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Best vampire movies? In asking for a friend...

Oh. Well, this is just my opinion and recommendations (and I know Cora made a list too) so…

  1. Interview With the Vampire (1994) - Honestly a classic. Who doesn’t love Louis and brat prince Lestat and their love-hate relationship and attempts to keep their family with Claudia together over the passage of time? 100% recommend the books too to anyone who hasn’t read Anne Rice’s work. 
  2. Dracula Untold (2014) - A take on Vlad Teppes becoming Dracula. Looks amazing, has incredible acting and I assure you, you’ll cry. Give me a sequel already. 
  3. Fright Night (2011) -  Oooh controversial opinion time! Yes, I picked this over the original. It’s definitely less scary than the original but the comedic elements/general aesthetic of the movie more than make up for it. Also Collin Farrell as a vampire. 
  4. From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) -  Bank robbers and the family they’ve kidnapped end up in a club full of vampires and have to try to survive until day comes. Wasn’t a box office hit but has a cult following. There’s also now a tv series inspired by it that develops the characters and background witch I recommend too! 
  5. Blade Trilogy (1998-2004) - Based on the Marvel comics. It follows the titular Blade - a ‘daywalker’ - on his endless battle against vampires. The third film does have a lot of controversy surrounding it and it’s not as good as the other two but give it a watch if you like. 
  6. Only Lovers Left Alive (2014) - Probably the most human vampire film in existence. It’s emotionally powerful and deals with depression after centuries of existence. It’s a slow-burning movie and a beautiful tale. 
  7. Dracula (1931) - Honestly the movie we have to thank for vampires becoming such a pop culture staple. Bela Lugosi’s Dracula still continues to define the character and is responsible or the persistent ‘vampire accent’.
  8. Let the Right One In (2008) - Follows a young boy and a vampiric little girl. Another one that’ll make you emotional. Watch the Swedish version over the American remake. Check the book out too!
  9. What We Do in the Shadows (2014) - Mockumentary following vampire flatmates and various other supernatural beings. It’s basically about mundane life but… with vampires and it’s comedy gold. 
  10. Byzantium (2012) - Follows a mother/daughter vampire duo. No high class vampires here, our girls are portrayed by as the lowest rung by society’s standards. The movie is gorgeous and again, a more emotional take on vampires and the problems vampirism can bring. 
  11. The Addiction (1995) - This movie uses vampires to make social commentary. It deals with some heavy issues: AIDS for one, drug abuse for another. But it also explores new age religion and a generation rebelling from what they’ve known. It’s a pretty philosophical movie dealing with peoples’ fluctuating and shifting mindsets. 
  12. Dracula’s Daughter (1936) - Follows - you guessed it - Dracula’s daughter (The Dracula from the 1931 movie). This movie is astounding for its time because it’s a big ol’ lesbian fest and Marya’s quest to rid herself of her vampirism is symbolic of ‘curing’ gay/lesbian individuals.
  13.  Kiss of the Damned (2013) - A screenwriter falls in love with a woman who turns out to be a vampire and is turned by her. They survive by feeding on animals, and everything is going well until our leading lady’s vampiric sister shows up to cause chaos. 
  14. Hotel Transylvania (2012) - An animated movie in which Dracula owns a hotel where the monsters of the world stay, and is about to celebrate his daughter’s - Mavis  - birthday. Things go awry when human Jonathan shows up. Honestly, people dismiss animated movies far too much. This one is high-energy, funny and definitely enjoyable for adults as well as children. 
  15. Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)  - Another take on the iconic novel. The movie is, honestly, hit-or-miss and at times over the top, but Gary Oldman as Dracula, Winona Ryder as Mina and Anthony Hopkins as Van Helsing are delights you can’t pass up on. Even if it’s kind of a wild ride with how OTT it is, it’s a fun one. 
  16. Thirst (2009) - A South Korean movie that follows a young priest. He tries to help with aid work during an epidemic but ends up infected himself. A blood transfusion saves his life but that blood was vampiric and thus he himself is now a vampire. You can imagine the deep moral and spiritual struggle this causes the devout man as he tries to keep a hold of his humanity.

Marc Andre ter Stegen via Facebook:

“Another season now complete, so it’s time to reflect once again.

Last year I wrote after we lost the EURO 2016 semi-finals to France and I said that Die Mannschaft never gives up and that we would bounce back from this result. This summer in Russia we did just that. Many doubted us as we were a new and different team, but that didn’t stop us. I’m proud to say that our achievement is simply magnificent. A perfect end to my 2016/17 season! For the first time Germany has won the FIFA Confederations Cup, I hope we have made our country happy!

It was my first time in Russia and a unique experience, a culture I wasn’t expecting. The people were very welcoming and we felt good supported from the locals for our games. For me this was perfect preparation for next summer’s World Cup. Already looking forward to next year.

For my club, FC Barcelona, I played 46 games. This is a new record for me, i had never played so many club matches in a season. In 2012/13 for my previous club I did 45 – so one game more! I helped us lift another Copa del Rey, my third in a row for the club; as well as the Supercopa at the start of the season.

However, we missed out on the league by 3 points to a very strong opponent – who in the end, deserved it. Next season, we want to win back this title and we will do everything we can to be successful again! In the Champions League we made history, playing in that 6-1 match vs PSG is a football moment we will never forget. We reached another dimension of team spirit and motivation that night at the Camp Nou. Next season with our new manager we will of course fight for this trophy again!

Before I joined the National Team, I ended the FC Barcelona season with a special smile as I renewed my contract and everybody who knows me, knows that I wear the blaugrana colours with all my heart. Saying that I also want to mention the support of our fans from all over the world which has always been amazing and which made me also to the one I am.

It’s now time to take a small break from football and enjoy my holidays. It’s been a long season so it’s important to get some rest.

A big thank you to all of you! See you soon!”

