we beat the odds

BNHARAREPAIRWEEK Day 1: Aquarium, Fuyumi x Tensei

“Please, stay in line and DON’T WANDER OFF! We need to get everyone signed in and do a head count so stay where you are please!”

Fuyumi called to her class, tucking the flyer for the Aquatic Aquarium under one arm as she counted the heads with the other, pointing at each face she recognized and going over her mental list of students.

Once she saw all her students, she gave a sigh of relief and then beckoned them forward, toward the turnstiles into the aquarium.

As they followed her, and they got into the Aquarium, Fuyumi handed them out maps, and gave them all the instructions of what they were permitted and not permitted to do. She felt rather proud of herself as they all listened, and nodded and were able to tell her the rules back.

She then let the ones who wanted to independently explore the Aquarium go, meaning that all but five students left, while the five stayed with her.

Walking around with the five students, Fuyumi found herself humming as they looked at all the pretty fish swimming about, proudly looking as the students eagerly watched the fish and asked questions about them to the employee nearby.

She stayed a little back, allowing them to enjoy themselves together without having to worry about teacher prying ears, and instead walked the other side of the room and gazed up at the fish with her back to them, only occasionally looking back to check on them.

Fuyumi tilted her head as she hummed a little, watching a particularly bright blue fish swim in laps in front of her.

She was so mindlessly lost in thought, that when someone called her name she startled a little.


Called a male voice, and her hand flew to her chest as she turned sharply, but her startledness was replaced by pleasant surprise, and her mouth formed an “O”, as Tensei Iida rolled up to her, smiling sheepishly.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you, I  was just so pleasantly  surprised at seeing you here I had to call out!”

“Oh no,” Fuyumi reassured, taking her hand off her heart and folding her arms loosely, a folded map in one hand. “Don’t apologize I’m glad you called out. But, I do have to say I’m surprised to see you here, what brings you to the aquarium Iida?”

Tensei turned slightly, the wheels of his chair squeaking ever so slightly against the floor, and Tensei looked up at the fish swimming with a cheerful smile.

“It’s my cousin’s five year old daughters birthday, and she really wanted to come here for it, and so the whole Iida family is here currently, scattered about everywhere I’m sure. Though,” Tensei closed his eyes and put a hand on his chin, a finger tapping thoughtfully against his lips. “ I do wish I could say I was here of my own volition. It would make me seem like a much more thoughtful and pondering man, wouldn’t it?” He opened one eye teasingly and looked at Fuyumi, and she blushed slightly and diverted her eyes back to the fish.

“W-well I suppose it could work like that, yes.” Fuyumi replied weakly, and then changed the subject back to his family.

“Is your little brother here as well? It’s a school day after all, and from what you’ve told me he’s quite diligent in his studies, and I’m curious to know if he left school for the day to come?”

Looking over his shoulder, Tensei nodded, pointing a thumb in that direction.

“Yeah he came, we managed to drag him away from school with phone calls from the birthday girl herself, sweetly asking if her favorite cousin uncle would be coming. He couldn’t say no to her, he’s to nice!” Tensei sounded triumphant, and Fuyumi smiled without realizing she was smiling, looking at him with a look her students across the hall had never seen on her face. Tensei didn’t notice, and instead closed his eyes, and with a smug face placed his pointer finger under his chin while his thumb cradled his chin along with the pointer finger.

“He hasn’t talked about school once today to! Perhaps we are finally getting the robot out of him!” Tensei joked, and Fuyumi laughed, bringing a hand up to cover her mouth. Tensei opened his eyes proudly at making her laugh.

“But, I’ve been rude and have only been talking about me! Why are you here Fuyumi?” He asked pleasantly, resting his hands on his armrests.

Fuyumi turned and glanced back towards her students, and he did as well, both of them missing the students quickly turning back around almost right before Fuyumi turned to look at them, or the fact that once they turned away, the students again turned and looked at their teacher talking so friendly to this man.

“I’m here for a field trip with my class, over there are just a few of them, the rest are having fun elsewhere.” Fuyumi explained, and Tensei looked back over his shoulder at the students with a smile.

