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100 Dialogue Prompts: Part 4

It’s amazing to see how much we can create together, my amigos. Here’s part 4.

  1. “Look, I might be evil but even I have standards.”
  2. “Do your parents know you’re dating Death?” “No, I promised we wouldn’t get back together after he broke up with me the first time.”
  3. “Wait why am I naked and covered in cheese?”
  4. “Good god, that cake is fuckin stale and dry mate!!” “Just like how you are recently? Gee, thanks.”
  5. "There is always time for a high-five.”
  6. “Karen, what would ever posses you to find me here.”
  7. “Oh my god, put that man down! Come on, let’s go get you some REAL food.”
  8. “A demonic sugar glider?”
  9. “People always say they never thought they would be here but I absolutely did.”
  10. “And I thought I was a bit weird. But you! You are insane!”
  11. “So your hair knows kung-fu? Ha, that’s nothing! MY hair knows HAIR-ATE!” (You know, as in karate) (This used to be an insider between me and a friend…)
  12. “One day, darling, you and I are going to conquer the Universe not just our world.”
  13. “Did you seriously think they wouldn’t notice when their humans went missing?!”
  14. “Well, maybe next time you should consider that not everyone wants to be woken up at four in the morning by a- what IS that, anyway?!”
  15. “Now, how exactly did your foot get stuck in the barrel?”
  16. “I hope you realize what you’re doing. This forest never ends, you know that, right?”
  17. “You can’t just kill someone and then make it all better by saying sorry!”
  18. “Why the fuck is my cat levitating?!” “He said he wanted to feel what flying was”
  19. “You’re trying to tell me you killed three men…with a microphone?”
  20. “Hang on, are you a John Wick fan?”
  21. “IT’S TWO IN THE MORNING!” “And?” “ I have a strict no murder rule until eight. Call me then.”
  22. “I did realize you were going to be naked the whole time”
  23. “Ok, I understand you like animals, but you can’t just bring a tiger into the apparent without asking!”
  24. “I…I didn’t want you to find out like this. I’m so sorry.”
  26. “I gotta go, I left my toaster in the oven!
  27. "Why is there a gaggle of fancy buisness men on my front lawn?”
  28. “Can you please stop referring to me as ____! That’s not my name!” “Then what is?” “I don’t know!”
  29. *Sarcastic* “Yeah, sure. I won’t at all mind being your footslave.” “Oh, goody! I knew you’d agree!” “Wait, what?”
  30. “When are you going to give up on this whole ‘evil’ thing?” “When it stops being so much fun!”
  31. “You didnt say to KILL the man!” “WELL I DIDNT SAY NOT TOO”
  32. “Mum, Dad… I’m gay.” “That’s nice, honey, but now is not the right time!”
  33. “Take a look at your soul and consider your life choices! Oh wait, that’s right! You don’t fucking have a soul!” “Oh, god, just go drown in a bathtub of syrup why don’t ya?”
  34. “I kindly ask you to please quit making your heart stop. It’s creeping me out!” “So… Y-You were sleeping in a coffin” “Yeah I’m used to it” “Are you a vampire or what?! How can someone get used to sleep in a coffin?” “No I’m used to sleep I never said that I’m used to sleep in a freaking coffin!”
  35. “Darling I love you, more than I can ever express in words…. But please stop teaching chickens necromancy.”
  36. “I wanted to know why you stole souls, not your melodramatic backstory…”
  37. “I really wish that old white man would stop rubbing his nipples at me”
  38. “You know it is written: Do not summon Satan, right ?”
  39. “Look around, what is this?” “My room?” “No, this is pathetic.”
  40. “I’ve been a professor for 20 years, and yet still my greatest secret hasn’t been revealed–I can’t read.”
  41. “Our souls don’t belong in these 'human’ bodies, every one of us is implanted here from another galaxy, and this has been the case for a thousand years. No one knows what 'actual humans’ are like without us inhabiting them.”
  42. “Did you just create a portal in time and space to pull another version of yourself into this world so I have to deal with another annoying idiot?” “No but thanks for the idea.”
  43. “You’re bleeding?!” “Nah, I’m frolicing in a field of flowers - yes I’m bleeding!”
  44. “Let me get this straight. I tell you that I make a decent omelette and you somehow equate that to qualification for piloting a spaceship?”
  45. “It’s the weekend! Let’s hit the town! See a concert, redo our wardrobes, get high, start a crime ring, I don’t know.”
  46. “Keep running, you’ve only got 4HP!”
  47. “This is clearly your first time. Stop screaming already, you’ll wake the neighbors!”
  48. “Has anyone seen the outdoors?” “What the fuck is an outdoors?”
  49. “Why do I feel like this again, I thought we were done with this?”
  50. “Look, as much as I like to hang out with you, I’ve gotta go and save the earth. Toodles!”
  51. “Have you seen?… oh shit”
  52. “Two questions: one, how many matches do you have, and two, where do you keep your socks?”
  53. “Because fuck surveys, that’s why!”
  54. “Stop yelling out the window or the koalas will rip your face off!”
  55. “I guess when I heard 'Night of Debauchery’… I didn’t picture muffins on your pajamas.”
  56. “Honey, you can’t keep throwing people to the pit of pain and despair just because they don’t like choc mint ice cream.”
  57. “Oh, no honey, put that back…”
  58. “It’s going to be too late, you know. It’s always too late.”
  59. “Hey, so, uh… I’m in trouble…” “What did you do this time?” “I got stranded in Wales….. again…”
  60. “OK, but… how do we get the dog out of a hole in space in time exactly?”
  61. “Aren’t people supposed to grow instead of shrink ?”
  62. “Wait. You’re aroused?” “Why would that surprise you?” “It does on account of you being covered in blood. Wipe that smile off your face. You look like a cat in heat.”
  63. "I pay your taxes”
  64. “No, ____. We did not raise our hamster like this.”
  65. “You can’t run from your own shadow(s), what makes you think you can run from theirs?”
  66. “You adopted… a dog?” “Mate, that’s not a dog.”
  67. “And at this moment, he decided to punch himself in the face.” “Narrator, listen, I know you’ve been with me my whole life, but you’re a huge jerk.”
  68. “Why didn’t you tell me it was a portal BEFORE we ended up here?”
  69. “Is that…the Mona Lisa.” “…Yes…” “What did I say to you about stealing priceless artifacts!?” “…That I had to take you with me next time.” “Exactly!”
  70. “Yes, I agree, magic is pretty cool. But did you really have to use it for THIS?”
  71. “Despite the fact that was epic, you’re still suspended”
  72. “Chill, dad it’s not what you think it is!” “Well it looks like you’re making out with the demon your grandma banished to cellar…WHY IS HE IN YOUR ROOM?”
  73. “If you truly love me you’ll let me-OH FUCKING HELL DID YOU JUST STAB ME!?”
  74. “Spoon”
  75. “What began as a conflict over the transfer of consciousness from flesh to machines escalated into a war which has decimated a Million worlds.The ___ and the ___ have all but exhausted the the resources of a galaxy in their struggle for domination. Both sides, now crippled beyond repair, the remnants of their armies continue to battle on ravaged planets, their hatred fueled by over four thousand years of total war. This is a fight to the death. For each side, the only acceptable outcome is…“
  76. ”… I’m going back to bed. You brought it here, you can deal with the mammoth yourself.“
  77. "Is the food supposed to be moving?”
  78. “You mean to tell me that in the two minutes I was gone,  you bombed a minor country,  got married to a stripper,  and assassinated a world leader?!”
  79. “Is that a unicorn???? EATING MY BEEF JERKY?!”
  80. “Do I get to dream about you again tonight?”
  81. “Well now I have to change clothes AGAIN!”
  82. “All of this was because of a… OF A PLUSHIE?!” “Well…Yeah?” “Great, how are we going to get out of jail now?!”
  83. “So…you gonna tell me why my brother is upside down and why you’re wearing my purple thong?”
  84. “Did you really have to burn down another Cracker Barrel?”
  85. “Sir, that’s impossible, you can’t do that.” “IS THAT A FUCKING CHALLENGE?!?!”
  86. “We need to invade Portugal.” “…Sure, why not?”
  87. “Did you divide by zero?! YOU’RE GOING TO KILL US ALL”
  88. “Stand down, Milady, this is a matter between gentlemen with mustaches.”
  89. “Next time you get arrested I am NOT paying your bail” “That’s a lie and you know it.” “….”
  90. “I thought you were dead.” “So did I”
  91. “John dont flush the dog down the toilet”
  92. “What did I say again about resurrecting dictators??”
  93. “Cucumbers are NOT pets… what do you mean, you ate him??”
  94. “Are you and God seriously fighting right now? And what happened to Satan?”
  95. “Are ferrets supposed to be blue??”
  96. “I’m the protagonist? Well I guess that explains why I look like about a thousand other people.”
  97. “Why do I do this to myself?”
  98. “Stop eating your tortilla chips with ketchup. It’s unattractive.”
  99. “How do you eat an entire cheese wheel in one sitting?”
  100. “Why are God and Satan moving in with us?”

