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😭Just Friends [Part 4] (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Imagine being best friends with Ethan while you’re hooking up with his brother Grayson. What’s worse? Keeping it from him. You’re 22 while Gray is 18. You guys randomly met while you were hanging out with Ethan and well, things happened. But neither one of you wanted to be in a relationship, so instead you guys decided to just be friends…with benefits.


A/N: Part 4 was written by the always lovely and beautiful @cassmoreiraxo aka @4odolans! Make sure to check out the parts before hand!

Part 3

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The entire drive home I was happy. I was happy that I didn’t end things with Grayson, and I did just have some pretty great sex, but deep down, knowing I was seeing Ethan soon was making me feel guilty. He was my best friend and I was keeping this huge secret from him. I got home and immediately took a shower because all I could smell was sex and Grayson’s cologne. I walked into my apartment and jumped into the shower. Once I got out, I saw I had a text from Ethan.

Ethan: Don’t worry about meeting me there for pancakes tonight. I’ll come and pick you up. See you soon

With that being said I started to get ready. I put on distressed light washed high waisted jean shorts, a baggy camo shirt which I tied a knot in the middle of it so it hugged my curves better, I left my curly hair down and started on my makeup. Ethan texted me saying he was downstairs waiting for me and for me to hurry because “he was so hungry that he was withering away into nothing.” No wonder he’s the Drama King of the Dolan Twins. I put on my white converse and headed downstairs. The ride there we jammed out to music and laughed. I loved Ethan he was my best friend and I felt like such a shitty person for hiding this from him.

We pulled into the Pancake House and got seated. We both ordered what we wanted and started talking.

“Is everything okay Y/N? You’ve been acting kind of strange the past couple of weeks.” Ethan asked me looking concerned.

“I’m okay Ethan. Just stressed with work. You know not all of us can be successful YouTubers” I smirked at him. He lightly kicked me under the table, which caused both of us to laugh. But then I noticed his face fell.

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“Why didn’t you tell me?” Ethan asked not looking up from his place mat. I didn’t say anything, but I knew what he was talking about. “I know what’s been going on Y/N. I’m not stupid.” Ethan looked at me for a second then looked away from me. He couldn’t have known about Grayson and I. We’ve been so careful.

“What are you talking abou—“ Ethan cut me off before I could finish my sentence.

“I know about you and Gray. I know you guys have been having sex. A couple of days after you and I made that video of us baking for YouTube, I found panties under the couch. Gray is always coming home late and usually on the nights Gray is too “busy” to hang out with me and I text you to see if you want to hang out, your phone never works, or you’re busy, or you’re napping. I warned you about him Y/N. What you guys have going on, being fuck buddies isn’t right.” Ethan let out a frustrated sigh. “How could you do this to me?” Ethan clutched his fist.

“I’m so sorry Ethan. I didn’t mean for all of this to start but, when it did, I thought it was a one-time thing. Than that one time thing lead to another, which lead to another and now we are here. I never wanted to lie to you Eth, but Gray and I just didn’t want to hurt your feelings.” I looked at Ethan and I saw the hurt in his eyes.

“I told Gray that you guys couldn’t date when you guys first met. I’ve known he had feelings for you Y/N. But even if you guys do decide to date or whatever, do you really think it’s going to work out? You can’t date. You know the age difference between you guys. That’s weird.” Ethan looked at me and waited for me to say something.

“That’s what you’re concerned about? You know your brother has feelings for me and you’re concerned about our age? He’s a big boy Ethan. He can make his own decisions. I know that’s not it Eth. You use to joke about me and you getting together or you hooking me up with your brother. What’s really wrong?” I stared at my best friend, trying to read his face for an answer, until he finally spoke up.

“He doesn’t do relationships Y/N. But if he did, let’s say and you guys broke up, that’s going to make things change between us. Not only is he my brother, but also he’s my twin brother. You and I wouldn’t be able to hang around as much because he wouldn’t want to run into you and you wouldn’t want to run into him. You probably wouldn’t want to be around me as much because him and I look so much alike. I can’t lose you as my best friend.” Ethan looked back up at me and we just stared at each other. He ran his fingers through his hair as though he is frustrated with this conversation as much as I am.

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“Ethan, we aren’t dating and even if we did and broke up, no one and I mean NO ONE is ever going to come between us, I promise.” I grabbed Ethan’s hand from across the table and gave it a squeeze. We both just smiled at each other and our pancakes finally came. We ate and talked about anything to break the awkward tension between us. We finished up, paid our check and left.

“Let’s have a best friend night. I think Grayson went to hang out with Jack so let’s go back to our place and watch a movie. Just us. No Grayson and no more talking about him.” Ethan threw his arm around my shoulder as we started to walk over to his car.

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I felt like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders because Ethan knew. I knew I had to end things with Grayson because it could ruin my relationship with Ethan and I valued that more than having a good time with Grayson. Ethan wanted this to be best friends night, but the entire drive back to their apartment, he made it very clear that he didn’t approve of what was going on. We parked at their apartment complex and started to head upstairs. Ethan had just told a really bad joke in the elevator so I was making fun of him as he opened the front door to Grayson looking absolutely amazing and putting on his shoes. We made eye contact and I let out an airy breath.

“You’re going to Jacks now?” Ethan asked Grayson as he shut the door and put his keys on the table. I walked over to the fridge to grab Ethan and I a water bottle when I stopped dead in my tracks.

“Nah, I’m actually just leaving now because I’m going on a date. Don’t wait up Ethan, goodnight and see you Y/N.” With that he shut the door, which left Ethan and I alone in a very quiet apartment.

“I told you Y/N, he doesn’t do relationships.” Ethan looked over at me standing there.

“I’m okay Ethan. It’s not like we’re dating. He can date whoever he likes. I can’t do anything about it. We made a deal, no strings attached.” I looked down at my feet and biting the inside of my cheek.

“Okay, ew gross. I don’t want to hear about some sex deal you made with my brother, which I don’t approve of. He’s going to hurt you Y/N. Get out while you still can.” Ethan walked over and hugged me.

“I’m fine Ethan. I don’t like your brother. Now common, let’s watch a movie. I’ll get it started while you go get the candy.” I walked over to the couch and sat down with my legs crossed under me.

I can’t believe he is actually on a date with someone. I can’t believe I’m starting to fall for him.

Oh, fuck.

Pancakes (Tadashi Hamada X Reader)

Fandom: Big Hero 6
Pairing: Tadashi Hamada X Reader
Word Count: 1,062
Request for someone on DA who didn’t really give me a prompt, just asked for something where Tadasi and __y/n__ were already dating, and Tadashi didn’t/doesn’t die. 
Idk this isn’t that great but I actually kind of like it a lot??? I dunno, lemme know what you think!!

You groaned as you slipped back into consciousness, your arms grasping blindly around for the warm body that should’ve been on the bed next to you.

Keywords: should have.

After a moment of sightless struggling, you flicked your eyes open and groaned again when you realized that Tadashi was not, in fact, in the bed with you.

You grumbled to yourself as you shuffled out of bed, sleepily trudging into the kitchen.

“Good morning, sleeping beauty.” Tadashi greeted from his place at the stove, and you mumbled something noncommittally as you wound your arms around his waist and nuzzled your cheek against his back. "You okay?“ Tadashi asked, his voice gentler. 

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