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Fic: Necessities

~890 words of domestic schmoop inspired by some accessories I saw recently. <3 PG-ish except for a swear and a sexual reference.

Kurt could honestly say he’d never imagined that the first place he and Blaine would rent as a married couple would be a boring apartment in Lima, but if he had to choose between that apartment or the horrendous silence of the loft in the months after Blaine had moved out, he would pick the basic condo with Blaine every time.

“Remember,” he said when they moved in, “we’re not really gonna decorate this place, since we’re moving back to New York in two months anyways. This is just a place to come back to before we find our real home in the city.”

“Somehow I don’t think I’m the one who’ll have to remember this,” Blaine teased, leaning in for a quick kiss. “I can’t believe you gave up the loft, though.”

“It was never your home. I get that now,” Kurt said. “We need a place where both of us feel comfortable, and we need a place where I haven’t already stamped my mark so much that there isn’t room for you. A new apartment is the only way to get that, even if it’s guaranteed to be the size of my closet back at Dad’s.”

“So…how many listings do you already have bookmarked?”

“Six,” Kurt admitted. “And I plan to show them to you once we’ve finished settling in here.”

“I can hardly wait,” Blaine said, voice soft and sincere. “Shall we get to it?”

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The way Blaine handled Tina’s breakdowns and temper tantrums leads me to believe Kurt is going to be the strict parent when they have kids.

Their daughter will throw a fit in the store because they won’t buy her the doll she wants. And Blaine starts off all nice like “honey I’m sorry but it’s too expensive and you we just bought you an easy bake oven.” And he’s looking around all worried because oh God people are starting to stare.

But then there’s Kurt, who let’s Blaine try for a minute before stepping in “Samantha Elizabeth, you get up off the floor right now or no dessert for a week. You are a making a scene.”

And she knows once Papa starts with his angry voice and uses her middle name she better not push her luck.

Little Fic: Blaine Anderson Takes A Risk

Summary:  The evening after their first time, and Blaine and Kurt need to talk about it. In a good way. (Because sometimes you just want to write a little early!klaine communication)

Words: 1200

Blaine Anderson Takes A Risk

November 9, 2011

Dear Journal,

Kurt and I…We had sex. 

I’ll let that sink in for a second. For me mostly. I like the way that looks on paper. We had sex. Yesterday. It was amazing. So amazing. I mean for me. I think it was for him too. I hope.

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advent drabble challenge: #9. imprint

title: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

summary: Blaine finds one of his classmates fast asleep in the university library just before closing time. (1687 words)

warnings: none! note: I’ll continue to write advent drabbles after Christmas, and some of them may be geared towards New Year’s or the season as a whole instead.

Blaine checks his watch after putting his laptop back in his bag; he’d finished his assignment in the nick of time, it seems, since the library is supposed to close in fifteen minutes. Looking around, he can see it’s nearly empty, a few stragglers hurrying to find the books they need before they’re ushered out of the building. Blaine stands up and shrugs his bag onto his shoulder, once again thankful for the shoulder padding on the strap.

The way out leads him through the main study lounge area, where many small, round tables are set up for small groups. All of the tables are deserted except for one, where someone appears to be asleep, his cheek resting on top of an impressively large book on the table in front of him. Blaine frowns, looking around. It doesn’t look as though this person is here with someone else who could wake him up, but the librarian will probably do it if no one else does.

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Klaine Road Trip 2015 - Orlando, FL

“Where Dreams Come True”

Written by anderfluff

3200 words 

Warnings: homophobic language

Summer 2015 - Masterpost

Stop #11

“Keep right to take the ramp toward Epcot/Downtown Disney,” Siri’s voice interrupts the silence Blaine had been dealing with for 20 minutes since he ran out of songs on his phone. Blaine is so excited to hear the word “Disney” that he nearly pees his pants. At the first red light after Siri’s announcement, he looks over at Kurt. Fast asleep, Kurt lays with his seat as far back as possible and Vogue magazine covering his face.

Blaine takes the magazine off to reveal his husband’s rosy cheeks and blue-green eyes. “Kurt,” he says softly. “Kurt, wake up. We’re almost there.” Kurt turns his head toward Blaine and groans. For a second, Blaine debates waking Kurt up now, but quickly resists and continues to try to wake his husband up. Kurt would never forgive him if he let him miss anything. After calling his name 3 more times and gently shaking his shoulder, Blaine manages to wake Kurt up. Kurt sits up just in time to see the second most beautiful sign he’s seen in his whole life (the first being the Broadway street sign, of course.)

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Curves and Edges

Klaine; Words: 2222; birds, silliness, hurt/comfort. A03.

Kurt toed off his shoes gratefully as he came into the loft, sighing as he slid the heavy door closed behind him. It had been a long, hot, day, and he knew that Blaine had been having an even longer week. Right now Kurt wanted nothing more than to unwind in the privacy of their home and spend some alone time with Blaine. Despite the fact that it was only the two of them in the loft these days, they still didn’t have much down time to just relax. Kurt had taken advantage of a slow night at the diner to beg off early from work, and was looking forward to surprising Blaine, who didn’t expect him for a few more hours. Given how sweaty he was, Kurt thought maybe they should start off with a cool shower, then warm each other back up in their favorite way, and then maybe, as a finale, feed each other the lemon sorbet he had picked up on the way home.

When Kurt came into the living room, he could hear music from the fire escape. Blaine was perched out there with a handful of bread crusts, crooning some mournful tune and feeding the birds. It sounded lovely, if a bit melancholy, not at all like the song he thought Blaine had been working on for class. Then again, his summer workshop professor hadn’t been particularly impressed with the last song he performed, so maybe he was trying something different.

One of the pigeons was looking at Blaine with the most adorable expression, and when Blaine stopped singing, Kurt couldn’t resist. He positioned himself close to the window, and, in his most bird-like voice, chirped out “Bravo, bravo!”

Much to his surprise, Blaine didn’t turn around to see Kurt behind him, but just stared wide-eyed at the bird. “What did you say?” he asked, not taking his eyes off the bird.

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