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EXO Reactions to you thigh riding them

That’s funny, I already planed a thigh riding MTL for BTS 😁

I hope you like it 😘


He’s going to love it. It turns him on just to watch you go crazy on his thighs.

“This is so fucking hot, Babe”


He likes it when you play the dominant part and just take and do what you want.

“Work it, my crazy lil’ princess”


He loves watching you but is a little impasient and can’t wait to fuck you.

“You gotta grind my dick just like that, Babe”


He’s getting a little wierd and thinks that it’s kinda crazy. But he’ll let you do your thing.

“Why are you into that kinda stuff? Can’t we just have sex?”

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He goes crazy just by watching you. He loves the way you grind on his thighs and just let yourself go.

“Yeah work those fucking hips, Babe”


He’s definetly into it. He loves watching you, but also had to hold back. He couldn’t stop moving his own hips.

“Can you do this all day, please?”

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He likes it so much and just wants to grind on you too before he fucks you hard.

“Can I grind on you too, Babe?”


He enjoys the show and after you reached your climax he would say…

“I really liked that. We should do that more often.”




That kinky little shit likes everything thats a little extra. He’s really into it and couldn’t stop staring at you and your body.

“Keep on doing this, Babe”


As soon as he realizes what your up to he would take of his shirt, be all hectic and say…

“Stop grinding and start fucking me!”


As you started grinding his thigh he just realized that this was his biggest weakness and turn on.

“Don’t ever stop doing this.”

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hey! i'm using anon because I feel really bad about this but, regarding the trans male vs female treatment: idrk why but Ive noticed im significantly more comfortable with ftm than mtf. like mtf makes me uncomfortable- But I support trans rights fully so I feel like a total hypocrite- I just feel so terrible about how I can feel that way about it bc I support it completely& yet Ive got some, idk, innate? feeling abt it? (I was raised to be fine w/ it) so does this make me a transphobic asshole?

i mean yeah it kind of does? idk what you want me to do, validate your transmisogyny?

that being said, society has taught us to be afraid of trans women. you should, yknow, try and work on that obviously but like. we’ve all felt like that. i’m a trans woman and i used to feel that way, even whilst knowing i was trans. society has taught us to be afraid and uncomfortable around trans feminine folks.

so yeah, work on that. it IS absolutely super transphobic, and i don’t like pity you or anything (because y’know it hurts me so much more than it hurts you) but like. i understand why it’s the case, because society just teaches everybody to hate trans women so much through like TV/movies/books etc.

work on it, bud.

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Can you do 5 and 7 together for Lysaedion? Thanks!

These two are so adorable! I love them so much! P.S…the awkward moment turned in a WHOLE other route at the end so hopefully that is fine. (As in someone is doing a “five knuckle shuffle” and the other person finds out in a surprising way.) 

First Kiss Headcanon:

- Aedion is a workaholic spending hours going through documents that the nobility have sent in concern to rebuilding Terrasen.

-Lysandra strides into his room unannounced and declares that he should take a break.

- Aedion mumbles something along the lines of ‘having a duty to his people’ before he can leave the desk.

- “Aedion you have spent years fighting for your people. We finally have peace. I think it’s safe to say you deserve a lunch break.”

- Lysandra sits on the edge of Aedion’s desk and playfully plucks the piece of parchment out of his hand.

- Aedion reaches for the paper, but Lysandra isn’t going to give up easily.

- “It’s going to take a lot more to distract me from work.”

“Oh really? Is that so?”

“Yes. Now will please give me the paper back so I can-”

- Aedion doesn’t finish his words. Lysandra leans in and presses her soft lips against Aedion’s open mouth.

- Her tongue swipes the inside of his cheek and Aedion is quick to participate in the battle for dominance.

- Lysandra’s fingers weave through Aedion’s long golden hair. Her nails scrape against the nape of his neck and Aedion groans at the touch.

- He pulls her closer and Lysandra emits a pleased purring noise from her throat that has Aedion wanting more.

- All too soon Lysandra pulls away and Aedion’s growl of need brings a smile to her face. Her cheeks are flushed and Aedion wants to see that look on her face the next time he kisses her-

“Wait. Did you- I mean we kiss?”