I know everyone loves Sam. He’s a cool guy and he has great gymnastics…. when he can hit. And that’s hardly ever. This guy has been on every major team since 2012, but no matter how many times he competes at nationals, worlds or Olympics, he can’t be consistent. He had 4 routines to compete at nationals, and he still fell…. And he’s probably going to do it again. 

On the other hand, we have Allan Bower and Akosh Modi who are newer faces and yes, they aren’t perfect gymnasts and may not be as capable of winning medals at worlds, but imo, they deserve a chance to get that experience at worlds and LEARN how to compete, something Sam has never done. On top of this, this is a post-olympic worlds and Sam is injured, so now is really the best time to put up some up-and-comers…. but they didn’t. 

I don’t hate Sam. I actually love him, and I want him to be successful. But obviously making him compete over and over is not helping his consistency, so maybe leaving him off the team would have spoken volumes about his unreliability and given him a wake up call. Maybe THAT would trigger a change. 

Well, he’s on the team, so lets just hope that he can hit with what he does have. 

The favorite - part 02

The favorite - final part | Jack Maynard | imagine

Word count: 2538

A/N: The name Kirstie is being used

More imagines here Requests are open!

First part here

After almost one hour and a half, you and Jack still were on the damn elevator. You didn’t know how your karma was so bad, but you guessed you would be declared a saint after spending so much time on that box. You were sleepy, your back started to hurt and the company wasn’t that good, even though Jack didn’t speak anything after such a long time. His presence annoyed you, you could hear him breathing and that was enough to drive you nuts. Oh, and only for your happiness, your phone battery was almost in the end, so you were running out of time to get out of there.

“Hello?” a male voice called and you jumped, standing up with a fresh relief. “Is anyone there?”

You opened your mouth to scream back at the guy, yes! You! You needed help! You needed someone to rescue you so you could get Conor and live that place forever (even if Conor probably should’ve took the stairs and escaped his little situation by himself). Yes, you were there and you were ready to get out of that stupid elevator, but, of course, Jack Maynard wasn’t in agreement with you, so his hand flew to your mouth, shutting you up.

“Don’t!” He commanded whispering.

You took his hands of you: “Are you fucking crazy? We need to get out of here!”

He seemed to be really close to lost his head with you, as if you were the one who were losing your chances to getting help.

“What if he’s from police?”

You stopped a little, but then you realized it wouldn’t make any difference.

“If that’s true, he will find us anyway!”

Jack rolled his eyes “Okay, the police wasn’t a good example, but what if he’s one of the employees of the building? Not only we’ll get arrested but we’ll get Kirstie into trouble.”

“Oh, gods!” you rolled your eyes this time. “You are not getting laid tonight, Jack! Who cares about the girl? She shouldn’t let us in anyway!”

“Y/N! Stop being so… “ he struggled a little to find the exact word”Egocentric!”

“Egocentric? I’m not egocentric! I just want to…”

“Hellooo?” the voice sounded again and Jack shut you up another time. “I can hear people on the elevator! Hello?”

Jack’s right hand was capping your mouth, keeping you shush. His left hand was holding your waist, because you were trying to leave. You definitely weren’t happy, but being so close of him after your little arguing, with him holding you so tight, you were out of breath. For God’s sake, what the hell he was doing?

“Keep quiet.” Jack asked.

You didn’t answer him, leaving pretty clear you didn’t like the situation, so he stood there, holding you until he was sure the man went off. He was looking at the metal doors as if it would open and the entire MPS would be there and, when the elevator didn’t move a single inch, he looked at you cautiously.

He didn’t want to set you loose because he was afraid of you starting to scream until the man turn around and check the elevator, however once Jack looked into your eyes, the whatever his thoughts was, his mind went clear. Actually, his mind was all a blur, all he could see was you and all he could think was you.

You weren’t in a better situation either. In a daily basis was difficult to remember yourself you hated Jack Maynard with all of you, now it was impossible. The only parts alive of you were the ones he was touching, the rest was just a mirage, you knew it was there but you couldn’t feel it. You never knew how to describe his eyes and, in that moment, the only think you could thought was that they were beautiful.

Your cellphone made a noise, the battery ended. You jumped away from Jack and he coughed, embarrassed.

“I guess the guy is gone.” Jack said, trying to feel less uncomfortable.

“Yeah…” you ran your fingers through your hair, sitting down again and taking your phone, checking it like there was a doubt of what happened with it. “The battery went off.” You explained, raising the eletronic just like you would do if Jack asked you what was going on.

“Oh, that’s a shame.” Jack grumbled, sitting in the extreme opposite from where you were.

“Yes, it is.” you said.

Jack didn’t know what to do, so he searched his phone in his pocket and took it, pretending he had something to do with that piece of useless material, he couldn’t call anyone, he couldn’t receive any messages and had no app games in it because the day before he needed space to film a video to his channel.

“Don’t use your phone.” you gently said, not noticing the strange tone in your own voice. “We might need that later.”

Jack nodded his head and put his phone back in his pocket.

“Okay.” he agreed without even questioning.

At that point, no one could think in a way to avoid the silence, so there was no noise inside the elevator. You and Jack tried to not look at each other, although it was inevitable. Then, when it happened, you only raised an eyebrow to him and he laughed at you, making you follow his act.

“What?” you asked.

“Who would thought we would be here, huh Y/N?”

“I didn’t” you admitted.

“But you dreamed of this, I’m sure.” he joked and you rolled your eyes, even if you tried, you couldn’t get angry at that moment.

“I guess it was one of items of your to do’s list, Jack.” you hit back.

He raised his shoulders: “Maybe.”

“Oh, gods!” you laughed. “You can’t even try to say no, can you?”

“I am a pretty open person, Y/N.” he told. “There’s no reason to try deny this.”

You nodded your head negatively, not believing that these were his words. He waited you to calm down and the silence to be back again before questioning the thing he wanted the most, because he genuinely didn’t know that answer.

