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Pride Month Day 27 - Shopping

This one is kind of based on me and my fiance for the months before we got engaged. We would look at rings and point out ones we liked but pretend that we weren’t both thinking about the same thing. So I thought I would write about Alya and Marinette doing the same thing. 

“This one’s so pretty!” Marinette said, pointing.

“I like this one’s setting better I think,” Alya said, pointing at another ring.

“Oh, that is nice,” Marinette agreed. “I like the way the stone is cut.”

“Are you looking for anything specific?” asked the shopkeeper, smiling knowingly. These were advertised as engagement rings, after all, and the two young women were clearly a couple.

Marinette’s face heated up. “We… we’re just looking.”

“Yeah,” Alya said, smiling as she squeezed Marinette’s hand. “Just looking.”

The shopkeeper looked amused and left them alone. Marinette felt her heart beating quicker as she clung to her girlfriend. “Just, you know, for future reference, I like that style of ring a lot.”

“Why would I ever need to know what kind of ring you like?” asked Alya, feigning innocence. Marinette nudged her and she giggled. They had been discussing the possibility of marriage a lot recently, but only in vague terms. Those late night talks hung heavy in both of their minds as they pretended that their interest in the rings was only casual.

“What’s your favorite?” Marinette asked, biting her lip nervously.

“I like this style but I think I’d prefer a different stone, not a diamond. Diamonds are so typical.”

“Well, you should tell that to someone you want to get married to, shouldn’t you.” Marinette said, teasing.

Alya rolled her eyes and kissed her cheek before they walk out of the shop, hand in hand, hearts full of excitement for their future.



we’re all wrong…

it’s not that now that Jungkook has his own room, Jimin visits his room often…

it’s now that Jungkook has his own room, he still goes to HopeMin’s room to sleep…

I’m good… I’m done…

Ah, happy birthday, our sunshine Hobi Hobi~ ♥


“I think that G-Eazy and I are very similar. First of all we’re the same age and we both went to school for music management which is funny. We both started in the music business the same way and I think the one thing that makes him and I is our drive and our passion for music. (…) He’s even cried to me on time. - Sorry, G. - No, but he’s a really cool person and I think it’s just our love for music. That was the best part of working with him.”

Mikasa Ackerman and Historia Reiss

This review will be somewhat extensive, reading various analyzes of different people and my own 

Is obvious that Isayama has placed a few parallels between characters that are very different and shows in various panels.


Historia is similar to Ymir and Eren, but there is a symmetry in situations with Mikasa that separates them from the other two respectively and I think Mikasa is aware of this similarity, you could say that “they are like two sides of the same coin” ..

The whole life of Historia and Mikasa is about the basic cruelty of humanity.
But even the way to lose their mothers is so similar and contradictory at the same time.

In the case of Mikasa his mother died in front of his eyes trying to protect her, this was a fortuitous event by bandits.

In the second case Historia mother denied it with all her strength and before death I wish her death, this fact was something planned by the government.

Having listened to Historia story, I am sure that Mikasa is the one that more than any other person shown, would be familiar with that concept, human cruelty and obviously,

 I think that already felt something connected to Historia, because like She, she also had a special person in her life, this brings us to the next point:

Relations with your special person

Well as you know Historia is the girl who is always with Ymir (Mikasa herself mentioned it in 37).
Like Mikasa is the girl who is always with Eren.

Mikasa learned from Eren something that served him all his life “If you do not fight you do not win”, this would allow him to survive even without Eren as seen in Tross

Historia learned from Ymir something that would also serve him for his whole life “Living with pride every day” this allowed him to rise even without Ymir as seen in the Reiss Saga.

Even the scene in which Mikasa clings to Eren and when Historia clings to Ymir it is rather strange.

Are different in everything but at the same time that parallelism that was seen in the childhoods of Mikasa and Historia  persists, just watch

“When Mikasa sees him, he runs with a stunned expression, unable to believe it and instead opens without Titans.

"When Historia  sees Ymir dying she runs to her and starts to cry, not caring about the Titans.

"When Mikasa has him in her arms, she breaks down and burst into tears.

"When they manage to rescue Ymir, the queen holds her in her arms and holds her tears, and they take a sweet look.

At that moment Ymir was aware and Eren knocked out, and for the freckle that moment was everything for her and for Eren that moment did not mean anything for being knocked out.

If you came to this point you will see that this parallelism is something fascinating and I do not think it is coincidence

The truth is that this reflects many things and the nature of the two relationships.

Being honest, it is difficult to think that someone as wicked as Isayama wrote something so "Poetic”

Something that until recently I had not noticed is that Mikasa has sympathy for people who like her have a special person in their life.

For example a small thing that is seen in the manga and in the anime is not reflected well, is when Mikasa sees to Franks and Hanna and he listens to him when this one says to him “tranquilízate I will protect you” (this part of the review takes it from Another truth I saw it a few days ago I think)

In the manga it is more than clear that I wanted to do this with Eren and he does it but it did not go as she expected

The greatest example of this we can see in the Saga of “Clash of Titans”
As you know Mikasa is an extreme girl when it comes to Eren always protects what she loves and even though she dislikes killing she does it to those who oppose, without hesitation.

But none of her other opponents had ever found herself in a situation like Christa was at that moment, with which Mikasa herself could be identified.

Jean himself told him (not everyone is willing to die for Eren), but Historia was willing to do everything for Ymir and the freckle felt the same is something that Mikasa could realize even the moment in Udtgar will have reminded her when she herself I cling to Eren when he was reborn, for that kind of connection with a loved one is not something “easy” to find.

I remember when Ymir ate “Christa” all his comrades treated her as a traitor right there, Armin also but Mikasa looked more confused than the others by the action of Ymir 

The confrontation with Historia, is very well written and the truth reflects enough, their feelings of both and that so far are willing to arrive but in spite of the threats it was noticed that he was hesitating and did not have a real honor to harm them and I leave them Free.

Now let’s explore their relationship in the Reiss Arc

Now the development between Historia and Mikasa in this saga was very satisfactory, although to the beginnings of the sleeve they had no contact, since it is obvious that it was not seen around Historia because the future queen was a surprise character that the Much development In the arc of the insurrection

We can appreciate how Isayama to them two in the first chapters of the Arc Reiss put them in several panels together despite being centered in Eren and the royal family
In this arc there are things that happened were screen and is very easy to explain.

For example in that Arch it is obvious that Sasha will have asked his friends what happened to Reiner, Berthold, Annie, what happened to the people of Connie and Historia what happened to Ymir is obvious that they talked about this, but they are things that They are not necessary to show since you can deduce it after analyzing,

Now Mikasa and Historia is obvious that they also talked about what happened before (just when they are going to raise firewood and come back together)

It is obvious that Mikasa apologized for what happened and has an idea of what Historia is going through in those moments.

Mikasa in the last mission despite the dead was able to bring his beloved and his family alive, but the other could not and instead lived the worst nightmare of Mikasa, to be abandoned by his special person, to lose his “home”

Even Eren himself spoke of Ymir because he saw Historia very sad and downcast (knowing that he is very insensitive).

Another example of what I am talking about is in 52 When Eren and Connie are peeling potatoes while Historia and Mikasa are cooking

Connie starts to speak badly of Ymir and the little blonde intervenes defending her, saying at the end “I know her” before this Eren and Connie looks at strangers, but Mikasa looks at Historia, I think it’s impossible for her not to feel identified with this.

His reaction when Levi mistreated Historia is funny

The good thing about writing Isayama is that there are things that one has to interpret from the perspective of our characters and Mikasa is one of the deepest characters

Mikasa’s reaction to the news that Eren will die is very similar to when Historia is abandoned, even that emptiness in the eyes is so similar the way Isayama showed him his expressions and the feeling of loneliness.

Also if we think well both are suffering in the same way and that contradictory parallelism in their lives and relationships is present back, since Eren is with Mikasa for good or bad but at the same time is far away and away, while Ymir is Very far from Historia but at the same time this with her giving him strength is pure poetry xD

Historia can understand Eren and Ymir very well, as has been demonstrated in the manga but in spite of everything Isayama did something much more impressive with Mikasa, although the two have opposite personalities in the course of the 2 Months the queen was seen closer With Eren, Mikasa, Armin

Also with so many things that have happened including Ymir (his death announced in the letter although I do not think he is dead yet) and now with the future death of Eren by deterioration, you can deduce how your relationship in Time sky is obvious That they are going to talk about this since it is something that you can only talk to someone who has suffered the same as you and come to understand your feelings, this is one of the great reasons why I really think that between all of them have become More close and will be closer in the future by this connection

Well repeat something in a previous post

Although if they asked me if those two girls are alike, despite all my more sensible answer would be:

They do not look alike

Since one of the girls decided to live by herself for the only desire of his person appreciated and the other girl decided to hold on to that person he appreciated.

But both girls were the same, the two shared a look full of sadness.

