we be getting hitched

This is part one of ?? ask memes containing 00′s lyrics.  This post contains mainly popular top 40 pop songs.

‘  a girl like you is impossible to find  ’
‘  ain’t no other man but you  ’
‘  and in the back of your mind i know you should be over me  ’
‘  been fueling up on cocaine  &  whiskey  ’
‘  best thing about tonight is that we’re night fighting  ’
‘  boys just come  &  go like seasons  ’
‘  can’t seem to get you off my mind  ’
‘  come  &  rest your bones with me  ’
‘  did we get hitched last night?  ’
‘  do you see how much i need you right now?  ’
‘  don’t tell me you’re sorry cause you’re not  ’
‘  don’t you ever for a second get to thinking you’re irreplaceable  ’
‘  fairytales don’t always have a happy ending,  do they?  ’
‘  feeling like i’m heading for a breakdown  ’
‘  how do i feel this good sober?  ’
‘  how long will i be waiting to be with you again?  ’
‘  i bet you’re hard to get over  ’
‘  i can have another you in a minute  ’
‘  i can’t look at you while i’m lying next to her  ’
‘  i don’t wanna be anything other than me  ’
‘  i don’t wanna be anything other than what i’ve been trying to be lately  ’
‘  i drove for miles  &  miles  &  wound up at your door  ’
‘  i have the tendency of getting very physical  ’
‘  i haven’t seen the sunshine in three damn days  ’
‘  i hope you know that this has nothing to do,  it’s personal  ’
‘  i hoped you were coming home to stay  ’
‘  i just called to say i love you,  come back home  ’
‘  i just called to say i want you to come back home  ’
‘  i keep her coming every night,  so hard to keep her satisfied  ’
‘  i know i left too much mess  &  destruction to come back again  ’
‘  i know i tend to get so insecure  ’
‘  i know you think that i shouldn’t still love you  ’
‘  i never thought i’d need you there when i cry  ’
‘  i promise i’m not trying to make your life harder  ’
‘  i said see you later boy  ’
‘  i swear i’ll change my ways  ’
‘  i think i’ve already lost you  ’
‘  i think you’re already gone  ’
‘  i wanna take a ride on your disco stick  ’
‘  i want to make you feel beautiful  ’
‘  i was off to drink you away  ’
‘  i wonder if i’ll ever change my ways  ’
‘  i would’ve stayed up with you all night had i known how to save a life  ’
‘  if i just lay here,  would you lie with me  &  just forget the world?  ’
‘  if your heart is always searching, can you ever found a home?  ’
‘  if you’re gone,  maybe it’s time to come home  ’
‘  is there anyone out there cause it’s getting harder  &  harder to breathe  ’
‘  it’s not always rainbows  &  butterflies,  it’s compromise,  it moves us along  ’
‘  it’s personal,  myself  &  i,  we got some straightening up to do  ’
‘  it’s time for me to go home  ’
‘  it’s time to be a big girl now  &  big girls don’t cry  ’
‘  it’s too late to apologize  ’
‘  it’s your fault you didn’t shut the refrigerator,  maybe that’s the reason i’ve been acting so could  ’
‘  i’ll be your best friend  &  you’ll be my valentine  ’
‘  i’ll do what it takes  ’
‘  i’m bringing sexy back  ’
‘  i’m going home to the place where i belong  ’
‘  i’m in love  &  always will be  ’
‘  i’m leaving,  never to come back again  ’
‘  i’m not crazy,  i’m just a little unwell  ’
‘  i’m not going to write you a love song  ’
‘  i’m not ready to make nice  ’
‘  i’m still mad as hell  ’
‘  i’ve had you so many times,  but somehow i want more  ’
‘  let’s get this party started  ’
‘  let’s talk this over,  it’s not like we’re dead  ’
‘  make them boys go loco  ’
‘  my heart is full  &  my door’s always open,  you come anytime you want  ’
‘  please,  just cut it out  ’
‘  she acts like summer  &  walks like rain  ’
‘  she always belonged to someone else  ’
‘  she listens like spring  &  she talks like june  ’
‘  shut up  &  put your money where your mouth is  ’
‘  since you’ve been gone my worlds been dark  &  grey  ’
‘  so much for my happy ending  ’
‘  some things in this world you just can’t change  ’
‘  some things you don’t need until they leave you  ’
‘  spare me your frickin’ dirty looks  ’
‘  steal some covers,  share some skin  ’
‘  tell me,  boy,  now wouldn’t that be sweet?  ’
‘  that’s what you get for waking up in vegas  ’
‘  they say time heals everything,  but i’m still waiting  ’
‘  this is not what i intended,  i always swore to you i’d never fall apart  ’
‘  this love has taken its toll on me  ’
‘  this shit is bananas  ’
‘  times square can’t shine as bright as you  ’
‘  tonight will be the night that i will fall for you over again  ’
‘  welcome to the real world  ’
‘  we’ll be playmates  &  lovers  &  share our secret worlds  ’
‘  when you look me in the eyes  &  tell me that you love me,  everything’s alright  ’
‘  when you’re gone the pieces of my heart are missing you  ’
‘  where did i go wrong,  i lost a friend  ’
‘  wish i had a good girl to miss me  ’
‘  you can hold my hand if you want to cause i wanna hold yours too  ’
‘  you got me twisted  ’
‘  you look so dumb right now  ’
‘  you put on quite a show,  really had me going  ’
‘  you reminded me of brighter days  ’
‘  you should turn yourself around  &  come on home  ’
‘  you’re so ugly when you cry  ’