“Why do you hate me this much, Y/N?”

You were surprised. Although you said that Conor should know this answer, you didn’t expected the same from Jack. As a matter of fact, Jack was the only one you thought that would never know the reasons of treating him that way. Well, the winds have changed and there you were, stuck in an elevator with Jack Maynard.

You sighed.

“Fine.” you gave a little smile. “Do you really want to know?”

“Hm… Yeah?” Jack really thought it was a right of him and you knew it was, but you wanted him to be sure.

“Okay.” you took a deep breath. “Your brother asked me the same thing earlier today and I didn’t answer him. I would appreciate if you keep this just to yourself.”

Jack wanted to ask you why he would do such a thing, but he let it go because it was the first time in years you were nice to him (in his point of view, when you two met, he was gentle, so that counted as being nicer than you even if both of you were horrible to each other through the rest of the time). Still, he couldn’t let asking you this:

“Why you don’t want Conor to know?”

You chewed your bottom lip:

“I’m afraid he will think I’m foolish and stand by your side. Keeping hate is not something I’m proud of.”

Jack, after your sentence, couldn’t say no, so he promised do that.

“Right, I can keep it, Y/N.”

“Thank you.” you smiled before being nervous again. “The reason why I hate you is because is something no one else do.”

“What?” Jack was really confused.

“I mean, everybody thinks you are so cool and stuff like that… You are the favorite Maynard of literally every single person I know. So I always kept clear you weren’t my favorite, Conor was and always will be.”

“What the hell?” Jack exclaimed, a part of him was pissed off and the other one was just confused. “What kind of sick logic is this?”

You rolled your eyes, trying to seem not affected by his rebuke although you already knew it was stupid.

“Look, let me clear the things out, okay?” Jack stared at you, waiting for it. “We studied in the same school and you were so damn popular! And even now, you act like it’s all good and it’s normal, but it’s happening again with this whole Youtube thing.”

“Where were you in 2012?” Jack asked. “Living under a fucking rock?”

“Yeah, I know, 2012 was a big year for Con and everything, but is not the same!”

Jack wanted to scream at you.

“He literally has four times more subscribers than I do.” Jack told. “How that can be a sign of his popularity being bigger than mine?”

You wanted to scream at Jack too, it was bigger than just a few numbers.

“It’s a Twitter, a Tumblr thing. You can see you have, like, more fans than him and stuff like that.”

“Oh my God, you’re fucking insane.” Jack said. “You don’t know a thing, Y/N. Seriously, you don’t know nothing.” Jack got up, being really angry at you in that moment. “Actually, me and Conor think that the favorite Maynard is Anna. She’s the girl and the youngest child, she has everything she asks for mum and dad.” He took a deep breath, but it didn’t make any difference. ”Also, you don’t have an idea of how hard it is being the brother who can’t sing and didn’t go to a tour or stuff like that at school. You think I was popular? Think again, Y/N. Half of those ‘friends of mine’ was with me because I am Conor’s brother. Actually, I have the million of subscribers that I have thanks to my friends and family. You think I don’t know that? That I couldn’t get where I am without them? Thank you, I appreciate your comment. I don’t need it, though… I have haters saying I’m shit everyday.”

You felt really bad now. You never thought that Jack’s perspective of things would be like that. What you’ve done? Why were you so mean to him? You started to being close to Conor after both of you graduated, after the whole “New Justin Bieber!” thing, after he moved out from Youtube and he already shared his feelings about all this with you. He weren’t unhappy, he didn’t need your love or your pity. You knew that and, yet, you weren’t kind with Jack. Jack was right: What the hell?

“I’m sorry” you whispered, hugging your own legs and trying not to cry. You never felt more foolish, more stupid than that. Were you really that small? Gods, what a shame!

Jack saw you like that and a little piece of him felt good, because he was so damn angry, on the other hand, he knew you weren’t that bad. You did what you did with good, twisted intentions. You didn’t speak to him with the nicest tone, so what? He said pretty bad things to you too, things he never thought he would say to a girl. And, after all, both of you enjoyed that strange relationship, the fights about absolutely nothing and the little provocations every minute you were together.

“Oh, fuck it.” he conclude, crouching next to you. “That’s fine, Y/N.”

“I’m so sorry, Jack.” you apologized. “There’s no excuse for what I done.”

He gave a little smile, seeing your regret and realizing that you might be good friends for now on.

“That’s fine, baby.” he caressed your arm and, when you didn’t answer him, he teased you. “What? Are you not complaining about me calling you baby?” you nodded your head, you would never complain about anything about Jack again. “Oh, baby, I will enjoy that.”

You laughed.

“Fuck off, Jack.” Or maybe you could complain about this or that.

“That’s better.” He said, finally sitting next to you.

“I guess it is.” You agreed.

“If it makes the things a little nicer, I really enjoyed all our fights.”

You supported your head in his shoulder, feeling comfortable enough to do that.

“They were funny, weren’t they?” You asked, smiling as you remembered some of the things you two yelled at each other.

“Yes, they were.” he sighed, putting his arm around your shoulder.

“Maybe we should argue sometimes just for fun.”

“Yeah, I would like that.”

A little laugh came out of your mouths, that was a pretty intense night with the most impossible twists you guys could think of. And now it was all chilled, you two couldn’t be happier with the whole thing. His arm around you and your head on his shoulder almost seemed it was meant to be like this during all these years.

You looked up at him, just to find out Jack was already looking to you. You gave up for that moment and let yourself appreciate the beauty of Jack Maynard properly. His hair was a mess, he was kind of sleepy and you never thought someone could be that handsome. He checked you out a few times before that and, in that moment, you were a mess too: your makeup was blurred, your dress was misaligned and your hair was blowzy, still, Jack thought he would never meet someone as beautiful as you.

