we can go to a beach

I think we’re going to the dog beach tomorrow after church! I made sure to get out Pi’s shirt, sun screen, and sun glasses. Also flexi leads for everyone! 

I know everyone hates flexis, but I can control Nalla from a distance verbally. She could be off leash and be fine. She just isn’t allowed off leash at the beach because the sign says so.

I’m super excited and I got Nalla’s water retrieve toy packed for her. :D




BOTH VICTOR AND YUURI, DRESSED UP, AS SOMETHING… ADORABLE, I’M SURE. And that little makkachin puppy on Victor’s lap.

NOW, THIS HAS TO BE A “Welcome to the Madness” scene! please let them all go crazy!


Georgi is now part of Free!


So YOI is just full of ingenious, subtle and entirely graceful dialogue. No scene is wasted and every conversation, however brief can explain so much with just a few lines. I’d like to take a moment to talk about one of the last scenes in episode 10 when Yurio and Victor are on the beach. In all honesty, I thought about this scene a lot and it took me a little while to really, truly understand what was going on here.

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  • Fandom: We want a long walk by the beach with meaningful conversation.
  • Kubo-sensei and Yamamoto-sensei: Ok, done.
  • Fandom: We want hugging and declarations of love.
  • Kubo-sensei and Yamamoto-sensei: Sure, nbd.
  • Fandom: Uh, a kiss?
  • Kubo-sensei and Yamamoto-sensei: Easy peasy.
  • Fandom: ...... m...marriage?
  • Kubo-sensei and Yamamoto-sensei: There you go.
  • Fandom: *has no idea what to ask for next*
global warming lifehhack

everyone just has to get a really big cup of ice at sonic and go to your nearest beach and dump it in the water all at once. we can cool the ocean down and it will be fine

mermaid au sentence starters


“Are you poisonous?”
“Can I try to pick you up?”
“How is your hair so soft?”
“Why don’t you get pruney?”
“Can you be eaten like sashimi?”
“Have you ever fought off a shark?”
“You’re even prettier than legends say.”
“You speak our language surprisingly well.”
“I thought mermaids were supposed to be pretty.”
“Here, taste this. It’s a human drink called alcohol.”
“Is it true that you can erase memories with a kiss?”
“Wait! Please don’t leave! I’m not going to hurt you!”
“If I fall in love with you, does that mean I’m into zoophilia?”
“If you could get rid of your tail for legs and feet, would you?”
“So, like… were you hatched from an egg? Or born like a shark?”
“Should I build a house on the beach so we can always be together?”


“Do I scare you?”
“Your bathtub is too small…”
“Go ahead. You can touch me.”
“You have to stop coming here.”
“People are coming. I have to go.”
“Can you take me back to the ocean?”
“Why is there an eel between your legs?”
“Why is there a clam between your legs?”
“My scales are sharp. Please don’t touch them.”
“Did you really go out and buy me a kiddy pool to lay in?”
“I’m not just a fish. Stop treating me like I’m beneath you.”
“I’m getting dehydrated. Can you spray me with the hose?”
“Can you stop staring at me? You’re making me uncomfortable.”
“I cant live on land, and you cant live in the water. We cant be together.”
“If I leave the ocean for you, and you fall out of love with me, I’ll die. You have to know this.”
“That’s not a pool. That’s a deep hole with muddy water. You cant expect me to swim in that.”


this is my biggest project yet, and after quite some time of work frankensteining together my sketches and jamie hewletts old storyboards, i can show what ive been up to for quite some time now. id appreciate if you guys spread it around as much as you could, what with everything thats been going on with youtubes algorithm and whatnot, animators need all the attention we can get!



And i’ve said this before but in the beach sequence there’s no longer any type of boundaries when it comes to touching, their physical contact now is just another part of their relationship and this is huge because if we see the timeline of events, Yuuri and Victor WILL HAVE A WHOLE LOT MORE MOMENTS TOGETHER, EVEN AFTER THE GRAND COMPETITION. GOING TO FESTIVALS TOGETHER, EATING TOGETHER, DANCING IN THE BEACH, FOOLING AROUND, THEY’LL HAVE TIME FOR ALL OF THAT.

They are both facing the preassure of time, 23 and 27, one is being expected to retire soon, while the other thinks it might be time to do it, and we know “Figure skaters are only competitive for a short time…” But without even realizing it themselves, they will have time to think and face this future together, from this point on they’ll have to take decision thinking in the other and I couldn’t be happier.  