Let’s make one more ‘100 Dialogue Prompts’ list together. Leave a comment with your prompt below. Don’t forget the double quotes “”. And as always, only one prompt per amigo! Also, here is your random Dutch word of the day: pindakaas

I really don’t think Paige really loves Emily, it always feels like a competition when she’s around Emily. We know she has an abusive competitive past:

Those are just examples of her abusive competitive past. but when she’s around Emily she seems to care more about Alison than Emily.

It’s like

Emily: Hey

Paige: Okay, so Alison is a BULLY!! she needs to go to jail!!

Those are all from season 1-4, but even her recent behavior is terrible. Who in their right mind blames someone for having a mentally ill and an abusive con husband? She’s doing everything she can to get Emily to hate Alison and she’s been doing this for YEARS. It’s sad and embarrassing. 

besides her victim blaming, she’s also known for being obsessive and a stalker. Paily fans like to hate on Alison for being an adult with a bitchy attitude, but guess what, she’s a pregnant, hormonal, jealous women. I’d like to see Paily fans find an excuse for her stalking Emily or do they only have selective memory?

on top of all that, she gets a job at Rosewood High School as an athletic supervisor, something that didn’t exist until Paige got there..

Now, I don’t think Paige is trying to get close to Emily because she loves her, but because she’s working with AD. The picture below (credit: broswatchplltoo) shows AD/AD’s helper with hair exactly like Paige’s hair and I’m sure it’s not a wig because Jenna’s blind.

I came on Tumblr, saw a post that aggravated me and decided to make this so it wasn’t planned and is probably all over the place but hopefully it’s understandable 

I don’t want Sangwoo to go to jail.


What most people think I mean:

He’s so HOTTT. I don’t want himmm to go to jailllll.

What I really mean:

Killing Stalking is not a superhero movie! It’s not about ‘good guys winning’ and ‘bad guys getting punished. It’s about the struggles and lives of mentally ill people and if any of the characters gets ‘eliminated’ for any reason, we won’t have Killing Stalking. This is fiction, not reality. Sangwoo is fictional and so are his victims and we’re free to be creative and I don’t see why Sangwoo has to go to jail at all just because it’s morally right in real life. There are so many possible endings for this story and ‘Sangwoo going to jail’ is the most boring, most cliche and repetitive and the most predictable ending that can happen. I want an interesting story, I’m not here to see the most interesting character in the story gets ‘eliminated’ because ‘JUSTICE’ is important in real life. With that logic, literally ALL fictional stories should end with ‘the bad guy’ going to jail and I find that tedious. We UNDERSTAND what’s morally right or isn’t in real life. But this is not real life and we’re allowed to be creative and expect an unpredictable, unique ending!

Stop treating Killing Stalking like it’s real life. Realize the difference. Don’t think your ideal ending is the morally right ending and everyone else are scum or stupid because they have different expectations. Stop judging people over fictional media ffs!!

Okay but seriously

It’s been wonderful seeing all the Dad!Gabriel and Dad!Jack ideas going around for when Jesse first joins Blackwatch, but y’all are missing the PRIMEST OF PRIME opportunities here:

Jesse with not one BUT TWO Commander Dads with bad puns, dad jokes, and a whole slew of embarrassing ideas.


Gabriel basically rescues and adopts Jesse from Deadlock

Jack: …well. This is it, Jack.
Jack: you’re a dad now.
Jack: time to be a loving and supporting partner to your husband in this endeavor, and a responsible and warmhearted role model to this poor kid who has had so much go wrong in his young life.
Jack: …
Jack: guess I gotta learn how to golf now.  
Jack: …
Jack: and also buy all my clothes from Costco.                      

