we believe in moffat

You don’t have to be real to be the Doctor.
—  Twelfth Doctor, “Extremis”

today i have started the 10th season of doctor who and i??? kind of enjoyed it???  


The following text contains shitty English grammar and may contain spoilers for the forth season of Sherlock. So SPOILER ALERT everyone who has not watched it yet.
Some of these were put in our three sick heads by other people and some of these are our guesses that were build after two days of NON-STOP RAGING CAPSLOCKING.

This post is just to collect everything together, because our heads is so SO messed up right now.

Ok, let’s start with..

1. That video of Moriarty in the end of “Behind the scene” on PBS or wherever. By the way it was noticed after downloading 15 hours later. Come on people, we can do so much better!
It cannot be the creator’s last kiss to the audience, it would be stupidest shit EVER.

2. What’s next? We were promised the television history, the groundbreaking expierence. However, no matter how much I liked it, even I can’t deny there are too many plot holes and questions occurred. And also there are 20 min cut out of every episode (they were promising 100 min/ep) 

3. This wierd show Apple Yard Tree in prime time on BBC ONE, which, by the way, changed it’s synopsis from tomorrow - added details. And this what they also added a couple of hours ago:
Amanda Coe
Louise Doughty
Emily Watson
Ben Chaplin
Mark Bonnar
Susan Lynch
Steven Elder

4. The piece of news with wierdly unprofessional for news language: “THE CONSPIRACY THEORIES ARE HAVING A FIELD DAY” - YOU CAN’T JUST SAY IT ON NATIONAL TELEVISION!!!!!

5. Ok. Also this news piece about leak suspiciously mirrors that unathorized third party… thing (here)

6. Oh yes, about that story: you’ve noticed, it’s called “The Lost Special”. I mean come on.


8. THIS: 

9. AND APPARENTLY YAHOO KNOWS MORE THEN WE DO (look at the Episodes section)

10. This season there always was something leaked some time before the episode premiere. Of course Russia had the worst one. Because who would not trust it - oh that bad bad Russians! I really would not be surprised if it’s Mofftiss who seeded the episode on Piratebay or whatever. 

11. The tricky number 3 (watch the second episode)

OK. It MAY be a great number of coincidence, but come on! Is there any when we are talking about Mofftiss?

The game is still on and as Gatiss said “It’s good to play games on people” 


Thank You

So I just wanted to share a few things really important to me about why I love this show so much and the Johnlock/TJLC fanbase in particular, and why they are so important and close to me. I’ve mentioned it before but it was through this show that I learned more about myself, about my sexuality, I learned I wasn’t straight, I just learned more. This community is so amazingly brilliant and smart and we gathered what we were shown and from that we formed our conclusions. That doesn’t make us wrong. I still believe we are right. Moffat and Gatiss and the BBC and anyone out there doesn’t own Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Nobody owns them. They’re our boys. We have as much a say as anyone and as people who have been evaluating this so intensively for years, I think if anything, we have more of a say on what is the truth.

With that said, I don’t regret anything. I love Johnlock and all the joy it has brought to me and my friends. I love all the friends I have made because of this show. I have made some of my best friends because of this show. It’s a part of me. Now here’s where I get a little cheesy.

Before I had this blog, I had a previous blog that went by a number of different URLs over the years, but I would occasionally try to make posts there and contribute to fandom in the little ways I thought I could. One day I made this post there, and through the notes saw @williamsherlockscott-watson reblog it. Despite going to school together and going to classes together, I had no idea she (Amber) liked Sherlock or shipped Johnlock or believed in TJLC or any of that, and because I saw her in my notifications over a simple Johnlock post I made one day I was able to discover this and reach out to her about it.  If it weren’t for Johnlock, I would have never reached out to Amber and gotten to know her and now I do. As cheesy and cliche as it sounds, really, Johnlock brought me to getting to know Amber and I’m so grateful for that because Amber is so amazing and lovely and I’m so fortunate to have her in my life and without Johnlock- who knows if we would have ever gotten to this point?