He started leaning towards you and you couldn’t help yourself, also leaning to kiss him. Your stomach was on the floor and you felt like this was your first kiss. Well, you wished it was, you could sense it would be better than all the other kisses you had in your entire life.

Suddenly, as unexpected as the first time, the elevator started shaking. Making you two move away from each other. You rolled your eyes. Really?

“Oh, for God’s sake.”  Jack complained.

You laughed and raised your shoulders, moving to be face to face with him. He copied you, understanding your movements.

Faster this time, you leaned to each other, don’t minding the rescue, you could work this out another hour. For now, all you and Jack wanted was to kiss each other and that’s what happened. With no regrets, your lips pressed his and the kiss was even better than your expectations.

“What the hell?” was what Conor said after you heard the elevator’s door opening.

You and Jack broke the kiss and laughed. He stood up and offered you his hand so you could get up too.

“Hi, Con.” you greeted, holding Jack’s hand as he was pulling you out the metal box.

“Hey, bro.” he said to a confused Conor.

You thanked the man who got you two out of the elevator, flashing your eye for the excessive clarity, it was dawning.

“Who’s your favorite Maynard now?” Jack whispered in your ear while you were walking out the enormous building.

Seemed that Jack Maynard was getting laid after all. Oh, how he annoyed you.

The Numbers Game: What Does it Really Take to Win?

The big news in the NDP leadership campaign has been the new membership numbers, up to 124,000 from 41,000 in March. That seems huge, and everyone is very excited about this jump. Jagmeet Singh’s campaign is particularly excited, since they’re claiming over 47,000 of those new members as supporters who they have signed up. The hot takes on social (and mainstream) media are that these numbers prove that Singh has the leadership skills and organizational capacity to build the NDP into a party that can beat Trudeau’s Liberals in the next election.

However, these new membership numbers aren’t much different from where the NDP was at in 2012 when Mulcair was elected, in fact slightly lower. So why didn’t we win the 2015 election? And why did membership drop so precipitously over the last few years, and what can we do to prevent that from happening again?

The premise that the NDP can build an electoral machine to rival the Liberal party (or would even want to!) is the problem here. A leadership candidate with the backing of the NDP establishment can build an impressive membership campaign, it’s true. The establishment has some power; they are pretty deeply entrenched in Canada’s media scene, and they run marketing and polling and strategy firms, so they have access to money. A concerted effort, big donation money for campaign managers and organizers, and the membership can be doubled or tripled.

But this machine is nothing compared to what the Liberals (or the Conservatives!) can bring to bear. The Liberals have the wealth of Bay Street and the entirety of the Canadian media behind them. The NDP will never have the resources that the Liberal party can muster. We will never have the strategists and power-players the Liberal party has. We will never raise as much money or be able to hire as many organizers and canvassers as the Liberals. We will never have the media and big-data-based advertising campaigns the Liberals can buy.

And the Canadian center-left electorate, barely able to differentiate centrist NDP policies from the Liberals, will never want to take the risk of splitting the vote and seeing the Conservatives get back into power. So we lose elections, we lose seats in parliament and membership numbers evaporate. That’s essentially what happened in the last election and it’s what will happen in the next if we make the same mistakes.

The success of the Sanders campaign in the U.S. and especially the Corbyn campaign in the U.K. can teach us something: the best way to compete with big money is with politics and people. Those campaigns started with solid politics, decisively to the left, that energized members and gave them a reason to become involved. And the people they attracted weren’t just there for a leadership vote and a onetime donation, they became the volunteer-base that was central to the campaign.

If the NDP has a path to winning a federal election it is by growing a membership of committed activists who are passionate about our politics and want to do the work it takes to win. A large and growing base of organized and active volunteers, funded by a campaign of small dollar donations, is the only way the NDP will ever defeat the Liberals. The model of professional strategists and organizers works for the Liberals, but it hasn’t worked for us and never will.

It is democratic-socialist politics that will attract committed activists to the NDP. That’s what created the movements behind Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn. From the start, Niki Ashton has campaigned on a broad platform of social, environmental and economic justice, to the left of the other candidates. Her platform calls for tuition-free education, for public pharma-care and dental care, for nationalizing key industries, for good and stable jobs, and for a serious environmental program. She backs this up with wealth and corporate taxes that will redistribute from the 1% to the rest of us.

Niki has brought new members to the NDP, activists who would never have been involved in the NDP before. She has brought back members who have quit over the years, frustrated by the party’s drift to the center. And she has connected with existing members who long to see the the party return to its democratic-socialist roots.

Niki Ashton’s campaign undoubtedly signed up less new members than Jagmeet Singh’s campaign. However, every one of those new members is a potential activist and volunteer, someone who joined because they were excited by Niki’s message and want to be involved in a party of the left. These new members want to be part of a fight to put people before profits, and to build a party that will challenge the rich and powerful. Every one of those new members will vote in this leadership election, and every one would be on the streets for the NDP in the next federal election if Niki wins. How many of Jagmeet Singh’s new members will even vote?

Singh’s numbers don’t guarantee him a first ballot victory. It’s time for us to be activists and to reach out to our fellow members and make sure they vote. We think Niki Ashton is the best choice for building an activist NDP that can win against the Liberals, but if you prefer a different candidate then get out the vote for them. This election isn’t over yet.

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A TMNT Fanfiction One-Shot by CJtheStoryteller

*Story Summary: When Mikey’s hurting, there’s one brother who always knows what’s best for him.

*Note: This one-shot takes place after the episode ‘The Creeping Doom.’ Thanks to the anonymous Tumblr who requested this story.

*Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.

Always Knows

When I walk up to the open lab doors and see Donnie tap-tapping away at his keyboard, I immediately start to have second thoughts about bugging him. He gets kind of grumpy when you interrupt him while he’s working. Not as grumpy as he gets when you break stuff or mess up one of his experiments, but grumpy enough to make me think this isn’t such a great idea.

Maybe I should come back later.