  • Victor: I have very high standards. From the food you eat all the way to the training you get daily. Slaking off is absolutely prohibited.
  • Yuri[on Instagram]: Look at this picture of Hawaii.
  • Victor: we should go there sometime.
  • Yuri: can we take practice off for today?
  • Victor: sure, wanna get some ice cream while we walk by the beach?
  • Yuri: But my diet-
  • Victor: we'll be walking.

Finished my watercolor Lapras for #WorldWaterDay  💦
My obsession with water isn’t just for looks guys, there are so many issues threatening our oceans with the worst being pollution. However, we can do our part by recycling every day and participating in beach and park cleanup activities.
If we don’t have a drop of clean water left on this planet, then what point is there?
Please do your part to help keep our waters clean!!✍🏽🌊💙💧
We can make a difference guys!

Adorable Starters
  • “Guess what I got you!”
  • “That looks cute on you.”
  • “Sorry I worked late today. Want to do something?”
  • “I just want to run my fingers through your hair.”
  • “I’m exhausted. Want to just cuddle?”
  • “Calm down. It’s okay. No one was hurt.”
  • “It’s a beautiful day. Want to have a picnic?”
  • “Want to marathon something on Netflix?”
  • “Care to dance?”
  • “That was a nice surprise. What’s the occasion?”
  • “You are so adorable!”
  • “There’s a festival this weekend. Want to check it out?”
  • “Does this look silly?”
  • “Plenty of room under the blankets…”
  • “Let me help you with that.”
  • “Can we just stay in today?”
  • “I cleared my schedule to spend all day with you.”
  • “How did you like the flowers?”
  • “I feel like going to the beach.”

hello guys 🌻 so, i just finished my A-levels *cheers* and basically i have not the slightest idea what to do with my free time but i’m determined to stay productive, hence this is the reason for this masterpost. hope you all enjoy it too!!

stuff to do after exams

  • treat yourself!!!
  • get into a bath and chill
  • play your fave songs
  • get back to watching that series you stopped watching before exams
  • meet up with your friends and do something fun [and try to avoid talking about exams as much as you can]
  • get back to doing that hobby you loved doing
  • plan a trip [even if it’s just in your own country, have fun and act like a tourist!]
  • organise a sleepover with your friends + play some board games [be safe if you’re drinking please!!]
  • check out local events, there is bound to be something you like [for example, we have a nature festival soon here + i’m rly excited to go!!!]
  • download some new apps yay!!!
  • do new things! [read new books, watch new tv shows, find a new hobby, do anything]
  • spend time with your family and friends
  • exercise maybe idk!!! find a new workout you like + try to stick to it
  • meditate
  • try finding a job [check my job tag for tips + resources]
  • try out new restaurants + coffeeshops + so many other things!!
  • volunteer omg!!
  • help out around the house
  • visit relatives you didn’t have the chance to visit during exams
  • cute june quote!!

academics + learning

where to get motivation

+ my masterposts

hope this helped you guys, enjoy your summer!!

- helena xx

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I always make fun of my province, New Brunswick, because it’s small, boring, there are no job and everything is going out of business. But what NB does have is amazing scenery! This was shot at an old defunct park in the north of the province. We got together with a photographer friend and trekked down to the beach in frigid weather and brutal wind for some cool shots! And boy was it ever worth it!!

Ps there was nobody flipping capes and whatnot, that was all the wind’s work! So you can probably imagine how thrilled I am about the 5th pic ahah

Guys think about this

Remember the scene on the beach when Victor was trying to figure out what his relationship as a coach was supposed to mean with Yuri? 

And remember how the first thing he offered was to be a father figure?

Based on most of Victor’s interaction with Yuri as a coach thus far, we can see that he’s going by experience with his own coaches, wondering how Yakov would react in certain situations and admitting that he’s really not experienced with this side of the skating world. 

So if you want to go into it from that point of view, Victor’s instinct is to offer to Yuri the same role that his coaches had offered to him; a father figure. 

This leads me to believe that Victor has been either fatherless or at least an outsider within his family since a young age. Father figures as coaches generally start when athletes are younger, and you can see how this would make sense with Yakov in the scene where Yuri pokes Victor in the head. The Russian coaches words “You still have a lot to learn Vitya” were laced with sympathy and had a softness to them that we don’t generally see from this character.

And so while we don’t have a background for Victor at all, I’m fairly certain that this could play a part in it, if not a major one. 

The Gang Goes to the Beach

Requested by @mcpunnypants

-Darry switches from laying in the sand to wading in the water.

-The second they hit the sand Steve unnecessarily cartwheels.

