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Thoughts on Orange is the New Black season 3?

Glad you asked, anon.

Here we go, (spoilers -duh)

- That first episode was AWFUL. Worst of the show by far - and considering how good the first episode of season 2 was (great suspense, great pacing, well directed) it was shocking how bad the opener of the new season was (Poorly paced, overly simplistic scenarios and the flashbacks … oh my god were those flashbacks stupid  – “Oh nicki’s mom is bad, because she didn’t read the card” - is this a crap kids movie I’m watching, jesus. Thank god Nicki got a much more complex flashback later on. And what the fuck was that flashback with Healy? That was so ridiculous and out of nowhere that it looked like something from a comedy or american horror story.

- Loved Taystee becoming the mom of the group - and Taystee and Suzanne’s relationship was great … but … where’s the Taystee and Poussey’s friendship gone? They were my favourites and they hardly had any stuff together this season.

- I love Flaca! Her character was a great addition to the season and I’m glad they gave her more depth.

- The scene with Nicki in the van was brilliant, very well acted - one of the best moments of the season.

- I don’t really get the whole Norma-as-a-religion thing. It just seemed kind of weird but also kind of boring. It wasn’t normal enough to be taken seriously but also not strange enough to be funny or interesting.

- Red + Mr Healy … excuse me while I throw up.

- I don’t care about Piper’s brother and his wife. I. dont. care.

- Piper is TERRIBLE. Not even in a good way. 

I actually liked Piper in 1+2, she wasn’t my favourite but she served the story and I appreciated the writers letting Piper make mistakes and be called out on them - it made her feel real and flawed. 

But after this season, I could barely stand to watch any scene with her. She was so annoying. One minute she’s angry at Alex, then she’s fucking her, then she’s pissed off at Alex for being scared for her life and goes to the next white conventionally attractive woman to fuck  – and every little thing she complained about made me roll my eyes into my skull. She was rude to Red, Alex and Flaca for no fucking reason and I don’t know why I should care about her.

Also, I have no clue who Ruby Rose is but … I don’t care. Stella was boring. I can’t believe that characters like Poussey, Suzanne and Daya got shoved aside so that this pretty girl with tattoos could flirt with Piper.

Also this whole “piper turns to the dark side” thing – Piper is not Walter White. She’s not Cersei Lannister. She’s not even Draco Malfoy. Piper cannot pull off being this hardass mastermind - because she’s not. She’s a whiny, waspy, skinny, condescending know-it-all who is out of her depth - not a badass, slow talking, soul crushing monarch, she doesn’t have the presence for that.

- Pennsatucky and Big Boo were great - the actresses have a great chemistry and their relationship felt very natural. Loved watching them. 

- Everything with Black Cindy was golden.

- Why did Caputo have an episode? Why?

- Why did Bennett have an episode? What did we need to know about him that we didn’t already know?

- Speaking of Bennett - WHERE THE FUCK DID HE GO??

- I think the audience deserved to see a proper birth scene with Daya since it’s been built up for so long now and yet it was glossed over so quickly, I almost forgot it happened.And apparently the show forgot about John because hardly anyone mentions his absence.

- That girl who wants a romance with Suzanne - where did she come from? In fact, where did that storyline come from? I don’t care about this random girl wanting to have sex with Suzanne - what about Suzanne’s relationship with her parents - you know, that thing that the writers have been building up to?

- The Suzanne-writing-erotica-but-everyone-gets-into-it storyline was dumb. I’ve seen storylines like this used for filler in other shows and this show should be better than that - and it went on    f o r e v e r    too.

- Whoa I almost completely forgot about the story involving Caputo managing deal with that guy and his Dad and all the business meetings concerning the prison …. I wonder why? Probably because it was boring as fuck and a waste of screentime.

- Overall not as good as season 1 + 2 - but had enough redeeming qualities to ensure that I keep watching

(If you disagree - that’s totally cool. This is just my opinion)

– Violet

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I may be in the minority here, but I kinda of wished they let Delena die out. They had the a good way for it to end, with Damon wanting her to have a full life and Elena realizing that she may never have a healthy relationship if she's with him. They could have both been happy without each other and end the endless unhealthy cycles of their relationship. It was nice while it lasted, but their beating a dead horse. Even more now that they've tainted looking for Bonnie, with Delena being a reward.