Five minutes later

Gabriel: …what the actual fuck are you wearing
*Jack in Hawaiian button up, cargo shorts, socks and sandals*
Jack: …
Jack: we’re dads now, Gabe.
Gabriel: …
Gabriel: shit you’re right

Five minutes later

Jesse comes outside into the break area of the Watchpoint.

Jesse: hey, y'all seen my hat anywhere? I think Fareeha hid it - CHICKEN ON A DONKEY WHAT THE FUCK
*Jack and Gabe practicing really bad golf swings in Hawaiian shirts, cargo shorts, and socks and sandals*
Jack: hello, kiddo
Gabe: sup, chico
Jesse: …
Jesse: Hey uh
Jesse: can I choose to go to jail instead      

Twenty minutes later

Ana: I should have expected this from you, Jack
Ana: but you too, Gabriel?? I expected better from you
Torbjörn: …you expected better from Gabriel “I wear my beanie in New Mexico” Reyes?
Gabriel: I detect some sarcasm there
Jack: Ana…Ana, don’t you see?
Ana: ??
Jack: we have a TEENAGER living in the base with us
Ana: …
Torbjörn: …
Reinhardt: …team, we know what we must do

Five minutes later

Jesse: still can’t find my hat - CHEESE WHIZ ON A CRACKER WHAT
*Entire Strike team in Hawaiian shirts, cargo shorts, socks and sandals*
Jesse: …
Jack: …we’re all dads now

Twenty years later

In the theater on the Hollywood map

Jesse: …
Shiver Reaper: …
Golden 76: …
Shiver Reaper: hey, chico
Golden 76: how ya doin’, kid?
Jesse: …
Hanzo: …do you know these people, Jesse?
Jesse: …nah
Lúcio: introduce us to your friends!
Jesse: …extra hell nah
Golden 76: hey Jesse
Golden 76: watch this!
*Golden 76 starts doing push ups*
Hanzo: …
Lúcio: …
Sombra: …
Jesse: how.  why.
Shiver Reaper: …like you’re one to talk
Shiver Reaper: you look ridiculous
Jesse: …
*flashbacks to late adolescent and young adult years of his foster fathers in bad polo shirts and ugly plaid pants and Daredevil 76 and Pumpkin Reaper*
*Jesse McCree has left the game.*
Shiver Reaper: …
Golden 76: …
*Reaper and Soldier: 76 high-five*
Golden 76: We still got it.

(I cannot believe I have to add this but do not tag this as mc*/reyes//76 or any variation thereof)

Some highlights from our campaign – and, yes, one of our party members named Jackie Chan


Jackie Chan, at the end of an encounter: Okay let’s go to Taco Bell

DM, sighing deeply: Okay, so, you all go to Fantasy Taco Bell


Me: Can we find a place to buy potions or something?

Jackie Chan: Is there a Costco or something?

DM: There is no Fantasy Costco on this island. 


Jackie Chan: I love Fantasy Mariah Carey


DM: you now hold the speaking stone–

Me: Ye Olde Bluetooth 


I have also managed to earn the title ‘our ripped cleric’ and our bard insulted a pile of rocks for 3 turns. One of us also spent the majority of a session in jail while wearing only booty shorts.


TRIGGER  MENTIONS : death, murder, threats, nsfw, gore, violence, and torment/torture.

  • ❝ They say that battle changes you. ❞ 
  • ❝ Your mind tricks won’t harm me. ❞ 
  • ❝ This sure is a funny way to show it. ❞ 
  • ❝ Your heartbeat says you’re lying. ❞ 
  • ❝ I took one life to save millions. ❞ 
  • ❝ Ready for some slapstick? ❞ 
  • ❝ Everyone has a price, even you. ❞ 
  • ❝ I don’t want to hurt you. ❞ 
  • ❝ Still trying to kill me? ❞ 
  • ❝ I need help testing some new gear. ❞ 
  • ❝ We both knew it would come to this. ❞ 
  • ❝ I’ll try to make it painless. ❞ 
  • ❝ Today, we show the world that we are superior ❞ 
  • ❝ Good worlds are hard to come by. ❞ 
  • ❝ All screamed out?  ❞ 
  • ❝ I’ll claw my way out, never back me into a corner. ❞ 
  • ❝ Hit me like you mean it, hero.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Come on, lift up that mask  ❞ 
  • ❝ You know, we’re both getting too old for this.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Let me guess… I’m going back to jail.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Those rumors are greatly exaggerated. ❞ 
  • ❝ Don’t you get tired of shooting people?  ❞ 
  • ❝ Let’s kill you and see where that gets us. ❞ 
  • ❝ When did I get on your bad side?  ❞ 
  • ❝ I’ll sell your organs and your spare parts. ❞ 
  • ❝ Shoot yourself and spare me the trouble.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Maybe someone can teach you to shut up. ❞ 
  • ❝ I really don’t like being told what to do.  ❞ 
  • ❝ I think you’ll find it hard to hit me, chum.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Stop tryin’ to kill me, will ya ❞ 
  • ❝ Let nature run its course.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Did I mention I’m poison ❞ 
  • ❝ I’ll spit on your grave.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Hope you don’t mind a few scars. ❞ 
  • ❝ A little torture wasn’t gonna break me.  ❞ 
  • ❝ You would have whipped them into submission. ❞ 
  • ❝ Violence will reveal your true nature. ❞ 
  • ❝ What’s the other one gonna be busy with?  ❞ 
  • ❝ You are nothing without your powers! ❞ 
  • ❝ There’s no other reason for you to be here. ❞ 
  • ❝ You want anger? I’ve got anger ❞ 
  • ❝ Insects and humans are much the same.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Now that I’m out, your days are numbered.  ❞ 
  • ❝ I hope you brought more than insults. ❞ 
  • ❝ You had any sense, you’d go home.  ❞ 
  • ❝ That’s a good way to get yourself killed. ❞ 
  • ❝ Uh, I kinda have dibs on the whole red thing.   ❞ 
  • ❝ You gotta commit to being a hero. ❞ 
  • ❝ That’s kind of a thing with you isn’t it? ❞ 
  • ❝ You know what… let’s skip the interrogation. ❞ 
  • ❝ A bit of brain-bashing would be relaxing…  ❞ 
  • ❝ C'mon, give a girl / guy a break, will ya ❞ 
  • ❝ You’re all business and no pleasure.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Couldn’t you be intimidated, just this once? ❞ 
  • ❝ I have rocked up an impressive kill count.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Your interest sounds more than professional.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Aren’t you the least bit curious ❞ 
  • ❝ It doesn’t matter what I feel for you.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Loyalty was never your strength. ❞ 
  • ❝ You won’t joke once I have your tongue.  ❞ 
  • ❝ So you’re just one more thug with a gun. ❞ 
  • ❝ Yeah, that dream was really not safe for work.  ❞ 
  • ❝ As long as I live and breath, I fight evil doers.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Could you be any more melodramatic?  ❞ 
  • ❝ I’ll give you something to fear.  ❞ 
  • ❝ You can tap out if you wanna  ❞

anonymous asked:

What's a realistic alternative to prison?

Prison making people more likely to commit crimes is not a universal feature of prisons, just a feature of our prisons as they actually are. It doesn’t seem as true of Denmark’s prisons, probably because they are not horrible nightmares, affirm the autonomy and rights of the prisoners, have way more funding, and let prisoners do a lot more things. So, maybe this fails at ‘realistic’ but we could not torture people in prison and see if that helped. 

Otherwise, I think one important takeaway is that it’s easy to say ‘that should be illegal’ or ‘they should be in jail’ and we should be much more thoughtful about saying that. Lots of things are wrong, even abhorrent, but given the way the U.S. prison system works it might still be the wrong call to send people to prison for them.

(We should legalize most drugs.)

(We should legalize all sex work.)

Things I don’t know of empirical evidence for, but am mildly optimistic about:

Programs where you go to jail on weekends and work during the week, particularly for crimes that were committed as a result of being in a high-crime environment where it was easiest, and which might be prevented by having the means to leave the high-crime environment.

Vastly more flexibility for people to work in prison, so that they can save meaningful amounts of money and leave with the resources to avoid getting into bad situations again. I’d be tempted to try literally just paying a deposit and six months’ rent for a lot of people getting out of prison, so they have figuring-stuff-out time. 

Universal free internet access in prison, so people can maintain relationships, have a peer group that is not primarily “other people who have committed crimes”, and not be totally culturally adrift when they get out of prison.

(”But if prison were nice wouldn’t people not be deterred?” A prison nice enough that it can rehabilitate people is probably a reasonably nice place to live. I am not convinced this is a bad thing.)

Superhero AUs

- ‘I’m a supervillain staying up all night to polish my evil schemes, you’re the barista in the coffee shop across the road from my lair who is definitely starting to suspect something’ AU
- ‘I’m a superhero who works part time in a coffee shop, you’re the ‘civilian’ who’s coffee sprees exactly coincide with my nemesis’ latest evil scheme planning phase’ AU

- ‘Are you asking me on a date or trying to kill me because I honestly can’t tell’ AU
- ‘I can’t decide whether I want to kiss you or kill you, you infuriatingly attractive dickhead of a nemesis’ AU

- ‘I’m the sole member of the local supervillain fan club and I was not expecting to find you actively bleeding out on my couch, the membership was mainly ironic btw’ AU
- ‘You’re the sole member of my fan club and my nemesis is genuinely out to kill me, I have no one else to turn to, please dear god help me I’ll do anything’ AU

- ‘I think my roommate is the local superhero and also my nemesis, but they’re the grumpiest human being alive and their alter ego is really personable’ AU
- ‘I think my roommate is my supervillain nemesis but they’re an absolute ray of sunshine and their other persona is a total megalomaniac complete with evil cackling’ AU

- ‘I know your secret ID and I’m using it to blackmail you into baking me brownies, oh dear does this make me a supervillain’ AU
- ‘Someone in the building knows my hero ID, but they’re only using it to blackmail brownies out of me, please sort out your priorities I’m almost insulted’ AU

- ‘You have superpowers and you’re not even using them?’ AU
- ‘I grew up surrounded by heroes and villains, I just want to live a normal life please stop asking me to levitate things in public, my extended family might find me and frankly it’s just plain insensitive’ AU

- ‘I’m a small town hero with a massive power set, you’re the Hero League’s representative sent to recruit me, but I’m fiercely defensive of my home turf and I sent the last few representatives back to headquarters trembling and a little on fire’ AU
- ‘I’m the representative of the big Hero League, you’re the most powerful super I’ve ever heard of, please join up it’ll put my bosses’ noses right out of joint when you beat all of them in training (yes I’m using spite as a recruitment tool, is it working?)’ AU

- ‘I’m a supervillain and I just saved a small child from getting run over and you saw me do it, fuck off I’m not ‘secretly nice’ it was just a reflex, okay?’ AU
- ‘You’re the scariest supervillain around but I just saw you save a small child, I bet you secretly like puppies and chick flicks too’ AU

- ‘Well aren’t you just a massive cliché of a supervillain; seriously, a giant evil robot programmed to destroy the city if I don’t surrender immediately? That’s the best you can do? And here I was thinking you were my most original villain’ AU
- ‘I created a sentient giant robot that’s going to destroy the city if I don’t ask you out (after I told it about my crush and it became hellbent on getting us together), but I’m trying not to lose all of your respect, please just play along without making me spell it out’ AU

- ‘We were fighting and I touched your boob I’m so sorry please just take me to jail’ AU
- ‘I’ve never manage to catch you before, but now you’re willingly going to prison because you accidentally touched my boob, did you just unwittingly make my boobs my secret weapon?’ AU

Both [physical and emotional], and what that does to him, what that does to the team or does to his family will be very interesting… John Diggle, sergeant major, four tours in Afghanistan, married, divorced, married again, has a child, vigilante, father, husband, is probably the most evolved character on the show, arguably. I was talking to [executive producers] Marc [Guggenheim] and Wendy [Mericle], and we all seem to agree. I think you’re going to see Diggle in a way, unlike his brother coming back from the dead and killing his brother and leading to the death of Canary and going to jail and getting out, unlike all those things where we see things that Diggle can recover from. I think in Season 6 you’re gonna see Diggle be broken in a way he’s never been broken. And it starts in 601. It starts in the first episode. So I think you’re gonna see a dramatic change in what Diggle really has to deal with on an emotional and physical level in a way we haven’t seen.