I’m about to retreat when I hear, “Well, are you coming in or not, Mikey?”

Aw, sewer apples!

I knew I should’ve stayed in the pit. Now that Donnie’s spotted me, I can’t very well walk away. Well, I could, but that would make things pretty awkward. Actually, things are already awkward, aren’t they? I’m standing outside of the lab like a creepy stalker.

“H – Hey, D. How’s it goin’?” I try to act all chillaxed as I enter the lab, but I can totally see from the skeptical look on my big bro’s face, he knows something’s up. That’s because Donnie knows everything. No lie! He’s super-smart like that Einstein guy or Chuck Norris.

“Something wrong, Mikey?”

My head says, “Yeah,” but my mouth says, “Nah, I was just checkin’ to see what you were up to, yo.”

My brother’s eyes narrow and I’m not sure if it’s because of what I said or something on his computer screen. Or maybe he got something in his eye! Dude, I hate it when that happens.

“Mikey.” Donnie’s voice snaps me out of my thoughts, as if he knew my mind was starting to wander. Somehow, he can always tell when I’m getting distracted.

“Yeah, D?”

“Spill it.” Those are two words I never thought I’d hear come out of my brainy brother’s mouth while I’m standing in his lab. Especially after what had happened last night. My ‘spilling it’ had nearly cost Donnie his smarts.

I stare down at my older brother and see his eyes shifting back and forth between me and his computer. I’m willing to bet a stack of comics that he’s working on that serum for Karai. He’s been working on it nonstop for like weeks. I wish he’d figure it out already so we can hang out again. I miss him, big time.

While Donnie keeps doing his Donnie-thing, I walk up beside him and lean against his desk. I then let out a long, slightly exaggerated sigh before finally saying what’s on my mind. Sort of …

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jumpybox  asked:

Are you perhaps still doing the drabbles? If so...Uhm, maybe something sweet between Mikey and Karai? Something brother-sister related? I don't know, I just really want to see more of this two ;w; <3

 “And that’s how you break a man’s neck properly,” Karai says, dropping the training dummy and dusting her hands off. “Really, you’ve got the raw power, but no technique at all.”

“Huh,” Mikey says, leaning on his palm as he tilts his head. “You know, I think you’re right. That way looks way more effective than the stuff I’ve been doin’.”

Karai huffs, brushing her bangs out her face. Whatever her deceased biological father had been aiming to accomplish with his watered down ninjutsu techniques, she couldn’t fathom. It just seemed so pointless to only teach her half siblings the tamer aspects of ninjutsu. She could remedy this of course, and Mikey had seemed more than willing for a one on one training session with her. Next step, then.

“Care to give it a try?” Karai asks, stepping over the fallen dummy to approach her brother. “I’ll have some of my soldiers calibrate a few for you to practice on.”

Mikey grins, and stands up from his seat on the floor. “Brosis, I would so like to give it a shot.”

Karai grins back, toothy as Mikey. “And then, we can try it on real targets next time someone tries to encroach on Foot territory.”

Mikey’s grin got sharper, and he slung an arm around Karai’s shoulders. “You are my favorite sibling ever, it is you. How long before we can do that?”

“With how quick you pick things up? I’d say a week at the most, if not less.”


(and then no one underestimated the alliance of snakesis and turtlebro ever again the end.)

The Killers’ Brandon Flowers interview with Billboard - July 2017

At the age of 36, Brandon Flowers admits that he’s already thinking about his legacy. “It’s not something we talk about a lot,” says The Killers frontman as he sits on a couch in New York’s Soho Grand Hotel. “But the older you get, the more you’re conscious of time and how limited it is. And the megalomaniac in you says, ‘Well, what kind of mark have I left?’

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The Killers’ Brandon Flowers on Band Shake-Ups and a Crucial Assist From Bono

At the age of 36, Brandon Flowers admits that he’s already thinking about his legacy. “It’s not something we talk about a lot,” says the Killers frontman as he sits on a couch in New York’s Soho Grand Hotel. “But the older you get, the more you’re conscious of time and how limited it is. And the megalomaniac in you says, ‘Well, what kind of mark have I left?’ ”

Soft-spoken and reflective, Flowers is no longer the Las Vegas-bred spark plug who wore eyeliner in music videos, proudly paired his Mormonism with glam-pop and declared of The Killers in a 2004 interview, “I want us to be the American U2.” In hindsight, he wasn't far off the mark. Along with the commercial success – 7.1 million albums sold, according to Nielsen Music, with 12 top 20 hits on Billboard’s Alternative Songschart and hundreds of arena shows – The Killers’ legacy has been one of malleability, even more so than Bono and Co. Flowers, drummer Ronnie Vannucci, guitarist Dave Keuning and bassist Mark Stoermer conquered rock radio with synth-driven new wave hits like “Mr. Brightside” and “Somebody Told Me” from 2004 debut Hot Fuss. They defied expectations with their Springsteen-inspired 2006 follow-up, Sam’s Town – reviled by critics upon release, now considered a cult classic – and have since hopscotched across dance-pop, heartland rock and electronica.

Fifth album Wonderful Wonderful is another amalgamation of sounds: Lead single “The Man” is a glitzy disco track, while songs like “Run for Cover” and “Some Kind of Love” aim for post-punk and arena balladry, respectively. Yet the album, out in September, is also the band’s most introspective to date. Flowers says that the pulsating “Tyson vs. Douglas” is about fallen heroes and how he hopes his three sons (Ammon, 9; Gunnar, 7; and Henry, 6) “never see me go down” like Mike Tyson in his shocking 1990 defeat to Buster Douglas. Elsewhere, soon-to-be karaoke anthem “Have All the Songs Been Written” hints at the difficulties the band had with figuring out the album. The five-year gap between 2012’sBattle Born and Wonderful Wonderful is the longest between albums, and with the members in different states (Flowers is moving to Utah, Vannucci and Keuning have relocated to California, and Stoermer splits time between Los Angeles and Las Vegas), the new LP was its hardest to finish.

