we can have babies who will also love this film

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I'm always seeing that Jeonghan said that the closest member to him is Seungkwan but he always picks Jisoo first in everything hahaha Can I ask where did Jeonghan said that Seungkwan is the closest member to him?? Seungkwan is my bias and JiHan is the first ship I've ever been into in Seventeen so I'm really curious. Take care💕😊

Hello dear ~ Jeonghan is very close to Seungkwan. Maybe because they are both sunshine? ahahahahah. Seungkwan is a one of the most funniest human and purest sunshine and tbh everyone would like to have seungkwan as their bff!! I mean who wouldn’t right XD. Both of them had such a loving soul and personality so they went so well together <3. I love them both so much. one is my parent one is my baby ahahha. He mention it couple times on shows and articles for intances, He answer it on an radio station 151004 Seventeen Kpop Planet 

and he also mention it on Ep.6 Predebut hotzil film