we be married yo!

you: boyf riends
me, an intellectual: expensive headphones

Stark Family Huddle

The Starklings get together to form a battle plan. 

Arya: Ok this is how we’re gonna do this.

Sansa: Umm..I’m really gonna be Queen right?

Arya: Yes, shut up.

Bran: So first..

Sansa: Cersei really hates me ya know.

Arya: Ok first we kill Cersei. Then Littlefinger

Sansa: Oh good…Littlefnger is my kill remember.

Jon: What about the White Walkers?

Bran: Yea…the white…

Arya: Ok so after Cersei. Will convince this other blond b*tch with the dragons to help us with the white walkers.

Jon: Hey that’s my aunt don’t call her that.

Sansa: (major eye roll)…we’re still gonna get married right?

Arya: Yo’ guys first we gotta kill all these people.

Sansa: Then, I can have a big wedding.

Arya: Whatever…shut up…

Bran: I had these visions that…

Arya: Nobody cares about your stupid visions.

Jon: Maybe we should…

Arya: My wolves will take out the white walkers.

Sansa: Then, I can marry Jon and be queen and have babies?

Arya: Yea…whatever…

Bran: These visions I had…

Jon: ummm…guys…

Some Blitzstone headcanons for the amazing @alexfierrno :D

  • The where dating the whole time
  • Okay?
  • They where always dating
  • Uncle Rick casually did not say it but they’re dating
  • Maybe it’s cuz (as we all know) Magnus is an oblivious little dork and probs didn’t see it
  • But they’re dating
  • They’ve been dating since they met each other
  • Well, not really
  • They’ve been acting like bfs ever since they met each other
  • Hearth is always cold and Blitzen always gives him his jacket
  • Always
  • Even in the middle of freakin summer
  • (sorry I love Cold!Hearthstone)
  • It’s gotten to the point where Blitzen doesn’t even need the jacket. He just brings it cuz he knows Hearth might need it
  • Always
  • Alex and Sam know 
  • They’ve known ever since they met Blitz and Hearth
  • Always
  • And they don’t even need to ask them if they’re together
  • Cuz they know
  • Everyone in the whole frickin universe knows
  • The gods know
  • Annabeth knows
  • Frickin Percy Jackson knows
  • Random strangers know
  • Magnus still doesn’t know
  • He knows that Blitz and Hearth consider him as their child but he doesn’t know
  • He’s too oblivious
  • Then they say “Yo Magnus we getting married” or something like that idk
  • And Magnus is just like 
  • Whhhhhaaaaaaaa???” And sitting there like an idiot his mouth hanging open
  • “Should we tell him?” Sam asks Alex.
  • “Nah. let him suffer,” Alex says. They giggle (okay Sam and Alex would be the best sibling friends ever. fight me)
  • So ye Magnus is blubbering and then finally he’s like 
  • “This is a joke, right?”
  • And then Blitzen just kisses Hearth, which makes him blush a lot
  • And Magnus is still sitting there rlly confused
  • And stuff
  • Now lets take the rest of the gang out of the picture for a sec
  • Hearth makes waffles all the time
  • Like 24/7
  • He loves waffles
  • Like a lot
  • He eats too many waffles
  • (”You can never have enough waffles,” he tells Blitzen when he complains.)
  • Blitzen thinks it’s cuz he doesn’t know how to cook (he can’t cook himself tbh)
  • But boy is he wrong
  • Their first official fancy date (meaning they didn’t just order pizza and yell at the characters in their tv show) (they probably watch like, America’s Top Model or something and Blitzen comments on their horrible fashion choice idk)
  • But Hearth makes dinner on their first date
  • It is legit the food u get at fancy restaurants and stuff
  • “And to think I thought u could only make waffles,” Blitzen says, stuffing his face full. Everything is delicious. Hearth blushes. 
  • “I like waffles,” Hearth signs. To this day he stull makes a butload of waffles and makes cookies a lot
  • Like he loves making cookies
  • Their house smells like chocolate chip cookies
  • All the frickin time
  • Magnus loves it bc he likes to stuff his face with cookies
  • He’s probably like me and will shove twenty cookies in his mouth
  • He’s like that toddler that will steal cookies off the tray as soon as they come out and shove them in his mouth before Hearth catches him
  • Like Hearth will turn to put another batch in after he takes a tray out and when he turns back the cookies are gone
  • He always blames Blitzen
  • And Blitzen always blames Alex
  • And Alex is saying that they’re all a bunch of idiots bc Magnus isn’t sneaky at all and he literally has cookies in his mouth and their in his pockets like c’mon guys he has chocolate smeared on his face
  • Oh ye Magnus and Alex visit a lot
  • Like a lot
  • Like all the time
  • Like they have their own rooms there
  • Both of them
  • (they just there for the free cookies and waffles)
  • Alex likes to steal Blitz and Hearth’s wifi
  • “It’s not stealing Alex if they give you the wifi password”
  • “Shut up Maggie!”
  • Hearth is always curling up on Blitzen and just randomly falling asleep
  • He’s like a cat that just will fall asleep and ur scared to move it cuz u don’t want to wake it up
  • He falls asleep on Blitzen and Blitzen doesn’t dare move
  • Alex and Magnus end up having to be his personal servants for the day
  • Bc he will not move. At all.
  • He just hugs his bf and plays with his scarf
  • And ye idk feel free to add on if u want

