we bring justice


“Thanks to the leader of Momoko’s home, Yuuto, her island’s enemy has been allowed to settle… thus starting a chain reaction of Nobu denizens to invade. I’ve seen it during my time there, vacationing with my friend Naida and our Hakumese relatives.

By ourselves we cannot fend them off, thus we’ve relocated our families elsewhere while we hunt this woman’s bounty. Thus, once we capture her and collect the reward for returning her to her country for her just dues…”

“We can move our families elsewhere, away from that doomed nation.

That being said… my clock for her capture continues to tick, with little time left to spare. If you do see her, then please, tell me. You could help save several lives, so long as we bring her back to justice.”

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Deific Holy Text Quotes
  • Abadar: Unto each thing is given a role to play in the world that fits perfectly with all others. With each turn of every tiny wheel, civilization spreads to cover the world, and order and prosperity flow forth.
  • Asmodeus: Hail, Asmodeus! Deliver us from chaos that we may serve you in the eternity. Unmake the lies of our bodies and reshape our souls in your design!
  • Calistria: Savor the three stings of passion, guile and vengeance. No food you ever taste and no thing you ever build will satisfy you as much as my gifts.
  • Cayden Cailean: Don't let rules get in the way of enjoying what is truly good in life.
  • Desna: Blessed in the long road, the destination, the homeward path, and all who make the journey. Let each dream be a star in the night sky of your mind, lighting your path in the day.
  • Erastil: The first gift you ever receive is your family. We all grow from the seeds of our parents' plant.
  • Gorum: The clash of sword and steel is my song, I am in your armor, your blade. Strike at foes and I will guide your hand, for I thirst only for battle.
  • Gozreh: Respect the Sea and the Sky, lest we bring your ruin.
  • Iomedae: Justice and honor are a heavy burden for the righteous. We carry this weight so that the weak grow strong and the meek grow brave.
  • Irori: To transcend your flaws, you must know your inner self. Gaining this knowledge is a journey, and the path may be straight or twisted.
  • Lamashtu: Great is the daughter of Heaven who tortures infants. Her hand is a net, Her embrace is death. She roars like a lion. She constantly howls like a demon dog.
  • Nethys: Magic is all things, and it is in all things. It is in the air, the stone, the flame, the water. It is time, space and the void. It will nurture you, it will consume you. And always will it be your master.
  • Norgorber: There is value in the things that others shun and conceal. A secret is an intangible coin worth more than a noble's murder.
  • Pharasma: Birth and death are written in the bones, but bones can be broken.
  • Rovagug: The darkness bound at the world's heart is real, and it's name is Rovagug. How long our world can withstand it's tireless thrashing, none can tell.
  • Sarenrae: Let the healing light of the sun burn out the darkness within you. Let your light be a guide for others, and a searing flame against unrepentant evil.
  • Shelyn: Fill your heart and mind with the beauty of the world. Without beauty and love, we are nothing.
  • Torag: Aim high, plan well, and strike while the iron is hot, for unprepared metal shatters from a hammer's blow.
  • Urgathoa: Seize what you can, tear it apart, and savor it's sweet, bloody taste, for existence is dull without the blessing of sensation.
  • Zon-Kuthon: Embrace misery in this world and the next. Forget all that is not suffering, and tune your mind so that you understand the pleasures of pain.

Blindspot ABC Challenge (Version 2): Day 3 - Cade

Oscar on Cade:

“He’s one of our founding members. Integral to the design of this plan. We should have paid attention to the warning signs, but his strengths outweigh his flaws.”

“Cade was always volatile, but after we put you in play at the FBI, something inside him just broke. He started going on these rants, saying it was all a mistake, that we were no better than the people we were trying to stop.”

“Cade lost someone close to him once, and he held me responsible.”


Nas on Cade:

“He was a former Sandstorm operative. He went rogue.”

“Cade was one of the best they had.”


Cade on Cade:

“I grew up in a mining town. Mom died in labor. Old man was all I had. He died on the job. Faulty mine shaft. Or a - what - an "act of God”, according to the company lawyers. I wanted those bastards to pay.“

"Joined the Marine Corps, didn’t find any answers there. I was broken.”

“(Shepherd) saw I was hurting. Saw a bruise she could press on. Said she had a better answer. A way we could bring justice to the people who killed my dad and others like them. I was all in. I became her loyal soldier. ‘Til the night I found out that Shepherd doesn’t care about helping people. Shepherd cares about Shepherd. Everyone else is dispensable.”

