we can cuddle i promise

It Seemed So Real - Tom Holland

Being Tom’s girlfriend and getting to play his best friend / love interest in the new Spiderman movie, was to say the least, a dream come true.

Everything was perfect, from cuddling in trailers to pissing off our director, Jon Watts because we wouldn’t stop messing around and giggling like idiots.

Tom and I were currently in his trailer, waiting to be call to set, me in sweatpants and Tom still in the Spiderman suit.

I laughed as he jumped around his trailer, pretending to shoot webs everywhere, and making the occasional, “Thwip” sound for effect.

“Are you seriously just gonna wear that all the time?” I asked through my fit of giggles, Tom practically lived in the suit.

“Yep,” He said jumping up onto the small sofa I was sitting on. “I still can’t believe that I’m Spiderman! Spiderman! Me! Can you believe it!”

I looked up at him adoringly, the smile on his face sending joy and butterflies through every inch of my body.

I was beyond proud of Tom, and seeing him so happy made the long and demanding hours worth it. “And you know what the best part is?” He said, sitting beside me, eyes locked on mine.

“I get to work with the love of my life, and kiss her on stage.” He said, leaning in and pecking my lips. “And off stage,” he pecked my cheek, “and in my trailer,” he pecked my nose, I giggled.

“And I’m front of the entire cast, who by the way, found it cute at first, but now it’s just awkward and gross,” a voice said from the door.

Tom and I blushed as Robert stood there, eyebrows raised, a slight grin on his face. “Come on, we need you guys on set,” he said, beckoning us to follow.

“But we’re not scheduled for another 3 hours,” I said. Rob shook his head, “There’s a big rain storm coming soon, and Jon wants to shoot Y/C/N’s death scene in it, he said it’ll look more natural than if we tried to make it ourselves.”

I frowned at the thought of having to die, and not being able to be in Spiderman 2, but Jon had said he’d need me back for a few “flashback” scenes, so I was grateful for that.

I looked at Tom who was also frowning, obviously not too happy our timr together got interrupted. “We need you guys down there ASAP, so hurry up,” Rob said, before leaving.

“I found the kids, Jon! They were having sex in Tom’s trailer!” Rob yelled out, causing Tom to blush even harder, and me to burst out into laughter.

“Come on, Tom,” I said, attempting to stand, but he pulled me back down and into his lap, arms wrapped around my waist, and face burried in my neck, “But I wanna just cuddle,” he whined.

I rolled my eyes, “I do too, but we need to go, we can cuddle after, I promise.”

It took a solid give minutes to finally get Tom up, and an hour more to do make-up and costume. By the time everything was finished, it had began pouring outside, the distant sound of thunder echoing through the air.

“I know you wanted this scene in the rain, but don’t you think it’s raining a little hard?” Tom asked, Jon, who replied with, “It’s perfect, don’t worry, you guys will be fine, and it’ll be an awesome scene.”

And hand ruffled my hair from behind, “Hey this took an hour,” I said giggling as Michael, aka Vulture, came into view.

“Alright! Let’s get this going, no telling how long this storm will last!” Jon yelled out, causing everyone to scramble to their places.

Along with the poring rain, it was also extremely cold and dark outside, and as soon as I stepped out into the rain, it got much colder.

Michael also stepped out, dressed fully in his vulture costume, and Tom in his suit, everyone’s hair and clothes were instantly drenched.

We quickly got into places and I ran through the scene in my head.

Vulture had captured my character and was threatening Peter, and would ultimately end of stabbing me with his sharp wings, leaving me to die in Peter’s arms.

A shiver went through my spine as Jon yelled out, “Action!”

“I told you not to interfere with my business Peter,” Vulture said threateningly, his arm was across my chest, holding me tightly.

Fear shot through my body, as I began to fear for my life.

“Please, you don’t have to do this, just let her go,” Peter begged, his voice breaking as he tried to hold back sobs.

“How else will you learn your lesson,” Vulture said. His wings began to whir, and I gasped as his sharp wings pierced my back, all the way through so that the tip could be seen poking out of my stomach.

“NO!” Peter cried out, sprinting to me as Vulture took off. I began to fall, gravity weighing down heavier than ever before.

Before my body could hit the ground, Peter was by my side, catching me. We crumpled to the ground together. Peter cradled me against his chest, rocking back and forth, tears mixing with rain.

“ No. No, Y/C/N, please!” Peter yelled out, his voice seemed so distant.

“P-Peter, it- it hurts. God, I don’t want to die,” I barely got out. A metallic taste lingered on my taste buds, blood staining my lips.

“I don’t know what to do, I don’t- oh god,” Peter began sobbing. “Please, you can’t die, I can’t love without you, please Y/C/N!” He whispered.

I weakly grabbed his hand, giving it a light squeeze, I could feel the life draining from my body.

“Please don’t die, I can’t live without you, I love you,” He continued to cry.

“I lo-” I began to say, but everything went black.

“Y/C/N? Y/C/N!” I hear Tom yell, but I kept my eyes closed, waiting for Tom to finish his lines.

“No!” He let out a blood curdling scream, leaving me to wonder if he would have his voice tomorrow. “Please, wake up, wake up!”

Tom kept sobbing, it sounded so real.

“Aaaaand, cut!” Jon yelled out, “That was amazing! Everyone get inside and dry off, that’s a wrap for the day!” People cheered as they filed into the main building.

I opened my eyes and tried to get up, but Tom wouldn’t budge, if anything he held me even tighter to his chest. “We should go inside where it’s warm,” I whispered, but he still wouldn’t let go.

I knew the scene would be intense, but I don’t think any of us had any idea that it would end up like this.

I shifted so I could wrap my arms around Tom, “ It’s okay, it was just acting, it’s not real,” I whispered to him, running my fingers through his wet hair.

I leaned back so I could look at Tom. The cold air and pouring rain no longer mattered, I was only worried about the sobbing mess of a boy that was before me.

His head hung low, his body shaking with sobs, and rain dripping from his hair. I gently cupped his face, and brought it up so that his eyes met mine.

“It was so real,” he whispered, “Seeing you like that, I couldn’t-” another sob broke his sentence. I wrapped my arms around him again, reading his head against my chest.

“You hear that?” I said, fighting my own tears at seeing Tom like this, “My heart is still beating, I’m alive, I’m okay.” I placed a kiss on the top of his head and continued to stroke his hair, his head still resting on my chest.

I sat there for as long as I could, but the cold and rain was beginning to be unbearable. “Come on,” I said, slowly standing up, bringing Tom up with me, “Let’s get you warmed up and dried off.”

I lead Tom back to his trailer, and he changed immediately into some warm and dry clothes. “I’m gonna go to my trailer real quick and get some dry clothes,” I said to him, but before I could walk away Tom grabbed my arm.

“You can just borrow some of mine,” He offered, his voice weak from all of the screaming and crying he had done. I nodded, understanding that he didn’t want me to leave.

I nodded and he swiftly grabbed a long sleeve shirt and sweatpants from his dresser and handed them to me. I changed quickly in the small bathroom.

Tom’s shirt and pants were huge on me, yet they were comfy and warm.

A soft smile spread across Tom’s face when I came out in his clothes. I joined him on the couch and leaned into him.

At some point we ended up laying sideways on the small couch, bodies squished together comfortably. I let out a relaxed sigh as I melted into Tom, his warmth surrounding me.

Tom’s grip on me tightened, and he began gingerly running his fingers through my damp hair.

“I’m here,” I whispered to him, “I’m safe.”

"I just wanna cuddle right now." (Grayson)

Requested by anonymous: “could you do an imagine for one of the boys where you’re in a really cuddly mood but they’re trying to finish editing a video?”


This one came out as more of a blurb than an imagine, but I like it. Also, the request didn’t specify which twin, so I wrote it with G. Hope you enjoy :)


You came home after class one afternoon, to your apartment that you shared with Grayson and Ethan. You walked in and saw Ethan sitting in the living room on his phone.

“Hey E.” You said as you hung your keys on the hook by the door and took your jacket off.

“Oh hey (Y/N). Grayson is in his room.” He said. You nodded and walked off to Grayson’s room. Grayson was sitting on the bed with his computer in his lap.

“Hey baby. How was your day?” He asked as you lied down next to him.

“Very tiring. But, I’m glad it’s over.” You said as you slipped your shoes off. “I just wanna cuddle right now.” You added, kneeling behind him, massaging his shoulders and leaving kisses on bis neck.

“(Y/N), babe, I’d love to cuddle. Trust me, I really would. But I have to get this video edited before tomorrow.” He said.

“Awe, come ooooon. I’m sure you can take a break for like forty-five minutes. I just wanna spoon until I fall asleep.” You whined.

“(Y/N), I can’t. I really gotta get this done.” He said.



“Prettyyyyyyyyyyy pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?” You pouted.

“(Y/N), I’m serious.” Grayson asserted. “But, I promise we can cuddle when I’m done.”

“Ugh, fine.” You sighed. You threw yourself down on the bed, turning your back towards him and lying your head on the pillow, huffing and puffing, making sure that Grayson knew you were upset.

After about ten minutes, you felt movement in the bed and the comforter drape over your shoulders.

“You are so damn stubborn, I swear.” Grayson laughed as he wrapped his arm around your waist.

“I love you.” You said.

“Yeah, yeah. I love you too.” He said, kissing the top of your head. “But if I fall asleep and don’t get it edited by tomorrow, then you’ll have the fans to deal with.” He added.

“I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.” You laughed. You intertwined your fingers with Grayson’s and slowly drifted off to sleep.

haunted house || l!b.b

Relationship: Librarian!Bucky x Reader

Summary: You convince Bucky to go to a Halloween carnival with him, leading him through a haunted house that scares him maybe a little too much. Later that night he’s unable to sleep so you make sure to help him in the sweetest way possible. 

