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i can’t respond to all the asks i’ve gotten in the past few days! here’s a post addressing some of the messages i’ve gotten re: that last ace diary comic

to all the ace and lgbt folk that came to share their experiences and support:
thank you so much. it means a lot to me to hear from people in my communities, and it always brightens my day to see other aces sharing common experiences with each other. i don’t think 5 years ago when i first discovered asexuality i would have even believed that so many other ace and ace/gay people existed!

to the people who sent hate about things i had already addressed in my previous comments on the matter please actually take some time to look at my blog and responses on my post before sending senseless rude comments.
i’ve apologized for being unaware of the complications with the term “allosexual” and i acknowledge that my comic was easy to misconstrue as an oversimplification of gay experiences. i apologize again for the confusion and my mistaken use of bad terms. i stand by the fact that it was not the word i should have used to convey what i meant, which was purely just the factual classification “non-aces”

to the ones calling me “abusive” and “homophobic” to my gf:

-frankly i don’t even know where to start with this one. maybe look at my other daily comics for context? maybe get some perspective about what homophobia is actually like? try coming from a conservative family and dating another gay girl from a conservative family! 

-shockingly, two gay people can be happily in a relationship even with different sexualities. our relationship is one of unconditional love and support - we’ve navigated and celebrated our differences for three years and intend to continue to do so.

-you cannot assume that every ace person is sex repulsed/attraction repulsed or knows nothing of intimacy. some are, but you cannot assume it of all aces. maybe actually talk to an ace person before making assumptions about their lives and relationships! if you’re curious about the ace experience in relationships with non-ace folks, please message me privately and I’d be happy to inform you. I’m not quite sure how the comic was read as “gay sexual attraction is gross”.. if anything it was meant to be self deprecating for forgetting such a common thing as sexual attraction exists. even tho i’m ace i am frankly The Biggest Gay

-my girlfriend “looks uncomfortable” in that comic because i DREW her that way. in our real life interaction, she was talking about sexual attraction to a former crush with her current, long term girlfriend! she said it was embarrassing because the feelings were irrelevant now. if you looked at my blog for context or at her blog (http://scorpiialpha.tumblr.com/) you’d realize instantly the dynamic between us, instead of assuming it from one small section of my diary comics.

(btw right hand pic above is done by her she wanted to contribute 2 this post and it’s great) 


i’m sorry i cannot reply individually to all of you, but thank you again to all the supportive anons, all the other lesbians and aces in my inbox, and those who came to calmly explain and help me understand my mistake with the terms i used. I’ve been so disconnected with tumblr that it saddens me to hear that there’s been so much controversy around ace people. I don’t know the details and it sounds like there were rashly made comments on both sides.

i made some mistakes with my last auto-bio comic, but i will not stop making ace/gay content. it has always been important to me to normalize lgbt experiences and to create works with diversity. i’ve had experiences that convinced me i was broken and my asexuality would sink any potential relationships, so these auto-bio comics with my girlfriend are especially important to me - to show aces with the same fears that there’s always hope, and to rid myself of any remaining lack of confidence in my identity.


So, for the next couple of posts, we’ll be going back to the present because I do have a small scene prepared as Akira leaves the bar… Thing is, when I loaded this save again I saw these cuties and couldn’t help myself so, have some adorable pictures.

"the mind is a walled garden, even death can not touch the flowers blooming there."

i am not those things you called me
and if in some way i am
i wont be those things you called me
forever didn’t seem long enough when i envisioned us walking towards it
never enough time
never enough communication
never the right moment
glimpses of what we could be
and what we were
in those moments asleep on a bed of stars
i wanted to kiss you so many times
but i didnt
trapped in my own world
i never wanted to leave it until i met you
ive never seen a place more beautiful than our own
its so cold out but can we stay here a little while longer?
there’s a dance floor made of beer bottle caps under a tree in the park
i want to tell you about my childhood.
i want to listen to your miracles.

you aren’t the things i called you
its just…
i never knew how to let go
how to deprogram everything the past taught me about love cause it wasn’t true
or maybe i just interpreted it wrong
i always thought love was silent and passive and understood
but its violent and bold and loud
it demands attention
and faith
it thrives off of attentiveness
and memory
it blossoms in selflessness
and empathy.

i am growing
you are growing
we are growing
you the moon
me the sun.
ive stopped trying to forget you
its pointless really…

- tiffany majette


RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: “Brexit isn’t to blame for any bad stuff. You know what *is* to blame? The metric system. And decimalised currency.”

She’s had a rough day. Sometimes you just need to rest your head on a boob and have a lil nap.

Does Superman get jet lag?

Yes, he does!  Bruce and I got home from our (amazing and wonderful) vacation last night… I wasn’t supposed to be back at work until tomorrow, but Perry texted me this morning that they really needed me.  I’ve been sleepy and also really busy ALLLL day, and I just spent the whole day wanting a nap.  Oh well… I’m sure I’ll be my usual self tomorrow!

Fire alarm went off in our class today (just the flashing lights no sound) but our professor didn’t want us to leave and I immediately stood up and was like “wtf we don’t know if this is real or not, I’m not gonna die here if it is” and left

Hanging out with an old friend made me realize how much I miss the old times like what is my life rn lol

terrorinbeauty replied to your post “dil boley oberoi: week 1 lb”

BLESS YOU FOR WRITING THIS. If only DBO was about the love story of the sweet Om we all love and a badass cold lady who doesn’t believe in love </3

petition to have @terrorinbeauty head the DBO writing team, cause that plot sounds omgsuperfucking amazing and i want to watch that now now now! 😦😦😦

okay so I have an interview for a job that is full time and like Way more money than my bills need and the manager seemed really happy about the answers I gave… Im applying for more but holy Shit if I get a job i can finally start looking at school again

considering how hard it is (and sometimes impossible) to trigger a sneeze in your sleep it just fuels the suspicion that this sly motherfucker

isn’t sleeping at all

he was probably posing all along i mean look at him who sleeps like this in front of their crush 

goddammit viktor 

So how about an Otayuri mafia AU where Yurio is the rebellious troublemaker grandson of the mob boss and Otabek is hired to protect him (from himself, and others). Because I can’t stop thinking about it :’)