“Well you did propose to me all those months ago when we never even had a proper first kiss so I figure why not make up for lost time.”

- Lysandra hops off the table and strides to the door with Aedion still gaping at her in both awe and shock.

- Lysandra pauses in the doorway and looks over her shoulder.

“If you hurry there might be some dessert after lunch…if you know what I mean Wolf of the North.”

- Her little wink leaves no room for questioning.

- Aedion quickly follows her out. Stumbling and cursing as he trips over his chair like a bumbling teenager. Papers go flying off the desk, but Aedion doesn’t care about those at the moment.

- Not when he can hear Lysandra’s laughter from down the hall as he takes off after her. Oh yes. He would definitely be making time for dessert later.

- And he couldn’t wait to get a taste of Lysandra again.

Awkward Moment Headcanon:

Aedion is known for his pranks around the the capital city of Orynth. In fact alongside his achievements in battle most of Terrasen know that General Ashryver pranks his colleagues when the moment arises.

- Everyone in the Cadre has been on the receiving end of a few of Aedion’s pranks so they enlist the one person who can help them get revenge. 

- Lysandra is called upon and she agrees to help. Fighting Working with Aelin in the past has helped Lysandra prepare for this moment.

- She shifts into a tiny kitten before approaching Aedion.

- Immediately Aedion is smitten by the adorable kitten, not realizing it is Lysandra in another form.

- He takes her back to his room and gives her so much attention by petting her and feeding her some leftover dinner.

- At the end of the day Aedion doesn’t have the heart to abandon the kitten outside so he keeps Lysandra in his room for the night until he decides what to do with her in the next morning.

- As Aedion looks around his room for a makeshift bed for the kitten, Lysandra uses the opportunity to hop on Aedion’s desk and mess with his papers. She spills ink on the desk and proceeds to make little paw print marks on the documents he has been working on.

- Aedion catches the kitten before she marks any more of his papers and hurries her to the bathroom where he plans to wash her off.

- Aedion then decides he should clean himself off too since he had a long day of training. He strips without warning - startling Lysandra in her kitten form.

- She tries not to watch as Aedion washes himself in the tub. Though temptation is too much to resists and her eyes will flicker toward him.

- Aedion notices how odd the kitten is acting. Her emerald eyes dart about the room and she acts mildly embarrassed.

- He finishes cleaning himself before walking stark naked to the kitten and cradling it to his bare chest.

- Lysandra is frozen in shock. Aedion begins petting her comfortingly and speaking softly to calm her nerves. Though he has no idea that it is actually Lysandra that he is holding against in his arms.

- After a few moments Lysandra just thinks ‘oh well might as well enjoy it.’ She curls up against him and begins purring as Aedion carries her out of the bathroom.

- When he places Lysandra on the bed he returns to the bathroom. While he was bathing he was also thinking about another green-eyed female who has been on his mind constantly.

- And Aedion finds that he needs to relieve some “tension” before he goes to bed.

- Lysandra waits for Aedion. Curious as to why he went back into the bathroom, but then she hears him. Loudly moaning in a way Lysandra is familiar with.

- She listens with her heightened senses. She knows she shouldn’t, but she could have sworn that he murmured her name.

- Why would he - Oh. OH. Lysandra would be blushing fiercely if she were in her human form.

- Because Aedion is now moaning her name as he pleasures himself in the bathroom.

- Lysandra is flustered. She can’t decide whether to be stunned or delighted that Aedion desires her as she does him.

- Once Aedion roars in release Lysandra decides that she shouldn’t stick around, lest he discover her true identity. She wouldn’t mind if he knew, but Lysandra knows Aedion would probably be ashamed if she heard him in the bathroom right now.

- She flees his room and shifts back into her human form when she is safely in her room.

- The next day she says nothing about the incident. She feels terrible though as Aedion asks around looking for a white speckled kitten with green eyes.

- At breakfast the Cadre join them all at the table.

- “So Aedion I noticed all your papers have tiny paw prints on them. Have any little furry guests last night?” Most of the fae males are doing a good job at hiding their snickering.

