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I fixed the colours for you - the only red that should be seen in this clip is from the heart eyes!

Thank you, anon! A lovely submission for us to enjoy the Captains in full technicolor.


4CC 2017

Tessa & Scott (top right corner) doing The Lean™ during the gala [x]

Dedicated to @cuteiceprincesslove <3

um hi so i’m (just under) 50 away from 2k and it’d be ya know kinda cool if i could get there sometime (soon)… and yeap that’s my story (thanks for listening reading) (*awkwardly shuffles off stage ur screen*) 

I can’t believe I have to write this post, but March is just around the corner and i trust like 3 people in this entire fandom so

Why Yurio’s birthday doesn’t give you an excuse to ship him with adults, the mini essay

From information learned from the creators, we know Yurio’s birthday is on March 1st. However, his birthday passing in the real world doesn’t age him in canon. This is actually shown really well in episode 9, which aired after Yuuri K’s birthday and everyone celebrated him turning 24, but since the date hadn’t passed in the show, he was still 23.

Only canon time and dates can affect characters. Things like birthdays are more of fun tidbits for the fans. 

So until March first passes in canon, Yurio is still 15, ie a minor. Because you all love “the age of consent in Russia is 16″ line guess what he’s not sixteen.

But let’s say, for… some reason that canon time continues even in the real world, and Yurio does turn 16 on March first (five days from when I’m writing this). He will have literally just turned 16. And I’m speaking as a minor here- the entire “well he’s legal now/wait until he’s legal” thing you guys have going on severely creeps me out. He was a minor the day before. One day doesn’t magically give him the full rational brain of an adult.

Just because he’s 16 and it’s legal doesn’t mean it would be okay for adults to date him, especially if they knew him as a minor

In conclusion (tldr)- only canon can age characters, so yurio is frozen in his age as 15 sometime in December. Even if he was turning 16, using that as an immediate “well its fine now!” is creepy




Starting, of course, with Watanuki dreaming of Himawari. The world is 0% surprised. Because honestly, does he do anything else? 

What I DIDN’T initially realise was that the panels were being cut off half way in the first few panels, as if something was blocking half of Watanuki’s vision. And like, Watanuki wakes up to find Mokona on his face doing just that, but I’m not sure that’s entirely it. Because your eyes are already shut when you’re asleep, Watanuki. They were BOTH SHUT.


Real talk though, I read these two pages and thought nothing of them at first, but I keep coming back to the frame on the second page where Watanuki only has one visible eye. 

Because that would mean nothing if the manga was written by literally anyone else in the world, but this is CLAMP. 


So for some stupid reason, in the new 52 Tim’s parents are alive and in witness protection.

But Tim “Died” and nobody has mentioned them

So, If Janet and Jack are still alive has nobody told them their son is dead? Like I feel like notifying someone of that would be pretty important.

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Just wondering, I've made fan art for you once, but recently I've been low-key obsessed with your blog. So I was wondering how much fan art can we give you? Since I've been going crazy with making fan art but I also don't want to annoy you with too much, especially since I'm not the best "artist" out there.

do you know how much it will make the mods happy if you draw us fanarts of these quotes…. pls draw a shit load of em and don’t think about how your art will suck compared to others because hey we all have different art style and we’d love to see different art styles of bsd fanarts!!!

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Kara and Alex's relationship has always been so important to me. Like no matter how you saw them(in terms of shipping) you couldn't deny they were rock solid. They were each others person. The one they would put before anything else. And this season I feel like that was taken away. Like in the new promo when Alex is coming out to her dad with Maggie, last season Kara would have been standing on Alex's other side. Ready to go to bat if needed, but she's just not there. I feel kind of robbed.

I feel like this would have been a good storyline, and I’ll explain why later, if they didn’t make it about how it was Mon-El’s idea. Why is that necessary? Let Kara have her own agency and mind about this, of all things.

No matter who Kara is in a relationship with, regardless of your feelings about Mon-El, her relationship with Alex should take precedence. Their last storyline, the birthday thing, was turned into secretly being about Mon-El. “You’re actually upset about your intense feelings of abandonment that have been around since your childhood because you have a crush on Mon-El” ???????

This is why we have the bechdel test. Because relationships between women should not be focused on men. But now, with this “you’re actually doing x y z because of Mon-El” makes it so they don’t even have to say his name for it to be about him.

Because Kara noticing something is off with Jeremiah and struggling because she doesn’t want to hurt Alex or Eliza or herself, but knowing that she has to protect them, even if it hurts? That’s a great storyline.

“Mon-El thinks Jeremiah is evil, Alex doesn’t. Who will Kara choose, Alex or Mon-El?” is not.

I do think we’ll see hints of the good storyline in this one, amongst the cw drama. It’s like half the writers are here for the right reasons, and the others are like “what do the kids like these days?” (and by “the others” I mean the cw producers probably) Because I’ve seen hints of great storytelling in every episode. 

For instance, just with Kara, her discussions with J’onn this season have been excellent. Kara giving him advice and M’gann, him telling her that her family’s legacy is her, her telling him about the first time she let Eliza hug her. And Alex and Kara’s scenes, minus when they turn it into a Mon-El thing have been great! Which is why it’s grating for the scenes to be cheapened into being about the will they/won’t they aspect of the show. If anything, it should be the other way around.

But I don’t think they’d ever have Kara on Alex’s side in this one, even if Mon-El wasn’t there, because it makes for good drama. Not in a cat-fight sense or anything, but in a way that tests their relationship. The Danvers sisters have always had issues and mistakes between them, the thing that makes them excellent is that they always come back together in the end. I think what this storyline is about, well, what it should be about, is their bond being tested again. This time, the stakes are higher because it’s someone Alex loves as much as Kara, and someone she already lost, that Kara is telling her she has lost again. So it’s an interesting (and painful, but I love angst) situation.

I know people are upset when the sisters fight each other, but if they don’t have some kind of conflict every once in a while, there’s no way for the show to really be about them. They’d just end up being the backdrop for other things.

So rather than being upset about them fighting, be upset when their fighting isn’t theirs, but Mon-El’s.