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Hello beautiful😊 I hope you are well. Can you believe we are so close to seeing Aaron and Robert getting married!!

It feels a bit surreal doesn’t it? I mean we dreamed out this for so long and now it’s actually happening? And we might even get another wedding as well!! I’m a bit of an emotional wreak knowing that Aaron is facing jail time and they will be without each other, but they will be married, committed to each other and that’s all I’ve ever wanted! Yes it’s rushed but I have a feelings it’s going to be raw and beautiful, and everything we’ve come to expect from robron, danny and Ryan are so invested in these characters it’s gonna be amazing. I am very excited!

There has never been a more accurate gif!

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Jimin: it is illegal to be taller than me
Jungkook: we are all going to jail then

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Can you believe that twice we’ve seen John willingly join Sherlock in jail? Before Sherlock made their handcuffed getaway in TRF and again on John’s Stag Night.

“Sherlock’s going to jail??? I guess I’m going to jail. Wait for me, Sherl!”

“Sherlock’s in that cell? But I don’t want my own cell, i want to be in that one. I don’t care that there’s only one cot, I’ll take the floor. It’s fine, it’s all fine.”

  • donald trump: barack obama wasn't born in america
  • republicans: show us the birth certificate!
  • fake news: hillary clinton is running a sex shop from a pizzeria in DC
  • republicans: lets go investigate now!
  • james comey: we may or may not have new emails from hillary clinton
  • republicans: put her in jail!
  • CIA: we have definitive proof that russia interfered with the election
  • republicans: what? y'all wild. you can't believe everything you hear.

One thing I love about the show South Park is that the one episode they did about Casa Bonita literally saved the restaurant from bankruptcy. And the restaurant is absolutely proud of that fact, and are fully aware the grand majority of their current customers came because of South Park.

I’m not kidding, you ever go to that restaurant and one of the first things the waiters say to you while welcoming you is “Do any of you watch South Park??” and then they’ll go on like “If you want to see all the places that Cartman went to, the jail is downstairs, the waterfall is over there, you’ll find the puppet show that way…!!” And they are so excited about it, like “Yeah! Yeah!! We were featured on a popular cartoon!! We know!! Welcome!!” it’s so adorable.

And there’s this dumb Cartman plushie that you can find there

And I’ve been there a couple times and noticed it in a couple different places so maybe they have a running gag where they keep moving it so people have fun finding it? Idk but I love it. Casa Bonita is so incredibly proud they got featured on a vulgar cartoon show and they are totally owning it.

TF2 Expiration Date Sentence Starters, pt. 1

❝ Hey, it’s me, ___. Tell me you got the briefcase. ❞ 
❝ We killed everybody and took a briefcase! ❞
❝ Not everyone… You left seven witnesses. ❞
❝  Goodbye, ____! I am leaving the Van now! ❞
❝ Just…Just say something. ❞ 
❝ You’ll… You’ll probably be real busy this weekend, right? ❞
❝ I’ll be burying bodies all weekend- so that you don’t go to jail. ❞
❝ A lot of people busy… with business. ❞
❝ Asking out that dial tone again I see.❞
❝ Wow, you can teleport bread, that is big news. ❞
❝ Hey, is ___ back with the beers yet? ❞
❝ You teleport as much bread as you like. ❞
❝ If there’s anything y’all would like to do before, well… died… now’s a good time. ❞
❝ How long before these tumors kill us? ❞
❝ Yes! We only have three days to live! ❞
❝ This… is a bucket.❞
❝ Dear God…❞     
❝ We have 70 hours to live. ❞
❝ We are not most men. We are mercenaries! ❞
❝ The clock is ticking, Gentlemen / Ladies. ❞
❝ He’s drawn a picture of me getting hit by a car. ❞
❝ That’s why the car hit him; cause he smells! ❞
❝ Fantastic, this was a huge waste of my time. ❞
❝ See you all in hell. ❞
❝ Oh, ___! Please… go fuck yourself. ❞
❝ I’m wedging my head through a door to tell you I’m sorry! ❞
❝ I’d like to go on a date with ___ ….❞
❝ You? But you’re terrible with girls! ❞
❝ Ey, I got a bucket of chicken. Wanna do it? ❞
❝ But you… you are amazing with ladies. ❞
❝ And why is that, do you think? ❞
❝ Well, it’s a secret we will to our graves then. Good bye! ❞
❝ This never leaves this room- you are better than me, alright? ❞
❝ I need your help. ❞
❝ Seduce me. ❞
❝ Hey there… Good lookin’. ❞