Warnings: haunted house themes, fluff

Word Count: 1.7k

A/N: like I didn’t expect to write this but the idea came to me and how can I not write librarian!bucky when he owns my ass 

The air was chilly as you and Bucky walked through the park hand in hand, making sure to stay together as it was a Halloween themed park and you had just barely convinced Buck to come out with you. 

Unlike you, Bucky wasn’t exactly keen on paying for people to jump out in front of him and scare him, he would’ve much rather spent the night with you in his arms as you watched a couple of scary movies. 

You, on the other hand, got a thrill from haunted houses and people dressed up as decaying zombies and ghouls. So when you suggested the idea to Bucky he was against it, only caving in when he saw just how much you loved Halloween. 

After all, he would do anything to make his girl happy. 

Fuck!” Bucky yelped as a particularly realistic doll-like girl jumped out in front of him, cackling happily once Bucky had nearly jumped out of skin, “you alright?” You asked, seeing as how his breathing was erratic and his heart was surely racing, his hands trembling slightly, “I-I’m fi-fine,” he mumbled, forcing a smile onto his face. 

It’s not like Bucky didn’t like Halloween per say, it was the getting scared half to death part that he didn’t enjoy. Still, he wrapped an arm around your shoulders as you both began walking towards the main event; The Haunted House. 

“Buck we don’t have to do this, we can just grab some popcorn and sit on a bench watching everyone else get scared,” you told him, looking up at him admiring how adorable he looked in his knit beanie that sat atop his hair. 

“N-no, I w-wanna do th-this,” he said, nodding his head with his words, “plus, h-how scary c-can it b-be?” He chuckled as you pecked him on the lips, “I’ll protect you if anything,” you giggled as you finally got in line, thinking at how much shorter it was than you expected. 

You could see the thoughts Bucky was having, wrapping your arms around his torso and hugging him close to you as you looked up at him, resting your head on his chest, “just don’t think about it,” you said gently as his arms around you tightened, placing a kiss to your forehead. 

“E-easier said th-than done, d-doll,” he chuckled nervously as the line moved up, you and Bucky being the last people admitted into the haunted house. You removed yourself from him, but intertwined your fingers with his, squeezing his hand in reassurance. 

Welcome!” A loud voice boomed through the speakers making everyone jump, “let me show you around,” the dark voice spoke as a set of doors opened to reveal a dark hallway. 

Slowly, the people began filtering through the doors as fog and lights began appearing, along with animatronic voices of screams and dark laughter. Bucky jumped once again as a very obvious fake skeleton popped up onto his side. 

You decided on wrapping you arms around his bicep, holding him closer as you both traversed the hallways, following the crowd and screams of the guests. You walked through rooms filled with props, people in costume popping out at random getting incredibly close to both you and Bucky. 

You were having a blast, laughing after your initial scare as you held Bucky close. Finally, you saw the exit in the distance. The last part of the house involved a large room made to look like it had rot from age, floorboard creaking with every step and fake spider webs hanging from the ceiling. 

Zombies popped out at random, making Bucky yelp and jump further into your touch as you both slowly finally made your way out of the house until you were both met with the crisp autumn air, “that was amazing!” You exclaimed, detaching yourself from Bucky to stand in front of him. 

“Buck?” Your brows furrowed in confusion as you saw him tremble, “sweetheart are you okay?” You asked sweetly, cupping his jaw, making him look down at you. He just nodded his head weakly, unable to form any words. 

You cursed at yourself mentally for thinking that Bucky would be okay with going through the scariest haunted house in the park. You sighed as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, pulling him into a hug as he buried his head in the crook of your neck, hugging you close to him. 

“Wanna go home?” You asked as you carded your fingers through his hair, feeling him nod before he intertwined his fingers with yours. You quickly led him out of the park and towards your parked car, all without Bucky saying a word. 

You got into the drivers side, deciding it was better if your drove instead of Bucky. Bringing the engine to life you turned to a random radio station as you pulled out of the gravel parking lot and onto the main road. 

It was silent for a couple of minutes before Bucky slipped his warm hand onto your thigh, giving it a light squeeze, “i-it’s not y-you fault,” he said as if he read your thoughts, “I’m sorry I made you do that,” you whispered as you stopped at a red light. 

“I-I’m not,” he smiled, his loving eyes connecting with yours, “I-I can c-cross it o-off my b-bucket list,” he smiled as you returned a smile, resting your hand atop of his own, “I promise we can cuddle as much as you want when we get home,” you chuckled before turning your attention to the now green light. 

You were in bed, wrapped up in Bucky’s arms as your back lay against his chest, friends re-runs on your television as Bucky’s hands moved up and down your exposed arms. 

A yawn escaped your mouth as you nuzzled further into Bucky’s chest, sleep starting to become more and more inviting considering the long day both of you had. As if Bucky could read your mind (once again) he turned the TV off, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. 

“L-let’s go t-to bed,” he whispered as you nodded, crawling out from his lap and beside him in bed, already snuggling under the covers. He quickly turned off all the lights before getting back under the covers.

He draped his arm over your waist as you nuzzled into his chest, taking a deep breath of his familiar scent before his pressed another kiss to your forehead, mumbling a fain goodnight before you fell into a peaceful sleep. 

You didn’t understand what it was at first, thinking it may have been a fly or a piece of your own hair that was bothering you, attempting to swat it away with your hand, a groan escaping your lips. 

[Y/N],” you heard a faint whisper of your name being called as you sleepily turned towards the sound, another odd sensation overcoming your cheek. Finally you opened your eyes, unable to make out anything in the darkness at first. 

“[Y/N],” this time your name came much clearer and sounded closer as you saw Bucky’s face a few inches from yours. Then you saw Bucky’s index finger coming to prod at your cheek lightly figuring out what had woken you up. 

“Bucky?” You groaned as you got up onto your elbows to turn on your bedside lamp, “why are you up?” You questioned as you shielded your eyes from the light as they adjusted. 

Bucky was on his tummy, elbows propping his head up as he meekly looked up at you, “I-I can’t sl-sleep,” he mumbled as you took a look at your phone, 3:43 AM it read, before you flopped onto your back. 

“What’s wrong?” You asked staring up at the ceiling as your fingers carded through his hair, getting out a couple of the knots that had accumulated during his restless sleep. You heard him sigh as he buried half of his face into the pillow next to yours. 

“I-I’m s-scared,” he whispered so quietly that if you were any further away you were sure you wouldn’t have heard him. You turned to face him, a warm smile spreading across your face as you threw the covers off your body, padding through the room to the bookshelf to retrieve a random book. 

Bucky’s face lit up as you chose The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane before crawling back into bed. You figured that Bucky would’ve been restless after the haunted house and he couldn’t have been any happier that you were willing to stay up and calm him down. 

“Come,” you giggled as he placed his head in your lap, wrapping an arm around your torso so his face was almost smushed against your stomach, letting out a content sigh as your fingers began carding through his hair again. 

“Once, in a house on Egypt Street, there lived a rabbit who was made almost entirely of china,” you began, your gentle voice already calming him down, “he had china arms and china legs, china paws and a china head,” you continued down the page. 

Bucky’s fingers slipped under the hem of your shirt, rubbing soothing circles on your hip bones as his nose nudged at your bellybutton. It was nights like these that he cherished most, the ones that solidified your relationships. 

It was nearing four thirty in the morning as you and Bucky switched positions entirely as you were the one resting your head on his lap as he played with your hair, the book lying beside you. 

“[Y/N]?” Bucky whispered as you hummed in response, eyes still closed, “I really love you,” he said confidently, as if he were practicing those four words over and over in his head. 

Your eyes fluttered open, as a huge grin overtook your face as you shot up from his lap flinging yourself around his body in a koala like hug, “I really love you too, Buck,” you whispered into his shoulder as he hugged you tight. 

Bucky’s steady heartbeat and calming scent slowly lulled you back to sleep as he got under the covers, you still clinging onto his as he closed his eyes, smile on his face as he knew that he could finally get a goodnights sleep. As long as you were there with him. 

Not So Rude Awakening- Jack Maynard Imagine

Word Count: 1,164

Request:  Hey🌸 I was wondering if you could write one where jack and y/n accidentally set their alarm earlier than they had to so they just cuddle and talk until they actually have to get up? 


*Alarm obnoxiously beeping*

You lift your head groggily in haze, unsure where you were. Only to realize it was Monday morning and you had to get ready for work. You went to roll out of bed, but you felt yourself being tugged back down onto the mattress. You looked back to see you blonde, bed headed boyfriend pulling on your arm.

“Jack come on! I have to get up. I can’t be late!” you said, trying to escape his embrace. It was no use, he was stronger than you. He tightly brought your body over to his.

“No sorry. You’re not allowed to leave. Call in sick. We need to have cuddles.” he groaned, wrapping his arms around you.

“Jack seriously? I promise we can cuddle when I get home, but I really have to go.” you whined, trying to roll over off the bed.

Jack just pulled you back, “No.” he pouted, giving you puppy dog eyes.

His face met yours, playfully attacking you with kisses. He started from your neck, then moved up to your cheeks until he reached your lips.

You giggled as you felt his morning stubble against your face. “You’re cute babe. As much as I would love to stay in bed with you all day, I can’t. And if I don’t get up and get going, I’m going to have to go to work in my nighty.”

He looked you up and down, giving you a cheeky smirk. “Oooh kinky.” he laughed, tickling your sides, making you jump.

“I’m seriously going to kick you, if you don’t let me go! No cuddles later for you either.”