“I forget you’re a teacher! Meeting you only in a grocery store really limits how you see a person, doesn’t it?” He laughed, and Fuyumi nodded, laughing a little as well.

“It really does!” She agreed.

A tug at her sleeve made both of them look over, and one of the students stood there.

“Miss Fuyumi?” They asked, looking up at her urgently. “Kyoko says she has a question for you and that you need to go answer it right now. Says it’s related to the homework.”

“Oh!” Fuyumi exclaimed, unfolding her arms and turning to look over at Kyoko, who certainly looked like she had a question. “I’ll go talk to her then, thank you Fu.” Turning to Tensei, Fuyumi gave a little bow.

“I have to go know, but it was nice seeing you here Iida, and nice talking to you not surrounded by grocery products for once as well.” She smiled sweetly, and Tensei returned it as well, and Fuyumi’s heart gave a couple odd beats.

“We should talk outside of the grocer more often, perhaps for lunch or coffee sometime.”

Fuyumi nodded.

“That sounds lovely Iida, I would like to.” She smiled one last time at him, then started walking to Kyoko. “I’ll see you later.” She called with a wave, and he returned with a fond smile.

As Fuyumi reached Kyoko, the student Fu turned to Tensei.

“You just asked her out on a date, didn’t you?”

Tensei nodded, scratching the back of his neck.

“Yeah I did, don’t think she realized that’s what I was asking though.” He said with a chuckle, and Fu patted him on the shoulder sympathetically.

“Don’t worry, I’d give it like twenty minutes and she’ll realize what you meant. When schools over she’ll probably send you a message about it.”

“I’ll look forward to that message then.” Tensei laughed, and then he went off to find the rest of his family.

And sure enough, twenty minutes later during lunch, Fuyumi’s hands flew to her growing red face with a loud “oh!”. And as soon as all the kids left school, Fuyumi sent a long message to Tensei, apologizing for not realizing it, and that she would like to go on a date.

When We Beat The Odds

Here is part ten to “Our Love Story” 

Pairing: Jared x Reader
Words:   1041

Read When We Met
Read When We Hid Our Feelings
Read When We Admitted Our Feelings
Read When We Fell In Love
Read When We Got Scared
Read When We Got Engaged
Read When We Got Married
Read When We Got The News
Read When We Adopted Our Baby

-Don’t tell me you’re surprised this part happened. I’m obsessed with fluff and happiness-

          Ryker was only a few months old when you got the stomach flu. You threw up two mornings in a row and knew you needed to go to the doctor. You didn’t want to pass it on to the baby.

           “Mrs. Padalecki, I don’t know how to tell you this,” the doctor said, walking into the examination room.

           You immediately feared the worst. Were you dying? You couldn’t leave Jared and Ryker. That wasn’t possible.

           “Okay . . .” you looked at her, waiting to burst into tears at whatever she was about to tell you was wrong.

           “Well, you don’t have the stomach flu,” she started, “but you are definitely experiencing a miracle.”

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Neither one of us should be here right now. We spent our lives dodging fate and beating the odds. But because we did I got to meet you, the most beautiful, hilarious, and intimidatingly brilliant woman I have ever known. You inspire me. You’ve shown me that happiness is something I can actually have in my life. And so, I promise to be with you and love you and to dodge fate with you for the rest of our lives.

Cosima held out a hand. Delphine, a bit startled, a little unsure, lowered herself to sit beside the gently smiling woman and placed her hand into Cosima’s. Cosima seized it like a prized possession, curling her other hand around Delphine’s knuckles.

They sat quiet for a minute.

“You know what’s crazy?” Cosima asked, studying Delphine’s hand with an intensity she applied to specimens.

“What?” Delphine prompted softly.

“We beat the odds. We actually found a cure. You survived an actual goddamn assassination attempt. We found each other again. That’s … incredible.”

Delphine ran her thumb over Cosima’s knuckles. “Yes.”