“The dynamic has changed,” says Flowers. “When we used to start writing, anything was possible. Now, there’s a weight and something looming over us – what we’ve done, if we can do it again. Those things creep into your mind.”

According to Stoermer, the band began the creative process in October 2015 and spent a year formulating ideas that would ultimately be scrapped. “We attempted writing songs in groups, in pairs, co-writing with producers,” says Stoermer. “A lot of material was put aside.” In the middle of the struggles, Stoermer also made it known that he no longer wanted to tour with The Killers. The 40-year-old, who records solo music and is working toward a bachelor’s degree in art history, says the group’s rigorous touring schedule (its Battle Born World Tour played over 140 shows) made him feel unfocused. “I get joy out of making music with The Killers, but being on the road and in the studio was too much,” he explains.

The rest of the band knew how unhappy Stoermer had become with touring; part of the reason Flowers had recorded two solo albums between Killers projects was to break up the band’s long live runs. Once the group decided to hire a touring bassist, Stoermer became “much more pleasant” in the studio, says Flowers. “It’s a hurdle, but we’ve got the legs to jump it.”

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anonymous asked:

As far as I know, once you become illegal or are deported, you are punished for 10 years. You can't enter the country or apply for a legal status during that time. So how can these ex-dreamers become legal citizens after their DACA was taken from them? it seems unfair. Many of them are adults and that's worse because this country is all they've known their whole lives. They came here small and didn't have a choice and now they're treated this way... we need to be more compassionate.

Oh no, there’s consequences if you break the law! Again, they aren’t getting deported. Where does it say they’re going to be deported? They can become legal citizens by applying and going through the same process as everybody else. How is that unfair? Lol? 

You’re under the impression that these people came to the United States as five year olds. If the average age of DACA beneficiaries is 25 and they can be as old as 35 today, and DACA only began in 2012, well, I’ll let you do the math. To say “America is all they’ve known in their whole entire lives” is just absurd. 

Some didn’t have a choice, yes, and that’s sad, but once again I’ll say it, they now DO have a choice, they’re being asked to follow the law and do the right thing and it’s seen as a crime against humanity. 

DACA is still in effect, they aren’t facing deportation, there’s been no mention of deportation, it’s been sent to Congress to be discussed by both sides and form a policy that’s actually constitutional and permanent and in line with our laws. 

Also let’s remember DACA has always been temporary, it was never intended to be a permanent security for these people, every two years it’s had to be renewed, it eventually would have had to be sent to Congress to come up with a better long term solution. This is what is happening now.

For all we know they could be handed citizenship or permits once it’s been discussed by both sides, you’re jumping to some very convenient conclusions without having any idea what’s going on. Let’s wait to see what Congress decides and what their solution is going to be before we lose our minds. 

Narry: Through the Years

Sooo, the other day a Non-Non asked me this:

If you could pick one Narry moment from each year the band has been together, what ones would you choose?

To which, I said:

Hi Non-Non! I have a bit of a problem…limiting myself when it comes to choosing Narry moments. (I tried to do a ‘Top 10’ one time and it turned into ‘Top 100+ and counting’.) Soo can I bargain for like…just favourite moments? I can work with max five from each year? :)

No, I’m really not even kidding or exaggerating when I say it’s next to impossible for me to choose between Narry moments. It’s SO HARD. It’s like, every time I think I’ve got it all figured out I think of something else and then I have rearrange everything. SO, without further ado (and before I can change my mind for the millionth time), here we go:


- Narry Mullingar trip, and how they went from innocent little monkeys:

to [seemingly] naked…monkeys:

- Protective!Niall comforting Harry:

- Proud!Niall hugging bashful!Harry:

- Domestic!Narry doing laundry together:

- Possessive!Harry:


- Niall wants to hold Harry’s hand:

- Harry can’t help himself:

- Harry says Niall looks like a furby:

(and then again in 2012!)

- “Ariiii babes”:

- The day Harry Styles made Narrie hearts melt all over the world:


- Who’s the best kisser? “Niall!”

- Narry making kissy faces:

- Niall stroking Harry’s cheek:

- Flying Start; Clingy!Niall:

- Pt. 2 (because I honest to goodness couldn’t choose and this is one of the moments that had me):

- Narry talking about the time Harry got the Irish pummeled into him:


- “You have the best face.”

- “I’m in love with you, and all Niall’s little things.”

- Miami!Narry:

(Narry getting off the boat together; Niall wearing Harry’s shoes and carrying his own…)

- 1D Day!Narry:

- Ballroom dancing/falling:


- The moment ‘You & I’ became a Narry song too:

- Aria Awards:

- “I’d do Niall.”:

- Niall offering his nuts up for Harry:

- “That was for you!”


- Cake pop!Narry:

- “We are the champions!”:

- “Yes, pet?”:

- “Everything we do!”:


- Mistletoe kiss:


What happened to Emma Fillipoff?

Emma Fillipoff is an artistic, free spirit who arrived in Victoria, Canada,in 2011 looking for independence and opportunities and some distance from her divorced parents. At first she enjoyed her new life, but as time passed she started having trouble. By November 2012, she’d been living for a few months in a women’s shelter, and one late night, on the 26th of that month, she called her mother asking her if she could go back home to Ontario. Two days later she vanished.

It’s hard to say what happened to Emma. Experts believe she could have committed suicide, because she left behind some cryptic writings in her laptop that pointed in that direction. Her last known steps seem to show a growing mental condition. Others think she just wanted to start a new life. There’s also the possibility that she met with foul play.