This was a long review I hope you have enjoyed until the next

Kiwi Analysis

So, on Friday, me & @captiveharts read the lyrics of this song almost at the same time, and then when we started discussing them, we realized we both had thought the same thing. Yes, we do think it’s a song about stunting, and we do think it’s about a stunt in particular. Not b*bygate, though, but H*ylor (that is probably the stunt lol). And Harry saying this song started as a joke at the Breakfast Show with Nick, made us think this probably started as a “you know, i really need to get this off my chest” thing: it started as a joke meaning that he probably wanted to make fun of her and of her habit of writing about her exes. It was probably just “a bit of a banter,” & then at some point, they must have gone like “you know, this could be good,” & turned into a proper song.
But with no further delay, let’s start our analysis.

●     “She worked her way through a cheap pack of cigarettes
Hard liquor mixed with a bit of intellect.

○     The first line can be a metaphor of how TS started from the bottom as a Miss Nothing & then turned into a pop princess/America’s sweetheart™,

○     The second line can be about how business-woman-alike she always acts. Everyone always says – even if she enjoys acting like a naive little girl – she’s actually really smart (& she knows it).

●     “And all the boys, they were saying they were into it,

○     where “all the boys” are obviously all the men TS stunted with

    ■     many of whom are surrounded by gay rumours,

    ■     reenacting every single rom-com cliché (no, Tom Hiddleston, I haven’t forgiven you yet for going around with that hideous I <3 TS tank top)

    ■     “Into it” can also be interpreted as a way of accepting a deal, & getting along with it.

●     “Such a pretty face, on a pretty neck.

○     Does this one really need an explanation?

●     “It’s New York, baby, always jacked up,
Whole tunnels, foreign noises always backed up.

○     Well, NYC plays a big role both in TS’ personal life, and for the whole length of that mess that was H*ylor.

○     The lines Harry & his co-authors wrote seem in fact to mock a bit TS’s Welcome to New York (Walkin’ through a crowd, the village is aglow / Kaleidoscope of a loud, heartbeats under coats)

○     Harry and Taylor are papped several times together in NYC:

   ■     The first time they were spotted together was in Central Park

   ■     Taylor went to 1D’s after party after their concert at the MSG,

   ■     They were both papped again in NYC while leaving their hotels

   ■     They were seen together at the Jingle Ball’s backstage

   ■     And of course there’s the whole super yikes NYE ball drop thing.

●     “When she’s alone, she goes home to a cactus,

○     This is probably the most “obscure” line in the whole song, but we thought it could mean that she’s basically going home alone, finding nothing but a plant in her empty house. TS likes surrounding herself with people – her “squad”, her countless boyfriends – but at the end of the day, these are mostly stunts. We don’t know which relationships she has are actually real (*cough* Karlie i know you’re real *cough*), but most of them are probably just for the sake of the press and the media.

●     “In a black dress, she’s such an actress,

○     TS is actually known for wearing a lot of black dresses/outfits 

○     She referred to herself as “the girl in the dress” in Dear John (The girl in the dress cried the whole way home and The girl in the dress wrote you a song).

○     About the actress thing, well:

   ■     TS is literally an actress as well since she played a couple of roles in some movies (Valentine’s Day, The Giver, etc),

   ■     she’s an actress metaphorically because of all of her stunts & the girl next door image she’s built for herself.

○     But with this line, Harry also seems to mock an old TS’s song, Better Than Revenge, where on her turn, she was mocking a girl who had “stolen her boyfriend from her” (She’s not a saint & she’s not what you think / she’s an actress, oh oh / she’s better known for the things that she does / on the mattress, oh oh).

●     “Driving me crazy, but I’m into it, but I’m into it, I’m kinda into it,
It’s getting crazy, I think I’m losing it, I think I’m losing it.

○     Okay, first of all, crazy. Harry repeats it twice in each chorus, & he stresses it when he sings it.

○     Crazy is definitely a word that comes up to everybody’s mind when they think of TS:

   ■     because of the psycho girlfriend image that has been build up around her public persona (there are loads of parodies on Youtube, media have often talked about it)

   ■     and eventually, she has – very smartly – referenced it herself in Shake It Off and especially Blank Space (and in fact she acts like a psychopath in the Blank Space music video, mocking the idea that the GP & the media have of her).

○     But “crazy” is a term she often uses in her own songs as well,

   ■     Picture To Burn (Tell you friends I’m obsessive & crazy, that’s fine, I’ll tell mine that you’re gay),

   ■     I’m Only Me When I’m With You (You drive me crazy half of the time), etc

   ■     She uses it in the initial monologue in the I Knew You Were Trouble music video,

   ■     and she has a whole song called Crazier.

○     The whole “into it” escalation, on the other hand, seems like a young Harry trying to convince himself that this stunt won’t be this bad:

   ■     his managers were probably telling him how a good idea this would be, how his popularity would increase, he must have told himself that he would have survived this, that he’d have managed to appear into her,

   ■     only to realize that no, he wouldnt have been able to do this cause the whole stunt was getting insane, and that H*ylor was the worst thing ever (for both him & Louis), and that’s why he then proceeds to sing “I think I’m losing it”.

●     “I think she said ‘I’m having your baby, it’s not of your business’”.

○     Of course, this is a metaphor. this girl mentioned in this song sounds extremely bossy, and lowkey psycho, and that’s a great description for TS (her public persona, at least).

○     This is TS saying: “I want all the promo I can get, and I don’t care if you hate it. We signed a deal, so now shut your mouth cause I’m getting what I want.” She’s stubborn, she doesn’t think about him anymore, she just wants to help herself and, indeed, she has done that even way after the end of H*ylor, publicly shading Harry, and implying that great part of 1989 (& not only) was written about Harry (and by the way, there have also been rumours, back during H*ylor, that TS was indeed pregnant of Harry).

○    Harry might have also take inspiration from another stunt (*cough cough* b*abygate *cough cough*) for this particular line

●     “She sits beside me like a silhouette,
Hard candy dripping on me till my feet are wet

○     These are the infamous lines that made people accusing Harry of encouraging pedophily (yikes). First of all, we definitely don’t think Harry was aware of the metaphorical meaning of “hard candy” (I had no idea either), and we actually think that “hard candy” is just the name of a drink, a very girly one btw, that for sure would fit TS’s sweetheart image, and of course it’d make sense since Harry sings that “it’s dripping on him till his feet are wet.” (And btw, there’s also a scene in the Blank Space mv where Taylor eats a hard candy & the camera focuses on her face).

●     “And now she’s all over me,

○     Well, she was quite literally all over him during H*ylor

○     and she made sure to stay all over him with all the songs she implied were about him.

●     “It’s like I paid for it, it’s like I paid for it, I’m gonna pay for it.

○     Harry here might refer initially to the whole stunt thing: their relationship is nothing but a fauxmance, it’s literally hiring someone to play his beard.

○     And then, he refers to when the realization of what was going on sank in: he was gonna pay the consequences for this stunt for a long, long time (in fact, he still is since media still ask him about her).

In conclusion, this song seems to us Harry’s reply at all the songs she implied were about him, at all the very obvious attempts of shading him she’s done through the years. But this song, this is not a Style 2.0, it’s not even another Perfect. This is extremely subtle, and one can get the reference only reading carefully into the lyrics. It’s Harry’s way to get back at her, but in a classy way (unlike hers), and by mocking Better Than Revenge, he’s basically saying: “Take this, Taylor. There is nothing I do better than revenge.”

“He was pitifully weak when we argued. This was my main criticism of him after a year and a half of our relationship. He kowtowed to me. He wasn’t strong. He wasn’t real masculine. If I got mad at him be- cause of something he did he felt apologetic about it. He wouldn’t stand up for himself. There was no use getting mad because he didn’t react. And, the things I primarily got mad at him for were that he lied when it wasn’t necessary that he had to. He would say something he knew would sound good to me rather than telling me the truth.”Diane Marjorie Jean Edwards (known as Stephanie, Ted first girlfriend).

“We were incompatible. […] she wanted a great deal more. […] she was a perfectionist of a kind. She wanted everything just right. She was the only child of her father who I never got to know that well. [I met him only] on two or three occasions. […] I think we were both about the same age, she maybe a few months older. […] She could dance good. […] She was a model at one time. […] We were thinking about getting married. […] We talked about children. […] I think she had reservations about having children. She wanted other things at the time. […] The last time I saw her was, I think it was January 1st, 1974, because after that she lived in San Francisco. […] Diane knew about Liz. […] She was a tall girl, she was about  five ten. Uh, she had dark hair, long dark hair. Very beautiful.” 

Diane was very subconscious about being married. […] the engagement situation falling through […] it had her upset. Okay? She rejected me. I don’t care how it turned out. […] it was a relief. - Ted Bundy


I might keep you


Memeber:Namjoon, Ravi


A/n: Daddy Namjoon is a religion. Don’t get me started on this one.