“But you know what’s really crazy?” Cosima asked.


“There are assholes who have no idea what we’ve been through who would go nuts at the sight of me holding your hand like this.”

Delphine considered the bitterness and resentment in Cosima’s voice. “You’re thinking about the elections in the United States?”


They were both quiet.

“I don’t get it,” Cosima said at last.

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And I think in another life we really could have been something, you know? I think we could have been something beautiful, something magical, something divine. Something more than what we are now. We could have been those people who survived, those people who beat the odds, who overcame everything that life threw at them. We could have been those people who made it, who got married and moved to a house by the beach. We could have been those people who had beautiful children and a house full of love. We could have been those people who sat on rocking chairs and reminisced on a life well lived. I think in another life we could have been something, you know? I think in another life we could have been happy.
—  f.a.w
I’m thinking of you all the while

A/n: Based on Season 6 Episode 22. With Damon and Reader instead of Elena. This was requested as part of the prompts list.I hope you enjoy it.

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Weddings are supposed to be happy. You were gathered with people you loved watching two people who were in love promise to stay in love for the rest of forever. There were flowers, and music. Jo and Alaric were so lucky. This was your dream.

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To Team Chrom

that was fucking hell-

Every time you guys turned the tables on us,I was jumping up and down


tHe sTrEsS you guys are straight up tough,And it was a fucking HONOR fighting against ya’ll

Let’s all join forces in the end to take down Lucina,and beat the odds.

I believed that we could always become friends after war just like Chrom does. And it stands true now.

You made great opponents,so I would love it i we could all be great allies as well.

But let me just say one more thing

SsHiT jESuS I sWeAr i hAvE gRaY hAirS noW-

iT wAs sO goD dAmN iNtEnSe

I had no fucking idea who was gonna come out on top and you guys made it fun and a challenge ((jEsUs))

And Thanks for such a great match Team Chrom!

ourdreams-havenolimits  asked:

Perfect by Ed Sheeran! #yousana i loveee that song❤️🙏🏼

Song: perfect by ed sheeran Ship: yousana

Sana heard the faint melody emanating from the kitchen as she walked down the dark hall. The light from the cracked kitchen door the only thing lighting the way.

She had woken to find the space beside her in bed usually occupied by her husband, Yousef, empty. A thing that seldom happened, especially in the middle of the night. It had been enough to get her out of bed to go find him.

She stopped by the kitchen door and peeked in, a smile forming on her lips as she took in the sight before her. There he was, barefoot and bare chested, wearing only his pyjama trousers. In his strong arms he cradled their first born, a beautiful baby girl. Yousef’s eyes were soft as he stared down at the perfect bundle in his arms, his voice quietly carrying over the song playing. He danced with her around the kitchen, rocking her in his arms as he sang to her. A song Sana recognised. Perfect.

How was it possible this man still gave her butterflies after all this time? Would it always be that way?

Sana was stirred out of her thoughts by Yousef’s voice. He was talking to their daughter now.

“You know, this song reminds me of your mum?” he said, leaning down and pressing a kiss to the baby’s head before carrying on. “She was the most perfect woman I’d ever met. I mean, the situation was far from perfect but she was. Maybe a better man would have stayed away but all that beauty and strength, how could I?”

Their daughter gurgled some and Yousef smiled. “Right?”

Sana leaned against the door frame, those butterflies in her stomach almost drunk on the love she felt for this man. A love that had only grown in the time they’d known each other, and tenfold since she’d had the pleasure of watching him navigate fatherhood. She couldn’t have asked for a better partner.

“Not even your uncle Elias could keep me away and boy did he try. I’m so glad we beat the odds stacked against us, got through everything together, else I would never have gotten to meet you, precious lady.” Yousef said, laying another kiss on her head as she reached out and touched her father’s nose. Yousef smiled.

“Elias tried to stop you?” Sana finally spoke, startling Yousef a little but his smile only grew.

“I’m sure I mentioned that before,” he replied, dropping a kiss on Sana’s cheek as she reached him. “I mean, I would have done the same thing.”