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High key think that if makoto proposed it wld b as a spur in the moment kind of thing like theyd be walking or watching a film n he'd just b like yo we shld get married and then try to take back what he said but boi too late lmao

i have so many requests i should be writing instead but o shit made this a teeny scenario as well wh00pz

“Fucking married couples,” Hanamiya cursed as the rest of the restaurant were clapping for the newly weds, “we’ll be way less annoying.”

“We? Are you proposing to me?” You smiled cheekily at him, a teasing glint in your eye that disappeared with urgency when Hanamiya responded,

“Yeah- what the hell- marry me.”


also though i feel like he could also propose in a huge, potentially violent, argument with his s/o

“You don’t love me! I’ve always been a toy!” you hissed in anger, backing away from the man with clenched fists and a frame that towered over you.

“[Y/N]- don’t be a paranoid bitch,” his words were cold as he looked down at you with an emotion very similar to contempt.

“Oh, I’m paranoid? I’m paranoid?” Getting higher and higher, your voice outlined what would be progressively extreme hysteria.

“You’re fucking paranoid because I fucking love you so marry me, damn it.”

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6 characters meme: Ieyasu, Inuchiyo, Kenshin, Saizo, Yukimura and Nobunaga.

Ieyasu: wrap a blanket around this precious angry blushing boy


Kenshin: be roommates with 

Saizo: marry

Yukimura: kiss

Nobunaga: set on fire


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So are you saying Lucius or Narcissa NEVER walked in on Drastoria?

Are you kidding, I highly doubt Lucissa even caught Drastoria hand holding until Draco was like ‘Yo this is my gf, we’re getting married one day, be warned she said yes already’. Any shennanigans Drastoria did were NOT under the roof of Death eater couple supreme, these kids were raised during the second Wizarding war in the SLYTHERIN nest of vipers, secrets had to be kept secrets when paranoia could save your skin in their time. If anything Draco was super careful of his parents even knowing he was dating a rumored blood traitor, let alone having sex with her. And Astoria had an older sister, if Daphne didn’t teach Astoria how to ward her room the moment clothes started coming off then she wasn’t a Slytherin.

Astoria was all about people not finding out she was even sexually active before marriage, she was already dating an ex death eater, no need to add slut shaming to the bad press, her PR needed to be kept clean. Drastoria has always been vigilant about the way people talk about them and how it affects how they are treated so they are super extra careful about exposing any dirty laundry that could be used as blackmail. Even Scorpius thinks his parents have a totally vanilla sex life because their room is soundproofed and their kinky closet is warded under blood magic. Sure Lucissa knew Draco was having sex with Astoria but they never caught anything so nobody can prove that Astoria wasn’t a virgin in her wedding day (can’t prove she was a virgin either) but that’s neither here nor there

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Okay I feel like an idiot but WHAT'S ALL THIS STEFANIE-ZINO-JAY DRAMA??? I'm really lost 😂 thanks!

