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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @markiplier !!!!
#10DaystoMarksBirthday: Mark and the Starfish

Day ???: Charitable and a Good Heart// Mark wants to leave a good mark in this world

I really loved the stream, and I was touched with Jay’s retelling of the story of the starfish. Now I’m pretty sure the Starfish is not only a symbol of charity for all of the people, but also now it’s a symbol that we do what we can do to help. It also turned to be a little thing that people on chat started as a hashtag, which was incredibly touching.

Mark wants to change the world for the better, and I’m pretty sure we all can pitch in and have a little starfish to remind us and motivate us to help.

(#MarkIsAHero :D)

How does one learn to give up what they want for the needs of another? I don’t think this is a lesson I want to learn a whole bunch about.

In retrospect, we do it for our children all the time… I know I would give everything for my son and have. So, I suppose I can do this too.

I laugh… Like I have any control over life. 🙄 We all get to make our decisions for is best for us and our growth. Hopefully they align every now and then.

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I'm in a perfect relationship with a girl(I'm a guy) and my friend who I told her wasn't a problem and would never be a thing came to visit. She was staying with us and her and I went out. when we got back she kissed me in the car, one thing led to another and we were in the back seat, I fucked the hell out of her and she blew me and my girlfriend has no idea. Don't know what to do next but definitely wanting more

Go out there, enjoy yourself, make the most of what you have because none of us know how long we have on this plane of existence, none of us know what lies beyond this; this state of being; a lot of us wish for things that are beyond this, a lot of us are waiting for that, but we dont know and because we dont know, i say that, that makes trying worth it right now. You can wait all you want for great things to happen, but why not to try to make them happen right now, because none of us know whats going to happen tomorrow. So, try your best right now and what you have in this situation that youre in at this moment in time, you dont have to do amazing things, but as long as youre trying your best to make the most of it then thats a success in my mind, so just dont take anything for granted.
—  Jacksepticeye
  • Cyborg: You know he used to tell me how wonderful you were, but guys always say great things about their girlfriends until they break up. That's when the truth comes out.
  • Raven: Cy-
  • Cyborg: You know I've waited 10 years to find out what he really thinks about you. Do you wanna know what he thinks about you now that you're broken up?
  • Raven: I dont want to talk about that. You know I just came down here to tell you are an unappreciative little jerk.
  • Cyborg: ....
  • Raven: And if you are so uncomfortable around me that we can't be friends, now that I'm not seeing Beast Boy, then maybe we were never friends at all. And I want you to tell me to my face.
  • Cyborg: Now that your broken up he still tells me how wonderful you are. He is completely broken hearted over what he's lost.
  • Raven: So am I.

*lgbtq ppl celebrate pride*

some cishetty: Fucking bullshit!!! Look what our fucking tax dollars do… I don’t want to pay for rainbow shit. Dumbest shit ever. So much better stuff we could use the money for. Take down the American flag to put up a gay pride flag. But that’s not a hate crime to the straight people. I can’t fly a flag saying I’m straight or can’t have any of the confederate monuments anywhere because it’s a hate crime. I feel like it’s a hate crime against us straight people. When is our day to shine and be out there? When can we get a flag? Where is our parade? I’m proud to be straight but can’t show it because when I do it’s gunna be considered a hate crime. I don’t see cross walks saying straight pride walk here. Nope just gay pride. So tired of this shit put the money to making more jobs.#gaypride

From growing up DC as always played a huge role in my life. I was brought up with watching the classic DC shows like Batman and Wonder Woman and being introduced to Michael Keaton’s Batman and Christopher Reeves’s Superman. DC as always been my favourite side of Superhero life (i do love Marvel but not as much as this one).

Now knowing we have a DCEU happening my childhood is re-living itself. My favourite heroes all appearing on the big screen before my very eyes. I feel just like my four year old self watching Superman with my dad. The DCEU is what i have always wanted. The DCEU is what we fans deserve. I thank Zack Snyder for allowing this to happen. My childhood thanks him for allowing this to happen.

When something gives you these type of feelings you know they are doing something right. I can’t wait to see the DCEU further expand with the Justice League at the end of year. I know i will cry because this is the one thing i have always wanted. To see my favourite animated classic show in a live action movie. Omfg.

The DCEU is important to me and i will defend it.

