we bake ourselves

The Signs as "That '70s Show" Quotes
  • Aries: "An apple? Where's my candy you son of a bitch!?”
  • Taurus: "Donna told me she loves me and then I told her I loved cake..."
  • Gemini: "The gym, or as I like to call it, the institute of things I can't do."
  • Cancer: “Well, honey, I don’t think you’re a jackass I think you’re a jack-angel."
  • Leo: "Well, damn Jackie I can't control the weather!"
  • Virgo: "If I was a bird I'd fly into a ceiling fan."
  • Libra: "Oh, I wish my daddy could buy him for me.”
  • Scorpio: "My foot is about to write a story. Its called 'On the Road to in Your Ass.'"
  • Sagittarius: “I don’t like people. I like rock and roll, sex, and pizza, in that order.”
  • Capricorn: "When my time comes I want to be buried face down. That way whoever doesn't like me can kiss my ass."
  • Aquarius: "It's Thanksgiving. Some people bake pies... we bake ourselves."
  • Pisces: "I sat next to God once on the bus."
Liar Liar [3]

A/N: even though no one ever reads the author’s notes or my fics for that matter, I still feel the need to say thanks to those who even bother to give my blog a glance, it sincerely means the world to me.

also, bit of a time skip cause I lowkey wanna end this aaaand I don’t have a clue as to the BTS of a wedding or the first clue to planning one, so we’ll start from their reception. Enjoy! x

Other parts ICYMI: Part 1  Part 2 

RECAP:  “I’ve been scared shitless for the last two hours trying to figure out how the hell I’m supposed to propose and what to say, how to sit, how to fucking breathe, but— Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, will you marry me before I shit a brick out of fear?” The words come out in a barely understandable fashion with all his nerves jumping off the walls.“If I say yes, will you stop holding your damn breath? Jesus!” Y/N laughs, already slipping the ring on her finger.
“Yes, I promise.”
“Then I’m all yours.”

In such a short period of hours, Y/N’s life had already become a little hectic and her and Shawn had only been married two hours. They hadn’t even released a single picture yet, and people were already all over them like white on rice. She was starting to feel more like the wedding planner than a newly-wedded bride. She couldn’t count how many times she ran down the same pale blue corridor if she tried.

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TitleA Kitchen Miracle
For @ninemoons42-lestallumhaven for the FFXVSS17 event on twitter!
Pairing:  Promptis
Rating: T
Word Count:
Read on Ao3
Summary: Prompto takes over Noctis’ kitchen to make holiday cookies, and Noctis expects a kitchen catastrophe. Instead, he gets something else entirely.

Full fic under the cut! thank you to @thetuningofviolins  @youaremynewdream and @silverwings104 for reading this before hand!     

Staring at the various items on the counter, Noctis folded his arms; the apartment kitchen looked like a disaster waiting to happen. Mixing bowls sat atop the counter, eggs, flour, sugar…the list went on, and there was barely any free counter space.

“Mmm,” Noctis hummed, tilting his head as he stared at the massive amounts of ingredients. “Are you sure you don’t wanna just wait for Specs to get here?” he asked, turning his head towards his more-than-enthusiastic best friend.

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anonymous asked:

hi, anxious hillary voter here. i read an article by a liberal trans lady "Debunking The Bullshit Claim: “You're Privileged If You Don't Vote For Clinton" and am now a mix of bleak and confused and maybe furious and also extra bleak. you have the best bullshit radar out there and also know your shit, are the arguments legit? as a trans person i am terrified of trump but this article seems to be 'be terrified whichever, everything will always be awful' and i just. so tired and scared all the time

Oh my god - first off calling this steaming pile of hot take an “article” is really insulting to articles. I’m not going to go through it point by point to refute all the wrong things she says, because we’d be here until 2018 and I don’t have that kind of time, but I can say that no, the arguments are not legit. Like… any of them. You can and should google the stuff she’s talking about and make your own decision about it! But she literally says at one point that Clinton wants to start a war with Russia which is… I mean, it’s cute almost. As if Clinton is some kind of American Cold War relic who’s just itching to drop nukes on Moscow like it’s 1961. I hope she brings back shoulder pads, too.

But the entirety of the argument is: “Capitalism is evil, the military is evil, and I have not read or listened to, much less absorbed, a single viewpoint that does not jibe 100% with my own for the past five years at least.” It is a shockingly, astoundingly naive piece, that states outright that our country is worse now than it was under Bush, that Republicans are identical to Democrats (but that Democrats losing ground to Republicans during midterms is still bad and is still… entirely the fault of Democrats), and that Trump is just this kind of weird guy who can’t actually do all the stuff he says he can, and is therefor actually better than Clinton.

It shows not the writer’s privilege exactly, but her - I guess you could just call it profound incuriosity about the world, because “stupidity” doesn’t cover it. She’s read stuff that confirms what she wants to believe, and that’s as far as she’s gone. It’s great that she’s got the courage of her convictions I guess, but after reading this all I think is “wow, it must be awesome to be so clear-minded that you can call anyone who disagrees with you evil. I wonder what that’s even like.” Plus I am almost charmed by her insistence that Clinton has, at any point, demanded “cookies” for basic decency. It really does require a lot of special-snowflaking to project that hard onto a complete stranger.

The thing that I do find interesting is that she never actually refutes the claim (one that I don’t actually agree with, personally) that not voting for Clinton is a sign of privilege. Nor did she suggest anything else people might do. It’s just a checklist of performative far-left twerpitude, and I for one have no patience for it.

On a personal note, dear anon, I really want to just give you a hug and offer you actual, physical cookies which I bake myself and which are not a metaphor. Reading “I am so tired and scared all the time” made me tear up because God, it must be so tiring and terrifying right now for you, and I want you to know you’re not in this alone. If you ever need to talk, or need help, please know that I’m here to listen and to help, because fear is in itself exhausting, and you deserve some respite.

Nightmare | wanttodiemyway

Since Andrea was doing another shift at the Tower, Milton was alone in the house with Victoria, feeding her some porridge. “You like your porridge sweetheart?”, he asked the little girl, who nodded eagerly in response. “Now that’s makes daddy really happy. You’re my big girl you know that? When mommy gets home, we’ll surpise her with a cake we baked all by ourselves. You think that’s a good idea?”, he asked, and Victoria once again nodded happily.

At that moment, they heard a huge explosion as if a building was breaking down. The sound was so deafening that both Milton and Victoria stopped everything they were doing.