Breath. Three deep breaths. Y/N you can do it. It is only a work placement. You look like a child. You are a child. You became legal two freakin weeks ago. Fuck it. Honestly. I’m nervous. Okay. This elevator is going fast. Too fast. I have to go through my notes once again. What can they ask me? What is my degree? If I had been on other placements? What languages do I know?  God…they can even ask me which number are the correct ones for the lottery and I should know.

Who are you? You are Y/N. You are a candidate for work placement in one of the biggest corporations in the world. The CEO is a man called Kim Namjoon. The third heir of the company. Not many people have seen him,but those who have say he is beyond handsome and beyond scary. They tell stories on the newspaper how he doesn’t speak much but when he does he has the voice of the devil,with hints of desire and sparkles of want. All female full time employees are always wearing short pencil skirts and heels in order to try to attract the young heir. But he doesn’t buy it. God, is he a virgin? One of those romantic guys that keeps himself for the girl of his dreams? Or maybe he is one of the Dom’s? One of those that will secretly touch his girl under the table during a conference. Or maybe he likes being submissive,but can’t let it show because he is an important figure? You decide.

Okay enough Y/N. Too much thinking. Back to the important questions. Take a sip from the Green Tea your mother made you this morning in order to feel fresh and ready to be the best part-time employee.

You can’t say that I feel very fresh. Last night I had to sleep and be a blooming flower in the morning,but no! I decided to read smut fictions about my hoped future boss on Tumblr. This is exactly what you shouldn’t do the night before an intreview. It’s a stupid decision.

But I found out interesting things. He has fan clubs. You can say he is as popular as any other star. Every item he has touched and left behind goes on for sale and the prices people pay are ridicules. Each and every fan club speculates how Namjoon really looks. When you read that some fanclubs even think he is the Lord Commander of the Vampires you should know it’s time to sleep.

“Floor 114" This is it. Keep yourself collected. You can do this Y/N. You only have to survive through an interview. Nothing special.

The moment I stepped out of the elevator my eyes were greeted by many women in guess what…pencil skirts and heels. All of them had long straighten hair as if they were freakin clones. Almost all of them. One girl,not much older than me, looked not in her place. Like me. But she was stunning. A beautiful girl of color. If I was a man you can bet she was everything I look for in a woman. Unlike the blond clones with straighten hair,she had a flawless afro. It made her stand out in a good way. She had no heels ,just like me, she was with white Vans. They probably were really white once,but like all shoes they weren’t so white anymore. But so were mine red Converse. And just like me she was looking around as if she was in the wrong place. I knew I had to have her in my life. This was destiny. Walking towards her and I sat nervously next to her. When she noticed me a look of relief spread across her features. “We don’t look like we belong here.” she amiled at me “I was about to say it. I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you.” I said bringing out my most cheerful voice. “I’m Corin. It’s also really nice to meet you.” her natural plump lips became one even warmer smile.“You have an amazing hair. I have always wanted to do an afro,but it’s not appropriate. I don’t want to anger anyone or someone to think that I’m disrespectful towards their tradions.” “This is really nice of yours. I really like your hair too. Its so straight and it’s obvious unlike theirs that is natural.” we both blushed and giggled because compliments and talking about the other candidates isn’t something you do on a work placement interview. I think. “Can I see your resume?” we both said at the same time. And that evolved in more giggles. “Of course. Here.” we said together again this time laughing loud. Some clones turned to look at us but found out we had absolute no interest in them whatsoever and continued doing whatever they were doing.

Let me tell you,she had an amaizng resume. So good that I almost felt miserable about mine. We talked more and I really liked her and I think she liked me. We changed numbers and even made plans for a nice brunch next week where we can talk more. Suddenly we started talking about Kim Namjoon. She told me that he has a brother. An older brother. “If I ever want to meet someone is probably him. They say he is just as badass as his younger brother. The Kim brothers are partners in crime. The black sheeps of the Kim family. But for whatever reason their grandfather left everything, the whole empire to them. No one,even their own parents weren’t happy with that decision. But no one could do anything about it because the will stated that the heirs of Kim corp. are the Kim brothers. They are both cold and scary,because of their past and the people they lost.” All night I read about the Kims but I haven’t read this. It was in no tabloid or forum. Nowhere. “Corin,how do you know that?” she only smiled sad “My mother. She had been working for the Kims for a long time. Truth is I’m here because my mother asked Mrs.Kim  to let me on the final list. Mrs.Kim and my mother have a very good relationship and Mrs.Kim had always taken care of me.” “So that means you have seen the brothers.” “No. I haven’t. They don’t live with their parents and everytime they did come to the house Mrs. Kim has told me to go in my room because things down there may get ugly. And most of the time they did. Every time one of the brothers was in the house a fight was inevitable. So I never saw them. But I know their voices like I know this” and she showed me her right hand" is my right hand. From all the shouting in the house I know whose voice is who’s. The raspy low one is Wonsik,the older brother. The low rich load one is Namjoon,the younger one.“

The doors of the elevator opened and a handsome man not older than twenty six stepped into the room. "He is…unusual.” I said looking at my new friend. “Maybe he is a designer or something.” I would’ve guessed so too. The man had a strong red bleached hair with small golden rings attached to it. He was wearing a light blue suit with absolutely nothing underneath. On his chest,fingers and ankles tattoos were coloring his skin. The whole situation was finished with floral Gucci sneakers and that was it. He had only a unreadable look in his eyes and nothing else was there on his handsome features. “Bad weather. Bad morning.” “Was this supposed tob be Good morning because in human language we say…” I whispered in Corins ear “Kim Wonsik."she said scared"Kim Wonsik…wait,what?” my head snapped. “Y/N. This is Kim Wonsik. The older Kim.”

If a minute ago I looked him like he was some psycho,now he looked scary. He was indeed scary now. A hand grabbed mine and I saw Corin shaking trying to hold onto something. I squeezed her hand trying to smile. “Corin,it’s okay. He…”“You don’t know him. I have heard him. Although Wonsik is less scarier than Namjoon,he isn’t weaker than him. Between the two Wonsik is the body and action. Namjoon is the brain. Wonsik is more reckless.”“I have the names of 50 girls in this list. You are fighting as you know for 5 work placements in total. The 5 choosen will be assigned in different departments by us the CEOs ourself. Since I want to finish faster…” and he stopped dead in his sentence. Following where he was looking I ended up looking where I hoped he wasn’t looking - at Corin. He was looking at her like she was some ghost,like a child that after years of searching found his toy. She stopped shaking and was just looking scared. Wonsik smirked and looked away. “Corin what happend?” “I don’t know and I don’t want to. Y/N I’m afraid.” “So am I. Don’t worry. I won’t leave you. I’m here.”

“Line in five rows of ten. I have no time for joking around.“ Wonsik voice spread across the almost quite room. This was a command,no a "if you may do it”. With Corin’s hand in mine I stood us both up and holding her tightly we stood next to each other.“Someone from my team will start calling you in…Namjoon,what a pleasant surprise,little brother.” Everyone looked at the elevator where a breathtaking man was standing. Tall and scary. Dirty blond hair was slicked back so that black mesmerizing eyes could kill. A beautiful red choker decorated his neck. The muscular body was attempted to be hidden behind a black suit matched with fitted suit pants that outlined his perfect thighs. Under the suit jacket there was a black shirt with exactly three unbuttoned buttons. People are probably afraid to walk when he walks because dust may fall on his…five thousand three hundred and sixty four dollar Alexander McQueen shoes,don’t ask how I know this. Without saying anything he stepped in the room and like robots the rows split in the middle making an aisle for the intimidating man to walk on with his minions. He gave off the vibe of fear and sexual tension,while women made the air thick with arousal. He stood next to his brother and and know the picture was just plain the death of me. Two pairs of unreadable eyes. Everyones eyes in the room were glued to the ground from fear. Where ever the brothers looked the tension hanging on each of our shoulders became even heavier. 

“Tell me you are kidding.” everyone were right. If the devil had a voice this was going to be it. It was a low yet loud voice just as Corin said. If he wanted me to sin only a sentence should roll on his sinful lips and it was going to be enough to make me do whatever he wanted.“I tought we agreed that for the work placement we want good looking women not…people like her."his head only nodded in the direction of Corin or at that time I thought so. The blond clones giggled all together trying to appeal to Kim Namjoon. Corin was looking at the ground refusing to look up. She was holding my hand tightly and tears started to roll from her eyes. This was a grave mistake Kim Namjoon. I’m killing you and your freakin placement because you hurt a girl that was so nice and the only thing she wants is to call her mother and to tell her efforts finally gave fruit. I was someone who hated to see others hurt and she was visibly hurt. Oh I don’t care who you are Kim Namjoon. You just angered the goddess of Human rights. Angry,my head snapped up full of confidence. My eyes could kill if they could.