Sana rolled her eyes but smiled, taking her daughter’s hand. The small fingers curled around one of her own and Sana still found herself in awe at the tiny perfection. The small being

“You should have woken me. I’d have sorted her,” Sana said, running the fingertips of her free hand over the light dusting of hair on her daughter’s head.

“My turn,” Yousef replied simply. “Plus, father daughter chats are important.”

Sana leaned up and pressed a kiss to Yousef’s lips and he used his free hand to tuck a lock of Sana’s sleep mussed hair behind her ear.


Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 880

Note: Y/F/N: Your Full Name, Y/L/N: Your Last Name


It had been a few weeks since you had first found out that the little bump growing in your stomach was not just from you eating a little too much, but was a tiny human now growing inside of you. This was surprising news to you as you’re quite young, having just turned twenty, but you were also overjoyed because you’d always dreamed of having a child or two, though you didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

Everything would have perfect if your boyfriend, the unborn baby’s father, had stayed around after figuring out about the pregnancy. Long story short, he was immature and not ready to be a parent, so he decided to drop you, leaving you to fulfill the responsibilities of parenthood by yourself. Nevertheless, you still manage to make it to your doctor’s appointments, work full time, and do other adult things by yourself.

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Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader (Best Friends), Cas x Reader (Friends)

Warnings: like one swear word, fluff

“Y’all better call me when you kill the witch.” you told the boys as they loaded up the Impala. “If you don’t I’ll have to kick both of your asses.”

“Yes ma’am” Sam proclaimed in the most dramatic way possible. Of course you rolled your eyes. You hugged him and pushed him off towards the car. As Dean finished throwing the bag into the backseat he walked over and hugged you.

“I’ll see you when we get back I guess” he said.

“Be careful Winchester” you warned. “You need to come back in one piece.”

“Need I remind you that you’ve broken just about any bone I can think of” he teased. Before you could say anything he hopped in the car and drove off. You waved until you couldn’t see the car anymore, then headed back inside.

You’d been with the Winchesters for almost three years. In that time Sam had become your best friend, you told him everything except about your crush on Dean. You didn’t think you had been that obvious about it but eventually Sam figured it out and Cas had read your thoughts. Ever since he found out, Sam would send you knowing looks anytime you were next to Dean.

He would make sure that you sat beside Dean at diners and when there was only one room available at a motel he made you share with Dean. Not that you minded, it was just that he doesn’t feel the same way. Sam insisted that he did but you just didn’t see it.

“Cas, get down here I’m bored” you prayed. It only took a few seconds for you to hear the sound of wings in the room.

“Hello Y/N” he said.

“Hey, you wanna watch a movie or something?” you asked.

“Okay” he answered.

“I’m gonna go make some popcorn and you can pick a movie.” you told him backing out of the room. When it was done you went back to Cas and sat down on the couch with the bowl in between you. Cas had picked Happy Feet, it was one of his favorites. About half-way through the movie your phone started ringing, it was Dean.

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fieryfantasy  asked:

Hello, thank you for offering prompts again with your amazing writing! May I please ask for ❝ the world is less scary when i am with you. ❞ with Gladio and reader? :)

Thank you for your good words and request love!! <3 Hope you like it!!! ^^ 

The Big Day (Gladio x Reader | SFW)