Of course you can have your opinion. I mean, it’s completely normal. I don’t think everyone enjoys the same things in the show.

I can’t say I share it. I’m in for complicated and long journeys with many obstacles. But it’s my thing. If you don’t like it, it’s fine.

The writers don’t have any plans to drop it, not this season (and honestly I think not ever, but that’s what I believe).

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no disrepect but....youtube IS a business. It is utilized differently from a website like vessel of course but at the end of the day youtube is a huge cooperation that is very much part of an industry ;) i think it's important to remember with these kinds of things that "if you are not paying for a product, you ARE the product"

Oh I completely agree. But I think that this is only going to widen the gap between big youtubers and everyone else, and it’s not really the spirit of youtube where the idea is that anyone can join in. I don’t think it’s harmful I think it’s obnoxious to prioritize the fans with bigger pockets and ruin the fun earlier. 

Much ado about a fucking costume

I don’t really get why everyone is so eager to bash Julianne Hough for her “blackface” incident (if you insist on referring to it as such). She was dressed as a character from a recent, popular, television program (Orange is the New Black, on Netflix only). She was part of a group costume- everyone was a character from the show. People paint their faces green every year and call themselves witches. I know it’s not the same as calling yourself “black” or “white” or any racial identifier for that matter. Still, we can dress up as animals, criminals, supernatural and undead beings, but we cannot dress up as other people if they are not the same race as we are? Halloween is a day to dress up in costume- as in, something or someone other than yourself!

It’s 2013. Wake up people. Not everything is based on hate or ignorance or intolerance, even. Maybe ms. Hough wore her costume because she’s so not racist, that the thought that her costume may offend someone, didn’t cross her mind. Maybe she listened to Morgan Freeman when he asked that we stop acknowledging each other’s race before each other. Maybe she drew straws with her friends and got the short one and that’s the costume she got stuck with. Maybe it’s not that big of a fucking deal.

But… If we are insisting on making it a big deal, then I encourage everyone to check out this episode of “TI and Tiny: family hustle”, in which two African American women attempt to “be white for a day” :


Go ahead, bask in the hypocrisy.

Please don’t misinterpret this post as a racial rant. It isn’t. It’s more of a I-really-don’t-understand-society post. Because, sometimes, I really don’t.

Don’t dismiss something you have never read or seen just because it doesn’t align with your beliefs. Read the books and watch the documentaries you disagree with. Try and understand even if you don’t agree with it.  If you don’t have an open mind and shut everything out you are closing yourself off to a world of possibilities. Learn from others. Don’t be a bigot. 

on nearly every recent gazette single, the first song (aka the one with the pv) is usually not the BEST on the entire single,

therefore, i wish people would stop judging the gazette’s new music based on the first song on the single. usually, for me, the last song on the single always ends up being my favorite.

so, anyone who has lost faith in the gazette, just listen to the WHOLE single, and then if you still don’t like it you can judge.

I’m getting real pissed off with some of you like 

grow up, we knew Cas/April was going to happen months ago, and you know what, you’re right, I don’t have the right to tell you how to feel so, if you want to get yourself bent out of shape over something minor and do that whole ‘OMG NO CAS CAN’T KISS DEAN SHE CAN GO KICK ROCKS’ then be my guest, but now it’s gotten to the point to where one, you’re making yourself look hella stupid and secondly, you’re making the ones who aren’t pitching a big bratty fit over it look stupid because of course the non shippers are lumping in the calm half of the shippers with the ones that are just being downright rude and unruly. So you know what, you all really, really, REALLY, need to calm the fuck down and just watch the damn show for chuck sake. You are making the whole of Destiel shippers look bad.

Sincerely A Destiel Shipper.