“Fine.” he moped, releasing you from his arms.

You finally stood up and glanced at your phone,seeing how much time you had left to get ready. This can’t be right. You slumped back onto your side of the bed.

Jack looked over at you confused. “(Y/N) what are you doing? Don’t you have to get ready for work?”

You slowly put your phone down beside you and covered your face with the duvet.

“Jack do you know what time it is right now?” letting out a muffled laugh.

“Isn’t it 8:30?”

You reached for your phone and tossed it over to Jack’s side, making him jump. He fumbled around, looking for where it went with his hand. When he finally found it, he looked at the screen.

The time read 6:30 am

“You set the alarm last night for 6 instead of 8, you idiot! I could have slept longer!” hitting him in the face with a pillow.

“Oi!” he shouted as you gave him a good whack on the head. “Alright! Two can play at this game!” he charged, hitting you a couple times with a pillow before pulling you back in his strong arms. He squeezed you and pressed a kiss to your cheek. You felt his stubble again, making you shrug your shoulders up and giving you goosebumps all over.

Things had calmed down a little bit, you just laid there, gazing into your boyfriend’s baby blue eyes. You ran your fingers softly through his disheveled hair, sweeping it back in place.

You loved moments like this. Of course pillow fights and silly times were fun, but sometimes it’s nice to just sit and take in the moment. You appreciated the time you got to chill and spend time with Jack. You both were pretty busy most of the time with work. So anytime you could just sit or snuggle up, was absolute heaven.

“Be honest, did you set the alarm early on purpose?”

He shot you a sarcastic surprised look. Trying to hide the smile growing on his face. “You did! I knew it!” giving him a playful punch in the shoulder.

“Ow!” he rubbed his arm where you hit him. “Excuse me for wanting some time with you!” he gave a fake cry, pouting his lip.

“Aw poor baby. Let me kiss it better!” you teased, puckering your lips.

Jack pulled away from you still holding his arm, “No, no I don’t need your pity kisses!”

“You are such a drama queen! Do you know that?” finally being able to sneakily kiss his arm.

“Feel better?” giving him a smile.

“I mean, I guess I feel a little bit better” he huffed while rolling his eyes.

You leaned over to kiss him on the cheek, “How about now?”

He just sat with his arms crossed in front of him.

You kissed his jawline, “How about now?”

You notice him start to squirm, knowing that tickled him and he was just trying to keep his composure.

Finally, you kissed his neck, “Now?”

That broke him. He shrugged his shoulders up in response. You knew that was one of his weak spots. Jack couldn’t resist neck kisses. Neither could you.

“You play dirty. Do you know that?” he smiled at you.

“Yeah I know.” you said sassily winking back at him.


Since you had another hour to kill before work, you and Jack didn’t leave your room. You just stayed in bed together.

You cuddled.

Your bodies entangled and snug in the duvet.

You chatted shit. Like, would you let each other turn into a walker in a zombie apocalypse? Or if you were on a desert island what would you do?

You also talked about some serious things,like your relationship and where you saw things going in the future.

It was an amazing morning. Just you and Jack with no interruptions or distractions.

*Actual alarm went off*

“Ughh no! Now I don’t want to go to work!” you groaned, stretching out your arms and nuzzling back into Jack’s chest. He held you close, resting his head against yours.

“I know gorgeous, but I’ll tell you what. When you get home, how about we go out to dinner? And then after that we can have a nice bubble bath.” he whispered sweetly in your ear.

You smiled into his kiss,“That sounds amazing.” you slowly rolled out of bed, walking toward your wardrobe.

You could feel Jack’s eyes staring at you as you walked away from the bed. Quickly glancing back, you caught him red handed. “Maybe you should take a picture. It’ll last longer.” you laughed, shimmying your body back and forth.

“Maybe I will.” sporting a cheeky grin.

You made your way back to his bedside, “Well, right now I really have to get dressed and get to work. But I promise you’ll see me in this later, okay?”

He nodded with delight at what you just said. You shared a kiss and then continued to get dressed.

You were in the bathroom doing your makeup when you heard Jack yell, “Did you know that I love you crazy girl?”

Standing in front of the mirror, you laughed to yourself. Thinking about how lucky you were. You loved this boy so much.

“Good! Because you’re not getting rid of me Maynard! You’re mine forever.”

anonymous asked:

can you make a snap imagine where grayson is needy for your cuddles and hugs

“Sorry, Gray, I can’t”

“Because you’re all the way in LA and I’m not 🙄”

“I’m sorry, my Love, but I’ll be in LA in a few weeks and we can cuddle as much as you want I promise!”

“I promise ❤️❤️”

I may have gotten carried away with this one 😬

Pairing: You x Bang Yongguk

Genres: Fluff

Word Count: 1,223


  • 51 - “I’m your husband. It’s my job.”

Originally posted by xbangxterx

You were really glad, that your job was more loose. Of course you still had to work hard, but your boss often allowed to come later to work or work from home. Just at the end of the month, you had to present the results he wanted. And today was the day you had to present your work. 

When you woke up, Yongguk was already gone, leaving his obligatory message pinned onto the fridge. ‘Good Morning, jagi. I hope you slept well. I’m already at the studio.’ You quickly made yourself a coffee, before changing out of your - Yongguks - sleeping shirt and throwing on proper clothes.

And of course everything had to go wrong today. Your co-worker ran into you, begging you to help her with the software update she had to do and she is stuck and doesn’t know what to do anymore. You were pretty good with that stuff, so you quickly helped her out. You hurried to your meeting, only to find out your boss came even later than you were. During your talk one of the listeners spontaneously decided it would be a good idea to vomit on the table. After a doctor was called for her, you quickly finished your talk, only wanting to get home now, but your boss had other plans. He called you into his office and told you, that you will manage the newest upcoming project. You were really happy about that, but that also meant spending even more hours working at home and at the company.

When you finally got home, Yongguk was already there, playing around in the living room with Tigger. He greeted you excitedly, but you only walked into the bedroom and wanted to change out of your uncomfortable clothes. Meanwhile Yongguk got up and sneaked up behind you, hugging your waist and resting his head on your shoulder.

“Baby, why do you ignore me?” By now you knew him long enough to know, that he would pull his signature pouting face. You leaned into his touch before speaking up. “I’m not ignoring you, Gukkie.” Yongguk loosened his grip and carefully turned you around, so that you were facing him. “What’s wrong? You sound tired.”

“That’s because I am.”, you answered, giving him a sad laugh. Yongguk picked you up and carried you the small way over to the bed, placing you down on it, before climbing in behind you. You turned yourself over, now facing your smiling husband. You scooted closer to him, snuggling into his chest and immediately he locked his arms around you. “Now tell me what happened.”

“The day started out pretty good. I just wanted to hold that stupid talk I prepared for so long. I just wanted to go, when my co-worker suddenly came to me. She had a problem with the new software update, so I quickly had to help her out.” You made a quick talking pause and Yongguk just looked at you, nodding with his head. “I was already late, but when I turned up, my boss wasn’t even there. He came 5 minutes after me. In the middle of my talk, one of the listeners in the back decided to vomit on the table.” Yongguk pulled a disgusted face at your statement. “After this torture my talk finally ended at some point, but then my boss called me into his office. He picked me to manage the upcoming project. I’m happy about it, but that also means I have to spend even more time at work.” Yongguk let you talk all that time, only speaking up now since you are finished. “I’m sorry, jagi. You had to go through all of this today. Wait here.” He unlocked his arms from you and you whined at this loss, while he only chuckled. “Don’t worry, baby. I will be back soon.” With that he disappeared into the bathroom.

“You really fell asleep in the few minutes I was away, hm?”, Yongguk asked. You hid yourself in your pillow, causing him to chuckle. “Cmon, get up or the water will get cold.” You lifted your head a little and watched at your smiling husband. That gummy smile you fell in love with. “But I’m comfy right now.”, you answered, head falling back again. Yongguk walked over to you and easily lifted you up in his arms. “Just admit it. You want my carrying service.”

He carried you into the bathroom, before placing you down again and giving you a quick kiss, ready to leave. 

“Aren’t you staying?”, you asked. 

“No, I’m not. I’m going to answer work mails.” This time it was your turn to make a pouting face, causing Yongguk to chuckle. “Baby, I’m not the one needing a bath now. I promise, when you are finished we can cuddle.” 

You eyed him suspiciously. “Really?” He nodded. “Now get going or we have less time to cuddle. New clothes are on the bed.” He already was out of the door, when you called him back.


“Yes?”, he asked, sticking his head through the door.

“You are the best.”, you told him, geniually meaning it, causing him to smile once more. “I know.” 

The bath really was relaxing and it helped with the pain in your muscles. Your breathing got a little slower and you nearly passed out again, if Tigger wouldn’t have barked at something, followed by Yongguk scolding him for acting up. You got out of your bath and quickly wrapped a towel around yourself, drying your hair and applying body lotion, before walking into the bedroom where Yongguk placed clothes for you. You changed into the comfortable sweatpants and one of his hoodies, before joining him on the sofa. After seeing you he immediately placed his Mac away, opening his arms wide, signaling for you to curl up on him.

“Feeling better now?”, he asked, softly going through your hair.

“Yes.”, you answered, nodding against his chest. “But I have to watch out or I will fall asleep again.”

You lied like that in silence for some time, simply enjoying each others presence. Yongguk started to draw soft circle son your skin with his thumb, while you listened to his calming heartbeat. Until you remembered something.

“Shit. I have to cook something.” You wanted to get up, but Yongguk held you in place. “I can cook.”, he offered, but the both of you knew how it would end. “Yongguk, I really appreciate your offer, but we both know you can’t cook. Like at all.” He just laughed at your statement, finally letting you get up. You were already in the kitchen, when you face palmed yourself. You forgot to go grocery shopping.