David Ramsey reveales some of what will happen in Season 6 with Diggle [Cinemablend.com SDCC July 2017] 😱

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       Traits & symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder in Bum

Hello there! I’ve been meaning to do this post for so long, but decided to wait for the season to end instead.

Since so many people have their doubts on whether Bum has an accurate portrayal of BPD or if he even has that disorder, I’ll try to explain that over here as best as I can, coming from an actual person diagnosed with BPD and a psychology student.

We are gonna go through the DSM V criteria along with other traits that I consider worth mentioning.

Please bear with me!

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Do you have any headcanons about Luthors?

alsjkfkd i’ve been screaming at @danveers​ for like several hours now so BUD U BET I DO

ok so this is how i want the lena plot to go (i have more headcanons about every other character but like. this already got long whoops)

  • ok first and foremost, i want to see lena be upset, angry, shocked when she is arrested. i want her to be allowed to have those feelings and i want to be shown them because god lena has such an interesting backstory and such potential and that moment of pure resignation–she saved every alien in national city, never got thanked, and now she’s getting arrested–is going to break my heart and i am ready 
  • (no i’m not)
  • kara visits her in jail so quickly that lena almost has to wonder how fast the news is spreading but kara’s just so sweet, all “we’ll protect you,” and obvs lena knows kara is supergirl but it’s sweet even from kara–it’s a promise, a vow that she won’t partake in the gossip, and it means the world to lena
  • the deo doesn’t trust lena and thinks she’s bad but kara is like nope. nope she’s good. u are all wrong sorry lena is good that is a #Fact
  • kara ends up going off on her own to prove lena innocent. like she’s not against the deo in any way because they’re her friends, they’re her family. but she realizes she can do this–be supergirl, save the day, save the girl–on her own. she realizes she can, and she needs to, and she will
  • as she explores we get flashbacks: lillian trying to groom lena once she realizes lex is going to remain in jail for a very long time, but still being so so cold bc as lena said, lillian never really loved her. lena staring at all the terrible things her family has had a hand in making. 
  • flashbacks that on the surface look like lena is evil but if you know lena you know that the way she’s clenching her fists and grinding her jaw show that she hates it, all of it
  • at the same time, it’s her chance to be the golden child. it’s her change to be a luthor, and a tiny piece of her wants it. she doesn’t take it, of course she doesn’t, but every time her mother looks at her with that badly disguised contempt, her heart breaks a little more. she has no one
  • kara continues to visit lena in jail. they talk about anything, everything. lena tells her about those moments, about the frenzy after lex went to jail, about all the times she could have joined cadmus but didn’t
  • kara tells her about her aunt astra, about how hard it was when she was first adopted. she doesn’t give details, doesn’t reveal her secret, but just barely. after a moment of silence, kara reaches out, puts her hands on lena’s, hates the way a wrist adorns her own wrist and handcuffs ring around lena’s
  • i believe in you, kara says. lena stares; no one has said that to her before. kara seems to sense lena’s shock. she gives lena a look that’s pure supergirl determination, says it again: lena luthor, i believe in you. for the first time, lena doesn’t hate the sound of her last name
  • alex does some exploring of her own because she realizes kara wouldn’t be doing this if she didn’t really, truly believe it. she finds something, some tiny piece of info that looks odd, and sends it to kara. it cracks open another clue, and another, and kara figures it out: cadmus was behind the escape the entire time
  • lena is released, and she gives an exclusive interview to catco (read: kara) about how grateful she is that supergirl was able to prove her innocent, how she hopes the two will be able to work together more in the future
  • (kara begins to suspect lena knows. when lena blinks winks after saying “i can’t wait to see supergirl again,” kara knows lena knows)
  • but then, lena thinks it’s over, it’s done
  • she’s just happy she’s free, and she doesn’t really expect more from kara than that; in fact, she’s already gotten so much more than she expected
  • but then kara shows up at her door again, this time with food (“you just got out of jail and i don’t know if you’ve eaten you must be hungry im hungry anyway hi i hope you’re not busy,” kara says all in one breath)
  • lena hugs her, and then lena kisses her. kara drops the pizza
  • i’ll–uh, shit, i’ll get that– just– can i kiss you again first?
Night Sky Chateau (Jeff Atkins Smut)