"And what exactly is wrong with her Mr. Mighty CEO?!” I snapped and the giggles abruptly stopped. As if no one was there. Mr. Kims head slowly turned in my direction looking me straight in the eyes. In any other moment I would’ve peed myself from fear but not now. Not right now. Right now I was stronger than him.“You will excuse me,but she is stunning. Unlike the bleached blonde clones at least she is different. So am I as I see. Should we all wear pencil skirts and heels to please you your mighty Highnesses? My hair is also brown. Oh no. Should I bleach it blonde? If you can’t see the potential of people with amazing resumes like hers you are not worth my or even less hers time,brain or effort. So excuse me while I turn my red Converse and get out of here. With "Her”. An actual intelligent human being. Goodbye.“ Without saying anything and still holding our hands we walked through the blond tall clones.</p> <p>When I turned my head around just before we leave so I could see his reaction before I leave this freakin place forever.A smirk is everything I saw. A freakin smirk. He was looking at me like I am an interesting species that he haven’t seen or heard about. His thumb slowly rubbed his plump lips as if he was thinking what to say. I was holding Corin and was ready to storm out,but this look. This look was lurking me back. It was telling me to stay still and to wait. Like a good girl."What’s your name?” is what he asked me. From everything you could’ve said. You say…What’s your name. "Y/N. My name is Y/N. Does it matter?“I said not looking away from his eyes. I just couldn’t."Yes it does. Wonsik,there are four places open from this moment on. She comes with me. Ms. Y/N lead the way. And bu the way I wasn’t talking about Corin. Corin,say hi to mother.” What? “No Namjoon. You do it yourself.” After all they know each other. Turning my back to Kim Namjoon I looked at Corin. “You told me you haven’t seen them. Why did you lie?” “There are things family can’t share Y/N so lie is the answer then. I’m sorry. But things are too complicated for someone who I met today.” Warm breath warmed my neck. Namjoon was so close to me the heat coming from him was warming my back. A low “You can let go of her now.” is what I heard and soon a big hand catched mine swiftly and I let go of Corin’s hand. “Let’s go. Big brother,I believe you will take care of things here.” A loud “You bet I will.” was heard before Namjoon dragged me in the elevator and pulled out a golden card ehich he swipped on the logo of the company and the elevator started moving.

No talking. Just breathing and the sound of my fast beating heart. I was scared. Where ever we were going I couldn’t escape. Whatever he wanted to say I should listen. “Now you are quiet.” the statement died in the silence. “Why are you not saying anything?” you shouldn’t answer Y/N. Don’t lurk yourself in this trap. He wants you to speak. The hell,I came here to become part-time employee. What did I get myself into? “Mr.Kim you arrived your destination. Destination-your main office.” The fuck were you?! Where did this voice came from. The robo voice from the elevator doesn’t sound like this. “An unauthorized face in the office sir.” he lowly chuckled. “She is with me Gidian. Thank you for the warning. Come on little one. My office is better than the elevator.” Ah right. Y/N get out of the elevator. Slowly,don’t look too rushed. Don’t be intimidated by him although he walks so confident and he is so tall and his back look like a work of God even behind the suit. You horny bitch. Stay in the line of being scared,not horny. Scared. Remember,afraid. Not horny.

His office did really look nice. He had a fireplace with a big couch with few big old books wrapped in leather lying next to the sofa on a small black wooden table on the left. On the right he had a big monitor on a pitch black wall. And in the front he had a really big black mahogany desk with a leather I will say throne more than a chair. Maybe the Vampire theory isn’t so crazy now that I see his office. “Come. Where do you want to talk? On the couch or the desk? Gidian,clean my schedule for the next hour.” he was a prince. A dark prince. “Desk. Couch is too…intimate.” I answered,trying to put the fear down my throat,to sound proud and confident.“He laughed. A real laugh. Not faked smile or a smirk. And all of a sudden the laugh died and a smirk took its place. "What are you? You throw a fit in the middle of an employee recruitment. Then you confront me. You don’t flinch unlike others. And red Converse,seriously?” his tone was a satin drenched with sex. Why? Why the stupid smuts damn it? My head is full with all the things he could do to me right now and no one will know about it. All the places he can take me on and no one will find about it. Damn you hormones. I have had sex once in my life and strangely it didn’t hurt as much as I was worried. But with all the smuts I have read, I am a sex encyclopedia.

I found my voice after looking at him for what felt like an eternity. “I really like my Converse. They’re a present from my mother. Do they bother you,sir?” Something in him snapped for a second. He looked like a bewildered animal. For the first time he looked away from me. Lowly,almost deadly I heard his voice. “Work for me. Not as a part-timer. As a full time employee. Work for me. Only for me.”

He wanted me to work? After all I did? After I confront him infront of his minions and everyone else. After acting like a fool? “Why?” “I do things differently. You are different and I like that.” Namjoon circled his desk and walked to me. Although I wanted to run away,somewhere far away, I didn’t. Soon he was too close.“You are not scared. But I have the desire to make you.” one of his hands chained itself behind my back pulling me even closer. To wear a tennis skirt wasn’t the best decision now. So was coming here too. But Kim Namjoon smelled of a nice full of flavors parfume. Up close his smirk wasn’t scary. It was sexy. “You see little one,I love being the winner,the master. And you try to confront me. It’s fun. I want to have fun. I will keep you. Close to me.” his lips were moving and on my mind was just how they stop talking and put themselves to use to heal mine.“So that when I finally break you I will claim you as mine. But for now…” “Kim Namjoon,kiss me."dead in his sentence I watched as the scariest and mysterious man on Earth snapped and his eyes became grave black and his voice was the sin of every man. "Earn it. Work for me. Step by step I will satisfy whatever need you have for me. This is a one time deal,little one. Take it or leave from where you came."My mind. It stopped working rationally at the age of five. Why think wisely now? "I’ll do it. I’ll work for you. Now kiss me.” if it was possible his grip became even tighter. Our breaths were meddling in one. I looked away from Namjoon and stared at his chest waiting for him to say whatever. “Patience little one. I’ll give you everything you want and need. But patience.” my voice was a low whisper against his strong body.“Patience is also earned Kim Namjoon. Right now,I have none. I don’t know why am I so brave today,bu appreciate it and kiss me.” There he was,the bewildered animal,the final straw of self-control he had. His other hand roughly pulled my face towards his making our lips one whole. We were Legos. Perfect pieces put together. His lips moved slowly but surely. Aware that no matter how much I talked,he was the commander of my turned legal two weeks ago self. The moment finished fast and soon there wasn’t fluffy lips on mine anymore.

“I have three rules that I expect you to follow. Three. No more than three. One, no heels,pencil skirts or bright lipstick. I hate those things” this was easy. I never liked them anyway.“Two,never call me sir.”“Why?”“Just because. And three and the most important one of them. For you to be always be free for me. Whenever I call or send you a message. I’ll expect you to answer in that exact moment. Whenever I want to see you for you to be able to see me.

 "Welcome in my wolrd,little one”

Moments. Chapter 5: Blessing

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Chapter 5: Blessing

Sana looked at herself in the mirror. She had chosen smart clothes, she wanted to look responsible, not like that would matter once she told her parents what she was planning on telling. Sure, her parents had always supported her and respected her decisions, her mom was always saying that she trusted her but it’s one thing saying it and another one actually believing it.

For a brief moment she questioned if it was worth it, if she should even tried but then his smile came to her mind, the way she felt when she was around him and everything seemed worth it. It was going to be difficult but she needed to at least try.

Her parents were in the kitchen, completely unaware of what was going to happen in the next minutes. She took a deep breath and entered the room.

“Hi” she greeted them

“Hi habibti, wow you look really beautiful, are you going somewhere?” her mom asked

“No, but…someone is actually coming”

“That’s okay, everybody is welcomed here” her dad said

“Is it a friend of yours? Noora maybe?”

“No, not Noora, is not…is not a girl actually” she said looking at her feet. “And we need to tell you something important”

“Sana, you’re scaring me. Who’s coming? What’s going on?” Mama Bakkoush asked worried.

Sana was going to answer but the doorbell interrupted her.

“I’ll go” she said

She got to the front door and opened it smiling when she saw him standing at the other side.


Hey” he smiled

“You’re wearing a shirt” Sana said staring at him from feet to head.

“Yes, is it too much? I wanted to seem responsible” he said blushing

“You’re perfect” she said smiling

“And you’re beautiful”

“Are you sure you want to do this?” she asked biting her lip “It’s not going to be easy”

“I’m ready if you are” he nodded

“Thank you” she said

She looked at his hand and slowly reached it, intertwining his fingers with hers. She never thought that the first time she would hold hands with a boy would be in the hallway of her house but she really needed to feel his touch in that moment. Yousef looked at their hands a little shocked about the proximity. He then looked at her and saw the fear in her eyes.

“Hey” he said squeezing her hand making her look at him “Everything is going to be okay”

She smiled and nodded closing her eyes to gain the strength she needed. She let go of his hand and led the way to the kitchen.