It’s ok anonnie I was lost too when I kept seeing posts about jay and khh drama


I know what happened now

I was on the phone with @bobbysnip

And I saw a post about this blonde girl with another man and realized it was beenzino’s girlfriend.

So I said “yo zino’s girlfriend is married!”

And we dug into the tags of beenzino, jay park, and stefanie michova.


BASICALLY what had happened was…

Stefanie was married to some guy back in Germany (idk if they still are.) And she had a thing with Dumbfoundead and Danny from LA a while ago. Danny from LA cheated on his wife is/was pregnant with her and other girls. She tried to get with Jay but he said nah son imma make a song about it instead. So JAY wrote 2NDTHOTS (play on words) calling her out on her hoeness. (read the lyrics)

Jay said on twitter and ig that it’s not about anyone specific… but this song is too conveniently recent to not be about her.

Jay and Zino had beef, but nothing too major, in the past. (that’s what I heard and read.)

Beenzino released a song called Up All Night- talking about a break up

CHA CHA MALONE IS A FREAKING SAVAGE AND MVP: he tweeted “Next Song Title: #Exposed”

So Beenzino hasn’t made any statements or comments on the situation, I don’t know if they’re still together after this mess, but Zino deserves better and Jay Park will be forever the Drake of KHH.

Point of the story is that Stefanie was using KHH rappers for fame and I think there’s so much more to the story that a lot of us aren’t piece together.

If you want to read what others are saying then check out the tags of beenzino, jay park, and stefanie michova.

markhyuck!domestic au

bc markhyuck living together makes me vvv emo

-they probably live in an apartment

-they moved in together after college these dORKS

-hyuck probably had to drag mark to every apartment to scope the place out

-mark only went bc hyuck promised he’d buy him food lmfao

-”hyuck this apartment looks fine”

-”hm…. the wallpaper’s ugly let’s leave”


-so after 47 fucking years, they finally found one they liked

-it wasnt big but it wasnt too small either

-it felt home-y and they both really liked the vibe of it

-they have two rooms for sleeping and stuff but they just share a bed bc like

-how else is hyuck gonna wake mark up at 4 am to show him a dank meme

-hyuck’s the type to stay up really late so mark usually just falls asleep without him

-so basically hyuck’s a night person whereas mark’s a morning one

-it’ll be 2 am and mark’ll be asleep on his side of the bed (the side closer to the door lmao hyuck’s not about that life)

-so hyuck was on his phone scrolling through tumblr and he had his earbuds in so he couldnt hear anything

-he had his phone on like, the lowest brightness setting bc he didnt wanna wake his lil baby mark up omg

-he was hunched over, sitting upwards and suddenly he felt mark slowly pull him backwards

-hyuck was like “wTF omg” but he realized it was just mark and calmed down lmao

-so mark pulled hyuck back until he was laying down with him

-and took hyuck’s phone and closed it, tossing it on their bedside table

-mark pulled hyuck’s head to his chest and mumbled something about “go the fuck to sleep” in his hair

-mark probably makes coffee for hyuck in the morning omg

-that or mark goes to starbucks while hyuck’s still asleep to get hyuck’s favourite drink from there

-sometimes, for some reason, hyuck will be up earlier than usual and see that mark’s gone

-so he’ll panic a lil and check their kitchen to see if mark’s there


-his voice is still raspy and deep bc he just woke up and mark’s like blushing in the middle of starbucks calm urself mark lee smh


-”hyuck it’s 7am no clubs are open atm”


-”omg im at starbucks getting coffee you fuckin nut im hanging up”

-mark probably arrives back home and sees hyuck asleep on the couch with an episode of some kdrama on

-mark screeches and almost drops the coffee bc fuK THAT’S THE NEWEST EPISODE AND HE’S GETTING SPOILED

-hyuck bolts up and screams with him



-”omg i told you not to call me by my korean name!!!”


