your phone. “I dunno, guess we’ll just have to wait and see like everyone else.” Cal winked at you. “I hate you, I thought dating a famous punk would get me knowledge on bands surprises.” You joked. Calum just kissed your cheek. “Take a picture with me.” Cal said, already holding out the phone to take a selfie. “How can I say no to that face.” You giggled, poising to take a picture with Calum. You guys took a few, like usual, and picked one to post on social media. The concert soon began and you were dancing along to every song, singing your heart out. Cal joined in sometimes, but usually just watched you having fun. “Hey babe, there’s a few people I want to say hi to backstage. I’ll be back alright?” Calum said into your ear while the guys were talking in between songs. “Okay, I’ll see you then.” You replied, kissing Calum as he walked to go backstage. After a few more songs and still there was no talk about the surprise. “So, a little birdie, hehe, told us that one of our good mates is here.” Niall said, laughing at his joke as the tweet that Calum sent earlier of the selfie he took showed up on the screen. “That was the worst joke ever Niall.” Louis said, causing Niall to glare at him. “Where are the adorable lovebirds?” Harry asked, scanning the crowd up close. Some of the people by you started screaming, having the guys notice you faster. “(Y/N)! Long time no see!” Louis shouted. “BUT WHERE IS CALUM! Where has he gone!” Niall shouted, faking his scared tone. “Oi! He’s right here!” Liam shouted, slinging an arm over Calum, who was grinning like a maniac. “What the hell.” You muttered, eyeing Calum as he smiled at you. “Hey! Look! There are more Aussie’s on the stage!” Niall shouted. Pointing at Michael, Luke, and Ashton who were on stage holding their instruments. “SURPRISE!” Louis shouted to the crowd, but mainly to you. “So, we were requested to sing a song, and we decided, ‘Hey, why not have this band play with us.” Harry explained. “So without further ado, I think you can name this song. So let’s do this!” Niall shouted. The music started and another picture of you and Cal, one from when you guys started dating, popped up on the screen. “It’s a beautiful night, we’re looking for something dumb to do. Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you. Is it the look in your eyes, or is it this dancing juice? Who cares baby, I think I wanna marry you.” Liam started singing, your hand covering your mouth as the thought of what Calum was doing. “Well I know this little chapel on the boulevard we can go oh oh oh. No one will know oh oh oh. Oh, come on, girl. Who cares if we’re trashed, got a pocket full of cash we can blow oh oh oh. Shots of patron, and it’s on, girl.” Niall continued singing, more pictures of you and Calum were showing on the screen. Calum was just staring at you as he played the bass, trying to gauge your reaction. You could barely hear any of the words singing as a security guard came by and started bringing you towards the stage. You felt your whole body shaking, Cal handed his bass to someone off stage and came over to you so he could help you on the stage. “(Y/N), I have loved you for so long you could say it was love at first sight. I want to spend my life with you, wake up every morning knowing you are mine and when I come home from tour it will be you who greets me instead of an empty place.” You could faintly hear Michael, Luke, and Ash being dorks by singing little ‘ooooo’s’ when someone from 1D said choir bell’s sing. Your eyes were trained on Calum who was now kneeling in front of you. “I would be the luckiest man in the world if you would be my wife. I already consider myself lucky that I get to wake up with you every day and go to sleep with you every night. Please, let us be a permanent item. Marry me?” You were flat out crying, not believing that Calum wanted to spend the rest of your lives together. Suddenly a mic was thrusted into Calum’s face so he could continue singing. “Just say I doooooo-ooo uhu. Tell me right now baby, tell me right now baby, baby.” It was the perfect timing and you couldn’t help but throw yourself into Calum’s arms, knocking Liam’s arm away. “Of course I will.” You muttered into Calum’s neck, so only he could hear. Cal lifted you off the ground and spun you around, all the guys on stage cheering. “Oh, it’s a beautiful night, we’re looking for something dumb to do. Hey (Y/N), I think Cal wants to marry you.” Niall sang, you now focusing on the singing a bit. “Is it the look in his eyes.” Liam sang. “Or is it this awesome tune?” Louis continued. “Who cares Louis, I think Cal’s gonna marry her.” Harry finished. “You made me cry on stage!” You exclaimed while everyone was cheering/crying as well. “I’m sorry babe, I had to do something romantic.” Calum said apathetically. “Hey guys, so (Y/N) doesn’t feel alone in crying, did anyone else tear up at how mushy Calum was?” Luke asked into a mic. “I cried! It’s hard to play the drums when you have tears and sweat dripping down.” Ash replied along with other people screaming. “God you guys are dorks.” You said into the microphone Liam held to you. “But now you’re stuck with us.” “Cause let’s be honest, you marry him, you marry us all.” Michael remarked. “Maybe I should rethink then.” You joked, Harry made a sad face at you while Niall gave you a wink. “Aye, she’s mine. Watch it you little Irish dude.” Cal said, wrapping his arms around you. “Okay, I’m going to get off this stage cause it’s loud and I look like a mess.” You said trying to get off the stage. “Oi, I forgot. There is someone backstage for you.” Harry said. You raised an eyebrow at Calum who just smiled and shrugged. “You didn’t think I wouldn’t invite family and friends, did you?” Calum smirked as you smacked his arm again. “Also, you’re going to need this to show it off.” Calum reached in his pocket and took out a ring box. You held your breath as Cal opened it, showing the a beautiful ring inside. “Oh my God, Cal this is beautiful. Oh my God.” You gasped. Cal slide the ring on without any trouble. “It looks beautiful on you.” Cal gushed, kissing you on the lips. Your ears were going deaf from the screaming that somehow managed to get louder when the ring was shown. “Fun fact: Cal was freaking out over picking a ring, but refused to ask any of her friends. Long story short Michael got multiple rings stuck on his fingers and Luke set off the alarm.” Ash laughed. “Three times.” Calum just shook his head at everyone cracking jokes. “I love you.” You said, bringing him in for another kiss. “I love you too, fiancée.” Calum grinned as you brought you backstage where you were met with most of your friends and family. Nothing could beat how happy you were today, well… Maybe one day.

