we can break down the gates of hell

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I like trying my hand at making english lyrics to these things. I went for a “Survey Corps Recruitment Song” as the theme. It was done pretty quickly and not perfect, but I like a lot of it.

English Lyrics:

I would let anything convince me
That our time in that hell was history
But it turned out that calamity
Had only just begun!

The ones who took away our freedom
Broke down the gates with power fearsome
We couldn’t do a thing to fight them
All we could do was run!

For a hundred years we’ve bowed to their will
Don’t you see their tyranny won’t end until they’re killed

Once they break down all the walls and you lie in their wake
It won’t be a face of sympathy they’ll make

We can drive these monsters back but we need your help cadets!
Dedicate your heart and die fighting with pride
Or get eaten, filled with regret!

Dedicate, dedicate, dedicate your heart to liberty
Only you can bring meaning to
The deaths of the soldiers who’ve died for you!

Dedicate, dedicate, dedicate it to prosperity
For a better future to start
First you must dedicate your heart!

In these days of Armageddon we live by-
Beasts that wish to kill us, so to live they need to die

There are those who’ll say it’s much safer to run away
Don’t believe those lies, your future you must face

You must dedicate your heart and give all that you can give
Medicine, engineering, or combat skills
Give it so your family can live!

Dedicate, dedicate, dedicate your heart to victory
You can become the bringer of
The victory that saves the ones you love!

Dedicate, dedicate, dedicate it to posterity
They’ll hear the song sung by the bard
How you dedicated your heart!

We know nothing about those gruesome monstrosities
Except that they wear our faces as a mockery
But there’s one thing that that I know without a single doubt
I will never rest until their driven out

I can’t remember who was the first person that told me
We can’t take our freedom back from them until they’re dead
But there’s no way in hell I’ll ever forgot this rage
I won’t until every last one of them pays

It was long ago I knew I’d fight for freedom
But I still don’t know where this road’s leading to
But I know that if you join us, we can beat them and then you
Will achieve freedom at last
The paradise you’ve always dreamed of is right in your grasp

On that day we received a grim reminder
we lived in fear of them, trapped like cattle in
These cages we call walls that keep us from our destiny
to battle them!

The Twilight’s bow and arrow we carry
as on the wings of freedom we fly
Will show us the way we must go so that we can achieve freedom!

Dedicate, dedicate, dedicate your heart to liberty
Only you can bring meaning to
The lives of the soldiers who’ve died for you

Dedicate, dedicate, dedicate it to your destiny
Picture the life you want to know
And fight with a burning bow and arrow!

Dedicate, dedicate, dedicate it to humanity
We can’t hope to survive apart
So join and dedicate your heart!