Warnings: None | Words: 649 

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❝ Naked. I know the drill. ❞
❝ Say ‘provoking’ again. Your mouth looks provocative when you do. ❞
❝ Keep in mind that people change, but the past doesn’t. ❞
❝ Being with you never felt wrong. ❞
❝ It’s the one thing I did right. ❞
❝ I take my job seriously, which means I’m going to need to get acquainted with the subject matter on a personal level. ❞
❝ All this time I’ve hated myself for it. ❞
❝ What are you doing arsing around in a graveyard? ❞
❝ Can you climb trees? Tell me you can climb a tree! ❞
❝ The problem with human attraction is not knowing if it will be returned. ❞
❝ I have a hard time keeping my hands off you without that added bonus. ❞
❝ You have me forever. ❞
❝ You’re a psychopath. ❞
❝ I love you more than I think I should. ❞
❝ Let’s be honest, ______. You’ve got it bad for me. And I’ve got it bad for you. ❞
❝ Hey now, ______, let’s keep this discussion PG-rated. ❞
❝ What kind of prize are we talking about? ❞
❝ Can’t this wait until you’re alone? ❞
❝ Is everything a joke to you? ❞
❝ But if I hadn’t fallen, I wouldn’t have met you. ❞
❝ I’m happier right now than I ever remember being. ❞
❝ Why, ______, are you flirting with me? ❞
❝ Nobody’s called me that in a long time. ❞
❝ Are you gloating inside? ❞
❝ I don’t think you understand the lengths I would go to if it means keeping you here with me. ❞
❝ If I’d wanted you dead five minutes ago, you’d have died five minutes ago. ❞
❝ You make me remember who I used to be. ❞
❝ Right now, holding you, I feel like we have a shot at beating all odds and making it together. ❞
❝ Not one day went by that I didn’t feel you missing from my life. ❞
❝ We’re sharing the same thought. ❞
❝ I want to spoil you — every kiss, every touch, every thought, they all belong to you. ❞
❝ Whoa, who peed in your Cheerios? ❞
❝ Thinking. A process by which I use my brain to make a rational decision. ❞
❝ I could solve that. ❞
❝ Since we’re keeping it primal, you smell good. ❞
❝ I move in mysterious ways. ❞
❝ Stay with me tonight. Let me hold you, even if that’s all it is. Let me keep you safe. ❞

what they say: i’m fine,
what they mean: (when i first saw you, i saw love
and the first time you touched me, i felt love and
after all this time, you’re still the one i love) looks like we made it look how far we’ve come my baby we mighta took the long way we knew we’d get there someday they said, “i bet they’ll never make it” but just look at us holding on we’re still together still going strong you’re still the one i run to the one that i belong to you’re still the one i want for life (you’re still the one) you’re still the one that i love the only one i dream of you’re still the one i kiss good night ain’t nothin’ better we beat the odds together i’m glad we didn’t listen look at what we would be missin’ they said, “i bet they’ll never make it” but just look at us holding on we’re still together still going strong you’re still the one i run to the one that i belong to you’re still the one i want for life (you’re still the one) you’re still the one that i love the only one i dream of you’re still the one i kiss good night you’re still the one i run to the one that i belong to you’re still the one i want for life (you’re still the one) you’re still the one that i love the only one i dream of you’re still the one i kiss good night

Super Bowl Champions!

It feels real good to say that again… Against all odds we beat every team in the NFL this year or the team that beat them. I’m so proud of our organization, owner, head coach, coaching staff, players and every fan we have for never giving up and fighting until we won the ultimate battle. The New England Patriots have earned their title in every way. Coming from behind 21 pts and shutting the Falcons out the 2nd half was NFL history and Tom Brady ( #TB12 ) who was skipped over for the MVP award and Bill Belichick for the Coah of the year award got their just do and earned the highest honors and permanently inscribed their name on this game,  pro sports and into the Hall of Fame!  

Request: True Love - Part 6

Request: I would like one about Juice and me meeting and falling in love and eventually getting married.

y/b/n - your brother’s name; y/n - your name

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: mentions of OCD, depression, abusive relationship, self-confidence, self-esteem issues

PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 4 - PART 5

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I cuddled with up Juice in bed, breathing his scent in. I felt safe in his embrace, his hand slowly caressing my back. I don’t know why, but I suddenly began to tell him about my childhood and ex-boyfriend. I had thought I would never found love in my life, but then I met Steve, my ex, and I lived for him, tried to be the perfect girlfriend, changed for him, I did everything in my power for him. However, it didn’t seem to be enough, I wasn’t enough. He made sure I knew that, getting frustrated and yelling every time something displeased him. As it wasn’t enough, I found out he was cheating on me and it broke my heart in a million pieces. Y/B/N took me in his apartment and protected me even more from the world. We were alone, bubby and I.