So I guess the point I’m trying to reach is I can’t resent Johnlock. It’s brought me so much happiness, and love, and friends, and much more. It means so incredibly much to me and to so many others and you know what - it’s ours. We have worked so hard for everything and all the conclusions we’ve come to. We did deserve more and better but we still own this. This is ours, they are our boys. Johnlock brings so many people happiness, and hope, and encouragement, and most importantly it brings people together. I am - and always will be - grateful for that. 

So thank you to Johnlock and the TJLC base of this fandom specifically. Thank you for everything you’ve brought me. I am so incredibly grateful and I can never voice that enough. I love you all so so much. Thank you.

Whouffaldi: “Duty of Care” or Courtly Love?

   In medieval literature there is this tradition of Courtly Love. Knights who swear their troth to fair ladies (or monarchs). To pledge one’s troth was to make a vow of loyalty and faithfulness. Not unlike a “Duty of Care”.  

    I think this trope applies perfectly to Twelve and Clara. Capaldi said that the Doctor has this sense of debt to Clara (or duty of care), because of what she did as “The impossible girl”. 

And hey, Clara and Twelve were juxtaposed to Robin Hood and Maid Marion (a courtly/ chivalric love story).

According to wikipedia, “ courtly love was an experience between erotic desire and spiritual attainment that now seems contradictory as “a love at once illicit and morally elevating, passionate and disciplined, humiliating and exalting, human and transcendent”.[4]

I think that works pretty damn well for Twelve x Clara. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Courtly_love

And also…. “love is not an emotion, love is a promise”. A duty of care, a pledge of troth. 

When the rug is pulled, you’ve got to think ‘I was told, and I didn’t listen.’

Steven Moffat

Sounds a lot like this, right?

We have every reason to believe that Moffat is talking mostly about TJLC when he says “I was told, and I didn’t listen.”

I believe Jim is talking about TJLC, too.

Sherlock asked Jim about The Final Problem:

SHERLOCK: So how’re you going to do it … burn me?
JIM: Oh, that’s the problem – the final problem … I did tell you … but did you listen?

I believe what Jim calls The Final Problem, we call TJLC.

This is the story:

A love story: John and Sherlock’s.

And this is the storyteller:

But I’m not just making vague allusions. We know Jim controls Johnlock:

Jim wants to burn Sherlock’s heart out:

In S1, Jim discovers that Sherlock’s heart is/belongs to John:

In S2, Jim tests his Plan to burn Sherlock’s heart out using Irene. It seems like it works pretty well:

Also in S2, Jim makes Sherlock leave for a while so he can put his Plan into action:

In S3, Jim executes Step One of his Plan by having Sherlock realize he’s in love with John because John marries Mary:

Jim’s Plan to burn Sherlock’s heart out is The Final Problem:

SHERLOCK: So how’re you going to do it … burn me?
JIM: Oh, that’s the problem – the final problem.

“How” means a plan with steps.

The Final Problem is the story:

MYCROFT: The damsel in distress. In the end, are you really so obvious? Because this was textbook: the promise of love, the pain of loss, the joy of redemption; then give him a puzzle … and watch him dance.

So let’s put this in steps:

  1. The promise of love
  2. The pain of loss
  3. The joy of redemption

Sherlock realizing he’s in love with John because John marries Mary is Step One – the promise of love.

And who put Mary in their life as John’s wife? Jim.

How is Jim going to burn the heart out of Sherlock? Using love: specially, Sherlock’s love for John. The Final Problem is Johnlock. Jim’s plots are Johnlock. They are all one thing:

And that’s why this choice Sherlock has to make, this great question about his romantic/sexual life, is inextricably tied into the series arc and endgame: because Jim has set it up to be this way.

These two choices are inextricably tied together. Wherever this story takes us, however it ends, it’s going to come down to this. Because Jim is a part of Sherlock – he’s set it up to be this way.