For anyone saying Trump as president isn’t that bad it’s not him he’s better than Clinton lol blah blah: you’re right, it’s not him exactly by himself. It’s that enough people like him hate things that much, they supported/elected it. For anyone saying we are overreacting: I can’t even go to a damn movie less than a week after major surgery without someone 1.) telling my mother they thought she’d be so glad that therapy making me normal (straight) again will be legal soon, and 2.) someone behind me leaning a liiiiiiiiittle closer and whispering “thanks to Trump, you and all the other trannies like you will soon be either dead, in jail, or treated and forced to act and obey like the animals we all know you are”. And then ‘gently’ shoved me aside in the stomach…? Me. A person with severe PTSD and DID who was terrified to leave the house.

So shut the fuck up. If you are privileged enough that you can say that, truly believe it, or even say privilege doesn’t even exist, then I envy you. Desperately. I do. There’s people in worse off danger than I am because my skin color is white, but still. Like. Hm. Ah, I think I remembered ghe example I was trying to say first! Ok so. This friend. He is only 13 almost 14, with a white mother and black father. He takes much more after his dad so, his skin is quite dark. My friend has already had “nigger faggots go back to where you came from” scratched (yes scratched, not painted or written) into the side of his mom’s car a mere few hours after trump was elected. A FEW HOURS. So if you stupid fucks still want to try and tell me there’s no lesser of an evil between trump and Hillary and that you don’t see what’s so bad about him, don’t even interact with me. I’ve seen multiple of you on my recent posts doing that shit and I’m sick of it. And yes. I saw the posts several of you DELETED after being called out and showing how shitty you really are to people when you replied. You can not Fucking tell me you give a single shit about the health/safety/lives of me/other trans people, people of color/disabled people/people who so much as “look"Muslim/Mexican (even if they’re not)/homosexuals/mentally ill, and the ones who need BC to survive. You don’t. You’re lying to us, and to yourselves.

And you know what? I know some crusty ass fucktruck is reading here thinking this is made up for attention or to make someone look bad and are thinking of commenting anything along the lines of "lol I’m so sure this happened”, guess what? I don’t care! Your belief or lack of belief of my experience doesn’t effect me in the slightest. Go right ahead and think this is fake! It’s ok! That’s your right, (even if it’s erm…unwillingly uninformed) doesn’t change anything. :-) I’ll just be sitting here wishing it was a fake thing, that’d be hilarious, haha!!

Pink Fluffy Unicorn. (Captain Boomerang Fluff)

A/N This is the start of a bunch of Captian Boomerang imagines.

Warnings: none.