“I’m sorry this happened to you”, Juice whispered, kissing my forehead, “I got you now babe”


I fell asleep, and when I woke up, Juice wasn’t there. I found him in the kitchen, cooking. He made eat and waited as I took a shower and got dressed, and then he drove me to my brother’s office. I assured him I would be fine and watched his bike disappear on the traffic. I entered the office and my brother rushed to meet me.

“How are you?”, Y/B/N asked, watching me closely as I let my purse on my desk.

“I’m fine”, I answered, “Juice just dropped me off here”

“You talked to him”, it wasn’t a question, but I nodded and looked at my brother.

“I appreciate you let him see me”, I squeezed my hands together, trying to calm down, “We’re fine and, as you saw, Juice truly cares about me”

“I’m sorry Y/N. I’m sorry if I disappointed you, but-“, my brother walked toward me, “I love you and I will always protect you, want the best for you. I had to talk to him, I had to know if…”

“I know Y/B/N”, I cut him off, “And I know it will be hard for you to accept Juice, but he’s good for me”

“Yeah, I see that”, Y/B/N admitted and opened his arms. I walked into his embrace, feeling him hug me tight, “You’re in love”

“Yes, I’m in love with Juice, bubby”, I smiled, “And he makes me happy”

Months later…

My brother had accepted my relationship; Y/B/N had assured me he would always be there for me and I knew it was true. Him and Juice weren’t best friends, but began to treat each other with respect; my brother had even gone to a Samcro party and reluctantly admitted he had had a good time. I still had my moments of doubt, but Juice was there to take my hand, pull me to his safe embrace and tell me he loved me just the way I was. It was a two way street; Juice needed that assurance too and we were beating the odds together.  

We would celebrate our seventh month together soon and Juice was already planning a romantic night. He said we should go out and have a nice dinner. I couldn’t say no and I thought it was cute; Juice was different from every guy I’ve ever met, he was one of the kind.

Venus thought I should get a new dress for the dinner and though I had said no, she took me with her to the mall, saying it wouldn’t hurt try on a few dresses. Spend time with her was always fun, but I was feeling kinda weird that day and by the time we entered the second store, I was definitely not fine. Venus got worried, made me sit down and brought me water. I hadn’t had a proper breakfast and thought it could be the reason or I was getting sick, but when I mentioned it to Venus she caressed my cheek and whispered, “I don’t think it’s a flu or something darling”

It took me a moment to fully understand what she meant, but then, I couldn’t believe it, “We had been careful Venus, I don’t think…”

“It is possible honey”, she offered me a sympathetic smile, “I think you should do a test, just to be sure”

I nodded, still stunned with the idea of being pregnant and let Venus take me to a pharmacy where we bought a test. We got back to Venus’s house and I held the test on my trembling hands as she closed the bathroom door and said she would be on the kitchen making tea.

I couldn’t wait in the bathroom, so I paced around the kitchen as Venus watched me. I was a coward and she had to look at the stick to tell me the result. I knew what she would say when I looked at her and felt nausea again as the words left her lips, “You’re pregnant Y/N”


I asked Venus to keep the secret. I didn’t know how to tell Juice he would be a father, or my brother he would be a uncle. She also backed me up for a couple days when I decided to avoid Juice because I was too nervous to even look at him, I would cry if I did. However, I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to tell him and face whatever would happen with us.

I saw Jax and Tig busy at the garage and nobody was at the bar when I entered the clubhouse. Juice should be in his bedroom and I walked toward there, but Chibs’ voice made me stop by the door outside.

“Are you sure Juicy?”, the Scot asked, sounding concerned.

“Yes, I am”, Juice answered.