Persephone: *picking her teeth with something she found on the ground*  So, here’s the deal, stud-
Hades: *is blushing and cannot hear anything but static because no one ever called him a stud before* okay
Persephone: Great, im glad you agree. we’re gettin’ hitched on wednesday. 
Hades: … *static gets louder*

Thoughts on “Rogue One”

If I could sum up why I loved RO in one sentence it would be simply that this movie reminded me why I fell in love Star Wars in the first place. I’m gonna put spoilers below the cut and try not to gush tooo much. I’m also going to try not to make too many comparisons between RO and TFA, because I know many people have strong feelings about TFA and how it fits into SW canon, a canon I’m admittedly not the best versed in. But there are some things that personally, for me, made RO a more compelling, complex and honest story. Anyway, here we go:

1) I was a goner just from the opening. Two people making an unimaginable sacrifice so their child can live - the shots of little Jyn running into the canyon, her little determined face, I was crying 5 minutes. Chalk it up to seasonal affect but this time of year I ALWAYS get emotional about how much we hitch our hope for salvation onto our children.

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I can’t believe people in the tag are like “macdennis matters less cause mac came out!” like no Bitch we must not rest until Mac And Dennis Get Hitched

Five minute ficlet: Bed-sharing Trope fic, Star Wars, Han/Leia

@organanation wondered if I had any Han/Leia bed-sharing fics lying around. While I have a “We’re so cold let’s strip each other and have hot sex” PWP and a “While we’re in bed do you wanna get hitched?” ficlet, I didn’t find what she was looking for. So I did a five-minute (that turned into lunch and cooking) ficlet. It doesn’t quite hit the UST spot, so I might have to take another crack at it some other time.


“I’m afraid so, your worship.” Han tried not to grin but it wasn’t a battle he was very invested in winning. “It’s not my fault the main water conduit broke right above your bed.”

“It’s your ship! Shouldn’t you maintain it? A conduit like that should be replaced before it corrodes enough to create a problem like this–but no, not on your junk heap!”

Han glared. “Hey–the Falcon’s got a lot of parsecs on her, but you don’t have to be rude. Besides, I already told you I’m more than happy to share until we get back to base.”

Leia crossed her arms. “No. That’s unacceptable.”

