we came with the northern winds

C A T H A R S I S {n}  the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions. an emotional release.

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Robb Stark - Do Anything

Imagine being the pregnant wife to the King in the North Robb Stark and bing kidnapped, along with the two sons you have already given Robb, by a pack of bandits and Robb doing anything he can to get you back.

(I hope you like it!)

(Word Count: 2,399)

“Where are my wife and sons!?” the King in the North was called the Young Wolf rightfully so. Most often he was patient and kind with an easy smile on his lips and a few coins to spare when really needed. But there wasn’t one man in the known world who knew of Robb Stark who could deny the great lengths he would go to when it came to keeping his family safe. And since marrying and becoming a husband and father those feelings of protectiveness only seemed to grow. At the moment the man of just three-and-twenty name days had men and servants running all over the North looking for his wife, y/n, and their twin seven year old sons who should have returned to Winterfell from their trip south nearly a week earlier. The only thing that could be found was their small wheelhouse tipped over and all their things thrown all over the ground. They had been attacked by bandits, it would seem, smart bandits who were good enough to cover their tracks so that even Grey Wind, Summer, and Shaggy Dog had a hard time following the trail.

Y/n had grown up with the King, she was the eldest daughter to a Northern Lord who had fought alongside Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon during the War of the Usurper when the Targaryen Dynasty was dethroned. And when it was decided Robb needed to marry and produce an heir those early months of the war his first thoughts had been y/n, and so she became his Queen. In the first year of their marriage, she had given King Robb two sons who were named Eddard, after Robb’s father, and Hoster, after Robb’s grandfather on his mother’s side. The boys grew to be bright and kind just as their parents, continuing on the ways of honor and justice just as their father’s father had passed down to the King in the North.

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A Cavern of Frost and Wolves [CF Event Dungeon]

As much comfort and enjoyment that the stay at the resort had been offering, Sceada was nonetheless glad to see it come to a close at last, or at the very least a break. Relaxation and getting to know others was all fine and well, but the more time passed, the more it started to become kinda stale.

Especially if you were that guy people did not exactly like approaching, curtesy of your racial features.

Ah well. He had long since grown used to the fact that people often took longer to warm up to the idea of approaching him. It wasn’t nice and it was far from a pleasant feeling, but it had long since ceased being any surprise whatsoever. And in turn, it made one all the more thankful for those that did want to speak with one.

Glancing over his shoulder, Sceada saw Amina, the friend he had made just recently. Her red eyes - quite the unusual color, but who was he to judge? - were looking around as eagerly as his hand been just moments ago, while the cold wind played with her ashen blonde hair. They had bonded while talking about their homes and goals, while the Northern Lights had danced over the night sky above them, and when he had mentioned the compass’ glow to her she had been quick to join in. After all, hadn’t King Eoras said that the light of the compass would lead them where they were needed? It only made sense to go and see what it had reacted to.

Still… the cold wind that came up from the cavern’s entrance as it lay before them wasn’t exactly inviting.

“If the king’s message was not mistaken, then we should find the Aetheryte down there, probably in a sort of hall not far from the entrance. But it is what lays deeper that he wants us to investigate.”

An anomaly, he had called it. That could mean many a thing… guess the time had come to find out just what he had meant.

“Do you think you’re ready to head down there, Amina? It doesn’t exactly look like it’ll get any warmer.”

“We were in Key West in 1964. We were due to fly into Jacksonville, in Florida, and do a concert there, but we’d been diverted because of a hurricane. We stayed there for a couple of days, not knowing what to do except, like, drink. I remember drinking way too much, and having one of those talking-to-the-toilet bowl evenings. It was during that night, when we’d all stayed up way too late, and we got so pissed that we ended up crying - about, you know, how wonderful we were, and how much we loved each other, even though we’d never said anything. It was a good one: you never say anything like that. Especially if you’re a Northern Man.”
-Paul, explaining the “what about the night we cried?” line in “Here Today”

“What about the night we cried?
Because there wasn’t any reason left
To keep it all inside
Never understood a word
But you were always there with a smile
And If I say I really loved you and was glad you came along?”
- Here Today by Paul McCartney, 1982

“The wild and windy night
That the rain washed away
Has left a pool of tears
Crying for the day
Why leave me standing here?
Let me know the way”

- The Long And Winding Road by Paul McCartney, 1970

5SOS. Overflow PT 1.

It will probably end up being three parts. I have the bones of all of it written, but need to fill in the last two parts with all the meat and potatoes still (so to speak). Please enjoy and be open to what could happen. I’m really excited for the rest, but nervous for you guys to read everything.

As if it was her own bedroom, Penelope long legs led her confidently in front of her parents bed as she loudly chewed on a triangle of watermelon. She collapsed down on the edge of the made up mattress and watched blankly as her Dad sat on the red velvet stool that belonged to your vanity as you were leaning in front of him, tweezing his eyebrows. She had seen the routine countless times, sometimes you even waxed them when they really grew wild like the vines on old French vineyards.

“That time of the month?” Sucking up the fruit juice from the back of her hand, Penny asked rhetorically.

“Like clockwork.” Chuckling, you didn’t take your eyes off your husbands caterpillars that you had kept rockstar ready since you were young twenty somethings.

“What’s up, Pigpen?” With his eyes closed, Luke sounded stern, talking to his eldest kid though facing your chest.

“I was wondering how busy your night is. If you had a little time for someone.”

“I was just going to finish packing for your big adventure.” Luke was dreading taking his daughter to Paris since she didn’t have a return flight like he did. He was dropping her off at culinary school in a city where she barely spoke the language and he wasn’t going to get to see her whenever he wanted. Even though she drove him mental with her surfing, sneaking out, and penchant for leaving dirty clothes and discarded flip flops everywhere, he did not want to know his life without Penny under his roof. Wasn’t he just teaching her how to blow bubbles out of a plastic wand a week ago? He hadn’t packed a single article of clothes or any toiletries.  Luke was dreading the flight.

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I help manage a small women's boutique in northern VA. Idk if you heard anything, but we had like 6 tornados touch down tonight and flash floods everywhere. Including my neighborhood, which is right next to the mall I work at. We almost lost power twice. Anyways, I was stuck at work with my associate because obviously we couldn't drive home yet. But without fail 30 minutes before closing Fighting through the inches of water on the ground and the speed demon wind Some lady came in with a return.

And the smell – of pine and snow… how had she never realized that Rowan’s scent was of Terrasen, of home? Rowan came close enough to grace her shoulder and murmured, “I feel as if I’ve been looking for this place my entire life”
Indeed – with the wicked wind flowing fast and strong between the gray, jagged Staghorns in the distance, with the dense spread of Oakwald to their left, and the rivers and valleys sprawling toward those great northern mountains – it was paradise for a hawk. Paradise for her.
“Right there,” Aedion said, pointing to a small, weather-worn granite boulder carved with whorls and swirls. “Once we pass that rock, we’re on Terrasen soil.”
Not quite daring to believe she wasn’t still asleep, Aelin walked toward that rock, whispering the Song of Thanks to Mala Fire-Bringer for leading her to this place, this moment.
Aelin ran a hand over the rough rock, and the sun-warmed stone tingled as if in greeting.
Then she stepped beyond the stone.
And at long last, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius was home.

Queen of Shadows (Sarah J Maas)

After all these years we finally get to see her come home, and it smelled like pine and snow. <3 <3 <3