“Good luck boy”, Chibs whistled, “Y/N doesn’t have a clue about this”

“No, she doesn’t”, my boyfriend affirmed, “I hope everything turns out fine”

I didn’t stay to listen more or talk to Juice, I just ran out of that place and drove back to my apartment. I had overheard enough; Juice was hiding something from me, and to me, it sounded like he was planning to break up with me. What else could it be? He hoped everything would be fine, he didn’t actually want to hurt me, but…I felt dizzy and stopped the car, resting my forehead on the steering wheel. My phone started to buzz inside my purse and I growled as I grabbed it. My brother’s photo was on the screen. I couldn’t drive back home and he was the only one that could help me, so I answered the call.

“Y/N, where…”, Y/B/N started and I cut him off, whining on the phone.

“Bubby, can you come and pick me up?”


His office wasn’t far from where I was and my brother met me in a few minutes. “What happened?”, he inquired, noticing I had been crying.

“I’m pregnant”, I blurted.

“What?”, Y/B/N was stunned, staring at me with big eyes and mouth open.

I spoke fast, telling him everything that had happened; shopping with Venus, the test and the conversation I had overheard between my boyfriend and Chibs. My brother was mad, I could see it. He told me to move to the passenger seat and took the place behind the wheel. I thought he would take me home, but when I noticed, we were back at TM.

“Y/B/N”, I begged, knowing he would confront Juice, “Please, let’s go home”

“No Y/N”, my brother barked as he hopped off the car, “He has to know and I won’t let him get out so easily”

Y/B/N marched toward the clubhouse, ignoring my protests as I followed him. Gemma, Jax and Opie were inside, my brother asked them where Juice was.

“Why?”, Gemma narrowed her eyes at Y/B/N who just passed by her, going to the back of the club. We both followed my brother, Jax and Opie behind us. Juice must have heard our voices and stepped outside his bedroom, his eyes lightning up when he saw me.

“Hey babe, what is happ-“, he couldn’t finish the sentence, Y/B/N was jumping on him. Juice took a backward step, escaping from the punch as Opie held my brother and Jax stood between them.

“What the hell is going on?”, the Samcro president demanded to know.

“Do you think you can seduce my sister and then leave her?”, my brother barked, trying to get rid of Opie’s grip, “I warned you before! You hurt her and I will kill you!”

“What are you talking about?”, Juice asked, colliding with Jax as he took a step forward, “I’m not leaving your sister!”

“Y/B/N, please”, I begged as Gemma hugged me and tried to pull me away from them.

“Tell him Y/N!”, my brother hissed, looking at me, “Tell him or I will!”

“What? Tell me what babe?”, Juice’s eyes were big as he stared at me, confused.

“Y/B/N…”, I cried once again. My brother growled and glared at Juice.

“She is pregnant!”, he yelled, “She is pregnant and was coming to tell you, but she heard you talking about leaving her”

“What?”, Juice had never looked away from me as my brother spoke. We were both heaving and Jax let him get closer to me. He squeezed my hands in his, looking for an answer on my eyes, “Is it true babe? Are you pregnant?”

“Yes”, I nodded, looking down at our hands together, “I’m sorry Juice”

“No babe, don’t be sorry”, he wiped the tears from my cheeks with his thumb, “This is great, the best thing you could tell me”

“It is?”, I whispered, suddenly feeling hopeful about us.

“Yes”, Juice gently held my chin, making me look at him. He was tearing up, “I’ve always wanted a family babe and I want it with you. I don’t know what you heard Y/N, but I’m not planning to leave you, never”

“I heard Chibs asking if you were sure”, I confessed, “He said I didn’t have a clue and you told him you hoped everything would be fine”

“Oh babe”, Juice sighed and kissed my hands, “It… It wasn’t supposed to be like this, I was planning to do it at our dinner, ask you…”, suddenly, he pulled back and got something on his pocket, then Juice knelt in front of me.

“Juice”, I whispered, completely astonished.

“I told you once babe, I’ve waited for you my whole life and I have no doubts I want to spend the rest of it with you”, he opened the box, showing me a beautiful ring, “Y/N, will marry me?”

Everybody was watching us, waiting. Opie had let my brother go and he was stunned as Juice proposed to me. I felt the tears running down my face as I nodded.

