we beat all

I put Cassandra in a dress
(now I run for my life)

How to Get Back Up Again

1. Don’t beat yourself. We all make mistakes, have bad experiences, and get it wrong at times.

2. Don’t dwell on what happened. Choose to learn from the past – but remember that your power’s in the present and the future.

3. Remember your potential, and what’s possible for you. You’re not that one experience or bad result.

4. Don’t let others’ expectations shape and influence your goals. It’s not their life you’re living … So decide what you will do.

5. Imagine how you’ll feel if you persevere and, despite all the obstacles, achieve success. That’s surely worth the effort, even thought it’s hard right now.

6. Just take one small step … It will rebuild your confidence … And then take another … And another after that.

Let's talk about LeFou

First, I hate that this is a huge ordeal for many of my Christian friends. You’re boycotting BatB because of homosexuality but Finding Dory is your kids fav movie? I don’t care where you stand, but let’s be consistent.

Second, LeFou is the flaming best friend that all of us need in our life. And yes he is obsessed with Gaston and has a crush on him. That’s not deniable. However, let’s look at the reason why, because we got some new character development and insight from the new movie.

We don’t know how long LeFou and Gaston have been friends, but considering they’re from the same village, we can assume for most of their life. Nevertheless they served in a war together.

War is evil and crazy, and you typically have that one person that no matter what, you have each other’s backs. (See Bubba and Forrest Gump). So LeFou and Gaston survive the war and together due to several scenes. We have no idea how many times LeFou saved Gaston’s life, and more importantly, how many times Gaston saved LeFou’s life.

This dedication is deeply rooted. And the crush is easily explainable. And the even crazier part is that, when LeFou saw Gaston’s true colors outside of the war, he walked away. LEFOU WALKED AWAY. If anything, that encourages healthy relationships (I mean, that’s not a problem that we are still helping others with).

So, let’s appreciate LeFou’s silliness and giddiness that we all need in life. Let’s celebrate that he would be the one to snap and say “girl, that outfit makes your ass look gooooooood.” Because we all need a person like that in our lives. But most importantly, let’s celebrate the character development and that he had the courage to walk away from his infatuation to become a better human being.

All of us could learn something from that.

We all have a certain story that we do not share out loud because we are afraid that nostalgia will come in series of waves and drown us. We all know a certain name that we rarely mention anymore because it leaves a bitter taste in our tongue yet makes our heart skips a beat. We all know a familiar voice that is slowly fleeting into oblivion but we always hear it when their favorite song plays on the radio. Lastly, we all know a familiar face that we desperately hoped we will see every morning when we wake up but is now a part of the group of faces that we once knew and trying to forget. Although it is hard and painful for me to admit, mine happens to be you.
—  lm // words left unspoken # 9

kinda like really super fucked up that its 2017, 72 years after the end of the Second World War, and we’re literally having to create anti-nazi messages to combat the resurgence of fascist propoganda, and also it’s really super fucked up that even with context like the Second World War, i actually have to read with my own two eyes, people in 2017 saying that punching a nazi in the face makes you no better than a nazi

Fondly remembers Tf animated and all its designs. -re-watches- 

AH yes just what I remembered

so we all know this is cassian dressed up as an imperial beating up stormtroopers

what i never noticed before (and i have no idea how i missed it) is that this is also cassian and jyn dressed up as imperials being partners in love beating up stormtroopers TOGETHER


Brunch at the Top at California Grill located in Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

no offense but like tododeku is one of the Best ships out there like hands down. bc todoroki was like Im Going To Beat You, we all thought it was gonna be some tense i-hate-you-but-then-we-makeout relationship, smth like our-parents-hate-each-other-so-we-do-too-but-not-rlly (…….all might isnt izukus dad but u get the point) but u know what it turned out to be like a chapter later?? izuku helping shouto realize he isnt his dad. them becoming friends immediately after. then them just loving and supporting each other from there on out…. it is?? SO good???


So funny story: back when my friend and I were playing Twilight Princess for the first time (we were 11/12 mind you) we fought the second boss COMPLETELY wrong. We basically just shot at him, never really using the chains + magnetic floor. There were a number of reasons for this:

1) the TV we were playing on was super dark - clearly we hadn’t adjusted the lighting settings well enough like it tells you to before starting

2) He had a big glowy spot on him - that’s almost always the weak spot that you aim for in bosses in Zelda.

3) We were caught up in the usual Zelda rule of “item from dungeon helps beat dungeon boss” so we stuck to strictly arrows. Iron boots didn’t occur to us because we got those BEFORE the temple

Needless to say, it was… “impressive” that we beat him at all :x

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