So what do we know? On November 28th, 2012, Emma was seen twice in the same convenience store. Early in the morning she went in to buy a prepaid credit card, putting 200 dollars in it. Later, at almost 6 PM, she went there again to buy a pre-paid cell phone. She can be seen in surveillance footage hesitant to leave the store, and looking outside through the glass door as if she’s avoiding someone. She had written in her journal about feeling watched, and a few days earlier she’d been caught by the cameras inside a YMCA leaving and entering several times, apparently also trying to hide from someone.

After she left the convenience store on the 28th, Emma got into a taxi and asked the driver to take her to the airport, but then she said she couldn’t pay the requested fare so the driver left her where he had picked her up. No one knows where she was heading, and unknown to her, her mother had arrived that same day looking for her, but their paths never crossed.

Emma was seen later that day by an acquaintance that noticed she seemed disoriented and in distress, and called 911. Cops found her outside the Empress Hotel, walking barefoot, but after talking to her for 45 minutes they let her go, since she didn’t seem to be a threat to herself or others and had nothing to hold her for. That was the last reported sight of Emma Fillipoff.

The only clue that has surfaced since then is from Vancouver, and it happened in 2014. A man was seen in a store throwing away one of Emma’s missing posters and when questioned by the business’ owners about it he claimed that Emma wasn’t missing, that she was his girlfriend and didn’t want to be found because she hated her parents. Although this man was caught on camera, nothing more has come out of that tip.

Shelley Fillipoff, Emma’s mother who’s lead the search for her daughters, was recently charged with money laundering and the possession of drugs and illegal weapons in her home. Police found them during an ongoing investigation of her son Matthew, accused of supplying cocaine to street level traffickers.

Meanwhile, Emma’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Day Nine

Okay, so big thanks to @jupiterqueen42​ (who is one of my favorite blogs omg I died and went to heaven when I saw this go check them out) who prompted today’s fic!

Summary: A Sleepless Night With Phil Part Six Sick Baby edition. 

Genre: Fluff

Words: 1.6K

Warnings: Talk of minor illness in babies (cold and asthma) but nothing bad happens

Author’s note: Again, thank you so so so much for the prompt! I don’t know if you guys know this, but getting propmts really makes my day. ^_^ You can make my day right here if you want ;D Also, this fic has my OC kid Zach in it so if you want to see the first fic he’s in just click here

10:27 P.M.

The video started, and Phil waved at the camera.  “Hey, guys!” he whisper-shouted. His eyes were tired and a shadow of concern and stress darkened the area underneath. “Welcome to A Sleepless Night With Phil Part, what part are we on? Like six, right? We’ll go with six. This is a very special edition because I’m going to have a special guest with me!” He paused here to give a wide smile and a thumbs up. “Back by popular demand, Zach will be spending the night awake with me, but not really by choice. See, a couple days ago Zach started showing symptoms of a cold and since this will be his first ever, Dan and I obviously rushed him to the doctor but she said he would be fine but to come back if his fever reached 38.5 degrees. Fortunately, his fever peaked this afternoon at 37.8 and has been steadily dropping so he’s gonna live. Of course, he’s always had trouble sleeping through the night because of asthma, so he’s even fussier with a stuffed up nose. Dan literally hasn’t had more than a fifteen minute nap since Zach first started showing symptoms, so I’ve banished him to bed and I’m on Baby Duty. Let’s go check on Zach, shall we?”

10:40 P.M

The video jumped to Phil standing in a nursery with a clearly very tired and cranky infant nestled into his chest. “So, it looks like Zach isn’t doing too hot but he’s better than before and his breathing is still pretty even so we’re doing loads better, right, Zach?” At the sound of his name Zach let out a soft little baby noise but otherwise ignored his father who grinned like the sun. “Okay, so one thing the doctor told us to do is to make like a little baby sauna for him so basically we’re gonna go to the smallest bathroom in our house and I’m gonna turn the shower on super hot and we’re just going to sit there for a bit while the steam helps unstuff Zach’s nose. Unfortunately, this camera probably isn’t waterproof, so I can’t take you guys with us so we will see you in fifteen minutes!”

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“Tale of the Yokai” Wonderings

I keep wondering… at what point in time do the turtles arrive in Japan?

TMNT Wiki said we will see Miwa in this episode, but this website hasn’t always been accurate. That being said, I just thought I’d ramble a bit about what could happen if the turtles arrive at different points in time. 

1. What if they arrive when Yoshi and Tang Shen are dating or engaged?
Will Donnie notice a parallel between the two love triangles? Will he fear becoming like Shredder if April chooses Casey? Will he vow to never let himself become all evil and horrible no matter what April decides? 

2. What if they arrive when Yoshi and Tang Shen are newlyweds? 
And at what point does Oroku Saki learn of his true heritage? If it’s during this time, will the turtles witness the end of Shredder and Splinter’s brotherly relationship? Will Raph and Leo vow to never let their own rivalry get the best of them?

3. What if they arrive right before Yoshi and Tang Shen find out they’re going to be parents?
How cute would it be if upon seeing the turtles, Tang Shen faints, and then one of the turtles (probably Leo or Donnie) spot a calendar and they realize (knowing Miwa’s birthday) that Tang Shen was probably prone to faint anyway because she’s pregnant?
And what if Mikey gets all excited and exclaims, “YAY! Baby Miwa!!!” And Tang Shen likes the name so much she keeps it so it’s like Mikey actually named her?

4. What if they arrive right before Miwa is born?
What if the turtles arrive in the past and meet Yoshi and a very pregnant Tang Shen, she goes into labor at some point (and then it cuts to a commercial for drama’s sake), and then we see the turtles pacing around outside, and then they get to meet little newborn baby Miwa? Dawww! Mikey would want to hold her so badly.
What if Yoshi and Tang Shen can’t decide on a name so Mikey gives them the name Miwa? (I like the idea of Mikey naming her… can you tell?)