Master List


Tummy time

I’m still around! I haven’t had chance to update really since we decided to renovate the house. It’s a great house, we love it here but haven’t had chance to put our own stamp on the place. A lot of the rooms are in chaos but the living room is finally done (minus the dining room table which we’re still waiting to be delivered!) We discovered some amazing tiles in the bathrooms and the kitchen and I managed to convince Mylo we should definitely keep them. 

Meanwhile, our beautiful Étienne is managing to wrap us around his finger more every single day. In just days he’ll be 2 months old and I can barely remember life without him around. There’s a debate in my head lately when I look at him, and I think “I can’t wait for him to be toddling around and going on trips to the beach” as another part yearns to always have this little baby in my arms. 

One thing I have learnt, is Étienne is really not fond of tummy time. I’ll talk to him, sing, catch his eye with his favourite fox plush but he’ll mostly lay there for a little and then whimper until he’s picked back up (I know I shouldn’t give in so easily but you have to see his little puckered pout, it’s seriously heart melting) We’re sticking with it but for right now, his favourite game seems to be “tummy time or lay here and look adorable until mummy or daddy cuddle me?" 

I’ll post more soon, I promise.

He Talks To Your Unborn Baby


I thought this was cute,so here we go:-)



Calum would bend down to your stomach. 5 months into your pregnancy and you’d already have quite a large baby bump. You were having twins,a boy and a girl. He would look up to you,as if asking for permission and then lift up your shirt just a little,pecking your stomach just ever so slightly,whispering to the unborn child,“I love you babies,as much as I love your beautiful mummy. I can already tell you’re gonna be as perfect as her,and I can’t wait to see you guys.” He grins. “Sing to them?” You ask,smiling back at him and he nods,beginning to sing to them and kissing your belly once more.


I think Ash would smile at you,placing his warm hand on your stomach as he lifts up your t-shirt,just so that your belly is visible. He would start telling the baby how excited he was to see his little baby boy,and how much he looked forward to holding him in his arms and singing him to sleep at night whenever he couldn’t. He whispered,“Be good now for your mummy,and I hope you’re as healthy as you can be baby,and if you’re not you have your daddy and your beautiful mummy by your side. I love you baba.” He chuckles,grinning once more at you and kissing your stomach softly before placing his lips on yours.