He is the Storyteller, after all. (via deducingbbcsherlock)

Jim says “heart” – “I’ll burn the heart out of you.” Does this not clue you in that his schemes have something to do with romance? Does the fact that Jim sent Sebastian Moran - not to kill John - but to marry him clue you in that Jim’s schemes have something to do with romance?

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I am so sorry this is so long and it’s not even organised or very good you said send metas and there’s one I’ve always wanted to write but couldn’t post on my own blog because I’m a coward who is afraid of hate you don’t have to read this or post it or anything if you don’t want to but I’m going to send it because it feels good to get it off of my chest.

My relatable characters are almost always girls. My sister says that that’s because nobody writes male characters like me, not in a ‘I’m not like other girls’ sort of way. Just that there’s a large portion of male characters that are… not me. I don’t know why. But anyway, because of that, Doctor Who has meant a lot to me. Especially Eleven’s era, partly because that’s the one I started with, but also because the characters all work for me.

Like, where to start? Eleven. Eleven is very similar to me, and not in the goofy sort of way. He’s goofy because he wants to impress people and make them happy, and make them laugh, and hides all the dark bits all bottled up inside. It really kills me when people dismiss his character for being unrealistically dark and goofy, because… finally, a male character who I could, at least somewhat, relate to! I’ll always love all of the Doctors for different reasons, but Eleven (and Seven) fit with me for that very important reason.

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It's not in your head; parts of this season don't make sense. (Sherlock spoilers)

Okay, I’ve got another big meta I want to write, but first I realized I need to write this one.

It’s kind of a public service, actually.  Some of us are dropping meta all over the place, while other swathes of the fandom are going, “SOMEBODY PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME HOW YOU ARE SEEING ANY SENSE IN THIS?" 

I am here to tell you that you’re not insane.  Some of it doesn’t make sense.

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Things that I don't understand Part I

Starting writing this to keep track right after the episode, but now see that many people share the same questions. Fair warning, I’ve only seen each ep once. 