5. What if they arrive just before disaster strikes?
It’d be so cute to see the turtles interact with baby Miwa when she’s already several months old. I actually kinda really want to see her spit up on one of them. XD
What if Leo gets over his romantic feelings and begins to think of Karai as his sister while he holds her as a little baby? I mean this could change everything.
And what if the turtles witness the destruction of the Hamato home and are unable to help? Or what if they get zapped to the present day before they can do anything? 

We keep wondering why Leo would think it’s a good idea to go face Shredder alone in the following episode, “Attack of the Mega Shredder.” I think whatever happens in “Tale of the Yokai,” will affect him so deeply he’ll want to end things once and for all. Something will probably happen that will push Leo to abandon all common sense and go face the Shredder alone again.

It’s about to get real guys.


The last episode of the series, wrapped up on YTV on May 27th, but the episodes continue to air in reruns on YTV at 8:00PM/ET (7:00PM/CT) & again at 11:00PM/ET (10:00PM/CT)! 

You can't stop watching the show now that all the episodes have aired, you have to press on and continue to watch the show (which I don’t think fans of it have a problem with that; U.S. fans have been doing it non-stop since 2012) so YTV can see that MBAV has a strong audience (both nationally in Canada and internationally) and is worth them taking the time to pick the show back up/do a 2nd movie!

We still have to continue to do what we’ve been doing, telling everyone (wether they live in Canada or not) to tell someone else about the show on YTV and what they could possibly do, so it’ll spread to Canadians.

We all want #MBAVseason3 right?! Then we have to act like we want it! Hop on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and tell friends/followers, go to forum sites and tell fans (wish someone would post about it on sites IMDb & TV.com), heck, tell friends in person! Let’s all go to the ends of the Earth to get MBAV back guys!

And ALWAYS be sure to tell YTV (Twitter, Facebook) & Fresh TV (Twitter, Official MBAV Facebook Group, Tumblr) how much you love the show and want it back! 

Let’s do it to it! This post should be reblogged by at LEAST 75-100 people! Come on guys, if we want more My Babysitter’s a Vampire, we have to fight for it!

So It Begins Lets stop it Before It Gets Out of Hand

So the war begins, yay, another thing we can fight over.

Im just here to at least try to tame it before it gets out of hand already. My friend has already been “attacked” due to this crud.


Alright, i will tell my thoughts on this. And no i dont expect people to agree or to like it, its perfectly okay to have your views, thoughts, and says.

Okay, so on tumblr, even DA I’ve been seeing people saying that the turtles were emotional for just ten seconds. Not true. 

In fact for the the ending you see shocked turtles, emotional turtles, no they wont be sobbing like you guys wanted and expected, but that doesnt mean they dont feel.

They didnt really have time to feel, it happened just so fast that it was big shock.

Imagine seeing your mother, or father get murdered right in front of your eyes… now some people might argue with me that they’d burst into tears, thats true, some people do, but some people go straight into denial or shock.

Which is what the turtles did, they went into shock.

Now i want to point out that April broke down, she did, and her break down effected her powers, well thats what i think. See. 

A bit after, They recovered slightly but not all the way, they were able to run over to Splinter, their father to spend their last moments on earth with him.

Now i want you guys to watch them and analyze them in this gif below

((Gifs belong to: drummergirl231))

If you go back and rewatch, headphones in your ears you can clearly hear Mikey sobbing, even April.

Mikey Sobbing

Watch that video and tell me that wasnt emotions, please do so.

Yes it was ten seconds, but under these circumstances we should understand that they really didnt have much time to process anything, just that their father died.

But you can see the emotions expressed in those precious moments. 

Now for the ending

Look at these faces…

April even asked “Did that just happened?” She was in total shock, Casey seems like he’s really confused, at least to me, or hes putting on a good poker face.

Right here Leo is just now taking it in, still shocked, as you can tell in his voice.

We can see Raph is freaked out by what happened, Donnie is just in total shock, probably numb right now.

You can see that he’s really sad, hurt, and will probably act as the happy go lucky character that he is, because thats him.

And in the case of the turtles… what exactly were you guys expecting?

The guys will react in different ways, even Casey! 

Lets talk about Casey, he’s not gonna show his emotions, if you can tell he was having a good poker face through the whole thing, for me, when i heard his voice, i could feel his emotions slipping out, though he never expressed them. Think about it, he could of been acting like he did to keep himself calm, and the others as well. 

You guys really dont understand Casey at all if your getting upset over how he acted, its not like Casey to show emotions easily, thats like wanting Raphael to burst into tears crying, but thats not gonna happen, why? Because its not their characters. 

Why not try to stay calm, and realize that things do happen off screen, and no they wont show emotions like going mentally insane or blubbering, also think about the timing of the episode, the creators had to fit all of this in in under an hour, which is hard for them to do sometimes, especially when they want to keep clips or add more and they cant.

Also can we remember patients? Like lets try to wait for season 4 before getting mad about what happened, because season 4 ep 1 could be very emotional, we dont know, lets try to stop getting mad so easily and lets try to clear our minds, and think, really think about these kind of things.

People act in many ways, people do not cry in dire situations that the turtles Casey and April were in, also so many things happened at one time, it can override your emotions to where it numbs you.

Please just understand these things, and just calm down, it really saddens me when i see hate on a character just because they didnt show the emotions you wanted them to show.. Thats not how it works, thats not realistic at all, and the show is aiming for realism. 
Not everything will go the way you planned. Just saying. 

Lets just stop this “fandom war” before it begins to get out of hand.

The finale was wonderful, and even if it wasnt then thats fine to. At times like these we need each other more then ever, because we have a long wait ahead of us, and more emotions then what we can deal with, and I dont know about you guys but I wanna be spreading love and mature discussions then just non stop hate and arguing.

((And again i understand opinions, views, thoughts, i do, and I promise im not trying to change or force my ways on you guys, i just do not wish more hate, or more arguements going around.))

Anyways Ive done my damage.

Send discussions or hate my way, here

Just if your gonna hate, be mature, respectful and intelligent. I dont deal with tolls and BS