While Ariana Grande sang through the speakers, people were dancing, drinking, and overall just having fun. Although prom was supposed to be one of the most special nights of your high school experience, right now it seemed like a regular school dance—except we’re in a hotel and not the gym. Between the saved money from bake sales, the Dollar Valentine’s, car washes, and other shit, we were able to make enough cash to have prom at this hotel called Night Sky Chateau. Pretty long name if you asked me, but it definitely suited it. Lights flashed all around the enormous dance hall, while I sat at one of the pushed aside tables. The song changes, everyone grinding one another. That’d be me and my date, if he hadn’t got a stomach virus and was bedridden in the hospital. Ate some expired sushi, and that was the end of it. I sigh, honestly just waiting for this night to end. I would go upstairs to my room, but a certain someone kept me down here. Jeff Atkins. He is honestly so sweet, unlike a lot of other people here. My eyes scanned around the room, before seeing him with my friend, Miranda. Also his girlfriend. Jeff did some of the cutest things for Miranda, and 9 out of 10 times she never deserved it. When they first got together, I knew how their relationship was gonna be. Miranda would use him as a sugar daddy, and give him sex and fake her love for him. Did it work? Hell fucking yeah. Did I wish it did? Fuck no. Jeff deserves better—he deserves me. I’m snapped out of my thoughts when Hannah sits next to me, pulling me into her side for a hug. I hugged her tightly, another pair of arms holding me on my other side. I take a glance, seeing Clay. I sigh, even my two best friends are finally dating, while I still sit alone. After Hannah tried to commit suicide, a miracle happened and she survived. Of course, Tony still had the tapes, and Hannah didn’t know what to do with them. So we did the only thing that made sense: show her parents and then the police. Bryce was put in jail, Courtney finally admitted to being lesbian, and everyone else on the tapes had been exposed for what they did. Clay officially asked Hannah to be his girlfriend, and here we are today. “What’s going on over here?” I hear Tony ask, Hannah, Clay, and I all letting go of each other. “Hey Tony.” I smile, a hint of sadness in my voice. Tony sits across from us, drinking from a can of Coca Cola. “Thinking about Jeff again, aren’t you?” Tony questions, Hannah and Clay looking at me. “No.” I lie, but the three of them see right through it. “Yes.” I sigh, after Hannah gives me a look. “I don’t know why you just don’t speak to him, and tell him your feelings.” Clay says. I glare at him, Hannah gives him a “I know you’re not talking” look, while Tony just shakes his head and sighs. “What?” Clay asks confused. “I know you’re not talking, considering how you ended up with Hannah. Hell, you even had a damn coach to talk to her so hush.” I explain, Hannah and Tony laughing, while Clay turns redder than Tony’s mustang. “(Y/N)!” I hear my name being called, the voice coming from Miranda. “Be right back, guys.” I say to the trio, walking off to see what Miranda wants. “Hey, what’s up.” I greet her, a cup of punch in her hand. “How you liking prom? Happy I brought you?” Miranda smiles, taking a sip from her cup. If you mean, dragging me out of my house, and kidnapping me to go to a dance with no date, just to leave me by myself hidden in a corner, then yes. I love that you brought me here. I think in my head, but say a simple yeah. “Well, where’s Jeff? You two were pretty comfortable on the dance floor.” I say, not knowing what to say or do. “(Y/N), please. I honestly don’t know or care, matter of fact. He’s yet to put a ring on my finger, claiming we should wait till after school ends.” Miranda rolls her eyes, me internally choking her. “Like how much time does one person need to feel ready for marriage? It’s not like I’m gonna stay afterwards. Hell, I might sign the prenup as he’s getting down on one knee.” She shrugs her shoulders, taking another sip of her drink. “Seriously, Miranda? You do realize he actually loves you right?” I say, not being able to hide my disgust, but like everything else I say or do, Miranda doesn’t notice. “That just gives me more leverage. If he would propose already, that scholarship would be mine too. It’d be my way out of this boring shit hole, now that Bryce is gone.” Miranda whines. “What the hell are you talking about Bryce for?” I say utterly confused, my eyebrows knit together. “(Y/N), you honestly think I was fucking Jeff for a relationship?” Miranda snorts. “Bryce is my actual boyfriend, Jeff is just a side piece.” Before I could even reply to that, I hear someone scoff. I look behind me, met with Jeff. “Are you fucking kidding me, Miranda?” Jeff’s voice is thick with anger, while Miranda stands there in shock. “Baby, that was all a prank, you know I lov—” Miranda tries to grab him, but Jeff yanks his arm back with a shake of his head. “Stay away from me.” With that, Jeff walks out of the dancehall. I go to follow him, but Miranda pulls me back. “Where are you going?” She questions, tears in her eyes. “Fuck you Miranda. Jeff should’ve never even gave you the time of day, and neither should I.” I yank my arm away from her, running after Jeff. I see Jeff get in an elevator, before running towards him. I get in the elevator just in time, Jeff sighing. “(Y/N), what do you want?” His voice is weary, his eyes closed as he leans against the wall of the elevator. Something comes over me, causing me to kiss Jeff. After awhile of him not kissing back, I pull away and start to apologize. He just stares at me as I continue to ramble, before grabbing my face in his hands and kissing me. I kiss back, the kiss turning into a make out session. Jeff picks me up, pushing me against the wall he used to lean against. His lips move down to my neck, nipping and sucking all over it. “You mind being a rebound for tonight?” Jeff asks, against my neck. A small amount of pain pokes my heart, but his lips make it all disappear. “No.” My answer comes out breathy, my fingers tangling in his hair. The doors to the elevator open, Jeff taking us to his room. He holds me up with one arm, his other hand unlocking the door for us. He walks us in, closing the door with his foot before slamming me against it. I moan low, Jeff kissing my neck and grabbing at my ass. I hear the sound of a lock, Jeff bringing us to the bed. He drops me on the bed, before we both strip. Jeff drops to his knees in front of me, spreading my legs. “We’re gonna play a little game, alright?” Jeff looks up at me, his hands placed on my knees. “I’m gonna write a letter, and you have to guess it. Get it right, we go on to the next one. Get it wrong, you get punished and try again. Understood?” “But, Jeff—” I get cut off quickly. “It’s daddy, baby girl, daddy.” He smirks, before licking a long stripe up my heat. I moan loudly, covering my mouth instantly. “Baby girl, don’t.” Jeff pulls my hand away from my mouth. “I wanna hear you.” I nod, Jeff going back to his letters. He does two half circles, after doing the line again. “B-b.” I stutter, my stomach clenching at the feel of Jeff’s tongue against me. “Correct.” He does the next one, but I can’t think of it so I guess. “R?” I ask, hoping I’m right. A hard slap against my thigh, makes me jump from the bed with a slight shriek. “Try again, baby.” Jeff does the same thing, but I still don’t know. “M?” This time I feel his fingers pinch my clit, my body shivering as I cum at the touch of pain and pleasure. “Wrong again, baby girl, and you came without permission.” Jeff shakes his head and sighs, I bite my lip. “One last time, or else it’s over.” He does it again, my mind finally getting it. “N?” Jeff nodding, gently rubbing my thigh. “Good girl.” He kisses my inner thigh. By the time we’re done with the alphabet, I’ve came 6 times altogether. I close my eyes, my pussy sensitive at this point. “Baby girl, you think I’m done?” Jeff asks, a smirk clear in his voice. I look up at him, his body hovering over mine. I slightly nod, my body still going through the motions. “I’m sorry to say baby girl, but we’re just getting started.” The biggest smirk is planted onto his face, before he lays down next to me. “Show daddy what you can do.” I find the energy to get up, and line myself with him. I slowly slide down his cock, the stretch bringing tears to my eyes. Big is an understatement, as Jeff completely fills me. “Holy shit.” He grunts, while I try my best not to cum right here on the spot. I lay my hands on his chest, lightly scratching him as I get used to his size. Once I’ve got used to him in me, I start to bounce up and down, Jeff’s hands grabbing a hold of my hips tightly. I can feel the bruises growing under his fingertips, but the enormous amount of pleasure I’m in surpasses the thought of it. Jeff starts to buck his hips up, putting me in shock for a second, as I squirt all over him and the comforter. We both look at each other in shock, going harder and faster. Jeff flips us over, his strokes slow but deep. I feel every of inch of his cock in me, my nails creating patterns of scratches up and down his back, but that just makes Jeff go harder. He puts my right leg on his left shoulder, wrapping my left leg on his right hip. The change in angle has me screaming so loud, my throat starts to hurt. A thrust harder than the last, brings me over the edge, me squirting for the second time in my life. Jeff keeps going, kissing me on the lips and neck again. Jeff pulls out, turning me on my stomach. He pulls my butt up, pushing my head down slightly, me arching my back to help him out. He slams into me, my hands clawing at the sheets, my moans and screams muffled by one of the many pillows. “You’re on the pill, right?” Jeff grunts, me answering with a yes. In a blink of an eye, Jeff shoots his load in me, me squirting all over again. Jeff pulls out before falling down on to the bed next to me. After a minute or so, Jeff gets up, getting a towel from the bathroom to clean us up. I get up, pulling the comforter off the bed, thankful the sheets underneath are still dry. I get under the sheets, Jeff laying behind me, wrapping his arm around my waist. “If being your rebound gets me this, oh I’ll be waiting for your next break up.” I joke, the rumble of Jeff’s chest because of his laughter, vibrating my back. “Or…” Jeff trails off, making me turn around to face him. “You just get it any time, by being my girl.” He kisses me. “I’d like that.” I smile, kissing him.