Han shrugged. “Well, you can try to bunk with Chewie, but honestly, he kicks in his sleep.”

Leia said, “The decent thing to do would be to offer to share with Chewbacca yourself and let me have your bunk.”

Chewbacca, who had been silent up to this point, shook his head with an emphatic no.

Han nodded. “I know, I know–but you see how she is!”

Chewbacca shook his head again made a pointed comment.

“No, she does not have a point!”

In the end, of course, it was decided that neither of them could share with Chewbacca because the bed just wasn’t big enough for a full-grown Wookie and anyone else.

Getting ready for bed was by far the most awkward part of the whole affair. There wasn’t much room in the cabin, so every action was an exercise in moving around each other, of containing elbows, of failing not to look–there was nowhere not to look, not really.

And then they settled into bed and maneuvered elbows and heads and limbs–and suddenly they fit, Leia tucked into Han’s side and Han’s arm around her, as if they always slept like this. They both froze in place the moment they realized–but it was so comfortable that neither said anything, afraid that if they spoke out loud they’d end up fighting and have to move to save face.

It didn’t take long for them to fall asleep. They woke more deeply wrapped in each other, and there was a moment when they forgot to be embarrassed, Han tightening his arms around Leia, and Leia resting into his chest.

Leia’s bunk was dry by nightfall and though both of them proclaimed loudly how good it was they wouldn’t have to share another night, they lingered in the corridor for just a few seconds too long before saying goodnight.

Another thing I will never be over is how Riza loses it when Lust tells her she killed Roy. Like… the cool, calm, unflappable Riza Hawkeye I had seen for 18 episodes straight up just breaks down, sobbing and crying.

Originally posted by gif-fmab

She never does it again for the rest of the series. There’s just that one moment and that’s it. It was just so unnerving in a way seeing that, but so powerful too.

[RotG] Hitched

1,130 words of unrepentant FrostBunny fluff and sleep deprivation.
(the latter partially being me, Great Danes don’t like 4am thunderstorms.)

“Me and him. We need ta get hitched.”

North glanced at Bunnymund, who had a very serious, but slightly demented look on his face, as if Guardian of Hope had not in had a decent night’s sleep in a while and was on running on nerves.

Then he looked down at whom Bunnymund his arm around, and was quite firmly not letting go. Not that Jack Frost was arguing, he had a death grip on his staff, similar bags of exhaustion under his eyes, and was sending out little glowing snowflakes of joy as he tried not to laugh.

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I haven’t posted a one shot in a while and I’m sorry!! I actually deleted the entire book off of Black Veil Brides Fanfiction because it wasn’t getting any requests at all. But here’s one that I wrote recently for a friend of mine. I hope you all like it. ♥️

“I bought something for you.” Andy said, opening the closet door and pulling out a garment bag. You smiled sweetly.
“Andy, you didn’t have to get me anything.” You say, feeling your cheeks turn pink.
“I had to. We’re going out to dinner tonight with the band at a fancy restaurant.” He walked over to you and kissed your temple. His lips were warm and soft. You felt your breath hitch in your throat. “Get ready. We have to leave in an hour.” Andy was already dressed up. The dress he bought you was a short black one, it was form fitting and had long sleeves. You put it on and it fit perfectly. The bottom hugged your butt and continued down about an inch or two.
“Easy access.” You said yourself grinning. You did your hair and makeup and glanced at the clock.
“(Y/n) are you ready babe?” Andy called up the stairs. You made sure your curling iron was shut off and put on a pair of black high heels and grabbed your purse.

Andy opened the car door for you and you got in on the passenger seat, he walked around front and got in and smoothly backed out of the driveway. He placed a hand on your knee causing an electric shock through your body. He was so attractive when he drove. The way the wheel slid through his hands expertly. You were studying his profile. Admiring the cute way his nose sloped upwards, his full lips, his nose ring. He was so incredibly beautiful. He slowly slid his hand up.
“I picked this dress out on purpose.” He said to you, taking his eyes off the road briefly and smirking. You swallowed.
“Why?” You asked innocently.
“You’ll see.” He replied, a devilish grin spreading across his face. Your heart began to race.