-they watch kdramas together lmfao

-sometimes mark likes to FORCE hyuck to sleep early with him

-like, he knows he wont be able to but he tries

-mark tries to help by talking to him!!

-sometimes it’s like, serious but most of the time not lmao

-”yo… when we get married we’ll still have the same last name……”

-”stfu mark omg”

-”when we get a kid can i name it pablo”

-”… mark why…….”

-”kanye yo”

-”literally go fuck yourself oh my god we’re not naming our kid pablo”

-they go grocery shopping together like a bunch of parents omg

-mark keeps hyuck in check lmao

-like hear me out, like i said in my markhyuck couple au thing, hyuck grabs extremely useless things oh my god


-except he doesnt use coupons lmfao

-if he sees something on sale, he’ll buy 50 of them

-even if it’s like, cans of tuna (he hates tuna)

-”hyuck stop grabbing so many boxes of cookies, like, we can get 2″

-they end up grabbing 27 of them anyway

-mark doesnt stand a chance against hyuck’s puppy eyes ok

-they sing really loudly and obnoxiously in the car

-mark always drives lmao hyuck hates driving


-and a million other dogs and cats

-mark doesnt have the heart to leave strays on the street so he picks them up and takes em home

-they have like 3 dogs and 2 cats istg

-the empty bedroom that they dont use is for the pets

-hyuck gets ‘mad’ but he ends up loving the animals the most

-mark really likes taking pictures of hyuck omg

-he has like a fucking album in his phone made especially for pictures of hyuck

-theyre both terrified of the dark so they have a system omg

-when they close the living room lights, mark has his flashlight out from his phone and hyuck has one hand on the lightswitch

-hyuck like counts down from 3 and closes the lights and bolts to their room with mark im laughing

-their pets sleep in their room omg 

-they probably have a candy drawer in their room im

-they order ramen from this one place so often, they have their details down so all they have to do is call and tell them their order and nothing else omg

-they dont interact with their neighbours at all

-THEYRE KINDA LIKE DAN AND PHIL (ive said this before bUT)

-i can just picture those rare days where they both wake up together

-and hyuck’s just sitting on the kitchen counter and he’s rubbing the sleepiness out of his eyes

-and mark’s just holding a cup of coffee, staring at hyuck and all he can think about is how beautiful hyuck is and how fucking lucky he is

-he’s like grinning into his cup and hyuck notices so he’s like

-”wtf do you want u lil shit”

-”nothing, nothing” -mark, still grinning lmfao

-so hyuck’s just like ”c’mere you fuck”

-and mark goes over sluggishly and hyuck just pecks his lips and i jUST IM

-ok so like i said earlier they watch kdramas together right

-and the latest mark can stay up is like 1 and then he fucking dies after lmfao

-so it’s like 1:30 and mark’s dozing off but he’s trying sO HARD TO STAY AWAKE

-but he ends up falling asleep

-and hyuck doesnt even fucking notice he’s too busy seeing who the hell the girl ends up with

-but then he feels mark’s head fall on his shoulder and he’s ready to shake this bitch awake lmfAO

-he doesnt have the heart to 

-whenever mark falls asleep, he has this expression that makes him look like a kicked puppy

-so hyuck just turns off the tv and lays mark down carefully

-he trudges to their bedroom to grab their huge ass blanket and a pillow and basically sets up everything on the couch lmao

-he then proceeds to wrap himself in a burrito of mark and he falls asleep like that

-in the morning mark wakes up and is like “wtf why am i here whY IS OUR BEDROOM SUDDENLY IN THE LIVING ROOM AND OMG WHO DID HYEMI END UP WITH”

-hyuck’s all grumpy and shit bc mark woke him up oh my goddd

-”hyemi ended up with the guy we hated dude omg…. let me sleep you fuckin douchebag…”


-”i can barely carry my eyebags around do you think i can carry you smh”


-”ok listen here u lil shit you knOW i cant fucking sleep without you”


-this is getting too long i gotta end iT BYE

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Yes yes yes I can't wait for part two of vegas baby to be up I loved the first part and I love you soooooooono much xxxx

I am so glad you enjoyed it!  I hope you enjoy the second part just as much as the first.  Here is Part 2, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 1  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Epilogue)

Sitting in the breakfast area with your bags in hand, you and Spencer gulp down glasses of water, neither of you having a particularly present appetite at the moment.