“Mom, dad, Yousef is here” she said entering the room with him right behind her

“Good afternoon Mr. Bakkoush, Mrs. Bakkoush” he greeted them politely “I uh…I have something for you”

With all her thoughts Sana hadn’t noticed that Yousef had in fact brought something with him. He was holding a bouquet of flowers which he offered to her mother. Sana’s mom took it from him frowning a little bit but smiling.

“Thank you, Yousef, it’s very nice of you” she said

“And this” Yousef said showing Sana a single bluebell he had in his hand “This is for you”

Sana smiled widely at him, she remembered the first and only time he had given her flowers. That perfect afternoon they had spent together, the afternoon that made her believe that there was a chance for them. She took the flower from him looking tenderly at him. He smiled back at her with the same affection.

“Okay, I think we should take this conversation to the living room” Sana’s dad said standing up from the chair and leading the way to the other room.

Sana and Yousef followed her parents trying to prepare themselves for what was coming. Her parents sat on the couch while both Sana and Yousef stood in front of them.

“So, Sana you said you had something to tell us. I’m guessing it has something to do with Yousef” her mom said

“Yes…I…I don’t know how to start” Sana said “Well, mom, dad, you know I’ve always tried to be the best daughter possible and I’m responsible and I think I’m a good person”

“And we agree with that” Sana’s dad said

“Well, I have to tell you something and I don’t know what you’re going to think about it but I really, really hope that you’re okay with it ‘cause your opinion means the world to me and I don’t think I could do this if I didn’t have your blessing”

“Our blessing for…?” her mom asked

Sana opened her mouth to talk but no words came out of it. She panicked and looked at Yousef for support. He nodded at her and cleared her throat.

“I…we…we like each other” Yousef said “And we…we want to be together”

“Well it was about time” Sana’s dad said chuckling

“Huh?” Sana said looking at him frowning

“You’ve been crushing on each other since you were kids, it was bound to happen” he explained

“What…why…how…?” was all that Yousef could say

“I have to say that you had me fooled for a moment. Last week when you were in the kitchen with us, Sana, and the boys came in you didn’t look at him” her dad said “The poor boy was desperately trying to get you to look at him but you kept staring at the table. I thought something had happened between you but I didn’t want to pry. Then like I told you, I saw you playing basketball on Sunday and I knew things were better, you were smiling again”

“But mom, you said you didn’t want me to spend time with him” Sana said

“Sana, I’m a mother who’s 17 years old daughter is starting to be interested in boys and dating, what can I say? I’m protective of my children” Sana’s mom said shrugging

“Guess the only two people that didn’t know about each other’s feelings were us” Yousef said chuckling

“We still have to talk about this, though” Sana’s dad said serious “What are exactly your intentions with my daughter”

Yousef took a moment to think, what was the right answer to that question? He looked at Sana who was staring back at him with a smile and the answer, the truth, came to his mind instantly.

“I want to make her happy” Yousef said, he then turned to face her parents “I like her, a lot, I’ve never felt this way about anyone. I just want to be with her, to be there for her and to make her smile and be happy. That’s all.”

“Yousef, we know you’re a good boy but you have to understand that we have some…concerns about this” Sana’s mom said

“I know and I get it but…you should know that I would never do anything that could hurt Sana or that could put her in a position where she’s not comfortable. I respect her so much and I also respect you and this family”

“You really like him?” Sana’s dad asked his daughter

“I do” she said nodding

And does he make you happy?”

“He does, he really does” she said smiling

Her parents looked at each other for a moment seeing if they were both thinking the same thing.

“That’s all we want Sana, we want you to be happy. We’ve never stopped your brothers from dating anyone and we’re not going to do that to you. And we appreciate the fact that you both came and told us. So if you’re really sure about this…”

“I am” she assured him

“Then you have our blessing”

Both Sana and Yousef smiled widely in relief.

“Thank you, thank you so much” Yousef said

“Thank you, I love you both” Sana added hugging her parents

“We’re trusting you, both of you, you have to be responsible about this” her mom said

“We will, I promise” Sana said

“You can trust us” Yousef finished.

“And what does Elias think about this?” Sana’s dad asked “It’s his best friend and his sister, after all”

“I support them!!!” they heard a voice saying from outside the room

“Elias? Are you listening through the door?” Sana’s mom asked

“No…” he whispered

“Come here” Sana’s dad said rolling her eyes

The door opened and Elias came into the room smiling.

“Hey, looking good bro” he said patting Yousef’s back.

“What do you think about this, Elias?” Sana’s mom asked

“They like each other, he’s my best friend, he’s the best guy I know and I want the best for my sister” he said shrugging “besides, they look really cute together”

Sana rolled her eyes and shook her head while Yousef just chuckled at his friend’s comment.

“Seems like you two have everybody’s blessing then” Sana’s dad said standing up.

He shook Yousef’s hand and gave his daughter another hug.

“Thank you” Sana said once more

“Would you like to stay for Iftar, Yousef?” Sana’s mom asked

“I’d love to, thank you” he said

“Maybe you can help me with the food, I’ve heard that you know how to cook” she said giving her daughter a knowing look

“Of course, I’d be happy to help”



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Donald Pierce x reader

Logan (2017)

Warnings: Smut. Smut. Smut. ANNNNND SMUT


I walked through the halls, keeping the files close to my chest. Rushing outside, I crossed the cement, trailing beside the wired fences over to the other building. My tag hit my chest with each step, and the mist in the air cleared my lungs.

Scanning the doors, they beeped with the sound of locks, and I pushed my way through. Soldiers armed with guns stood beside them, glancing at me, they nodded, and I passed them. Turning the corner, I stopped dead in my tracks. Donald Pierce stood only a foot away from me. He smirked at me, and I swallowed with nervousness.

Slightly arching his eyebrow, Pierce reached over with his machine hand. Slowly sliding the files out of my grasp. I clenched my jaw and stared at him while he opened them; scanning his sharp blue eyes over the words. He then clicked his tongue, and looked over at me, his thick words low and gruff. I felt goosebumps rise on the surface of my arms.

“Hmm… Somethin’ tells me… You… Aint supposed to have those, now are ya darlin’?” I looked at the ground, and he stepped closer to me. Lifting his machine hand, and flicking a metal finger over the corner of my jaw. Sighing, he set his shoulders and cocked his head slightly. Kicking his heels back, and walking away. Suddenly, he halted and looked slightly back to me. “I suggest you follow me, ms. Y/N.”

I cleared my throat, expecting him to take me to Zander Rice. Who ran Transigen over him.

Turning a few corners, Pierce slowed, sliding one of the panels to a door open, and outstretching his arm-reaching to my back. Lightly grazing my hip as I walked into the room, he trailed behind. Locking the door behind him.

“Now. Let’s just say I forget about whatever you expect to get away with…” He sat on the desk that was slid against the back wall and nodded to the chair that sat in front of it. “If you, sweet thing, would do one thing.” His heavy southern accent teased me, and I took a deep breath. Trying to shake it off. Business.

“What do you want?” I could hardly stop my voice from wavering.

“Oh, darlin’ I think we both want the same thing. Isn’t that right?” His voice was now nearly a whisper. He lifted his metal finger into the air, and set it, slightly waving it to the left before resting it against his knee. “One thing….” He smiled smugly at me as his words lingered and left a numb taste in my mouth.

I watched him carefully, as he reached to the files again. The files I had planned to give to Gabriela-the files on the kids. He set them carefully next to him, before reaching over to my face. Touching me with his human hand, I felt his fingers shake slightly, as he dragged them down my cheek. Lifting my chin, I slowly stood up, and he wrapped his other arm around my waist. My heart slammed against my chest, as I felt his muscles tighten around me when he surrounded me with his tall frame. Leaning his head down, he kissed me. Gently, like he was savoring the taste of my lips. I sunk down, reaching my fingers to run through his thick blonde hair. Running them through, I twisted them and felt him reach under my legs. Thrusting me onto his lap, my legs crossed behind him, and he kissed me harder.

Sliding his hand up my back, I felt the cold hard metal press in between my shoulder blades. His tongue slid against my gums as he asked permission to kiss me deeper. Holding the back of my head with his flesh hand, he leaned forward, and I nodded against his lips. Letting him bite my bottom lip, slide his tongue against my teeth and the back of my cheek. I breathed in, taking in the scent of strong cologne and sweat.

Sliding his jacket off of his strong shoulders, my fingers contoured the lines of his muscles. Feeling him under my fingers, a low growl formed in his throat, and I parted my lips from his.

He stared at me with hunger, breathing heavy and sweat beading at his brow. Tightening myself around his waist, I felt him pull me up, set me on the desk, and crash against me. Moving my hips to his, my back hit the desk, and he pushed the papers to the floor. With the now-clear desk, he was able to rest his hands beside my head as he kissed me. With my knees pulled up and my feet sliding down his back, they fell to his belt, and I slid my toes underneath the leather. Pulling him closer by the caller.