You got to the restaurant and the boys were already there. Andy placed his hand on the small of your back as you entered. When you got to the table his hand slid down your ass and tapped it lightly before he pulled the chair out for you. The little spanking made you jump a little, causing confused looks from Ashley and CC. You smiled politely. Andy placed his hand on your knee under the table. You shifted in your seat a little. Your heart was doing flip flops in your chest. The waiter came and asked you all what you wanted to drink. You got a glass of water and Andy got a beer. Andy was casually talking to Ashley about an upcoming tour and you started to feel Andy’s hand wander up your thigh. You cleared your throat and took a sip of your water. His hand was under the hem of your dress now, running his finger up and down your panties, making you jump. You banged your knee off the table causing Ashley to give you another confused look. Andy looked at you and smirked.
“Are you okay love?” He asked. You nodded and gave him the ‘what the hell are you doing look’ and he just half grinned and took a drink of his beer. He slid his hand down to your inner thigh and nudged them apart. He slid a finger into the side of your panties. How could he be doing this? In the middle of a restaurant with his band mates just sitting around and bullshitting. His finger traced circles around your clit. You cleared your throat nervously as he just continued to talk to Ashley like nothing was happening whatsoever.
“Mmm.” You let escape from your lips ever so quietly, just loud enough for Andy to hear and he pinched your inner thigh. His finger went back to work, rubbing you and making you wetter by the second.
“(Y/n), are you okay? You look a little flushed. Are you feeling alright?” CC asked, crinkling his brow at you in confusion. Andy didn’t stop his movements. You could feel yourself edging towards a climax and it was taking everything in you not to moan loudly.
“I-I’m f-fine."You stutter, your breath was hard and you could feel your cheeks grow hot. The waiter came and Andy stopped his movements abruptly, and put his hand lovingly back on your knee like nothing happened. You ordered your food and ate and then finally it was time to go home.

On the car ride home Andy slid his hand over the console and slid his hand up your skirt again.
"You were such a good girl in the restaurant. No one in there knew what I was doing to you. I’m going to let you cum right now. Take those panties off.” He growled. You unbuckled your seatbelt and slid them off your legs and let them fall to the car floor. He put his hand back in between your legs and rubbed your clit with his finger. You ran your hand through your hair and moaned loudly.
“Yes baby. Moan. Moan my name.” He growled. Picking up speed with his fingers and not taking his eyes off the road.
“A-Andy… Yes. Mmmm.” You moan sweetly for him. You’re dripping wet and you could feel a climax start to build. “Baby don’t stop. Right there.” You moan, the climax was getting closer. He picked up the speed of his fingers and finally your orgasm exploded, sending you on a wave of ecstasy. You cried out his name and he removed his fingers from you and licked them clean.
“Good girl.” He said. He pulled into the driveway and you both practically ran to the bedroom. He ripped the dress up and over your head and unhooked your bra and threw it across the room. His face was in between your thighs in a split second.
“Andy, I’m too sensitive.” You groan as you feel his tongue circle around your clit. He looked up at you from in between your thighs. You groan and run your hands through his soft black hair and bite your lower lip. He ignored your complaint and continued to lick you up and down, entering two fingers in you and pumping them in and out slowly.
“Cum for me (y/n).” He groaned. “Cum for me baby.” He was pumping his fingers in and out fast and hitting all of your right spots. A pleasurable ball started to form in your belly. Your breathing got faster and you moaned again. He kissed your inner thigh and sucked on your clit and finally he had you orgasming for a second time. He quickly undid his belt and pulled down his pants and underwear. His delicious erection sprang free. He began stroking himself, smirking at you, standing up between your legs. You sat up and wrapped your hand around the thick shaft, running the tip of your tongue from his balls to the head of his dick and then put the tip in your mouth. Andy let out a groan and ran his hand through his hair. He started to loosen his tie and unbutton his shirt. He threw them both on the floor. He grabbed your hair up into a pony tail and thrusted into your mouth, making the tip of his dick hit the back of your throat. You gagged a little and he smirked at you. He grabbed your hair tighter.
“That’s a good girl.” He thrusted a few more times and then stopped. “Now get up for a second.” He said pulling out of your mouth. He was standing at the edge of the bed. He guided you over to your vanity where he bent you over it. His hand came down hard on your ass cheek making you jump a little. With one quick movement he was inside of you. Filling you completely and stretching you out. He started to bounce you off of his hips and into the vanity. He was fucking you so hard that your perfume bottles were toppling over.
“God (y/n), I love the way you feel.” He groaned. “You’re so tight, and so wet. Wet only for me.” He groaned. He dug his fingers into your hip bones, pulling you onto his cock harder and faster.
“I’m gonna cum baby. Are you ready for it?” He said through gritted teeth and he pulled out of you and jacked himself off until he came in spurts over your back, groaning and mumbling profanities. You could feel the thick warm liquid ooze onto your sensitive skin.