- Lysandra tries to subtly quiet them, but to no avail. That’s when Aedion finds out that Lysandra was the kitten.

- He gapes at her in shock. Not because of the little notes, but because both he and Lysandra know that she saw him naked. That he held her while he was naked. And that she heard him while he moaned in release to the thought of her.

- Both he and Lysandra are flushed in the face to the point that the Cadre realize something more must have happened, but they are all smart enough not to bring it up.

- Later on Lysandra talks to Aedion and apologizes, but Aedion is actually fine with it. He leans in and whispers:

- “So long as I get to hear you moan my name in the future. And if you’re good I might even let you join me in the bath the next time.”

- Lysandra is very much agreeable to that plan.

Cuddles and Pick up lines with Peter Parker

Prompt: Can you do a Peter Parker x reader with the prompts 1 and 4 with the relationship please? Thanks if you do!
1. “It’s cold and you’re warm, so cuddle me now!”
4. “You realize you don’t need to flirt with me right? We’ve been dating for three years.”

Warnings: Fluff!
A/n: Again sorry these are so short! I feel like these are too short, sorry guys!
Tags: @madelyne-pryor @theforevergamer
Ask to be tagged in future stories!

You sat bored next to your boyfriend, Peter, who was way into the shooting game he was playing.
“Hey Pete You look ill. You must be suffering from a lack of Vitamin ME.” You leaned against him. Still, he wasn’t paying attention to you. “Is your name Wifi ? Because I’m feeling a connection!” Peter smiled but still had no intention of putting the controller down.
“You are hotter than the bottom of my laptop,” you leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. “ What’s that on your face?” You pretend to wipe something off of his face, “Oh, must just be beauty. Here, let me get it off. Hey, it’s not coming off!” Peter finished the level and looked at his mess of a partner.
“(Y/N), You realize you don’t need to flirt with me right? We’ve been dating for three years.” Peter looked at you with a smile.
“Yeah but flirting is just so fun babe!” You smiled, kissing him. Peter went to deepen the kiss, pulling you towards him, one had on your back the other in your hair. When you two were out of breath, you pulled away, foreheads still touching. A shiver entered your body, making you pull away from Peter.
You leaned into him, sighing at how warm he was. “(Y/N), what are you doing?” Peter looked at you, raising an eyebrow.
“It’s cold and you’re warm, so cuddle me now!” You said, burying yourself deeper into Peter’s side. Peter shook his head as he looked down at you. You opened one eye, and looked at Peter with the straightest face as you said, “On a scale of 1 to 10, you’re a 9. I’m the 1 you need.”
Peter just shook his head, turning his attention back to cuddling you.

In 1997, MSF began its mission in Kibera, Kenya to address the HIV epidemic. At the time, while treatment was available in countries like the United States, in Kenya it was still not available due to the high price of drugs. 

Charles remembers how ill he was before seeking treatment through MSF: “I was dying, hopeless, and afraid of what my family would do if they found out. I went to live with a friend but didn’t tell him about my status. We used to share a bed and I slept in it when he went to work. One time he said to me ‘Charles - does your body shed scales? What sickness are you suffering from?’ I thought that it was his way of saying, ‘Please, I’m tired of you - go and get your own house.’ ” After two decades of work, MSF is handing over the project to the Kenyan government this year. You can learn more about the stories from our 20 years in Kibera: http://www.msf.org/kenya/kibera