His lips moved down my neck, nibbling at the sensitive skin. My fingers moved from his collar to the buttons on his chest. Pulling them apart, I threw his black shirt across the room. Leaning my head back, I let my fingers rest on his abdomen before he brought his head up from my collar bone. He slid his hands around my waist, holding me tightly, and I gasped as he dug his fingers into my skin. The pads on his machine fingers barely as soft as the others. I held his face, kissing him while he moved his hands around my pants. Pulling them off, he broke away and looked at me. I laid on top of the table, letting myself rest for a split second

Sweat moved down my hairline, and he slid my arms above my head. Tracing the curves of my body, and moving my shirt above my head. Gazing on my figure underneath him, he admired me with slow breaths.

With my black sheer bra revealed to his eyes, he bit his bottom lip, grazing his thumb over my nipple, before moving his lips over the tender area of my breast. Leaning over me, I grasped his hair, grunting as he pulled the fabric of my bra away from my flushed body.

Moving his hand down to my panties while he continued to suck at my breasts, licking my nipples and nipping at them while caressing my body, he massaged his fingers through the lips between my legs. I gasped at his movements, bringing myself up and holding myself by his neck. Pressing his thumb against my clit, I gasped, and he then leaned down and breathed in, pushing his mouth to mine until I suffocated in his breath.

Closing my eyes, I let his warmth envelop me, and I felt myself melting to his touch. An orgasm went through my muscles, and I grunted softly. His fingers only traveled deeper-opening me up to his greed.

Ripping my panties to the floor, he slid his black cargo pants to his ankles, stepping out of them in hurried trips. Letting his member spring free, he kicked his underwear next to his pants and angled himself to my hips. Pulling my lips apart, I slid my hand over his chest, and my other around his waist. Pulling him towards me in desperate whimpers. As he set the tip over my entrance, he throbbed against the inside of my thigh, and then suddenly thrust himself into me. Pulling out, and allowing my wet walls to open up to him before he slid in again, only deeper. I then heard him huff for air, thrusting until he found his rhythm. Digging his metal hand into the desk.

Grasping onto his shoulders, I wrapped my legs around his waist once again, letting him go deeper. His hair stuck to his forehead, and as he breathed heavily, I looked up at his gold tooth. Biting my lip as I yearned to feel his mouth on mine.

A moan suddenly pressed against my lips, and I strained against it. Waves thrusting themselves through my body at the beat of Pierce’s hips, and another orgasm tore through me. He kissed me through it, his words hard to swallow.

“Quiet-else they’ll hear us-“ He grunted, and nuzzled his head in the crook of my neck.

Pulling out, his skin stuck to mine with sweat, and he cursed, his voice now muffled. “Fuck-you kill me…Oh-fuck.” I took a deep breath, closing my eyes. He grazed his fingers over my lips and moved a strand of hair away from my eyes before pushing himself off me. Cleaning himself up, he then threw the cloth in the trash can, and I sat up.

“So, is that all you needed?” Rubbing the scruff around his chin, he looked at me and then slid his arms under mine. Pulling me off of the table, and against his naked chest.

“Baby… You know me…” I let him move his mouth across mine, caressing my face. My fingers pushed through his hair, and I pulled away. Sucking at the inside of my cheek, I then sighed. No matter how much he gave me, I always wanted more.

A knock on the door shook us from the trance we were in, and with a slight jump, I shook my head.

“Mr. Pierce? Mr. Rice is looking for you.” A Hispanic voice echoed through the room from behind the door.

He cleared his voice and buckled his belt.

“Thank you.” We listened to the small lady hurry off to do more files, as I pulled my jeans up to my hips. Clasping my bra, and pulling my shirt over my head. Tucking the smooth fabric of my shirt into my jeans, Pierce finished dressing and then walked over to me. Holding me by my hips, and letting out a small sigh. “You should be more careful, Darlin. Don’t want nobody to find you with those files now would we?” Smirking, he kissed my temple, grazing his mouth to my ear, where he whispered, “I know whatchu’s thinkin’ of doin’.” Even in a low mutter, his accent dripped from his tongue like syrup. I leaned against him. “And trust me, baby, it won’t work.”


Note: This one really sucks and I apologize.

hunk and lance friendship hcs
  • Hunk and Lance knew each other before the Garrison and have been bffs since childhood
  • Hunk and Lance didn’t meet in the same preschool nor did they ever go to the same school (until the garrison) but met each other in a nearby playground where they continued to meet up for the next 8-11 years of their life, they usually let off steam about the shit that goes down in their schools.
  • “Like, if you’re going to steal something from the mall -” “Don’t wear your uniform?” “EXACTLY. God, that guy was so stupid.” “Agreed.”
  • “Then… then he KICKED the guy’s nose!!! He was bleeding, Lance! He needed to be taken to the hospital!!” “Oh my God, and then what?” “A girl was crying the whole entire time and -” the stories they share go on and on.
  • Lance’s mom and Hunk’s mom are interested in the same things so their sons r bffs and so r they and their moms drag them off sometimes to do grocery shopping but Hunk and Lance are aways ‘can’t we just stay at hoooommmmeeee?’ ‘no you’re going to help me and hunk’s mom buy groceries for our party’ ‘what party????’ ‘a joint family party!!!!’ ‘??????? !!!! A JOINT FAMILY PARTY ????’
  • Hunk’s family and Lance’s family are really close buds now
  • It’s almost surreal how much the two families are alike to interests???
  • Hunk and Lance meet up after graduating middle school and decide to finally enrol in the same school. Both of them couldn’t have been anymore excited and happy.
  • Hunk is Lance’s only tether to Earth because Hunk is childhood and playground days, fighting off bullies and staying up at night under covers and pillow forts, charting stars while laying on muddy grass after rain, stealing cookies when their mothers aren’t looking, and making stupid jokes together as the sun went down – all of their world, quiet and soft and sound.
  • Lance loves Hunk and Hunk loves Lance. They’re best friends, because water breathes life on Earth and what is water without it’s Earth?
Plan: Avoid McCoy

(Bones x Reader) (Leonard McCoy x Reader)

Summary: takes place after Star Trek Into Darkness just before Beyond. In prev story “McCoy’s Dilemna” Reader is Christopher Pike’s daughter and they had been dating. This starts with them having been broken up for about 3 years, being back on the Enterprise again after Admiral Pike’s death.

Ths is for you @nervousmemzie hope you like it 

Word count: 3,301 (yowza)

Originally posted by fuckyeahteamjones


“Lieutenant Commander Pike may I have a word please” Jim asked you into his office.

“Yes sir” you nodded and followed him in. He motioned for you to sit in one of the chairs in front of his desk and he sat in the other, facing you.

He put on his friendly Jim face, so you took a deep breath and exhaled knowing this meant he was going to get personal. “I just wanted to check in with you to see how you are doing?” he asked.

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Drabble Prompt: 13|”I’m Sorry.”
                           15|”I am going crazy.”

You did your homework quietly as Taeil and Mark’s angered and tensed conversation flew to your room. Even behind the closed doors you could tell that the environment outside your room was very tense and edgy. Taeil and Mark arguing over anything could never be good news. Those two were the calmest members, hardest to anger. What could’ve happened to spark a quarrel among the nicest and most reliable members in this huge group?

  You heard Taeil’s voice raise, your eyes widening in surprise. It was probably the first time you had heard him raise his voice ever since you started dropping in to stay at your brother’s dorm every once in a while. Taeil had the softest of hearts, hearing him suddenly shout at another nicest member among them had you wondering what was going on beyond the doors.

  You stood up as the door to your room opened and Mark came in. He quietly closed the door behind him, “Can I stay here for a while?”

  You gazed at him for a while before your trance broke. Swallowing visibly, you nodded and muttered a ‘yes’ as you showed him the chair he could take. You always had a spare chair by your study table in case your brother wanted to drop in and chat for a while as you studied.

  He quietly sat down as you took your seat as well. You looked around as the awkward silence grew on both of you. Finally breaking the silence, you politely asked him what had happened a while before and gave him the liberty to avoid your question.

  “No it’s okay!” he hurriedly replied, “It’s just that… I like this girl.”

  “Oh.” You replied quietly as your heart broke, “Well, that sounds great.”

  “I am kind of worried that it isn’t…” Mark replied as he smiled sadly, the gloom in his eyes, “I don’t know if she feels the same way, or if I am allowed to have feelings for her.”

  “What do you mean?” you felt somewhat irritated by how troubled he was being over having feelings about someone, and at how irrelevant his reasons sounded.

  “I mean… I don’t think she feels the same way for me. We both are good friends, but I just don’t see her feeling the same way for me. Taeil wants me to confess to her, but I don’t think I can…”

  You gritted your teeth as your hands balled into fists, “Wow Mark, you happen to be a big coward!”

  His mouth fell open slightly as he crooked his eyebrows at you, “Why would you say that?” he laughed bitterly.

  “People like you always make the same mistake. At the beginning they easily assume that the one they like doesn’t like them back, like they could possibly tell!” your tone was filled with disdain as you went on, “You do know that they might like you back, like the possibility could be very, very thin, but they could just feel the same way! People like you always end losing the person they like just to learn after years that they once felt the same way for you, but by then it’s way too late!”