Writing Prompt: Dialogue

“I’m quitting the business. And I’m leaving [City/Town/State], and I want you to come with me. Look, I was your [—-], and now–look I don’t know what I am, but we’re good together, [—-]. We’re really good. And I just don’t see us making it here.”

“…This is our home.”

“This town, the jobs we do – they eat your soul, kill your compassion, destory your capacity for seeing the world as anything but dark, and I don’t want to live like that anymore. I can’t.”


Please. Come with me… before you wake up one day and there’s nothing left to save. …[—-] would understand.”

“Would he?”


“…[—-]… a man that walks away from a job unfinished isn’t a man worth loving.”

“…Goodbye, [—-].”

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Do you ever feel like maybe the reason a lot of people are so arrogant is because we're surrounded by all these maps and globes and devices to contact anyone anywhere and it makes the world seem so much smaller than it really is??? Or am I just stupid and/or arrogant myself for having that thought cross my head??? Cause I thought of it and I'm really not sure what I think of it and I wanted to know what you think....

You’re on to something here Anon. I think because everything can be so condensed we forget that there is so much more things out there to worry about. Those hate anons? Turn off anon and they all evaporate because none of them have the fucking balls to say shit to anyone's face. Log off Tumblr and do other things and we forget all about any rude people. It is possible to reach anyone these days so people have this “holier than thou” complex that you speak of. I wish a lot of people would take their heads out of their ass and realize the world doesn’t revolve around them. We are all tiny blips on this planet especially online. All this can be wiped away with the push of a deactivation button. Life is bigger than all of us so being humble is something you need to and should be online because we are lucky to be able to reach so many people! Don't abuse it by being an arrogant sack of shit with nothing better to do than to spread hate and negativity because your life is pathetic (not you Anon, the arrogant people) Reach out and make friends, be kind. Do good. It’s not that hard. Especially in a world that is so technology driven. 

Overall, I think you definitely are making sense. You are not arrogant, you are insightful and smart my dear. Keep that broad, self-aware mindset. 

Evan x Pregnant Reader Headcanons!

Some Headcanons for Treeboy

Requested by: @weeping-chi



- You and Evan had been Married for about two years and Evan had mentioned having kids a few times. And usually the conversation went like this:

- You’d be cuddled up on the couch and he’d be watching those little Facebook videos and one of cute kids comes up and his face lights up. “Hey baby look at this cute baby, you know I bet we could make a cuter one. It could have your eyes and my hair and it would be the perfect. That is if you want one, I mean it’s your body so you can decide what ever we do but like it would be cute that is if you want one,” his hands would fidget with his shirt and he’d struggle to make eye contact. Old habits die hard. You’d smile and say one day but you weren’t quite ready yet. “That’s alright darling just tell me when you are,” he’d kiss your cheek and hold you tighter.

- It was a Thursday nights when you realized you might just be pregnant, you realized your period was later than usual and you went to the bathroom, your friend gave you pregnancy tests as a gag gift on Valentine’s Day. You peed in the cup and placed the stick in it waiting for the time on package to pass. You left the room and settled into the couch, when you stood up to check the test you found it in Evan’s hand. Not taking his eyes off it he spoke quietly “(y/n) wha- what’s this?”

- “I think you know very well what that is and why I had to use it,”

- “(Y-y/n) it’s, it’s positive. Does this mean? Does this mean we’re parents?” His voice and eyes lifting. You nodded and his eyes filled with tears. He ran over to you and picked you up and spun you around in a hug. He smiled so wide that you thought his cheeks might split.


- Evan told you every morning that he loved you, and with a hand spread against your belly “I love you too little one!”

- he’d talk to the bump shamelessly. Telling it how loved it is already, and when you would fall asleep he’d tell it how he’ll be the father that he never had, he’ll be there for every thing, every school concert, every game, every step along the way. You’d wake up to tears falling on to your stomach.

- IMAGINE HEIDIS REACTION. Heidi would scream and hug the two of you so tightly, she’d offer to help in anyway possible. When you two moved into a new house she helped you move in and gave you so many hand me downs from Evans baby stuff.

- Connor (he’s not dead fuck off) would offer to paint the nursery. Knowing how amazing his art was you’d let him do it. He painted the nursery an ombré dark blue fading to green. You were confused, don’t get me wrong it was gorgeous but you’d expected more for Connor.