“Well, there’s the happy couple!” a jolly man with a pot belly bellows over the breakfast room.  “How was the, uh…wedding night?” he asks, jostling Spencer with his elbow as he wiggles his eyebrows.  “I bet she’s a bucker, huh?” he muses, winking at Spencer as his face flushes different shades of red.

Giggling at his uncomfortable state, you take the man by the hand and smooth out your voice.  “Sir, I believe last night was, erm…was more conducted by our…altered state…than our hearts.”

“Ah…I see,” he says, sighing drastically, “We get a lot of those around here.  Repressed people who want to let loose and open up, and before you know it, they’re married and asking for annulments.”

“T-then you can help us?” Spencer stutters, his face slowly returning back to its original color.

“Yes, I can…but it’s Saturday, kiddos,” he says, slapping Spencer’s shoulder.  “No one can help you until Monday.”

Closing your eyes and sighing, you lean back into your chair as Spencer takes the reigns.  “Sir?  There was something about…uh…about a honeymoon written on a piece of paper in our suite?”

“Ah, yes.  I wanted to write a little reminder for you guys!  Sometimes couples get so caught up in the romance of things that they forget about it.  I set up a wake-up call and everything!”

“Well.” Spencer says, adjusting himself in the chair, “That’s very kind of you…but, since we didn’t actually mean to get married…”

“Oh, I know what you’re saying,” the pot-bellied man holds up his hands.   “And say no more, I can get you a refund for the honeymoon.  Just give me one second.”

Hearing him sigh in relief, you gulp down the last of your water.

“Coffee.  I need coffee,” you say, pushing your chair back as you grab your still-throbbing head, hustling over to the percolating coffee machine.

Swallowing hard, the emotion welling in your throat again, you bang your forehead against the machine, knowing that Spencer is watching but not caring about what he sees.  You cannot believe you had been so reckless.  How could you have been so careless!?   You have been careful all of your life: careful not to get too drunk, careful not to fail any classes, careful to correctly defend your decisions in life, careful to choose the right college, careful not to make your parents upset, careful not to lose your virginity to any man willy-nilly…

Well, that one was easy…it’s not like you were brimming with possibilities.

Finally fixing your coffee, you venture back to your seat to a disappointed-looking Spencer.

“Don’t tell me…the honeymoon isn’t refundable.”

“Not the one we chose, no,” he says, putting his head in his hands and rubbing his eyes with his palms.

Furrowing your brow, you couldn’t remember that part.  “Did he happen to say which one it was?”

Nodding slowly, he says, “Yeah…something about a trip to a vineyard in California, a bed and breakfast on site, and-”

“-horse-drawn carriage rides every night until the sun sets?”

Furrowing his brow, he looks up at you for the first time since that morning.   “You remember?” he says, sounding a little surprised, “That’s incredible, I can’t even remember that.”

“No…not exactly,” you say, casting your eyes down at your coffee cup, feeling your stomach start to retch again.

“It’s alright, Y/N,” Spencer reaches out his hand and puts it on top of yours. “We’ll get ourselves out of this.  We can go…since we are on vacation…have a good time, drink some wine, pamper ourselves a bit, and when we get back to work, we can remove our rings and wait patiently for the paperwork to push thru.  The man says we can fill out all the stuff needed before we leave and stick it in the paralegal’s box to be processed on Monday.”

Nodding slowly to yourself, you felt your entire body wanting to shake.

A California vineyard and a horse-drawn carriage.

Even at your drunkest, you still couldn’t let go of it.


Filling out your side of the paperwork, you seal it in a manila envelope, along with Spencer’s, and push it thru the slot into the paralegal’s office.

“Someone will call you Monday morning to let you know that the paperwork has been sent thru the right channels, and once you receive email confirmation that the process has been started, it should take 6-8 weeks for the paperwork to finalize and annul the marriage.”