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On FP Jones and his son, Jughead

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I don’t talk about my personal life much on here. Suffice to say, I grew up in an intensely chaotic and dysfunctional home, with an addict, often absent parent. 

And there’s something really beautiful and real about how RAS and the Riverdale writers have chosen to tell FP’s story, specifically as it relates to his relationship with Jughead. 

I’ve learned (from years of therapy) that more often than not, addicts do love their children, more than they can put into words. That doesn’t mean that their inability to be there for their kids, to parent their kids, to show that love for their kids, isn’t destructive. But it also doesn’t mean they’re pure villains in their story. 

You can see the destruction that FP has wrought on Jughead: in his reluctance to open up to others, in his tendencies to withdraw, in his distrust of genuine love coming his way. 

It’s why he immediately pulled away from Archie when his childhood best friend bailed on him. It’s why he doesn’t believe that Betty will stay with him. It’s why he goes out of his way to be a weirdo, why he wears that stupid hat. He pushes people away because he’s used to them going away and he just wants to get on with it.

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You can also see the guilt and shame FP feels over how he’s failed his son: in his inconsistent but genuine attempts to communicate with him, in his fury over Fred stepping into his place, and definitely in his tendency to go back to drinking. 

FP has chosen his addiction over his family again, and again, and again. And the hurt from that pattern of choices can take years, and years, and years to mend. If you’re not ready to start that process, trying to start that process will more often than not wind up being a chaotic failure.

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The way FP and Jughead’s story played out in S1 felt so accurate to me. Because when you’re the child of an addict, you know you shouldn’t hope that this is the last time they’ll let you down, this is the time the sobriety will stick, this is when we’re finally going to be a normal family.

But you hope anyway. And it’s devastating every single time they let you down.

So when Jughead went to see FP in jail, when he cried and told him he was really happy until it all fell apart again, it broke my heart in pieces because I’ve felt that. Because our parents are our litmus test for strength, and love, and stability. And when they can’t give that to us, it makes it hard to believe we can find it anywhere else. And when they give it, and then take it away again, it calls into question anything else that’s good in our lives. 

In having FP let him down again, Jughead wasn’t just losing the sense of happiness that came from getting reacquainted with his father. He was losing grip on the hope he had for the rest of his life going okay, too. 

And when FP was every bit as sad, every bit as brokenhearted that his attempts at mending his relationship with his son had gone south, I felt sad for him, too. 

Dysfunctional people choose dysfunctional ways of showing their love. They can’t come out and say “I love you,” they can’t display it by getting up, and making school lunches, and planning play dates. 

FP’s ways of loving his son are so fucking dysfunctional. He knows where his son will go to live once he’s left home. He shows up drunk to try to bail him out of jail. He tries to stop him from self-destructing, too. He lets himself be framed for a damned murder to try to protect Jughead. He keeps his favorite stuffed animal from childhood.

That’s what makes that deleted scene from 1x10 so especially, exhaustingly sad. The thought and care that went into FP keeping something he knows meant a lot to his son. The hope that, once again, Jughead feels in seeing that his father does care. It’s all so sweet, but it’s so sad, and it’s so typical.  

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Because FP wasn’t a good father. He isn’t a good father. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his son. And despite all the hurt, and the frustration, and the anger at being emotionally abandoned, Jughead still wants to love his dad. 

On the subject of Glanni having a Youtube channel-

Imagine he kidnaps the kids and does a series of vlogs about it. It starts out as taunting Ithro, but halfway through the first one they manage to escape the cage or the ropes or whatever and start running around in the background knocking things over and yelling

It all quickly descends into chaos. Glanni chases them around the room for a while but gets tired and falls over. Halla shoots the camera with her slingshot and knocks it over and the rest of the video is blurry brightly-colored shapes harassing a pink-and-black blob on the floor.

Glanni uploads another video the next day but his hair is messy and his eyeliner is crooked. He tries again to threaten Ithro, but gets hit in the head by a spitball. He shoves them in the bathroom and barricades the door but they all start singing ‘Rikki Han ur Bestur’ really loudly and you can’t hear what he’s saying over that.

By the final video Glanni has stickers on his face, the room is a wreck and the camera lens is cracked. The first half of the video is just him sobbing with his head in his hands while the kids construct a chair fort in the background. Nenni is wearing Glanni’s hat and standing on top of the fort, Solla is sitting on his jacket and Maggi and Siggy are pulling it around like a sled, Goggi is doing something with the power outlets that is making the lights flicker on and off, and Halla pulls funny faces behind Glanni’s back.

Eventually Ithro breaks down the door and the kids cheer. Glanni immediately jumps into his arms and cries on his shoulder. Solla comandeers the camera and the rest of the video is just close-ups of peoples’ nostrils and blurry shots of Glanni clinging to Ithro and crying.

