we can break down the gates of hell

Hypothetical Stranger Things season 3 premiere plot outline

Just for fun, I thought I’d stretch out my writing muscles and write out my version of the season three premiere. Hopefully, this makes for an entertaining read!

Season 3 is set in 1985 but the opening scene will be a flashback to the moment Eleven opened the gate to the Upside Down. She escapes while most of the staff is killed by the Demogorgon. After the initial wreckage, a man walks through the gate. This is the Crooked Man, a new main character and one of the main antagonists of the season. He serves the Mind Flayer and his goal is to reopen the gate. The Crooked Man walks away from the building and into the night. In my head, I had Edward James Olmos portraying this character.

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We then cut to present day. 

Eleven, now going by the name “Jane Hopper”, is at her first day of school. She expects to be picked on for hanging out with Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will, and Max. However, the complete opposite happens. Unintentionally, she makes friends with the popular crowd and Troy the bully develops a crush on her, much to Mike’s chagrin.   

Jonathan, Nancy, and Steve are getting ready for their last year of high school, with Nancy getting an acceptance letter for UC Berkeley (chose that because I went there lol). Jonathan pursues professional photography while Steve is aimless, unsure of his future. We get some backstory and learn that Steve’s father died in the Vietnam War, which leads to him thinking about joining the military in order to honor his father’s name.

Hopper and Joyce have been regularly hanging out, mainly because Joyce feels that Jane needs a maternal figure in her life. Yes, this is the season where they get together. 

Going back to the AV club, Mike and Jane are still going strong, as well as Lucas and Max. Dustin, having been rejected by every girl at the Snow Ball, is a bit down when we first see him mainly due to jealousy. He doesn’t hate Mike and Lucas but he wishes he was in a relationship. This leads to the introduction of one of our new main characters, Quinn Chen.

Quinn’s family moved to Hawkins from New York City. To contrast Jane and Max, Quinn is very much a “popular girl” type. Outgoing, easy to talk to, always has a group of people following and praising her, and always knows what the current trends are. Her family is wealthier than the typical Hawkins family, which is something that Will immediately notices. In my head, I had Lily Chee portraying this character (she played young Elektra in DD season two).

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Quinn rejects Dustin at first due to his “nerd” status until two things happen. One, he makes her laugh, which she says she needed. Two, he discovers she’s secretly a huge nerd who has Star Wars and Doctor Who merchandise in her locker. Dustin invites her to join the group, which she accepts. Everyone is initially wary of Quinn since they view her as the “vapid rich popular girl” except for Jane since she’s just happy to make another female friend. 

(This part is past the season premiere: If it’s not obvious, Quinn and Dustin are gonna get together in the season finale. The TWIST though is we find out that Quinn’s family is part of a larger cult that worships the Mind Flayer. Turns out, the Mind Flayer has been trying to reach Earth for centuries and has its own group of followers. Eleven opening the gate was the closest that the Mind Flayer got to succeeding in its goal. Quinn’s family moved to Hawkins when they find out about what happened in seasons one and two. Now, although Quinn’s family worships the monster, Quinn does NOT. In fact, she immediately turns on her family the moment she discovers the truth).

The action begins when we cut to Billy Hargrove, who has toned down his bullying after losing to his sister. Billy, while driving around, encounters the Crooked Man in the middle of the road. The Crooked Man destroys Billy’s car and asks him, “What happened to the gate?”

Billy says, “What the hell are you talking about?” which leads to the Crooked Man breaking one of Billy’s legs. Before the Crooked Man can finish the job, we’re introduced to another new main character, Adam. Adam whips a chain at the Crooked Man, hurting him. The Crooked Man disappears into a puff of smoke and Adam runs over to help Billy. In my head, Adam is portrayed by Steven Yeun. 

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Mad Max and the rest of the gang rush over to the hospital when they learn about what happened to Billy. Billy tells them about a strange man who destroyed his car with his mind. Mike pulls Jane to the side and says, “Guy with mind powers, you think he’s one of Brenner’s?”

Jane says, “Could be. I told you about Kali. There’s still nine others that we haven’t met and we’re not even sure I’m the last one!” 

Meanwhile, Hopper confronts Adam. Before Hopper can ask any questions, Adam says, “I know what happened here. The gate to the other world was opened.”

Hopper, stunned, says, “How do you know?”

Adam then says, “Because it’s my job to make sure the portal stays shut.” Without going into too much detail, Adam explains that he’s one of many who oppose the Mind Flayer. The only reason why he didn’t know about what was happening in Hawkins is because Jane opened the gate accidentally. He’s only been focusing on actual attempts to breach the Mind Flayer’s world. 

Adam threatens violence if Jane ever opens the gate again (“I’ll burn this town to the ground if she even attempts to open the gate again”). Before Hopper can say anything, Adam disappears. We’ll see more of him in the rest of the season. 

