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It’s not that people need a hero. We all can be our own hero, but we just need a reason to start fighting our darkness when we’re left alone.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #58 // @loveactivist
Voltron Musings: If there are alternate realities in Voltron Legendary Defender and our heroes can interact with them, can we please get a future episode where the Paladins meet the 90′s version of themselves in another reality?

Infinite realities = infinite possibilities. Like Slav, it never bores me to mention it in my theories. And since this is Voltron, the minute the story mentioned the concept of different alternate realities existing within the Legendary Defender universe, the creators basically unleashed an orgy of endless stories that take place within that world.

They already introduced Sven in Season III and he was based off the character from the old 90′s series. So I’m hoping that, if for some reason our Paladins need to renter that reality where the Alteans are the big baddies, then can they meet up themselves in another life and these Paladins could be based off of their 90′s Voltron counterparts.

They could even have a Voltron that looks EXACTLY like the 90′s Voltron.

It’d be funny to see Pidge interact with the ‘boy version’ of herself dressed in the same somewhat ‘cheesy’ fashion.
If Voltron Legendary Defender can have its own ‘Turtles Forever’ kind of episode special within one of the upcoming seasons then that would be sweet as candy.

I wouldn’t mind waiting patiently for that episode just so that I can relish at the idea of Lance meeting and interacting, not only with his other ‘90′s Voltron’ self but mainly ‘90′s Voltron’ Keith just so that I can get one gag of him making fun of Keith having a terrible mullet even in another reality.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2017)

  • A male character: "has a character flaw/does a mistake"
  • The fandom: UwU our son isn't perfect but it's okay! He has time to learn and improve himself!
  • A female character: "has a character flaw/does a mistake"
  • The fandom: ugh... when will she stop being so stupid and irritating? can she just disappear?!

- In which the beast really only needed to work on loving himself a bit more, while beauty signed up for kicking some ass and not that magical bullshit.

I spent the whole evening listening to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack and couldn’t control myself.


Mostly-vegetarian Sero meets carnivorous Kirishima, loss of trust ensues 

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can we talk that in Heroes ,Hector and Lyn come from the Blazing Blade timeline, but Eliwood and Roy come from the Binding Blade timeline? Imagine Hector and Lyn mistaking Roy for Eliwood. Imagine the 30 or so Eliwood showed up and asked Hector in return "where's your daughter" and Hector was like "I have a daughter already" ? and similar shits. XD And Chrom was like "i know that feel dude" XD


Voting Gauntlet Round 2

Ephraim vs. Chrom

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Lucina vs. Eirika

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