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[ there were definitely some interesting entries, for what i think turned out to be a more difficult prompt. (what do you think?) my favorite of the selection was @queenpleb’s piece. - @cruxymox ]


This last week has been a bit of a blur. Good, but also poorly timed. And now I’m a bit stressed, which of course is manifesting physically in the form of lower back pain. Yay.

St. Patrick’s Day, I had 8 meetings. I stayed late to wrap up a project before being out all of the following week (later to learn that my edits on a crucial document did not upload). Sir had a cocktail waiting for me upon arrival home and we sat on his tiny patio to decompress. Our swinger friends invited us over for food, drink, and hot tubbing. There has never been any indication that we want to swing with these folks - we’ve connected on our shared rejection of mainstream relationships - but by the end of the night, the wife was trying to get into a very drunk Sir’s swim trunks (which I didn’t realize until after the fact) and I was acutely aware that the husband might try to make a move if he weren’t super submissive. I decided to stop drinking and sober up so I could get us home. The next day, I teased Sir about his interactions with wife; the following day, I read in one of his posts that he’d, for lack of better words, had his consent violated. I resist saying that he was assaulted, but if it had been me in his place, that’s what it would have been. Needless to say, he doesn’t want to talk about this.

Saturday, we headed to DTLA to pick up the most expensive t-shirt I will ever own (i.e., my LA marathon shirt). Seeing all those people excited to run the marathon on Sunday made me even more sad about my injury and having to miss it this year. BUT…if I had run, it would have made getting to NOLA that same day really difficult, seeing as how the conference started Monday morning and I had to be in town that Sunday evening.

The conference went well. My panel Monday morning was good (expected, since we had 4 or 5 planning calls!); my workshop that afternoon was also good (despite my lack of preparation). Sir arrived in town that afternoon and we started to explore Bourbon St. Monday night after Day 1 of the conference had ended. I participated in most of Day 2 of the conference, but bailed on the last session. Sir and I moved hotels, then went out for drinks before getting dinner with one of my former staff who was also attending the conference. We drank A LOT that night. And much of the next two days, as well. I can understand why NOLA leads the country in liver transplants (as a billboard we saw proudly proclaimed).

This was my first time in New Orleans and I enjoyed it. I cannot imagine being there during Mardi Gras. The amount of people on Bourbon St. during a non-holiday week night was already too much for me. And the smell of Bourbon St.? Ugh. But the food was fantastic. And I loved seeing the French Quarter and the Garden District. We bought original art, ate beignets (the fresh ones at Cafe Beignet were much better than the ones from Cafe du Monde), drank hurricanes and frozen daiquiris and beer, slept late, enjoyed live music, and even had sex! The only downside for me was that Sir was constantly getting messages from one of his new friends. He’s got a serious case of NRE for this individual right now. Every time his phone chirped with an incoming text, I’d guess it was from this person; sure enough, he would check, then giggle almost guiltily, and I’d know I was correct. So even though it was just the two of us on this trip, it felt like there was a third person tagging along. A third person who was quiet for long stretches, but then would chime in, lest they be forgotten. (and, yes, I know he could have turned off the volume on his phone - I don’t know why he doesn’t do that). TBH, it was a bit of a bummer for me. And, yes, I know that we are non-monogamous and this is just part of the deal, but when I’m spending time with someone, I want to be fully present for that person (and myself, actually). So if I get messages from other people, I either don’t reply or handle them discreetly. I never want the person I’m with to feel like I’m only partially present.

So that’s part of the reason that I’m not out with Sir and Italia right now, exploring the Arts District in DTLA. I knew Sir would want to gush about his new friend and I need a break from that. I had also tentatively expected to see The Geek today and although he wanted to get together, I was ultimately the one who bailed. In part because I really need some alone time. And my back is bugging me. And I have work I need to do for a deadline this Thursday. The conference and extra days in NOLA were good, but the timing sucked for this work project. Oh well, it is what it is. And this time next week, the project will be complete and I’ll be on my way to Palm Springs for a couple days with Mom and Sis.

In general, life is good.

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For supporting the demise of the white race and breeding it out.

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You know, I feel Emma made Belle seem very arrogant and self-important, just like Emma herself. When Gaston says "We're simple folk, this is the best life we can hope for" Emma replies "I'm not simple!" Implying Gaston and everyone else is, especially when she goes "I have seen all the men, it's a small village, none of them will make me happy". Like wtf, she really thinks highly of herself and as better than all the peasants.



LGBT + happy ending

🎉 we made it, folks! kylux fandom is one year old! 🎂

yeah, you read it right, we have an anniversary here. 

shout out to the lovely @imperialremnant and their friend @miserylullabies who drew up the shipname “kylux” exactly one year ago, on 20/11/2015! how cool is that? we’re a one year old baby ship! 

🎈 happy fandom-birthday to every shipper! 🎈

Double Agent Vader fic: Rocks and Water

Finally a new DAV fic! Sorry for the long wait, everyone. (If you want to read the whole series, the best place to do so is on AO3.)

This one begins very shortly after Trophies, but covers a span of several months during Anakin’s wild bantha chase for the location of the Rebel base between ANH and ESB. It will be a two-parter, as well: the next part will be from Leia’s point of view.

In part one you get: Anakin building a lightsaber and definitely not having any conflicted thoughts about Obi-Wan Kenobi, or any parental feelings about Leia. Nope. None at all. Also we get a glimpse of the secret network of free droids within the Imperial ranks. And there’s a lot of Tatooine folk magic. (If Master Obi-Wan could see this, he’d be very grumpy indeed.)

Title is taken from Deb Talan’s song of the same name, which is basically the Anakin and Leia theme song for this ‘verse.

Warnings for: some body horror (mainly because Anakin has a morbid sense of humor), implied abuse, medical situations, burning, and…casual talk about murder?

Part 1: The Lightsaber

His new left hand was nearly identical to the old one. Anakin smiled to himself without any real humor as he tested the fingers. He wondered darkly if his Master had a store of such things somewhere, just waiting. He’d certainly been ready enough with the life support suit, all those years ago.

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When the media erase bi men’s orientation and only count their relationships with other men so everyone thinks they’re gay

and then the media erase bi women’s orientation and only count their relationships with men so everyone thinks they’re straight

My Memory (Prologue)

Testing the Winter Sonata inspired Miraculous AU even though I should be asleep.

Fic Summary: Chat Noir, revealed to be Adrien Agreste, died in a building collapse at the age of seventeen. Twelve years later Marinette, engaged to be married, meets a man who looks exactly like Adrien. But is Felix Agreste really a different person? Or is there something more sinister at work—something that Marinette will do everything in her power to stop, no matter who it hurts? 

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That morning, Parisians woke up to a blanket of snow.

It was the kind of snow that had just the right consistency to be played in. Citizens flocked outdoors, turning parks into snowball battlefields, snowmen communities, and designated laughter areas. Even those who were inconvenienced by the weather couldn’t help but smile at the infectious happiness of their fellow man.

The snowy Champ de Mars in particular drew a large crowd. Most came to enjoy themselves. Some were there to take photos and videos of the snow-covered Eiffel Tower. And a few had come to see the spectacle of Paris’s resident superheroes, Ladybug and Chat Noir, frolic like children through the trees.

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