- Evan had packed a bag of hospital essentials a month early, explaining he was born prematurely and he wanted to make sure you’d both be ready. You went in to labor three days before you were due and on the way to the hospital Evan mumbled “I don’t you so”

- “I’m sorry what?” You growled a contraction racking your body.

- “About the bag. I knew they would be early,”

- “Shut the fuck up Hansen!”

- “I love you, too (y/n)

- While you were at the hospital Connor used the spare key hidden under the door mat to get in and finish the nursery. He painted the three inches above the trim a light yellow and placed a vinyl decal of a skyline onto the wall. Painting the dark blue over it again, he pulled the decal off to show a skyline wrapping the room. He than painted five silhouettes in black flying on the wall above the crib. On the wall opposite he painted a giant silhouette of Big Ben.

- you have birth to day beautiful healthy daughter. You have her the perfect name (f/n)(m/n) Hansen.

- you brought her home and you’d never seen Evan drive with so much determination as he had when thinking about your daughter sleeping in the back seat.

- you took a shower when you got him while Evan played with her in the living room. You got out of the bathroom, and found your husband tickling your daughters belly, his face lighting up when she’d start giggling.

- later into the night, one Connor Murphy come out of the nursery telling you that the paint fumes were mostly gone so you can come inside and look. The four of you walked into the nursery and your jaw hit the floor. The room was blue fading up to green ombré, the London skyline just above black trim, the silhouettes of Peterpan, Wendy, John, Micheal, and Tinkerbell soared over the crib on the wall, across from that was was the giant silhouette of Big Ben. The ceiling had glow and the dark stars spread all over it, the furniture was dark brown wood and so was the floor, a carpet of a red feather on the floor.

- you broke into tears, it was perfect. you hugged Connor tightly thanking him over and over.

- Evan gave your daughter ever bath for the first year of her life. He made sure he was there when she took her first steps, he taught her how to ride a bike, he was there for it all

- he promised you the night you told him you were pregnant that he would be ten times the father that his own was.

- your daughter was the biggest daddies girl ever. And he made sure never to give her reason to doubt his character.

- Jesus the world had never seen a better father.


Requests are open and I have a master list now.

Dear PLL Family,

It’s no secret we’ve differed in opinions throughout this group experience. It’s not a mystery that this show has, often times, divided us into sub-categories revolving around theories, ships, and reactions. Occasionally (okay, maybe most of the time), harsh words were flung back and forth with little to no remorse aside from the pacifists within the fandom who only wanted peace and love. It became a war-zone more times than we, as a group, can count, but I think we’ve finally found something that we can agree on:

We’ll miss this beautiful mess of a show, despite the hardships we (and our favorite girls) have gone through, no matter how loudly we sometimes disagree with what’s been written, and disregarding the massive drama that frequently sparked within the fandom’s walls.

Now obviously I can’t speak for each and every one of you, nor do I want to, but, as we either cling onto each other for a while longer or immediately go our separate ways, I want you to know that I’m grateful for the experience you’ve provided me with: The blatant happiness kept me smiling. The rowdy drama, albeit tiring, kept me entertained. The grey negativity, although draining, kept me human. The vehement positivity by many kept me uplifted.

Cliché or not, this fandom has become like a legitimate family to me; one big, diverse family with goofballs, optimists, pessimists, realists, and flat-out geniuses. Or, if you want to get real cheesy, we’ve got our own (dare I say) army consisting of those with traits resembling Alison, Spencer, Hanna, Emily, and Aria – not to leave out Mona.

Moving on from Pretty Little Liars (once I’m somehow pried away from the memories), I’ll never forget how warm I’ve felt being a part of something so big when I didn’t think I’d find a place for me in the world. Obviously, a lot of my gratitude goes to Pretty Little Liars itself, including the cast and crew (plus Sara Shepard), but you’re the ones who’ve kept me grounded for seven years.

From one of your own, thank you.

To The Digimon Fandom (Read If You Want~)

If you are obnoxious over Meiko and Meicoomon and can’t understand (reasonable) points for people to dislike said characters, unfollow/block me.

Better yet, stop bothering and annoying people who dislike/hate those characters - period. Meiko being important to the plot doesn’t automatically mean that everyone will adore her nor should they have to do so :)

And you doing so won’t make the fans who dislike them suddenly like them and it just needlessly annoys other fans. You can be a Digimon fan without enjoying Meiko and Meicoomon’s characters.