“What is it this time?”, Yongguk asked, most likely still lazing around on the sofa.

“I forgot to go grocery shopping. We need to order in.”

“Jagi, just check the fridge. If you still want to order in then, it’s okay.”

Thinking he is fooling you, you don’t expect much when you open the fridge, but to your surprise, the fridge is full with new food. He must have went shopping. You went back to the living room and hugged him from behind. “Gukkie, why did you do all that?”

“I’m your husband. It’s my job.”, he answered, smiling sweetly. “Now cooking or delivery?”

Just Not Ready

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader smut (kind of but not really) where the reader isn’t ready, but she thinks she’s “supposed” to be, so she and Spencer start doing things and when he realizes what’s wrong, he immediately stops and there’s fluff. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn

P.S. (Obviously) Spencer doesn’t pressure anyone, but that being said, DO NOT let anyone pressure you into having sex. Ever. You’re body is yours. Fuck that. You’re ready when you’re ready.


What if I’m never ready?

Spencer was coming over after being away for a week and a half. All you wanted to do was hug him and hold him and kiss him, but you expected that Spencer might be ready for more. And it wasn’t him…but you juts weren’t ready. But what if you never were? You didn’t want to lose him; he was one of the best things that had ever happened to you. 

As you looked in the mirror, taking in the absolutely perfect winged eyeliner, rosy cheeks and mauve-tinged lips, you wondered whether or not you should just go for it. Maybe it was just nerves that would subside when it came down to it. Yea that was probably it. 

Spencer was amazing; he was beautiful and kind and ridiculously smart. You were definitely just nervous. It would be fine.

When you heard a knock at the door, your heart jumped into your throat. “Spence?”

“I’m finally home!” He said excitedly. It had been nearly a week and a half; you’d really missed him. 

You opened the door, your palms sweaty and shaky. “Hey,” you breathed. He looked tired, but the smile on his face couldn’t be wiped off. “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too,” he said softly, his voice tingling throughout your body as he stepped into the doorway and lifted you into his arms. Your bodies fit together perfectly, and again you told yourself that the nerves rolling through you were just that. 

This, the instant relaxation that overtook you both when you first saw each other, was great. His hands would glide over your skin, trailing goosebumps in their wake, while you sighed into his ear. The little pecks and kisses and licks he’d leave all over your chest and neck were marks that made you his, which was exactly what you wanted to be. 

Spencer lifted your shirt over your head and tossed it to the side, before doing the same with his own shirt. His lean and toned chest flexed ever so slightly under your touch. “I really have missed you,” he smiled, placing your legs around his waist. 

You could feel his arousal against his jeans and internally gasped. “You okay?” he asked.

“Yea,” you said quickly as you bit down on his lower lip. It had never gotten to this place before, so close to the bedroom, but that’s where you were headed. It’s just nerves, you told yourself. 

Something changed inside you the moment he took his hand off your back to open the door. Panic was all you could describe it as - but why were you so nervous? Falling onto the bed, you arched underneath him, lifting your butt slightly so he could remove you jeans, but the second he had, his gaze crept upward. “Y/N,” he said, stopping what he was doing and pushing up onto his knees. “You’re not okay.”

“I’m fine,” you lied. You wanted him more than anything. How the fuck were you supposed to know what ready was?

His thumb slid down your cheek, taking in the slight tremble that you weren’t even aware of yourself until he said so. “You’re shaking, Y/N. Are you ready for this? Please…tell me the truth.”

“N-no,” you stammered. “I’m s-sorry.”

“Why are you sorry?” He came to sit at your side and kissed the top of your head. “You have no need to be sorry. The last thing I would want to do is have you regret our first time together because your weren’t ready yet.”

A tear stung at the corner of your eye and you attempted to wipe it away without Spencer noticing, but he did. “I didn’t want to say no,” you said. “I want to be ready. I don’t even know what ready is. But I want you and I just kept telling myself it was nerves.”

“That’s probably what it is. But that doesn’t mean you should push through nerves. Please don’t push yourself for me,” he said, pulling you into his lap. His hands rested comfortably around your bare waist. “I’m more than willing to wait for whenever you’re ready.”

“But why am I not ready? I should be ready!” You exclaimed as you hung your head in annoyance. 

Spencer chuckled at your exaggerated language and tone; you weren’t normally like this. “Who says you should be?”

“People!” You said even louder and more animated than before. “I don’t know, Spence. There’s just this belief lingering out in the world that if you have a particular relationship with someone, or you’ve been dating for a certain amount of time, or whatever, that you should be ready and you should want to be with the person you love, and I do! I want to be with you so badly, but my body is just fucking shaking. I just am not ready, and I don’t know why and not knowing why is making me mad at myself.” In your rant you had turned around and faced him, flailing your hands about in aggravation, until you collapsed back into his lap in a hissy fit. 

With your head resting in his lap, Spencer reached down and turned you to face him. “There is nothing wrong with not being ready and any self-respecting human being should be fine with waiting.” All of a sudden his mouth dropped in horror. “What about the kissing and the touching and the shirts off?! Has that been okay? Have you been okay with that?”

“Yea,” you laughed. “That’s been fine. That’s another reason I don’t understand why the rest of me isn’t ready.” You curled your knees into yourself and rested your head on them. “I’m just not.”

Spencer reached his hand out and grabbed yours so he could pull you into his lap. “Come here.” A small smile crept across your face and you fell into him, still frustrated. “You let me know whenever you’re ready. And when we’re doing other stuff,” he smiled, running his lips and teeth along your jawline, “please tell me if you’re uncomfortable. I swear I’ll understand.”

You heaved a sigh and rested your forehead against his. “Okay, I promise. Can we cuddle instead? I would hate to waste all this half-nakedness.”

“I mean staring at you half-naked is never a waste,” he laughed, pulling you down and under the covers. “But neither is cuddling, so get over here.”

just-your-average-geek  asked:

Mlt always need to hold you when you two are sleeping?

sam!! he’s definitely the clingy type and always has to be as close to you as possible. whenever he’s tired he gets especially clingy and snuggles up to you no matter where you are. so at night when you’re laying in bed together, he’s super sleepy and you’re sitting there reading and he’s got his head on your lap and his arms around your waist and you drop a hand to comb through his hair. you can feel him start to nod off to sleep and you give his hair a slight ruffle and set your book down + turn off the light. he loosens his grip on your waist and lifts his head to let you lay down completely and as soon as you’re settled he re-situates his arms and rests his head on your chest and falls asleep. and on those really lazy days when you wake up in the morning he’s got a grip on your waist and when you try to get out of it to use the bathroom he lets out a little whine and pulls you closer “sammy i gotta pee” “mmmmhm so?” “sam please i will literally pee all over this bed” “i don’t care” “s A m please i promise i’ll come back and we can cuddle to your hearts content” “hm fine”

If You’re Lucky-Part 14

Yoooooo so I think there might be 2 or 3 more chapters after this and then the epilogue will be split into two parts I’m pretty sure. Just thought I’d let you all know.


Chapter 13 - Chapter 14 - Chapter 15

Chapter 14: A Step At A Time

Song rec: Find Me - Acoustic, by Sigma, Birdy

Word count: 6,023 of “AWW” and “OH MY GOD!” all good tho promise.

Warnings: cursing, feels, UBER CUTENESS!, lil bit of heavy topics but not too bad. maybe get tissues if you’re a baby like myself cause I cried at one part (happy tears tho)

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“Don’t you love me?” - Matt Holt

Request:i  dont really have anything particularly in mind to request but please, im starving for any kind of matt holt content

“Don’t you love me?” You whimper out, the ache in your chest growing with every moment that goes past, Matt had avoided eye contact with you the entire time he explained he was assigned to the Kerberos mission. You knew Matt wanted to go into space, and you knew eventually you would have to let go but the last thing you thought would be Matt going on a mission so dangerous that there was a small chance of him ever returning.

“Of course I love you (Y/N), I just- I’ve always wanted to go to space and now’s my chance.” He took a hold of your hands, the gesture usually used to comfort you but now it was doing nothing to reassure you. The two of you sit in silence as you think about all the risks that could happen, “How long?” You quietly mumble, his thumb rubbing over your knuckles.

“Two months,” At that you can’t help but let out a strained sob, pulling your hand away from his hold to cover your eyes. The guilt consumes him as he sits beside you, watching you wordlessly. He doesn’t know what would help the situation but all he knows is that he loves you.

“I love you more than anything, please wait for me.” He mutters, voice barely audible over the sound of your sobs, you look up at him, eyes blotchy and red. “Matt, I would wait an eternity for you if I had too. Just come back to me.” You ask, Matt’s heart is beating wildly in his chest, you were the love of his life.

“I promise you. Now can we cuddle?” He softly smiles as you nuzzle yourself into his chest, “I love you.” You whisper, before pressing a gentle kiss to his collarbone. He can’t help but think how much he’ll miss you while he’s away, “I love you too, princess.”

Little did you know then was that you were going to be waiting a lot longer than two months.

anonymous asked:

Prompt? Sanvers: Alex gets a bit roughed up on duty and Maggie is all concerned but Alex is mostly mad that it hurts to kiss with a busted lip.

So I adapted this prompt to be after 2x19 and Alex just being bruised and sore after the ordeal.

Maggie turns from where she’s brewing coffee, hearing Alex’s step behind her.

“Danvers, I told you to stay in bed, you know I’ll bring you your coffee.”