“No daddy can’t go he didn’t do anything” Our daughter yelled.
“It’s okay. He will be back as soon as you know it.” I say trying to calm her down.
“We can even visit him.” I add.
“Promise?” She asks.
“Of course. We can see him tomorrow if you want.” I say.
“Really. We can! Let’s do it!” She says.
“Well we only can if you go to sleep right now.” I say.
“Okay mommy. Love you. Good night.” She says turning over. I turn out the light and walk out.
Jack got him self caught. By the Flash of all people. Now that he is in jail he left me to care for Jillian. Jillian loves her dad more than anything. She even took up boomerangs because of him.
But she is happy we’re seeing him tomorrow and I’m glad she is happy.
*the next morning*
“Jillian what are you doing?” I say as she is wrapping a gift with Christmas wrapping paper.
“Wrapping daddy’s gift.” She says.
“Well clean this up and get dressed. We got to go see daddy.” I say.
“Right away.” She hurries and picks up all of the wrapping paper and tape.
“Gotta go see Daaadddddyyyyy” She yelled running down the hall to her room.
We were both dressed and ready to go. I grabbed my keys and made sure Jillian was put in her seat and buckled.
“Alright sweetie. We’re off” I said.
I took about an hour to drive to the prison.
We got through security check and I signed a few wavers. We were finally called back into the visitors room. Jack was sitting at a table uncuffed but still in an orange jumpsuit.
“Daddy!” Jillian yelled.
“Jill. How are you doing darlin.” He said hugging her.
“I got you this daddy.” She handed him the gift.
“I wrapped it all by myself.” She added.
“Alright well let’s open it and see what it is.” He pulled at the wrapping paper to a box. The box
opened to reveal Jillian’s bright pick fluffy Unicorn plush.
“It’s to remind you of me and mommy when we’re not visiting you.” She said.
“Well I love my dear. It is the best gift I have every revived.” He said.


Carrie Fisher Panel Edmonton Expo 2016

Carrie Fisher: (paraphrase) I hope Jabba has a relative so that Daisy can kill him. I think she’d really enjoy that.

Carrie Fisher: (paraphrase) I was saying that everyone was my brother before TFA! I like to make up stuff! Never believe anything that I ever say!

Carrie Fisher: (paraphrase) We all had to sign very thick contracts saying we could go to jail for divulging anything from the script.

Carrie Fisher: (paraphrase) Rian Johnson is very specific about his vision as a director.

Carrie Fisher: (paraphrase) Adam Driver is just saying the movie is dark because his character is dark - it’s not like he’s doing the comedy scenes!

Carrie Fisher: (paraphrase) Peter Mayhew gets some help to play as Chewbacca. I get some help with floating through air and stuff like that….not that I do that! But if I did…I lie all the time! Not a divulge!

Carrie Fisher: (paraphrase) Rey as my niece? Mark went behind my back on a space date? He’s too mystical to screw around. He’s on that rock, who is he getting to get laid? I’d certainly be proud to have her as a relative but prouder to have her as someone who is following in my tiny little stubby footsteps.

Thanks to Magnar the Great on Jedi Council Forums for the quotes.

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I feel like I'm pro-choice but not pro-abortion. Like. I don't like abortion. I'd rather we do ALL we can to avoid it. But I'd have a hard time telling my friend in an abusive relationship who couldn't take her medication and so she decided to get an abortion that she deserves to go to jail as a murderer?? Everyone says she's an exception but I don't think so. I just don't think it's black or white. It's gray. And it's ok if it's gray. Idk. Just my feelings

I don’t think it’s black and white either, my feelings on most things are pretty gray, honestly. There are definitely exceptions (and probably a lot, every circumstance is different), but I also don’t think that the majority are in your friend’s situation. The majority just don’t have access to information, medication, and/or money to take care of the child. And I’m not for criminalizing it…but I’m tired of people normalizing it and telling me it’s okay to get one, and of people like Lena Dunham for romanticizing it. If it really is wrong ethically, I don’t ever want to be caught supporting it. 

"Things Friends/Coworkers/Classmates Have Said" sentence starters
  • "I'm in cappuccino hell!"
  • "You're an egg."
  • "It looks like I don't know how to do my makeup."
  • "We're gonna go to jail!"
  • "All hail the dead possum."
  • "Does that count as sexual harrassment?"
  • "I got my boyfriend by sending him memes."
  • "Go to the murder room."
  • "It was her idea!"
  • "How old are you? I'm not allowed to sell you anything, but I can tell you about them."
  • "A lady came in saying she hadn't had an orgasm in two years. Three hours later she came back to give me cookies."
  • "Do you want to trade off with the straight jacket?"
  • "Does my face look realistic?"
  • "Tell ______ to come get his/her blood."
  • "Even the professionals jump."
  • "How old are you? Lets go to a hooka lounge after this."
  • "I'm not a drug dealer!"
  • "It's hard because ______ has so many freaking freckles!"
  • "I usually use a popsicle."
  • "My mom keeps telling me I'm gonna go to hell."
  • "Meme it."
  • "You wanna fucking go, ______?"
  • "Fight me, coconut boy!"
  • "The hole's nice and smooth."
  • "I was a good child."
  • "What's a shortstack? Like...a short stack of pancakes...?"
  • "______, shut up, I can't hear ______!"
  • "No--you can't cheat on an IQ test, stop it!"
  • "My IQ is not 1.39, that was a crumb!"
  • [text] 👉✊💦