  • Why did Molly slap Sherlock? Are we meant to think that the test actually came back positive despite her saying he was clean? And if so, why would she lie? It’s not like anyone in the room was going to arrest him. 
  • What the hell was that scene with Sherlock manhandling Mycroft? Why was he so angry? The whole thing just seemed random and bizarre. And why did John support Sherlock as opposed to telling him to get off his brother? Are we to deduce that Sherlock was actually high and that his brother was his breaking point?
  • Magnussen specifically threatened Lady Small-whatsit with the promise to publish pictures of the young woman with whom her husband exchanged letters. He also clearly had a file with the video of John being almost-burnt. How then can he say that he doesn’t keep any files? He clearly does have proof of some things, or at least enough things to get him arrested if the cavalry were to break in. 
  • How on earth was Magnussen planning to have Sherlock and John arrested for trying to sell him state secrets? 
  • I don’t really get the whole handing Mycroft to over to Magnussen plan. Was Mycroft in on it?
  • How did Mary manage to dupe Sherlock? If she’s just a genius at deception, how is it that neither Sherlock nor John want to delve any further into her past? Seeing as she could, I dunno, be faking her entire personality.
  • How are we supposed to feel good about Mary shooting Sherlock to incapacitate him? Am I missing something, because it seems like her options were not just “shoot to incapacitate” or “shoot to kill”; there was also the option of coming clean with John, which would have necessitated no shooting whatsoever. And it’s not like she could be sure her shot wouldn’t actually kill him. She put Sherlock at significant risk of death to avoid telling John about her identity, knowing that Sherlock’s death would break John’s heart. And she’s a good guy?
  • Why doesn’t John care that Mary has this shady assassin past? Just to clarify - is he just taking it on faith that she “had her reasons” for going rogue from the CIA and killing a bunch of people because he loves her? I could totally see John going for an assassin lady, but I have a harder time thinking that he would take her assassin moral code on faith, especially after she shot his best friend and lied to him (and Sherlock!) for months. 
  • Why does Sherlock keep calling himself a high-functioning sociopath??? Even if he were one, why did he scream it before killing Magnussen? I can’t think of a sociopathic justification for what he did; it was clearly self sacrifice. Why make such an effort to call it something else? Was that scene supposed to in some way mirror the “side of the angels” bit with Moriarty?
  • Why doesn’t John seem bothered by the prospect of never seeing Sherlock again? He doesn’t even thank him for sacrificing himself in choosing to kill Magnussen. 
  • Was that conversation with Magnussen where Sherlock inspects his glasses…real?
  • Speaking of real, I’m still bothered by the fact that the end of Reichenbach showed us Sherlock in full tears. If we’re to believe the Anderson story, Sherlock was faking those tears, and didn’t even have that expression on his face. So we were…what? Seeing the face that John imagined  Sherlock was making based on the voice he heard over the phone? Talk about taking your unreliable narrator to a whole new level. Is it crazy of me to now think that scenes that are presented as having actually happened could in fact be completely fake? Like…maybe that Moriarty thing didn’t happen at all or it was somebody’s dream haha jk?
  • Did I miss it, or did Sherlock actually never tell John that he orchestrated the whole fall as a response to snipers targeting John, Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade? I get that they want to make out like it’s not important to John how Sherlock did it (I have a hard time swallowing that, but at least I understand it), but it seems to me that Sherlock intentionally avoided answering the question John did want answered, which was why he did it. Sherlock’s most direct reply to that query was that Moriarty had to be stopped or some rubbish. Was a better explanation actually somewhere in TEH and I just missed it?
  • How is Moriarty back? I suppose this is the one mystery that is supposed to be a mystery, but seriously. I thought we were supposed to think that in the end, Sherlock and Mycroft had the jump on Moriarty the whole time. And also should we just never believe anything Moffat says, because I remember him in particular making fun of the idea that Moriarty could still be alive. 
  • Corollary: is Moriarty back? Or is this some vestige of his organization that Sherlock failed to wipe out? Or maybe someone just using his image? COULD MYCROFT HAVE ORCHESTRATED THE WHOLE THING TO GET SHERLOCK RECALLED FROM HIS SUICIDE MSISION?
  • Continuation of Sherlock and Mycroft having completely control of the Moriarty situation from way back thread: how are we supposed to believe that they had a foolproof plan to defeat Moriarty in which they were completely confident when Sherlock has the guy in a padded room and chained by the neck in his own mind palace? How are we supposed to think Moriarty wasn’t a challenge to Sherlock, didn’t scare the pants off of him?
  • Why is Sherlock so considerate and empathetic in the first two episodes (see, e.g., concern for Mycroft’s isolation, the stepfather/online boyfriend case, and just about every scene with Molly) and then a dick to Janine? In the original story, he knew that the woman he was courting wouldn’t be heartbroken because there was someone standing by to sweep her off her feet when he made his deception known. I guess here we’re to think that Sherlock knew she wasn’t really in love with him? Is the whole thing as inconsistent as it seems to me? Because I kinda thought the idea was that he’d matured and started valuing people. Or something.
  • What on earth are they trying to say about Sherlock’s sexuality? They keep saying it’s not important, but then they kind of make a lot of unnecessary allusions to it. See, e.g., naked Irene (if she wasn’t meant to be an object of sexual interest she probably would’ve been clothed) in the mind palace, “normal” porn preferences (IDEK guys, what does that even mean? Het porn???), refusing to have sex with Janine despite not minding actually hanging out with her naked in the shower and kissing her (yes, he’s such  pragmatist, but he avoided having sex even though it would’ve been the most straightforward route to intimacy), AND MORE…is this all just random? Are we supposed to be gleaning anything from all of this? Besides what we all want to think, that is. Like, is there any authorial intent here whatsoever?
  • Why was John not in contact with Sherlock for a month after he got married? After explicitly telling Sherlock that nothing would change? Even though he was obviously itching for a little excitement and Sherlock’s company?
  • Why was Sherlock not a weak spot for John? I feel like this is just plain wrong. And maybe a typo. 
  • How the fuck are they going to swing a baby on this show?