“But I don’t like my bed without you, it’s cold and you’re warm and I miss you,” Alex pouts, walking up behind Maggie, wrapping her arms around her girlfriend’s waist, moving her dark hair over one shoulder so she can kiss her neck. Maggie hums into Alex’s touch and leans back as Alex moves her lips up, nipping lightly on Maggie’s ear.

“I love you,” Alex whispers and Maggie still can’t help the way her heart rate speeds up with those words and she knows she’ll never get tired of those words leaving Alex’s lips.

“I love you too baby, that’s why I need you to get back into bed.” Maggie turns in Alex’s arms and leans up slightly to place a kiss on Alex’s lips, not missing the way Alex’s gasps as one of her old Stanford t shirts rises up, exposing the soft, toned skin of Maggie’s stomach. Alex itches to touch her, to worship her, and she has and she will over and over again, never getting tired of whispering those three words as she makes Maggie cum hard.

“I’m fine babe,” Alex justifies, stepping back and waving her arms around and bending to touch her toes, giggling.

“Danvers!” Maggie laughs. “You’re supposed to be resting, not playing the fool.”

Alex rolls her eyes good-naturedly.

“Look, I know you’re worried about me, and it’s cute and I love it, I really do. But I promise you Mags, I wouldn’t exert myself unnecessarily. I mean, before,” Alex shrugs, glancing at the floor. 

“Before I met you, I probably would have. I was reckless, putting my life on the line without a second thought, because I didn’t have anyone apart from Kara who I wanted to live for. But now Maggie, after that-“ 

Alex shudders at the memory, the constant memory of water, water water water, and no air, her vision going black as remembers how she was grateful, grateful for Maggie for allowing her to be herself and loving her so much she came into her own. Maggie sees the pain flash through Alex’s eyes and she pulls her closer again, whispering that she’s ok, she’s ok.

Alex takes a deep breath, smiling at her girlfriend, here, with her, alive. 

"After the tank, I would never want to risk losing you again. And I know my job, our jobs, mean we rush headlong into danger often without a second thought and that’s the way it is. But I promise I will be all the more careful, all the more calculated when taking risks, because I nearly died Magggie and you were my last thought. The feel of your lips against mine, the way your smile can change my whole day, the way you make me feel safe and strong, the way you let me be weak without making me feel weak. The way I love you. So yeah, we’re going to be in life and death situations and I can only hope and trust that we err on the side of life, but I will do my very very best to keep myself alive. And you better do the same,” Alex smiles softly, chuckling.

“Alex,” Maggie whispers out. “God I love you, I am so in love with you and I promise to keep myself alive until we’re old and grey and you actually can’t get out of bed without some form of assistance.”

Alex laughs at that. “In your dreams Sawyer, I’m still going to be the DEO’s top Agent at 95.

Maggie barks out a laugh.

"Sure thing Danvers, but for now the couch and Netflix and me looking after you, okay?”

Alex softens at the concern in her girlfriend’s eyes and nods. “Okay, but we’re getting pizza for dinner.”

“Whatever you want babe, I’ll invite Kara and she can bring them.”

“Mmmm,” Alex hums as she sits on the couch, beckoning for Maggie, cups of coffee in her hands, to join her.

Maggie snuggles herself into Alex’s open arms, but Alex winces when she brings her left arm down around Maggie and Maggie is jumping back and Maggie is staring at her because oh God Alex hurts and Alex is in pain, and she should have got back into bed and let Alex sleep some more or something.

“Maggie. Maggie, hey baby calm down. Look at me,” Alex lifts Maggie’s chin so their eyes meet.

“It’s ok, just my shoulder and my ribs, it’s ok, I’m ok. Well, I’m mad that it hurts to cuddle you the couch, but I’m ok.”

Maggie relaxes and manoeuvres herself on the the couch, pillows on her lap as she grabs a throw from the back of the couch and pats her lap.

“Lay your head on me Alex, we can cuddle like this, and I promise you can be the big spoon when your ribs aren’t broken.”

“‘Kay,” Alex grumbles, but she lays her head on Maggie’s lap and sighs as she feels Maggie’s hands run through her hair and dance softly against her neck, sighing in contentment.

She may have come too close to life without Maggie, but this, right now was perfect. She was alive, she was ok and so was Maggie, and they had each other. They had each other and they loved each other, and maybe life would never be easy, but it would always be worth it.

He’s A Baby

Drabble: “I absolutely LOVE your Matt scenarios, can I ask for a Matt scenario where he’s sick and super soft? like he just want the reader (they’re dating) to hug and kiss him and cuddle him and take care of him?” @jxhnten
Pairing: Mathew Kim/BM x Reader
Word Count: 551
Notes: It’s not letting me tag you for some reason, I’m sorry!!
Warnings: None
Genre: Fluff


You rolled your eyes for what felt like the thousandth time in the last hour as you listened to his calls, and as you turned around to face the big baby you were currently tending to, you placed your hands on to your hips. However, despite how annoyed you felt in this moment, you couldn’t help but soften your frustrated gaze as you took in the sight in front of you.

BM was horribly sick; his throat was horse and scratchy, and it seemed to get worse each time he tried to talk or cough. His eyes were all watery, puffy and red, and each time his sniffled, his nose would only redden. You had been by his side since he mentioned that he wasn’t feeling well, and that was about three days ago. Each day he seemed to be getting worse, but you were adamant on getting him back to his old self. But despite the fact that he had been holding on to a 104 fever for the past three days, BM was still as clingy and whiny as ever, if not more since he had been sick.

“Please, baby,” He whined out, stretching his weak arms out in your direction as he made grabby hands towards you. He jutted out his already swollen lips in an attempt to draw you closer to him, so that he could crush you with a big hug, but all of his cuteness vanished as he let out a hacking cough. “Arrgghh, please, baby! I don’t feel good!” He was being extra childish as he let his arms fall over the edge of the bed, his fingers just brushing the cold floor before he decided to try and sit up again.

“Woah!” His actions made you spring into action, and you made sure to be gentle as you pressed a hand against his bare back, causing you to wince a bit as heat radiated from off of his skin. “Just lay back down, Matt, you’re not better yet.” You spoke softly, only giving him a gentle smile as he laid back down on the bed with a groan.

“Can I least have a kiss then?”

You couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle as you looked to his puckered lips, and despite how much you really wanted to, you shook your head. Instead, you opted out for pressing a small kiss to his sweaty hairline before you ran your fingers gently through his hair. “You’ll have to wait until you’re better, sweetheart.” You told him, pushing his hair away from his damp face before setting another cold rag on to his forehead. “Just rest for now.”

“Nooo, come back and cuddle with me!”

BM had a surprisingly strong grip on your wrist, despite how sick he was, and with as much strength as he could gather he tried to pull you on to the bed next to him as you went to walk away. But once again you shook your head as you pulled your wrist away from his hand, watching as he began to whine almost immediately due to his request being denied once again. “Just rest up, Matthew. Once you’re better, we can cuddle for as long as you want?”

“You gotta promise though!”

“I promise, you big baby.”

anonymous asked:

Ahh can we talk about the missus being really insecure about her body after she has baby D? While he's undressing her she's hiding her face and covering her tummy and boobs with the sheet or pillows because she doesn't want to look at herself. Xx

This always makes my heart hurt. :’(( Because he LOVES her, loves her. More than anything and he ADORES her body, but it means so much more to him and he has a deeper adoration for it after it’s helped give them a baby. So, it makes him sad that she’s worried and upset about it. He just wants to love on and kiss and worship every inch of her. But he can tell as he deftly removes her shirt and starts splotching kisses over her lower belly and nuzzling her skin and squeezing her hips, that she’s uncomfortable. And when he lifts his head, she has an arm over her breasts and her fingers over her eyes. She can’t bear to look down at herself. To see the way her breasts lay away from her chest, almost tucking themselves into her armpits. Or how much pudge is left on her belly. To her, she still looks pregnant.  There’s stretch marks and weird veins popping out everywhere and her nipples are twice the size they were and it makes her stomach twist anxiously. She’s never felt so unsexy in her life. 

And it makes her feel even worse when he asks her, in the sweetest, most tender voice, “Are you okay, baby? We can just cuddle if you’re not ready. S’okay, I promise.” she wants to cry. “Snuggs…?” He lifts himself up and forward, so they’re eye to eye and he’s hovering above her. “Hey…”  He tenderly reaches to lift her hand from her eyes. He has a gentle smile on his face the moment her eyes find him. “There you are,” he murmurs, dropping his forehead to hers. 

And he can’t hold it back anymore, she starts to get teary with how sweet he’s being. And Harry holds her close and kisses all over her face and is so reassuring and patient. “You’re beautiful, baby. You hear me?” He’s cupping her cheeks and gently tucking her hair behind her ears as he runs his fingers through it, kissing her quivering lips as she sniffles through her tears. “And I love you so much. Thank you for giving us a baby.” He’d just be really sweet and reassuring but also understanding because he can’t begin to imagine how hard it must be to see your body change so drastically like that. xx.

Early Bird

Pairing: You x Kim Himchan

Genres: Fluff

Word Count:  386

Sentence:  9 - “You’re soft and warm and I don’t want you to move.”

Originally posted by zellestial

*imagine you are Jongup*

You felt a soft kiss on your lips and opened up your eyes only to be greeted by your widely smiling boyfriend. 

“Good morning, jagi.” Obviously he was still tired. His voice was deeper than usual and his hair was messed up in a cute way.

“Morning, Channie. What time is it?”

“7:06 on the point.”

“We should start get going then.”, you answered, already lifting your blanket up to climb out of the bed and get ready for the day. You couldn’t even bring a feet on the ground, 2 arms snatched you and brought you back on the soft mattress.

“No, we have time. Now it’s cuddling time.”