Michael wouldn’t know what to do with himself,excited for the unborn child of his that you were carrying,and had been for almost 8 months already. You were having a girl. “Baby girl,When you come out of your mummy’s tummy,I know that you’ll be just as beautiful as her,and you’ll grow up a heartbreaker like her. I love you princess,even if you aren’t here yet and I can’t wait until you are,so be a good girl for mummy,and I can’t wait to see you.” He smiles,before whispering something and chuckling,but you couldn’t quite here what he said. “I love you both more than anything.” He smiles again warmly,placing his lips on yours in a soft but passion-filled way,grinning into the kiss.


I think Luke would be nervous and very excited at the same time. He would be glancing from your face to your stomach,and you’d nod to tell him you didn’t mind. He would bend down to your belly,kissing it softly in a few places before placing his hand on it,flashing his beautiful smile as he began to whisper sweetly to the unborn baby, “Hey my little prince or princess,it’s your daddy.I can’t wait to see you little one,and I know you’ll grow up to do something amazing,and hopefully you’ll like the same music as me,because my music taste is amazing.” He chuckled,sticking his tongue out at you. “I can’t wait to teach you to play an instrument,and I am so excited to hear your voice say ‘daddy’ and to just hold you in my arms and be the best dad I can possibly be. I love you and your mummy so so much baby,I want you to know that.” He smiles,moving his hand over slightly before gasping,whilst you do too. “The baby’s kicking!” You both grin broadly,sharing a loving kiss at the special moment. 

Hope you liked these,because nawh;)


Welcome to my Life Part 9

Your P.O.V,

“Oh come on Y/N. Nobody will catch us and our kids are sleeping.” He says, coming up behind me and kissing my neck. 

I defiantly shouldn’t be into this, what with just giving birth and all, but this was Jack we were talking about. Besides a little makeout session never hurt anyone. So we made our way on over to the bed and things started to get heated. Then suddenly I was completely turned off. I stopped kissing him, but he didn’t notice he just moved to my neck.

“Jack stop. There is something more important I need to do..” I tell him shoving him off of me.

“Really like what exactly?” Jack asked, giving me a look that clearly said nothing is more important.

“Umm well maybe it’s just me, but I do believe that I hear a baby crying.” I said with a laugh while getting up to check on the babies.

“Ugh.. This is going to get old fast.” Jack said, getting up to come over and help you.

“What is?” I asked, picking up Josiah to try and calm him down.

“This. The fact that we aren’t going to be able to have alone time without getting interrupted.” He said pouting a little.

That expression on his face was just so cute. “Well if you remember correctly it was alone time that brought these two into the world. So maybe it’s a good thing we hold off for a while.” I said laughing, while going over to the rocking chair in hopes of putting Josiah back to sleep.

I was in the middle of singing Josiah to sleep when Jack walked over to me and sat down. He just sat there staring at me, not saying a word. I was about to ask him what he was staring at when he finally spoke up.

“Okay if we have to cut down on alone time, then can you please stop doing things that turn me on.” He says, whining  just a little.

“What is it exactly that I do that turns you on so much?” I asked, confused as how anything I do turned him on.

“Well this for instance.” He says, gesturing to me and our baby.

“What? All I’m doing is putting him to sleep.” I said a little puzzled.

“Yes, but when you sing your voice is so beautiful. It’s the best thing to listen to. No wonder he falls asleep.” Jack says, looking at me in awe.

I let out a laugh. I swear I sound like a dying whale, he must be in love to think I sound great.

“If this turns you on so much then how about you take a turn at putting him to sleep?” I say, getting up and handing over Josiah to him.

“I have no problem with that.” He says, taking my place in the chair.

I was making my way back over to the bed when I heard jack let out a low whine. I look over and give him a questioning look.

“Can you not do that?” He asks, sounded a bit frustrated.

“Do what? I’m just walking.” I said, while laying back down on the bed. Man was I tired.

“Yes, but it’s the way you walk.” Jack says, looking at me at licking his lips.