  By then Mark’s face flushed with embarrassment, “Why do you even care?” he asked as he placed both his palms on your table, his eyes looking at yours in interrogation.

  “Because,” you took a deep breath in, “Despite knowing that you have feelings for someone else, I won’t cower away from telling you that, I like you, Mark.”

  Mark’s hands fell off the table into his lap as he stared at you for a while, unsure of how to reply.

  “I’m sorry…” you mumbled when you realised you had gone too far, “Just forget I ever said any of that to you.” You got up from your chair and were walking around him to leave the room to him, but your heart stopped just as you did on your tracks as he gripped on your hand.

  You turned around and found him staring at your diary on the table, beneath the heaps of book, “Do you write about me?”

  You stared at him as nervousness crept up your neck and warmed your entire body, “I- I do…”

  “Me too,” he confessed, “I also write in my diary, about how I am going crazy for you.”

  Your entire form relaxed as you looked at Mark’s face to find any hint of insincerity, but he looked so solemn that your heart picked up its pace again, violently beating against your chest.

  “I- I like you so much, y/n…” he professed quietly as he looked into your eyes, pulling you to sit down in his lap as he ran his fingers through your hair. His eyes scanned your entire face before settling in yours for a while, before his gaze dropped to your lips. You closed the gap silently, and felt him wrapping his arms around you. Your heart relaxed as you felt him smile into the kiss.

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Had a bad day at work because a guy yelled at me for not taking his year old expired coupons. I was walking home shortly after and the guy was following me in his car. I was thinking we were both going the same way, so I don't get scared until I'm crossing the street and he tries to hit me! I move out of the way but he still ran over my foot and drove off. Now my foot is broken and I can't work for two months!

52. Telling each other a kink and trying them

Fun and Games 

Word Count: 1,557
A/N: This is based off prompt 51, telling each other a kink and trying them. It’s a bit longer than the other ones, and I hope that’s okay. I just kind of felt like this one needed a little more setting the stage. Still, hope you enjoy the smut
Written by: @dragonsrequiem

It all began over a discussion one night a month ago; you’d been sitting with your feet propped in Bucky’s lap while he painted your toenails with a precision to make any nail tech jealous. With each swipe of the fiery red, he’d gotten quieter. At first you thought he was just preoccupied, but then, he asked.

“Is there something different you’d like to try?” he finally blurted out, leaving you confused.

“Something different? It’s going to look pretty weird if we suddenly change polish color in mid-nail, don’t you think?” You asked, brow furrowed as you tried to figure it out.

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Confidence - Part Three

Reid x Reader. Scroll for the first two parts.

Your date with Spencer had been wonderful. He’d still seemed nervous and had made a few comments about how he couldn’t believe you were here with him but you’d shut him down, telling him that there was no one else you’d rather be here with.

There HADN’T been any making out in the back row of the movies. When you’d both finally decided on a film to watch, the theatre had been packed. Whilst it wouldn’t have bothered you too much to be surrounded by people, you were fairy certain it would have bothered Spencer. Shy little Spencer. Although you hoped you could start to change that.

He walked you to your apartment door, his hand around yours and you fiddled with your keys.

“Do you wanna come in? Maybe have a beer, it’s not too late.” It wasn’t, it was only ten thirty. Spencer nodded and you pushed open your door and led him inside. He’d been here before a few times when you’d hosted parties or the occasional get together for the team, but this was the first time you’d been alone with him in your home.

You busied yourself collecting two beers from the fridge and then sat down on your couch. He remained stood and you could see him trying to work out how close to sit to you. You patted the cushion directly next to you and smiled as he joined you. Flicking on the TV you took a sip of your beer and then set it down, turning to him.

“So…. There was one thing I said we’d do tonight at the movies that we didn’t get chance to do.”

His eyes lifted upwards as he recalled what you’d said, a light blush on his cheeks as he remembered. He coughed, clearing his throat lightly.

“The making out?” he asked, his voice a little croaky with nerves.


“You still wanna…. you still want to do that with me?”

You leant over and pinched his thigh and he yelped, “What was that for!?!”

“Everytime you ask me a question like that I’m gonna pinch you. I’m not going to keep telling you what a catch you are and how I’ve had a crush on you for ages Spence. You need to believe me here when I say that I want to do everything with you. And I mean EVERYTHING. I know that you’re nervous and lacking in self believe but I need you to get it into your head that I like you. I really don’t want it to get to a stage where you’re thanking me for having sex with you or something daft like that.”

His eyes shot up and widened and you knew that probably would have happened. Thinking, he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth, letting it slowly roll back out. Your eyes were transfixed on it and you were sure a tiny groan left your chest.

“Did you just…..?”

Okay so a groan definitely had left your chest.

“I did. I’ve already told you I have a major thing about your lips and mouth, Reid. You have the nicest, sexiest mouth I’ve seen on a guy.”

“I do? No one’s ever said that to me before,” he licked his lip now, his tongue slowly swiping over his full plump lip.

“Spence, if you knew the obscene thoughts I’d had about your mouth……”

He set his beer down and inched closer to you.

“What sort of thoughts exactly?” he bit his lip again, now purposely toying with you it seemed.

Do you tell him and scare him off? Or hope it finally gets him to stop doubting himself?

The second one.

“Thoughts about having them in various places on my body, ” you crept closer to him and now your thighs were pressed against each other.

“Where?” he almost whispered, pushing a lock of his hair back.

You touched your finger tips to your lips.


Spencer leaned forward and brushed his lips over yours softly before pulling away.

“And then here…. ” you pressed your fingers to your pulse point on your neck, pulling your hair out of the way. Spencer leant forward again, lowering his mouth to where you fingers had pinpointed, his lips warm against your skin. He scattered little butterfly kisses on the area before moving away slightly and touching his lips back to your own and taking you by complete surprise.

This kiss was different than in the coffee shop, still tentative and sweet, but he had more confidence with it. He moved his mouth against yours and you tilted your head slightly, parting your lips. Your tongue slipped out, the tip touching his and you felt his hand move to the back of your neck. You kissed for a few minutes, your mouths moving together in a dance. He tasted of sugar, the overly sweet slushie he’d had at the movies overpowering the beer he’d sipped. When he pulled away, you almost whimpered. You could kiss this man for hours, and given the chance, you would. He smiled, hearing the reluctance in your breathing he leant in again, not kissing you this time but to ask a question.

“Where else?”



You wondered how far you take this….

“Here…” you pulled your cardigan to one side, exposing your collar bone.

Without any hesitation this time he kissed your collar bone, adjusting his position so that he could reach better. You moved too, leaning backwards and slowly inching down so that you were laying on your couch. He followed you, slotting against the back of the couch at your side so that you were both lying down.

Well this was going better than expected.

“And here….” you dragged your fingers to the top of your breast, just above where the edge of your tank top started.

He DID hesitate this time, glancing up at you his eyes darker than normal. He didn’t wait long though, kissing his way down to the spot you’d pointed out, his lips skimming over the curve of your breast. Your breathing caught in your throat as his breath tickled your skin, sending a shiver down your spine, straight to your groin area.

“I’ve definitely imagined them here,” you told him breathily. If anything was going to make him balk it would be this. Your hand different over your boob, settling onto where you knew your nipple was.

He cleared his throat and wriggled slightly.

“Was there….. Erm…. Fabric between them when you imagined this?”

Oh god.

You shook your head, your eyes widening when he moved his hand to your tank top and pulled it down, exposing your bra. You watched as he licked his lips, hearing him gulp as his fingers slipped under the cup of your bra, moving it away and exposing a pink nipple.

Your eyes closed in bliss, a tiny gasp escaping you as he wrapped his lips around the sensitive flesh. Allowing your hand to move to his head, you gently caressed the back of his neck, feeling him twitch against you as you stroked against a sensitive spot. His mouth continued to work against your now pebbled skin, his tongue flicking out and circling your hardened bud.

“Oh fuck Spencer…. ” you groaned as little jolts of pleasure coursed through you. “This is definitely something I’ve thought about over and over again.”

“Really? Cos I’ve thought about it, but never ever expected I’d actually get to do it, ” he released your nipple from his mouth to speak and you opened your eyes, seeing his hair falling sexily over his eyes, a huge grin on his face. He darted his tongue out, flicking against it and you gasped, lifting your hips slightly.

“Well I guess we’re both getting something we’ve dreamt about then,” you smirked, and the groaned again as he blew on your sensitive nipple.

“There’s erm….. Somewhere else I’ve…. I’ve thought about having my lips too,” he said, and your eyes nearly bugged out of your head, you were that surprised.

“That’s interesting because there’s somewhere else I’ve definitely thought about having them somewhere else too.”

“Should we see if it’s the same place we’re both thinking off?”

“I think we should,” yes Spence, yes. This was what you wanted. Him coming out of his shell a bit… Well actually a lot.