As the day comes to an end, we cut to Steve Harrington’s home. He’s gotten over his breakup with Nancy and decides that he’ll enlist in the Marines in order to get away from Hawkins. Suddenly, his house is attacked by the Crooked Man! The Crooked Man holds Steve by the neck and demands that he tell him how “they” opened the gate. Steve says he doesn’t know and the Crooked Man tosses Steve out the window, knocking him out. 

Jane is alerted to the commotion when Hopper gets an urgent call to respond to the situation. Hopper heads out but tells Jane to stay put. She disobeys and gets on her bike, following closely behind.

The police have cornered the Crooked Man. In one of the more violent scenes of the show, the Crooked Man proceeds to decimate the officers. Hopper arrives as this is happening and begins firing at the Crooked Man, doing no damage. El then arrives and she blasts the Crooked Man with her mind. The Crooked Man, remembering that El was the one who sealed the gate, grabs her and disappears. Hopper screams into the night when he realizes that El is nowhere to be found.

We then cut to the Byers family home. There is a knock on the door and Joyce answers it. The episode ends with Joyce meeting the last of our new main characters. He introduces himself as Seth Ives, Jane’s biological father, and that he wants his daughter back. In my head, I had David Tennant portraying Seth. 

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So for the rest of the season, our main arcs / subplots will be:

1) The whole gang versus the Crooked Man (Jane doesn’t stay kidnapped for too long. I actually pictured her escaping the Crooked Man in the next episode)

2) Dustin and Quinn romance, which will lead to Quinn’s family revealing themselves as followers of the Mind Flayer. Quinn’s family are the secondary main antagonists. 

3) Adam reluctantly working with Team Hawkins when he realizes they have similar goals. Adam is a bit like the Punisher since despite having noble intentions, his attitude and methods make him a threat. Adam frequently butts heads with Hopper and Joyce, who think he is too extreme.

4) Seth Ives vs. Jim Hopper over guardianship of Jane / El. Seth is revealed to be one of Brenner’s former lab partners before they split due to Brenner’s lack of ethics. Seth had gone into hiding after Brenner threatened his life, that’s why he’s been MIA.  

5) Billy recovering in the hospital and somewhat redeeming himself. His quest for vengeance against the Crooked Man leads to him forming a temporary alliance with Team Hawkins. 

6) Steve wondering about his place in Hawkins and if he should stay or go 

7) The AV club recruiting Kali and her gang in the fight against the Crooked Man. 

8) Dr. Brenner’s return. He issues an order for the termination of all of his experiments, namely Kali and El. He also orders Seth’s assassination in order to tie up any remaining loose ends. 

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I like trying my hand at making english lyrics to these things. I went for a “Survey Corps Recruitment Song” as the theme. It was done pretty quickly and not perfect, but I like a lot of it.

English Lyrics:

I would let anything convince me
That our time in that hell was history
But it turned out that calamity
Had only just begun!

The ones who took away our freedom
Broke down the gates with power fearsome
We couldn’t do a thing to fight them
All we could do was run!

For a hundred years we’ve bowed to their will
Don’t you see their tyranny won’t end until they’re killed

Once they break down all the walls and you lie in their wake
It won’t be a face of sympathy they’ll make

We can drive these monsters back but we need your help cadets!
Dedicate your heart and die fighting with pride
Or get eaten, filled with regret!

Dedicate, dedicate, dedicate your heart to liberty
Only you can bring meaning to
The deaths of the soldiers who’ve died for you!

Dedicate, dedicate, dedicate it to prosperity
For a better future to start
First you must dedicate your heart!

In these days of Armageddon we live by-
Beasts that wish to kill us, so to live they need to die

There are those who’ll say it’s much safer to run away
Don’t believe those lies, your future you must face

You must dedicate your heart and give all that you can give
Medicine, engineering, or combat skills
Give it so your family can live!

Dedicate, dedicate, dedicate your heart to victory
You can become the bringer of
The victory that saves the ones you love!

Dedicate, dedicate, dedicate it to posterity
They’ll hear the song sung by the bard
How you dedicated your heart!

We know nothing about those gruesome monstrosities
Except that they wear our faces as a mockery
But there’s one thing that that I know without a single doubt
I will never rest until their driven out

I can’t remember who was the first person that told me
We can’t take our freedom back from them until they’re dead
But there’s no way in hell I’ll ever forgot this rage
I won’t until every last one of them pays

It was long ago I knew I’d fight for freedom
But I still don’t know where this road’s leading to
But I know that if you join us, we can beat them and then you
Will achieve freedom at last
The paradise you’ve always dreamed of is right in your grasp

On that day we received a grim reminder
we lived in fear of them, trapped like cattle in
These cages we call walls that keep us from our destiny
to battle them!

The Twilight’s bow and arrow we carry
as on the wings of freedom we fly
Will show us the way we must go so that we can achieve freedom!

Dedicate, dedicate, dedicate your heart to liberty
Only you can bring meaning to
The lives of the soldiers who’ve died for you

Dedicate, dedicate, dedicate it to your destiny
Picture the life you want to know
And fight with a burning bow and arrow!

Dedicate, dedicate, dedicate it to humanity
We can’t hope to survive apart
So join and dedicate your heart!