Ugh i fell asleep around 9 and now I’m awake at 2am I can’t sleeep. So I go on facebook and ugh…I would read more this but I’m on the phone sorry :(

I know its somewhat hypocritical but im so sick of all the Joan Rivers posts in my newsfeed on facebook. I say hypocritical because i was at a loss for Robin Williams. I not only changed my profile pic but ive mourned..still mourning him . I’ve cried on 5 separate occasions and I think this will stick with me forever. Robin Williams wasn’t perfect he made racist sketches for instance. I won’t excuse him from that. I know I’ve made plenty of posts about his passing too..Really though I’m cool with friends making their posts about post you know its whatever no one has went overboard..

honestly its the celebrity pages as well as other pages I follow. Just because Joan was successful in her field does not make her a feminist. Educate yourself on the word. She wasn’t a feminist she may been earlier in her life but she wasn’t in recent years. A feminist wouldn’t use derogatory words, say awful and hateful things (in interviews for example) and excuse it as humor when other people hurt from it. For me I haven’t liked her since her words about the women who were imprisoned in a psychopath’s house in Cleveland. They were raped everyday and lost ten or more years of their lives—one woman lost rights to her child. Their traumatic pasts still haunt them… And you’re gonna make a damn joke about them living in a bigger room than you? Like you were so worse off than them? AHAHA SO FUNNY. Then when people expressed their distaste for the joke she says its fine because they didn’t die, one wrote a book and they all lived rent free for 10+ years. How fucking dare you make light of that?? “Thats just her humor” chuckled my parents. No if that was me you lost for ten years would you dismiss it as such? “That’s just the way she is” I hate that phrase more than anything because its pretty much ” Laughing and cracking jokes out of the expense of others is more important than you feeling uncomfortable”. When people find humor to be valued more than actual people its fucked up.

Btw what especially pissed me off about Joan Rivers’ passing is how celebrities want a day officially dedicated to Joan Rivers. A holiday. They even made a change.org. Like really???

And before I get any responses demanding respect for the dead:

A) This is my tumblr I am not posting on Joan’s personal page or someone’s post mourning her

B) Joan did not have much respect for people when they died, she cracked jokes about a celebrity’s addiction soon after she died for example

C) I really don’t care if I’m “worse than Joan” for writing this about a dead person because see A and B

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Because you have to use an outside source, that's why I can't block posts. It does not work on my computer on any browser for whatever reason. As for why I haven't seen it yet, I didn't have time or money to see it in theaters and don't believe in watching movies online that have just been released. I also don't think it's fair to say "I want to post this spoiler in an extremely hard way to avoid so don't visit this site until you see the movie". I sound mad because I am. At the spoiler, not you

Well uh I’m sorry to hear about it but there’s really not much I can do about this…? 

Tumblr isn’t a spoiler free website, neither is my blog if tbh… I’m tagging everything thoroughly but I’m not going to avoid reblogging edits, text posts and fanarts, I mean it’s my blog so… 

No matter how I look at it, I don’t see how it’s unfair, sorry. People always make fanart and make gifsets about major spoilers and I don’t think they’re supposed to hide those things just because other people havent seen it yet…? And If I want to reblog the things those people make / write /draw… then I will ; w ; 

I know this movie is 3 months old more or less but I have seen people complain about someone spoiling them the death of Kira, that show aired 9 years ago, so I guess there’s no time limit to being spoiled but I don’t see people putting such major spoilers beneath the cut, so yeah. 

My point is that tumblr never was and never will be a spoiler free website, there’s always people who already seen something and start discussing it, creating things and reblogging things, so yeah, you either realize that you will always get spoilers here or avoid it or blogs that posts the things you haven’t watched yet… 

And I don’t mean to sound harsh honestly, I just think your demands are being quite unreasonable, you can’t post things that are easy to avoid if you don’t have a blacklist, you either post or don’t post at all, of course there’s some things you can write under the cut, but I don’t think people would post fanart/gifs beneath the cut, as i said before.

TL;TR this blog is not spoilers free, I’m reblogging posts, fanarts and edits with major spoilers, I do however tag everything accordingly and never miss a post. If it’s still a problem, I would suggest unfollowing me, to prevent yourself from being upset, thanks.