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He goes to Munoz for help, or Buchanan while we all scream "NO!!!!!!" at our screens.

I think Alex is still in jail, or is at least having problems of his own. That newspaper with the Mike article said Alex is still being investigated for corruption.

Haha, we know Buchanan takes the sleazy way out.

Poor Rafi, it makes him sound so lonely. He can’t go to Benson; who can he turn to for help? 😢

'Arrow' star David Ramsey says Diggle is a changed man post-prison
Team Arrow is back at full strength, but is it enough to stop Prometheus?
By Sydney Bucksbaum

This isn’t the first time that Team Arrow has headed to Russia on a mission, but what brings them all there this time?

The Bratva! How do we use the old allies of Oliver’s to find our big bad? We’re fighting the dark with a little bit of the dark ourselves. We’re fighting fire with fire. That’s a running theme this season.

Oliver and the team are going to try to find out what they can from the Bratva, and figuring out if they can trust what they learn from criminals. It’s going to be a big one for us. There’s a lot of moving parts, as there always is on Arrow. But we have new team members, a new Canary, Dig’s out of jail — a lot of things make up this episode.

Did Diggle’s time behind bars change him at all?

I think so. Diggle wore his emotions on his sleeve last season with his brother coming back to life, betraying him, causing Laurel’s (Katie Cassidy) death and then Dig killing him. There’s been enough baggage for Diggle that’s very internal and introspective, so that’s what you’ve been seeing this season. That’s why he chose to stay in jail as his own penance.

But now that he’s out, some of that has been rectified. He’s a man on a mission to help the team find Prometheus. There are some things going on with Felicity that he’s going to be very helpful with.

Speaking of Felicity, we’ve been severely lacking some “OTA” scenes this season. With Dig back on the team, will there be more Original Team Arrow moments coming?

Thank god, right? Yeah. The team has been broken a little bit because of Diggle’s absence and now we have new team members, and one of the team members betrayed the team, so there’s been a lot of story to tell. But the original team is the backbone of this show and the writers are definitely getting back to it.

Ever since Evelyn (Madison McLaughlin) revealed her double-cross to the rest of Team Arrow, she’s been conspicuously absent from the story. When is she going to return?

That’s a great question, and honestly it’s one I have for the producers as well. They haven’t told us that. Usually I can get little hints about stories, but we don’t know. How she plays into this whole big picture, I don’t know. Prometheus all by himself is such a badass and is so formidable in terms of what he’s been doing to the team and Oliver particularly, so Evelyn teaming up with him is just really bad. The next few episodes are all about Prometheus and what he wants to do to Oliver.

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of course we cant trust a fucking dyke to stick up for us, youve got your marriage equality so youre happy, who cares that aroaces are being beaten up for daring to go to pride.. but of course youre not bothered, fucking useless.

is this for real………….is this……a serious ask…….am i supposed to take this seriously…………………………ah yes marriage equality, the very PINNACLE of lgbt rights! got that in some european countries so the jobs done guys, well done! we can all go home! lets ignore the fact that its literally illegal to be gay in some countries and you can go to jail or even die for it :) us dykes and gays can get married so its all good! american vice president hates lgbt folks? nah im sure he hates aroaces just as much, dont worry guys. 


Nick: Do you ever feel like it was too easy?