You guys showered together and then got into bed.
“Tonight was amazing. I love you Andy.” You said. You were laying on your side and he was behind you, holding you closely into him. He trailed sweet kisses down your neck and shoulder.
“I love you too (y/n).” He replied. He pulled you tighter into his body and soon you could hear him lightly snoring behind you and it made you smile and soon you also fell asleep.

Thank you for reading and I have a watt pad now if you’d like to make requests on that. It’s under biersackayyy.

i remember | one shot

ashton + reader
word count: 5188

writing masterlist | request/ask/feedback

summary: ashton gets into a car accident and doesn’t remember your relationship


i’d been with ashton about a year when the accident happened. we were on our way home from dinner and he was trying - unsuccessfully - to grab his phone out of my hands.

“that’s enough!” he cried out, trying his best to keep his eyes on the road while he snatched blindly in my direction.

“..she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me and i don’t want anything to change.” i continued reading out in between laughs.

ashton let this hands drop in defeat as i finished reading the long paragraph he’d sent to his mother in response to her asking when we were getting hitched.

we settled into a comfortable silence and i stared at the lights of the city as we drove past, his hand reaching for mine to hold, the other on the wheel.

“you know i do want us to get married someday, right?” he asked.

i turned to him, watching the grin spread across his face as my face mirrored his.

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anonymous asked:

Hey Kein, how's the house and wife doing? You got any kids yet? Get to it man~

D-A: In all seriousness though, Iona’s owner @glowingseaglass and I haven’t really been active SoC wise, so it’s been hard arranging for those two to finally get hitched and have the kids we pretty much headcanoned for them. All in all though we do have intentions for it to happen eventually. 8′)

And on a side note, if there’s anything I’m pretty dang glad about starting up this blog, it’s that I’m getting asks for characters I haven’t drawn in forever. 

Kein really has changed significantly since his last update, and my drawing style has obviously changed since then too, so it’s really fun to see what the man currently looks like in the way I now draw things, especially after all this time of being missing from my main gallery when he used to be a common face over there.

I’m trying to think of how Qrow would propose to Winter.

Like there’s the “We’ve been doing it for years and we’ve grown way closer than I ever thought we could so let’s end the tension and get hitched” approach,

Or, my personal favorite, the “Yeah neither of us have explicitly said anything romantic to one another but this has been going on for a while so I’m going to change nothing about how I act around you except that I’m going to keep aggressively throwing engagement rings at your face until you say yes” approach.

Like, him and ozpin and everyone walk into a meeting and he’s just like “Think fast” and a wedding ring hits Winter in the face.

And eventually he’s using them as ammunition in his fights with her.

He just tosses them in her tea from across the room (his aim is getting good).