“But not longer than 10 minutes.”

“We both know that’s not true.”, he answered with a cheeky smile.

“Yeah, but only because my boyfriend is literally the worst morning person I know.”

“It’s not like that. I’m old and need time to get started in my day.”

“And caffeine.”, you added and he laughed again his beautiful smile, gums showing. Mornings with Himchan were the best, but you could rarely enjoy them.

You laid like that in bed, nearly falling asleep again, when there was a knock on the door.


“Hyung, we have schedule in 20 minutes. Shouldn’t you get going?”, Jongups muffled voice was coming through the door

“I’ll be fine.”, was Himchans answer and soon you heard footsteps leave.

“Schedules, hm? Get going then.”

“That’s not fair! You have free today.” His arms slung even more around you and you felt his cute pout against your neck.

“So what? You have free on days I have to work.”

“You’re soft and warm and I don’t want you to move.” This statement made you blush and laugh out loud at the same time.

“I promise you, when you get home we can cuddle as much as you want.” Himchan just sighed and not even a second after Youngjae was in your bedroom.

“Morning Noona, Morning Hyung. If you don’t get your lazy ass up right now you can take yourself a taxi again. 9 minutes are left. Time is running.”

“I will get up!” With that a Himchan only dressed in a old sleeping shirt and black shorts sprang out of the bed and running into the bathroom. Youngjae and you just laughed.

Long Time, No Feel (Chrismd)

Requested: Nope
Warnings?: Smut
Pairing: Chris and Reader

I’m Back! So here is my first imagine that I’m posting since returning.
It’s absolute shit and I know it. Figured since I wrote it, I would post of anyways.



Most of the time I am home alone. With Chris working and all. I mean there is never not a time that he is at the office.

Well there is, but when he comes home, he just goes to eat his dinner, showers and heads to bed. I don’t really get to see much of him. Which is weird, because we live together, in the same house.

But tonight, when he comes home, I plan to change the fact that we haven’t spent much time together.

How you may ask? Well I’ll just keep that to myself for now.

As of right now though, I am sitting in our living room, waiting for Chris to come in. Wearing that god damn suit that he has to wear for work. Meaning he’s got on a tie, and my god does that boy look good in tie.
But him looking good in the tie, is not the reason I’m happy he’s gonna be wearing it.

I hear the front door open, signaling that he is home. Which causes me to get up from my seat and meet him at the entrance, where he’s taking his shoes off.

“Hi, babe.” I start “How was work?”

He shrugs “The usual.” He then stands up “Sorry I was late. Boss ordered food for all of us at the office. Celebrating Sheryl’s last day there.”

“It’s okay.” I say shrugging “So you’ve eaten already?”

He nods “Yeah, sorry if you made something.”

“Nah, the girls and I went out earlier.”

He nods and looks down at his watch

“I hate to do this, but I am honestly so tired. I’m gonna head up to bed.”

Chris then begins to walk away, but I stop him before he can get to far.


“One kiss before you go?” I ask, looking at him

He nods and brings his lips to mine for a short, but sweet kiss.

When he goes to pull away, I grab his tie and pull him back in.

“Not yet.” I whisper, connecting our lips together again

He smiles and kisses me back, moving his lips in time with mine.

I honestly could not tell you the last time that we shared a kiss like this. But kissing him like this makes me crave his touch even more.

I’m guessing that he missed my touch as well, because soon he is wrapping his arms around me and then slowly but gently pushing me against the wall. Trapping me behind it and him.

The both of us are soon out of breath, but that doesn’t seem to bother Chris nor me. As he grabs my hand and practically pulls me up the stairs and into our room.

Not a word is spoken between the two of us, as our clothes and discarded across the room.

As Chris gently lays me on our shared bed, he reaches over to the bed side table and pulls out a condom.

He gives himself a few tugs, making sure that he is fully hard, before rolling the condom onto himself.

He leans up to me, pressing his lips to mine as he pushes into me.

I let out a small whimper of pain. Not used to his size anymore. Which he swallows with the kiss.

“God, has it really been this long?” He questions, stilling himself inside of me to let me adjust.

After a few short seconds I give him the nod of approval, signaling he can move.

With that he gently pulls out and pushes back in, setting a good pace.

It has been so long, that I almost forgot how good it feels to have him inside of me. Something I hope to never forget.

Soon enough Chris and I are getting close to reaching our highs.

I’m letting out small whimpers and moans of pleasure. While he is letting small grunts and a few moans slip past his lips.

“Chris.” I whimper

“I know.” He mumbles “I’m there too.”

He then grabs one of my hands in his and laces our fingers together. Placing our hands beside my head.

“Together.” He mumbles

I nod, before I feel myself come undone, Chris following seconds after.

The both of us lay side by side, letting our Brest become normal again.

“Don’t ever let us go that long again.” He mumbles after a few minutes

“What?” I ask turning to him

“I don’t care how tired I am, or how busy I am. Don’t ever let us go that long without having sex again.”

I nod and then move to cuddle into him

“I can promise you that we will never go that long again.”

He nods, wrapping his arms around me.

“Good.” He says, kissing my forehead.

“Get some sleep. Because tomorrow starts the weekend, and we have a lot of catching up to do.”

I roll my eyes and what he is implying. I choose to ignore it though. Just cuddling down into him, closing my eyes.

Enjoying the little bit of peace I have, until tomorrow. Knowing that Chris isn’t going to let me leave this bed very much.

Dating Seungsik


  • Seungsik as a boyfriend is such a tEDDY BEAR, warm and sweet and doting and secure. His priority is you
  • He can get a little flustered at times, but that never stops him from ensuring your happiness and comfort. 
  • I imagine him as the type to simply ogle at you, quirky and beautiful, and you have to call his name a few times to knock him out of his enamored daze. 
  • “Seungsik? Are you okay?” 
  • Oh crap you look like a cute puppy when you tilt your head to the side my heART MY SOUL I’m going to die-
  • He clears his throat awkwardly. “Sorry, I got a little…distracted.” 
  • But the boy can’t help it, okay? Everything you do lights a spark of adoration in his chest, he can’t help but admire you. 
  • Seungsik is genuine and relatively patient unless you deny him food, so I think you two would have to be friends for a few months until he is like Oh, I like you and then Oh, I really want to kiss you this is a problem 
  • But he takes things s l o w, because he wants to be sure of his feelings so that he can really commit to you
  • Except he is super oblivious about how painfully obvious his crush is
  • “Seungsik, you’re drooling.” Seungwoo would arch an eyebrow
  • “Isn’t Y/N so cute? How can anyone be that cute? Byungchan isn’t even that cute, right?” 
  • Seungwoo would just give him that judging look 
  • “Hyung is this what happens when you fall in love? You think people are cuter than Byungchan?” 
  • “Yes, Subin, my best son. Never put yourself through this.”
  • When he asks you out, you’re surprised, but he’s casual about it so you don’t turn into a flustered mess and fall over (he’d catch you anyways)
  • A TOTAL GENTLEMAN who always makes sure you’re warm and holds the door open for you and asks you how you’re feeling-and really cares about your response 
  • Dates with Seungsik aren’t wild, but he likes to surprise you with tickets to amusement parks or reservations at some obscure Swedish restaurant you’ve never heard of
  • But usually he is content to spend the night in with you, cooking and baking and chattering FOLLOWED BY CUDDLING 
  • Cuddles with Seungsik are warm and relaxed and I’m just gonna make a separate post about cuddles with Victon tbh
  • He would probably like to sing to you, and it would make him sO GIDDY IF you sang along with him, regardless of your skill level as a vocalist
  • But seriously can you imagine falling asleep with him, your head on his chest, easy breathing and sweet voice lulling you into a deep, peaceful slumber
  • Fighting with Seungsik??? WhAT evEN????? iS THAT A REAL ThING????
  • Yes
  • These aren’t your conventional couple fights though, because Seungsik is patient and thoughtful and understanding and the only thing in the world that might cause him to raise his voice and glare at you is when you doubt yourself, or your relationship with him
  • It would truly upset him when you feel insecure, because you embody everything he has ever wanted and more
  • But he’d be really hard on himself for further upsetting you, and then he tug you into his lap, cradling you to his chest
  • Lots of sweet, gentle kisses because you’re the most precious thing in the world to him
  • Honestly you both end up crying because he abhors seeing you hurt and you abhor seeing him upset, so you two cling to one another and cry it out and he kisses away every single tear 
  • “These are as salty as Hanse” he’d remark 
  • And then you burst into laughter because you two are The Giggly Couple at the end of the day
  • Seungsik craves your affection, so if you were distant from him, even unintentionally, he’d be so w h i n e y
  • And the boy is LOUD so it’s hard to miss his distressed whining about his affection deprivation 
  • Clinging to your waist and and groaning if you try to leave
  • “Y/N~~~~~~~~~” he gripes
  • “Seungsik just let me go pee and then we can cuddle i promise”
  • “…pinky promise?” 
  • “YES YOU BABY now go get the blankies please ily” 
  • Comes up with lots of nicknames for you
  • “Y/N-boo~~~”
  • “Y/N-poo~~~~”
  • “My little teacup”
  • “Fluffy”
  • “Snowflake”
  • “Bear” 
  • “When you’re sad you’re my blueBEARry ahahahaah”
  • He utterly adores you and he will express it in any manner possible
  • You’d lose yourself in his kisses because he’d lead you gently, sweetly, until all you knew was the soft brush of his lips against yours, the playful swipe of his tongue, the happy sighs melting into the kiss…
  • Seungsik has a subtle but evident teasing streak and you might get into tickle fights and frosting fights and “IF YOU COMPLIMENT ME ONE MORE TIME IM GONNA MELT STOP THIS RIGHT NOW” fights 
  • He really really really likes complimenting you
  • And it’s about anything and everything 
  • “Hey you have cute ankles” 
  • “I like the elbow patch on your sweater” 
  • “Your nose is so cute I wanna kiss it all the time” 
  • “Your thighs are nicer than mine wow” 
  • “Please teach me how to be as wonderful as you”
  • He’s not super big into PDA, he likes holding hands waffle style and hUGGING YOU and kissing your cheek AND FOREHEAD KISSES ALL THE TIME Y E S but not super intense kisses because he wants those to be special 
  • The b e s t hugger because he’d just envelope you
  • He’s protective, obviously not in an overbearing way, but he needs to make sure his precious darling Y/N is feeling peachy
  • So he’s goofy and easy going but he’d shield you from harmful people and words and crazy pigeons during your dates downtown 
  • Because if you are happy, so is he

anonymous asked:

I got a prompt for you with Bucky. Something like it's the girl's first time, but she gets really really nervous, so he has to calm her down first. Theeeen, smut please please ❤

A/N: YES!!!! so, this is a bit rocky, especially transitioning between hurt/comfort and smut, if you ask me anyways, but eh. It’s finals week, gimme a break. Hope you enjoy!
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, anxiety, anxiety attacks, cuddling, hurt/comfort, fluff, but mostly porn, first time, fingering, female stimulation with metal hand, oral, both receiving oral, praise kink, hair pulling, bruising from sex, marking, unprotected sex, pet names.

Originally posted by gliceria


The sheets are soft and cool against your warm skin, your heart pounding in your chest as you let your body sink down into the mattress, you hair falling over the soft pillows bellow your head. Nerves wrack your tense body as you feel him lean over you to press his lips gently to yours.

You’re ready for this. You’ve been preparing yourself for this for a good three weeks. It’s only Bucky, that’s what you keep telling yourself, over and over. You’d known him for years, Steve being your best friend it wasn’t hard for someone to figure out how you two had met. You’d started going out with Bucky roughly a week after meeting him, though Bucky tended to be more traditional so of course he took you on four very nice and (slowly lessening) awkward dates before he ever even kissed you. When he had, he’d leaned in so your lips were nearly touching and then he spoke softly, asking if it was okay that he did this. You’d nodded quickly, unable to find words. Then, when he finally did it you felt like it was the most natural thing. It just felt right.

Now, months into your relationship you’d finally said one night that you wanted to go further, that you wanted to know him. All of him. Bucky of course had agreed completely, more than ready.

But now, now it was happening, it was actually happening and you’d never done anything more than make out with him. With anyone. You could feel your heart racing in your chest, echoing in your ears.

Your hands are sweaty and shaking, your breathes shallow. You shouldn’t be so nervous, he’d never hurt you. Not ever. You know this, and you know he’ll be carful and caring and listen to you, but you still can’t help but feel trapped. You’re completely inexperienced, Bucky was definitely not. He knew what he was doing and he knew a good lay. You couldn’t help but feel like if you didn’t pull this off just right, that he’d leave you, find someone else. Someone better. It wasn’t like you were irreplaceable.

“Y/N?” He asks softly, hovering over you, concern lacing his voice. “Are you okay?” His eyes are large and filled with worry, bottom lip pressed between his teeth worriedly.

You feel your stomach turn. How long had you been laying there like this? “Y-yeah, sorry Buck.” You squeak out, voice shaking.

“What’s the matter, doll?” He asks, completely calm, and then you feel yourself fall apart, trembling limbs and hot tears. You’re ruining everything, but you can’t stop yourself. You’re terrified. You’re scared of being alone again, you’re scared of disappointing him.

“Hey, hey it’s okay, it’s okay.” He says while pulling you gently into his arms, cold metal pressing against your almost completely bare back minus a black, lace bra you’re still wearing. You feel overly exposed and unable to cover yourself like you feel you should be. “It’s alright Y/N, deep breathes, I’ve got you.” He’s holding you close, rubbing your back in a circular motion as he tries to calm you down, worry and guilt showing through his words.

He never meant to make you upset, or uncomfortable of course, but it’s not entirely his fault either. This is all new to you and the idea is scary. Terrifying. You don’t want to mess this up, you never did, though you suppose you already have at this point. “What’s the matter, doll..?”

“I-I don’t know, I don’t want to mess this up–I’m sorry” you stutter out, shoulders still trembling and tears streaming down your cheeks. When you look up at him, he’s smiling. Expression soft and his eyes gentle.

“You won’t mess this up, Y/N. If you don’t want to do it, we don’t have to, we can just cuddle up and watch a movie, I won’t care, I promise. But, if this is really all because you think you’ll mess up, then you should just relax and remember I love you and that I’m not looking for some porno-quality shit, I just want it to be…us, okay?” He said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world. He gently rubs a thumb over your cheek, wiping away your tears as you slowly stop crying.

“Promise…?” You ask, rubbing your eyes gently to help the burning.

He grins, leaning over and kissing your neck softly, breath hitting your ear. “Promise.” You feel yourself shiver involuntarily, your body relaxing instinctively against him.

He always does this, somehow. Magically turning you into putty, relaxing you like it’s nothing.

After a few minutes of talking and sorting things out he starts kissing you again, gentle at first but heating quickly, bitting your bottom lip into his mouth, hands running down over your breasts. Touching you like he couldn’t get enough of you. He slowly climbs on top of you again, kissing from your mouth and down your neck, bitting your skin lightly, just enough to cause you to shiver, love bites and small hickeys littering your soft skin, small noises escaping your parted lips. His right hand slides under your lace bra, cupping your breast is his hand as he starts to pinch the nipple gently between his fingers while he kisses you again, pushing you down into the bed.

He pulls back, just enough to let his lips ghost over your skin as he moves down to your breasts. He gently unclips your lace bra, tossing it to the side as he sucks your nipple into his mouth, his hands massaging both of your round breasts in his hands, sucking at the bud while you moan, his teeth grazing lightly over the sensitive skin. “You like that, doll?” He smirks, licking at your nipple lightly as you moan in response, feeling your arousal growing.

He continues to suck on your hard nipple as you feel his cool, metal hand sliding down to the waistband of your panties, pulling lightly at the fabric until they’re around your ankles, your cheeks heating up at the sudden exposure. He grins and slides his hand down slowly to your wet pussy, his metal finger running over your throbbing clit. You gasp and arch your back off the bed as Bucky lets your nipple go with a popping sound and moves down, gently licking over your clit with his warm tongue, eyes flashing up and meeting yours as he smirks.

Bucky continues to lick at your clit before sucking at it just enough to make you cry out, familiar heat pooling in your lower stomach as he slowly slides a slicked metal finger into your tight, wet pussy, slowly working it in and out as he continues to give your clit light kitten licks, causing you to pant and moan as you buck your hips against his fingers.

You want him inside you already, the slight discomfort from the foreign intrusion is easily forgotten at the feeling of being slowly fucked with his thin, metal fingers. Slowly filled. You want his thick cock inside you, fucking you into the bed while you scream his name. You want all of him. He finally pulls away, licking his lips to taste your juices as he moves up to kiss you. You can taste yourself on him and you let out a low, needy moan, pushing your hips up right as he slides a third finger into your pussy. “Mm, so perfect for me kitten, you taste so good.” He purrs into your ear, nipping at your earlobe gently.

You moan as Bucky lifts you up off the bed so you’re kneeling on the soft mattress, your pussy throbbing and wet, his thick cock already leaking precum, fully hard. “Get it nice and wet, Y/N.” He smirks watching you as you greedily take the tip of his cock into your mouth, swallowing the precum easily. You gradually take him deeper until you have nearly his entire cock in your throat, head bobbing and saliva dripping from the corner of your lips as you moan. His hand grasps your hair as he starts to fuck your mouth, breathy moans filling the room.

He continues this pace for a while, panting and groaning. You can tell he’s getting close as he pulls back out of your mouth, saliva coating his thick, twitching cock.

You lay back down onto your back, catching your breath, letting your sweaty body sink into the mattress with a devious grin on your lips as he kisses you, precum gathered at the corner of your mouth. You blush as he pulls your hips up slightly so he can better angle himself. “You’re so perfect, such a good girl, doll.” He grins as he pushes the tip of his leaking cock into your pussy, kissing your neck, leaving small hickeys as he pushes in all the way.

You gasp, gripping at his back, fingernails dragging over his sweaty back and shoulders, moans escaping your mouth. He moans in response and you repeat the pattern, fingernails dragging along the tender skin. You feel so full, feeling Bucky steadily start to fuck your tight cunt, your saliva slicking your pussy more. “God, so good, mm..” He moans, panting.

He thrusts in especially deep, causing you to cry out. “Bucky, Bucky!” You gasp, wrapping your legs around his waist as he continues thrusting into you, gradually pushing deeper into you as he gains speed. He soon finds your G-spot and starts hitting it repeatedly with deep, steady thrusts, hips working as he pounds into you, his metal hand rubbing your over-sensitized clit causing you to cry out again.

You let go of your grip on his back, both hands finding your breasts as you start to massage them in your warm hands, pulling at your perky nipples gently while he fucks you.

His free hand finds your hair, tangling his fingers in it and pulling slightly as he fucks deeper into you. “Fuck Y/N, so good..mm, you feel so good you have no idea, doll.” He moans, pulling your hair.

You gasp as he pulls you hair, causing him to sink his cock deeper inside of you. Your thighs soon start trembling as he hits your G-spot repeatedly, the stimulation from that and his thumb still rubbing your clit makes you moan loudly, bucking your hips up as you cum, your legs tightening around him. You call out his name through a loud moan as you grip the sheets. The tightness of your cunt around Bucky’s throbbing cock from your orgasm washes over you as it brings Bucky to his own orgasm only a moment later, his hips jerking as he moans, hand tangled in your hair as he spills his seed inside of you.