I just rolled my eyes at him before getting under the cover trying to get comfortable. I laid there for a few minutes with my eyes shut, when I suddenly heard the most amazing sound. I opened my eyes just enough to see Jack singing to our baby. It was the most precious thing to see. I smiled and closed my eyes letting the sound of Jack’s voice lull me into sleep.

Over the next couple of weeks, Jack and I had barley any sleep. What with waking up every two hours at night, to worrying about how Nevaeh was doing. I guess it was to be expected though when having two babies. The good news threw all of this was that Nevaeh was doing really well. She was actually doing well enough that we would be able to go home tomorrow. I was beyond ready to take my babies home and to sleep in my own bed. I was nervous about being on my own and not having the nurses help, but one thing that helped calm me down was knowing Jack would be by my side. He was the best dad anyone could ask for. I was skeptical at first when he said he would be there every step of the way, because some guys say that then once the baby comes they leave. Jack on the other hand wasn’t like that. Whenever  the babies needed something he was there taking care of it. He was just all around perfect and the fact that he was mine made it all the better.

“Are you ready?” Jack asked me, picking up one of the car seats.

“I sure am.” I say with a smile, while picking up the other car seat.

Today was the day that we finally got to bring our babies home. I was scared that this day might have turned out differently. That we would only be bringing back one baby, but no we have two perfectly healthy happy children with us. When we finally pulled up to the house Jack took the kids back in the house, then came back and walked me up to the door.

“Welcome home.” He said with a smile, looking down at me.

“You have no idea how lovely that sounds.” I say, standing on my tippy toes to kiss him.

I was ready to start my new life with Jack be my side.

PREFERENCE #3: Secrets

ZAYN (Your POV): It was Zayn birthday and Harry was setting up a party for him. Since you were Harry’s closest friend and Zayn’s girlfriend he asked for your help to do a surprise for him. Harry knew you since a little kid so he knew you could sing. But for some shy reason you never told to Zayn and never sang around him. But you consider singing on Zayn’s birthday party since you wanted to do everything you could to make him happy so when Harry asked you to do it you where nervous at first but sure accepted it as soon as he finished his question.

There was a little stage on Harry’s backyard to the DJ. You were waiting backstage to singing the song you rehearsed all week to sing to your boyfriend. Zayn was already in the party but haven’t already saw you and before he began to worry about you, Harry put you backstage to lead to to sing the lovely song “Everything” by Michael Bublé.

“Are you ready Y/N?” Harry asked and gave you a mic.

“Nervous as hell but I’ll be good. It’s not like that I never did this before” you played it cool and Harry laughed.

“If you say so. You go on stage in a minute. I’ll go back to the party and distract Zayn from all the people so he can hear you properly. You’ll be great I know that.” He kissed your cheek and left to find Zayn.

You were already shaking and when the DJ lead you to the stage you were almost sweating thinking of a lot of people watching you sing live. You hit the stage and all the lights in the party went off and only stage light was on so all attention was turned to you. You were a shaking mess behind the mic and spent a whole minute trying to find Zayn in the crowd. When you saw him his face was priceless and you smiled. His jaw dropped and he asked Harry what was happening. You gave a thumbs up to the DJ and he started the pre-recorded melody.

“Good night everyone. It’s so hard to me being up here but I had to do this to my lovely boyfriend. He deserve everything in the world so I’m giving up on my fear to give him this present. I hope you all like it. Love you babe” You smiled and you could see Zayn was already with his hand covering his mouth. You knew he was going to cry. His emotional part was a part that only you and the boys saw so you thought it was kind funny that he was trying to hold back tears.

The melody was on right time and you started sing the song Zayn liked the most. It was your couple song. By the middle of it everyone was singing along with you and you were having the time of your life. As the end of the song was coming you couldn’t see Zayn anymore so you started to freak out thinking that he didn’t like it. You looked to Harry with a worried face but kept singing, Harry only shook his shoulders and smiled.

You almost had a heart attack when you finished the song and you felt someone hugging you from behind. You knew it was Zayn so you left the stage without even saying thank you to the audience. When you reached backstage with Zayn still hugging you from behind you turned to see his face all melted down from tears.

