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have you ever thought of a tg/ayahina vampire knight au?

Yes!! Omg it’s funny because @ayahinas and I just started coming up with one like last night and you sent this ask 😂😂😂 

  • In the idea that we had, the Kirishimas are purebloods and Touka is the vampire queen, which makes Ayato some sort of prince I guess. I would assume that the Kirishma bloodline is one of the oldest and most powerful pureblood bloodline there is (probably like the Kurans). 
  • There is an equivalent to Cross Academy, probably called Anteiku/:re I guess, and Kaneki is the Headmaster and he and Touka work together to try and work towards peace. Night Class exists for the same reason in VK and Touka makes Ayato attend it to keep an eye on things there, since she is pretty busy given her own position in vampire society. Ayato has nothing better to do with his never-ending, lavish, immortal pureblood life anyway. 
  • Hinami is a human-turned vampire who also attends the Night Class because she’s been adopted by Kaneki after she turned and out of thirst, ended up attacking some human. Kaneki is kinda like Cross in VK so he’s a former hunter as well and he helps Hinami out and adopts her and everything. 
  • While in the Academy, Hinami struggles with not falling to Level E, since she hasn’t drunk the blood of the pureblood who turned her, and ends up attacking a Day Class student, which results in Ayato having to intervene as the Dorm President. She ends up having to rely on his blood to maintain stability, but of course it doesn’t work permanently and she starts getting worse as time goes on. 
  • Ayato is a sheltered pureblood prince so he doesn’t know too much about vampire society. Touka mainly keeps everything from him except for things he really needs to know. Hinami’s situation seems hopeless to him, but it seems like Touka and Kaneki are really interested in her for some reason. 
  • Mutual pinning Ayahina so in vampire terms, extreme, irresistible thirst for each other’s blood. In Hinami’s case, it’s pretty bad since she’s also becoming Level E so there’ll probably be a few times where she just lunges at Ayato because she can’t control it anymore. 
  • The Yoshimura family also exists and they’re another pureblood line. Due to reasons, he and Eto were separated and they lived apart. After Arata and Hikari were killed, Yoshimura took the Kirishimas in to raise them, trying to inculcate ideas of co-existence in them, which is why Touka acts on it in future. 
  • I don’t want to spoil too much, so I’ll just say, think of Touka/Eto dynamic from TG canon. 
  • Aogiri Squad (Miza, Naki, Bin brothers, Hakatori) are aristocrats and they’re in the Night Class with Ayato. They don’t really like Ayato’s relationship with Hinami. On the day Hinami bites Ayato, they’re all in panic because “Oh my god, Ayato-sama’s blood has been spilt!!” He’s a pureblood after all so it’s a little shocking for them to realise someone is drinking ‘sacred’ blood. 
  • Hinami totally calls him Ayato-kun though because she’s not used to all those vampire customs and she met him when she was just turned. Ayato actually likes the way she calls him so he asks her to stick to it. 
  • At some point in time, a new aristocrat called Takatsuki Sen appears in the Night Class. 

I don’t want to spoil too much about our AU because we actually might turn it into a fic. 

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