He’ll walk into a meeting and say “I got everyone ring pops to lighten the mood” and he gives them to everyone but tries to slip Winter’s onto her finger himself.

And this keeps getting her more and more pissed and so they fight more and more and seem closer and closer together.

But everyone keeps asking: “Where is he getting all these rings from?”

Whenever he’s asked he just winks at them and says “I have no idea what you’re talking about”.

In reality Winter’s dad, when proposing to his wife, kept throwing out ring models that got handmade for him until he found the right one, and so there’s like 200 rings just in the garbage somewhere and Qrow stumbled upon them.

And every time Winter gets one from him she throws it away and it goes to the same place each time and Qrow retrieves them.

So now Qrow has a nigh on unlimited supply of wedding rings.

anonymous asked:

It seems extremely stupid they are staging a wedding to lure a villain out? What Fucking Villain is Drawn to Weddings??? Walder Frey??? At same time I get the feeling they'll turn it into a real wedding last minute. For which ship idk nor do I care

Lol it’s totally going to be a “we should just get hitched” thing


Taupo part 2

Due to the bus being five hours each way, I really only had 2 full days in Taupo in the middle of two days of travelling, and the weather on day 2 was still a bit too choppy and on/off with the rain to really encourage taking a roofless boat out into the middle of the lake.

When I first mentioned Taupo, my parents recommended a thing called ‘the craters of the moon,’ as some sort of interesting thermal area. I did some research and it was hard to see a way to get there without transport - it was about two miles further away than the waterfall, and there was no shuttle bus or similar. I met up with the dude from the day before and mentioned it and he suggested we try hitch hiking since it went well getting home from the waterfall.

Discovery of the day: it is much easier to get a ride back from somewhere than a ride out of town. Possibly we were in the wrong spot, since neither of us really had any experience doing it, but after about fifteen minutes we got tired of it and went for a walk around the lake instead. We found a few tiny hot springs, some nice beaches, some very fancy holiday homes and a lot of really nice views before having to head back so he could take his bike into the shop for repairs.

After he left, I stopped by the information centre to ask if there was any way to get out to the craters without a car, and they pointed out a bus that went to the waterfalls (cutting down the walk) although they did warn me that it was the last bus of the day so I’d have to find my own way back. In the spirit of Adventure, I caught the bus out to the falls and walked about half a kilometer down the road to the craters. It wasn’t raining, but it was very hot and not the most enjoyable walk so the first car that drove my way I figured ‘why not’ and stuck out my thumb. Got picked up by this English family, out for two weeks for their daughter’s wedding (this seems to be a theme with half the brits I meet out here) who were also heading to the craters and took me up there with them.

The Craters of the Moon is probably not very similar to the actual moon ;)  for starters there were a lot of plants growing, but also the craters were formed by heat pockets below the ground blasting up and knocking the rocks out of the way, rather than rocks coming from space to knock holes in the surface. The thermal area is still very active today, there are steam vents all over the area coming up from inside the craters, or just from seemingly random spots on the ground. There are supposed to be bubbling mud pools, but since I was there in the summer even in spite of the rain it was too dry for any mud wet enough to bubble.

I split off from the family that drove me up as soon as we arrived, but as i was walking around I kept seeing them behind me and then when I climbed up the viewpoint hill, the woman and I started chatting since her son and husband had decided to go the flat way round. She was telling me about her daughter and the wedding and asking about what backpacking was like. When I said I wasn’t sure how I was getting back to town, she offered me a ride back which was really nice (and super helpful for me). One thing that is frustrating me about NZ is how many places they advertise as being ‘in’ certain towns when really they’re 4-5km outside, which is nothing to someone with a car but a big deal to someone like me. The road out to the Craters, and other roads since, also have no pavement or anywhere to walk if you do decide to just hike the distance out and back again. It’s a frustrating lack of accessibility, which is definitely making me more sure I want to buy a car when i finish working and go travelling around. There’s just so much here you can’t seem to do without one.