Later Glanni uploads another video from jail (nobody’s sure how) that’s called ‘So That Didn’t Go So Well’ that’s just him putting his chin in his hand and looking at the floor for five minutes. He still has a sticker in his hair. Half the comments are from the kids saying stuff like ‘thanks for the fun time glanni! hope we can play together again :)’ and the rest are from his fans and they’re all along the lines of ‘BUT DID YOU FUCK THE ELF YET’ ‘IS THE ELF GOOD IN BED’ etc. etc.

the most upvoted comment is from Ithro and it’s literally just this face: ;^{) 

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um who tf is calling michael that?? someone fight them,, jake? rich? chloe? anyone? will you fight them??

Jake: Jeremy has started a few fights, but The entire group started somewhat a riot at lunch.
Jake: All of us were told we’d be suspended if we caused conflict again.
Jake: But I can tell you with 100% honestly, I’d fucking destroy someone if they called him that agin.
Jake: I might go to jail for murder if someone says it to Rich.

 a series of unfortunate events,
 book the second: the reptile room.

  • i’m sorry if you’re uncomfortable. 
  • after living so long in the city, i think you will find the countryside to be a pleasant change. 
  • he has travelled a great deal, so he has plenty of stories to tell. 
  • i’ve heard his house is filled with things he’s brought from all the places he’s been.
  • i’m sure he’s very sensitive about that, so don’t ridicule him. 
  • this is really perfect timing! i just finished making a coconut cream cake!
  • questions show an inquisitive mind. 
  • that is interesting. very interesting. but isn’t it dangerous?
  • i will be glad to have your help.
  • well, we’d better get started. 
  • no time like the present, i always say. 
  • he doesn’t seem intimidating at all. 
  • i’m so excited to have you here with me, you’re lucky i’m not speaking gibberish. 
  • i hope he is torn apart by wild animals someday. 
  • this is an amazing place. 
  • because i discovered it, i got to name it.
  • you must be very frightened. 
  • it’s a misnomer. 
  • my god! it’s escaped! 
  • won’t that be hysterical? 
  • are there any snakes in this room that are dangerous?
  • i have a whole cabinet of venom samples from every poisonous snake known to people. 
  • what does ‘giddy’ mean?
  • i wish we still lived in our real home. 
  • they wouldn’t want us to be miserable. 
  • i’m not going to give you a tip because you talk too much. not everybody wants to hear about your new baby, you know. 
  • we will certainly not help you with your luggage because we will not let you in this house. 
  • we are not midgets, we are children. 
  • you are still the same despicable person and we will not let you in this house. 
  • i don’t know what you’re talking about. 
  • if i got angry, who knows what i would do?
  • we’ll have lots of time to get to know one another later. 
  • you obviously haven’t changed a bit. 
  • it is clear to me that you are as stubborn as ever. 
  • you wouldn’t dare. 
  • let’s not discuss what i would or would not dare to do.
  • i think we should run away. 
  • we haven’t any money.
  • i hate losing my train of thought.
  • i suppose we have to go in now. 
  • i don’t mean to be vainglorious. 
  • when people are jealous, they will do anything. they will do crazy things.
  • i’m afraid i don’t quite follow you. 
  • this sort of behaviour is indeed as dastardly as that terrible man’s. 
  • it’s a good thing it didn’t land on my head, or it really could have done some damage. 
  • we’ll find a place for it where it’s safe. 
  • you’ve always been clever. a little too clever for my taste, but you won’t be around for long, so i’m not troubled by it. 
  • you’re not very clever yourself.
  • if i wanted to harm you, your blood would already be pouring down these stairs like a waterfall. 
  • you needn’t be afraid of me, until we find ourselves in a location where crimes are more difficult to trace.
  • even the best plans can change if there’s an accident.
  • accidents happen all the time.
  • last night i felt as if i were in a jail cell, worrying all by myself.
  • what a terrible accident has happened here.
  • stop it! don’t talk like that! 
  • we’re not going anywhere with you. 
  • i am so tired of having to explain everything to you. you’re supposed to be so very smart, and yet you always seem to forget about this! 
  • this is my knife. it is very sharp and very eager to hurt you – almost as eager as i am. 
  • if you don’t do what i say, you will suffer bodily harm.
  • luckily, it looks like nobody was hurt. 
  • i’m sorry to tell you there’s been a horrible accident. 
  • try to understand. there’s been a serious accident. 
  • would you mind showing me your ankle? 
  • i believe that speed is of the essence in an emergency, don’t you?
  • why did you say 'murder’? 
  • terrible accidents, i have found, are often odd. 
  • if it wasn’t an accident, then someone would have had to do this on purpose.
  • we know the truth, but in order to convince the adults, we have to find evidence and proof of his plan. 
  • it’ll be perfectly safe.
  • that scream is absolutely fake. 
  • you were lying! and you are lying now! 
  • you’re nothing but a liar and a murderer!
  • nice girls shouldn’t know how to do such things. 
  • she is a nice girl, and she knows how to do all sorts of things. 
  • we weren’t suspicious! if someone is suspicious, it means they’re not sure! 
  • i would have had nothing to gain from his death. 
  • if you are really who they say you are, the germs are the least of your problems. 
  • i am most definitely shocked. 
  • that’s nothing compared to what i will do to you. you have won this round, but i will return for your fortune and for your precious skin. 
  • this is not a game, you horrible man.
  • dominos is a game. water polo is a game. murder is a crime, and you will go to jail for it.
  • i can’t let you run out after two dangerous criminals. 
  • i am responsible for the safety of you and i will not have any harm come to you. 
  • a grown man does not get involved in a car chase.
  • he was a brilliant man and we will always remember him as such. 
  • it’s nice you feel that way. 
  • you’re brilliant.
a long list of my favorite pokemon headcanons

wrote ‘em up cause I’m bored, which is how most of my posts come to be.

these are in no specific order. some were def inspired by other people. links provided for further info on a few of ‘em.

uhh… yeah. I did say it was a long list. I was really bored.

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If it isnt too much for me to ask, do you think we could get a Bioshock family photo? Made with Atlas and the lil sis's included? Idk. I just wanted something like that at the ending of it all. They all went to the surface together and lived out the rest of their together, happy and healthy. If you don't wanna that's completely fine! I love your work, it's very distinct and beautiful! (your color choices are flawless!!!)

And they all lived happily ever after. Except for Uncle Frank. Uncle Frank is going to jail for a really long time, so he can think about what he’s done