He inched down the couch and made quick work of undoing the buttons on your jeans and dragging them down your legs, tossing them to the floor. Settling back down between your legs, he surveyed your still panty clad centre.

Lowering his head, he pressed his lips to the fabric, kissing directly over your clit causing you to buck your hips.

“I’ve definitely thought about kissing here before…… ” he whispered as he placed the flat of his tongue to the cotton that was quickly becoming damp. He licked a thick stripe upwards and you jolted again, whimpering.

“Can I take these off?” he asked, and you raised your your hips in response. Alright so things were happening a little quicker between the two of you than you’d initially planned, but what the hell.

You felt suddenly shy, perhaps because this was someone who was a close friend and now he was seeing your most intimate parts.

“I can’t beli…..”

“Don’t you fucking dare say it, Spencer. I’ll kick you if you do.”

He laughed, “Sorry. It just seems surreal that we’re doing this.”

“Well we don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

He kissed the side of your leg and slowly started to work his way upwards.

“I want to, I definitely want to.”

Reaching the tops of your legs, he settled back down into a comfortable position and lifted one of your legs over his shoulder. He moved the other off the couch so that your foot dropped to the floor and you were wide open to him.

“This is the one thing I’m fairly certain I’m good at. I actually have a tiny bit of confidence when it comes to this.”

Interesting… Very interesting.

“Show me how much confidence then.”

“I’ll try. Did you know the word “orgasm” is from the Greek word orgasmos, which is defined as “to swell with moisture, be excited or eager.”

“I did not.”

He lowered his head again and gently blew on your warm core. “And did you know that the clitoris has over 8,000 sensory nerve endings in it. Hence why it’s extremely sensitive.”

He blew again and then flicked his tongue out, looking up at you and seeing you bite down on your lip in response.

“On average, it takes around twenty minutes to bring a woman to orgasm,” he licked again swiping his tongue over the hood.


“Let’s see if I can do better than that.”

“Uh huh.”

You felt his fingers on you, gently pulling you open even more and pushing back the thin piece of flesh that covered your sensitive bud. Lowering his mouth, he placed his lips to you and got to work.

Within minutes you were panting heavily, sharp gasps leaving your throat as he alternated between licking and flicking you, swirling his tongue over you as he sucked you hard into his mouth. Appreciative noises left his own mouth every so often and whenever he pulled away to take a quick breath, he’d comment on how good you tasted or how wet you were.

You had no doubts about that. Spencer’s mouth was everything you’d hoped it would be, his plumps lips and deft tongue working hard against you, reducing you quickly to a quivering mess. When he allowed his hands to join in on the action, slipping one then two fingers inside you and curling them gently as he thrust, you were a goner. You couldn’t stop your hands gathering in his hair, almost pressing him closer to you still, as his tongue teased your throbbing clit, your gasps and moans spurring him on as you bucked against his mouth.

“Oh fuck….Oh… Ah…….Fuck Spence….. I’m… Oh god…. I’m… Ah…. ”

Finally, you spilled over, crying out his name as stars exploded behind your eyes, an overwhelming sensation of pleasure burning through your body, your toes curling and your butt lifting off your couch as you were fucked with Spencer’s mouth and fingers.

When he was satisfied you were done, he retreated from you, quickly wiping his hand on his jeans and then his mouth on the back of his sleeve. It made you giggle watching him do it.

You tugged him down to you, wanting to feel him pressed against you and you wrapped your arms around his torso as he lay on top of you.

“Was that…. Okay?” he asked after a few moments.

“I thought that was something you knew you were good at?”

“It is….. But I like to double check.”

“Well, clearly I knew what I was talking about when I told Shirley that you knew exactly how to handle me…. Fuck…. Oh god, I’m gonna get even more distracted by your lips now I know what they’re capable of.”

He laughed and raised his head to yours, planting a kiss onto your mouth.

“Give me a few minutes and we’ll see if I know just how to handle you too,” you told him.

“You don’t have to.”

“I know. I want to.”

You were gonna show him that you knew EXACTLY how to handle him. And hopefully, give him something to get distracted about when he looked at your mouth at work

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Can you do a story where Percabeth are friends and they both are in love with each other and like sophomore year they get really drunk and hook up and then Percy admits that he's in love with her?

  • “Come on Annabeth, it’s just one party.” Percy smiled. He was dressed in nice jeans and a blue flannel shirt. “We are sophomore invited to a senior’s party.” 
  • “And how did we get invited to this party?” She asked, skeptically. “Are you going out with a senior girl?”
  • “What? No. Trust me, you would know if I was dating someone.” He blushed. “Thalia, Jason’s sister, is throwing the party. She told Jason that he could invite a few friends and he asked me and I’m asking you to come with.”
  • “Percy, I don’t think this is a good idea.” Annabeth said. She rather be spending time with him watching a movie. Those were her favorite weekends, where they just hung out and did nothing. 
  • Those were her favorite because she got to be close to Percy and breathe in his scent, not in a creepy way but she would be that close that she could smell the chlorine even though he already showered. 
  • “It’s going to be fine. You, me, Jason, Piper, Leo, Frank, and possibly Hazel. Come one Annabeth, live a little.” He gave her his famous grin that was lopsided. 
  • She took a deep breath and let it out. “Fine, lets go to the party.”


  • Three drinks later, Percy was feeling different. His head felt fuzzy, not bad but good fuzzy. He felt really good. 
  • Music was blasting and people were drinking beer or some alcohol that Thalia found. It was great, overall. He got to dance with Annabeth. This was a lot better than spending time at home and doing nothing. 
  • After a while, Percy noticed that his cup was empty and Annabeth was dancing up against him. 
  • “Need another drink?” He asked.
  • “Sure.” She grinned.
  • She walked with him to get another drink. Annabeth went to get another mixed drink while Percy got another beer. 
  • “Can we go outside?” Annabeth asked. “It’s kind of stuffy in here.”
  • Percy nodded and took her hand to lead her outside. They went to the back yard, where no one was around. They went to the pool and sat near the edge. 
  • “Told you this party was a good idea.” He grinned. His words were slurring a bit. 
  • “I know.” Annabeth giggled. “Thanks for bringing me. I’m really enjoying myself.” 
  • “Good. I knew you you would.” He hiccuped. 
  • She smiled and took a sip of her drink. She was drunk after four drinks and she was working on five. Right now she just wanted to kiss him. They were outside, alone, and what’s the chance that he would remember if she kissed him?
  • “Annabeth, I wanna kiss you.” Percy looked at her. “Can I kiss you?” 
  • She nodded enthusiastically, probably more dramatically than she needed to. But she desperately wanted to feel his lips on hers. 
  • He leaned in and kissed her. His lips were soft against her’s. They moved in sync with each other. Annabeth moved her drink so she could wrap her arms around his neck.
  • Percy laid down so she would be on top of him as they made out. Their bodies pressed together and hands roaming their clothed bodies. 


  • The next morning, Annabeth woke up with the sun beating down on her and the smell of morning dew. 
  • She slowly sat up and regretted it. Her head was pounding and the sunlight was too bright on her eyes. Looking around, she realized she was still outside and Percy was next to her. 
  • “Percy, Percy wake up.” She gently shook him. 
  • He groaned and slowly woke up. “Shit, it’s bright!”
  • “We got drunk and I think we slept outside.” She told him. “Do you remember what happened?”
  • Percy covered his eyes with his hands. “We came outside cause it was stuffy.”
  • “Right. Right.” She said, feeling a bit nauseous. “Then we…then we kissed…”
  • Percy lifted a few fingers so he could look at her. “Is that necessarily a bad thing?”
  • “W-What do you mean?” 
  • He sat up and looked at Annabeth. His head pounded and his stomach felt like it could turn inside out at any moment. That was going to be the last time he ever drank that much. 
  • “I mean, we kissed. And we’ve been friends for a long time. My feelings have changed for you for a while and my drunken self got to express that.” Percy started. “I love you Annabeth Chase. I have for over a year now. Every time we hang out, I wish you could stay for a little bit longer so I can be next to you. I could listen to you all day talk about the architecture of the buildings that you love. I always feel more confident when you come to my swim meets cause I know you’re cheering me on. I am in love with you.”
  • Annabeth stared at him. Her eyes brimmed with tears that she wouldn’t let fall. She felt exactly the same way. 
  • “Percy, I feel the same way about you too.” She told him. “I just never said anything because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. I couldn’t lose you as a friend.” 
  • “I can’t either. But I think, since our drunken selves kissed and we both feel the same way…I really think if we started a relationship, it would work.” He told her. 
  • “Really?” 
  • “I really believe that.” He told her. His eyes drifted to her lips, wanting to feel them against his, sober. “So much, that I want to kiss you again to seal this promise.”
  • Annabeth took a deep breath, like she normally did before making a big decision. “Alright. You may kiss me Percy.”
  • He smiled and gently kissed her soft lips for the second time.