“Oscar killed someone I loved. He killed Markos. He was a Marine, like me. He had no family, like me. Markos made me whole.”


One week ago tumblr user and artist iseenudepeople suffered total account termination. Not only was the above mentioned blog terminated, but the entire account, including her professional art portfolio and main blog, was terminated. In a post on her patreon an email was shown saying that the termination was final and replies would not be viewed.
She made a new blog called icynudepeople which gained 150+ followers in a few hours before being terminated again.
There is a major problem with tumblr’s reporting system. If people spam cp enough the account will simply be terminated, instead of reviewed. This “better safe than sorry” policy is slightly understandable if staff do not want to be arrested for something they accidentally clicked on, but can lead to bullshit like this happening often. Basically “guilty until proven innocent.”
And on another note, ISNP does not draw minors. Someone just had it out for her and filled a bunch of bullshit claims. And sadly because of that fucking reason this bullshit happened.
This needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Make it mandatory to review reports. Make it so a blog cannot be terminated unless the report has been confirmed valid and deemed true. Sure, staff might actually find cp on a blog, but by actually checking the blog you get the real suspects, not the innocents.
Spread the word. Get the message out. Together we can fix this. Together we can make a difference. Together we can bring justice to the wrongdoers, and protect the innocent. This is not just a problem with this certain blog and this certain person, but with all of tumblr. And we can, we will fix this.


you were you
and I was I
we were two
before our time

I was yours
before I knew
and you have always
been mine too

anonymous asked:

We've talked about the ways L gaslights Clarke, but reading your 3.05 post, it hit me that part of why 3A is so frustrating is that it often feels like the writers are trying to gaslight us. L referring to C "living with the enemy" was where it hit me. Yes, your theory that L views C as "hers" is at play, but I also think it's a line put in there to lead the audience in a direction where we disregard the ACTUAL tl. They want US to view CL as a long-standing relationship that it frankly isn't.

same anon - I actually feel this tl confusion tactic fairly often. I think it’s used to downplay how rushed CL actually was, how long Clarke really was gone from the delinquents (longer than she was with them, if you actually break down the tl), how long Bellamy was supporting Pike, how not long ago it was that Trikru was massacring the Sky People. And so then you get critics of the show who think it’s irrational for characters to still hold a grudge against L, or to forgive Bellamy so easily.

Okay. Okay. You know, you saying this has got me thinking. Because I don’t think that’s called gaslighting, but they are DEFINITELY playing with the unreliable narrator.

Clarke is and has always been an unreliable narrator. We see the story through her perspective. Who she loves is seen as a hero. Jake. Finn. (she was still ready to blame Murphy for what Finn did, remember?) Bellamy. Lxa. I think maybe as the show has gone on, we’ve seen the rise of Bellamy’s perspective, too. Season 3 was definitely split between Clarke and Bellamy’s perspective, both going through this trauma and following different leaders with bad ideas. 

But we’re so used to seeing Clarke’s view point as the Right way to do things, that when Clarke and Bellamy are at odds with each other, many people don’t stop to think about what their different perspectives are, just assume that Clarke is right. But Clarke is taking on Lxa’s point of view just as Bellamy is taking on Pike’s. 

The way I see it, we have to take what the characters are saying and hold that up against what we see happening on screen. And also what we already know. Things that a characters says, that sound like wisdom, don’t make sense or are proven wrong in the real world. Like, “who we are and who we need to be to survive are two different things.” This is not true. You are who you are, and how you react to struggle is part of it. Or, “Love is a weakness.” COME ON now people. Anyone who took that as truth was a fool. Yes, I am talking to you, Clarke Griffin. 

Clarke was gaslighted by Lxa. Her view of the world was dismissed as weak minded and replaced by Lxa’s. Lxa forced her to do things that BROKE Clarke, and the Lxa tried to rebuild her in her image, or at least to her liking. So what happened to our POV of the story? It got co-opted by Lxa’s reframed narrative.

So we get Bellamy restating what Lxa did to them, and there is not one bit of false information in his statement. Hold it up against what happened on the screen. 

You were willing to let a bomb drop on my sister and then you made a deal with Lxa who left us to die in MW and forced us to kill everyone who helped us.