Nodding your head, the man helps you into the carriage, Spencer closely behind, as he continues to rattle off information.

“At some point in time during the process, someone will contact you both to make sure that you are still on track for the annulment.  We aren’t expecting you to change your minds, but it helps us to double-check in case some romance has taken place,” he says as he leads you both out front.

“This carriage,” he continues, “…while not horse-drawn on account of one of the horses giving birth…will take you to the airport, which will then fly you in to California, where a driver will be waiting with a sign that says “The Reids” to take you to the BnB that you will be residing in for the next week.”

Nodding slowly, you sink back into your carriage chair.  You couldn’t believe this was happening.  You were actually taking a honeymoon.

After getting married.

To the place where your heart had been broken.

How full-circle, you thought.

Hearing the door shut, the carriage jumps to life as the engine sputters, slowly carrying you off down the road.

“It won’t be that bad,” Spencer tries to reassure you.  “Even if we only have one room, I can sleep on the floor, or the couch, and we can go off and do our own little things, and hey.  Maybe they will have another room open, and we won’t even have to share!” he says hopefully, trying to lift your spirits.

“Yeah, sounds nice,” you robotically reply, gazing out the window at the slow-going scenery change as you approach the airport.

Getting out of the carriage, you shew Spencer’s hand away as he tries to help you out.

“I’m fine, Reid, I can get it myself,” you snip.

“Just trying to help,” he mutters, bending down and grabbing both of your bags.

“I’m sorry,” you say, turning towards him, tugging your bag away from him.   “This is just…an absolutely insane scenario!” you yelp, throwing your free hand above your head as the emotion pools in your chest.  “I never expected to ever lose my virginity, much less get married, and here I am…married to a man that can’t stand my presence, who was forced to try and bond with me under his boss’s orders…and we wind up married.”

As Spencer licks his bottom lip slowly, gazing down at his feet, you chuckle lightly as you shake your head, “And I’m still a virgin!”

As you turn to walk towards the airport kiosk, ready to obtain your plane tickets, Spencer catches your arm, urging you to turn around and look at him.

“Y-you…you think I can’t stand your presence?” he asks, furrowing his brow as you sense the hurt in his voice.

Cocking your head, you take another deep swallow as the emotion threatens to overcome you again. “Spencer…now is not the time to get all sentimental.   With all of the diva crap you threw back in the hotel room, I’m surprised I’m not in tears by how disgusted you are at the prospect of even waking up in the same room with me, much less waking up in the same bed and finding out that we are married,” you state matter-of-factly.

“I wasn’t…I didn’t…yo-”

You hold up your hand, closing your eyes as you feel the tears start to prickle, willing him to stop before this situation becomes even worse.

Taking a deep breath, you slowly let your hand drop, sighing deeply as Spencer is rendered speechless.  You two obtain your tickets and check your suitcases, silently meandering thru the airport until you wind up at the huge illuminated flight board, both of your eyes darting around for your flight gate.

“Gate E4…” you mumble, looking down at your ticket, making sure that it matches before you start off.

“Yeah…E4,” Spencer says, looking back over at you, your eyes glazed over as you continue to stare up at the hypnotizing board.

“Y/N?” he says.

“Yeah?” you say, looking over at him, your eyes red but your tears never falling.

“I never meant to make you feel that way,” he says, reaching for your shoulder.  “I just…I was just as scared and taken aback as you were.  I mean, you weren’t too enthused with my…well, you know…touching you and everything.”

Looking down at your feet, you slowly step away from Spencer’s body, feeling his heat radiate towards you.

“I’m sorry if I made you feel bad or…or not…desirable…in any way,” you say, stumbling over what words to use.  “I mean, it would have been kind of weird if I would’ve said, ‘Oh, how nice. That feels nice newly-wedded brewery-husband of mine.’“

And as he lightly chuckles at your joke, the first smile since that morning slowly spread across your face as Spencer turns his body towards the hallway you two needed to navigate.

“Come on,” he says, his face slowly fading back to it’s original color, “The gate’s this way.”

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Yo can we get married if trump wins. I can't deal with this