“Yes! Yes Juice, I will marry you”

Juice’s POV

Juice smiled, feeling his heart pound inside his chest as he slid the engagement ring on Y/N’s finger. She had said yes, the woman he loved would be his wife. Chibs had helped him to get the ring and he was playing to propose at their dinner. His brother thought it was too soon, but Juice couldn’t wait any longer, he wanted a life with Y/N. His heart was breaking when she arrived at the clubhouse, her brother yelling as she cried, but now, he couldn’t describe how happy was. He would marry Y/N and she was pregnant, carrying his child.

“I love you”, Juice whispered, holding Y/N close and resting a hand over her belly, “Both of you”

“I love you too”, she smiled and kissed him. Jax lightened the mood with his whistles and claps, cheering for his friends. Y/N blushed and looked at her brother. Gemma noticed it and told Jax and Opie to move, leaving them alone.

“I… I owe you an apology”, Y/B/N looked from his sister to Juice, holding out a hand for him.

“It’s okay man”, Juice shook his hand, “I would have done the same, but, as I said before, I won’t hurt your sister, ever”

“I know”, Y/N’s brother admitted and opened his arms to her, “Congratulations”

“Bubby!”, Y/N hugged her brother as Juice watched, smiling.

“Hey, let’s celebrate!”, Gemma called them, pulling Y/B/N with her to the bar. Juice and Y/N stayed behind, lovingly looking at each other. He touched her belly again, thinking about the baby growing inside and he couldn’t be more happier, he finally had found his old lady.


Months later…

Y/N wanted to get married before her bump was too big, and though they had planned and tried to make it happen, she was already showing up, bump growing fast. Why? She was pregnant with twins. Juice was excited, already thinking about names and driving his wife to be crazy. They had moved in together, in a house Juice already had his eyes on for a long time; he couldn’t wait to get the nursery ready.

It was their wedding day and Juice was at the altar, waiting for Y/N. He was breathing deeply, trying to calm down, but it wouldn’t happen until the wedding band was on her finger and Y/N was officially Mrs Ortiz. Gemma rushed to her seat and signed for the music to start. Everybody got up and looked at the aisle, Juice held his breath and there she was, beautiful on her wedding dress. Y/B/N walked with his sister on the aisle and they just exchanged a meaningful look as Juice took Y/N’s hand in his.

“You’re so beautiful”, he whispered as Y/N smiled at him and they turned to the altar.


He would remember every detail of that night forever, Juice thought as he slowly danced with his wife, her head resting against his shoulder.

“Is this really happening?”, he whispered, “This isn’t a dream, is it?”

“Yes, this is really happening my love”, Y/N pulled back to look at him, eyes sparkling as she put Juice’s hand over her belly, “It’s true”

Yes, it was and Juice knew the best was yet to come.

The End

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Dating Bellamy Blake Would Include:

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  • Goofing around to make each other smile
  • Cuddling
  • Bickering over stupid things
  • “You don’t always have to be the hero Bell”
  • Him making it his duty to keep you safe
  • Him freaking out if you’re home late from a mission
  • “You scared me half to death”
  • Sneaking out at night to get some time alone
  • Clarke and Raven teasing you
  • Loving how caring he is
  • Never leaving each others side
  • “You are such a dork”
  • Forehead kisses
  • Him holding your hand, waist, back, anything to keep contact with you
  • Playing with his hair
  • Becoming really closer with Octavia
  • Octavia threatening you if you ever hurt him
  • “We can do this Bell, we can beat the odds”
  • Arguing over what the group should do next
  • Always making up after the arguments
  • “I’m never going to leave you…”
  • “Promise?”
  • “Promise”

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Fangirl Challenge: [20/40] Romantic Relationships » Jo and Alaric

“Neither one of us should be here right now. We’ve spent our lives dodging fate, beating the odds. But because we did, I got to meet you. The most beautiful, hilarious, and intimidatingly brilliant woman I have ever known. You inspire me. You’ve shown me that happiness is actually something I can have in my life. And so…I promise to be with you and love you and to dodge fate with you for the rest of our lives.”