Cadence: Too easy?

Nick: Yeah, like… the cops just throwing Mom in a jail cell like that. She didn’t even try to put up a fight, she just let it happen–

Cadence: Nick, we lost our little girl. What part of that was easy? How can you even say that?

Nick: I just meant – [sigh] why’d she go through all the trouble she did? She held so much over us for so long, insisted on practically raising Adi herself… to just throw all of that away like she did…

Cadence: It’s over, Nick. She gave herself up, what does it matter why she did it? Sona and the kids are safe, and Adi – she’s gone, and we have to learn to live with that. Your mother’s going to be locked up for a long, long time. She’s not going to just suddenly jump up behind you; you don’t have to keep looking over your shoulder.

Guys omg last night 12 pulled me and my friend over and we had literally just picked up and it was some gaaaaas so the car slick smelled like weed. It was the scariest moment of my life; the gas was in my wallet but it was so loud omg I almost threw it out the window. But instead I just cranked the heat up all the way hoping it would diffuse the smell. I put my wallet on the side of the seat (the passenger seat), but when the police asked for my ID I had to go in there to get it out and omg I can’t even explain how fucking nervous I was. He said he smelled weed when he first got to the car and asked my friend if he smoked. He even gave us the chance to admit if we had “anything illegal in the car”… y'all I could be in jail rn I fucking hate cops.

Supergirl 2x12 “Luthors” promo  (THEORIES)

OK SO, I need to get this out of my chest. The Luthors episode based on The promo… 

FUCKING BASTARDS!!! I mean, there’s so many clues and none per sure what is really happening. I have many theories and I’m going to spill them here. Please feel free to enlight me if I skip something or you can complete it. 

(My theories are based on how advertainment uses the visual dialogue. Unconscious messages that gave us clues of  the true intentions without actually using words). (please ignore my grammar mistakes, English is not my main lenguage) 

We all know that plot of Kara defending Lena’s trust. And it seems like it would be (again) a challenge for Lena if she’s really a Luthor or and Allie.

-On the best Scenario Theory:

Lena visits her Mother in Jail or something and reaffirms her position against her and on Supergirl’s side. Lillian got angry, scapes and on revenge plants evidence against Lena for supergirl to doubt her. Also, she Still offers lena to got her out if she gets on her side. This obviously won’t work on Kara and visits her friend, tell her she believes in her and got her hands (may also be Lena and Lillian but Idk).

There’s a whole mess in the city with metallo and lillian while Lena is in Jail thinking about What Luthors have done for her and debating if her loyalty really is for them because they would never trust a Luthor after all. Metallo and Lillian got her out of jail, and everybody just assumes that she turned the Bad side. That night she returns to L corp and happens that whole scene of that “Granade?”

Kara got Angry at this because she still believes that Lena is Good and this is some kind of trick against Lilian, but also feels upset cause Lena never ask for help and do everything on the shadows.

Shit happens, They show Lena is on the god side again, she returns to L corp and has a moment with Kara….

I really don’t think this is how is going to happen… it could be really really predictable but, nah…

-WHAT I FEAR it could happen…

Basically the same scenario… Lena is in jail cause her mother, debating and thinking and all that… but here’s a few curious things:

-Maybe, they would show us that Lillian somehow got in touch with Lena from Jail, (a phone call or a visit) and shots that shit about their being the last luthors and telling her about that Kryptonite heart that somehow ended on Lcorp. (She looks for it and that how they catch her on cameras). 

They Put her on Jail, The whole “I would get you out of here” that sure would be from Kara. Mess on the city from Lillian  and Metallo.

Lillian tricks Lena about how she is friend with supergirl /Kara and threat her with making them suffer. She offers to be and Spy, and make Supergirl trust her. Lena accepts be getting out and “help” her mother because she don’t want this to happen. Maybe, she could even get that Supergirl lied to lena and how she never really trusted her, but Family is the true path bla bla bla.

(I dont know what could happen from here but I think in the end this would happen.)