-Pony brought a book but got all pissy when it got sand in it.

-Johnny was making a sand castle when Pony threw his book right into Johnny’s castle.

-Johnny threw the book back at Pony #justicewasserved.

-Soda makes sure everyone has sunscreen on.


-“Two-Bit, we’re not even in Florida. You can’t swim to Cuba.”


-He literally just starts swimming out.

-Dallas throws beer bottles after Two-Bit, trying to hit him.

-He ends up getting a leg cramp and Darry has to go rescue him.

-Dally is in regular clothes for god knows what reason.

-Socs are at the other end of the beach, Bob’s over there making hot dogs and hamburgers and shit

-Because of the segregation, the Shepard gang shows up near where the gang is.

-Curly is in a speedo.(fight me on this.)

-Angela in a bikini turned quite a few heads, including some of the Curtis gang’s.

-Heavy drinking commences.

-Steve, Two-Bit, and Soda (sometimes Dallas) cat whistling at the girls.

-Darry actually flirts with a cute blonde after she tripped in the sand and he asked if she was alright.

-Pony joins Johnny’s castle making and they make a badass castle.

-Tim is actually actively swimming most of the time.

-Curly watches the castle-making while spouting about some bullshit that makes him look tuff.

The signs at the beach
  • Aries: but like... do we have to go? I don't think I can handle going out twice in one day
  • Taurus: as long as we bring a picnic or something I'm keen
  • Gemini: *swims... fuckkk it's cold... imma tough it out tho... yeah nah it's too cold.
  • Cancer: *pretends they know how to swim well but gets in over their head... literally, haha
  • Leo: guyssss be careful k? You're all so dumb honestly
  • Virgo: I'll save you!! *jumping in the water and showing off their amazing skills
  • Libra: cmon guys you're so slow, come enjoy the water
  • Scorpio: *stripping down to their bikini immediately... so... where are the boys?
  • Sagittarius: are you telling me I can't wear my sneakers in the sand? Watch me...
  • Capricorn: where are the paddle boards at tho?
  • Aquarius: *being extra in the water
  • Pisces: GUYS COME IN THE WATER!! *doesn't leave the water for like 2 hours straight

Safety Tips For Tourists In Australia

(all of which are based on things I see tourists doing every single year. You frighten us. Seriously. We know you haven’t been taught any better, so this is an attempt to help)

  • I know not everyone is swimming between the flags at the beach. I know. It’s because locals know what a rip looks like, know where all the rocks are, and know when the tide is going in or out. And you know what? We still find ourselves in trouble. But we’re all usually experienced enough that we can stay afloat on the rare occasions we actually need rescuing, and everyone knows you’re an idiot and calls you such when you get out. You do not, and you’re also in the way of surfers (surfboards, by the way, do not have brakes). Stay between the flags.
  • Watch your children at the rockpools. Seriously. Tell them that looking is fine, but under no circumstances are they to put their hand in the water, and they DEFINITELY shouldn’t try to pick anything up. If you’re driving home from the beach and your kid (or anyone) is unusually tired, GET THEM TO A HOSPITAL IMMEDIATELY. They may have been bitten by a blue-ringed octopus, in which case they’ll need emergency treatment.
  • Those blue jellyfish-like things that wash up on the beach? They’re a Portuguese Man O’ War, or bluebottle. They’re not dead – just stuck until the tide comes back. Don’t touch them – their sting HURTS. Hot water helps. You shouldn’t need a doctor, but it won’t hurt to get it checked out if you think you’re having an allergic reaction. Also, don’t pop the tops of the little guys – that’s just cruel.
  • Similarly, don’t stomp on the little molluscs and things growing on the rocks. I’ve seen so many kids make a game of this. They’re not dangerous, but they are living creatures. (Also, don’t walk near them barefoot. Trust me - I’ve made that mistake myself)
  • It’s recently been brought to my attention that other countries don’t have this, so I’ll add it here – if you hear a continuous horn/beep/siren at the beach, that’s a shark alarm. It’s a good idea to get out of the water at that point.
  • The size or hairiness of a spider has nothing to do with how venomous it is. See: huntsman spider vs. redback spider.
  • If it’s summer, wear sunscreen. I don’t care if it’s overcast. Skin cancer is one of the biggest killers here, and that’s for people who are used to our sunlight. Not to mention that it IS possible to get so sunburnt that you can’t even wear a shirt. I remember attendance at my school dropped 50% after one carnival because no-one could get their uniform on.

Feel free to add more in reblogs! I will be doing so as I think of them.