“Oh baby, don’t cry! I just wanted to do something you’d like” you kissed his cheek and cleaned up some tears.

“That was absolutely the most beautiful gift I’ve ever get. I didn’t know you could sing.”

“I can do something to impress you sometimes” you smiled and he hugged you

“That was beautiful babe. I’m even more in love with you right now. Don’t even know what to say”

“Just don’t say anything at all. Kiss me and we’ll be good”

“Don’t even have to ask my pretty singer” he said and kissed you passionately “We really have to do a duet. You are such a great singer boo. The world has to hear you beautiful voice.”

“I’d love to do that but can we talk about that later?”

“Sure thing. I have something to do to you first.” He winked and led you out of the party              

LIAM (His POV): I’ve been together with Y/N for about 6 months now and I wanted to meet her parents since she already met mine. So I planned a trip to Brazil to go to their house and spent a week with them and enjoy my little vacation with my beautiful girlfriend and her family. I was really excited to meet them but Y/N was clearly more anxious cause she spent a year without seeing them. And today has finally arrived! I woke up early but Y/N only woke up an hour later than me as usual. But luckily she already had her packing done.

“Good morning babe!” Y/N said as she walked in the kitchen while I was making breakfast.

“Morning love!” I gave her a small kiss and then went back to my fried bacon but not without burning them.

“Why are you shaking? Don’t be so nervous Li. They’ll love you.”

“They are your parents! I can’t ruin everything! How am I supposed to ask to your dad to marry you with this shaking mess I am?”

“Wow big boy! Calm down!” she laughed. “One thing at a time. You’ll be perfect as always. My mum already love you cause she talking about you non stop since you planned this trip”

“She’s the cutest! Just like you!” I rubbed my nose on hers and put some milk on her glass. “You have to eat quite quickly cause we are almost late! I’m sorry I won’t eat with you but I really need to take a shower first and I see you were smarter than me to do it first”

“Don’t worry about me. Go to the room before I attack you here.” She smiled and I kissed her lips before going upstairs.

We did all we had to do and went to the airport quickly and almost lost our flight. But it went all well and we had a nice and calm trip to Brazil. Paul helped us to find some good bodyguards in Brazil so they could help us to go through airport without having a panic attack. Y/N told to her parents to wait us home so they could be safe from the media.

When we get to their house there was a party waiting for us with a lot of food and balloons. Just like Y/N said her mum was waiting for us.

“Awe I can’t believe you two are here! I’ve waited so long to meet you Liam!”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Mrs Y/L/N! Y/N talks a lot about you”

“I hope it’s for good! So… feel like home, ok? I want you to be as comfortable as possible here so you can come back more times.” She smiled and hugged me. “Oh I’m so happy!!”

“Thank you so much! I’m sure I’ll come back here forever”

“That’s lovely honey! But I bet you two are so tired and need some rest. I cleaned your old room Y/N, so you two can sleep.”

“Thanks mum! I’ll lead Liam upstairs. The food was lovely by the way.”

“Oh thank you sweetheart. I’ll save some more for you when you wake up. Now go get some rest.” She kissed our cheeks and left to the kitchen. Always being adorable.

“Come with me Li, I’ll show you where I used to live” we went upstairs and I could see Y/N’s hands sweating and her eyes where almost closed when she put her hand on the doorknob.

“Is everything okay babe? Too many memories from here?” I smiled and she nodded with a weird smile on her face and the opened the door. All I could do was smile and stare at the walls. It was a sanctuary made of One Direction posters and other stuff from my band. I looked over to see Y/N face and she was eyeing the floor.

“Go ahead. Make fun of me” she sighed and I laughed.

“That’s so adorable babe! Look at our faces! We are everywhere! I can’t believe you were our fan since the beginning!”

“Oh yeah. What a great secret to keep from my One Direction boyfriend”

“That’s so cute. Oh God! I’m amazed by it. How long did you spent in your room like this?”