before reading this

Remember that it’s just my opinion, and that i acknowledge not being some sort of god, i admit i could be wrong, and i don’t mean to insult anyone saying this
I just read a post targeted towards fat girls talking about bad experiences caused by being fat, and um this made me think… like i know we should all accept ourselves as we are and all but, if you feel that bad being fat, you can lose weight. Don’t leave, just hear me out:
I’m not saying the way society says fat=ugly is fair, or should be encouraged, but you also don’t have to stay like this just because tumblr says “love your body”. If you feel uncomfortable looking the way you look, you should change. Losing weight is not a big deal, it’s not permanent, and it doesn’t have to cost anything. You wouldn’t be conforming to society or whatever, you would be doing this for yourself.
This is coming from someone who used to be chubby, so please don’t tell me “i don’t understand”, because i do. I used to feel really bad in my own body, and even after losing weight it took a while for me to be proud and happy with the way i look, but losing weight definitely helped. Detail: no one ever insulted me for being chubby. I know people saw me as chubby, i’ve had a few remarks but none of them meant to be insulting. I didn’t feel uncomfortable because of society or whatever, i didn’t lose weight to “””fit in”””, i lost weight so i could look at myself and tell myself i’m pretty. This being said, if you’re chubby and you look at yourself and you find yourself pretty, that’s fantastic! That’s great, really! I’m happy for you. But i don’t think everyone can accept themselves like this.

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Sorry if I'm bothering you or annoying you in any way with this question, but you had posted rules about what we can/can't do with your art. Some where in there it said we can't put it in videos, so does that mean we can't use it in MEPs or anything if the sort? I'm really sorry if this has been asked before. I hope I didn't anger you,

Yeah I’m not comfortable with people taking my art and using it as part of projects that I don’t know about and am not participating in myself. That includes pretty much all video projects including MEPs, AMVs, fanart slideshows, theory/meta videos, video thumbnails, etc. It’s really uncomfy for me to stumble across my art in a setting where I’m not expecting it and it’s doubly upsetting when the videos are monetized. 

I’m not upset or angry, thank you for asking for clarification instead of using my art without asking. 

Chaz Wolcott, 

   I don’t think that you could possibly understand the magnitude of what you’ve done with this audition. This is the kind of audition that dancers and non-dancers alike will come back to watch years from now because they cannot get enough of you. People fall in love with you and your flawless taps, your impeccable musicality or most importantly the way we can see that you love what you’re doing with every fiber of your being, smiling from ear to ear, and having the time of your life on that stage. The standing ovation you received did not end with the back row of that theater, no my friend, you had people on their feet all around the country.

  You are the kind of dancer that will inspire so many people in more ways than may seem possible with something as simple as an audition like this. Generations will go take their first tap class because of this and the fact that one day they want to be like you. Young eyes lit up all across the world when you tapped across that stage, that is something special that cannot be learned, that is a piece of your heart, a heart that was born to dance, shining so brightly and lighting the way for so many more to come. 

   Go on my friend, be the ray of sunshine that you are. Congratulations, you’ve earned this.

someone you’ve helped more than you know. 

It’s Week 3! 

This week we’re focusing on what could have been and/or what could still be! Things that didn’t happen on the show that you would have loved to see – they could either be from the books, or just something that you’d like to believe happened off screen. Or what you’d like to see from the shows, the characters, or the plot. 

The unseen & what you want is a loose theme, and you can do with it what you will. 

Wanna focus on the time loops? Great! Or maybe a backstory we haven’t seen? Or a relationship that hasn’t developed the way you’d have liked? (Mod Alex wishes Qulia were romantically entwined – maybe you can grant his wish!)  

Whatever you desire from the show, it’s now your chance to make it real. Let’s get creating! 

And as always – please tag all submissions with #welterssubmissions in the first five tags. 

And Riz, Kate, Asmo and Alex are all standing by for any and all questions you may have about this weeks theme!

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What are your thoughts on,,,,,,,,, all of the Apollo kids being in a band,,, even if they're not gifted musically or anything.....

I have every thought on this

  • It’s a hot mess
  • Especially because even those kids who ARE musically gifted can be gifted in so many ways
  • Then the people who just cannOT and are tone deaf and they still play  but it’s just a m e s s
  • They can never agree on a name and change it every two weeks and it’s currently the Sunshine Kids
    • Previous names were:
      • Big Yellow Buss
      • Ball in the sky
      • Drmr
      • Frog
      • Little Sunshine
      • :-)
      • Me, an intellectual
      • Oedipus (because Chiron wouldn’t let them go with their first choice)
    • They have to vote every time someone wants a new name because  d e m o c r a c y , and they hold the vote as a caucus because  d e m o c r a c y  and it always ends up with some poor kid bursting into tears because of the pressure and the two most hype kids running around screaming (usually at each other)
  • The really terrible kids with absolutely no talent usually try and get out of performing but there’s that one girl who keeps everyone else in line who just goes NOPE and calls them on their bull and (usually) drags them to the front of the stage
  • They do performances like every couple of weeks, whenever Chiron deems the camper’s ears have healed enough from last time.