Kara and Lena have a moment on L corp about, how she was glad she es free and thanking her for believe in her. Kara leaves and Lena stays in her office, but she took that chess piece and look it as herself, as a piece on Lillian’s plan.

I dont know through if this is going to be On final, or during Her previous memories. AND I’m not assuming the idea of Lena Knowing or not abut Kara’s id as Super. They could play it as “I know this is the good side and I’m on it” or take it as a betrayal with “You never trusted me for sure”.

That scenes of lena’s face coming from the shadows with watery eyes and she with that Chess piece got me nervous. (that scenes and the hug one are with the same clothes, and makes me doubt if they would be implying a trick) 

I really dont like the idea of Lena turning evil. Is cheap! ad CHEAP TRICK! I would prefer the Idea of Lena being part of the Super team and being part of a real FAMILY based on Loyalty. And it would bat the stereotype of how She is a Luthor after all.

That sneak peeks they have been giving us about being “Closer” and the Possible “Shift” on Luthor/Super dynamics are a double blade sword:

or we got an Ally, best friend that originally and always was supposed to end as evil, turning out the shadow of her last name, becoming a powerful part of the Superteam.

OR we got a double agent (as they are playing her), making her seems like she is on supergirls’s side just pretending to be “Closer” and changing the truly disinterested help she was giving, to spying on her to protect her / revenge.

… The writers said Lena is an ally and a friend… And I will be stuck with that!

As you can see I really have no clue what to spect. My mind is full of Fog right know.

ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh markiplier preaching about “respect”

i’m not even talking about his twitter comments defending pewdiepie, i’m talking about his latest video on the subject

like…….tbh he sounds like one of those people on here that are like “pedophiles are horrible people and they deserve to be thrown in jail but you don’t EVER send another HUMAN BEING death threats!!! never!!” or those trash cans that are like “YOU DON’T ASSAULT ANOTHER PERSON!! THAT NAZI DIDN’T DESERVE TO BE PUNCHED BC HE’S ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!! EVEN IF WE DISAGREE WITH EACH OTHER’S BELIEFS WE’RE ALL PEOPLE”

oh my gooooooooooooooooood dude, when are you fuckers going to learn that some ~people~ don’t fucking deserve this “basic level of human respect” that you all preach about and pedophiles and nazis are some of those people holy shit

Regarding Izuku’s father. If he is alive, he is definitely absent. And I doubt he is a hero. Izuku as a kid attached to All Might as a hero figure and wanted to be like All Might rather than be a hero “like his dad.” Fire breathing seems like something powerful enough to use though…

What if his dad is a villain? I doubt it but imagine the scenario. His dad is a two-bit villain just powerful enough to be threatening. He goes to villain jail. Mama Mido tries to play it off to Izuku. Oh dad is going away for a while. Why don’t we watch that hero video again? She gets him All Might merch because he is a better role model. She plays hero with him to encourage the good in her son. She tries her best as a now single mom to do everything she can for her son so he doesn’t follow in his father’s footsteps. He is so wrapped up in hero stuff he doesn’t really ask about his dad and she doesn’t bring Hisashi up. Only in passing.

Imagine Izuku’s dad getting out of prison and wanting to get back into Izuku’s life. Except he isn’t at home with his mother. He’s in a dorm at UA. Maybe Inko gets into a fight with him, to stay away because Izuku is doing so well. And Hisashi gets spitting (fire) mad. He storms to the school and demands to see his son. That he has a right to see his son. Maybe he is mad he never found out what quirk his son had. Maybe he was told he didn’t have a quirk only to later find out he got one and is training to be a hero. Was he lied to? He’s furious.

Imagine All Might being in the room with Izuku when Hisashi is finally allowed on school grounds. Imagine Izuku’s father and his father figure giving each other the stink eye. All Might surprised Izuku could come from a two bit villain. All the more reason he admires Inko.

I got too deep too fast with this and now this is my headcanon oh no

Edit: See further writing on this in my reblog.