You both lay there, Bucky’s firm, heavy and sweaty body pressed into your soft, gentle frame. Your chests are both heaving, breathes coming in quick pants. “I love you, doll.” He mutters, pulling out of you after a few minutes, his voice deep and husky. He plops down beside you, pulling you close against his chest, gently tugging the sheet up over your bodies. “You were amazing, Y/N..” He yawns softly, his hair a mess.

You smile, curling happily into his chest as you close your eyes.
“I love you too, Buck.” You stay quiet for a minute in blissful silence besides the sound of his gentle breathing before you add. “You did pretty okay too.”

Failed Distraction

Drabble: “Can i please request something where baekhyun is distracting you from doing homework/working because he needs attention and possibly some cuddles? :3”
Pairing: Byun Baekhyun/Baekhyun x Reader
Word Count: 463
Notes: I wrote this while being stuck in an elevator, so I apologize if it seems choppy or something.
Warnings: None
Genre: Fluff, humor

“Come on, y/n, let’s cuddle!”

“Yah, Baekhyun!” You let out a loud, annoyed groan as you threw your arms into the air, a glare set over your features as you looked down to him in annoyance. Baekhyun had managed to wriggle his head on to your lap, which wasn’t the most comfortable for you as you were trying to lean forward to look at your school notebook.

A cheeky grin was plastered on to his lips as he stared up at you, and despite the fact that you had burned a hole through his head with your eyes, he still reached up to wrap his arms around your middle, burying his face into your stomach. “I wanna cuddle with you, jagi~” Baekhyuns words were muffled due to your shirt, but you still managed to hear him, causing you to let out a small huff as you wedged your hands in between his face and your belly.

“But I need to study this—”

“You’ve been studying all day!” Somehow, Baekhyun had managed to quickly spring to his knees, and his eyes were wide as he grabbed on to your shoulders. “It’s time for a nap!”

“No, Baekhyun— agh!”

In one swift movement Baekhyun pushed you on to your back, and with his feet he shoved all of your homework off of the bed as he sprawled his body out on top of yours. You struggled against him as best as you could, but as his arms wrapped around your shoulders and back, his knees on either side of your legs to hold you down, all of your attempts were deemed useless.

“I hate you so much, Byun Baekhyun.”

“No you don’t, you love and appreciate me.”

Your hair was all over the place, falling into your eyes as you stared up at the ceiling. Baekhyuns face was pressed into your neck, his breath gently fanning over the area before he pressed a tiny kiss against your skin. “Don’t be mad, jagi,” You could hear the pout in his voice as he spoke, and you rolled your eyes as he pressed himself up, his legs straddling your hips as he grinned down at you. “This is good for you, you need to take a break and cuddle with me!”

“I’d rather not,” You told him, and as you stared up at that puppy-dog face of his, you had to bite your lip to suppress a smile from forming. You tried once again to get out from under him, but no matter how hard your rolled your hips or how much force you put into pushing him off of you, it was no use. “Yah, I want to finish! We can cuddle later!”

“You promise?”

“No, but get off and I’ll think about it.”

#66 Whipped

Okay, I want to apologize because I don’t think that this is my best work (i think that I'm beginning to get writers block) but I do hope you guys enjoy it.

Louis: He was outside again, playing soccer with the other boys and you were sitting on the grass to watch him. “C'mon y/n!” He called out, completely ignoring the game to focus his attempt to talk to you. “Come join us!” You laughed when you saw him jogging towards you, his hair sticking to his forehead due to sweat. “You know I’m awful at sports, specifically soccer.” Louis shrugged, his arm reaching down to pull you up from the ground. “I’ll teach you that wh-” “Come on Louis! I can’t do this alone.” Liam called out, trying to play his part and also Louis’. “Can't right now, Liam.” Louis said, his hand gripping onto yours tightly as you both reached the field. “I wanna teach my girl how to play. Maybe you’ll be able to play on my team then.” You felt yourself blush since Louis didn’t normally show this much affection in public but especially in front of the boys. “He’s so fucking whipped," Zayn said as he watched Louis guide you. "I’ve never seen him stop in the middle of a game for anyone.” It was Harry who you heard speak up next. “That’s because she’s special to him, Zayn. Just let them be.”

Liam: “I'm hungryyy.” You whined as you sprawled yourself out on the hotel couch. “And what do that have to do with me?” Liam said as he reached down to run his fingers through your hair since your head was resting perfectly on his lap. “Niall’s eating my last cookie. I want another.” Liam chuckled as he glanced over at Niall, who was sitting on the floor and practically devouring the chocolate chip cookie. “How about I go to the bakery down the street and get you a brownie then?” You shook your head, giving Liam your best pouty face to finally push him over the edge and give into you. “I want a cookie–no other desert can compare to a giant chocolate chip cookie, not even a brownie.” Liam sighed but slipped out from under you, placing a pillow under your head in place of his lap before he leaned down to press his lips to your forehead. “I’ll be back, then. You better miss me while I’m gone.” You smiled, glad he gave in. “I always do, Li.” “Wow,” Niall said from across the room. “I always knew that he was whipped for you but not that whipped…”

Niall: “Ew,” You said, plopping down on the couch next to Niall since it was your weekly movie night but, this time, the other boys decided to intrude on your romantic night. “Why do we have to watch, Terminator? It’s just some dumb boy movie.” “Oh, c'mon, y/n. A little bit of action won’t kill you." Zayn said, laughed as he focused on the previews, stuffing his face with popcorn. "But this is a dumb action movie. If you want a good action movie, watch Captain American. I mean Chris Evans is to die for and there’s a whole lot of action in that movie.” All the boys, besides Niall of course, groaned and looked to Niall for support but, instead, he did the exact opposite of what they were expecting. “Well, we did plan to watch Captain America anyway so I think it’s only fair if we watch that.” “What happened to you, Niall? You used to be so strong.” Louis said, clutching his heart in fake pain as Liam got up to switch the movies. Niall leaned over and pressed his lips against your forehead and he pulled you onto his lap. “My princess always gets what she wants,” He said, nuzzling his face into your neck. “And I can’t help it when I give into her. I don’t like it when she’s upset.” “Actually,” Louis said with a huge smirk on his face. “That would be called ‘being whipped’, my friend.”

Zayn: “Hey baby." Zayn said through the phone, isolating himself from the other boys so that they wouldn’t interrupt his call to you like they did last time. "Hi, Zayn. How was tonight’s show?” “Amazing. It ended about 2 hours ago, I’ve just been waiting to call you so that you weren’t busy when i did.” “Aw, that’s really sweet, Zayn. I’m just trying to study for finals for a bit but it’s-” “No," Zayn said, his voice was mumbled as if he was attempting to cover the phone with his hand so that you couldn’t hear him, though you could still understand him. "Go away Louis.” “I wanna talk to Y/n! C'mon, Zayn, you can’t keep her to yourself. Share a bit. Do you know that he plans out all the times to call you?” Louis said, obviously taking the phone from Zayn. “Give it back, Louis!” After a few seconds of hearing the two boys fumble with the phone, Louis’ voice became clear, compared to the mumbling you just overheard. “He’s so whipped for you, y/n. Like, I wish you could hear half of the things he says about you; it’s so sappy. I’m beginning to believe that he can’t function being away from you." 

Harry: "Babe, I can’t cuddle any longer.” He mumbled into your hair, his fingers tracing down your sides gently. “I’m gonna be late if I don’t get up.” “But I don’t want you to go. I’m sick and I just wanna stay in bed and cuddle with you today.” Harry sighed, feeling his heart ache slightly since he wanted the exact same thing but his job wouldn’t allow that to happen at the moment. “I promise that we can cuddle once I get back from this rehearsal.” You pouted at him, your cold working to your advantage since he couldn’t, no matter how hard he tried to, deny you. “God, you’re gonna be the death of me, y/n.” He grumbled before he pulled the covers over your heads, as if it would allow you both to escape from the world for just a little bit. “Harry!” You heard Liam yell from the hallway. “Get your whipped ass out here. We’ve been waiting for you for almost 20 minutes now.” “I don’t wanna leave this bed.” He whined, griping onto you even tighter, if that was even possible. “Go on, Harry, otherwise they’ll never stop calling you whipped.” He shrugged, sitting up as he began to fix his clothes. “I don’t care if they think I’m whipped, as long as they know that I’m whipped for you and only you.”

Blind Dates (openRP)

Ryker eyes the dating site with determination as he furiously types away, finishing up the sign up steps. 

Name: Ryker Sanchez 

Preference: Men 

Bio: …

Fuck. What was he going to type in that box? 

‘Yea I’ve uh murdered more then a hundred people, I stabbed my dad with an axe, I once jerked off on a dead corpse, oh and I love drinking vodka.’ 

He couldn’t write that. It was too…dark and lately he had been attempting to start a new chapter in his life. Which left the question of what should he put down in that menacing white box? 

Bio: I’m gay, trans (yes. I have a fucking dick thanks), and i’m missing an eye. I don’t make promises to love you. let’s just explore the world and escape for awhi….

Too cliche… He deleted the last sentence and rewrote. 

Bio: I’m gay, trans (yes. I have a fucking dick thanks), and i’m missing an eye. I don’t make promises to love you. we can cuddle, fuck, and figure this stupid shit out.

There. He pasted a quick photo of himself flashing a weak smile into the camera and posted his profile. Now all that was left was to wait and see if anyone was actually interested.