All true. Not even interpretation. No value judgements. Just what happened.

In contrast the beginning of the show starts with a conversation between Clarke and lxa. Clarke was worried about going home, wondering if she belongs.

“You left a hero to your people. And you return one. The Mountain Slayer returns with the body of the Ice Queen. You bring them justice.”

”You bring them justice.”

  “We bring them peace,”

Okay. Now this is a bit more tricky. They are reinforcing a view of the world that they share. Lxa is redefining Clarke’s experience for her so she can look at it in a light that makes them both heroes. She tells her she is a hero and her actions today have been heroic. She also says that Nia’s death is justice and peace.

I mean. It’s an opinion. And if we hold it up against what happened… well, it doesn’t quite fit. What do her people think? That Clarke is a hero? Not right now. That Nia’s body is justice? No, it turns out they want land and freedom and self determination, not just some dead queen and armed guards. Peace. Nope. But L has told the narrative she wants Clarke to believe and Clarke does and now it’s the POV of the story. And it’s the POV that a lot of people accept as truth, even though it isn’t truth.

Pike does the same thing. Reframing Bellamy’s experience so that it fits HIS narrative. So that Bellamy would look at his side as “Right.”  It worked on Bellamy, but we’re so used to following Clarke’s POV that it doesn’t work on us, and we also have Kane to contradict it. Although Lxa’s narrative DOES work on us, despite the narrative and grounder perspective contradicting it. Even in Hakeldama, Indra tells Lxa that “blood must not have blood” will not be supported in Polis. (huh, never noticed that Kane and Indra were paralleled as lawful good advisors in peril.) Lxa’s POV about what is right is actually wrong. Sure, this is about gray morality, but the story keeps contradicting Lxa’s viewpoint. She’s so certain she is right, as Heda, that she brushes off every. single. challenge. And some challengers she outright kills. 

Clarke though, stays on her side. Because her perspective has been taken over by Lxa’s perspective. Now she identifies with Lxa. Wants to be her? Wants to be with her? Wants her to be right so that they can save the arkadians together? Wants to take on Lxa’s world because her world is too painful and Lxa’s allows for all Clarke’s sins to be excused with “I did it for my people.”

Ah. That’s what Pike did to Bellamy. Why is it right when Lxa does it and not when Pike does it?

You know. I know it seems like the story is trying to get us to believe Lxa, but I think the show is trying to get us to make up our own minds. With all these characters who do evil things for their people, who seem like heroes and dignified leaders bringing about destruction and harm, why are we not QUESTIONING what these characters say when they justify their actions? Dante did it. Bellamy did it. Jaha did it. Kane did it. Abby did it. Lxa did it. And they were all wrong. They weren’t ALWAYS wrong. Sometimes they are wise and noble. And then sometimes they are doing what is wrong. 

We need to also question Clarke when she does it. We need to question these people excusing their actions. 

IS the show gaslighting us with false statements, biased perspectives or the glamour of a persuasive leader… or is the show trying to get us to question what we are told, and decide for ourselves what is right and wrong?

I want to see another movement as large as the ones in the sixties. Peaceful, full of music to keep the spirits alive, and dedication to the movement way greater than any government could imagine. We need another movement that will bring love as well as justice.

anonymous asked:

Can we please just be with the whole Michael brown verdict. You can't change it. The riots are not helping, they are hurting others. Please just stop

Yes. We can.

And that last point: Yes. Peaceful.

The majority are peaceful protesters, not all riots as they have been depicted in the media. They just never show it, or it is never justified.

Just as how they would only show the rioters ‘looting’ the shops, but never explain that the protesters broke in in an act of desperation to look for shelter and milk to sooth their tear gas injuries, caused by the police.

Though, in contrast, the police have been very violent. As well as racist assholes running over the peaceful protesters with in their car

We can change the verdict.

We can bring him to justice.

There’s enough of us to do it. Please please don’t let this slide like every other minority case. We have that shimmer of hope this can change and set a good example that this shouldn’t be tolerated.

Look. I know this stuff is triggering. I completely sympathise and I’m sorry. I’ll be sure to tag all of my ferguson posts from now on.

But if you’re tired of hearing about ferguson, imagine what it’s like to live it.

Don’t let this be an excuse.

Don’t let years of fight for freedom and lives sacrificed go to waste.

Seize this precious opportunity and make a change.