“Everyday of my life for 2 years until I went to London to study”

“Lovely lovely. I have to tell the boys about that” I said while tickling her to see her not so amused face

HARRY (His POV): Y/N and I have been dating for 2 weeks and a half now and today she wanted to make dinner to me in her place. When I finished working at the studio I went to her apartment and for my surprise everything was ready. It was the first time I went to her place, so I was amazed with her home. Everything was just like her and everything was so feminine and adorable just like her.

“So… welcome to my little apartment. Hope you like it.” She smiled and gave me a little kiss on my lips.

“It is adorable just like you.” I smiled and wrapped my arms around her waist. “And I guess what you cooked for us is delicious, I can smell that.”

“Nah, it’s just pasta with cheese. Do you like it?” she asked a bit concerned and I smirked

“Did you called my mum? This is my favorite meal ever!” I gave a kiss on her cheek.

“I guess we are not all different as we think we were” she laughed

“That’s why we get along so well. So… mind showing me your beautiful home?”

“Oh sorry! Come with me.” She hold my hand and lead me to her living room. Then the spare room she used to nothing, then to her room. It was a little apartment in London. Kinda next to my house. “And… this is my bedroom.” She opened the door and the room was filled with her perfume. My first thought was that I could spend all my life there and would never get sick of that scent. She had some shelves on her bedroom covered with old band albums. But the three albums that were on the spotlight was from my band. Up All Night was already broken on the side and I picked that one and opened. It was broken inside too.

“Why is it broken? Do you hate us this much?” I laughed

“Long story short, a “friend” broke it when she discovered that I went on a date with you. She got jealous, came here and broke my favorite album ever.”

“WOW, I wonder what she would do to me if she sees me with you.” I laughed. “Don’t worry. I’ll give you a hundred copies of this one if you want to.” I blinked at her and she nodded. “You have pretty good albums here tho. I’d love to spend some time here with you.”

“You can come whenever you want.” She smiled and hugged me from behind.

“And what is that lamp next to your bed for?” I felt her body tense and I smiled wondering what it was.

“That’s just a thing I put there to cover the plug.” She bit her lip.

“You can tell me if you are afraid of dark. Don’t me ashamed.” I laughed and she sighed.

“Aw Harry. That was my little secret. Don’t tell anybody about that, please.” She pouted and I smiled.

“You don’t have to worry babe. I think this is actually cute. You are all so adorable. But you don’t have to be afraid anymore, ok? I’ll be here to protect you from everything.” I kissed her temple and she relaxed her body a little bit.

“Thanks for being here and not making fun of me about that. I just can’t let my little lamp go away.” We laughed together.

“Don’t have to thank me boo. I’m here for you. And we can work on you love for that lamp later, right?” She nodded and lead me to the kitchen to eat the wonderful pasta she cooked or us.

NIALL (His POV): Y/N and I were on the sofa watching some sitcom as she always did on Sunday mornings and I was next to her trying to answer some fans on computer but it wasn’t working for some reason.

“Babe, do you mind to give me you laptop for a moment so I can answer some fans? Mine is not working for some reason.”

“Sure babe. It’s upstairs in our bed.” I left mine aside and went to our bedroom to pick her laptop. Went back to the living room to sit next to her and keep “working” on Twitter.

I decided to browse some new websites and go to Tumblr as well to see what people were posting about 1D there. As soon as I opened a tab for Tumblr, it was logged in a weird “MrsHoranTumblrOfficial” account. I sure was curious about that and started to see what that person was posting about me. I found some posts about my life with Y/N and then I found some pictures I took with her on our last vacation.

“Y/N. Do you know this tumblr account?” She opened her eyes in a ways I never saw before and took the computer away from me.

“You are not supposed to see this! Oh my God!” she was quickly trying to close and logging out of her account.

“Awe babe, you have a Tumblr to talk to the fans about us?” I was amazed about that. “This is so sweet. Why’d you never told me that?” I smiled and took the computer again.

“I’m sorr… wait! Did you like it? Are you not mad at me?” I smiled

“Why should I be mad? I think this is way too cute for you to do. You were so afraid of the fans and what they would think about our relationship. Show me more about that. What do they comment about us there?” I was staring non stop to the screen while Y/N showed me what the fans sent to her. There was a bunch of amazing people talking to her and sending some love to both of us. We both decided we should do a twitcam together to answer some question Y/N received but never answered.