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Hi kinda awkward to ask you this but ey might give it a try I need advice sort of lives been difficult so my question is what do you do if your life just kinda screws up in a way you can't fix it?

“As some strange man once said, you roll with the punches.”

Dark muttered in response.

“Sometimes, you cannot defeat life. Unfortunately, life is a thing that cannot be structured to fit our benefits, and it is not a game that can be won and completed while we are on the upside. We must follow the path that life carves out for us, much like a canyon with river water. The path is never clear, it winds and falls down obstacles and sometimes sits dormant for a very long time. Do not attempt to fix mistakes that have no point in fixing. Instead, use it to whatever benefits you can. Learn from that ‘screw up’, as you stated. Understand what wrong doing placed you in that situation, and grow from that to ensure that you become a more adaptable, understanding creature down the road. In many cases, whatever issue occurred is on a much smaller scale than what you may believe. I have some type of twisted faith that it will turn out in the end.”

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Do you know a way that could help someone not hate themselves? (sorry for the random question, kinda curious and i want to know if you know a way)

Not hating oneself… honestly, such a thing is hard. If you’ve experienced bullying, trauma, anxiety, depression; all these things seem to build up on someone’s self loathing and solitude.

But I guess outside all that negative stuff, you have one thing to remember - you are you.

No person is perfect, nor is someone full of imperfections. We are all unique in our own way. Should those ridicule us, then.. excuse me, but fuck them.

If we ridicule ourselves, well, you no doubt have had your reasons.

But remember; there are people who care about you. Talk to people about how you feel, why you feel that way, what caused it, what you can do about it to fix it.

Figure out what’s made you feel that way, and remove it from your life.

Couple of years ago, I got out of an emotionally abusive relationship of 4 and half years. Still felt crap for a while; and had a lot of self hatred, anxiety and depression with it. With time, that numbing and self loathing went away when I reminded that I’m not as awful of a girl as I was once claimed to be. This, along with making some amazing friends IRL and online (through UT no less), my mental health has improved drastically.

My point is; don’t let mean people make you feel you’re not special. You may not like who you are because of what they’ve said, but you’re better than those who belittle you. You’re special.

Don’t ever forget it.

(I’m sorry for rambling so much xD but just speaking from experience.. xD )



Had to pay traffic ticket ($291) + traffic school fees (an extra $10) and since my second job died out I’m very short on money.  My parents are helping me out but I still need to make rent and bills this month too (since I’m basically paying rent to them and they like to hold things over my head)


  • Payment accepted through PayPal ONLY (USD). I’ll email you an invoice after we discussed and agreed on the details of your commission. Note that a Paypal fee is calculated into the invoice. 
  • Communication can be through the messaging system here on tumblr but I would prefer you email me at mirandemia@gmail.com. Better organization that way.
  • My prices are raised again (compared to my usual cut commission prices) bc of the emergency status. Although I might keep them at these prices until I find a second job or a better paying job than my first one. But do remember that if you get more than 1 character in the same canvas that the base price is cut by half. (ex/ 2 characters sketch bust would be around $22 ) 
  • I will do my best to turn the commissions out pretty fast, although I am getting over an art block so please be patient with me. 

If you can’t fully commission me please consider donating. Any amount will help me tremendously (but i would like to give you something in return so commissions would be easier on my anxiety)

Also selling small ones like these! and those i can mail to you!

And also please signal boost the HELL out of this thanks!

Hello Jyn lovers!

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the last day to sign up to be a member of the new @jynappreciationsquad​! We are looking to select a few members to help make original content: gifs, edits, fics, meta, fanart, fanmixes, etc.! We welcome all the ways you can show your love for our heroine.

Please go to THIS post to see how to apply. You have until midnight PST on June 28th to do so!

