we borrow our light

I am so fucking proud of Hayley Williams.

She deserves that Billboard Trailblazer honor. And I’m glad she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves for being such a unique and amazingly talented woman in the music industry. So here’s my list of why I think she deserves it.

  1. She was a female in alternative rock music when you didn’t see to many girls in it. We had Gwen Stefani and Amy Lee, and a few others, but that was about it. Now when you talk about female fronted bands Paramore is one of the first, if not the first, bands brought up. 
  2. She never gave up. She is the only member of Paramore that has been a part of Paramore the whole time. Through all the ups and downs, Hayley made it clear that she wanted to be in a band, not a solo artist. 
  3. Her voice is insane. I truly believe Hayley Williams is one of the best singers in the industry. If you’ve ever seen Paramore live, you’ve heard the power and rawness, combined with pure emotion, behind her voice.
  4. Speaking of live shows, that girl is the energizer bunny. How she manages to head-bang, dance, run all over the stage, jump around, and still sing every note flawlessly is beyond me. I’ve had people who aren’t even fans of Paramore tell me that she is an amazing performer unlike any other.
  5. Hayley has a unique sense of fashion. She has made best dressed, and worst dressed lists, and it doesn’t even phase her. She wears whatever she wants to wear, and she always rocks it no matter what. Plus she has the coolest hair in the music industry. Her hair has become iconic, and that’s pretty freaking cool.
  6. She respects and loves Jeremy and Taylor. Hayley knows that without them, Paramore would not be Paramore. Both Jeremy and Taylor are incredible musicians, songwriters, and showman. Hayley is constantly making sure people recognize that. She makes her frustration and anger clear when she is the main focus of an interview, or when she is the only one being taped when they’re on stage. She is fully aware that the band would not be where it is today without them.
  7. She is an amazing role model. Hayley doesn’t do drugs, and I believe she doesn’t really drink either. You never hear anything about her pulling crazy stunts or saying something offensive. She grew up on the road, in the music industry, so it would be so easy for her to get into this stuff, but she never did. She always knew what was best for her. Also, if you ever need some inspiration, just look up Hayley Williams’ quotes. They’ll make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  8. Hayley is an incredible writer. Her lyrics are insane and honest. Let me just name a few. “You don’t deserve a point of view if the only thing you see is you,” “For all the air that’s in your lungs, for all the joy that is left to come, for all the things that you’re alive to feel, just let the pain remind you hearts can heal,” “It’s just a spark, but it’s enough to keep me going,” “I scraped my knees while I was praying, and found a demon in my safest haven,” “If it’s not real, you can’t hold it in your hand, you can’t feel it with your heart, and I won’t believe it. But if it’s true you can see it with your eyes, oh even in the dark, and that’s where I want to be,” “Well now I’m told that this is life, and pain is just a simple compromise so we can get what we want out of it. Will someone care to classify a broken heart and a twisted mind, so I can find someone to rely on,” “Pain make your way to me, to me. ‘Cause I’ll always be just so inviting. And if I ever start to think straight, this heart will start a riot in me,” “It’s not a war no, it’s not a rapture. I’m just a person but you can’t take it,” “Like the moon we borrow our light. I am nothing but a shadow in the night,” “If only time flew like a dove. We gotta make it fly faster than I’m falling in love,” and so many other absolutely amazing, though provoking, heart breaking, heart warming, honest, lyrics.
  9. She respects and loves her fans. I’ve met Paramore twice, and all of them are so genuinely sweet and kind. Hayley makes you feel like you’re talking with a friend. It feels like she wants to meet you, and talk to you, and hear what you have to say. She wrote my tattoo out for me with no hesitation at all, and then when I tweeted Paramore with a picture of it, she retweeted it. Plus, without fail, Paramore always invites someone up to sing Misery Business with them. There are a lot of bands and artists who do this now, but Paramore has been doing this for so long. It’s a tradition that means so much to every Paramore fan. For a few minutes, one fan gets to be the center of attention. That is so amazing.

These are just a few of the many reasons why Hayley deserves that award. These are just a few of the many reasons I am so proud that she is my hero and the lead singer of my favorite band.