“I’m glad you like that. I think this was the best way to connect to your fans and kind of become their friend. I love being there.” She smiled and cuddle with me.

“I loved it. Love the way you think about them and love them just as I love what I do. And I kinda liked the URl you chose.” I laughed and she rolled her eyes.

“You have no idea how hard it was to pick a good URL. There tons of directioners on Tumblr, they are using all the good available URLs. They are so creative that I want to mingle with them sometimes.” We laughed and I kissed her head.

“Go get ready them so we can start our conversation with them in a couple minutes.” I smiled and hugged her. “Thanks for doing that. It means the world to me and I bet that it’s the same to them. Love you.” She smiled and went upstairs to probably take a shower to start the conversation with her Tumblr followers.

LOUIS (His POV) *SMUT WARNING*: “I’m so bored here” Y/N said and I had to agree with her. But it was my job and I had to stay there for a while.

“I’m sorry boo. But this dinner means a lot to the future of the next One Direction album.” I kissed her cheek and she smiled

“I know about that. But the only one who’s talking since we came here is Liam. I guess you already have everything planned, right?”

“We actually have everything planned. That’s right. But management told us to do this meeting to confirm all this stuff.” I put my arm around her and she sighed. “Sorry. I’ll make it up to you when you want” I blinked to her and went back to pay attention to the meeting.

Couple minutes later I felt a hand on my thigh. And look to Y/N and she was smiled and seeing me by the corner of her eyes. I sighed and kept my conversation with Niall. Then I felt her hand traveling a bit further up to my crotch and I sighed and closed my eyes.

“Are you feeling good Louis?” Niall asked

“I think I ate too much, that’s all.”

“Oh I feel that everytime. But please go to the bathroom if you want” He laughed and ate a bit more of his desert. And then I felt her hand grabbing my crotch and she was almost laughing at my face.

“Behave Y/N. Behave or I’ll punish you later.” I whispered in her ear and she smiled.

“I’d love that.” She whispered on my ear with that fucking sexy voice. “I actually didn’t tell you that I’ve always wanted to do it on a public place, you know? It’d be a lot fun. It’s my dirty little secret.” She told me and I closed my eyes picturing it right in front of me.

I got up from my chair and cleaned my throat so everyone looked at me. “Excuse me mates. But I not feeling quite good. I’m going home, call ya tomorrow, ok?” I grabbed Y/N hand and went to the bathroom with her. I opened the bathroom door, locked us there and 2 seconds later I was already giving her neck a couple marks.

“Do. Not. Do. This. Again.” I gave a bite on her neck between every word I said. We were there for 2 minutes and she already was a moaning mess.

“I said I was bored. I had to do something to entertain myself for a while” she smirked and I lift her tiny black dress.

“Oh you want some entertain? Let’s have it then.” I grabbed her butt, lifted her and sat her on the sink. “You want some fun on a public place? Why you never told me that? I’ll love to eat that pussy while someone try to come in here.” I ripped her panties off and went down to my knees. “I want you to be a good girl and moan for me, ok baby girl? Behave and open your pretty pussy to daddy here.” She put her hands on my head and I licked between her legs until I cleaned all her wetness. She was moaning like crazy and I never saw her doing that. “You want me to lick you more baby girl? Just tell me and I’ll do it.”

“Yeah baby. Eat me out.” As I went to bury my head between her legs again, someone knocked on the door.

“LOUIS. ARE YOU IN THERE? DO YOU NEED HELP?” Harry screamed and I sighed.





“DAM YOU HARRY!” I got up and gave Y/N her panties. “Put your panties quickly. Let’s finish this at home.” I kissed her and she moaned as she felt her tasty liquid. I smirked and opened the door to see a confused Harry outside.

“What Y/N is doing with you inside? It’s a men’s bathroom.” Harry asked confused and I rolled my eyes.

“Don’t be silly Harry. I told you I’m doing fine. Call you tomorrow.” I left with Y/N by my side laughing at him.

A/N: Sorry if this is too bad. I promised to write this to a friend 3 weeks ago, I guess. Tell me what you think about it. :D