We’ll be announcing members soon after the deadline and launching the blog officially on July 1st. All official information will come out then! We’re still getting the blog up and running, so please pardon our dust ;)

Feel free to message us with any comments, questions or concerns!

Hey if you’re going to send hate shit then dude ?? you’re just ruining it for everyone else cause I’m tbh just gonna turn off anon. We have hella sweet anons and your “constructive criticism” and pettiness is legit only ruining this blog. (even tho ya this blog is already deep in hell) Also constructive criticism is telling me what I can do better not create dumbass drama and getting way into a blog that is a legit a joke blog that isn’t serious at all. Just chill out and calm down guys, being petty towards an ask blog is just really low man. For now on if drama like this happens I’m completely ignoring it or turning off anon for that day. No need for more drama <3 


If you’re going to send hate don’t be a pussy and stay on anon tbh it only makes you look even more pathetic man <3 - mod jack

It’s almost here! This Friday, please join us in celebrating our 52nd straight Finnrey Friday! As Mod Andie said in this post, this sort of amazing dedication is all but unprecedented in a fandom, and it’s all because of our fellow Finnrey fans who created, reblogged, signal boosted and cheered us all on in every possible way. Finnrey Fridays are a success because our corner of fandom is outstanding.

We do have special themes for the week, voted on by you all, and they are “AU” and “Sexy.” But you know how we do: any content is welcome, regardless of theme.

Also! We’d love to hear what Finnrey Fridays have meant to you over the past 52 weeks. It can be a list or a short note or a gifset or a meme. Suggestions and wishlists for what you want to see in future FFs work, too.

Please continue to tag the blog in your posts so that we have no issue finding your posts.

See you Friday!!!!


A few weeks back over dinner with a friend, we were talking about the local Indivisible groups I’ve been photographing.  I said, “Hell, if I weren’t shooting, I’d want a sign that says: ‘Hey Lindsey! I want to marry you and have YOUR kind of insurance.”

I mentioned it to someone in Indivisible, then we tweeted it.

Next thing we know we’re making a parody video and the videographer made me “director.”

You can see our video here if you want. It’s a silly, but at least we’re passionate and care for our fellow Americans!

Make sure you wait till the end…  

Then maybe give your senators a call.  

“Never be afraid to do what’s right. Society’s punishments are small compared to the ones we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.”

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What are you guys hunting Cassie? Is it that Wendigo in Minnesota? Or the big ass ghost infestation in Arkansas? Both have blipped on my radar but I'm a little preoccupied at the moment with this vamps nest I found while in New Mexico. Shouldn't take me to long to take care of them, but I gotta tell you these bastards are really fucking annoying. I'd smite them but I'm trying not to gain the attention of the douches upstairs so I'm doing this the old fashioned way. Which sucks btw. -Gabriel

Some demon infestation in Washington D.C.

Join up after your thing? Something tells me we can use the help.

very gentle reminder that if you having a rough day , if you feel as if you have no one to talk to & you just need to get something off your chest : do not feel afraid or like you’re asking for attention / being a nuisance if you write down what you’re feeling on your blog . it is your blog . something you’ve created . it is yours . it is your safe space . & if that means venting or asking for some help , do so because sometimes that’s all someone can do . & it literally takes no toll on your life to send a little positivity someone’s way . anyway just ! be safe , be healthy / happy . get that stuff off your chest . we’re here for you & we believe in you . 

sloth-race  asked:

In Trespasser, we learn that Solas may have visited Lavellan in her dreams. How do you think your inquisitor would react to that?

She’d view the fact that he came to visit her at all as a positive sign; that despite all his talk, there’s still a part of him that hesitates. But the fact that he doesn’t talk to her, or doesn’t want to interact with her in any way would depress and affect her greatly. It would also anger her; he doesn’t want to involve her, but he can’t stay away from her; he wants her to live well, but he won’t give her peace, he loves her, but he won’t have anything to do with her. 

All of her mixed bag of emotions would take a toll on her after a while, and I think if it wasn’t for her friends, she would likely give up. But that they’re there, and their support and understanding, and their indignation/anger at Solas on her behalf goes a great way to help her keep moving.