The Digimon fandom was always a fun fandom for me to be in, so just unfollow/block/blacklist what you don’t like and keep on liking the Meiko content that you do enjoy and everyone can be happy. We know you like Meiko but that doesn’t mean we want your justifications on every post that we make about her, Tri and Adventure overall. We are allowed to dislike new characters based on our own experiences and what we like and dislike in fictional characters.

That’s all ^_^

Thanks for reading my little vent here and have a good day :)

P.S. if you don’t want to see my Meiko ‘hate’ (more like disappointment as I dislike character types like the one she and Meicoomon are), either block me or blacklist ‘//meiko’ if you have xkit. 

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FAQs for Artists for the Philinda Big Bang

What sort of art can we do?

Any that is fan art. Traditional or digital drawing. Photo edits/manips, fanmixes, fanvideos, gifsets, anything that is visually creative is open for this. Heck stage a puppet theatre imagining of the story you sign up for.

How many pieces of art am I expected to do?

The minimum for the bang is one piece of art per story. If you want to do more than that, that is cool, but what is required is one piece of visually creative work.

Can writers sign up to be artists as well?


The only rule is that you can’t do art for your own story.

Can we sign up to do art for more than one story?

Yes, there will be the option to be a pinch hitter, someone who takes on a story if there aren’t enough artists in the first round of story picks, or an issue arises.

Do we have to sign up to be a pinch hitter/do art for more than one story?

No, you do not. If you only have the time and/or desire to sign up to do art for one story that is great as well. We just want the amazing artists in this fandom to work with our equally incredible writers.

I’m not traditionally a philinda artist, more of a general agents of shield or mcu artist, am I welcome?

Absolutely! If you are intrigued and want to take part you are more than welcome.

How will I pick what story to work on?

I will go into more detail closer to the dates, but writers will submit a summary of their story as well as length, rating, tags. I will post a list with the writer’s names removed and you will submit a list of the top three summaries you want to work on. I will do my best to match everyone up carefully and fairly, and with their first picks wherever possible.

Great how do I sign up?

On June 27th on, send an email to philindabang@gmail with your name/nickname, tumblr username, email, and whether or not you are willing to do art for more than one story. That’s it.

Right now we have 12-14 stories and it would be amazing if we could make sure all these talented writers are matched up with an artist.

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So my x gf cheated co stantly we ere together a year n a half. I need. He we did some stuff while rooming together on a b ball trip and she said ily and asked me to be hers I said no bc she has a gf and we got physical. But I need her. I need her to stop and realize I'm here and were made for eachother. We had everything when we were together we were #goals no joke. And I love her and Ik she still feels for me. But I cant be played again. How can I make her mine n mine only without being played?

Ask yourself do you really want this… you cant trust her and will always ask yourself if she will do it again.. it can be very stressfull for you and for her.. just have a very good talk with her be honest and tell everything what is up in your head. Dont worry about feeling just be honest and let her talk to.. maybe it can work out maybe not i cant tell but if you want to try then I will not stop you

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Hanzo's s/o wanting to volunteer in animal rescue and asks him to go with them, if he wants?

“Soooo, you wanna come?”, you asked Hanzo while fumbling on his sleeve. “It’s a good thing after all!”
“Well, it sure sounds like the right thing to do.”, he mumbled, stroking his chin. “But what about the missions? We can’t just skip missions.”
“I am aware of that.” you replied and rolled your eyes at him. “But if we don’t have any mission I want to go out there and rescue animals! There are so many animals in need - just look at the whales that are being hunted or all the plastic waste in the ocean. It’s terrible!”
He chuckled, visibly enjoying your ethusiasm.
“Very well. I’m sure we will be successful, Love.”

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Okay so when you said that there shall be star gazing will it be soon because I canT HECKIN WAIT YOU ARE SUCH A BLESSING also one more thing if we submit fan art of your fabulous fan fic what do we tag it under ;0




i have my own tag for the farmer au on my blog so i when i reblog it it goes into the tag i have for the art!!! all art ive been sent has been there :)

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Robin, do you and Harry ever plan on getting married or is what you have just kind of an open thing?

“It’s definitely not an open thing! 

Neither of us wanted a ceremony, so we just signed the marriage documents, got rings, and that was about it. Paige’s been insisting that we have a ceremony sometime, so we may have one later if my parents can make it over from China.”