we be clownin'

  • jack kelly: the newsboyz of dis 'hood is on strike
  • racetrack higgins: are you outta yo' mind playa?
  • david jacobs: jack i was only clownin. we can't go on strike, our funky gang don't got a union.
  • jack kelly: but if we go on strike, then we is a union yes?
  • david jacobs: no! we just a bunch of mad salty lil' playas wit no dough

We’re not clownin’ around! Clownfish are all born as males and become females later in life. So in “Finding Dory”, Nemo’s dad would have become Nemo’s mom—and by the next sequel, Nemo might be his own sister!

Many fishes change sex as they grow. Called sequential hermaphroditism, this strategy helps maximize the number of offspring individuals can have over their lives. Clownfish are protandrous—meaning “male first"—while the California sheephead is protogynous, beginning life as a female and growing into a "terminal phase” male. Depending on your perspective, that’s either a tragedy or an improvement!